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ritttiiair' 'V' . ''v :U-: 

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L. D. BARNETT, M.A., Litt.D. 


G. U. POPE, D.D. 


EonDoii : 


Mussiis. LO^'GMANS & CO., 39, Patehnoster I.'ow ; Mr. BERNARD QUARITCH, 11, Grafton Street, 

New Bosu Street, W. ; Messhs. ASHER & CO., 14, Bedford Street, Covent Garden; and 

Mb. henry FROWDE, Oxford University Press Warehouse, Amen Corner. 


[All riy/its reserved J] 







Of all the literatures of India, with the single exception of the Sanskrit, the Tamil is 
the richest, the oldest, and the most various. It is thus most completely representative 
of that ancient Dravidian culture which preceded the civilisation of the conquering 
Aryan immigrants, and doubtless contributed much to the literary and social develop- 
ment of the latter. Hence the oldest surviving works of Tamil literature bear a peculiar 
character ; though it would perhaps be too bold to assert them to be wholly independent 
of Sanskritic influences, the^" .hre both in vocabulary and in literary form distinctly 
different from the typical products of the classical Sanskrit literature. 

The Hindu tendency to construct arbitrary and exaggerated systems of chronology 
is fully shared by the Tamils, who assign the beginnings of their culture to a fabulous 
antiquity, and trace the progress of their literature through three successive Sanghams 
or Academies. For the first two of the latter no historical basis can be found. As 
to the third, works are still extant which bear the names of several writers traditionally 
associated with it ; but there seems to be no suflBcient ground to accept the leo-end 
which has grouped together their names as those of contemporaries, especially as 
Nakkira Devar, the most prominent poet of the Third Sangham, can hardly be assigned 
to a date earlier than the fifth or sixth century, whilst there are reasons for believino- 
that the Kural, the famous collection of ethical and erotic verses attributed to the 
somewhat legendary " Tiru-valluvar " (popularly believed to have been a Paraiyar priest, 
but possibly a Jain), may have been composed some three centuries earlier. 

Tradition traces back the origin of extant Tamil literature and science to the sa^e 
Agastyar (Agattiyar), who plays a prominent part in ancient Sanskrit mythology. A 
grammar of the Tamil language bearing his name, the Agattiyam, was formerly extant, 
which apparently was based upon the Paninian school of Sanskrit grammar. It has long 
since been superseded by the Tol-kappiyam, of which the author (reputed to have been a 
disciple of Agastyar) followed the principles of the Aindra Sanskrit grammarians. Upon 
the Tol-kappiyam was based the Nan-nul of Pavanandi, apparently a Jain ; this is an 
aphoristic compendium of grammar composed about the beginning of the thirteenth 
century.* Around these two works has arisen a copious grammatical literature. 
Mention may be made likewise of the Vira-soriyam, a grammar by Buddha-mitran 

* The author of the ancient commentary upon the Nan-nul, traditionally believed to have been a disciple 
of Pavanandi, states that the latter wrote his work under the orders of a king SFya Gangan in Sanagai, who 
is evidently identical with the prince of that name who is shown by inscriptions to have been a vassal of 
Kulottuiiga HI. (see South-Indian Inscriptions, vol. iii., p. 122, and Epigraphia Indica, vol. vii., Appendix, 
p. 135). 



(towards the end of the 11th century),* the commentary upon the latter by Peruu- 
devanar,t who is believed to have been Buddha-raitran's disciple, the treatises upon 
the art of poetry by Nar-kavi-rajar J and Aiyanar-idanar, and Amirta-sagaran's Yapp'- 
arungalam, a manual of prosody, with its commentary by Guna-sagaran (before the 
13th century); all these writers were apparently Jains. In the allied department of 
lexicography the earliest known work is probably the Divakaram of Divakarar, whose 
son Pingalar supplemented his father's collection in his Pirigalandai (8th century or 
later, and quoted by Pavanandi). Another ancient lexical work is the Nemi-nathara 
of the Jain Guna-viran, Of considerable importance also is the Chudamani-nighantu 
of Vira-mandalavar (about the end of the 9th century)§. 

Classical o-rammar is the norm {ilalckanam) for classical literature (ilakhii/am). 
Among the most interesting and characteristically Dravidian products of the latter 
are the Pattu-pattu or "Ten Poems," which with the exception of the first (IN'akkira 
Devar's Tiru-mrug'-attu-padai, a poem to a deity) are brilhant pictures of romantic 
scenes of love and war. Some of them may possibly be as early as the second century. 
To the same type and period belong the Ettu-togai, eight collections of verses by various 
poets, and the eighteen Klr-lcanahhu poems, among which are classed the Kural of Tiru- 
valluvar, the Nal-adiyar, a Jain anthology compiled about the eighth ceutury,|l and 
Poygaiyar's Kala-vari.H In this classical literature the Jains again took an active part 
from early times ; five or six Klr-hanalcku poems, if not more, are by Jains, as likewise 
are the five Kdvyams, romances in verse, of which the most famous are Sattan's Mani- 
mekhalai, Ilau-gov-adigal's Silapp'-adhikaram, and Tiru-takka Devar's Jivaka-chintamani. 
The Mani-mekhalai and Silapp'-adhikaram have been assigned to the second century ; 
the Jivaka-chintamani is probably not earlier than the tenth.** To the same period 
apparently belongs the Bharatam, a version of the Sanskrit epic in ven-bd metre by 

In poetry of the Kdvyam type the most admired work of medieval and modern times 
is Kamban's adaptation of Valmiki's Ramayanam, with the appended Uttara-kandam 
by Otta-kuttar. The poetical abridgment of the Maha-bharatam by Villiputturar and 

* See Epigraphia Indica, vol. vi., p. 334 foil., and Seshagiri Sastri's Report for 1893-4, p. 113. 

I This writer must lie distinguished from the epic poet Perun-devanar, on whom see below. By an 
oversight the entries for the works of these two authors have been included under one heading in col. 70 
of this Catalogue, where also the date assigned to Kulottunga's reign should be corrected to 1073 — 1118. 

J I take this opportunity to supply an omission : the edition of Nar-kavi-rajar's Aga-porul-vi]akkani 
published in 1878, which is catalogued on col. 213 below, contains also Poyya-mojri Pulavar's Taujai-vfinan- 

§ See Indian Antiquary, vol. 36 (1907), p. 288. Both the Divakaram and the Piiigalandai are quoted 
in the Chudrimani-nighantu. 

II See Madras Oovernment Epigraphist^s Report, 1907, p. 68. 

% King Seiiganniin, the hero of this poem, lived before the 7th century ; he is mentioned in the DCvaram 
The poem itself, however, may be later. 

•• See Indian Antiquary, vol. 36 (1907), p. 285 foil. 

ft He mentions as his patron a Pallava king who gained a victory at Tell'-aru ; this is apparently Nfindi- 
varma or Nandi-pOtt'-araiyar, late in the 8th century (see Epigraphia Indica, vol. vii.. Appendix, pp. 108-9, 
ibid., vol. viii., pt. 5, Appendix ii., p. 20; Madras Government Epigraphist's Report, 1907, p. 65). 


Piigarendi's poem on the legend of Nala are also much esteemed.* To the same 
period belongs Jayaii-gondun's Kaliiigattu Parani, a poem on the conquest of Kalihga 
by Kulottuiiga I (1073 — lllSj. In most of these authors the influence of Sanskrit 
literature is apparent, as is also the case with the writings of Ativira-rama Pandiyan, 
believed to have been a king of Madura, whose date is assigned variously to the 12th 
and the 16th centuries.t The latter is the reputed author of the Naidadam (a version 
of the epic story of Nala), some poems on religious legends and cult, and the Vetti- 
ver kai, a little moral tract in prose. 

In religious poetry Tamil literature is remarkably rich. The worship of Siva 
seems to have been indigenous to the South, though doubtless it has been locally 
influenced in various degrees by the Saiva cults of the North. The oldest extant 
Saiva poems in Tamil are the hymns ascribed to S'ana-sambandhar, Appar (Tiru- 
navukk'-arasu), and Sundara-miirtti,J collectively known as the Devaram, and the fine 
lyrics (Tiru-vachakam) of Mrinikka-vachakar,§ which form part of the Tiru-murai, a 
collection of Saiva poems codified by Nambiy-andrir Nambi about the eleventh century. || 
Of fairly ancient date is likewise the Kanda-puranam by Kachiy-appar of Kaiichi, 
which is said to have been composed in Saka 700. Still more popular is the Periya- 
puranam of Sekkirar, a voluminous poetical hagiology, which is apparently based upon 
Nambiy-andar Nambi's Tondar-tiruv-antadi, the third of his hymns in the Tiru-murai.t 
The scholastic theology of tiiis church seems to have taken its classical form (whether 
directly or indirectly is not clear) under the influence of the Saiva schools of Kashmir. 
According to tradition, the following great authors formed an unbroken spiritual 

* There is much uncertainty as to the chronology of these poets. Popular tradition makes them all 
contemporaries, but can hardly be correct. It may be provisionally inferred from the data of tradition and 
fact that Kamban's period is about 1100, and this date is supported by the legend of his connection with 
the theologian Natha Muni (11th century). Otta-kiittar seems to be later. Pugarendi may be earlier, if 
any confidence may be placed in the legend that he was patronised by Vara-guna Pandiyan (9th century). 
Villiputtiirar again seems to be considerably later ; but all that is certain in his case is the information 
derivable from the verses bearing the name of his son Varandaruvar, which are prefixed to his poem. We 
learn thence that Villiputtiirar was later than the three poets of the Devaram (circa 7th — 9th century), 
and that he found a patron in At-kondiin, a Koiiga prince who rendered valuable service to a Chola king 
Kandan ; but neither of the latter personages have yet been traced in historical records. 

•| He may be identical with the king of that name whose reign began in 1562-3 (Epigraphia Indica, 
vol. vii., p. 16). 

J Nana-sambandhar appears to belong to the 7th century, Sundaramurtti to the 8th or 9th. See 
Sundaram Pillai, Some Milestones in the History of Tamil Literature ; also Madras Christian College Magazine, 
vol. xiv., no. 5 (1896), p. 286 foil., Epigraphia Indica, vol. iii., p. 277-8, Indian Antiquary, vol. 25, pp. 113 foil., 
164, South-Indian Inscriptions, vol. ii., pt. 2, p. 152 f. 

§ His date is somewhere between 800 and 1000 a.d. He apparently is later than Sundara-murtti, ami 
he twice mentions a king Vara-guna Pandiyan, who is either the Vara-guna Varma who ascended the throne 
in 862-3, or his grandfather; on the other hand, his Tu-uv-cm-bavai is quoted in an in.scription of 1056-7. 
See Epigraphia Indica, vol. viii., pt. 8, p. 319, vol. ix., pt. 2, pp. 88-9; Madras Government EpigraphisCa Report, 
1907, p. 64 foil., 1908, p. 66; South-Indian Inscriptions, vol. ii., p. 384. 

II See Madras Christian College Magazine, vol. xiv., no. 5 (1896), p. 286 foil. 

If The Periya-puranam was written under the patronage of Anapaya Cholan. An attempt has been 
made to identify this king with Kulottuiiga Cholan I., who reigned a.d. 1073 — 1118. See Madras Beview, 
1904, p. 366 f . ; Indian Antiquary, vol. 36 (1907), p. 288; South-Indian Inscriptions, vol. ii., pt. 2, p. 153 f. 


lineage : Mey-kanda Devar (author of the Siva-nana-bodham, about 1223 A.D.), Arunandi 
(author of the Siva-nana-siddhiyar, etc.), Marai-nana-sambandhar (author of the Saiva- 
samaya-neri, etc.), and Kottavangudi Uma-pati (whose Sankarpa-nirakaranam is dated 
Saka 1235, or A.D. 1313). A still higher antiquity is claimed for Tirukadavur Uyya- 
vandar, who is said to have flourished about Saka 1100. Of other medieval Saiva 
writings perhaps the most important are the Tiru-vilaiy-adar-puranam, a poetical 
account of the Saiva legends of Madura by Paran-jodi (born at Tiru-marai-kadu or 
Vedaranyam in the 16th or 17th century, and said to have been patronised by Ati- 
vira-raman), and the devotional poems of Pattanattu Pillai (perhaps of the tenth 
century), " Siva-vakyar," and Tayumanavar (about 1650). Pattanattu Pillai and Siva- 
vakyar are remarkable for the enlightened spirit of piety and disregard for orthodox 
ritualism to which they occasionally give expression. The modern lyrics of Eama-liuga 
Pillai are also very popular. The most influential of modern Saiva theologians is 
perhaps Siva-ilanar of Tiruvavadudurai (died 1785 A.D.), whose disciple Kachiy-appar 
of Tiru-tanigai wrote several poems on religious legends. 

The Vaishnava church is likewise of great importance in the South. Its character- 
istic doctrine of VLnshfddvaitam, " qualified monism," is best known fi-om the Sanskrit 
works of the famous Ramanuja, said to have been born in the month Chaitra of Saka 
939, who has been followed by a large number of theologians writing both in Sanskrit 
and in the peculiar form of sanskritised Tamil which in its extreme form is known 
as mani-pravalam. The chiirch, however, traces its doctrines back through Ramanuja 
to a series of earlier apostles, the Arvdrs, for some of whom it claims extreme 
antiquity ;* to them is ascribed the devotional literature codified in the Nal-ayira- 

Ethical poetry holds an important place in Tamil literature. Among the oldest 
classics are works of this nature ; and the moral tracts in prose and verse attributed 
to the somewhat legendary poetess Auvaiyar (traditionally believed to have been the 
sister of Tiru-valluvar) f have long been extremely popular. A favourite modern poem 
of similar character is the Niti-neri-vilakkam of Kumara-guru-parar, a Saiva monk. 

In these and in many other departments the development of Tamil literature has 
been copious and vigorous. In modern times it has been reinforced by influences from 
without — Hindu, Muhammadan, and European. The latter class includes the specifically 
Christian literature founded by the great Jesuits De' Nobili and Beschi, which is 
continually being increased by the various Catholic and Protestant communities of 
Southern India, and the abundant supply of modern educational works, fiction, and 
poetry which is based, more or less directly upon European and especially English 

* Namm'-arvar and Tirumafigai-arvar perhaps belong to the 8th century or thereabouts. See Madras 
Government Epigraphist's Report, 1908, p. 69; Epigraphia Indica, vol. viii., p. 294. 

t Verses ascribed to Auvaiyar are found in the Pura-nanuru and other anthologies of the oldest period. 
On the other hand, v. 40 of the Nal-vari attributed to her speaks of the muvar tamirum, i.e., the Devaram, 
and hence is not earlier than the 8th century. Evidently, then, there were at least two writers with 
the title " Auvaiyar." 



The first steps towards the preparation of a catalogue of the large and repre- 
sentative collection of Tamil printed books in the British Museum were taken some 
twenty years ago, when the late Dr. G. U. Pope was commissioned by the Trustees to 
describe them. Circumstances, however, prevented him from bringing his task to com- 
pletion. I have accordingly revised or re-written his descriptions, and catalogued the 
numerous works acquired during the last fifteen years, whereby the original number of 
titles has been fully trebled. The titles for the books lithographed in the "Arvi," or 
modification of Arabic character commonly used for the dialect of Tamil Muhammadans, 
have been prepared by Mr. A. G. Ellis, until recently Assistant in this Department. 

In the following pages the primary sounds of the Tamil language are thus trans- 
literated : — 


jy a 

^ a 

i) i 


s. u 

ES<r U 

OT e 


^ ai 



^srr au 

s k 

s ka 

<s/r ka 

S ki 

S kr 

O ku 

df^ ku 

0<s ke 

Gs ke 

as£ kai 

Qair ko 

( ko 

3a sir kau 

isj n 

IB ua 

larr ua 

isS ui 

m? ill 

/s/ nu 

© nu 

0(B ne 

(Sib lie 

eajiB iiai 

OiKi/r no 

QiBir 110 

O/Bsrr i':au 

ff s» 

^ sa 

#«• sa 

ft si 

^ sr 

J?r 8U 

© su 

0«= se 

G5= se 

6s>,iF sai 

0#/r so 

G,ff;r §o 

©.^etr sau 

© u 

(Cj na 

(Sjff- nil 

(5^ Si 

^ nl 

J5J Su 

jsn- iiu 

0(55 lie 

(?(g5 tie 

a!)(B5 nai 

©(EJ/r TJO 

^(Cjfr no 

©(Qfflfr Tutu 

^ t 


i_/r ta 

tjL ti 

iffl. tl 

® tu 

(S tu 

Ol_ te 

Gi- te 

eoL. tai 

OL_(r to 

Ql-it to 

'Si— err tan 

fi]or D 

essr na 

(OT) na, 

esafl ni 

S55p nl 

^1 nu 

foWM nu 

QesBT ne 

(Jsijor ne 

SssBT nai 

0(CTj) no 

G|^ no 

Qtsssrm nan 

^ t 

;3! ta 

;»/r fa 

^ ti 

^ tl 

^ tu 

^ tu 

0^ te 

CJ^s te 

oO).d; tai 

0^/r to 

(SfilT to 

0;ffsrr tau 

^ n 

;b na 

JET na 

jS ni 


^ nu 

^gir nu 

QjE ne 

S;f ue 

Bsjs nai 

O^/r no 

(2^/r no 

O^serr nau 

u p 

u pa 

L//r pa 

lS pi 

i5 pi 

q pu 

y I'" 

Ou pe 

Gu pe 

ssjLj pai 

Quit po 

(ou/r po 

Ouar pan 

til m 

u3 ma 

LQ/r ma 

uS mi 

;j? mi 

(ip mu 

Qfi mil 

Olo mo 

Glq me 

esiLci mai 

Oui/r mo 

Gldit nio 

©LQsrr mau 

iL y 

lu ya 

luir ya 

aS yi 

uS yr 

•4 yu 

Si yfi 

Ouj ye 

Ciij yS 

aniij yai 

Qiurr yo 

Guj/r yo 

Qiusir yan 

(T r 

ff ra 

jT/r ra 

ifi ri 

<f 11 

© ru 

55 ru 

OjT re 

G/r rg 

cBjjT rai 

Ojr/r ro 

Qirir ro 

Ojar rau 

ell 1 

6v) la 

eoir la 

63 li 

eS ll 

^j lu 

J>ff lu 

Qeo le 

Geu 16 

Ssu lai 

Oeu/r lo 

Geuir 16 

©eusir lau 

a; V 

en va 

auff- va 

sSl vi 

Bfi" vr 

a/ vu 

gt vii 

Oaj ve 

Coj ve 

esiQj vai 

QeuiT vo 

Geun- v6 

Oajsff' vau 

te X 

y) ra 

iP"' ra 

i^ ri 

i^ ri 

(y> ru 

(H> rii 

Oyj re 

Glo re 

snip rai 

Otp/r ro 

QlfilT JO 

Oyjsir ran 

m 1 

srr ]a 

etrff la 

oTff li 

srf ll 

(§5 lu 

^ lu 

©(off le 

(Jsrr le 

2str lai 

QeiriT lo 

Gerr/r 16 

Osrrsrr lau 

P l"t 

fl> ra 

0? ra 

jS ri 

^ n 

ji/ ru 

.finr ru 

Off) re 

QfO re 

em/D rai 

©(VI? ro 

G(2? ro 

Qfosa rau 

ear nj 

eer na 

^ na 

£ofl ni 

«bF nl 


^22/ nu 

.gar nu 

Oasr ne 

(Jsor ne 

asBT nai 

©@) no 

G@) no 

Qsesm nau 

The sound o'o is transliterated by the rough breathing, as uooQjrirtf., pa'rodi. The 
sign ^ is used to indicate our " etcetera." 

As these are the only signs in ordinary use to express the variety of sounds in tlio 
language, transliteration is attended with some difliculty. For example, « in Tamil words 
can represent according to its position either k or g, and in Sanskrit words it has to do 
duty also for kh, gh, and even h. I have therefore generally transliterated Tamil words 

• The compound ## is transliterated by eh. 
t The compound pro is transliterated by tj.. 

\ In transliteration no distinction is made between this sound and the pure dental is, as the latter 
only occurs initially and in combination with otlier dentals, where the sssr is never found. 

viii PREFACE. 

in accordance witli their actual pronunciation, rather than the written letters, rendering 
^a,u} as again, not alcam, ^l^ as adi, not ati; and in composition the doubling of initial 
consonants has been ignored, e.g., ^auQuni^Gn being rendered as aga-porul, Sanskrit 
words have generally been given in the usual Sanskrit spelling, e.g., urreoQuir^ih being 
rendered as hala-bodham. Where there is a considerable discrepancy between the results 
of these rules and the literal transliteration, the latter has been also given within square 
brackets in the General Index. 

Names of persons are presented here in a form corresponding to the general Dravidian 
practice, Avhich puts first the name of the place of origin (sometimes also the tribe), 
secondly the father's name, and lastly the name of the person in question, with his titles. 
Thus, to take the case of a distinguished modern scholar, the name Sirupj}itfi Vairava- 
ndtha Ddmodaram Pillai signifies that the author in question is a person named Damo- 
daram, of the PilJai class, that his father was Vairava-nathar, and that the seat of his 
family was Siruppitti.* The form in which this name appears at the head of a title in 
the following pages is accordingly Damodaeam Pillai, Sirwpjpitti Vairava-ndiha. 

* By the same rule the narce of the ancient pcet Peru-vayin Mulliyar seems to signify " Mujliyar, 
son of Peru-Yiiy." 


Bkittsh Museum, 

Jull/ 19, 1909. 




[ Words enclosed in square brackets are added by the compiler. Titles or other additions are included in paren- 
theses when taken from some source other than the main title-page ; thus the parenthesis alone denotes that 
J the words are taken from the wrapper, an asterisk in the parenthesis that they are from a second or half title- 

page, and a dagger that they are from some other place within the book. Omission of words at the beginning 
of a title is indicated by three small circles, omission in the middle of a title by three dots."] 

'ABB ALLAH, Maulavl. See Valai-bIva Sahib. 
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al-salawat 'ala khair al-bariyat. A treatise on 
prayer for Muhammad.] pp. xxiv. 424, lith. 
^\jS^, iril [Madras, 1901.] 12°. 14173. a. 3. 

ABRAHAM (B.). See Diognetus. ^QiuiriQm^ 
eTmueuQr)i(^ <ST(ip^esr Bq^uia. The Epistle to 
Diognetus. A translation by B. Abraham. 1893. 
go. 14170. c. 24.(8.) 

ABRAHAM (Isaac), [ii/e.] See Panditak' (T. B.). 
The life of ... I. Abraham, etc. 1906. 12°. 

14170. bbb. 11. 

ABU al-HASAN, al-Shazill. See 'Au ibn 'Abd 
Allah (Abu al-HASAs). 



Dentscbe Morgenlaendiscbe Gesellscbaft. 

Zeitschrift, etc. Leipzig, 184f), etc. 8°. Ac. 8815.'2. 
In progress. 


Oriental Translation Fund of Great Britain and 

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Sennai - sen- damir-nrai- sangham. 
University of Madras. Exhaustive notes on the 
Matriculation Tamil text for 1900 ... by the 
Chennai Sendamilurai Sangham, etc. 1900. 8°. 
See below: University of Madras. 14172. bb. 6.(4.) 

University of Madras, 

See Jaga-rau Mudaliyae. University of Madras. 
The Tamil Text Examiner for the Matriculation 
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See Meuga-dasa Svami. University of Madras. 
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See RuDKA-KANNANAK. University of Madras. 
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The Nalavenba and Nanmanikadigai, with . . . 
notes, &c., for the use of Matriculation Examina- 
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12°. See PuGAUENDi. 14172. a. 22. 

Notes on the Tamil text for the Matriculation 
Examination of 1888. Bharata Venba [anno- 
tated] by . . . T. E. Srinivasa Raghavacharyar . . . 
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The University of Madras. The First in Arts 
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with copious notes by the late C. Rajagopaul 
Pillai . . . and ... P. Vasudeva Mudelliar. 
[Comprising Ativira-rama Pandiyan's Kiirma- 
puranam, bk. 12, his Tiru-karuvai-kali-turai, 



and Villiputturar's Malia-bliarataiDj §alya-parvam, 
with cornmontary.] pp. ii. 12, 328, 60. Madras, 
1891. 8°. 14172. bb. 4. 

Copious notes on the Tamil text-book for the 
Matriculation Examination, 1898 [viz. (1) Puga- 
jendi's Nala-ven-ba, Kali-dodar-kandam, (2) Pan- 
cha-tantram ii., (3) Jayau-goiidan's Kalingattu- 
paraiii, Rilja-paramparyam and Avataram, (4) 
Perun-devanar's Bhara*am, Udjoga-parvam, (5) 
Tamil-English glossary to Hitopadesam i.,with the 
original texts of nos. 1 to 5 in Tamil and English], 
by Vithvan P. Krishnasawmy Mudaliyar. pp. 120, 
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^soir&J^-sQsviro'SssnLiesur. (F.A. Tamil Text 

1899. Full notes on Lilavati-Sulochana, etc.) 
1898. 8°. See Rama-sami Aiyahgae, Sarulckai. 

14172. bb. 6.(1.) 

University of Madras. F.A. Examination 1900. 
Tamil poetry — the prescribed portions in Naladyar 
and Bharatam ; and explanatory notes . . . By 
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The Tamil text for the Matriculation Examina- 
tion of the University of Madras, December, 1900. 
[Comprising Perun-devanar's Bharatam, Udyoga- 
parvam ; part of the Arattu-pal of Pandi-turai 
Devar's Pan-niit-tirattu; and portions of the prose 
Ramayanam and Damodaram Pillai'sGhiila-mani.] 
pp. 70, Madras, 1899. 8'. 14172. bb. 6.(7.) 

University of Madras. Matriculation Examina- 
tion, 1900. Copious notes on the Tamil text- 
book [viz. Perun-devanar's Bharatam, Pandi-turai 
Devar's Pan-niit-tirattu, Ramayanam, and Chiila- 
mani, with vocabularies.] By Vithvan P. Krish- 
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English translations by the latter and V. Ven- 
kata-srinivasan.] pp. 140, 16, 4, 27. Madras, 

1900. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(2.) 

Copious annotations on the Matriculation Tamil 
text for 1900 [soil. Perun-devanar's Bharatam, 
Pandi-turai Devar's Pan-nut-tirattu, Ramayanam, 
and Chiila-mani] by V. M. Satakoparamanuja- 
chariar . . . and S. Krishnamachariar . . , With a 
complete English translation by T. B. Venkata- 
chariar. pp. ii. 108, 92, 44. Madras, 1900. 8°. 

14172. bb. 6.(3.) 


Madras (eontinued) . 
University of Madras (continued). 

University of Madras. Exhaustive notes on the 
Matriculation Tamil text for 1900 [viz. the 
Udyoga-parvam of Perun-devanar's Bharatam, 
Pan-niit-tirattu, and Ramayanam]. With . . . 
explanations and hints on prosody and rhetoric, 
&c., &c., by the Chennai Sendamilnrai Sangham, 
with complete English translation [of the above 
texts and the Chiila-mani] by T. R. Ramanatha 
Aiyar. pp. 4, 119, 69. [Madras,] 1900. 8°. 

14172. bb. 6.(4.) 

University of Madras. F.A. Examination of 
1901. Tamil poetry, containing Bharatham and 
Naladiyar, with copious annotations and notes 
on Alvargal Charitram and Chulamani, by V. M. 
Satakoparamanujachariar . . . and S. Krishnam- 
achariar . . . Also comprising an English transla- 
tion of Naladiyar by an experienced graduate, 
pp. 212, 52, 42, 6, 31, 5. Madras, 1900. 8°. 

14172. bb. 6.(5.) 

The Chiila-mani is wanting in thit edition. 

University of Madras. B.A. Examination of 
1901, Dec. A Tamil text-book, part 1, contain- 
ing Thirukkural [stanzas 701-800, with commen- 
tary based on that of Parimel-aragar], Kanda- 
puranam [in the version of Kachiy-appar], and 
Surpanakaippatalam of Kambaramayanam, with 
copious annotations and notes on [Saminath'- 
aiyar's] Buddhacharitram, by V. M. Satakopara- 
manujachariar . . . and S. Krishnamachariar. 
Madras, 1900. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(6.) 

Each part is separately paginated. 

University of Madras. F.A. Examination of 1903. 
Full notes on Pulavar Puranam, Bhojn Raja 
Charitram, and Bhartruhari, by V. M. Satako- 
paramanujachariar . . . and S. Krishnamachariar 
. . . with an English translation of Naladiyar 
[xvi.-xx.]. pp. 50, 53. Madras, 1903. 8°. 

14172. hh. 19. 
University of Madras. B.A. Degree Examina- 
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8". See AiTANAU-iDANAB. 14172. bb. 21.(1.) 

University of Madras. B.A. Examination of 1906. 
Jivakachintamani, etc. 1905. 8°. See Tieh- 
TAKKA DIVAE. 14171. bb. 21 (2.) 






Q<ri^SL8i^. [Sen-damir. A monthly journal of 
literature ami science, published by the Tamir- 
sangham of Madura. Edited by R. Raghav'- 
aiyangar.] HJadura, 1902, etc. 8°. 14172. i. 1. 
In progress. 

[" Sen-damir " supplement, comprising works 

published in the " Sen-damir," with separate 

pagination.] 1902, etc. 14172. i. 1*. 

In progress, 


Bibliotheque Nationale. 

Manuscrits tamouls. [Proof sheets of a catalogue 
of the Tamil MSS. in the Bibliotheque Nationale, 
compiled by E.H. J.Vinson.] fif. 49. [Paris, 1880?] 
Fol. 14172. k. 1. 

fccole Speciale des Langues Orientales Vivantes. 
Melanges Orientaux. Textes et traductions pub- 
lies par les professeurs de I'ficole Speciale des 
Langaes Orientales Vivantes i I'occasion du 
Sixieme Congres International des Orientalistes 
r^uni 4 Leyde, Septembre 1883. (*Publications 
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serie — volume ix.) pp. Iv. 577, i.; 6 plates. Paris, 
1883. 8°. 14003. i. 16. 

Nouveaux Melanges Orientaux. Memoires, textes 
et traductions publics par les professeurs de 
I'ficole Speciale des Langues Orientales Vivantes 
a I'occasion du septieme Congres International 
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Recueil de Textes et de Traductions, public par 
les professeurs de I'ficole des Langues Orientales 
Vivantes k I'occasion du viii' Congrds Inter- 
national des Orientalistes tenu 4 Stockholm en 
1889. 2 vols. Paris, 1889. 8°. 14003. i. 23. 

Ananda-eanqa Pillai. Les Fran9ais dans I'lnde. 
Dupleix et Labourdonnais. Extraits du jourual 
d'Anandarangappoull^, courtier de la Compagnie 
Fran9aise des Indes, 1736-1748. Traduits du 
tamoul par Julien Vinson. (*Publications de 

r^cole des Langues Orientales Vivantes, iii' 
g^rie — volume xv.) pp. i- Ixxix. 339. Paris, 
1894. 8°. 14003. i. 32. 

ACHALAHBIKAI AMMAL, daughter of Irattanai 
Perumal Aiyar, and KTIRANDAI-VELU PILLAI, 
Yirupuram Kdtta-perumal. Q weoQ 3" ^Q a m £)i 
6uipiEi^ih ^(r^eQeayt-^ir^^eouL^iriTemih. [Tiru- 
vidaiyur-tala-puranam. A metrical account of 
the legends of the Saiva sanctuary at Melsevur. 
Pt. i. by Achalambikai Ammal, pt. ii. by Kurandai- 
velu Pillai.] pp. viii. ix. 128. 3h.L-Siirir [Kudalur,] 
1899. 8°. 14170. ee, 61. 

ACHAIT PILLAI, Nayanar, son of Periyav-nchan 
Pi\lai. o o o 55io §^^7v°sl> [Mukta-bhog avail. A 
treatise upon the Vaishnava doctrine of salvation. 
Edited by P. Anantacharya Svami.] pp. 24. 
Conjeeveram, 1901. 12°. 14170. d. 46.(3.) 

ADI-CHUVADI. .s/,^ ■3' a su tf. . [Adi-chuvadi. A 
first Tamil reader, for the use of Catholic schools.] 
pp.44. Lj^eiasu ^jfjrra^'iDa^ [Pondicherry,l844!.'\ 
12°. 14172. h. 10. 

[Another copy of the same edition, bound 

up with Beschius' Paramartha-guruvin kathai and 
other extracts, in a wrapper dated 1862.] pp. 91. 
Lj^sFten ^j}jirr<XrQ- [Pondicherry, 1862.] 12°. 

14172. h. 58.(3.) 
ADI-MULA MUDALIYAR, Tirukarultunram. See 
AuVAiTAR. — Supposititious Works. o o o p^a- 
(g/Dsrr^svLD. [Tiru-kural-mulam. Edited by 
Adi-miila.] [1882.] 16°. 14172. a. 10.(3.) 

See Tatumakavar. ^irtLju^iresr aKsuinB- 

asrr. . . ^QFuuin—pfSinL®, [Tiru-padat-tirattu. 
Edited by Adi-mula.] 1885. 8°. 14172. b. 32. 

ADI-NARAYAN'-AIYA, Y.B. s^ssnnQ^^evn SssF, 
[Jana-manoUasini.] ... A funny farce in five 
and one acts. A merry and cheerful companion 
to a railway traveller. By V. B. Audinarayaniali. 
pp. 98. Madras, 1896. 8°. 14170. 1. 32.(3.) 

ADIY-APPANAR, Kalandai. ° ° o ^QF)iseniru- 
LjjrireianLD. [Tirukalar-puranam. The sacred 
legends of the Saiva sanctuary of Tirukalar. 
Edited with introduction by Pinnattiir A. Nara- 
yana-sami Aiyar.] pp. 30, 74, 12. (^LDuQ^iresarLD 
[Kurrthahonam,'] 1902. 12°. 14170. ee. 55. 




ADIYARKKU - NALLAR. See Ilan-gov-adigal. 
o o o S^sauu^minr y^ [Silapp'-adhikaram. With 
commentary by Adiyarkku-nallar.] 1892. 8°. 

14172. d. 13. 

ADLEY (William). See Negro. The Negro 
Servant, etc. [Translated by W. Adley.] 1844. 
12°. 14170. b. 1.(34.) 

The Pearl of Great Price . . . ^sarnQp^^i. 

[A Christian tract. Second edition.] pp. 8. 
Jaffna, 1843. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(7*.) 

ADVAITANANDA. See Badabatana. The Brahma 
Sutra Artha Deepika, or The Brahma Sutras . . . 
with . , . extracts from the glossaries of . . . Brahma- 
vidyabharana, etc. 1904, etc. 4°. 14170. fff. 5. 

AESOP. Aesop's Fables, containing instructive 
morals, translated into Tamil by A. Therooven- 
gada Pillay [together with the English text] . . . 
and revised by C. Rajah Soobboroya Moodeliar 
{*<sEtl(S)«««n^a6Tr). pp. ii. ii. iii. iii. 260. Madras, 
1853. 8°. 14170. k. 32. 

AGAMAS. See Sabha-pati Yogi. ° ° ° <raa)/r- 
sld^^IjtlLQ. [Sakalagama-tirattu. Acompendium 
of Agamik teaching.] 1894. 16°. 14170. d. 14. 

u^LD^ (S(Oite\iiraLDiSi\)!rir emimiir^Ui. [Sa- 

kalagama-sara-sangraham. A Sanskrit digest of 
the Agamas in their bearing upon everyday 
ritual. Edited with Tamil introduction by K. 
Shanmukha-sundara Mudaliyar. Second edition.] 
pp. xlviii. 148. Qs'esT^ssr ^irireuifl [Madras, 1900.] 
8°, 14033. aa. 11. 

u^LD^ a IT l8 SITS LB La ^ [Kamikagamam. 

In Sanskrit. With Tamil commentary and gloss- 
ary to every verse of the first volume.] 2 vols. 
Qa=ssr2ssT eQsiruiia — sfl^/r/fl [Madras, 1898-1899.] 
4°. 14033. d. 23. 

In progress ? Vol. i. has two title-pages ; the first slates 
that the ■printing was begun Nov. 1888 and ended Dec. 1898, 
while the second is dated Dec. 1889. 

u^LD^ u,iT<su^rrir(^3)mLDLCi Qpeoiii. (*a-^^jr 

sir !r(^sLDLn.) [Karanagamam. In Sanskrit. 
Edited with Tamil introduction etc. by K. Shan- 
mukha-sundara Mudaliyar.] 2 vols. Qa'^Sssr 
eQ^iriB—ueoej [Maidras, 1900-1902.] 8°. 

14033. aa. 8. 

o o o Queirei^SajrfriBLCiUi ^jreSL—ts-emsiLji^ssr 

[Paushkaragamam. An upagama of the Para- 
mesvara, the 26th of the Saiva agamas. 8 chap- 

ters in Sanskrit, with Tamil word-for-word inter- 
pretation and commentary by K. Shanmukha- 
sundara Mudaliyar.] pp. xviii. 780. Q^iirSsiiT 
eSiQT,^ [Madras, 1890.] 12°. 14028. b. 65. 

AGAPPEY SIDDHAB. j^s,uanuW^^iruiTi-&}. 
[Padal. Saiva verses.] pp.12. See Siddhakoal. 
00 QuiBiUi^fresriCosireneu [Periya-nana-kovai.] 
1899. 12°. 14170. ee. 33. 

pt. i., pp. 68-80. 1906. 12°. 

14170. dd. 12. 

AGASTYAR. [For the Pura-porul-ven-ba-malai, 
containing stanzas exemplifying the rules of 
poetical composition laid down in the Porul-pann'- 
iru-patalam ascribed to Agastyar's disciples:] See 

[For the various poems or nanam under 

the name of Agastyar contained in the Periya- 
nana-kovai :] See SiDDHAROAIi. 

[For editions of the Devaram in the 

recension ascribed to Agastyar.] See Tieu-mubai. 

o o juaerv^iULDirnpesfleuir ^(r^euiriumeoirm- 

^(meifliu LJ(g5^<sB/r ffl9uj/B«srflffi) . . . eu it ^ ■s rr sS lu to 
.3/,ti9snh. {*(^irssTsiTsQiULCi .^u9jrm, i^jressrsireS- 
lutii ^u9jrih, etc.) [Vata-kavyam, Nana-kavyam, 
Purana-kavyam, Lakshana-kavyam, and Mantriya- 
kavyam. Five poems ascribed to Agastyar, each 
containing about 1000 stanzas, on theosophy,Yoga, 
Saiva doctrine, pseudo-philosophy, pseudo-science, 
etc. Edited by K. V. Kanda-sami Mudaliyar.] 
5 vols. Q.3"5sr8ssr s^^i,® [Madra-i, 1895]-1903. 
8°. 14170. e. 70-74. 

000 iBir^siremi^ euuS^^iusirsQiuih ^o-tir. 

[Nalu-kanda-vaidya-kiivyam. A treatise on 
medicine in 4 books (1200 verses), ascribed to 
Agastyar. Edited by K. V. N. Aiya-sami Mu- 
daliyar and Kanda-sami Mudaliyar.] pp. 8, 192. 
Qs^m^ [Madras,^ 1896. 8°. 14170. i. 48. 

o o o euu9^QiujrspBssr3'3r(r^sau> iK.3hlD. 

[Vaidya-ratna-surukkam. An abridgment, in 360 
verses, of the Vaidya-ratnam, a treatise on medi- 
cine, attributed to Agastyar. Edited by T. Aru- 
muga Svami.] pp. iv. 60. tBaioir^ [Madras, 
] 879 ] 8°. 14172. c. 20. 

o o o eurr^sireQuJ^ ^pei^QsurmirSiiu euir^- 

Q<rerrLStuui, ^z-irr. [Vata-sanrayam. An intro- 
duction in 1200 stanzas to the Vata-kavyam,which 





forms one of the five poems ascribed to Agastyar. 
Edited by K. Aru-muga Naniyar.] pp. iv. 291. 
O^sk^ [Madras,] 1893. 8°. 14170. e. 52. 

AGATTIYAR. See Agasttar. 

A6H0BA DEVAR. o o o Qeu^frjressfliu LjjriremLo. 
[Vedaranya-puranam. The sacred legends of the 
Saiva shrine at Vedaranyam in Tanjore, in verse. 
Followed by the Devaram, a series of hymns by 
Nana-sambandhar, Appar, and Sundara-murtti. 
Edited with notes by K. Ver Pillai.] pp. vii. 
457, 20, i. i. Q.3'<ssT&siui—L-.essrLD [Madras^ 1898. 
8°. 14170. e. 65. 

AGNES, Saint. ^mQesr&=3i&iT(otflQiue!sru Quiuir- 
eiiLpikifmia j^SCSesriFaeks^ .ji/LcunrSssr. [Agnes- 
kanni-ammanai. A Catholic poem on St. Agnes.] 
pp. 46. luir^uunessTLd {.Joffna^ 1893. 8°. 

14170. c. 24,(9.) 

AGYANAM. ^iQiurremLD ^ [Agyanam. A 
tract against paganism, by the Danish Mission- 
aries.] pp. 64. ^iTiBi^muirt^ ^stik-itl. \_l'ran- 
quehar, 1733.] 12°. 14170. b. 16,(1). 

AHEAM. @oo^ ^mosiTQpeivefSiunLCi. [Ahkam 
al-siyara. A treatise on Muhammadan fasts. 
Edited by Muhammad Kamal al-Dln.] pp. 48, i. 
Q&i^A- [Vellore,] 1905. 8°. 14173. b, 28.(6.) 

AHMAD ibn 'ABD al-LATIF, al-Sharji al-Yamani, 
See Ahmad ibn Ahmad, al-Sharji al-Zabldt. 

AHMAD ibn AHMAD, al-Sharji al-Zahidi. li» 

. . . yj>ji\ J-^, "Us-;! cij!_j*!'_j SLJlj j5l_jiJ! I__>'J^ 
t-j'J/, JyeJ!\>jAjl^\ tJL\j\ t_>Ufj jjljoill S-^ ^.^ 

^1^1 ej'oT ^j^*J! <u'J J'iJI [Al-Fawa'id fi al- 
salat wa'l- awa'id. A work on prayers and pious 
charms, translated by 'Uthman ibn Muhammad. 
Together with several other works on like themes.] 
pp. xviii. 446, lith. ^IjuuJ! iriv [Bombay, 1880.] 

14173. c. 3. 


' ° ° ^(5'5ejni 


ei)i^\u&}ikiiBiT nin. S Lpiaeinjr . [Tiru-nadai-variy- 
alankaram. Muhammadan verses panegyrising 
Saiyid Ibrahim Auliya.] pp. ii. 8. QarrapLat^ 
[Colombo,] 1895. 8°. 14173. b. 28.(5.) 

AHMAD ibn MUHAMMAD HASAN, al-Matabatani. 
Jl _yiW' LIjA ^^'XJ! ijd idJb [Durrat al-ma- 

fakhir. A compendium of Muhammadan religious 
instruction.] pp. 64, liih. (.«,-vkK irr. [Colombo, 
1893.] 8°. ■ 14173. b. 36. 

Sam Shihab al-DiN. |»1^1I1 j^< [Mazhar al- 

alikam. Edited by Saiyid Ahmad.] [1901.] 8°. 

14173. b, 27.(3,) 

AHOBILACHAKYAB, Vdtsya Rdghava. See Vaea- 
DACHAETAR, Vatsya Deva-rdja. o o o urrumssr- 
uirS^ir^Ld t^ [Prapanna-parijatam. Edited with 
Tamil interpretations and commentary by Ahobil- 
acharyar.] [1895.] 8°. 14028. d. 55, 

'AIDAEUS. See Shah al-HAMiD ibn 'Aidakus. 

AIYA-KANNU NAYAKAR, T. Vannikula Vilak- 
kam. A treatise [in English] on the Vanniya 
Caste [with copious extracts from Sanskrit and 
Tamil authorities]. pp. i. 5, 43, 10. Madras, 
1891. 8°. 14170. g. 19. 

AIYANAR-IDANAR. LjpuOuiTQ^ea Qeuessruir- 
Ldirdso [Pura-porul-ven-ba-malai. A series of 
verses exemplifying the poetical treatment of 
external emotion, based on the Porul-pann'-iru- 
patalam ascribed to Agastyar's disciples.] See 

TaNDAVA-RAYA MUDAHYAR. ^ SV a 3S &S3T ill U (^ .T s ^ 

[Nan-niil, etc.] pp. 60-119. [1835.] 8°. 

14172. e, 3. 

LjpuQuiTQK^QeijesuruiruiirSso Qpso- 

Qpio S-emmLjLci, [Pura-porul-ven-ba-malai. Edited 
with preface, glossary, and indices by U. V. 
Saminath'-aiyar.] pp. vi. ix. ii. i. 155, xix. ii. 
Qa^ekSotsT [Madras, 1895.] 8°. 14172. f. 21. 

Extracts from the Tamil ' Purra-porul 

Venba-Malai," and the " Purra-nannurru " [in 
English]. By . . . G. U. Pope. (.Journal of the 
Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland 
for 1899, pp. 225-269.) London, 1899. 8°. 

Ac. 8820/3 & 2110. e, f. 

University of Madras. B.A. Degree Ex- 

amination 1905. Purapporul Venbamalai. The 
first four padalams [on themes of 4 kinds of 
warriors' crowns] with ancient commentary and 
explanatory notes by V. Saminatha Aiyar. 
pp. 4, 68. Madras, 1905. 8°. 14172. bb. 21,(1) 

AIYA-SAMI MUDALIYAR, Bengalur A. See Yii- 
KATAEYA Yajva. s_ 6U <5b (g 633T dE a 633r (SOT) ^ ^ [Toyva- 
guna-velicham. A prose rendering, by Aiya- 
sami, of Venkatarya'a Visva-gunadarsa.] 1906. 
8°. 14171. e. 13, 





AIYA-SAMI MUDALIYAR, Kumhhamangalam V. N. 
See Agasttaii. o o o mir^&iremL- eiiti9^^Quj- 
sireQiuih ^S-itr. [Nalu-kanda-vaidya-kavyam. 
Edited by Aiya-sami.] 1896. 8°. 14170. i. 48. 

AIYA-SAMI PILLAI. See Matan. ° <> ° &puj^- 
Qetieir^ih loSsh uji^o' rr&v^Qjrm [Manaiy-adi-sas- 
tram. Collected and enlarged by Eama-krusbna 
and Aiya-sami.] [1885.] 8°. 14172. c. 30 

AIYAVU PILLAI, S., of St. Michael's College, 
Coimbatore. See Chidambaea Kavi-katar. &^S^- 
(^L-irubesS iQ^emQ, {f" Oositha Soodamani Ni- 
gandu/' etc.) [Edited by Aiyavu Pillai.] 1903. 
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AKHILESA PILLAI, TriUnamalai V. See Kaeaisai. 
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ranam. Edited by Akhilesa.] [1890.] 8°. 

14170. e. 38. 

ALAKESA-KA.THAI. See Nald-mantei-kathai. 

MAKSHI. afTLdiTSi^ effeoiT iSiruireuLD. [Kamakshi- 
lila-prabhavam. Translated by Alala-sundaram.] 
1906. 8°. 14170. eee. 20.(2.) 

air^Q Qsh^^^sr lciis^s'iB. [Kanchi- 

ksbetra-manjari. An account of the cults (chiefly 
Saiva) of Conjevaram.] pp. xii. 38, 2. Q^resrSssr 
[Madras,] 1906. 8". 14170. eee. 20.(1.) 

ALAYANDAB, Vaishnava writer. See Yamdna- 


ALAYANDAB, Virai. °o°(^ire!!reuirSiLi—&jLc>6virfr- 
Lo/r lussarLn^LSy^^&iQpQpQninLfLD. [Nana-vasittav- 
amala-ramayanam. A poem on the Vedantic 
philosophy, freely adapted and abridged from 
the Sanskrit Y5ga-vasishtha-ramayanam. With 
commentary by Arunachala Svami and others.] 
pp. iv. iv. 527. a- rr fi IT IT 6S3T {^Madras, 1851.] 4°. 

14170. ££f. 2. 

o o o ^iresreiJirSLLi—euLDSOirnLcinuesru) ^ 

[Nana-vasittav-amala-ramayanam. With the 
commentary of Arunachala Svami. Edited by 
Perai Jega-natha Pillai.] 2 vols. O^eJr^ [Ma- 
dras,] 1890. 8°. 14172. b. 41. 

o o o ^iresr&iirSL-i— euLDevj/rtc/riusareu*^- 

esrii). [Nana-vasittav-amala-ramayanam. A prose 
summary. Edited by P. Teyva-sikhamani Muda- 
liyar.] pp. ii. 411. O^-eir^ [Madras,] 1902. 
8». 14170. ee. 53. 

'ALi ibn 'ABD ALLAH (Abu al-KAaAv) , al-ShdzUi. 
[Life.] See NuH ibn 'Add al-KADiR, al-Kahirl. 
[Nafahat al-'anbar.] 14173. o. 10. 

'iSJ^\ iijibjJl [Al-Wazlfat al-Shazillyah. 

A prayer-book, in Arabic, with a paraphrase in 
Tamil.] Sea Nuh ibn 'Abd al-KADiB, al-Kdhiri. 
Jl^^! cij'js^ [Nafahat al-'anbar.] pp. 222-244. 

[1902.] 8". 14173. c. 10. 

ALMANACKS. See Ephemeeides. 

AMADUZZI (Giovanni Ceistopano). Alphabetum 
Grandonico-malabaricum sive Samscrudonicum. 
[Compiled from materials supplied by Clemens 
Peanius.] pp. xxviii. 100 ; 9 plates. Bomae, 
1772. 12°. 621. b. 5.(2.) 

AMABA-SIMHA. ^jrcr^^m Amarakosa. With 
Tamil and English explanation of words . . . By 
K. E. Anantarama Sastri. Srirangam, 1905, etc. 

12°. r 14092. a. 30. 

In progress. 

^puu&Taiir-a'^iBLa, [Arapalisura-satakam. 100 
stanzas in praise of Siva as worshipped in the 
temple of Arapalisuram on the Chaturagiri.] 
pp. 62. Madras, 1897. 16°. 14170. d. 48.(1.) 

o'^jSiB ^puu&fanT'SFfbm ^ [Ara- 
palisura-satakam. With paraphrase and notes by 
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o o ^puue^ anTff ^{BiB. [Arapalisura- 
satakam.] pp.61. 1906. See Rama-sami Nayudu, 
K. ^^s^^iTL-®. [Sataka-tirattu.] pt. i. 1905- 
1906. 12°. 14170. dd. 10. 

AMBALA-VANA NAVALAB, Vattukottai A. See 
Appaya Dikshitab. t9irui^(i^sssn>^6iiih. [Brah- 
ma-tarka-stavam. Translated by Ambalarvana.] 
1895. 8°. 14170. e. 69. 

See Aeava-mud'-achaetae. ^(i^faifiiujv- 

LjiriresartJa, [Tiruchuriyar-puranam. Edited by 
Ambala-vana.] [1901.] 8°. 14170. ee. 56. 

See Gan a- PATi Nayudu, Z^. M.S. °°°^eiitT- 

Qpas^t^rrsh^iruu^aLb, [Shanmukha-shadaksha- 
ra-padigam. Edited by Ambala-vana.] 1898. 
12°. 14170. d. 45.(3.) 

See Gangai-muttu Pillai. mt—mir^&iir^- 

^luir^^sstui. [Nata-nadi-vadya-ranjanam. E- 
dited by Ambala-vana.] 1898. 8°. 14170. i. 58. 





AMBALA-VAITA PILLAI, S. See Pekiodical Pub- 
lications. — Peralc. Q^Q'^iriSiu^irsS. Thajobi- 
mani. [Edited by Ambala-vana.] [1896]-1897. 
Fol. 14172. 1. 1.(2.) 

AMBIEA-FATI, son of Kamban. o o ° ^LDt9air- 
u^Qsiremeu [Ambika-pati-kovai. A series of 
mystical Saiva poems of erotic form. With pre- 
face by Siva-nana Svarai.] pp. iv. 100. PO" 
QmevQ&ieQ [TinnevellQ 1899. 8°. 14172. bb. 5. 

AMIETA KAVI-RAYAR. ° ° ° mirssstlAsessrLj- 
esi^^^eo erek^LD ^0^gs)^«(?<B/ri53)6i/, [Oru- 
durai-kovai, or Nani-kan-pudaittal. 400 stanzas 
on panegyrical and sentimental themes. Edited, 
with biography, by K. Rama-sami Nayudu and 
K. Kuppu-sami Mudaliyar.] pp. viii. 57. Qo'^Sssr 
[Madras,] 1905. 12°. 14172. a. 55. 

Forms no. 3 of the Tamir-kavi-malai. 

AMIRTA-SAGARAN'. °°° arrfi&ns QpeVQpih , . . 
eQ(ir)^^iLjem{nLjLci. [Karikai, or Yapp'-arun-gala- 
karikai. A metrical compendium of the art of 
prosody. With the commentary of Guna-sagaran. 
Edited by K. Veda-giri Mudaliyar.] pp. 103. 
Q 3^ &IT ear uuiLip-esr^^ eSQfr/r^SQ^^ [Madras, 
1851.] 8°. 14172. e. 36. 

ibn 'Abd al-KARiM. ^emQQrfir jtj^Quirs swa- 
eueosiffuj emeu^^iu -fiejSitsixi. [Vaidya-sangra- 
ham. Arranged for singing by Amirta-vachaka 
Dasar.] [1900.] 8°. 14170. i. 72. 

AMMAITI AMMAL. o o o ^jDi^^Q^nreoixus^a^if}. 
[Arpuda-g51a-manjari. Decorative patterns and 
pictorial designs for use in girls' schools.] pp. 48, 
nth. Oa^swSOT [Madras,] 1897. 8°. 14170. i. 61. 

AMMUVANAR. Qibiu^&o. [Neydal. Erotic verses.] 

See KUDALUE-KIEAE. o o o ^IEI(^£>I,^J^ ld^ [Ain- 

guru-nuru.] pp. 33-61. 1903. 8°. 14172. c. 48. 

LjiriresnTLD. [Tiru-mayilai-tala-puranam. A poem 
on the legends of the Saiva sanctuary at Mailapur. 
With commentary by Kanchipuram Sabha-pati 
Mudaliyar. Edited by Purasai Ashtavadhanam 
Sabha-pati Mudaliyar.] pp. ii. 168, 64 ; 20 plates. 
O'f&uSssr iBiB^esr [Madras, 189S.] 8°. 14170. e. 60. 

ANAIY-AIYAR. See Kavi-kunjaea Bharati. 

ANANDA-GIRI. See Badaeatana. The Brahma 
Sutra Artha Deepika, or The Brahma Sutras . . . 
with . . . extracts from the glossaries of Ananda- 
giri, etc. 1904, etc. 4^ 14170. fff. 5. 

ANANDA-RANGA PILLAI. Les Fran9ais dans 
I'Inde. Le Journal d'Anandarangappoulle, 1 736- 
1761. (*Par Julien Vinson.) See Academies, 
etc. — Paris. — JEcole Specials des Langues Orientales 
Vivantes. Recueil de Textes et de Traductions, 
etc. torn, i., pp. 335-382. 1889. 8°. 14003.1.23. 

Les Francais dans I'Inde. Dupleix et 

Labourdonnais. Bxtraits du journal d'Ananda- 
rangappoulle, courtier de la Compagnie Francaise 
des Indes, 1736-1748. Traduits du Tamoul par 
Julien Vinson. 1894. 8°. See Academies, etc. — 
Paris. — Ecole Speciale des Langues Orientales Vi- 
vantes. Ananda-eanga Pillai. 14003. i. 32. 

The Private Diary of Ananda Ranga Pillai, 

Dubash to Joseph Franjois Dupleix ... A record 
of matters political, historical, social, and personal, 
from 1736 to 1761. Translated from the Tamil 
by order of the Government of Madras, and edited 
by Sir J. Frederick Price . . , assisted by K. 
Rangachari. Madras, 1904, etc. 8°. 14171. e. 4. 
In progress. 

ANANDA-TIRTHA (Madhvachaetae). See San- 


[Sandhya-vandanam, etc. With extracts, in a 
Tamil translation, from the commentaries of 
Ananda-tirtha.] 1901. 8°. 14033. aa. 27. 

j5ee Upanishads. 00° MirpQptL® s-uiS- 

s^^^astr. [Nutt'-ettu Upanishattugal. With 
extracts from the commentaries of Ananda-tirtha, 
translated into Tamil.] 1887. 8°. 14010. dd. 2. 

ANANTA BHARATI. \jfin^ Qsu^nih^Q^&m 
es)(Suuisiiut9i!raiTQ&nai Sir^^Sssr. [Vedanta-de- 
sika-vaibhava-prakasikai-kirttanai. Songs in 
honour of the Vedantist teacher Venkata-natha, 
called Vedanta-desika. Edited by Perai Jega-natha 
Pillai.] pp. 81. Q3'!kia>puLL® aff<z0^ [Chen- 
galpat, 1890.] 8°. 14172. c. 37. 

ANANTACHARYA SVAMI, Prativddi-hliayamkara, 
ofConjevaram. See Achan Pillai. "oo s^^^^ivtsi. 
[Mukta-bhogavali. Edited by Anantacharya.] 
1901. 12°. 14170. d. 46.(3.) 





ANANTACHARYA SVAMI, Prativdili-bhayamlcara, 
of Conjevaram (continued). See Nan-jiyar. ° " o 
W^S5r»;h-o »ii [Atma-vivaham, etc. Edited by 
Anantachilryar.] 1893. 8°. 14170. ee. 40. 

ANANTA-KAMA SASTRI, K.R., of National High 
School, TrichinopoU. See Ahara-si^ha. ^mt cB^giJ^ ii 
Amarakosa. With Tamil and Enjjlish explana- 
tion . . . Bj K. R. Anantarama Sastri. 1905, 
etc. 12°. 14092. a. 30. 

Publications. — Tiruvadi. Qeuui'^s^n^flssis. 
[Siva-bhakti-chaudrikai. Edited with translations 
by Ananta Vaidja-natha Sivan.] 1890-1893. 8°. 

14033. bb. 35. 


PoKANAS. — Maisya-fniranam. o « o tnd^<FLi iriresnTLCi. 
[Matsya-puranain. With introduction by Ana- 
varata-vinayakam.] 1900. 8°. 14170. ee. 43. 

See Vis.\KHA Peru-mal Aiyar. ^essBuSsvd- 

aessTLD. [Aniy-ilakkanam. Edited by Auavarata- 
vinayakam.] 1906. 12°. 14172. g. 3.(3.) 

See ViSAKHA Peru-mal AiTAR. ujiTui9&>a- 

•SRsjTii). [Yapp'-ilakkanam. Edited by Anava- 
rata-vinayakam.] 1906. 12°. 14172. g. 3.(2.) 

ANDAL (Supi KopoTTA Nachitar). [For editions 
of the Tiru-pavai and Tiru-raori of this poetess 
included in the editions of the whole or parts of 
the Nal-ayira-prabandham :] See Arvargal. — 

ANDA-PINDA-VYAKHYANAM:. ^6!isrL^^6!isn_ 
ed lu IT i Si lu ir sar LL . [Anda-pinda-vyakhyanam. A 
work on physical science, translated into Tamil 
by " Periya Safijivi-natha Svami," an Italian 
Catholic missionary to Ceylon in the 18th century. 
Followed by Ulaga-pramaiia-sastram, a tract by 
the same on the dimensions of the world, etc. 
Edited by R. ]N ana-prakiisa-natha Sviimi.] pp. viii. 
i. 186, 27, ii.; 2 i^lales. Q^a'saesruL—i—efSTta \_Ma- 
dras,] 1874. 12°. 14170. i. 11. 

ANDHAKA-KAVI. See VIra-raohava Modaliyae. 

AITDEES PILLAI. jysir&ir ^(ipisi^&} ^uuirifl. 
[Anuai-arungal oppari. Elegies on the Virgin 
Mary as Mater Dolorosa. A Catholic tract.] 
pp. 32. iuiryiuuiressrCa [Jaffna^] 1893. 16°. 

14170. a. 57.(3.) 

Sugarnadi Sothidam, etc. [Edited by Ahga- 
muttu.] 1895. 8°. 14170. i. 36. 


vaidya-bhushanam. A handbook of medicine.] 
pp. xii. viii. 192. Madras, \Bd&. 8°. 14170.1.44. 

AN6A PILLAI, Bhavdni N. qpq^xlju meuir^ 
&Q&ieinL—, [Mrug'-appa-nava-rasa-siledai. A 
poem, addressed to V. S. Mrug'-appa Chetti, and 
illustrating the 9 poetical emotions, followed by 
Charama-kavigal, epitaphs by Anga Pillai and 
others upon Kanniy-ammal, wife of the former.] 
pp. 12, 8. Qs,ii\UQp^^!r [Coimhatove^ 1894. 
8°. 14172. b. 44.(4.) 

ANGLO-TAMIL READER. A Vade Mecum of all 
Anglo-Tamil Readers. [With preface by D. E. 
Kesava-rau.] pp. i. 94. Madras, 1896. 8°. 

14172. hh. 12. 

QeuetssrurrLDirSsi). (Madooray Venba Malei [a 
series of panegyrical verses,] with certain gram- 
matical rules bearing on poetry, on P. M. Ma- 
dooray Pillay, Esq., composed by Ami Anuamalay 
Moodaliar.) pp. 41. Bangoon, 1891. 8°. 

14172. c. 21. 
ANNA-SAMI AIYAR, Chidambaram. See Chidam- 
baram. S^Lbuir Lo&ajT^LSiuLh [Chidambara- 
mahatmyam. Translated by Anna-sauii.] [1897.] 
8°. 14170. ee. 11. 

ANNA-SAMI PILLAI, A. See Govinda-raju Mu- 
daliyar, v., and Anna-sami Pillai, A. inQ^irui- 
lBiu QikiairiTLJU^La. [Mano-ramya-singara-pa- 
dam.] 1893. 16°. 14172. a. 44. 

ANNAVIYAR, Ativ'ira-rdman-pattiriam. u^ mair- 
uirjT^ ^LDLDrrSssr [Maha-bharata-ammanai. A 
poetical paraphrase of the Maha-bharatam. Edited 
by Karundittangudi AshtavadhanamK.Rama-sami 
Pillai. Vol.ii.,the Yuddha-kandam.] pp. viii. 368. 
^©6S)a= [Tanjore,] 1903. 8°. 14172. c. 49. 

ANTHONY PILLAY. See Antosi Pillai. 

■ytouj Sir^^ssTLti. [Kirlstu-samaya-kirttanam. 
Catholic devotional poems. Edited by T. A. 
Innasi-tambi.] pp. i. 102. Jaffna, 1891. 8°. 

14170. c. 38. 





ANTONI ■ NATHAR. u^^w^Q^at ^re^em 

LDjpi^^eoirQiiu ^iTs<si(^tx>L3. [Tarka-kummi. 
A controversial song for native women, in which 
Roman Catholic doctrines are stated and defended.] 
pp. iii. 60. Lj^eneu ^^rtrnh® [Pondicherry, 
1865.] 16°. 14170. a. 34.(3.) 

ANTONI PILLAI (Thomas). The English, Tamil, 
Telugu and Hindustani Sonmalai, or An easy 
way of learning to speak four languages. Com- 
piled by T. Anthony Pillay, and revised by C. 
Venkataswamy Naidoo, and Tanjore Samathanum 
Daniel Pillay, Poet. {*Q^ir6sr u^rrSso.) pp. i. 45. 
Madras, 1880. 8°. 14172. e. 10. 

ANTONIS (F. S., Don John). » o o ^/f^y. ^sbr- 
etnhLnrrsrr ^qhuu^Se^ . . . iQir^iEis eQiuiri- 
Stu.Tesr^x (^ldlS. [A Tiummi poem by Don John 
Antonis founded on a sermon preached by the Rev. 
C. Bonjean at the church of St. Anne of Talaivillu.] 
pp. 10. luiTj^uuiremLb [Jaffna,^ 1885. 12°. 

14170. b. 34,(2.) 

ANTONY (S.), O.lf.J. SeeMuLLER (A.). a^Qsroy- 
aLDQr^iB^im ema^^dsim. Homoeopathic Guide. 
Translated ... by Rev. S. Antony. 1892. 12°. 

14170. i. 70.(2.) 

See MuLLEE (A.). LS&sr3'iTir.f.3'c^as3raiMnf),i- 

^ek ema^^Ssm. (*A Guide to . . . Mattei's 
Electro-Homoeopathic Medicines. Translated . . . 
by ... S. Antony.) 1892. 12°. 14170. i. 70.(3.) 

ANTONY, Saint, j^ira^. ^ ikQ ^ ir eS tu ir ir Quiff&j 
LfsoLDudv. [Pulambal. Elegies addressed to 
St. Antony.] pp. 11. luirtpuuiressrLD [Jcr^?ia,] 
1893. 12°, 14170. a. 35,(9.) 

^iB^,mQfliTsSiuiTn- j:^LaLDirdssr. [Sant'-an- 

tdniyar-ammanai. The legends of Saint Anthony, 
in easy verse.] pp. 56. ujirLpuuiremLn {Jaffnai] 
1892. 8°. 14170. c. 24,(5,) 

APFAJI. ^jiriuir ^uuirSmen^. [Rayar-appaji- 
kathai. Tales of the minister Appajl and his 
king.] See Katha-chintamani. The Kathachin- 
tdmani, etc. pp. .34-60. 1875. 8°. 14170. k, 27, 

^jirtuir j^uuiT^ aes)^. [Rayar-appaji- 
kathai.] See Purna-lingam Pillai, M.S. Witty 
Stories, e<c. pp. 33-56. 1897. 12°. 14171. a. 6,(2,) 

APPAJi {continued). Kings and Ministers. [Tales 
of Appajl, in English.] See Robinson (E. J.). Tales 
and Poems of South India, etc. pp. 320-336. 
1885. 8°. 14170. k, 63. 

The Tales of Royar Appaji the Prime 

Minister. [Translated] by K. R. Sesha Iyer, 
pp. i. 19. Madras, 1903. 12°. 14171. d. 1.(1.) 

APPANA NAYAKKA.R, Karadi-vdvi Eammavdr 
Kidottunga. Vanasuranatakum. 6u/ri^« j/5/rL_«LD. 
[A drama on the story of the demon Vanan 
overthrown by Vishnu. Edited by G. Aruiia- 
chala Mudaliyar.] pp. vii. 456; 8^)/a<es. Q<3=<ssr2ssr 
[Madras,] 1890. 8°. 14170. 1. 29. 

APPAN SVAMI, Bodddclulryapuram. See Puranas. 
^(f^LCiSeCLD&/D'r^L8ujLD. [Tirumalai-mahatmyam. 
Compiled by Appan.] [1878.] 8°. 14170. e. 2 

APPA-PILLAI (James T.). ^l8l^ ^evasaessr 
^i9sins . . . Tamil Grammar. Part first. Or- 
thography : for use in Standard vi. pp. vii. 76. 
Batticaloa, 1891. 12°. 14172. e, 16, 

APPAE, See Tiru-navukk'-aeasu. 

APPA-SAMI MUDALIYAR, Puduvai. See Yadava- 
GiRi. o o o s^jjirQeu'^ ■fiB^^ir <3' la S it ^ ^ 2ssr , 
[Chatur-vedi-charitra-sankirttanai. Edited by 
Appa-sami.] 1900. 8°. 14170. ee, 35.(4,) 

APPA-SAMI PILLAI, C. Anglo-Tamil Manual, 
or Phrase Book, based on the plan of Forbes' 
Hindustani Manual. . . . Compiled, arranged and 
translated by C. Appasawmy Pillay. Second 
edition, pp. vi. 218. Madras, 1884. 8". 

14172. hh. 10. 

Third edition. pp. viii. 244. Madras, 

1894. 8°. 14172. hh. 8. 

A Translation Guide. Or Exercises in 

general English with translations for the use of 
the Middle School Department (*the Matriculation 
& Upper Secondary Classes, the candidates for 
Translation Test, etc.) . . . English and Tamil . . . 
By C. Appasawmy Pillai. 3 vols. Madras, 1890- 

1895. 8°. 14172. h, 61. 

Vol. i. (1895) is of the tJiird edition, vol. ii. (1893) i.i of the 
second ; vol. iii. is an " improved and enlarged edition," and 
appeared in 1890. 





APPA-SVAMI PIILAI meuiSjS'9'irjnJa. [Nava- 
Jiltii-sttriuii. A civtecliistn of Vedantic philosophy.] 
pp. iv. 80. S^^ir^Sii^ [Madras, 1859.] 8°. 

14170. e. 16. 

— msuiS^^innh. [Nava-Dlta-siiram. Edited 

by K. Vadi-velu Chetti.] pp. 2, i. i. 149. Os^iirPesr 
[Madrax,] 1903. 12°. 14170. d. 87. 

APPA-TURAI PILIAI, M. ldq^^i^ ^ib^rr^. 
[Marud'-adi-antiidi. A hundred quatrains in 
honour of Siva.] pp.16. ajirj^uuiressTLa eQSlir^ 
[Jaffna, 1891.] 12°. 14172. a. 45.(1.) 

APPAVTT CHETTI, Pallavapuram. See Soma-sun- 
DAUA Nayakak. Q^^irimir^iBirmirLo. [Siddhanta- 
ratnakiiram. Edited by Appavu.] 1906, etc. 
8°. 14170. eee, 14. 

APPAVU MUDALIYAR, MudicJiur. See Arvaegal.— 
Nal-iiyiram. — Tiru-vdy-morl. o => o ^qf^euirujQubn ifi 
}^^ [Tiru-vay-mori. With commentary. Edited 
by Appavu.] [1859.] 8°. 14172. c. 18. 

APPAVU PILLAI, Pamban. See Kumara-guku- 


APPAVU PILLAI, Boolcseller, of Trichinopoli. See 
Pl'Garendi. o o o ^ i9 La(ssT eisr &sr aiB^iflL£>irSe\) [A- 
biniannan-sundari-malai. Edited by Appavu.] 
1884. 8°. 14172. b. 29. 

APPAVU PILLAI, Tirusirainiram Tirumalai (Mct- 

TU-SAMI PiI.LAI) . ooo S^^ J IT lElSleSed^T ^ LD [Chi- 

trangi-vilasam. A comedy on the story of the 
marriage of the prince Chitrangau. Edited by 
Tayumana Mudaliyar.] pp. iii. 168. Oa-^rSssr 
[Madras,] 1886. 8°. 14170. 1. 19. 

tB^Q&srpI ^^^luurre^ jtj iB ^r 3= li ^ ir sQ &> a - 

■if in. [Nan-neri-satya-bhasha-harischandra-vila- 
sam. A drama, founded on the legend of 
Harischandra. Edited by P. Kalyana-sundara 
Mudaliyar. Second edition.] pp. iii. xiii. ii. vi. 
xxvi. 572 ; 20 plates. Qs=sir&gr [Madras,] 1890. 
8°. • 14170. 1. 23. 

,^^63r ueij(oLpm^ifl^uir. [Nutana-pava- 

rendiri-sabha. A drama. Revised by P. Ma- 
silamani Mudaliyar.] pp. 84; 4-plates. Q'S^mSsur 
[Madras,] 1893. 8°. 14170. 1. 39. 

APPAYA DIKSHITAR, son of Ranga-rdja. iSj m- 
^(^ia&v^tsyLct. [Brahma-tarka-stavam. A Saiva 
theological poem with prose commentary. Trans- 

lated from the Sanskrit by V. A. Arabala-vana 
Navaiar.] pp. ii. iv. 108. Tinnevelly, 1895. 8°. 

14170. e. 69. 
(^aueouj/r/B/B^ii). [Kuvalayanandam. A 

treatise on the art of rhetoric. Translated from 
the Sanskrit, in verse and prose, by Sankara- 
narayana Siistri of Ettayapuram and Mugavur 
Minakshi-sundara Kavi-rayar, and published 
under the superintendence of Tirumalai Icham- 
badi Sriuivasacharyar and Anur Singiira-velu 
Mudaliyar.] pp. 5, viii. 291, v. Q3=&st?,sst [Ma- 
dras,] 1895. 8°. 14170. i. 40. 

APPAYA DIKSHITAR, Pattamadai. eojircs>Oe^fr- 
^jS [Bala-bodhinl. A Tamil treatise in 6 books, 
in catechetical form, with Sanskrit quotations, 
forming a digest of Advaita-Vedantam teachings.] 
pp. 128, i. t/uirc^6iJin^ei.j-'Pr [TinneveUi,] 1897. 
8°. 14048. cc. 14. 

AP-PILLAI, disciple of Arngiya-manavdla Peru- 
mal. 6>ifrL^^Sl(rF,/BrrLCiLb. [Vari-tiru-namam. A 
Tengalai Vaishnava devotional poem, including 
praises of the heads of the Church.] pp. 11. See 
Aragiya-makavala Peru-mal. \j^ . . . S-uQ^^- 
u ^^sjtloit'^ y^ [Upadesa - ratna - malai, etc.] 
[1836.] 8°. 14172. b. 3. 

etJirifi^^Q^iBn mLD. [Vari-tiru-namam.] 

See Arvargal. — Nal-iiyiram. — Selections, o o o /g. 
^ajir^etvis^irmih ^ [Nityanusandhiinam.] pp. 
122-133. 1886. 8°. 14170. ee. 14. 

©i&^jl^^i sn [Vari-tiru-namam, with Tiru- 

uakshatra-slokarigal.] See Arvargal. — Nal-ayi- 
ram. — Selections, o <> o p-s^§,to^o-qr»^sSM »ii [Ni- 
tyanusandhanam.] pp. 681-717. 1906. 8°. 

14170. eee. 21. 

APPU MUDALIYAR, S.G. (Govinda-svami Mdda- 
liyak), of Chinladripet. See Hari. [J^^iBmirLn- 
sivCo^tr^Qsruuir ^ [Hari-naraa-stotram, etc. 
Edited by Appu.] 1887. 8°. [Tukdrdm-svamigal- 
charitram.] 14170. ee. 34. 

ARABIAN NIGHTS. See 'Aud al-KXDiR ibn Mu- 
hammad Muhyi al-DiN. Jl j>/k^' Ji [Path al- 

samad. The story of Tawaddud. Adapted from 
the Arabian Nights.] [1902.] 8°. 14170. k. 4. 

Arabian History. Thousand Nights . . . 

.^airi^s Sisirt^. [Arabi-kathai. A translation of 
the Arabian Nights' Entertainments, based upon 





the edition published by Sokka-linga Mudaliyar, 
and revised by Aru-muga Desikar.] 3 vols. 
[Madras,] 1888. 8°. 14171. a. 41. 

uio-is^ ^(3\k^ LJsstr<x san^. [Pakka- 

kathai. The stories of the hunchback, the broker, 
the Bagdad merchant, the Jewish doctor, the 
tailor, and the barber and his brothers, forming 
Nights xxiv.-xxxii. ] pp. 144. Qs^m'Sssr [Ifa- 
dras;\ 1906. 8^ 14171. e. 12. 

ARAGAR-ACHARYAE, S., of Nahalnagar,Dindigal. 

eSsn fi,siiQF)S^^-^pQ)S'U s3Q!SS)^i(9^u:iLS. [Vi- 
noda-kummi. A kummi poem disproving current 
prognostications of evil for the year Vikari, 
A.D. 1899-1900.] pp. 12. ^,eisTQis.&> [Dindi- 
gal,] 1900. 8^ 14172. b. 44.(7.) 





VALA Ma-muni, Peeiya-jiyak, and Ranga-nathan. 
See Arvaeoal. — Nal-ayiram. — lyar-pd. °° ° ^irrr- 
Lcir^'f .^ppm^iT^. [Ramanuja-nutt'-antiidi. 
With commentary by Periya-jiyar.] [1905.] 8°. 

14170. ee. 6.(6.) 

See Aevaegal. — Nal-ayiram. — Mudal-dyi- 

ram. ° " ° apfi^eoitiQa ia ^^ [Mudal-ayiram. With 
commentaries by Periya-jiyar, etc.] 1880-1885. 
8°. 14170. f. 9. 

o o o sS««Jir»a»8' sii [Mudal-ayiram. 

Another edition of the preceding, in Telugu 
characters.] 1881 -[1886.] 8°. 14170. f. 8. 


^(^i^fiiua^iraa^iiiiirpjrjLCi. [Acharya-hrudaya-siira- 
sangraham. A digest of Aragiya-manavalar's 
commentary Acharya-hrudayam on the Tiru-vay- 
mofi.] 1892. 8°. 14170. e. 61. 

See PiLLAI LOKACHAEYAE. ooo Qf>(Lp3i^-a- 

iLiuif, ^ [Muraukshu-padi. With the commentary 
Tiru-mantrarthani by Periya-jiyar.] 1889. 8°. 

14170. f. 17. 

See PiLLAI LoKACHAEYAE. ooc Qj:,npd}hp=-a- 

i^i-"9- Hk, [Mumukshu-padi. With the Tiru-man- 
trartham of Periya-jiyar.] 1890. 8°. 14170. f. 18. 

VALA Ma-muni, Periya-jIyae, and Ranga-nathan 
(^continued;. See Pillai Lokachakyae. Mumu- 
kshuppadi, etc. [With Periya-jiyar's commentary.] 
1905, etc. 8°. [Visishtddvaitin.] 

14170. eee. 11. (vol. 1, &o.) 

See Pillai Lokachaeyae. (^i^'^^^'^i^j- 

[Tattva-trayam. With commentary by Aragiya- 
manavalar.] [1875.] 8°. 14170. f. 24. 

See Pillai Lokachaeyae. 

?3JJ-cP(5' ^,S)j?^ir-'-5-"^3^J^§.5" . . . «J_S§^^,cisbS S II 
[Tattva-trayam. With commentary of Aragiya- 
manavalar.] [1904.] 8°. 14170. ff. 11. 

See Pillai Lokachaeyae. ^ . . . ^6H-SUr< 

ec-as^sssr 1^ [Vachana-bhushanam. With com- 
mentary by Aragiya-manavalar.] 1879. 8°. 

14172. b. 10. 

See Venkata-eanga Ramanuja-dasar. \-J^ 

LdibLDsstsreuirsvLDirQpS'Xffn^QQ^eu/s^n'^. [Manavala- 
ma-munigal-tiruv-antadi. A poem on Aragiya- 
manavalar.] [1869.] 8°. 14172. b. 23.(2.) 


.uQ^:f!r^,^ssrLDir2so. ^QheiKTih- 

[Upadesa-ratna-malai, Tiru-vay-mori-nutt'-an- 
tadi, and Artti-prabandham. Three Vaishnava 
poems by Aragiya-manavala Poru-mal. Followed 
by the Kanninun Siru-tambu of Koyil Kaudadaiy 
An nan, the Srisaila-vaibhavam of Para-vadi-kesari, 
the Amalan-adi-piran SrI-padadi-kesa-malai of 
Prativadi-bhayankara Annan, the Sampradaya- 
chandrikai of Ap-pillar, and the Vari-tiru-uamam 
of Ap-pillai, a series of short devotional poems by 
disciples of Aragiya-manavala Peru-mal, and by 
the Tiru-nakshatra-mudaliyavaigalin Vivaram and 
Tiru-mudiy-adaivu, tracts on the chronology of 
the heads of the Vaishnava church. Edited by 
Tirumalai Ichambadi Srinivasa Eiighavacharyar.] 
7 pts. ^mQp® [Madras, 1836.] 8°. 14172. b. 3. 

L^,^ppiB^ir^, .^ir^^uiruiB^LCi etc.) [Upadesa- 
ratna-malai, Tiru-vay-mori-niitt'-antadi, Artti- 
prabandham, and Nana-sara-slokangal. Vaishnava 
theological and devotional poems, the last being 
a Sanskrit paraphrase of Arul-ala Peru-mal's 





Nfina-saram.] See Arvaroal. — Nal-ayiram. — Se- 
lections. o°o iQ^tuir^anim^irisLb t^ [Nityanusan- 
dhanam.] pp. 72-118. 1886. 8°. 14170. ee. 14. 

6S'^'S'yef^sSr«e) (|S«b3r'dE"ax\y9(Sir»p;D7^a etc.) 

[Dpadesa-ratna-rnalai, Tiru-vayrmofi-nutt'-auta- 
di, Artti-prabaudham, and Nana-sai'a-slokangal. 
With Telugu word-for-word interpretation, para- 
phrase, e<«.] See Arvauoal. — Nal-ayiram. — Se- 
lections, o o f)ir°§(Sbf3oTpr'^sSi3 sil [Nityilnusan- 
dbiuara.] pp. 471-641. 1906. 8°. 14170. eee. 21. 

u^ . . . [J^aa^irir^^ Ljjrum^^^i(^ 

uj^u^ih. [Artti-prabandham. A devotional 
Vaishnava poem. With a pratipadam or explana- 
tory paraphrase. Edited by Tiruraalai Nallan 
Chakravartti Krushnam-achiirya Svami.] pp. 36. 
Q^ssrSsBT [Madras,] 1893. 8°. 14170. ee. 6.(1.) 

ooo lu^jTir^eQuit/o^. [Yati-raja-vimsati. 

Twenty Sanskrit stanzas in praise of Ramanuja. 
With a commentary in Tamil by PillaiLokam-jiyar. 
Edited by Jiyar-sannidhi Tirumalacharyar and 
Arasanipalai Kandadai Vijaya-raghavacharyar.] 
pp. 50. ^©(T^susveiS.iG'.ssajifl sj)fj)j.f [TripUcane, 
1884.] 12°. 14028. b. 63.(1.) 

The Sanskrit text is printed in the Telugu character. 

ooo cssbS'cr'aSoS'Q. [Yati-raja-vimsati. 

With the Tamil commentary of Pillai Lokam-jfyar 
and some other devotional verses, Sanskrit 
and Tamil. Edited with a Telugu literal inter- 
pretation of the 20 stanzas and epitome of the 
commentary, by Madabhushi Rilinanujacharyar.] 
pp. 64. ^Jj^ ^§1? [Madras, 1904.] 8°. 

14028. c. 86. 

MI, Kaiichi Vddi-ltesuri. See Yamdnachabyae. 
eSeJg^sxnS. [Tattva-bhiishanam. Edited by 
Aragiya-manavalar.] 1902. 8°. 14170. ee. 6.(2.) 

See Rahatanam. ^iririXiiTUjessTiQsirihLQ. [Ra- 
mayana-kommi. Edited by Aragiya Sokka-natha.] 
[1870.] 8°. 14172. a. 25. 

AEAGIYA-VARADA MUNI. See Vana-ma-malai 

ARAGU-MHTTU PULAVAE. ooo ^jfQu^iuieesurL. 
QeumiriLf^ <Fjiaui, ^puLjaip, [Mey-kanda- 
velayudha-satakam and Mey-kanda-tira-pugar. 
Hymns in glorification of the god Kumara. Edited, 

with preface and life of the poet, by G. Sada-^ivam 
PiHai.] pp. 112. ^<^es>^ <r/r/f«u//? [Tanjore, 
1900.] 12°. 14170. d. 66. 

AEASA-KtSAEI, of Nallur, Jaffna. See Kalidasa. 
^ir(^&jixiL3a'iJa. [Raghu-vamsam. A translation 
into Tamil verse by Arasa-kesari.] 1887. 8°. 

14172. b. 33. 
AEASAN SHANMUKHANAE, S(h:avand(inur. See 

TOL-KAPPIYANAR. Q ^ IT 6\) S fT U l9 lU -9= S^eSBTQpaeQ- 

(3^^ ^ [Tol-kappiyam. With commentary 
styled Shanmukha-vrutti by Arasan-Shanmukha- 
nar.] 1905, etc. 8°. 14172. e. 43. 

AEAV'-AMUD'-ACHAEYAE, Tiruchuriyal. ^Qf)^- 
aiL^tupLjiTiTismLn, [Tiruchuriyar-puranam. A 
poem on the Saiva cult of Tiruchuliyal. Edited 
by Ambala-vana Navalar.] pp. ii. vi. 103. Qs-ssr- 
esTUL-i—simLn i96V<su [Madras, 1901.] 8°. 

14170. ee. 56. 

ARDEN (Albert Henry). A Progressive Grammar 
of Common Tamil. (*A Companion Reader to 
Arden's Progressive Tamil Grammar, vol. i. The 
Panchatantra in Tamil, with notes and translation, 
being volume ii. of Arden Tamil Reader.) 3 vols. 
London, Madras, 1891-1893. 8=. 12907. c. 38. 


AEL See Haei. 

AEIEL (E.). See Tircj-vallcvar. Kural . . . 
fragments traduits . . . [by E. Ariel]. 1848, 
1852. 8°. Ac. 8808 (4e serie, torn. 12, 19). 

AEISIL-KIEAE. gtiLl-itlb u^^. [Decade viii. 
Ten poems on the Chera king Perun-cheral Irum- 
borai.] See Padittu-pattu. o ° o u^^^ 
^ [Padittu-pattu.] pp. 119-137. 1904. 8°. 

14172. bb. 14. 
AEITHMETIC. uiievsessB^ih. An elementary 
Arithmetic, combining many of the peculiarities 
of the European and Tamil systems. pp. 179. 
Jaffna, 1849. 16°. 14172. h. 44.(1.) 

AEIV'-ANANDAM PILLAI (John). Laws of Ta- 
mil Composition. Parti.: Syntax. &iir<3=s ^eoi- 
sessTLo . . . By John Areevanundum Pillay. pp. i. 
ii. ii. 185. Madras, 1866. 8°. 14172. h. 78. 

AEIYAN, Pseud. Qu^suir^ ^,u sivaitiilc: . . . 
Bhedavada Tiraskaram. [A digest of texts, chiefly 





Sanskrit, in defence of monism, with Tamil dis- 
sertations and explanations, in refutation of the 
arguments of Sendinath'-aiyar.] pp. ii. 98, ii. 
Qs^&srPesr [Madras,] 1897. 8°. 14048. cc. 13. 

/s^^&ieuir^LD. [Tattva-vadam. Articles 

on the Vedantic philosophy, reprinted from Tamil 
newspapers.] pp. 52. Qa=m^ [Madras^ 1889. 
8°. 14170. e. 31.(1.) 

Qeu^trikfl^tSstn'S. V^d^nta Deepika. [A 

treatise on Yedantic philosophy.] pp. ii. 82. 
O.F6ir^ [Madras;] 1898. 8°. 14170. ee. 28.(3.) 

ABNDT (Johann). Joannis Arndtii . . . Libellus 
Precum religiosissimarum, dictus Hortulus Para- 
disiacus . . . Ex germanico in tamulicum conyertit 
Beniamin Schulzius ((Sj/rsisr ihib^it O^reowi^EJ- 
airenesTLn) . 4 pts. Halae Magdeburgicae, 1749- 
1750. 12°. 14170. bbb. 7. 

Pfs. 1 and 2 have distinct title-pages, pagination, and re- 
giiters. Pts. 3 and 4 have a common title-page and a conti- 
tiuouB pagination. 

Joannis Arndtii . . . de Vero Christianismo 

liber primus. Ex germanico in tamulicum con- 
vertit Beniamin Schulzius ((©j/rssraaBesarigs)^). 
pp. V. 399. EalcB Magdelmrgicoe, 1751. 8°. 6. 19,737. 

ARNOLD (StV Edwin). See Gautama. The story 
of the life of Buddha ... as depicted by Sir E. 
Arnold in his ' Light of Asia/ etc. 1897. 12°. 

14171. aa. 6. 
ARNOLD (J. R.),also called Aeunachalam Sada- 
sivAM PiLLAi. [Life.] See Arnold (S. T.). uf . . . 
Life of . . . Mr. J. R. Arnold, etc. 1897. 12°. 

14171. a. 17. 

See Gangeyak. ^3-ffl<fQ3=irmi9a6m(Bl ^ 

[Uri-chol-nighantu. Edited by J. R. Arnold.] 
1889. 12°. 14172. ee. 9.(2.) 

@eueo/D QiBtrsikin^. (*Illara Nondy. The 

Husband and Wife. A poem on domestic life.) 
pp. viii. 72. Jaffna, 1887. 16°. 14172. a. 37. 

Sir^^i^a-iaSirsLb . . . KeertanaSangraha. 

A collection of songs [on Christian religious 
subjects] composed by J. R. Arnold. pp. 80. 
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Kathasangrakam : or A collection of moral tales 
in Tamil. Second edition.) pp. iv. 328. Jaffna, 
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ARNOLD (J. R.), also called Aeunachalam Sada- 
siVAM PiLLAi (continued). Pavalar Chariththira 
Theepakam, or The Galaxy of Tamil Poets 
{*uireiieoiT ^iB^^Qjr ^uath). pp. viii. 268. 
Jaffna, 1886. 8°. 14172. b. 25. 

^ir^mressT ^^sir^ia. (*A Gompend of 

Universal History, with a chronological table of 
particular events.) pp. xiv. 480. Jaffna, 1858. 
12°. 14172. h. 69. 


. A Compend of As- 
tronomy, etc. pp. ii. 71. Jaffna, 1861. 12°. 

14172. h. 65. 

Qeu&.'i'^ ^iB^n^ . . . Vellai Anthathy, a 

poem on Christ intended for Christian schools & 
children, pp. 16. Manippay, 1890. 12°. 

14170. b. 34.(4.) 

ARNOLD(Sada-sivamTamb'-aiya). [J^LD^.Q^..:^ir. 
.^esarevt— .s/,S ifl lu f'r ^ eu it s etrl eisT 9eQiua- ifl^^nus. 
. . . Life of the late Mr. J. R. Arnold, author, 
editor, poet, and Tamil scholar. Edited [i.e. 
composed] by his son, S. T. Arnold, pp. 48 ; 1 
plate. Jaffna, 1897. 12°. 14171. a. 17. 

AROGYAM PILLAI, Trisirapuram Dhairyam. See 


[Veda-puriy-antadi. EditedbyArogyam.] [1868.] 
8°. 14170. c. 32. 

AROOLAPPEN. See Aeul-afpan. 

ARPUDAM, Saveriyd-huttiy-udaiydr. Lecons faciles 
de Francais et de Tamoul, suivant la methodede 
T. Robertson, par Arpoudam ills de Saveriakout- 
tyodear . . . dijrir^a^ ^iBipu uires^e^iSl&sr eretP- 
fiiTssi:uiTL^iki<%<sfr. pp. 7, 147. i-j .g,i smeu ^^ji)T®id 
[Pondicherry, 1850.] 12°. 14172. h. 5. 

ARtJDHA-SASTRAM. » o o (^ rr ear uir^i9 say's erssr- 
^uLd .3j^^L^<sF IT <stv ^ a in ^ [Ariidha-sastram, or 
Nana-pradipikai. A Sanskrit astrological treatise, 
here ascribed to Jaimini. With a Tamil com- 
mentary by K. Sorna-sastri and V. R. Srinivasa- 
charyar, entitled Bhava-prakasikai. Edited by V. 
Krushna Sastri of Devakota.] pp. 2, ii. 144. 
0*65r^ ffl9<s/r/fl [Madras, 1899.] 8°. 

14053. coc. 27. 

ewirjTQpLn . . . ^^it iBewiTirLroQeo!TaiBS(&^LCs {^uir- 
QuiUjewirjrLn). [Nana-saram, 40 stanzas on Vai- 





shnava theology, with Sanskrit paraphrase by 

Manavala Ma-muni, and Prameya-sarara, a like 

work in 10 verses.] SeeARVABOAL. — Nal-ayiram. — 

Selections. °oo iS^tuir^stvi^irisui ^ [Nitytlnu- 

sandhanam.] pp. 108-120. 1886. 8°. 14170. ee. 14. 

Arcordin;/ to tradition, thin writer was originallt/ an Ad- 
vaita-vadi and known ax Yajiia-murtti, but teas coneerted 
and instructed by Ramdniija. 

^■^i^^^['\^'^<^'P'^^). [Rana-sarara 

and Prameya-sarara. With Telugu word-for-word 
interpretation, paraphrase, e<c.] See Arvargal. — 
Nal-iiyiram. — Selections, o o o ^ir°^/&rSr'-qr''^,-Sx> s ii 
[Nityanusandhiinara.] pp. 617-648. 1906. 8°. 

14170. eee. 21. 

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(F. L.). The Peep of Day. Translated into Tamil, 
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The Scripture Mirror,or Index of the Bible. 

Containing the principal words, alphabetically 
arranged. 3=^Qtu Qetifli di&kn^s)/^. pp. 258. 
Madras, 1840. 12°. 14170. b. 25. 

AEUL-APPA TS AY ALAR, of Jaffna (Bhu-loka-simha 
Mudaliyar). ^rrF,'3=Ql^&)&iirsireQiuih. [Tiru- 
chelvar-kavyam. A biographical poem on the life 
of Tiru-chelva-rayam, a Roman Catholic devotee. 
Edited with explanations and paraphrases by N. 
Tyiiga-raja Pillai.] pp. xiii. 263. oj trynjuiressrixi 
[/n/«a,] 1896. 8°. 14170. bb. 6. 

ARU-MTIGA DESIKAR. gee Arabian Nights. 
Arabian History, etc. [Revised by Aru-muga.] 
1888. 8°. 14171. a. 41. 

ABU-MUGAM PILLAI, Adi Puldru-sami. Qs^it- 
t_3-u i9iruiB^3>La. [Shodasa-prabandham. Sixteen 
religious poems, chiefly on the Saiva cult.] pp. x. i. 
v. 261. Q^&sr8ssr [Madras,] 1899. 8°. 14172. b. 5. 

ARU-MUGA MUDALIYAR, Ealattur Veda-giri. See 
Nata-rajar, K. s^ir^sireoiEHBiriTLn. [Jatakalaii- 
karam. Edited by Aru-muga.] [1867 ?] 8°. 

14170. i. 9. 

See Pavanandi. i6ssr£Djr&) ^ [Nan-niil. 

With commentary. Edited by Aru-muga.] [1875.] 
8°. 14172. f. 9. 

See Ravanan. a^s&v^jrQp-sj^neuessrssr 

**^/® c'^ [Sahasra-mukha-ravanan-kathai, etc. 
Edited by Aru-muga.] [1 874.] 8°. 14172. b. 24. 

See AcjASTTAR. " o o euir^ , . . Qo'enLSiutJa, ^a_/w. 
[Vata-saumyam. Edited by Afu-muga.] 189:3. 
8°. 14170. e. 62. 

ARU-MUGA NAVALAR, of Nallur, Jaffna. See 
AuvAiYAR. — Two or More Worlcs. o o o .^^^c^i^ 
^ [Atti-sudi and Konrai-vendan. With com- 
mentaries by Aru-muga.] [1893.] 12°. [Bula- 
pa-t-ham.] 14172. h. 92. (pt. 1.) 

See Met-kanda Devar. o o o Qeu(^rreiir- 

Quir^ j^ [Siva-nana-bodham. Edited by Aru- 
muga.] [1885.] 12°. 14170. d. 1. 

See S^ANA-SAMBANDHAR. SS) a" tSU O^ lHluQ IB p! . 

[Saiva-samaya-ueri. With commentary by Aru- 
muga.] [1875.] 12°. 14172. a. 14. 

See Pavanandi. o o o iB<ssr^iirssr ^ [Nan- 

nii]. With commentary of Sankara Namas-sivayar. 
Edited by Aru-muga.] [1851.] 8°. 14172. f. 2. 

[1887.] 8°. 
[1903.] 8°. 

14172. e. 12. 
14172. e. 39. 

See Pavanandi. iB&ir^nrp'iiresiirta.einsiLjeiDir. 
[Nan-nul. With commentary. Edited and aug- 
mented by Aru-muga.] [1880.] 8°. 14172.6.28. 

See PuBANAs. — Skanda-puranam. ■sib^- 
Ljiriretpsnji. [Kanda-puranam. Edited by Aru- 
muga.] [1809.] 8°. 14170. f. 3. 

See Sekkirar. QuifltuL/jrirssajLc, ld^ [Periya- 

puranam. A summary by Aru-muga.] [1852.] 
8°. 14170. c. 10. 


QiuirxeQQeusLn ^ [Prayoga-vivekam. Edited by 
Aru-muga.] [1882.] 8°. 14170. e. 22. 

See TiRU-MUBAi. — Two or More Sections. 

o o o (S^euirjT^^jTiL®. [Devaram, etc. Edited 
by Aru-muga.] [1880.] 8°. 14172. b. 8. 

[1885.] 8' 

14172. b. 35. 

See TiRU-VALLUVAR. o°o ^iBi^Coeu^LDirSiu 

^(iF,i(^p6isT ^ [Kural. With commentary 
Edited by Aru-muga.] [1861.] 8°. 14172. d. 7. 

[1875.] 8°. 

14172. d. 8. 





AKU-MUGA NAVALAK, of NaUur, Jaffna {conti- 
nued). See ToL-KAPPiYANAK. Q ^iT eoan ut9ajLc, ^, 
[Tol-kappiyam (Soll'-adhikaram.) With commen- 
tary. Edited by Aru-muga.] [1868.] 8°. 

14172. e. 6. 

See Uma-pati SivACHAKTAR. Qa,iru9ipLjinr- 

emjLo. [Koyir-puranam. With commentary by 
Ara-muga.] [1868.] 12°. 14170. d. 13. 


t^ [Chiidamarii-nighantu. Edited by Aru-mnga.] 
[L867.] 8°. 14172. f. 11. 

1880. 8°. 

[1894.] 8° 

14172. 6. 29. 

14172. e. 17. 

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kam. An abridged grammar.] pp. i. 237. Ocrearsijr- 
uiLt-633Tm ueu [Madras, 1874.] 12°. 14172. h. 30. 

^ m :i fS east eQies)s3 emu.. [Ilakkana-vina-vi- 

dai. A catechism of Tamil grammar.] vol. ii. 
pp. 70. Q.rssreisruL-i—esarLD ilj&i [Madras, 1875.] 


14172. h. 34. 

ens^eueQ^eQetnL-., [Saiva-vina-vidai. A 

catechism of the Saiva religion. Followed by a 
series of hymns, called Tottira-tirattu.] vol. ii. 
pp. ii. 193. Q<feke3ruLLu.6issTLCi u-jeu [Madras, 
1875.] 16°. 14170. d. 16. 

AEU-MTJGA PILLAI, UduppUli C. Siplen}^.3=iJMU- 
Qu^LD. [Kiristu-samaya-bhedam. A controversial 
tract against Christianity.] pp. 10. lun LpuuiremrLn 
eQQirrr^ [Jaffna, 1889.] 16°. 14170. d. 10.(1.) 

QmpQsir(i£ etn&jjreunru^fXLa. [Ner-koru- 

vairavar-padigam. 10 stanzas to the god 
Vairavan, as a song for sifters of rice.] pp. 14. 
oj n ip uu IT <ss3T in eUgiT^ [Jaffna, 1889.] 32°. 

14170. d. 10.(3.) 

eQsQeQiu jpT6\i ajirecrr^. [Viviliya-niil- 

varal-aru. An anti-Christian tract upon the origin 
of the Bible.] pp. 14. ujirifiuuiresanh eQQirir^ 
[Jaffna, 1889.] 16°. 14170. d. 10.(2.) 

AEU-MTJGA SVAMI, Tirulcovalur. o o o £s^i_ff. 
^Hjyj^Qpevih . . . ^eis)niLjt_6tsT, [NishthanubhQti. 
A work, purporting to be lectures by Siva to Par- 
vati, on the Suddhadvaita Vedantic system. With 

a commentary by Muttu-krushna Brahmam.] 
pp. xiii. 134. (3aFS3r6aTLJi_z_633rtii a^ersra^ [Ma- 
dras, 1852.] 8°. 14172. c. 23. 
Pp. 131-2 are missing. 

ARU-MUGA SVAMI, Tiruvengddu. [For works 
edited by Aru-muga Svami, see under the fol- 
lowing headings :] 

Agastyae. Pancha-tanteam. 

Dictionaries. Pavanandi. 


Maeiy-amman. Vira-svami, Maditrai. 


See Sekkirar. (o a^ a> Q Lp fr ir . . . Qauj^ . . . Ou- 
if! lu LI IT IT &S3T LD L^ [Periy a-purSiiam. Edited with 
interpretation by Aru-muga.] [1885]-1898. 8°. 

14170. f. 1. 

ARU-MUGA UP ADHYAYAR, If., o/ /a/ua. ^(^li 
Lj^^a.LB. [A Sixth Reader for schools.] pp. 84. 
lu rr ip u u n emsT LD eQiu [Jaffna, 1886.] 12°. 

14172. h. 70. 

QjDi^QfliresnTL^ihiriu^iTi^niiemsiLn. [Siru- 

tonda-nayanar-puranam. A legend of a Saiva 
saint, in prose and verse, based upon the Periya- 
puranam of Sekkirar.] pp. 22, 8, ii. QaiTi(^^e\} 
guj [KoMuvil, 1894.] 8°. 14170. ee. 4.(1.) 

ARUNACHALA AIYAB,, Tiruvannamalai. SeeEih'- 
APPA Navalae. o o o ^(g(S33)^a)L/j/r633rti ^, 
[Arunachala-puranam. Edited by Arunachala.] 
[1875.] 8°. 14170. 6. 18. 

See Kamban. (-^ . . . jririninussmLc ^, [Kamba- 
ramayanam, Aranya-kandam. Edited by Aruna- 
chala.] 1900. 8°. 14172. d. 25. 

/See Kanaka-sabhai PiLLAi, /v. enQj^em Sm- 
^rrLnessfl. [Varna-chintamani. Edited bj' Aru- 
nachala.] 1901. 8°. 14170. g. 22. 


uirikQiflu Ljirirssur ^ [Tiru-paran-giri-purfina- 
vachanam. A prose version, by Arunachala, of 
Nirambav-aragiyar's poem. Followed by Tiru- 
paran-giri-pillai-tamir, a devotional composition 
by Arunachala on the childhood of the god Ku- 
mara.] [1899.] 12°. 14170. d. 70. 

See Trikuta-eaj'-appae. g)^ ^(^a;^©- 

(nfm^^eoL^jTiressr i^ [Tiru-kuttala-tala-puriina- 
vachanam. Rendered in proee by Arunachala.] 
1906. 12°. 14170. dd. 13. 





tinued). See Vknri-malai Kavi-kajab. ^(iFffQ^i- 
,^ir^^&)Lja iresnT i^^ [Tiruchondur-tala-purana- 
vachanam. A proso version by Aruiiacliiila. 
Followed by Pagafi-kuttar's Tiruchendur-pillai- 
tamir, edited by the same.] [1899-1900.] 12°. 

14170. d. 59. 

^ iSip. [Setu-parvata-vartaniy-ammai-piljai-tainij. 
A poem on the stages in the childhood of the 
consort of the god Rama-natha-inurtti worshipped 
at Raniesvaram. Followed by Tottira-seyyutkaj, 
or stanzas on the local cult of Rainesvaram.] 
pp. i, 13, 52, 3, i. LD^&mr [Madtira,] 1906. 8°. 

14172. bb. 23. 

/B/7t_<st£i. [Kama-natakam. A drama on the epic 
history of Rama. Edited by Tirutottikalai Vaiyii- 
puri Mudaliyar, on the basis of the edition nf T. 
Venkatachala Mudaliyar and P. Rama-satiii Naya- 
kar. Preceded by Ramayana-or-adi-klrttanai, 
appropriate devotional verses by Pattur Raja- 
sekhara Mudaliyar.] pp. 8, 16, 377 ; 1 plate. 
tQjTusu [Madras, 1867.] 8°. 14170. 1. 3. 

^irnLBihin—.fiiLa. [Rama-natakain. An 

edition based upon that of V^eukatachala Mudaliyar 
and Rama-sami Niiyakar, with Raja-sekliara's 
Ramayana-6r-adi kirttanai.] pp. 24, 378, i. itieu 
[Madras, 1875.] 8°. 14170. 1, 11. 

) ] irUi/BITL 


[Rama-niitakani . 
Preceded by Raja-sekhava's Riimayana-or adi-kirt- | 
tanai. Revised by N. Arunachala Mudaliyar.] ])p. j 
403. 6QikljLD[Mudrag,l880.] 8°. 14170.1.2.! 

i^j nLnihni_a,La ^^, [Riima-natakam. 

With Riija-sekhara's Riimayana-or-adi-kirttanai. 
Revised by T. Tyaga-raya-svami.] pp. 403. 
9^^uuir&i [Madras, 1883.] 8°. 14170. 1. 10. 

liyar, on the basis of Venkatachala Mudaliyar's 
edition. Seventh edition.] pp. 171, i. i9ffUiir^ 
[Madras, 1870.] 8°. 14170. 1. 6. 

ARUNACHALAM, P. See Tmv-uvRAi.—Tiru-vd- 
cliakam. A few hymns of Manikka Vachaka and 
Tayumanavar. Translated l)y P. A[rnnrichalam], 
etc. 1897. 8°. 14170. ee. 12.(2.) 

Studies and translations from the Tamil 

o o o ^ainn muL^aic i^, [Ram.a-niitakam. 

Preceded by the Ramayana 6r-adi-kirttanai, etr. 
E<Hted by V^Ira-sanii Nayudu.] pp. iv. viii. xvi. 
380,i.; 24^//«<(;«. JA«rfra«, 1 893. 8°. 14170.1.36. 

^JiTUi'BiTLsQLC'sajpi eu ifi iBj ■-^ Q ^ p (3'*'- 

evewBn L-<rLii. [Kusa-lava-ratakain, or Ritma-nii- 
takam. A drama on the epic legend of Rama 
and his sons. Revised by G. Arunachala Muda- 

[viz. from the poems of Mudi-naka-rayar,Manikka- 
vachakar, and Tayumanavar]. By P. A[runa- 
chalam]. pp. i. 62. Madras, 1898. 8°. 

14170. ee. 12.(3.) 
ARUNACHAIAM PILLAT, Parulana-Nallur. See 
SanoItam. Tamil Sungeatha Surabooshany, etc. 
[Translated by Narayana-das and Arunachalam.] 
1900. 8°. 14170. i. 68. 

works edited by Arunachala Mudaliyar, see under 
the following headings :] 

Appana Nayakkar. 

Aednachala Kavi-eayak, S. 

Advaiyae. — Two or More Worlts. 


Muhammad KadieI. 


vikramabka chaeitam. 
ViEA Kavi-eayab. 

5ee BhIma Kavi-eayae. o o" ^j ;fuiiT jus,v- 

eiiQiD^siuiT^ i^^ [Sri-iamar-asva-medha-yagam, 
cfc. With occasional verses by Arunachala.] 
[1875.] 4°. 14172. dd. 1. 

chai.a Kavi-eayae, iS. °° ° ^jiruDibiri^aLD. [R.nma- 
natiikam. Revised by Arunachala Mudaliyar.] 
[1880.] 8°. 14170. L 2. 

ARUNACHALA NAYANAR, Eduttuhufti. See Pv- 
ka\as. — Bluhjaviita-jiurt'inam. ^ eu ,^ ^ o' ilsu ir <£ 
<^i [Avadhiita-samvadam. With commentary by 
Arunachnla.] 1888. 12°. 14172. a. 35.(1.) 

ARUNACHALA SVAMI, Piraisai. See Arunachala 
SvAMi, Piraiyilru. 

ARUNACHALA SVAMI, Piraiydtu, disciple of Tiru- 
niigai Anindchala. See Alavandar. coo ^naa- 





euirStlu. ^ [Nana-vaiUtav-amala-ramayanani. 
With commentary by Arunachala.] [1851.] 4°. 

14170. fff. 2. 

See Alavakdar. ° ° ° i^iresreiiir&L-L. i^, 

[Nana-vasittav-amala-ramayanam. With com- 
mentary of Arunachala.] 1890. 8°. 14172. b. 41. 

See SiVA-PEAKASA Desikar. Q&i^iris^- 

^ennuiessi^ ^, [Vedanta-chulamani. With com- 
mentary by Arunachala.] 1861. 8°. 14170.6.14. 

See Tandava-eata-moettiSvami. cdiasusduj- 

iBeui^Ld t^ [Kaivalya-nava-nitam. With com- 
mentary by Arunachala.] [1864.] 8°. 14172. c. 17. 

iSee Tattva-eata Svami. » <^ <> ff&siimssr- 

Qurr^LB ^ [Sasi-varna-bodham. With Aru- 
nachala's commentary.] [1895.] 12°. 14170. d. 39. 

AEUNACHALA SVAMI, Tiruninravur. See Kaeita 
Nayanae. aesmia^aiTjTLn. [Kanakk'-adhikaram. 
Edited by Arunachala.] [I860.] 8°. 14172. f. 5. 

aiui9!n£:k^iLiiT ^SlSuje8(iF)^^ii>. [Subrahman- 
yar-asiriya-vruttam. A Saiva hymn.] See 
Samba-siva Kavi-eayae. o o o ^ikiaubuiriaLB i^ 
[A series of hymns.] pp. 43-47. 1867. 12°. 

14170. d. 25.(1.) 

o o o ^QhULf/sip. [Tiru-pugar. Praises of deities 
connected with Saiva shrines in South India, in 
four series of 100 songs each.] 4 pts. Madras, 
1889-65(5^^ [1890]. 16°. 14172. a. 36. 

Ft. i. is of the second edition. 

o o o ^Q^uLimip. [Tiru-pugar. Edited by 

Tirupadiri-puliyiir Siva-chidambara Mudaliyar.] 
2 vols. Qs'mesruiLL-essTLo ^Madras,] 1894-1901. 
8°. 14172. b. 51. 

Cosi/eoeS^^^to. LtuSeveQQF/^^Lh. [Vel- 

vruttam and Mayil-vruttam. Hymns on the god 
Skanda's javelin and peacock-car respectively.] 
pp. 18. See Sdkdaea Mudauyae, T. o o o ^iqF)- 
np(miEiTpjpiuuesM— i^ [Tiru-nirug'-aHu-padai, 
etc.'] pt. ii. [1890.] 16°. 14172. a. 32,(2.) 

■ o o o sm^jsomixn a Qpsi^QpLo . . . u^eij- 

enniLiLa. [Kandar-alankaram. A series of devo- 
tional quatrains addressed to the god Skanda. 
With interpretation by the editors of the Vidya- 

viuodini.] pp. 64. Qa-m'Sesr iMadrasi] 1892, 

8°. 14172. c. 39.(3.) 

Forms part of the Vidja-vin5dini Series. Apparently un- 

o o o am^irsiy)^ e-es^ffiLji—ssr. [Kandar- 

anubhuti. Poems on the revelation of the god 
Kaudar or Skanda. With a commentary.] pp. i. 
18, iv. Qs^esi^ eQiuiu [Madras, 1887.] 12°. 

14172. a. 6.(3.) 

o o o ai^ir ^si^^. [Kandar-anubhiiti. 

Fourth edition.] pp. 14. Od-ss/Ssar [Madras,] 
1889. 16°. 14172. a. 7.(5.) 


^iuiTiTaiuA/f,Ln, ^(iF)UireQ(i^u.^).) [Siva-uana- 
siddhiyar-parapakkam, Siva-naua-siddhiyar-su- 
pakkam, and Iiu-bav-iru-badu. Three works on 
the Saiva-Siddhantam. With commentaries (i.) 
on the first by Tattva-prakasa-tambiran Svami, 
(ii.) on the second by Subrahmanya Desikar, (iii.) 
on the third by Namas-sivaya Tambiran.] See 


[Mey-kanda-sattiram.] pp. 211-598. 1897. 8°. 

14170. fF. 3. 
Said to have been written in Saka 1176. 

Qeui^fresrS^^iuiriT i^^ [Siva-nana-siddhi- 

yar-parapakkam, Siva-iiana-siddhiyar-supakkam, 
andlru-bav-iru-badu.] pp. 141,8. See Mey-kanda- 
SATTiEAM. o o o es)a= &i9 ^ ^ IT ibp t^ [Saiva-sid- 
dhanta-sattiram.] [1899.] 12°. 14170. d. 53. 

S su (S^ rr ear S ^ ^ HI rr IT aieiiU3iiE^^a(^ . . . 

eQ HI IT <i Q uj IT esT LD . [Siva-fiaua-siddhiyav-supakkam. 
With commentary of Niina-prakasar. Edited by 
I. Nata-raja Aiyar.] pp. 288, vi. ^(jr^uup^Tir 
^iT6j'£^jiJ [Tirupatur, 1888.] 8°. 14170. ee. 10. 

Siva guana Siddhiyar. etc. [Translated by 

J. M. Nalla-sami Pillai.] 1897, (<c. See Periodical 
PcBLiCATiONS. — Madras. The Light of Truth, etc. 
Vol. i., no. 1, etc. 1897, etc. 4°. 

14170. m. 4. (vol. i., etc.) 

In progress. 

Widerlegung des Buddhistischen Systems 

vom Standpunkte des Sivaismus. [Translated 
from the Si va-iiana- siddhiyar.] (IVou K. Graul.) 
1854. See Academies. — Germany. — Deutsche Mor- 
genlaendische Oesellschnft. Zeitschrift, etc. Bd. 
viii., pp. 720-738. 1846, etc. 8°. Ac. 8815/2 (Bd. 8.) 



ARVARGAL iifAtrAriRAir) 


ARVARGAL. [Lives.] [For editions of the Guru- 
parampara-prabhavam, or histories of tlie Fathers 
of the Church, compiled by the Trutlya Bnihma- 
tantra-svatantra-svami :] See Buahma-tantba- 


See GoviNDACHARYAR, ./. The Holy Lives 

of the AzhvArs, etc. 1902. 8°. 14170. eee. 2. 

See Namm'-arvar. 

KLCiUiir LpeuiT rr^iT- 

&iin_(Sl. [Namin'-arvar-talattu.] 1900. 8°. 

14170. ee. 35.(8.) 

[For editions of Pinb'-aragiyar's Guru- 

parampara-prabhavam, or histories of the Fathers 
of the Church:] See Pinb'-aragiya Pebu-mal 

See Sathakopa-dasar, K. o o o j^ifla-iniu- 

Suih ^ [Hari-sauiaya-dlpain.] 1904. 8°. 

14170. ee. 58. 

See Sathakopa-ramanujachakyar, V. M. 

^tf)6U/r/f66 6Tr ■a^ii^jB^B LCi. [Arvargal-cliaritram.] 
[1898.] 8°. 14170. ee. 35.(7.) 

[For editions of the Tiru-mudiy-adaivu, 

or chronicle of the Vaishiiava Church Fathers :] 


^tfisu IT jr ITS' IT S tutrix eir ^(^iBah^^^iQp^- 

eQiueineiisieifleisr tsQsunin. [Arvar-acharyargal-tiru- 
nakshatra-mudaliyavaigalin vivaram. A chrono- 
logy of the Arvars.] See Aragiya-manavala Peru- 
MAL. \J^ . . . e-uQ^^j<i^esnniT2eo ^ [Upa- 
desa-ratna-malai, etc.] [1836.] 8°. 14172. b. 3. 


TuJ ihireviri' 

t^, ^hj/dut). [Nal-ayira-divya-prabandham. The 

canonical Scriptures of the Tengalai Vaishnavas, 

in 4000 verses, attributed to the saints known 

as Arvars. In 4 parts, styled Mudal-ayirani, 

Periya-tiru-mofi, Tiru-vay-mori, and lyar-pa. 

Eiited by K. Sriuivasa Mudaliyar.] 4 pts. 

^ekiii^Q [Madras, ISQI.] 8". ' 14172. c. 16. 

l%e Kork, as presented in this edition, coiisists of the fol- 
liwiiig : — 

I. Mudal-Syiram. compritimj 

1. Tiru-mnri(Tiru-pall'-andu, 
etc.) of Periy-arrar. 

2. Tira-pami of "Aniial. 

3. Tiru-mori „ „ 

i. Tiru-mori of Kula-te- 

5. Tirii-ehnnda-rriiltam of 

Tiru mnrimi. 
C. Tiru-malui of Tondar-adi- 

7. Tiru-palJ .y eriichl of Ton- 


8. Ama'an-adi-birano/ Tiru- 

9. Kanifi-nurf-iirutambu of 
Mndhura Kaii. 

II. J'eriy/i-liru-moxi of Tiru- 


III. Tira-ray-mori of Namm'- 

IV. lyitr-pa, compritivg 

1. Tiriie-aniadi of Poigaiy- 

2. I'iruv-anladi of Pudatt'- 

ii. Tiruv-antadi of Pey-areur. 
4. „ „ of Tiru-maritai. 

5. Tiru-vruttam of Namm'- 

6. Tiruv-ifiriyam of Namm' - 

7. Ptriya - liritv - antadi of 

8. Tiruo-ringuW-irukkai of 

9. Ifiriya lira-madal of Tiru- 

10. J'eriya-tiru-madalof Tira- 

11. Itiiinaiiuja-tiutt'-antwli of 

12. Jyal-mtta (ameliuion). 

ooo ^ t^ ipQ ej ^ui IT Si aj mireviruSir^&Jiuuiruisfith. 

[Nal-ayira-divya-prabandham. Edited with notes, 

prefaces, and appendices by Arasaiiipalai Kandadai 

Krushnam-ilcharyar. Second edition.] 4 pts. 

Qs^shrSsar [Madras,] 1890. 8°. 14172. c. 38. 

The lyar-pd is here printed as the third section, and the 
Tiru-v(iij-mori as the fourth, the Jidmdnuja-nutt'-antddi ap- 
pearing at the end of the latter. A list of the 108 Vaishriava 
sanctuaries is appended. 

o o o ^iSirQeu^LDirSiu iBire\)iru9jr^&jiuujruiB^ui. 
[Nal-ayira-divya-prabandham. Edited with notes, 
indices, etc., by C. K. Tiru-venkatacharyar.] 
pp. 534. Q'9=e3r3ssr Qsm)eQerrL0i9 [Madras, 1898.] 
8°. 14172. d. 20. 

The arrangement it the same as in the Madras edition of 


as5-§^a^?o^^§4r>§j5' ?S'«r>^sl>. [Divya-prabandha- 
vyakhyana-ratnavall. The Nal-ayiram, with com- 
mentary by Periya Parakala-svami and Gopala 
Desikar, glosses, etc.] Edited by Srisailatata- 
charya. pts. 1-3. pp. 80. Conjecveram, 1901, 
etc. 8°. 14170. ff. 9. 

Apparently no rtiore has heen published. The above con- 
tains only the Tiru-pall'-dndu. 


u9jrLJi9ffui6^eQ'3=irjrL£>. [Nal-ayira-pra- 

bandha-vicharam. A criticism of the Nal- 
ayiram.] 1905. 12°. 14170. dd. 7. 


p«r°§i^?3oTir'ii'j5M [Nityanusandhanam. A ritual 
of daily devotions compiled from the Nal-ayiram. 
Edited by K. Kesavacharyulu.] pp. vi. 124. 
•£S-o5r*e)o &^& [Chingleput, 1862.] 12°. 14170. d. 22. 

p«r'§i'5b?5n-^^s&j. [Nityanusandhanam.] pp. 72. 
[Madras,] 1864. 8°. 14170. e. 12. 

ooo iQ^iuir^etviB^iriBLD ^ [Nityanusandhanam. 
Followed by Manavala Ma-muni's Upadesa- 
ratna-malai, Tiru-vay-mori-niitt'-antadi, Artti- 
prabandham, and Rana-sara-slokangal; Arul-a|a 





Peru-rnal's^ana-saram andPrameya-saram ; Vilan- 
jolai PiUai's Sapta-gathai ; Ap-pillai's Vari-tiru- 
namam ; and Tiru-nakshatra-slokangal, in Sanskrit. 
Edited by Yadugiri Jiyar-sannidhi Tiruraalachar- 
yar.] pp. 133, 19 ; 1 plate. ^Q^eusosSiCoaaraW 
[Triidicane,] 188G. 8°. 14170. ee. 14. 

The Nityanusandh&nam Series . . . with word- 
for-word meaning, a free paraphrase in the 
vernacular [i.e. Tamil], and English translation 
[and introductions] . . . Edited by M. B. Srini- 
vasa Aiyangar. {*tS^^iuir^eiviB^ir'SsrLo.) Ma- 
dras, 1898, etc. 8\ 14170. S. 4. 
In progress. 

S^^iuir^ewiB^/resruj. [Nityanusandhanam. An- 
other edition of the preceding, in Tamil only.] 
Qs-^Sssr [Madras,] 1898, etc. 8°. 14170. £f. 5. 
In progress. 

The Nityanusandh&nam Series. . . . With word- 
for-word meaning, a free paraphrase in the 
vernacular [i.e. Kanarese], and English transla- 
tion. Kanarese language. Edited by M. B. Sri- 
nivasa Aiyangar. Bangalore, 1898, etc. 8°. 

J- 14176. b. 49. 

Jn progress. 

^jST: '"ojOri^tiri^ d" [Nityanusandhanam. The 

Tamil text in Kanarese characters, edited with 
Kanarese glossaries, paraphrases, and notes by 
M. B. Sriuivfisa Aiyangar.] sSoiis'JSuO [Z?tm- 
galore;\ 1898, etc. 8°. 14176. b. 48. 

In progress. 

The NityanusandhS.nam Series . . . [Tamil text] 
with word-for-word meaning, a free paraphrase 
in the vernacular [i.e. Telugu], and English 
translation. Telugu language. Edited by M. B. 
Srinivasa Aiyangar. Madras, 1898, etc. 8°. 

In progress. l*!"^*" ^' ^^^ 

p'^'gpi-rS^^S. [Nityanusandhanam.] See Nitta- 
KARMA. S^f^-5^e)^SJ-^»ys [Pancha-kala-prakasa.] 
[1904.] 8°. 14033. bbb. 26. 

o o ^irr^f&TSr-^:^^. ric^-^o^i^&%i!Sk^-T° 
«r«J^?r§7327-SsSx>. [Nityanusandhanam. Followed 
by the same texts as in the edition of 1886, 
and some additional poems. With Telugu word- 
for-word interpretation, paraphrase, biographical 

notes, etc., by R. L. Srinivasa Ramanuja-dasar. 
pp. viii. 717, iv.; 1 plnte. Madras, 1906. 8°. 

14170. eee. 21. 


^lupuir . . . ^Q^euirQiBiuih. {*GuiP,iu^'-jT)emh- 
^iT^, ^(i^Q'Sii(i£ah.p,aSl(iT)S,S!nir,.) [lyar-pa. The 
sections Tiruv-asiriyam, Periya-tiruv-antadi, and 
Tiruv-erugutt'-irukkai. With the commentary 
of Periyav-aclian Pilhii, and glosses, together 
with paraphrases etc. by Madablmshi Ramanuja- 
charyar. Edited by the latter and C. Muttu- 
krushna Nayudu.] 3 pts. Q-s-skssruuLLi—emrLo 
Qa-irui(fr,^-(V)Qirir^. [Madras, 1903-1904.] 8°. 

14170. eee. 4. 

o o ^inrLnn'si'f .^piDm^iT ^. [Ramanuja- 
niitt'-antadi. Verses ascribed to Tiruv-arangatt'- 
amudanar, and forming bk. xi. of the lyar-pfi. 
With commentary by Periya-jiyar. Followed 
by the lyal-sattu-vyakhyiinam, or commentary on 
the concluding verses of the Nal-ayiram, of Pillai 
Lokam-jiyar. Edited by Madabhiishi Ramanujd- 
charyar and C. Muttu-krushna Nayudu.] pp. ii. 
117. Q-FesresTUULLi—e!ssTLCi gQ uv eu ir ev erv-n [Madras, 
1905.] 8°. 14170. ee. 6,(6.) 

o o o Ou/fluj ^(^LDL-CV. [Periya-tiru-madal. De- 
votional verses, asci-ibed to Tiru-mangaiy-arvar, 
and forming bk. x. of the lyar-pa. With the 
mani- pravdlam commentary of Periyav-iiclian 
Pillai and glosses. Edited by Madabhiishi Ra- 
manujacharyar and C. Muttu-krushna Nayudu, 
with a commentary by the former.] pp. 76. 
Qs'&STesiuuL-i^etsmLn iQirrr^Q [Madras, 1905.] 
8°. 14170. ee. 6.(5.) 

o o o Q^iLi ^(i^LDL-e\). [Siriya-tiru-madal. De- 
votional verses, ascribed to Tiru-mangaiy-arvar, 
and forming bk. ix. of the lyar-pii. With the 
mani-pravalam commentary of Periyav-achan 
Pillai and glosses. Edited by Miidabhushi Rfi- 
manujacharyar and C. Muttu-krushna Nayudu, 
with a commentary by the former.] pp. 68. 
Q^rssresruuL-t—emLD mQjrir^ [Madras, 1905.] 
8°. 14170. ee. 6.(4.) 

o o o Q(r^eQQ^^^Lh. [Tiru-vruttam. 100 antddi 
stanzas (bk. v. of lyar-pa), ascribed to Namm'- 
arvar. Edited with critical and historical pre- 





faces, notes, and commentary by V. M. §atliak6pa- 
ranianujacliaryar.] pp. iv. 190, xvi. Qa^eirSsiir 
eQxirfi [Madrag, 1899.] 8°. 14170. ee. 35.(6.) 

o o np^e\}ira9 inJb (wev^miJa . . . aiiuirdiuirrnQpiJa. 
[Mudal-ayiram. The first section of the Nal- 
ayiram, ascribed to Periy-ajvar. With com- 
mentaries by Periya-jlyar (Aragiya-manavalar), 
Periyav-achan Pillai, and Pillai Lokam-jlyar. 
Edited by C. K. Tiru-venkatacharyar and A. K. 
Kmshnain-acbaryar.] 4 pts. G)*'«Jr637(-JilL_6S!ir/i 
[iJadrax,] 1880-1885. 8°. 14170. f. 9. 

Pt. 2 i-i a second edition, and is dated 1885 j pt. 3, dated 
188"2, is a third edition; pt. 4 is dated 1885. 

o o o siatS mox)^ixir<ii)six>S> . . . »r°S4r'S(i^sioS. [Mu- 
dal-ayiram. Another edition of the preceding, 
in Telugu characters.] 4 pts. &&£ ^'tlj-^ [Tri- 
■flicane,] 1881-r>'Xo-a. [1886]. 8°. 14170. f. 8. 

o o o eJJb^^&'ao-»?.c«o i3^-y°oM8'£sS§,S ?o7$'8^^ sSuiJ- 
er»c»o?JS. [Mudal-ayiram. Edited by M. K. Tiru- 
malacharyar and Tiru-nagari Ramanuja-dasar.] 
pp. 182. Madras, 1889. 8°. 14170. e. 33. 

o o o ^(■mLoirSeO'ir^ uj ^Qu^ld [Tiru-malaikku 
pratipadam. Text, with a word-for-word prose 
interpretation, of Tondar-adi-podi's Tiru-mahii, 
preceded by an account of the author.] pp. 32. 
Q^mBsif [Madras,] 1906. 8°. 14170. eee. 19. 

o o o Slri^uusvsoirekirS ^ [Tiru-pall'-andu. A 
hymn from the Tiru-mori of Periy arvar. With 
commentary by Periyav-achan Pillai, and glosses. 
Edited by Attan Krushnam-acharyar.] pp. 107, ii. 
i9jrQuyT.^^ iMadras, 1870.] 8°. 14170. e. 15. 
o o o ^nFUUsiT&FlQiuQpd^ S . . . ^rr^uuiransu ^ 
[Tiru-palliy-eruchi and Tiru-pavai. Two poems 
from the Mudal-ayiram, ascribed respectively to 
Toiidar-adi-podi and Andiil.] pp. 48. Q'S-eardssr 
iUadrag;] 1899. 32°. 14170. d. 68. 

o o ou^ .MeisrL^n&r j^(ih&fl'rQ<riLi^ ^Q^uuiremeu. 
[Tiru-pavai. Edited, with a commentary, by 
Kafichi Rama-sami Nayudu and A. L. Srinivasa 
Tatacharya Svami.] pp. ii. 56; I plate. Q<Fesr8sBT 
[Madras,] 1902. 12°. 14170. d. 76. 

o o o Quifiaj^Q^QiDiTL^ . . . QpeoQpuD . , . 
di lu IT iiu IT IS Qpth ^ [Periya-tiru-mori, or section 
ii. of the Nal-ayiram, ascribed to Tiru-mangaiy- 

Syvar. Decades 1-3, with commentaries of Nan- 
jiyar, Pillai Ijokam-jiyar, and Periyav-achan PiUai, 
and glosses and interpretations. Edited by C. K. 
Tiru-vehkatticharyar and A. K. Krushnam-achar- 
yar.] pp. iv. ii. viii. 608 ; 1 plate. ^(i^eueveQi- 
GaawR [Triplkanc,] 1881. 8°. 14170. f. 7. 

I'p. 1-2 are wanting. 

L_«/i, Qp6\)(LpLh . . . euiuniiUTibopus ^ [Tiru- 
kurun-daiidakam and Tiru-nedun-dandakam. The 
last two poems in the Periya-tiru-mori. With 
commentaries by Periyav-achan Pijlai and Pillii 
L5kam-jlyar, glossaries, and interpretations. E- 
dited by C. K. Tiru-venkatacharyar.] pp. 269. 
Qs-m^ [Madras;] 1888. 8°. 14172. d. 4. 


See GoPALA-KBOSHNA Pillai, T. ^^iririu 
pJl)QF)^iU3=iT iTS^mka^ici [Acharya-hrudaya- 
sara-sarigraham. A digest of Aragiya- 
manavalar'scommentary Acharya-hrudayaiii 
on theTiru-vay-mori.] 1892. 8°. 14170. e. 61. 

° o o ^(iFSiiiTdjQmiriB'i(^ eQiuiriQiUTSsriii. [Tiru- 
vay-mori. Section iii. of the Nal-ayiram, 
ascribed to Namra'-arvar. With .commentary. 
Edited by M. Appjivu Mudaliyar, Ramanujachari, 
and K. Raja-gopala Pillai.] pp. ii. xvi. ii. 234, 
vi. ^ IT mii^ a ^Q [Madras? l3o9.] 8°. 14172. c. 18. 

o o o isL£>Loirip6uir(T^eKi^iu um6u^.giusyuf0uir^- 
^uLciresT^jTireQi^ Qeu^m)irsg'Sn)ir a lditQuj ^(5- 
eu iriij Q Lo ir i^ . ^evQpih . . . u^exiema iljlo. 
[Tiru-vay-mori. With complete glossary to every 
verse by Kafichipuram Rama-sami Nayudu. Edited 
by Addaiigi-tirumalai Lakshml-nrusimha §rlni- Tatacharya Svami.] pp. iv. 476, 52. O.j'saTSaar 
eQ6tithi9 [Madras, 1899.] 8°. 14170. ff 8. 

000 8^»r'cS"a>»L(9. [Tiru-vay-mori. With glosses 
and commentaries in Telugu, based on the works 
of Periyav-achan Pijj li and others, by Madabhushi 
Rainanujacharyar.] pp. xvi. 536. ^(i'^i^o«sSD'~5i 
[Madra.i,] 1002. 8°. 14170. ff. 10. 

&j>joeu^(ci$.uj^. uxeu^eQs^ujih. [Bhagavad- 
vishayam. Being the Tiru-vay-mori together 
with a series of commentaries — viz. Tiru-kurugai- 
piran Piljan's Ar'-ayira-padi, Vedanta-ramanuja'a 
Iru-batti-nal-ayira-padi, Raiiga-ramanuja's Dra- 





midopanistad-bhashyam or On-badin-ayira-padi 
(in Sanscrit), Periya Parakala-svami's Dramida- 
sruti-tattvartha-prakasikai or Padin-enn'-ayira- 
padi — and the VeJanta-desikar's Dramidopanisbat- 
tatparya ratnavali and Draniidopanisliat-saram 
(in Sanskrit), with commentaries by Verikatesa- 
charyar and Srinivasa Desikar respectively, and 
preceded by various memorial verses and intro- 
ductions. Edited by A. Krushnam-acharyar and 
K. S. Varada-vedantacharyar.] <3Brr£^ O"^' 
uQairesmin eyvs^rrjB-* — (^Qjrn^ [Conjevaram, 
Kumbahonarn, 188-3-1904.] 4°. 14170. £ff. 3. 

Imperfect, containing onli/ decades 1-4 and 10. 

The Divine Wisdom of the Dravida Saints. [Se- 
lections from the Bhngavad-vishayam, translated 
into English] by Alkondavilli Govindacharya. 
pp. 13, 2, xsiii. 215. Madras, 1902. 8\ 

14170. ee. 64. 


PiLT.AI LOKACHARYAR. (i'j^-^^'a^ ;^,li^ ly:^ t^J^Io-^i- 

er^-s-=^cr^Jf§5" . . . eJe5§^^,cjS)S »ii [Tattva-trayam. 
Edited by Arvar Tirumalai Ajjangav and others.] 
[1875.] 8\ 14170. f. 24. 

Bli. K. a^xiTiBiri^ ^ [Jodida-sikhamani. Edited 
with commentary, etc., by Arya-muttu.] 1897. 
8°. 14170. i. 52. 

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Ijiterature. . . ^iSiipu uneiris^ eneuueuLD. pp.12. 
Jajg-na, 1886. 12°. 14172. h. 71. 

A collection of Tamil proverbs, etc. {\uLp- 

QinnL^sisn.) pp. 8. Madras, 1887. 8°. 

14171. a. 38.(2.) 

A proof-sleet, with author's MS. corrections. 

ASHTON (.John Prrkixs). An Euglish Grinnmar 
for Tamil Youth. Compiled by tlie Rev. J. P. 
Ashtou . . . with the aid of his Munishi Parippa- 
kam Muniappa Muthaliar . . . ^liiQeosi^ ^evi- 
s,es3iw. pp. 108. Madras, 1862. 16°. 

14172. h. 45. 

ASTRONOMY. Astronomy. Q<rn ^Qg-rrM^jjih. 
[A school-book.] pp. 40. Madras, 1862. 16°. 

14172. h. 42. 
ASVA-GHOSHA. Vajra Suchi ; the Needle of Ada- 
mant; or The original divine Institution of 

Caste. Examined and refuted by the Budhist Pun- 
dit Ashwaghosha. English and Tamil versions 
[the former by W. Morton, the latter by P. Per- 
cival,] of the Sanscrit original. {*&i3=Qj (3^^.) 
pp. 41. Jafna, 1851. 12°. 14028. c. 25. 

Kurma-purdnam. o°° a^irinLju irerssr ^, [Kurma- 
puranam. In the metrical version of Ativiia- 
raraa.] 1898-1899. 8°. 14170. ff. 6. 

See Pueanas. — Kur ma- pur a nam. ah-iriD- 

LjiTiressTLn. [Kurma-purauam. Bk. 12.] 1891. 8°. 
[University of Madras : First in Arts Examina- 
tion, 1892.] 14172. bb. 4. 

See PoRANAS. — Slianda-pitranam. sn&- 

afrea3TL_L[i. [Kasi-khaiidam. An adaptation in 
verse, attributed to Ativira-rama.l 1884. 8°. 

14170. e. 24. 
' (SeePuRANAS. — Skanda-ptirdnam. oooa/r- 

^ a, essr L- th . [Kasi-khandam.] 1892, e<e. 8°. 

14170. f. 20. 

o o o icn mLjn neumtci. [Magha-puranam. A 

series of metrical Saiva legends, in 28 chapters. 
Edited by Rama-liDga Guru.] pp. viii. 200. 
Qff^iTem [Madras^ 190^. 8°. 14170. eee. 3. 

emiBi—^LD CLpfforyjLL e_6s^jj iqih. [Naidadam. 

A poem adapted from the Sanskrit Naishadha- 
charitam of Sri-harsha. With a commentary on 
cantos 1-5 by Sara-vana Pcru-mal Aiyar, and on 
cantos 6-28 by K. A. Kumara-svami Desikar, T. 
S. Kanda-svami Aiyar, and others.] pp. x. ii. 
ii. 600. «uffi(5^ [Madras, 1842.] 8°. 

14172. b. 58. 

6!n/5i_,«tc ^eoQpLL S-ertirtLjLCi. [Naidadam. 

Edited with interpretation and paraphrase by 
Kalattur Veda-giri Mudaliyar.] pp. 556. ^^- 
^/7,a,S/r? [Madras, 1859.] 8°. 14172. c, 3. 

ooo j,5i/5i_^a(i ^ [Naidadam. With com- 
mentaries by Sara-vana Peru-mal Aiyar, Kanda- 
svami Aiyar, and Veda-giii Mudaliyar. Edited 
by Tandalam Subba-raya Mudaliyar.] pp. i. 488. 
usu [Madras, 1875.] 8°. 14172. b. 59. 

ooo emihi—^LB Qpe))(mui s-emiriLjiJci. [Nai- 
dadam. With the commentaries of Sara-vanaPeru- 
mal Aiyar, Kumara-svami Desikar, Kanda-svami 





Aiyar, etc. Edited by Tirumayilai Mrugesa 
Mudiiliyar.] pp. i. 269, 354. OdFesniiirutLL^emLa 
[Madratt,] 1881. 8°. 14172. b. 14. 

®(5i«(]5«8)au««6if5^jS/o!r)/D(u/5^/r_S). [Tiru- 

karuvai-kali-turaiy-antadi. A panegyric in 100 
stanzi3 upon tlio Saiva sanctuary at Karuvai. 
With commentary.] See Academies, etc. — Ma- 
dras. — Universiti/ of Madras. The University of 
Madras. The First in Arts Examination, etc. 
1891. 8°. 14172. bb. 4. 

[For the text of the Vetti-ver kai in both 

Tamil and English, with and without commentary, 
published in the various editions of the " Tamil 
Minor Poets " ;] See Tamil Mikor Poets. 

The Proverbs, or Sententious Sayings 

[i.e. the Veiti-ver-kai] of Athivira-ramen [in En- 
glish]. See Taylor (W.). Oriental Historical 
Manuscripts, etc. Vul. ii., Appendix, pp. 21-24. 
1835. 4°. 14171. c. 5. 

See Kalyana-natakam. '■Bi>^ujir&miB(ru.sLD, [Kal- 
yjiiia-natakam. Edited by Atma-natha.] 1900. 
S\ 14170. 1. 37.(3.) 

ATMA-NATHAN. See Jesus Christ. Sq^m^ 
Qunssrp s^,Lpas. Qfenfi ^&) (The Imitation of 
Christ. [Translated by] Atmanathan.) 1905, e<c. 
[F«nj-»<7a«/)i*.] 14172. m. 1. (vol. 1, etc.) 

ATMA-VASAM. .si^^tnenira'eQ'smresisrLct [Atma- 
vasa-vivaranam. A first book on human physio- 
logy for the use of schools.] pp. 38, i. Madras, 
1858. 16°. 14170. i. 2.(1.) 

AUDINARAYANIAH. See Adi-marayan'-aiya. 

theran Church. Concordia . . . VI. [«jc] Con- 
fessio Augustana. V. Apologia Confessionis, etc. 
1872-1880. 8°. 14170. c. 2. 

AUVAIYAR. {.Life."] See Gangadhara Mudaliyar. 
e^snasieii s^ifl^Qauy. [Auvai-charitram.] [1890.] 
16°. 14172. h. 87. 


o'lfl^^jnh [Auvaiyar-charitram.] 1902. 8°. 

14171. a. 53.(1.) 

See ViRA-SAMi Chettiyar. Vinodarasa- 

manjari ... To this are added the life of Au- 
viyar, etc. 1891. 8°. 14170. k. 56. 

AUVAIYAR (conUnued). 

Two OR More Works. 

See Mrugesa Mudaliyar. iSSlixK^o'ifi^- 

^(^uuemih. [Niti-manjari diirpnnam. Interpre- 
tations of ethical works of Auvaiyar and others.] 
1881-1883. 16°. 14172. a. 8. 

Short Lessons and Moral Maxims of the 

Singalese and Malabars, taken from the Malabar 
Book, [Atti-siidi and] Connevendam. (fSayings 
of a Female Sage.) See Fellowes (R.). The 
History of Ceylon, t<c. pt. i., pp. 315-321. 1817. 
4°. 152. h. 13. 

eiJirm(^&s!>Tt—iTU3. meveuL^, msstQesr^ . 

[Vakk'-undam or Mud'-urai, and Nal-vari. Two 
ethical poems. Followed by Siva-prakasar's Nan- 
neri. With commentaries by Sara-vana Peru-mSl 
Aiyar. Fourth edition.] pp. 79. ^Qeueu \_Madrait, 
1841.] 16°. 14172. a. 1, 

o o o 61/ 

n a,(^es!sri_nLn , , . K&)6UiB , 

issirQssr^ ^ [Vakk'-undam, Nal-vari, and Nan- 
neri. With commentaries by Sara-vana Peru-maj 
Aiyar. Edited by T. Kuppan Aiyangar.] pp. 70. 
S^^irir^^ [Madras, 1859.] 16°. 14172. a. 12. 

.^ij^^r^if-. [Atti-siidi, Konrai-vendan, 

Miid'-urai, and Nal-vari.] See Tamil Minor Poets. 
Tamil Minor Poets, etc. pp. 1-9, 16-25. 1864. 
16°. 14172. a. 17. 

pp. 1-11, 19-34. 1868. 16°. 

14172. a. 18. 

.^,^^1^1^. [The same works. With com- 
mentary.] See Tamil Minor Poets. Tamil Minor 
Poets, etc, pp. 1-32, 57-88. 1865. 16°. 

14172. a. 16. 

.^^,S)^zjL. [Atti-sudi and Konrai-vendan. 

With commentary.] See Tamil Minor Poets. 
Tamil Minor Poets. First Book, etc. pp. 1-32. 
1865. 16°. 14172. h. 35.(2 ) 

en IT i (S^GSUr L^ IT Ld . , . ie&.16ul£I . . . 

iBisirOesr/S ^ [Vakk'-nndam, Nal-vaji, and Nan- 
ncri. With commentaries by Sara-vana Peru-mfil 
Aiyar. Edited by G. Arunachala Mudaliyar.] 
pp. 64. [Madras,] 1882. 16°. 14172. a. 11.(1) 

^^P^/[j(. ^ [Atti-siidi and Konrai-ven- 
dan.] See Hari. po) if) .r at &j if. ^ [Hari-chuvadi.] 
pp. 37 44. [n.d.] 16°. 14172. h. 35.(3.) 

47 ' 




ATTVAIYAR {continued). ° o o ^^Q(^i^ Q<bit^- 
eir>/uQeui5i^m. [Atti-sudi and Konrai-vendan. 
With commentaries by Aru-muga Navalar.] 
[1893.] See Jaffna. — Saiva-pralidsa-sahhai. uiren 
u/7i_ti. [Bala-patham.] pt. i. [1893-1894.] 
12°. 14172. h. 92. (pt. 1.) 

M ^ s' Q ■3' ir &). Anthesoody, Konraiventhen. 

[Atti-sndi and Konrai-vendHii, here collectively 
entitled Niti-chol. With English interpretations.] 
pp. 47. Madras, 1895. 16°, 14172. a. 43. 

Atti.sudi. (tKonmiventhan, Muthnrei, Nal- 

vali.) [Translated into English.] See Tamil 
Minor Poets. Tamil Minor Poets, etc. pp. 1-12, 
19-29. 1872. 12°. 14172. c. 6. 

Muthuray. (tAttisudi, Conday-venthan. 

[In English verse. Pieceded by a life of Auvai- 
yav.] See Robinson (E. J.). Tamil Wisdom, etc 
pp. 70-86. 1873. 12°. 14170. k. 62. 

The Revered Mother. [Tlie legends con- 
cerning Auvaiyar and a metrical translation of 
the Mud'-urai, Atti-sQdi, and Konrai-vendan.] 
(See Robinson (E. J.). Tales and poems of South 
India, etc. pp. 150-180. 1885. 8°. 14170. k. 63. 

Single Works. 

(tG/^.^G)"!'''^.) [Atti-sQdi, called here 

Mudu-mori.] pp. 16. [Manepy 1 1835 ?] 16°. 

No title-page. 14172. h. 1.(2.) 

Attisudi. Expurgated edition . . . ^^P- 

(^(^ e^eai!ruiTi_iJD. [With commentary.] pp.16. 
Madras, 1865. 16°. 14172. a. 10.(1.) 

■ Aweiar's Kalwiorhuckam [i.e. Kalviy- 

orukkam] oder Sittenspriiche aus tamulischen 
Palmbliittern iibersetzt, mit Bemerkungen iiber 
indische Gelehrsamkeit, von J. C. C. Riidio-er. 
pp. 28. Halle, 1791. 12". 14172. a.°40. 

o o o QmiTikempQetim^asr m [Konrai- 
vendan. Edited with explanatory notes by K. N. 
isvar'-aiyar.] (No. 2. The " Literary Sun " Press 
Series.) pp. 22. Coimhatore, 1894. 16°. 

14172. a. 10.(4.) 
■ - o o ys^e^rr ti_es)juiTi_iD. [Miid'-urai, 

orVakk'-nndam. Ethical verses.] pp.16. Madras', 
'^^5- 1**°- 14172. a. 10.(2.) 

ATTVAIYAR (continued). 

Supposititious Works. 
o o o eQ/siriumiT ^a&jeti ^ [Vinayakar- 

agaval and Vera-mugam, two religions poems, and 
Ulaga-niti, ethical verses, ascribed to Auvaiyar. 
Edited by T. Kanda-svanii Aiyar.] pp. 16. 
Q^^2ssT [Madras,} 1889. 16°. 14172. a. 33. 

eQisrriusiT ^meu&v. [Vinayakar-agaval 

and Vera-mugam.] See NakkIraDevar. oooeQ- 
iBiruj<sir ^0.jy«6>/<ji) i^ [Vinayakar-agaval, ete.l 
pp. 9-16. 1903. 16°. 14170. d. 31.(3.) 

o o o Sl(yF,d(^^&fr Qpevih. [Tirn-kural- 

miilam. Philosophic and moral verses in Jcurnl 
metre. Edited by T.Adi-miilaMudaliyiir.] pp.32. 
Q^^iruir^i [Madras, \8S2.] 16°. 14172. a. 10.(3.) 

^swsDsu (V^peir i^^ [Auvai-kural. Edited 

by M.S.Purna-lihgam Pi]lai.] pp.iv. 27. Q<r<ssrSs>T 
[Madras,] 1899. 12°. 14172. a. 50.(2.) 

[Occasional verses, ascribed to Auvaiyar. 

With interpretation.] See Tani-padal. (f^esFiu- 
uiTL-p^jiLQ) [Tani-padat-Jirattu.] pp. 90-121. 
[1892, ete.l 8°. 14172. c. 39.(5.) 

AVIDAI AMMAL, of Shenhotta. Q&i^ ir i^uusni^. 
[Vedanta-pallu. A ballad on Vedantic philosophy, 
in the popular pallu metre.] pp. 16. fi (fffUti n ^ 
[Trivadi^ 1896. 16°. 14170. d. 33.(2.) 

AVIRODHIY-ARVAR. ^(^.^pp/i^ir^ i^, [Tiru- 
nutt'-antadi. A century of Jain devotional 
verses, with interpretation.] pp. 48. 1903. See 
Academies, etc. — Madura. [" Sen-damir " supple- 
ment.] no. 4. 1902, etc. 8°. 14172. i. 1.* (no. 4.) 

AVVAIYAR. See Auvaiyar. 
AZHVARS. See Arvargal. 

BABINGTON (Benjamin Gut). See Beschi (C.G.E.). 
ujTLc:irx>^(^QF)6Q<ssr ssii^. Ths Adveutures of ths 
Gooroo Paramartan . . . accompanied by a trans- 
lation and vocabulary ... by B. Babington. 1822.- 
4°. 14170. k. 70. 

See Vetala-pancha-vimsati. The Vedala 

Cadai . . . Translated by B. G. Babington. 1831. 
8°. [Oriental Translation Fund; Miscellaneous 
Translations.] 14003. d. 5. 





BADARAYANA. See §iva-prakasa D«sikau. (?«/- 
firriB^^erririDesufl i^ [Vedfinta-chujrimani. A 
theological treatise adapted from the Bralima- 
Eutraui.] 1861. 8^ 14170. e. 14. 

<i' • • • (^)So-sf\)^§^?o»sj-S. [Brahma-sii- 

tram. With Srlmad-bhashyartha-sangraham, an 
epitome of Ramanuja's Sri-bhashyam,and ascribed 
to the latter, rendered into Tamil in the mani- 
j>rava\am style by Karakuruchi Venkata-raghava- 
charyar. Edited by Ichambadi Srinivasa Svami.] 
pp.304. ^(^^;&9 fflB^s [i/afZra*. 1890.] 8°. 

14048. c. 69. 

The Brahma Sutra Artha Deepika, or The 

Brahma Sutras of Sri Vedavyasa, with the com- 
mentaries of Sri Saukaracharya and extracts from 
the glossaries of Anandagiri, Raniananda, Brahma- 
vidyabharana &c., in Tamil. Published by : — 
A. Siva Row . . . i9 a LBiii^^^^rnrn'^^^Sesia 
[sic], etc. Madras, 1904, etc. 4°. 14170. fff. 6. 

In progress. 

ffiBiair jTrrLdrr^^ i§e\)S6S3Ti_ uirs^iuikiacisfT 

dmreSli—UfTs^ujLB. [Brahma-sutra-dravida-bha- 
shyam. The Brahma-siitram in Sanskrit, with a 
triple Tamil commentary based upon the works of 
Sankara, Ramanuja, and Nila-kantha respectively. 
Compiled by MadabhiishiRamanujacharyar. Edited 
by Sitii-rama Sastri.] pp. 8, 256,53, 15. O-ysJfr^ 
{Madras;] 1905. 8°. 14049. bb. 8. 

SABR al-DIN, Pulavar. Qj-.Qi^^^JsrLiirn-esaTLD. 
[Muliyi-al-din-puranam. A poem on the life and 
work of the saint Muhyi al-Din. Edited by 
K. P. Shaikh Tambi Pavalar.] 2 pts. Madras, 
1901-1903. 8°. 14172. bb. 1. 

BALA-B5DHAM. [J^uirsoQuir^LD. [Bala-bodham. 
An epitome of monist Vedantic philosophy, with 
a commentary. Translated by V. Kuppu-svami 
Raju.] pp. vi. viii. ii. 330; 1 flute. Oa^ejr^ 
{Madras^;] 1902. 12°. 14170. d. 78. 

BALA-DESIKA NAYANAE, P. V:, disciple of Mdri- 
muttu Besikar. See Sishta-desikab. (j^q^emQ^n ^- 
^ira^iMi-iLC 1^ [Sishta-desika-dvaya-paddhati, 
etc. Edited by Bala-desikar.] 1903. 12°. 

14170. d. 86. 

BALA-KETJSHNA HiKSElTAB^Kuvibhaghonam ^arj- 
vengaffa-rama. See Tirtjkadavur. ^(/^■xa.L-^ir 

LjiriressTLD. [Tirukadaviir puranam. Summarised 
by Bftla-krushna.] 1905. 12°. 14170. dd. 4, 

BALA-KEirSHNA MUDALIYAR, V., of Haidaraho'l. 
See MahT-pati. j-^ . . . ui^LO/rsv t^ [Bhakta- 
mala-vachanam. A Tamil prose version by Bfila- 
krushna of the Bhakta-mala, a Telugu tord poem 
by himself paraphrasing the legends in Mahi-pati's 
Marathi poems.] 1907, etc. 8°. 14170. e. 17, 

See MahI-pati. °°° i9un^ jn^sisr a^fi^d- 

^jriJa, [Pipaji-rajan-charitram. Taken from Biila- 
krushna'a Bhakta-mala, with Tamil translation 
and commentary by the same.] 1900. 8°. 

14170. ee. 35.(6.) 

BALAE. {■fuir&)iT3ieuif-.) [Balar-suvadi. A Tamil 
primer.] pp. 16. \_Pondicherry, n.d.] 8°. 

14172. h. 84. 
iVb title-page or imprint. 

BALA-EAMA AIYAE, N., of Kadalur. ^iriaemn 
iBrrsis3ri£eoiT. (The Fresh Lotus. A collection of 
Tamil poems. First budding.) pp. 72, i. Madras, 
1901. 12°. 14172. a. 50.(4.) 

Forms " Pendant " 4 in the series " The Girdle of the 
Tamil Muse." 

gam. See Periodical Publications. — Srirangam. 
u^ euir&sa? eQeMtrerSissF. (SriVaniVilasini.) [Kdited 
by Bala-subrahmanya.] 1905, etc. 8°. 14172. m. 1. 


hamsa, of Madura. See Maha-buauatam. u<b-su^- 
S^rr ^iT^ui?liu ^i9etna, [Bhagavad-gitii. Edited 
with Tamil version by Biila-subrahmayya.] 1 900. 
32°. 14068. a. 10. 

See Upanishads. — Separate UpanisliQids. 

iT-'fireuiremQiurruiQsf.^ t^ ( Isavasyopanishad. 
With [Tamil] commentaries [by] . . . Bala 
Subrahmania Brahma Swamy.) [1899.] 8°. 

14010. b. 21. 

See Upanishads. Q'^EQiEiruiSs^^^tSens 

^ [Kenopanishad. With the commentary Keno- 
panishad-dipikai of Bala-subrahmaiiya, in Tamil.] 
1900. 12°. 14007. b. 13.(1.) 

navgudi, son of Periyavan Kavi-rdyar. uip ssfl^^ &} 
Lfirnessr g/isyti). [Parani-tala-puranara. A poem 




on legends of tlie Saiva sanctuary on the Palni 
Hills. Edited by Irodu Danda-pani Svami.] 
pp. 112, i. Coimhatore, eQ^iu [1893.] 8°. 

14170. e. 57. 

■ o o o utfiS^ ^ ev Lj jrir essr LCi , , . Ouirt^u- 

Ljesiji iLfL-issr, [Parani-tala-puranam. Edited with 
preface and paraphrase by N. Kadirai-ver Pillai.] 
pp. ii.ii.x. 528. 0<ys^ Sot [ifarfras,] 1903. 12°. 

14170. d. 80. 

ram Sabha-pati. iSeeSivA. & eu y^es) ■s' ^] jiL® ^ 
[Siva-pujai-tirattu, etc. Edited by Bala-subrah- 
maiiya.] [1875.] 12°. 14170. d. 11. 

See TiEU-MOUAi. — Bevaram. o » » ^(/^(ST't'iii- 

u^Co^eujiTLJu^QaiiEisetr. [Tiru-ekamba-devara- 
padigangal. Edited by Bala-subrahmanya.] 
[1875.] 16°. 14170. d. 12. 

Nadan. See Ponnu-sami Nadar. unsii!rL^uj(^&} 
eSeirdaiJD. [Pandiya-kula-vilakkam. Edited by 
Bala-subrahmanya.] 1899. 12°. 14170. g. 17.(2.) 


Ndgalirigatn. o o o ^aQswiuLj n irsssr a-irjrQLD&sr- 
^Hih etimsSiuiBiri—aiM- [Vanniya-natakam, or 
Agneya-purana-saram. A drama f'lunded upon 
the Agni-puranam. Edited by T. Siva-chidam- 
bara Mudaliyar.] pp. 231. Q^-ssr^r [Madrax,'] 

1902. 8°. 14170. 1. 58. 

PoNNU-SAMi Pillai, T. M. Kamalatchi . . . with 
an introduction ... by ... Balasundara, etc. 

1903. 8°. 14171. a. 50.(2.) 

BALA-SUNDARA NAYAKAR, of Weshyaii Mission 
College. ^irirLLeQas t9en?eiru!n^&) .Muirs^^iru- 
uessria. .j)/6\)ev^ loq^lLuit ld^ulj. [Rama- 
linga-pijlai-padal-abhasa-darpanam, or Marut-pa- 
maruppu. Critical essays on Rama-linga Pillai's 
religions poems.] pp. 163. Madras, 1904. 12°. 

14172. g. 6. 
BALAVENDRAM, RSy'appan. A short Bible His- 
tory ... by the Rev. R. Balavendrum (*^^^iu 
Qai^s'O'fi^^ira^iTjnh,) pp. 37. Penang, 1887. 
8°- 14170. b. 55. 

BAL'-AYYA. See Rama-linga Gunu. 

BAND AH ('Abd al-WAHHAB). sjJo jJ'«oJ [Kasa'id 
i bandah. A series of Muhammadan religious 
poems.] pp. 32, Utii. j-.l.Jc<j irit* [Madras, 
1897.] 8°. 14173. o. 5. 

BARNES (A.), of the American Misiion, Madura 
District. iSeeDoTHiE(J.). Homiletics, e/c. [Trans- 
lated by A. Barnes.] 1865. 12°. 14170. b. 6. 

See Wayland (F.). Wayland's Moral 

Science, etc. [Translated by A. Barnes.] [1859.] 
12°. 14172. h. 11. 

BARRIGUE de FONTAINIEU (G. de). See Tiru- 
vallovak. Le Livre de I'Amour . . . traduit . . . 
par G. de Barrigue de Fontainieu. 1889. 12°. 

14172. a. 38. 

BARTH (Christian Gottlob). A brief History of 
the Church of Christ, from the (jrerman of the 
Rev. C. G. Barth. Translated [into Tamil by 
J. A. Regel] from the English. {*Sl/S&v^ if&rtLi- 
tSlissr ■fiB^Qira' a^yjiati.) pp. 656. Madras, 
1845. 16°. 14170. a. 4. 

BAYLIS (Frederic). See Macduff (J. R.). The 
Footsteps of St. Paul ... A Tamil translation . . . 
by . . . F. Baylis, etc. 1863. 12°. 14170. b. 45. 

See Periodical Publications. — Madras. 

Q^Qs^iTuan^ . . . Desopakari, etc. [Edited by 
F. Baylis.] 1861-1870. 8°. 14172. i. 5. 

BERTOLDI (Charles Michel). (^iresr(LpujpS. 

[Nana-inuyarsi. A Roman Catholic manual of 

spiritual exercises.] pp. viii. 267. Lj^emsit 

£^ j^ m ^ iJd ih- [PondicUerry, 1843.] 12°. 

14170. a. 21.(1.) 

The author of this work, who is Icnown only as " Ndiia- 
prakdsa Svami " (i.e. Pere Louis), is not inoicn with certainty. 
Barker ascribes it to Bertoldi (Bibliotheque de la Compagnie 
de Jesus, i, 1392, v. 34), Murdoch to J. V. Bouchet (Catalogue 
of Tamil Printed Books, p. 63) : cf. Revue de Linyuistique, 
torn. 35, p. 276. 

BESCHI (CosTANzo GiosEPFo Edsebio). [For the 
Nanav-unarttudal ascribed to Beschi :] See 

See TiEU-VALLDVAB. ^(tPfSDetT^eumiTuj^lr 

. . . ^(iF)-i(^perr. The 'Sacred' Kurral . . . With 
. . . C. J. Beschi's and F. W. Ellis' versions, etc. 
1886. 8°. 14172. c. 40. 

Qu^eEUijpti^^e\). [Bhedaka-maruttal. A 

rejoinder to the pamphlet of the Tranquebar 





Lutheran Mission in answer to Besclii's Veda- 
vilnkkam.] pp. 139. Lj^sn&i oi^Tr^^ido- 
[FondUhernj, 184.2.] 12°. 14170. b. 9.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 121. i^^en&j 

^jy*-^ [Pondicherry,l8G8.] 12°. 14170. b. 10.(2.) 

irn ^. [Chatur-ngaradi. A fourfold dictionary 
of high Tamil, giving (1) meanings, (2) synonyms, 
(3) classes, (4) rhymes. Edited by Tandava-raya 
Mudaliyar and Rama-chandra Kavi-rayar.] pp. i. 
ii. 179, 33, 20, 86, 31, 36, ii. 139, ii. vi. Q^skBssr 
[Madras, 1824.] 4°. 14172. f. 13. 

[Another copy.] 

14172. f. 19. 

o o o ff^^jasTir^. [Chatur-agaradi. With 

an appendix. Edited byT. Kuppu-sami Mudali- 
yar.] pp. 416, 30. s^^o [Madras, 1880.] 
8°. ■ • 14172. f. 8. 

Clavis Humaniorum Litterarum sublimi- 

"oris Tamulici Idiomatis . . . Printed for [and 

with a prefatory note by] A. Burnell. pp. viii. 
171. Tranquelar, 187Q. 8°. 14172. f. 17. 

^^(o^iBesr^^iue\ii-j [Lutterin att'-iyalpu. 

A tract against Luther and Lutheranism.] pp. 38, i. 
Lj^eai&i ^^oTiPids- [Pondicherry, 1842.] 12°. 

14170. b. 9.(3.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 32. Lj^eneu 

^^rrs^uDer [Pondicherry, 1847.] 12°. 

14170. b. 12.(1.) 

33. L^^sneu 
14170. b. 10.(3.) 

ugLniTp^(^(TT)eQssT aesijX. The Adven- 
tures of the Gooroo Paramartan : a tale in the 
Tamul language : accompanied by a translation 
and vocabulary, together with an analysis of the 
first story. By Benjamin Babington. pp. xii. i. 
243. London, 1822. 4°. 14170. k. 70. 

ujTLCiiriT^jSi^Q^sQsisT aisn^. [Paramarlha- 

[Another edition.] pp. 

^^nrskjn [Pondicherry, 1868.] 

guruvin kathai.] pp. 34. Lj^smej ^^itT®a)3i, 
[Pondicherry, 1859.] 12°. 14171. a. 39. 

-^— [Another copy.] 14171. a. 40. 

ujTunirir^^i^Q^eS&sr sesijs. [Paramartha- 

guruvin kathai. Followed by extracts from the | 

Tem-bay-ani.] See Adi-chuvadi. ^^^meuif.. 
[Adi-chuvudi.] pp. 45-89. [1802.] 12°. 

14172. h. 68.(3.) 

Strange surprising Adventures of the 

venerable Gooroo Simple, and his five Disciples, 
Noodle, Doodle, Wiseacre, Zany, and Foozle. 
[Freely rendered from B. G. Babington's version 
by "Grey Goosequill."] Adorned with fifty 
illustrations, drawn on wood, by Alfred Crowquill 
[i.e. A. Forrester], pp. 223. London, 1861. 12^ 

14170. k. 64. 

Aventures du Gourou Paramarta. See 

Ddbois (J. A.). Le Pantcha-Tantra, e<c. pp. 231- 
338. 1826. 8°. 14170. k. 67. 

1872. 8°. 

14170. k. 68. 

Aventures du Gourou Paramarta. Conte 

dr61atique indien. [Translated by the Abbe J. A. 
Dubois.] Orne de nombreuses eaux-fortes par 
Bernay & Cattelain. [With a preface by F. 
Sarcey.] pp. ix. 184 ; 8 plates. Paris, 1877. 8°. 

12315. h. 3. 

■ Fahrten und Abenteuer Gimpels und 

Compagnie. Ein tamulisches Reise- und Sclierz- 
marchen. Nacherzahlt von Dr. Johann Georg 
Theodor Grasse. Mit 6 colorirten Bildern. pp. 81. 
Dresden, [1856 ?] 12°. 14170. k. 72. 

OfiLbufTinnSsc. [Tem-ba-malai. Being (1) 

devotional poems from the Tem-bav-aiii,with com- 
mentary, and (2) other hymns by Beschi, sepa- 
rately published in the Tiru-pav-ani.] pp. iv. 244. 
Li^eneu [Pondichei-ry, 1860?] 8°. 14170. b. 24. 

Q^LLutrsussS. [Tem-bav-ai)i. An epic 

poem on the legends of St. Joseph and the Gospel 
narratives. With an interpretation by the author. 
Edited by the Abbe Dupuis.] 3 vols. Lj^ensu 
^j^irT®iJd^-iiL. [Pondicherry, 1851-1853.] 8°. 

14170. c. 9. 

Beschi was aided in the composition of this work by Su- 
pradtpa Kavi-n'iyar. 

Q^iJbuireiiesufl eQQ^^^iLjsmjr, [Tein-bav- 

ani. Edited with interpretation and commentary 
by A. S. Jaga-rau Mudaliyar.] vol. i. pp. 804. 
Madras, 1901. 8°. 14170. cc. 8. 

See Ddpcis (L. S.). Notice sur la 

Poesie Tamoule, le Rev. P. Beschi et le Tern- 
bavani, etc. 1851. 8°. 14172. c. 7. 





BESCHI CosTANZO GiosEFPO BnsEBio) (continued). 
Q^LDUireuesoB i^ [Tem-bav-ani, books i.-iv. and 
part of v., -with a commentary.] Lj^smeu 
^^nrsr^ [Pondicherry, 1866.] 8°. 14170. C. 4. 
Incomplete, breaking off at p. 160. 


Ljurreussafl, [Tiru-pav-ani. Hymns 

to the Virgin Mary, forming the last section of 
the Tem-bav-ani.] pp.46. L^^ea^&i ^^JtjfT®^ 
[Pondicherry, 1856.] 12°. 14170. b. 11. 

g3/5_S)eua«653r^, Q^trm ^jirmeQsnisiLB QpffO- 

Qpin S->ss)iTiLjLn. [Ton-niil-vilakkam. A grammar, 
ascribed to Beschi, and founded on older native 
works. Edited by Srinivasa Raghavacharyar, with 
a life of the author in Tamil by G. Mackenzie 
Cobban. Second edition.] pp. viii. 268,6. O-ysirSssr 
«=p/^« {Madras, 1891.] 8°. 14172. f. 16. 

Geu^sSsrts^LD, [Veda-vilakkam. A com- 

pendium of theology.] pp. v. 324, ii. Lj^smea 
^j)impu)s- [Pondicherry, 1842.] 12°. 

14170. b. 9.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. iv.i. 281. i^^emeu 

^^nTShjfj [Pondicherry, 1868.] 12°. 

14170. b. 10.(1.) 

(Sexi^tuir e^^^isuy, [Vediyar-orukkam,] 

or Instructions to Catechists, in twenty chapters; 
with an appendix of eight chapters. [Preceded 
by a biography of Beschi in English and Tamil.] 
pp. xiii. 91. Madras, 1844. 8°. 14170. c. 23. 
Abridged and adapted to the use of Protestant Missions. 

[Another edition, with biogi-aphy in Tamil 

only.] pp. vii. 232. Madras, 1849. 12°. 

14170. a. 43. 

(D&i^tuQiriTQ£i3is,LCi. [Vediyar-orukkam.] 

pp. viii. 199. Lj^emsu ^j)j®^ [Pondi/:herry, 
18o8.] 12°. 14170. b. 29.(1.) 

BESCHITJS. See Beschi. 

BHADEA-QIRIYAR. u^^jSifltiJirir QlLLiu^^i^ir- 
esTu Ljmicueo ^, [Mey-nana-pulambal. Saiva 
religious elegies on the vanity of the world. 
Wiih a biogi-aphy of the poet and prose paraphrase 
of the verses by M. Vadi-velu Mudaliyar.] pp. 4, 
56. See Pattanattu-pillai. udz-ssar^^tSsir- 
ceaiuirn uiri-6V t^, [Padal, etc.] 1899. 12°. 

14170. d. 46. 

BHADRA-GIRIYAR {continued). Qui^^rresruLj- 
eoLnue\}. [Men-nana-pulambal. With short life of 
the poet.] pp. 16. See Siddhargal. o o o Qufitu 
(ST) ir ear iQs IT anisy [Periya-nana-kovai.] 1899. 12°. 

14170. 68. 33. 
pt. ii. 1906. 12°. 14170. dd. 12. 

u^^jt @if(UJiriTL^&}LDU6V. [Pulambal.] See 

Pattanatto Pillai. o o o ^|25 . . . un i_piQ(jr)- 
Qp&np i^ [Padat-tiru-murai.] pp. 142-155. 
1906. 8°. 14170. ff. 16. 

BHAGYA-NATHA SVAMI, Ruyapuram. See Li- 
TOKGIES. — Rome, Church of. S^^iu &eiissnh. 
[Nitya-jivanam. Edited by Bhagya-natha.] 1901. 
32°. 14170. a. 55. 

BHAZTA-VATSALAM, T. See Sisiea-kdmaea 

GhOSHA. U^<5B03^633r 65)<F^637UJ ... -3= iB ^ ^ LD 

cVct) (Sri Krishna Ghaitanya . . . [Translated] by 
T. Bhaktavatsalam, e<e.) 1902. 8°. 14170. ee. 51. 

BHARTRU-HARI. See Academies, etc. — Madras. — 
University of Madras. University of Madras. 
F.A. Examination of 1903. Full notes on . . . 
Bhartruhari, etc. 1903. 8°. 14172. hh. 19. 

BHASEARA, son of Mud gala, Laugdlwhi. ^Qf^aa,- 
QsenQp^, [Tarka-kaumudi. A manual of Vai- 
seshika logic. Translated by V. Kuppu-svami 
Raju. Followed by an excursus on the categories 
of the Nyaya.] pp. iii. 54, 6. Q.^esitssr eQsniJbiQ 
[Madras, \898.] 12°. 14170.1.57. 


VANDANAM. IW^-affQeu^ erV IB ^ lU IT eu IB fi IS LD ^^ 

[Sandhya-vandanam, etc. With extracts, in a 
Tamil translation, from the commentaries of 
Bhaskara.] 1901. 8°. 14033. aa. 27. 

BHATTAR-PIRAN. See Peeit-Irvak. 

BHIKSHTJ SASTRI. See Ulaga-natha Svami. ' 

BHIMA KAVI-RAYAR. o o o j^ jjlo/t ^ov&j- 
QLD^iuirsQpLb . . . s-^^jrsireiisrL—Qpih i^ [Srl- 
ramar-asva-medha-yagam. A prose parajihrase 
by Bhima of an episode in the TJttara-kandam of 
the Ramayaiiam. Followed by a short paraphrase 
of the Uttara-kandam, styled Maha-vindam, by 
V. Govinda Pillai. With occasional verses {vrut- 
tam) by G. Arunachala Mudaliyar. Edited, on 





the basis of the edition of Arunachala Aiyar, by 
P. A. Muni-sami Mudaliyiir.] pp. iv. 180. iLjeu 
[Madras, 1875.] 4°. 14172. dd. 1. 

u^unwir j^maiQin^tuasLO. [Sri-ramar- 

asva-niedha-3 agam.] ScwKamban. ^J^uirunTiuessr 
eu^esrth i^ [Ramayana-vachanam.] pp. 89-422. 
1903. 8°. 14172. d. 27. 

BHOJA-RAJA PANDITAR (Tknuvarai Peru-mal), 
iS^irQ'Fir^LCiirSso Qpevih. [Chara-jodi-malai. A 
poetical manual of astrology. Edited by N. Ch. 
Raghu-nath '-aiyar and N. S. Nata-raj'-aiyar.] 
pp.vii.119. luiryjuuirsasnh aj [/(J^na, 1892.] 8°. 

14170. i. 23. 




BibliaDamulica,seu quodDous Omnipotentissimns 
Bemetipsum ex sua ajternitate clarius luanifesfca- 
turas de ccelo est locutus Veteris Testamenti pars 
prima, in qua Mosis libri quinque, Josuse liber 
unus atque liber unus Judicum studio & opera 
Bartholomaji Zicgenbalgii ... in linguam damu- 
licain versi continontur. (*Pars secunda, in qua 
Hbellus Ruth, Samuelis liber . . . Regum liber . . . 
Chronicorum liber . . . liber Esrae, liber Nehemiae, 
liber Esther, liber Jobi, liber Psalmorum . . . 
liber Proverbiorum, liber Ecclesiastse, et liber 
Cantici Canticorum studio & opera Bartholomaei 
Ziegenbalgii & Benjamini Schultzii . . . versi con- 
tinentur. Pars tertia, in qua Prophetse Majores 
. . . Prophetse Minores . . . studio & opera Bartho- 
lomaei Ziegenbalgii & Benjamini Schultzii . . . 
versi continontur. Libri apocryphi . . , studio 
& opera Bartholomaei Zigenbalgii & Benjamini 
Schultzii . . . versi.) [Pt. v.-vi., translated by 
Ziegenbalg and Griindler.] (*uiTiruireus^^^ 
au IT esr en IT . . , Qsu^Quire^^^a^^esr Qp^eviTLD 
6iiiV)ULj etc.) 6 pts. Trunquebarice, a^eriaiJdff' 
[1714]-1728. 4°. 3068. g. 6. 

Pt. v.-vi., containing the New Testament, were printed in 
1714, pt. v. being in a larger type ; both are without Latin 
title-jmges. Pt. i. was printed in 1728, pt. ii. in 1726, pt. iii. 
in 1121 , andpt. iv. in 1728. 

[Another copy of pt. i., without title-page.] 

466. b. 17. 

The Old Testament in Tamil, etc. [Revised by 
U. T. E. Rhenius, with J. P. Rottler and others. 

from the version of Fabricius.] (**^Puj(?«u^- 
QiaesrSp uestifiiu CL-tiu/jtaana) (*The New 
Testament [translated into Tamil by C. T. B. Rhe- 
nius] . . . i-i^tu (^puirQ.) 5 vols. Madras 
Auxiliary Bible Society : Madras, 1827-1833. 8°. 

3068. c. 21. 

VoU. 1 (1827), 3 (1830), and 4 (1831) are of the fourth 

[A separate copy of pp. 511 - 589 

(Corinthians i.-ii.), and 590-627 (Gaktians — 
Philippians).] 3070. bb. 18. 

[Another edition of the whole Bible.] [Madras, 

1840 ?] 8°. 1109. d. 6. 

Wanting title-page. 

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New 
Testaments : translated out of the original 
tongues : and with the former translations dili- 
gently compared and revised [chiefly by P. Per- 
cival, together with M. Winslow, L. Spaulding, 
and T. Brotherton], under the auspices of the 
British and Foreign Bible Society. {*us!nifiuj 
Lj^tu s-L-mui^ieinaiSiefr ^l^iejSuj Qsu^lj^- 
^■HLB.) pp.1253. Madras Auxiliary Bible Society : 
Madras, 1850. 4°. 3070. d. 26. 

This translation is that Jcnown as the " Union Bible." 

[Another copy.] 

3070. e. 7. 

The Old Testament [in the version of Fabricius] 
. . . with references, contents of the chapters and 
chronology, from the English . , . u&nLpiu sr/huir®. 
(*The New Testament [in Rhenius' version] . . . 
with contents of the chapters and chronology.) 
pp. 1302. Madras Auxiliary Bible Society : Madras, 
1860. 4°. 3068. e. 10. 

The printer's note at the end bears the date 1861. 

The Holy Bible . . . translated out of the original 
tongues into Tamil [on the basis of Fabricius' 
version, revised by H. Bower and others] . . . 
under the auspices of the British and Foreign 
Bible Society. {*'3'^^iu(S&j^lo.) pp. i. 1209. 
Madras Auxiliary Bible Society : Madras, 1877. 
4°. 3070. g, 10. 

[Another edition.] pp. 951, 315. Madras 

Auxiliary Bible Society : Madras, 1883. 12°. 

3070. ee. 2. 

The Holy Bible. In Tamil. The Old Testament, 
translated from the original by the Rev. J. P. 
Fabricius ; the New Testament, by the Rev. 





C. T. E. Rhenius, and revised by the Committee 
of the Madras Auxiliary Bible Society. [With the 
headings and chronology of the English version 
translated by M. Winslow.] (*.y^^ujG'ai^ti5.) 
pp. 1105, 388. Madras Auxiliary Bible Society : 
Madras, 1844. 8". 3070. i. 1. 

A poetical version in Tamil of the Holy Scriptures. 
Part i. Genesis and Exodus xx. Edited by the 
Rev. C. C. Macarthur. ^Q^euirsi^uL^n-irsmLD. 
pp. 200. Jaffna, 1866. 8°. 3070. dd. 17. 

Pp. 193-200 are specimen pages of aversion of the Oospels 
and Acts. 


Historic e Scriptis Sacris Veteris et Novi Testa- 
ment! selectse, in usum iuventutis Tamulicae. 

Editio secunda. pp. 252. Trankenhariae, 1816. 
8°. 14170. c. 10. 

Scripture Extracts ... Qeu^euir&QiuiEissfr. Second 
edition, pp. 44. American Mission Press : Jaffna, 
1844. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(33.) 

^esrQuir^Lb. [Dina-bodham.] . . . The Daily 

Monitor : containing a text from Holy Scripture 

and a verse of sacred poetry for every morning 

and evening in the year. [Third edition.] pp.324. 

Jaffna Bdigious Tract Society: [Jaffna,] 1849. 32°. 

14170. a. 1. 

The first edition (1887) was edited by P. Perdval, the 
second (1843) by L. Spaulding. 

Chants. Consisting mostly of selections from the 
sacred Scriptures adapted to appropriate music. 
ermS^iEism. See Hymnals. Tamil Hymns in 
English metre, etc. pp. 119-146. 1853. 8°. 

14170. c. 5.(2.) 

o o o ff^^iu Qeu^uQuirifiuLi. [Satya-veda- 
porippu. A compendium of Scripture. Fourth 
edition.] 2 pts. pp. i. 339, 206. Jaffna, 1857. 
16°. 14170. a. 14. 

(oeu^ s^B^^iTLD, [Veda-charitram. A translation 
by A. Blomstrand of Zahn's Biblische Geschichten. 
With catechism appended. Third edition.] 2 vols. 
Tranquehar, 1871-1873. 12'». 14170. b. 26, 27. 
The catechism is of the second edition, 


Librorum Sacrornm Veteris Testamenti pars prima 
(♦secunda — quarta) . . . editio secunda correctior. 

[Revised by J. P. Fabricius, from the version of 
Ziegenbalg and Schultze.] {*a=^^iuQeii^u:>) 
4 pts. 2Van(7am6aWcE, 1777-1796. 4°. 3068.g.lO. 

The Old Testament in Tamil. [Translated by 
Fabricius.] (*a'^^ujQ(su^ L/ery^aii. uemLpiu 
^puirQ.) pp. 900. Tranqutbar, 1893. 8°. 

14170. c. 48. 
Contains only pt. i., the Historical Boohs. 

The Old Testament in Tamil ... uenifuj <srpunQ. 
[Translated by J. P. Fabricius.] New edition; 
pp. i. 1568. Tranquebar,\BQQ. 8°. 14170. bb. 7. 
A reprint, as far as the historical books are concerned, of 
the edition of 1893. 


The First Book of Moses called Genesis. [Ch. i.^ 
ix., in English and Tamil, being a specimen of 
Rhenius' translation.] pp.69. Colombo Attxiliary 
Bible Society : Colombo, 1819. 16°. T. 2070.(1.) 

s'^^iuQsii^u uetntpiii ej/buirL-i^&sr . . . ^^' 
tunsLDLo. [Genesis. Translated from the Vulgate 
by a Catholic missionary, with notes.] pp. 201; 
Coimbatore, 1899. 8°. 14170. cc. 7. 


[For editions of the Book of Psalms as contained 
in the Book of Common Prayer:] See Liturgies. — 
England, Church of. 

Liber Psalmorum Davidis Regis et Prophetas, ex 
originali textu in linguam damulicam versus 
opera & studio Benjamin Schultze. {^^ireS'O^&sr- 

Quirs^^^iBLc) pp. iv. 255. Travquebariw, 1724. 
12°. 3090. ccc. 6. 

^^ireff^sk ^EiS^iEiseir. Psalms. [The version 
of the Union Bible.] pp. 274. Jaffna Auxiliary 
Bible Society: Jaffna, 1861. 16°. 3089. aa. 27. 

■a'liiS^ Ljetv^aLa. [Psalms. A revised version.] 
See below : New Testament. The Tamil Testa- 
ment, e<c. pp. 333-413. 1868. 12°. 3070. ee. 4. 

The Book of Psalms. <fie/S^ Ljew^aLo. pp.110. 
See below : New Testament. The New Testament, 
etc. pt. 2. 1887. 12°. 3070. de. 37. 

The Psalms of David, metrically arranged in Tamil 

by the Rev. J. Gillings. ^ireff^m {FikiS^ikiaeir. 

I pp. V. 257. Madras, 1891. 12°. 3090. aaa. 14. 






Psalms {continued) , 

Book of Psalms. [In Fabrici us' version.] (Sj/rear 
ffiaS^iEi9,&?l&sr tyfir>;^«to. [Third edition.] pp. 
242, iv. Trnvquvhar, 1898. 12°. 14170. a. 62. 


•a^nQeonQuiiT'oyflssr li^QtcirL^dastr. Proverbs of 
Solomon. pp. 148. American Bible Society : 
Jaffiui, 1845. 16°. 3068. a. 39. 


Novum Jesu Christi Testameutum, ex originali 
textu in linguam damulicam versuin opera & 
studio Bartholoraaei Ziegenbalgii & Job. Ernesti 
Griindleri. Editio secunda. {*isTaa8li£s^p^ 
IB IT ^ IT rr ear en IT . . . Qeu^QuiTs^^^oiLC:) pp. xv. 
1048. Tranqueharice, 1722. 12°. 1410. g. 1. 

Hot Nieuw Testament, ofte Alle de Boeken des 
Nieuwen Verbonds van onsen Heer Jesus Christus. 
Door Last van de Hooge Overlieid deeses Eilanda 
uit de oirspronglyke Grieksclie Taal in de Ta- 
mulsche Spraak overgezet, en naar Kerkcn-order 
behoorlyk overzien. [Translated chiefly by Phi- 
lippus de Melho. With preface in Dutch and 
Tamil by S. A. Bronsveld and J. J. Fybrands.] 
{*q^uj erpuirQ) Colombo, 1759. 4°. 14U. k. 16. 

There is no continuous pagination. Each part is num- 
bered by folios. 

This translation was a revision of the preceding versions. 
Philippus BalJaeus had translated Matthew, and Adrianua 
de Mey the whole New Testament ; and on the basis of these 
and the Tranquebar version Adol2>hns Cramer completed in 
1740 his revised Matthew. Continuing this work, Johannes 
Philippus Wetzelius printed in 1742 a revised version of the 
other GosjJels, and in 1750 a translation of the rest of the 
Testament as far as Ephes. iii. 6. In the latter work he was 
aided by de Melho. In 1757 de Melho was appointed, with 
Simon de Zilva, to complete this revision ; and in 1759 the 
whole Testament as revised by him was published, after 
having been approved by a committee consisting of Frans 
Jansz, Pieter de Zilva, and J. J. Fybrands. 

Besides the above-mentioned sources, there had beenprinfed 
in 1739 at Colombo a version of the four Gospels by Willem 
Konijn, with a preface by J. P. Wetzelius (second edition 

The Tamul New Testament of our Lord and 
Saviour Jesus Christ . . . l/^ <srpunQ. [In 
Fabricius' version. Third edition.] pp. v. 921. 
Church Mission Press : Q'S'esremuui—isssT^^&i 
^j>jmz.^ [Madras, 1824.] 8°. 1105. d, 1. 

[New Testament, comprising Gospels and 

Acts in Rhenius' version and the remainder in a 

reissue of Fabricius' version, with the title-pago 
of the 1824 edition.] 1410. h. 3. 

[Another copy.] 

1110. f. 16. 

o o o Lf^uj i^/buiT®, (*The New Testament.) 
[In Fabricius' version.] pp. 16, vii. 516. Tran- 
quebar, 1878. 8°. 3068. dd. 24. 

The New Testament in Tamil [in Fabricius' ver- 
sion] . . . Lf^iu i^pun(Si . . . Revised edition, 
pp. vi. i. 560. Tranquebar, 1906. 8°. 14170. bbb. 9. 

The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour 
Jesus Christ, in the Tamil language . . . l/^iu 
erpun®. [Translated by C. T. E. Rhenius.] 
pp. 670. Jaffna Auxiliary Bible Society : Jaffna, 
1843. 8°. 1106. c. 13. 

New Testament ... ljQiu i^jbuirQ. [In Rhenius' 
version.] pp. 750. Madras Auxiliary Bible 
Society: Madras, I8b7. 12°. 3070. ee. 1. 

The New Testament . . . with references, contents 
of the chapters and chronology, from the English 
. . . Lj^uj ejpuirQ. [In Rhenius' version.] pp. 
563. Madras Auxiliary Bible Society : Madras, 
1859. 8°. 3070. g. 6. 

The New Testament . . . translated into Tamil 
from the original Greek . . • lj^iu i^'puirQ. 
[A new revision, by H. Bower and others. Se- 
cond edition.] pp. i. 437. Madras Auxiliary Bible 
Society : Madras, 1867. 8°. 3070. h. 40. 

The Tamil Testament and Psalms . . . lj^iu 
(srpuir®. [The same recension.] pp.413. Madras 
Auxiliary Bible Society : Madras, 1868. 12°. 

3070. ee. 4. 
The New Testament . . . translated into Tamil 
from the original Greek. [The same recension.] 
. . . L/^uj ^puir®. (*The New Testament and 
Psalms.) pp. 476, 110. Madras Auxiliary Bible 
Society: Madras, 1887. 12°. 3070. de. 37. 

The New Testament of our Lord Jesus-Christ. 
Translated into Tamil from the Latin Vulgate 
with annotations by the Rev. J. B. Trincal, of 
the Society of Jesus, and carefully revised by 
several Fathers of the same Society. (*(?uj.!b«- 
Slafsm^ibiT^(P^es)L^\u ufiai^/s Lf^iu ©"/Du/rO.) 
Third & revised edition, pp. i, i. 703. Trichi- 
nopoly, 1906. 8°. 14170. cc. 10. 





BIBLE [continued). 

Gospels and Acts. 

Quatuor Evangelia et Acta Apostolorum, ex origi- 
nali textu in linguam damulicam versa, in usum 
gentis malabaricae. Opera & studio Barth. 
Ziegenbalg, & Jo. Ern. Grundler. (*er/B.xS/ff- 

^aiLsu) pp. V. 494. Tranquebarce, 1714. 4°. 

2. a. 4. 

A duplicate of pt. v. of the complete Tamil Bible cata- 
logued above, rvith a Latin title-page. 


»a8Co<Fs^ eQiB^^emir. [Suvisesha-viritt'-urai, 
i.e. the " Explicaciio dos Evangelhos Dominicaes 
e Festivaes " of Jacome Goncalves. Being the 
texts from the Gospels for the Christian Year 
with Gonfalves' expositions.] pp. vii. 301, iii. ii. 
uj IT tjpuutressrii) &^3i>a [Jaffna, 1891.] 8°. 

14170. c. 31. 

{Harmonies.] Harmony of the Gospels (tfoUows 
almost exclusively the chronological order of 
Grcswell). a^Qa^e^ •s^ihui^ ^L-L^evSoSur. 
[By A. F. Caemmerer.] pp. 44. Nagercoil, 1854. 
12°. 14170. b. 14.(2.) 

\_Matthew.] Evangelium Matthaei de Domini 
Nostri Jesv Christi. [In Ziegenbalg and Griind- 
ler's version.] . . . Editio tertia. {* La^Q^ii9 
Qiue!irueuQir(i£i^6ir>eufi^ SreQQs-s^fl^irsLnLn.) 
pp. 110, ii. Trangambariae, 1739. 12°. 

Grenville 20,059. 

■ ' Het Heylige Evangelium onzes Heeren en 
Zaligmakers Jesu Christi, na de Beschryvinge van 
. . . Mattheus,uyt de ooi-spronkelyke GriekBe,in de 
mallabaarse Tale overgebragt [by Adolphua Cra- 
mer ?], en behoorlyk na Kerken ordre gerevideert. 
(*u)^O^ffiy« (5T(z^P(S5)6u^^ . . . Qiua&vSlfSl&v- 
;S.Sien)eij6!nL-iu a^^UiifesraeQQ^s^uj.) ff. ii. 59. 
Colombo, 1741. 4°. 466. b. 16. 

A brief commentary on the Gospel ac- 
cording to Saint Matthew. [With the text of 
Fabricius.] uB. u^^Q^llj erQ^^esr oieQQ^s^^- 
^&sr 3r(^ia eQiuiriQiuiremih . . , [by] Rev, K. 
Ihlefeld, etc. pp. v. 197. Tranquebar, 1891. 8°. 

14170. 0. 37.(1.) 


Gospels {continued), 

Sermon on the Mount (A paraphrase) . . . 

^(oiusf iBtr^/r ldSmuS sir (SiDp Q'9'ireJsresr i9ir3=iEi- 
a^^sk eQew^ifluLj, Third edition. pp. 24. 
Jaffna, 1843. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(40.) 

Our Blessed Lord's Sermon on the Mount 

... in English ... in Tamil ... in Malayalam . , . 
in Kanarese . . . and in Telugu ; in the Anglo» 
Indian character, with a vocabulary, minute 
grammatical praxis and inflexional tables ; by 
the Rev. G. U. Pope. pp. ii. iv. 38, 84, xxii. 
Madras, 1860. 8°. 3068. cc. 11. 

Specimens of South-Indian Dialects, con- 

sisting of versions of the Parable of the Sower 
. . . Collected by A. C. Burnell. No. 4. In the 
dialect of Tamil spoken at Tanjore, from the 
Vulgate, pp. 12. Tranquebar, 1876. 16°. 

C. 40. b. 38. 

[Marh.l See Ihlefeld (K. A. A.). A brief Com- 
mentary on the Gospel according to Saint Mark, 
etc. 1893. 8'. 14170. c. 37.(2.) 

St. Mark's Gospel. wirpi^ ereirueiiir 

eT(Lp^evr o-eQQ-a'e^LD. [In Rheuius' version.] 
pp. 125. Madras Auxiliary Bible Societij; Madras, 
1859. 16°. 3068. a. 35. 

St. Mark's Gospel. [In Fabricius' version.] 

LDirpi^ erQp^esr aeSQ^s^ih, pp. 84. Tran- 
quebar, 1893. 16°. 14170. a. 54.(1.) 

[Lwie.] See Ihlefeld (K. A. A.). A brief Com- 
mentary on the Gospel according to St. Luke, etc. 
1896. 8°. 14170. c. 37.(3.) 

^iriair er &!T u eu asr srap^esr an 


Luke's Gospel. [In the text of the 1850 " Union 
Bible."] pp. 169. Manei?y, 1862. 12°. 3068. a. 11. 

The Gospel of Luke. jjjj'a^/r srap^ear 

ahsQQ'Ts^ih, [In English and Tamil, the latter 
in the same text as the revised Bible of 1877.] 
pp. 137, 137. Madras Auxiliary Bible Society : 
Madras, 1884. 16°. 3070. aa. 62. 






Gospels {continued). 

St. Luke's Gospel. [In Fabricius' ver- 
sion.] jjffidBff" 6T(ig,^ew m^Q'Ts^LD. pp. 148. 
Tranquehar, 1900. 16°. 14170. a. 54.(2.) 

[/oftn.] St. John's Gospel. [In Fabricius' ver- 
sion.] (Siuireuirek erQp^ssr aeQCo'Ts^ih. pp. 107. 
Tranquebar, 1901. 12». 14170. a. 54.(3.) 


The Acts of the Apostles. [In Fabricius' version.] 
ju uQ u IT eai ^ e\i ir iBi—Ut^sstT, pp. 132. Tran- 
quehar, 1905. 10°. 14170. a. 54.(4.) 


See WiKKEt (E.). A brief Commentary ... on 
St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians. 1891. 8°. 

14170. e. 36. 

St. Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians, with intro- 
duction and notes explanatory and practical, by 
the Rev. J. Lazarus. (.^u(?i_//rsn)^6V(g)®(u ua/su 
<sTQu&iu(i^i(^ er(ip^esr iSfi^uQpm . . . (Q/Sulj- 
•fE^emih) pp. xxiii. 211; I plate. Madras, 1903. 
12°. 14170. bbb. 2. 


Concordance to the Tamil New Testament, lj^uj 
srpuirLLip-&sr gp^^ eutriSiu .ji/sjrfr^. [Compiled 
by J. Gritton, and revised by A. Dibb and D. 
Fenn.] pp. vii. 1060. Falamcottah, 1878. 4°. 

3104. aaa. 8. 


[Complete Bibles.] See Auui.-appan (J. C). The 
Scripture Mirror, or Index of the Bible, etc. 
1846. 12°. 14170. b. 25. 

See Balavendram (R.). A short Bible 

History, etc. 1887. 8°. 14170. b. 55. 

See BooATZKT (C. H. von). uirwessru-- 

e\}iaxsifle»^Bi^srr . . . .^upesmuOui^i^ [The 
Golden Treasury.] [1800.] 8°. 14170. c. 26. 

Golden Treasury. 1876-1878. 8". 

14170. c. 1. 

See MoRTiMEK (F. L.), Mrs. The Peep of 

Day, etc. 1852. 12°. 14170. b. 32. 


APPENDIX {continued). 

See Pacheco (G.). Q^euuiSjena^uS^ 

^(i5««6S)_jS. [Deva-prajaiyin tiru-kathai.] [1880- 
1886.] 8°. 14170. bb. 2. 

The Bible and Ancient Monuments. 

.jtfQ^eirirsLcsQpiii ^^&ssrssTiE!m(m)Ui. (fBased 
chiefly on " Recent Archaeology and the Bible," 
by Professor Nicol.) pp. i. 110. Religious Tract 
and Book Society: Madras, 1901. 12°. 14171. a. 45. 

[Old Testament.] {\i9en2etraeiFli—^^p(o'XLL(^iu 
(?«erraff<5B6Tr.) [Questions on the Pentateuch for 
children.] vol. i. pp. 270. [n.d.] 12°. 

14170. b. 22. 

Wanting title-page. Apparently apart of an uncompleted 

[New Testament.] See Schultze (B.). Historia 
Passionis Jeau Christi, etc. 1723. 16°. 

14170. a. 24. 

See Ward (F. D. W.) . Practical Exposi- 
tions of the Parables of Christ, and of the briefer 
Similes, employed by the Divine Teacher, etc. 
1844. 12°. 14170. b. 47. 

The Last Judgment 

a description. 

taken from different parts of the word of God, of 
the solemnities of the last Judgment . . . iSnjiriu^- 
^rruLj. Second edition. 1844. 12°. Sfie Spaul- 
DiNG (L.). 14170. b. 1.(39.) 

An Analysis of the New Testament . . . 

U^QlUpUITL-® .Sj,^LO/EISffflsir QuiT(lf)&TL^aaLb. 

[Compiled by A. F. Caemmerer, on the model of 
the work of W. H. Pinnock] 2 pts. pp. ii. 402, 
67. Pa/amco»a/i, 1854-1855. 12=. 14170. b. 44. 

Questions in New Testament History. 

Tentative edition. Lj^QiupuiriL® sQ^eQesii^. 
pp. 59. South India Christian School Book So- 
ciety : Madras, I8b&. 12°. 14170. b. 4. 

BLOMSTRAND (Anders). See Bible.— Abridgmentu 
and Selections. Qeu^ ^fi^^Qirio. [Veda-chari- 
tram. A translation by Blomstrand of Jahn'a 
Biblische Geschichten.] 1871-1873. 12°. 

14170. b. 26. 27. 





BLOMSTRAND (Andees) {continued). See Evan- 
gelical Lutheran Chobch. Concordia, etc. [Trans- 
lated by Blomstrand.] 1872-1S80. 8°. 14170. c. 2. 

See Graul (K. F. L.). » ° <> Qun^s 

eS^^uj/Td-ii. [Bodhaka-vittiyasam. Translated 
by Blomstrand.] 1870. 12°. 14170. b. 3. 

1882. 12°. 14170. b. 31. 

See LuTHEK (M.). inirir^^&sr &;!i^,3>ir . . . 

eQi^ eQssii—'Ssrr. [Martin Luther enbavarin na- 
nopadesa-kuripp'-idattai vistarikkum vina-vidai- 
gal. Revised by Blomstrand.] 1872. 12°. 

14170. b. 20. 

P(V5<r<ys8)U-y/f?^^Jti. [Tiru-sabhai-cha- 

ritram. A history of the Christian Church, based 
chiefly upon that of J. H. Kurtz.] 2 vols. Tran- 
juelmr, 1867-1869. 8°. 14170. c. 13, 14. 

BOGATZKY (Carl Heineich von). urnDsssrL-eviEi- 

<s siH ed ^ IB a en Ou/r<5E®s^Lo &^es3rQi—6S3rL^(r^iSSfr> 
u iTir u J' ^ ss) I— lu l9 sn Ssir •X sifl esr .^upessruOuL^i^ 
[The Golden Treasury. Comprising texts, hymns, 
and prayers for every day in the year. Trans- 
lated into Tamil by Daniel Pillai.] pp. 732. 
Q0UU<3uiBii9e\) ^.jtjirr [Vepery, 1800.] 8°. 

14170. 0. 26. 

• Golden Treasury . . . New edition [revised 

by J. M. N. Schwarz] ... 'S^m^n'uiTessiLjQuiLi.f-. 
2 pts. pp. iv. 365, 372. Traji^Me^^ar, 1876-1878. 
8°. 14170. 0. 1. 

BONAVIA (Emanuel). Dr. Bonavia's Date Palm 
in India, chapters 11 and 12. ^is^iurreQ(o6\} 
FFS'S'LDiru^ uuSffir^eo ^ [Signed by C. D. Mac- 
leane as official translator.] pp. 16. iladras, 
[1894 ?] 8°. 14170. i. 50. 

BONJEAN (Christophe), Roman Catholic Archbishop 
of Colombo. See Antonis (V.S., Don J.), o o o 
jy/fj'. jys37"63rti)to/rsrr . . . (^ldlQ. [A Tcummi 
poem by Don J. Antonis founded on a sermon 
by C. Bonjean.] 1885. 12°. 14170. b. 34.(2.) 

— ■ LcmirmssrLnQlLJrT (Wji^iu SifSmQ^nuuir 

Quir^&est jij^QLLppI a (Tes^ ALessn_eu sreufrtB sn 
(S-ta,eQQujirei^^<asTQu^iMiup[Suj tSireviruxeQ- 
an^. Elegies on the death of his Grace the 
Archbishop of Colombo, pp. 14. Jaffna, 1892. 
8^ 14170. 0. 24.(6.) 

BONNAND (Clement), Roman Catholic Bishop of 
Drusipara. ^ed^^ sSmia6ssr,^paiQr,s,aLii. [1- 
lattin-ilakkana-niir-surukkam. A short Latin 
Grammar.] pp. 3, 224, iii. lj^^&) ^J^inrff-u)® 
[Fondichernj, 1845.] 12°. 14172. e. 1. 

BOWER (Henry). See Bible. — Complete Bibles. 
The Holy Bible . . . [revised by H. Bower], etc. 
1877. 4°. 3070. g. 10. 

1883. 12°. 

3070. ee. 2. 

See Bible. — New Testament. The New 

Testament, etc. [A new revision, by H. Bower, 

etc.} 1867. 8°. 

3070. h. 40. 

See Bible. — New Testament. The New 

Testament ... [as revised by H. Bower], etc. 
1887. 12°. 3070. de. 37. 

See Maha-bharatam. The Bhagavad-gita 

. . . translated into English and Tamil by . . . 
H. Bower. 1889. 8°. 14065. c. 44. 

See Pavanandi. Introduction to the Nannul 

. . . By . . . H. Bower. 1876. 16°. 14172. h. 37. 

A Biblical and Theological Dictionai-y, etc. 

{*Qeij^ ^snir^.) pp. iv. 556. Madran, 1841. 

8°. 14170. c. 15. 

The English equivalent is given to each Tamil heading. 

Caste as it exists among Hindus aud 

Native Christians. [With an appendix containing 
passages on caste from the Rig-veda in Sanskrit 
and Tamil.] (*d^/r,S (s9^^iuira= eSsirasih.) pp. 
viii. 155. Madras, 1857. 12°. 14170. b. 54. 

History of Christianity in India. {*QfS- 

ffiv^LDiririiSLD ^iB^Co^'T^s^isv eQ(f^^i^lujiriosr 
3=iB^^irw.) pp. X. i. i. 328. Madras, 1879. 12°. 

14170. b. 2. 

Prasanga Ratnavali. Four series of ser- 

mons on Scripture subjects, with an introduction 
on the character and office of the Christian 
preacher. (*t9ira^/Ej<s ir^/Biieusifl.) pp. xxxv. 
252. Madras, mo. 12°. 14170. b. 40. 

A Vocabulary, English and Tamil, com- 

prehending terms, relating to Christian theology, 
and the religion, philosophy, and mythology, of 
the Hindus (fsecoud part) . . . u^Lr>i^3=fi. pp. i. 
100. Madras, 1852. 8°. 14170. c. 18. 





BRAHMA SAMAJ. Q&]^iriB^(^iBQiuir^ujiJD i^ 
(Vedhanta Sooryothaiah, or An Appeal to the 
Citizens of Coimbatore, &c. By the members of 
tbc Coimbatore Brahmo Samaj.) pp. 18, 44, 24. 
Colmhatorc, 1882. 16°. 14170. d. 19. 

Qeu^LD. [Vedara. A tract asserting the 

right of non-brahmans to chant the Vedas, i.ssued 
by the Southern Brahma Samaj.] pp. 25. Madras, 
1894. 12°. 14170. d. 44. 

(a^(ir)Uii LBuiriTuji un euLD [Guru -param para- pra- 
bhavam. A prose history of the leaders of the 
Sri-vaishnava church, beginning with the Arvars. 
With appended summaries, etc. Edited by Tiru- 
kudaudai Tattai Krusluiam-acharyar.] pp. ii. 167. 
i3,wmen [Madras, 1857.] 8°. 14170. e. 8. 

o o o c^a^uiTLDUjnruiruireuLD. [Guru-pa- 

rampara-prabhavam. Edited by Kidambi Ranga- 
charya Svumi.] pp. i. 159. Q ■9' sw ssr uiLL_6S3rL a 
eSQirir^ [Madras, 1890.] 8°. 14170. e. 37. 

BREN (Robert) . The Test of Religions, or Hin- 
duism and Christianity contrasted and examined. 
The former . . . proved to be erroneous, and the 
latter . . . shown to be from God. {*<3-lc,iuuiPiL- 
6513^) pp. ii. 463. Jaffna,18o8. 12°. 14170. b. 38. 

BRISARD (BENotT) . <sBir^s)eQe)^tisi^s(^ lcq^ib^. 
[Kana-visha-kadikku marundu. A Catholic tract 
against Protestantism.] pp. 224. Lj^emstj ^- 
jijtTohSi, [Pondichcrri/, ] 869.] 16°. 14170. a. 31. 



is^'X^I^'S'^ LDQFfrB^. 

[Karum-bambin visha-kadikku marundu. A con- 
troversial work against Protestantism.] pp. 66, ii. 
q^emeu ^j/<»-=^ [Pondicherry, 1868.] 16°. 

14170. a. 34.(2.) 

[Karum-bambin yisha-kadikku tailam. A con- 
troversial work against Protestantism.] pp. iv. 92. 
Lj^esisu ^=P/«-=3/ [Pondicherry, 1868.] 16°. 

■ 14170. a. 34.(6.) 

BRITO (Christopfier). s^sjsru^irth u^^mir^ 
unuuna^ir ^iB^^mlo. [Life of Pope Pius IX.] 
pp. 111. luiTLpuuiressnih [Jaffna,] 1892. 8°. 

14170. c. 44. 

BRONSVELD (Siqisbert Abrahamsz). See Bible. — 
Keio Testament. Het Nieuw Testament, etc. 

[With preface by S. Bronsveld and J.J. Fybrands.] 
1759. 4°. 1411. k. 16. 

See Heidglbero Catechism. Catcchismus, 

ofte Onderweyzing in de Christelicke Leere . . . 
overgezet . . . door S. A. Bronsveld. 1754. 8°. 

14170. b. 62. 

1769. 8°. 14170. b. 63. 

Kort Begryp der Christelyke Religie, voor 

die zig wilien begeven tot des Heeren heilig 
Avondmaal ; ten dienste der Kerken en Schoolen, 
in de Tamulscho Spraak overgezet , . . door 
Sigisbertus Abrahamsz Bronsveld. {*Q/Sl<sm^^- 
eiiiTS(&^es^L-aj Oeii^uutf ui9Ss!sru9esr <»(5««L0/r- 
esrQ^irema.) pp. xii. 22. Colombo, 1754. 12°. 

14170. b. 15. 

Tamulsch Kinder-Catechismus 

. Ten 

dienste der Schoolen in een vervolg geschikt en 
uitgegeven door Sigisb : Abrah : Bronsveld . . . 
nu met den derde Druk, verbeetert en van veele 
fouten gezuyvert door M. I. Ondaatje. {*^lSi—- 
uiretf>iS)^u9p Qj)ii9'sn'SefT'!Bs^Q^Sm)(Lp) pp. iv. 
56. Colombo, ^sr/rr^iiD^ [1788.] 12°. 

14170. a. 36. 

BROTHERTON (Thomas). See Bible. — Complete 
Bibles. The Holy Bible . . . revised [by T. 
Brotherton,] etc. 1850. 4°. 3070. d. 26. 

[Another copy.] 

8070. e. 7. 

See Pavanandi. Grammatica Tamuliensis, 

or An* English version of the . . . Nunnool . . . 
revised ... by ... T. Brotherton. 1848-1851. 
8°. 14172. f. 10. 

[Another copy.] 

14172. f. 20. 

BUDDHA. iSee Gautama. 

BUDDHA-MITRAN, Prince of PonbatU. <> = o aff'jr- 
Qa^iTL^iuLD. [Vira-soriyam. A Tamil grammar 
composed under Vira-soran or Kulottunga I 
(reigned between 1064 and 1113 A.D.). With a 
commentary by Perun-devanar. Edited by S. V. 
Damodaram Piljai.] pp. xxxvi. 192, ii. Q^ssresr- 
ui-t-emih eQiK [Madras, 1881.] 8°. 14172',f. 12. 

[Another edition.] pp. xxxvi. 200. 

0d^6Jr?6ar [Madras,] 1895. 8". 14172. e. 21. 

BTJEHARI, Saiytd. See Pavani Polavar. 





BULWER, afterwards BULWER LYTTON (Edward 
George Earle Lytton), Baron Lytton. See Scn- 
DARAM PiLLAi, A.P. LnQ iG3) sk L[><5ts!ir lu Lb . (Manon- 
nianiyam. A play . . . [based on " The Secret 
Way," one of Lytton's " Lost Tales of Miletus."]) 
1891. 8°. 14170. 1. 31. 

BUNYAN (John). The Pilgrim's Progress from 
this World to that which is to come : delivered 
under the similitude of a Dream . . . s^q^umQ^S 

6sr^ Qa^irpuesrin t^ [English and Tamil text 
of part i.] pp. 137. Vepery, 1793. 4°. 

14170. cc. 1. 

The Pilgrim's Progress . . . ujrQ^S 

(oLciirL-<9^i9jnuires3iLD. [Translated by L. Spauld- 
ing.] 2pts. pp.361,ix. [uiripuurrsismLa ^^rr^in. 
[Jaffna, 1853.] 12°. 14170. b. 19. 

BURNELL (Arthur Coke). See Beschi (C. G. 
E.). Clavis Humaniorum Litterarum sublimioris 
Tamulici Idiomatis . . . Printed for [and with a 
prefatory note by] A. Burnell. 1876. 8°. 

14172. f. 17. 

See Bible. —New Testament. — Gospels. 

[Matthew.] Specimens of South-Indian Dialects 
. . . Collected by A. C. Burnell, etc. 1876. 16°. 

C. 40. b. 38. 
BUTLER (James), B. G. Archbishop of Oashel. 
^(©^(Sj/T-ssr e^uQ^s'LCi [Nana-upadesam. A Ro- 
man Catholic catechism for the use of Tamils, 
slightly modified from Butler's " Catechism for 
the Instruction of Children." Translated by 
Manikkam Ray'-appa Sviimi. Preceded by 
Morning and Evening Prayers, e<c.] pp. 110. 
Madras, 1839. 16°. 14170. a. 6. 

BTTTTERWORTH (Alan). See Madras, Govern- 
ment of. A collection of the inscriptions ... in 
the Nellore district. Made by A. Butterworth 
... and V. Venugopaul Chetty. 1905. 8°. 

14058. c. 11. 
C. (M.). See Collins (M.). 

CAEMMERER (Augustus Frederick) . See Bible. — 
New Testament.— tfo-spt/s. [_Harmonies?i Har- 
mony of the Gospels, etc. [By Caemmorer.] 1854.. 
^2". 14170. b. 14.(2.) 

See 'BiuvE.— Appendix. [New Testament.] 

An Analysis of the New Testament, etc. [Compiled 
by Caemmerer.] 1854. 12°. 14170. b. 44. 

CAEMMERER (Augustus Frederick) {continued). 

Sp isirunEiaBsfr , . . s^emir^^iairLLi^iu Q^u^- 
^ lu IT sariEi eB err , [Kiristu-nathar-namangal. The 
titles of Christ, with explanations and prayers.] 
pp.24. Pa/omco«a^, 1854. 12°, 14170. b. 14.(3.) 

CANEERGOLD. Mr. Cankergold. Q a^ ir @sr esr jrir iu - 

ss}ja(^LCi 3" (jheuQ eo IT a ^rrirs' Qiii(mL[i z_6sarL-irssr 

eQiun-3=9)iuLCi. pp. 36. Jaffna, 1857. 16°. 

14170. a. 33.(4.) 

No. 2 of the New Series of the Jaffna Beligious Tract 

CARROLL (D.), also known as D. C. Visva-natha 
Pillai. 3iui9ir^uLo. [Subhra-dipam. A reply 
to the attacks made by the Saivas of Jaffna upon 
Christianity.] pp. viii. 60. Jaffna, 1857. 12°. 

14170. b. 12.(2.) 

CASIE CHITTY (S.). See Chitty (S. C). 

CASTE. See Madras, City of. Minute of the 
Madras Missionary Conference . . . on . . . Caste, 
etc. 1850. 8°. 14170. c. 22. 

CATECHISM. See Bronsveld (S. A.). Tamulsch 
Kinder-Catechismus,e<c. [1788.] 12°. 14170. a. 36. 

[For the Catechism of the Church of 

England :] See England, Church of. 

[For editions of the Heidelberg Cate- 

chism :] See Heidelberg Catechism. 

[For the Catechismus of Martin Luther :] 

See LuTHEE (M.). 

[For the Wesleyan Methodist Catechism :] 

See Wesleyan Methodists. 

Ordo Salutis Methodo Catechetica, pro 

diverso Catechumenorum captu trifaria forma ex- 
hibitus, & notis quibusdam . . . instructus. {Qjrs^ 
S^^^eQesr [sic] ^(ipiEj(m) pp. 72. Trangam- 
baricB, 1730. 16°. 14170. a. 29. 

This is different from the " Heilsordnung " {^jjiLSutSsir 
66(Lpffiffiti) by Ziegenhalg, which also exists in Portuguese 
under the title A Ordem da Salvacao ou A Doutrina Christaa 
{Tranquehar, 1712, 16°). 

Tamil and English First Catechism . . . Qeu 

Q^truQ^'3= Qpfbe^ e3i^sSlety>i—. pp.36. Madras, 
1860. 16°. 14170. a. 16. 

Tamil First Catechism. 


eviriit Q&s- 

Q^iTuQ^'3' e8Q)eQeir>L-, pp. 16. Madras, 1865. 
16°. 14170. a. 33.(6.) 





CATECHISM (continued), (f^ssresr (?»6rrafl mj)/- 
(oli£,ir^ii9iar eQmfiirinxi.) [§inna-kelvi-marumofijin 
vistaram. An enlargementof theLesserCatechism.] 
pp. 6t. [Jaffna, n.d.] 12°. 14170. b. 16.(3.) 

No title-page. 

[For Butler's Catechism :] See Butler (J). 

[For editions of the Roman Catechism in- 
cluded in devotional collections :] See Lituegies. — 
Rome, Church of. 

euirevir QuiriQ<s^Ln. [Valar-pokkisham. 

Morning and evening prayers of the Roman 
Church, service for hearing the Mass, and the 
shorter and longer Catechisms.] pp. 266; 6 plates. 
Lj^smeu ^^rr<^<s [Pondicherry, 1861.] 32°. 

14170. a. 32. 

o o o (SjTsurs-L/Co^a^.fF »ci^S;aiix>. [Nana- 

upadesa-churukkani. A Larger Catechism for the 
use of Tamil Catholics, preceded by the Morning 
and Evening Prayers.] pp. ii. 126. i-i^smeu 
^ ^ air a [Pondicherry, imi.l 16°. 14170. a. 23. 

ooo 3iSir^Loi^jriEi<x(^L£i ^fiQi^iruQ^- 

s'i (V)^o3ut9u.npLb [Nanopadesa-kuripp'-idam. The 
Shorter Catechism for the use of Tamil Catholics, 
preceded by the Morning and Evening Prayers.] 
pp. 34; 1 plate. Ly^aosu ^^mok® [Pondicherry, 
1865.] 16°. 14170. a. 34.(6.) 

Q^dFLc. [Nana-upadesam. The Roman Catholic 
Catechism illustrated by pictures. Text only.] 
pp. 21. L/^eoa/ [Pondicherry, 1863?] 12°. 

14170. b. 34.(1.) 

CATHOLIC SCHOOLS. First Book of Lessons for 
the use of Catholic Schools. [In English, Sinha- 
lese, and Tamil.] pp. 21. Colombo, 1876. 8°. 

14165. 1. 4.(1.) 



CEYLOIf. g)eu/E/5S)dBiJ y^i^^Ftreiv^iTLci. [Lankai- 
bhiimi-sastram. A geography . of Ceylon for 
Roman Catholic schools.] pp. 96. luirtpuuiresnTLa 
[Jaffna,] 1891. 12°. 14172. h. 68.(2.) 

Department of Public Instruction. Extracts 

from the Code for Aided Schools, 1892 .. . H^ 
^(i^ia(V)3' s^L-i^th, 1892. [Signed by J. B. Cull.] 
pp. 24. Colombo, 1892. 8°. 14172. hh. 6. 

CEYLON (continued) . [Another edition.] pp. 2+. 
Colombo, 1893. 8°. 14172. hh. 7. 

Province of Jaffna. [For the De^a-vajamai 

of the Province of Jaffna :] See JArvMA, Province of. 

Railways. Ceylon Government Railways. 

^6U/H6in« j^iT<ririLSujiriB63i QpuS&iQeu. [The 
Rules and Regulations of the Ceylon Government 
Railways, in force since January 13tb, 1892, 
Translated from the English by Samuel Crossett.] 
pp. 111. Colombo, 1892. 12°. 14172. i. 16. 



CHAITANYA. See Sisiea-kumaea Ghosha. \j^ 
oiQ^si^essr 6in<3=^ssnu . . . -fiB^Qjih lOj (Sri 
Krishna Chaitanya : His Life and Teachings, etc.) 
1902. 8°. 14170. ee. 61. 

CHAMA-RASA. [For the Prabhu-linga-lilai of 
Siva-prakas:ir, adapted from Chama-rasa's Kana- 
rese poem of the same name :] See Siva-feakasa 

CHANDLER (John Scuddee). See Hymnals. Tamil 
Christian Lyrics . . . Enlarged and edited . . . by . . . 
J. S. Chandler. 1902. 12°. 14170. b. 30. 

CHANDRA-SEKHAR, TaTijai S. aQ^s^ emeu^- 
^iuir^&srm. (The Swadesa Vaidyaratnam, or 
Common Medical Plants of India, by S. Chandra- 
segar.) pp. xii. 156. Tanjore, 1906. 12°. 

14171. g. 7. 


Tillaiyambur. ooo euQ^e^rr^ .sit p S^^irm^ 
sQeni&QpLCi . . . j^jiiu^6U(iF)S^u&)^iiLt^. [Var- 
shadi-niir-siddhanta-vilakkam. A work on astro- 
logy. Followed by the Aru-badu-varsha-phalan, 
ascribed to Idai-kadar.] pp. viii. 246. (3<F6ar&ir 
u^eu [Madras, 1875.] 16°. 14171. f. 2. 

CHANDRA-SEKHARA SVAMI, disciple of Qovinda. 
Qsii^irmjS3=irjrLD. [Vedanta-saram. A catechism 
of the Vedanta.] pp.114. [Madras,] 1 8Q2. 8°. 

14170. e. 3. 

Printed on pink and yellow paper. 

CHARBONNAUX (£tienne-Louis), Roman Catlwlic 
Bishop of Jasso. s&srssfliujr^^inni^. [Kanniyar- 
anusaram. Rules and prayers for nuns in the 
province of Mysore.] pp.80. L/jfieneu ^.^irra,(si 
[Pondicherry, 1865.] 16°. 14170. a. 34.(4.) 





CHAUCER (Geoffrey). The Canterbury Tales. 
Chaucer's Life and the Clerk's Tale, or The Tale 
of Crisild the Chaste. Tamil translation. [By] 
M. S. Natesa Aiyar. {siremi—irufH a&n^seir 
ff netcflissT <3=iBji^jr(TpLD . . . ueisn^^ssr ««n^ 
eresTLJuQui apSp Sjdib^ SSSevt^esr setrt^ii-iLci.) 
pp. ix. 58. Madras, 1904. 12°. 14171. d. 1.(2.) 

CHEDI-BAYAR. [For the hymns of this author 
contained in the Tiruv-isai-pa :] See Tikd-mueai. 

CHEKKIRAR. See Sekkirar. 

CHELLAIYA. See Sell'-aiya. 

CHELVAKESAVARAYA. See Selva-kesava-eaya. 

CHENDANAR. See Sendanar. 

demies, etc. — Madras. — Sennai-sen-damir-urai- 

CHEYYAPPA. See Seyy'-appa. 

CHID AMB ARA K AVI-RA Y AR, of Tinnevelli e_ ^^ - 
(^i_rrLLessfl iSaassrQ. (f"Oositha Soodamani 
Nigandu" [i.e. Uchita-chudamani-nighantu] . . .a 
Suitable Coronal-Gem like Vocabulary of Simile, 
History, &c., of Gods, men &c. in verse ... a 
Vade Mecum to the Puranas, Itigasas, and Kavias.) 
[Edited with notes by C. Malaiya Gaundar, 
S. Natesa Pillai, and S. Aiyavu Pijlai.] pp. vii. i. 
iv. 104. Coimbatore, 190-3. 12°. 14172. ee. 10. 

CHIDAMBARAM. Q^lduit u^worr^iBiULD [Chid- 
ambara-mahatmyam. An account of the sacred 
legends of the Saiva sanctuary at Chidambaram. 
Translated from the Sanskrit by Chidambaram 
Anna-sami Aiyar. Second edition.] pp.86. mQs- 
airQ&iB QetmsQenLctQ iNaduhkaveri, 1897.] 8°. 

14170. ee. 11. 

Pj>. 81-84 are wanting. 

S^tauir^^eti (a eu ^ u ir jrir lu em ia . [Chid- 

ambarattil veda-parayanam. An appeal for funds 
to maintainVedic studiesin Chidambaram.] pp. 8. 
9^wujLo {Chidambaram,'\ 1890. 16°. 

14170. d. 31.(1.) 
CHIDAMBARAM PILLAI, Mdvadi. See Mut-tamir- 
KAVI-RAYAE. o o o m^ih^ir sru^eu LjiriremLn. 
[Suchindra-sthala-puranam. Edited by Chidam- 
baram.] 1894. 8°. 14170. e. 58. 

CHIDAMBARAM PILLAI, Mdvadi {continued) . See 
SuNDARA Svami. o o a iQ^it sst iE^e9&)!r ff LB. [Nija- 
nanda-vilasam. Edited by Chidambaram.] 1904. 
8°. 14170. eee. 9. 

CHIDAMBARA MTJNIVAR, Kduchipuram. o o o 
Qoh^^^aiQaires^euuiSeiT'SeiT^fiLBLp. [Subrah- 
manya-kadavul-kshetra-kovai-pijlai-tamir. Hymns 
on the sanctuaries of Subrahmanya, in pillai- 
tamir style.] pp. 27. See Sambandha-saeana- 
LAYA-SVAMI. a ih ^ Lj JT !r eiSST 3= iTr (Vji s in . [Kanda- 
puraua-churukkam.] [1906.] 8°. 14170. eee. 10. 


IcuricJd. See Kamban. ° o ° i^w^^LDuinrinir- 
lUssnTLn ^ [Kamba-ramayanam. Book v. Edited 
by Chidambara-natha.] [1870.] 8°. 14172. c. 4. 

PiUaiyarpahij/am, Conjevaram. See Uma-pati Si- 
vacharyar. o o o Q su u l9 jt ■x rr s" ld ^ [Siddhan- 
tashtakam. Comprising the Siva-prakasam, etc., 
with commentaries founded upon those of Chi- 
dambara-nathar and others.] [1895.] 12°. 

14170. d. 37. 

See Uma-pati Sivachaeyae. SeuuiSjrssir- 

<?ti. [Siddhantashtakam, viz. Siva-prakasam, 
with commentary of Chidambara-nathar, etc.] 
1897. 8°. [Mcy-kanda-sdttiram.] 14170. ff. 3. 

O o o ^Q^UUIT^lBu Lje9lLj^lTLJ Ljir/resnTLD. 

[Tirupadiri-puliyui-puranam. The sacred legend 
of the Saiva shrine at Tirupapuliyur, near Cnd- 
dalore, in verse, with prose epitomes by Chidam- 
bai-ara M. Saminiith'-aiyar. Edited by Siva- 
shaiimukha Mey-nana Sivacharya Svami.] pp. iii. 
iii. ii. 235, 2. Q^esrdssr [Madras,'] 1896. 12°. 

14170. d. 40. 

CHIDAMBARA PILLAI, Taruttitvrai N. ° °° eiiu9- 
ir &J i s I— sif era Sit^^sstld [Vairava-kadavulkirt- 
tanara. Hyinns to Bhairava. Revised by K.Kand'- 
appa Upadhyiiyar.] pp. 8. eue\}m0ti ■rireuS^^ 
[Valvai, 1887.] 16°. 14170. d. 5.(1.) 

CHIDAMBARA SVAMI, Koyilur. See Sankar.\- 
CHAEYAE. [Doubtful and Supjiosititious Works.] 
Lpf . . . ^e\)3iftes^eQn^^ ^, [A collection, com- 
prising Lakshana-vrutti, metrically translated by 
Chidambara Svami, etc.] [1888.] J 6°. 

14170. d. 28. 





CHIDAMBARA SVAMI, Tiruporur. See Kan^'- 
UDAiYA Vallal. o o o ^^eSQmirQda ^ [Oji- 
vil odukknm. With commentary by Chidambara 
Svami.] 1875. 16°. 14170. d. 17. 

See Kann'-udaiya Vallal. 


QevnQisth. [Ofivil odukkam. With Cliidam- 
bara Svami's commentary.] 1906. 16°. 

14170. dd. 14. 

(J^ . . . ^(iTfuQun ^n^ ■f.i/S^Qfianp y\ 

[Tirupoiui-saunidhi-murai. A poem on the cult 
of the Saiva sanctuary of Tii'uporur, near Madras. 
With commentary and interpretation by T. K. 
Subba-raya Chetti.] pts. i.-ii. pp.96. ©.ysJrSsjr 
/5/5^s3T [Madrag, 1892.] 8°. 14170. f. 19. 

o o o Qeu^SliBiasneuiTiTu^aui, [Veda- 

giriy-isvarar-padigam. A Saiva poem on the 
god of Vedagiri.] pp. 7. See Sundara Mu- 

DALIYAR, T. o o o ^(^QpqT)aiT pj)J UU SDL- ^, 

[Tiru-mrug'-attu-padai, e<c.] pt. iv. [1890.] 
16°. 14172. a. 32.(4.) 

durai. See Uyya- vanda Deva-nayanar, Tiruviya lur. 
^QFf&ii^iuirir i^ [Tiruv-nndiyar. With com- 
mentary by Chidambara-tambiran, etc.'] [1896.] 
12°. 14170. d. 65. 

See Uyya-vanda Deva-nayanak, Tiruviya- 

lur. ^(f^eijibQiufrir. [Tiruv-undiyar. With 
commentary by Chidambara-tambiran.] 1897. 8°. 
[Mey-Jcanda-sclttiram.] 14170. ff. 3. 

CHID-GHANANANDA GIRI. t# . . . Siuiriuu- 
i9rrsir<3=i'n. [Nyaya-prakasam. A treatise on 
logic. Translated from the Hindi by P. Naga-ratna 
Nayakar. Edited by V. Mrugesa Mudaliyar.] 
Qa^ekSssT [Madras,] 1906, etc. 8°. 14170. ff. 21. 
In progress. 

CHILDREN. New Children's Series. [Tamil 
tracts for children, published by the Jaffna Re- 
ligious Tract Society.] no. 1-28. [Jaffna, 1842- 
1848 ?] 16°. 14170. a. 15. 

No title-pages or Tamil headings. 


CHINNA. [For names beginning with this 
word :] See Sinna. 

CHITT'-AMBALA-NADIGAL. See Sitt'-ambala- 


CHITTY (Simon Casie). See Kadavdn Ma-mdni, 
The sixth chapter of the Tiruvathavur Purana 
. . . Translated . . . by S. C. Chitty. 1861. 8°. 

Ac. 8830. (vol. i., no. 2.) 

The Tamil Plutarch, containing a summary 

account of the lives of the poets and poetesses of 
Southern India and Ceylon, from the earliest . . . 
times, with select specimens of their compositions, 
pp. V. 122. Jaffna, 1859. 8°. 14172. b, 49. 

CHRISTIANS, South Indian. See Indian Chris- 

CLARKE {Mrs. T.). ^inuuiirriF,i(^ S-uQ^a^iii. 
[Taymarukku upadesam. A Christian tract ad- 
dressed to the mothers of Southern India.] pp. 
51. Madias, 1860. 12°. 14170. b. 16.(2.) 

CLOUSTON (William Alexander). See Nalu- 
mantei-kathai. The King and his Four Ministers 
. . . translated ... by ... Natesa Sastri . . . 
With notes and introduction, by W. A. Clouston. 
1888. 12°. 14170. k. 48.(1.) 

A group of Eastern Romances and Stones, 

from the Persian, Tamil, and Urdu. With in- 
troduction, notes, and appendix by W. A. Clous- 
ton, pp. xl. 586. Glasgow, ISB9. 8°. 14003. h. 21. 

COBBAN (G. Mackenzie). See Beschi (C. G. E.). 

mik^ex)s>aes3T^ Q^iris!r^0&)e8i5rTa>{BLa ^ [Ton- 
nul-vilakkam. With life of the author by G. M. 
Cobban.] [1891.] 8°. 14172. f. 16. 

COLLETT (Charles). A Manual of the Law of 
Torts, and of the Measure of Damages . . . Trans- 
lated into Tamil by Puducotai Sami Iyer, {i—irir- 
lLQ&v . . . ■riaCodn^uLierv^sLD.) Second edition, 
pp. i. ii. 252. Madras, 1872. 8°. 14170. g. 10. 

COLLINS, afterwards COOK (Mabel). u^iriris 
eSleirdsLb, [Marga-vilakkam, i.e. ' Light on the 
Path,'' a theosophical tract] . . . written down by 
M. C. . . . Translated [into Tamil] by S. Rama- 
swamier. pp. 28. Madras, 1885. 16°. 14170. d. 6. 

COLOMBO. — $aiva-prakdsa-sabhai, LjrireissrLci. [Pu- 
ranam. A tract on the Saiva religious books.] 
pp. 14. ujirj^uuiremirui [Jaffna,] 1891. 8°. 

14170. e. 41.(3.) 

COLTON (John), of the American Mission, Madura. 
Description of Madura. Lc^es^jr^&snmeQQ^^- 





^iTiB^Lo, [A geographical and historical account.] 
pp. i. 85 ; 2 flutes. Palamcotta, 1863. 12°. 

14172. h. 66. 

CONDASVAmI PULAVER. See Kanua-sami Pc- 



COOMArASwAmY. See Kumara-svami. 

COOPPOOSWAMY AIYAR. See Kuppn-slMi Aitar. 

CORNELIUS NADAR (J. S.). Indian Antiquities. 
Amarar Puranam, being the antiquities of the 
gods of India, as described in the Sacred Writings 
of the Hindus, treated historically. ^ldjtit 
Lj J IT esuT ih erssrsji/to Q^&ih (^eveSsirianJci. pp. vii. 
500. Salem, 1901. 8°. 14170. k. 52. 

CRAMER (Adolphus). See Bible. — New Testa- 
ment. — Gospels. [Matthew.] Het Heylige Evan- 
gelinm . . . na . . . Mattheus . . . in de malla- 
baarse Tale overgebragt [by A. Cramer ?], etc. 
1741. 4°. 466. b. 16. 

CROSSETT (Samuel). See Ceylon. Ceylon Govern- 
ment Railways, etc. [Translated by S. Crossett.] 
1892. 12°. 14172. i. 16. 

CTJIL (J. B.). See Cktlon. — Department of Tuhllc 

Instruction. Extracts from the Code for Aided 

Schools, etc. [Signed by J. B. Cull.] 1892. 

8°. 14172. hh. 6. 

1893. 8°. 

14172. hh. 7. 

CUNDASAWMY PIILAY. See Kanda-sami Pillai. 

CUTTER (Calvin). ° ° ° ^iekeit^uit^ aairem- 
6uir^ e-puire\)esr^jre\>. (* Anatomy, Physiology, 
and Hygiene.) [A treatise by S. F. Green, mostly 
translated from the work of Cutter bearing the 
above English title.] Second edition, pp. 204. 
Madras, 1857. 12°. 14172. h. 55. 

CUYLENBURG (Arthur van). Arithmetic. Stan- 
dard IV. ibirestmiriB^ira aessfl^Lh. pp. 74. Batli- 
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(S^euui9jr6irtfu9e!sr ^Q^iaseai^. [Deva-prajaiyin 
tiru-kathai. Edited by Cyriacus.] [1880-1886.] 
8°. 14170. bb. 2. 

DAIRIYA-NATHA-SVAMI. See Beschi (C. G. E.). 



See Teyva- 

DAJJAL. t_j'ju j_Cu <!c_<LlIU.i) [Dajjal-naraah. 

Traditions relating to "al-Masili al-dajjal," or 
Antichrist, collected and translated from the 
Arabic] pp. 32, Zi<A. ^^^jj.^ trn^ [Madras, \906.] 
8°. 14173. b. 27.(2.) 

DAL YELL (Robert Anstruther). See Madras, 
Presidency of. — Board of Revenue. Q^f&srP&sr 

[The Standing Orders of the Madras Board of 
Revenue from 1820 to 1866. Compiled by R. A. 
Dalyell.] [1868.] 8°. 14170. g. 6. 



^.t-^^iy^-^^^^K . . . ^&^^<3i>^ »ii [Tattva- 
trayam. With commentary. Edited by Dainodara 
Aragiya-singar.] [1875.] 8°. 14170. f. 24. 

DAMODARAM (D. V.). See Trimmer (G. J.). 
" Stewards of the Mysteries of God "... an ordi- 
nation charge delivered at the ordination of the 
Rev. D. V. Thamotheram, etc. 1892. 16°. 

14170. a. 57.(1.) 

DAMODARAM PILLAI, SiruppitH Vairava-ndtha, 
Bdu Bahadur. [Life.} See Raja-ratnam Pillai, 
T. A. The Life of . . . Tbamotharam Pillai, etc. 
1902. 12°. 14170. k. 44. 

See BUDDHA-MITRAN. 00° sff" IT (S -T IT ifi iU U) . 

[Vlra-soriyam. Edited by Dam5daram.] [1881.] 
8°. 14172. f. 12. 

1895. 8*^ 

See Iraiyanar. 

14172. e. 21. 


[Iraiyanar-aga-porul. With commentary. Edited 
by Dam6daram.] [1883.] 8°. 14172. e. 25. 

See Kachiy-appar, Tirutanigai. j-^ . . , 

^ sssfl ems ill Lj jr IT einfnh . [Tanigai-puranam. Edited 
by Damodaram.] [1883.] 8°. 14170. e. 64. 

See Nallanduvanar. o o o seS^Q^ir&sim. 

[Kali-togai. Edited by Damodaram.] 1 887. 8°. 

14172. b. 38. 

• See Tola-mori Devar. « » o r^enirinessfl. 

[Chulamani. Edited by Damodaram.] 1889. 8°. 

14172. b. 39. 





DAMODARAM FILLAI, ^iruppitti Vairava-nnlha, 
Bdu Bahadur (contiimed). See Tola-MORI Dlvae. 

ooo ^sQiLi^i^Lninrissraein^ i^ [Vachana-chula- 
mani. Tlio story of tho Chulamani rendered into 
prose by Dainodaram Pillai.] 1898. 12°. 

14171. a. 31. 

See ToL-KAPPiYANAR. O ^ IT e\) a. IT u i9 lu I'n i^ 

[Tol-kappiyam. With commentary. Edited by 
Damddaram.] 1885- [1892.] 8°. 14172. e. 13. 

See Vaidta-natha Desikau. ooo ^^iisessr- 

eQenisLO ^ [Ilakkana-vilakkam. Edited by 
Damodaram.] [1889.] 8°. 14172. e. 24. 

See Vaidya-natha Desikae. 


eQionia,uu^uLjQnirui^LJLj. [Ilakkana-vilakka- 
padipp'-urai-mariippu. A criticism of Damo- 
daram Pillai's commentary on the Ilakkana- 
vilakkam.] 1891.. 8°. 14172. f. 22. 

See Vaidta-katha Desikar. 00° ©jeoiseasr- 

eQerrsaiih. Q 3" lu ilj &?! lu eo . [Seyyul-iyal. Edited 
by Damodaram.] 1900. 8°. 14172. e. 35. 

(^efrirLDsssfl. ^/irSiuev. [Chulamani. Aras'- 

iyal, or the section on Royalty.] See Academies, 
etc. — Madras. — University of Madras. The Tamil 
text,e<c. pp 49-70. 1899. 8°, 14172. bb. 6.(7.) 

Chulamani. Government. [Translated into 

English by V.Venkata-srIniviisan.] See Academies, 
etc. — Madras. — University of Madras. University 
of Madras. Matriculation Examination, 1900, e<c. 
1900. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(2.) 

Chulamani. Royalty. [In English, with 

Tamil notes.] See Academies, etc. — Madras. — 
University of Madras. Copious annotations, etc. 
1900. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(3.) 

Chulamani. Royalty. [In English.] See 

Academies, etc. — Madras. — University of Madras. 
University of Madras. Exhaustive notes, etc. 
1900. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(4.) 

DANDA-PANI SVAMI, Irodu. See Bala subrah- 
Manya Kavi-rayar. ULps3fl^^e\) Ljjrrrem 1^ 
[Parani-tala-puranam. Edited by Danda-pani.] 
[1893.] 8°. 14170. e. 57. 

DANIEL (E.). The Conversation. A dialogue 
between a Christian and a follower of Mohammed 
. . . <ytDoU/r^ti. Second edition, pp. 12. Jaffna, 
1844. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(23.) 

DANIEL PILLAI, of Tranquehur. See Booatzky 
(C. H. von). uiri£is33ri^svwmeifliv^asj'fE6TT . . ,.Mu- 
ju6tmuQui_t^ [The Golden Treasury. Translated 
by Daniel Pillai.] [1800.] 8°. 14170. c. 26. 

See Booatzky (C. H. von). Golden Trea- 
sury . . . New edition, etc. 1876-1878. 8°. 

14170. c. 1. 
DANIEL PILLAI, Ta/'jai Satnadhdnam. See Antoki 
P1LI.A1. The English, Tamil, Telugu and Hindu- 
stani Sonmalai . . . revised by . . . Daniel Pillay, 
etc. 1880. 8°. 14172. e. 10. 

DASARATHI CHETTI, Tirupaftur Kodanda-rfimnn, 
and MANIKKAM PILLAI, TirupoHUr Bamn-sumi. 
Vithyabivirthi Sambashanam, or A dialogue on 
the improvement of education . . . New edition. 
{sS^ujm9sSir^^ ■s^Lnuirs^^anLD.) pp.ii.44. Ban- 
galore, 1895. 8°. 14172. hh. 11. 

DAVID (Christian). See Liturgies. — England, 
Church of. The Tamul Translation [by C. David] 
of the Book of Common Prayer, etc. 1818. 8'='. 

14170. b. 51. 

DEFOE (Daniel). The Life and Adventures of 
Robinson Crusoe. Translated into Tamil by 
V. Visvanatha Pillai. ((^ptSssrsrusir (^jjn-Qswir 
3=ifl^^irLo.) New edition, pp. 471 ; I plate. 
Madras, 1906. 12°. 14171. d. 8. 

DE NOBILI (R.). See Nobili (R. de'). 

DE RIEMER (W. E.). See Riemeb (W. E. de). 

DESIKACHARYAR, Adur Ichamhddi. See Para- 
sara. uiras'jTetVLCiQF)^. [Parasara-smruti. Edited 
with Tamil translation by Desikacharyar.] 1902. 
8°. 14039. b. 30. 

DESIKACHARYAR, K. See VmAi^ as.— Kalhl-pu- 
rdiiam. uf . . . «ei>ffli-/2r/r653TtD. [Kalki-puranam. 
Translated by Desikacharyar.] [1902.] 8^ 

14170. ee. 50. 

DEVANGAR. 000 Q^ en iriBsi^jrir em ih. [Devanga- 
puranam. The sacred legends of the Devanga 
or weaver caste, translated from the San.skrit. 
Versified by Mambaya Kavi-singa Navalar from 
the version of Sada-siva Svami and Dodtlaya De- 
sikar. With a commentary by R. Sabha-pati 
Pillai.] pp. ii. ii. 350. QtrssrSssr [Madras, 1893.] 
8°. 14170. e. 55. 






DEVANNA BHATTAR. [For editions of the Vya- 
vahara-sara-sarigrahain, abridged from the Smruti- 
chandrika of Devanna :] See Kanda-sami Pulavae, 

DEVA-RAJA KA.VI-RAYAR, Kalavai Purasai. See 
Kausikar. The Kowseegasindamony . . . written 
[i.e. edited] by K. P. Thavaraja Pundit. 1895. 
8\ 14170. i, 35. 

See Muni-sami Mudaliyar, S. 

Q^riT^L- iSiTLoiremL-.Q'fs.irLn [Jodida-brahmanda- 
sekharam. Compiled by Muni-sami, as transmitted 
by Deva-raja.] [1898.] 8°. 14170. i. 66. 

DEVA-SAHAYAM, E. Arogyam, Bala-kavi, of Ban- 
galore. ^iT'f : ulriTuujrLhLDiTerr ^LhubirSssr. [Ar- 
chya-barbarammal-ammanai. A poem on the le- 
gend of St. Barbara.] pp. iv. 88. Quikoi^sr^ir 
[Bangalore,'] 1897. 8°. 14170. bb. 8.(2.) 

DEVA-SAHAYAM PILLAI. See Mutt'-aita P0- 

LAVAU. Qeu^^ir,3i^iuirQiu (Sfl6ii&=dsiriuu:it9ffir&tr 
eiiiT<T.3,uuir, [Deva-sahayam-pillai-vachaka-pa. A 
drama on the martyrdom of Deva-sahayam.] 
1894. 8°. 14170. 1. 42. 

(o eu ^s <3' fr lL S iLi rr 6isr Q^eua^airujimSsirdsiT 

ff fi^^iTLD. [Deva-sahayam-pillai-charitram. A 
life of Deva-sahayam, a native Christian martyr.] 
pp. iii. 72, ii. Lj^ismeu ajsJ^m®^ {Pondiclierry, 
1858.] 16°. 14170. a. 12. 

The author seems to he L. Saint-Cyr, S.J. 

■ (o/bSiis'smuS'XfrLDbSsflLci/rSet). [Deva-sahaya- 

sikhamani-malai. A Christian poem on the 
story of Deva-sahayam.] pp.56, lu n tp u u rr essr lc 
[Jaffna,'] 1897. 8°. 14170. bb. 8.(3.) 

DEVENDRA. 000 2un2^w}nj&-^Qei^00.3»i^Quj^. 
Qp ^6uetvihQuir^Ss!sr. [Jiva-sambodhanai, or 
Dvadasanuprekshai. A metrical version of a Jain 
Sanskrit treatise purporting to contain answers 
by the Ganadhara Gautama to the questions of 
Srenika on 12 cardinal topics of Jain doctrine. 
With prose interpretation.] pt. i.-ii. pp. 36, i. 
12. ©sarssra/TQi^Lyirti) auir^u [Little Conjcva- 
ram, 1883.] 8°. 14170. e. 21. 

Apparently no more hat been publiahed. 

DEVIZE (Gerard). See Rama-chandea Kavi-ea- 
YAR, JNT. (;:akuntala. Traduction [by G. Deveze], 
etc. 1880-1887. 8°. P.P. 4964. d. (torn. 19-20)! 

DHAIRYA-NATHA-SVAMI. See Beschi (C. G. E.). 

DHANVANTARI. 000 ^emt-'X a;3so ii^iresrLD- 
dir/rr. [Dandaka-kalai-nanam. A medical work 
of Yogic tendency, in six hundred metrical sec- 
tions, attributed to Dhanvantari. Edited by T. 
Venkatachala Mudaliyar.] pp. 94. ueii [Madras, 
1874.] 8°. 14170. i. 12. 

000 uireoe^iraL-Quieisr ^iM SiL£lL—®iri- 

^6sriB-QF,'isLci m-m.Xriid. [Simittu-ratna-suruk- 

kam, or Bala-vahatam. A medical work in 361 
stanzas, attributed to the legendary Dhanvantari, 
and apparently based on Vag-bhata's Bahatam. 
Edited by T. Subba-raya Mudaliyar.] pp. ii. 86. 
ueu [Madras, 1874.] 8°. 14172. c. 19. 

DIALOGUE. A Dialogue between a Protestant 
Christian and a Casi Pandaram . . . Edited and 
published by Vathamuthoo Francis Thomas. 
(*^® Sl^'Stt)^6>i(fh,a(VjLti . . . SiQFi a^rrQuuetfST- 
i—irjr^^'if^LCi /5j_/B^<?toLJff«^SB)C3ar«(5tr.) pp. xi. 
536. Madras, 1857. 8°. 14170. c. 20. 

The wrapper bears the date 1859. 

DIBB (Ashton). <See Bible. — Concordances. Con- 
cordance to the Tamil New Testament, etc. [Re- 
vised by A. Dibb.] 1878. 4°. 3104. aaa. 8. 

DICTIONARIES. A Manual Dictionary of the 

Tamil Language. Published by the Jaffna Book 

Society. {^QuiuirfEinr^.) pp. iv. 771, xxii. 

Jaffna, 1842. 8°. 14172. e. 19. 

The ivorh was commenced by J. Knight, and completed 
after his death by native assistants supervised by L. Spauld- 

QuiraiTir^. [Per-agaradi. A second 

edition of the preceding, revised with additions 
by Kiiiichipuram Eama-sami Nayudu.] pp. i. 
948,68,32,114. G<j^sir^ [Matiras,] 1893. 8°. 

14172. f. IS. 

^iBipu QujTiEirfrlS. [Tamir-per-agaradi. 

Another edition of the same work, enlarged by 
N. Kadir-ver Pillai.] pp. vii. 948, 287. Q^ekSssr 
[Madras,] 1899. 8°. 14172. f. 24. 

A Polyglot Vocabulary in the English, 

Teloogoo, and Tamil Languages ; to which are 
appended . . . dialogues ; with selections and a 
glossary of Revenue terms . . . arranged . . . and 
. . . translated, by a late student of Mr. Lewis 




. . . with the assistance of T. M. Kistnasawmy 
Pillay. pp. iv. 262, iii.j 1 plate. Madras, 1851. 
8". 14172. h. 21. 

A Vocabulary [in English and Tamil] of 

Technical Terms as used in Logic and Metaphysics, 
pp. 12, 17. Joffna, 1860. 12°. 14172. h. 67. 

ii^LD emi—iueoiraoiLD. [English-Tamil vocabulary 
and dialogues, the English words being written 
in the Tamil character. Edited by T. Arn-muga 
Svami.] pp.72. a=p/=ii/« [IfacZms, 1881.] 16°. 

14172. h. 46. 

English and Tamil grammatical vocabu- 
lary. Useful words and idiomatic sentences. 
Series of vocabularies, no. iii. pp. 76. Madras, 
1881. 16°. 14172. h. 31. 

DIETRICH (JoHANN Konrad). (Sj/tsbt e_uG'^<f 
efloTU^/f/UL/. [Nana-upadesa-vistarippu. A cate- 
chetic exposition of Lutheran theology. Trans- 
lated into Tamil by K. A. A. Ihlefeld.] pp. 275. 
Tranquebar, 1880. 12°. 14170. b. 33. 

DIOGNETUS. ^(SiuiriQssr^ eresrueuQ^ir^ ^Q^- 
jSesr Sq^uld. The Epistle to Diognetus. A trans- 
lation by B. Abraham. pp. 12. Madras, 1893. 
8°. 14170. c. 24.(8.) 

DIVAKARAR. Q ■f is ^ek^Qeuir .sir to Qpevufri^ih. 

[Divakaram. A metrical dictionary in twelve 

parts. Edited by Tandava-raya Mudaliyar.] pp. 

204. !=F a eujT [Madras, 1877.] 12°. 14172.6.4. 

Composed at the instance of a certain Sendanar (some- 
times identified with Sendan of Ambarnagar, mentioned hy 
Auvaiyur), and of ten passing under his name. 

o o o ^euiTsiTLB (^ [Divakaram. Bk. i., 

or names of gods (Teyva-peyar-togudi). Edited 
by T. Kuppan Aiyangar.] pp. 24. S^^rrir^^ 
[Madras, 1859.] 16°. 14172. ee. 9.(1.) 

(oa=(b^&sr ^euirminh . . . O^iueuirQuiuir^- 

0^/r(5^ i^ [Divakaram. Bk. i. Edited by 
T. Aru-muga Svami.] pp. 24. <s.=^=5y«) [Madras, 
1880.] 16°. 14172. ee. 8. 

DOppAYA DESIKAR, Kalappadi. See Devanoar. 

o o o Q ^ en triBj .s L] IT IT essT LD . [Devaiiga-puranam. 
Versified from the version of Sada-siva and 
Doddaya.] [1893.] 8°. 14170. e. 66. 

DOpp'-AYYANGAR, ^uddha-aattvam. See PrilAi 

LOKACHARYAR. » » ° QpQpifii^-aUUI^ 1^ [Mumu- 

kshu-padi. With glosses by Dodcl'-ayyangar.] 
1890. 8°. 14170. f. 18. 

DODDRIDGE (Philip). The Rise and Progress of 
Ileligiou in the Soul . . . Abridged and altered. 
[In English and Tamil.] (*QiDiUi^i^irQ^fiuj- 
6^(3^.^.) pp. 339. Jaffna, 1848. 12°. 

14170. b. 36. 

DREW (William Hotles). See Tiru-valllvar. 
The Cural . , . with the commentary of Parimel- 
aragar, an amplification ... by Ramanuja Cavi- 
Rayar, and an English translation of the text by 
. . . W. H. Drew. 1840-1852. 8°. 14172. b. 48. 

DUBOIS (Jean-Antoine), Abbe. See Beschi (C. 
G. E.). Aventures du Gourou Paramarta . . . 
[Translated by J. A. Dubois], etc. 1877. 8°. 

12315. h. 3. 

Le Pantcha-Tantra, ou Les Cinq Ruses, 

fables du Brahme Vichnou-Sarma ; Aventures 
de Paramarta, et autres contes, le tout traduifc 
pour la premiere fois sur les originaux indiens ; 
par M. I'Abbe J. -A. Dubois, pp. xvi. 415. Paris, 
1826. 8°. 14170. k. 67. 

[Another edition, typographically identical 

with the above, with 13 engravings by Leonce 
Petit.] Paris, 1872. 8°. 14170. k. 68. 

DUMAST (A. P. F. de). See Guerkier de Domast. 

DUPUIS (Loois-Savinien), Abbe. See Beschi 
(C. G. E.). Q^ihufreueanf]. [Tem-bav-aiii. Edited 
by Dupuis.] [1851-1853.] 8°. 14170. c. 9. 

^6\)<mpeij^^ujir6srLo. [Ill'-arav-udyanam. 

Rules for conjugal and domestic life.] pp. iv. 
540. Lj^Gspisu ^.jf/sh-er [Pondicherry, 1867.] 12°. 

14170. a. 51. 

Notice sur la Poesie Tamoule, le Rev. P. 

Beschi et le Tembavani, par un membre de la 
Congregation des Missions-fitrangeres. pp. 81. 
Pondichery, 1851. 8°. 14172. c. 7. 

DURAI-SAMI AIYAR, T. S. See Periodical Pdb- 
LiCATiONS. — TrichinopoU. aQuir^ uirfl^ir^u)!^^ 
[Subodha-piirijatam. Edited by Durai-sami.] 
1907, etc. 8°. 14172. i. 12. 





(oeii^LfSiuiB^ir^. [Veda-puriy-antadi. A Ca- 
tholic devotional poem. Edited successively by 
T. Dh. Arogyam Pijlai and M. Veda-nayakam 
Pilhi.] pp. 13. Lj^ianeu ^^indirjfj [Pondicherry, 
1868.] 8°. 14170. c. 32. 

i.hadran) . aiBidBirtuir^jriruirirueuLni. [Ganga-yatra- 
prabliavam. An account of a pilgrimage to the 
Ganges, and the appropriate legends.] pp. v. 
132, 2. Q-f^Sssr ewirai^^^ [Madras, 1889.] 
8°. 14172. b. 36. 

Ririrsu^^fiULn, [Ramabhadriyain. Essays 

on religious and ethical themes, from a Vaishnava 
standpoint.] pp. 30, iv. 113. (^LauQairessiLD 
[Kumhakonam,] 1896. 12°. 14171. a. 15. 

DUTHIE (James). Homiletics . . . i9jr^mia 
^svAssssTLD. [Translated into Tamil by A. Barnes.] 
pp. ii. 92. Palamcottah, 1865. 12°. 14170. b. 6. 

DVITA-MATA-TIRASZARI, Psend. (f (yi^/Bg/DSff- 
eurr^ua.) [JIudar-kural-vadam. A tract on the 
interpretation of the first verse of the Kural.] 
pp. 16. Qa^^dssr {Madras,'] 1897. 8°. 

14170. ee. 32.(1.) 

No title-page. The List of Books Registered (1897, iii., 
p. 72) gives the name of the author as Vadi-vHu Chetti. 

o o o (rp^jh(^pfer^6!!3Tssiir: .j^6\)s\)^ np^jb- 

(VjpeneuiT^ i@ it it m ir ssar 3= ^ ^ir s^&s^ . [Mudar-kural- 
unmai, or Mudar-kural-vada-uirakarana-sata-dii- 
sbani.] The Truth of the First[verse of the]Kural, 
or Exposition of one hundred fallacies in the criti- 
cism on the discursive treatise on the First Kural. 
pp. 16, 236. Qd^mSs^fT [Madras,] 1900. 8°. 

14170. ee. 29. 
DWIGHT (Timothy). See Rhenius (C. T. E.). 
Summary of a Body of Divinity . . . [abridged 
from the works of Pictet and Dwight], etc. 1838. 
12°. 14170. b. 42. 



14170. b. 43. 

EDMONDSON (Jonathan). Five Sermons on the 
Nativity, — the Crucifixion, — the Resurrection, — 
and the Ascension of Jesus; and the Descent of 
the Holy Spirit . . . Translated into Tamil: — from 
the two volumes of short Sermons by ... J. Ed- 
mondson,efc. pp. 12, 16, 12, 12, 11. Q.a-e3Tetirui_- 
i^em^i^Slso [Madras,] 1831. 8°. T. 2124,(6.) 

EDWARD VII., King of Great Britain and Ireland. 
See Keushnam-achartar, V. His Most Excellent 
Majesty King-Edward VII. A biographical sketch 
with an account of the great Coronation, etc. 
1902. 8°. 14170. k. 51. 

EKAMBARA MUDALIYAR, Sef'ji. See Sahadevan. 
o o o uiT'T&asiaa^iTSfO^jrLci ^ [Pachikai-sastram, 
etc. Edited and recast, with paraphrase, by 
Ekambara.] 1905. 8°. 14171. g. 12. 

See Viea-buahmendrita Svami. Arputha 

KalakgiyanaManchari'Vachanakaviam,e<c. [Edited 
by Ekambara.] 1897. 8°. 14170. i. 73. 

Q'S'ir ^L^QsiriLs'iT ffSti^'Smneissfl. npeOQT.Lb, 

e_(SS)j(tyto. [Jodida-got-chara-chintamani. A metri- 
cal manual of astrology, with commentary.] pp. 1 20 . 
Madras, 1902. 8°. 14171. g. 1. 

(zreisreyuLD an'esTLCiairira^eisr /5/rL_<SLD.[Karna-maha- 
rajan-natakam. A drama on the epic legend of 
the 17th day of battle between the Kauravas and 
Pandavas. Edited by Puduvai Subrahmanya Pillai.] 
pp. 80. Madras, 1904. 8°. 14170. 1. 61. 

m^eiDnisS'ir^eoikiairnLD. [Madurai-vira- 

alaiikaram. A poem on the heroic legend of 
Vira-svami of Madeira.] pp.8. [Madras,] 1892. 
8°. 14172. b. 44.(2.) 

LCiu9sQ a rreuessrm miTi_aLD. [Mayil-iravanan- 

natakam. A lyrical drama upon a legend of the 
Ramayanam. Edited by Puduvai Subrahmauj-a 
Pillai.] pp. 222. Qe'mSssT [Madras,] 1904. 8°. 

14170. 1. 62. 

ooo ^^^esrinSssr a ^/Ss' IT stv^jrth. [Nutana- 

manai-kuri-sastram. Rules and rites for the ac- 
quisition and use of building sites, in verse, with 
commentary.] pp. 20. Qta^mSser [Madra,i,] 1894. 
8°. 14172. b. 44.(5). 

■3' ITSlims^ (LpplULj QpeVQfjLn - S^eHMrilJLD. 

[Sarva-visha-murippu. A tract in 61 stanzas ou 
remedies for poisons, compiled with a prose para- 
phrase by Ekambara.] pp.24. Q 3- eisrSssr [Madras,] 
1905. 8°. 14171. g. 11. 

ELA-PATTU. Yeiappattu, chant de trait ou de 
halage. [A religious-philosophic poem, in the 
form of a ballad for sailors or workmen. Trans- 





lated by J. Vinson.] (Revue de Linguistique et 
de Plulologie Compar^e. Tome xxxv., pp. 234- 
240.) Parts, 1902. 8". PP. 4964. d. (vol. 35.) 

EIL'-APPA NAVALAR. See Subrahmanya Aiyak, 
D.G. ^Q^eQiB^^etnd-LJLjirirejssreu-TssiUj, [Tiru-vi- 
rinchai-parana-vachanam. A prose epitome of 
Eir-appar'sTiru-viriSchai-purai.iam.] [1897.] 12°. 

14170. d. 61. 

(S^ir^^jrut9jru/B^^^QjrL.®Lh. [Arunachala- 
puranam. A poem on the sacred legends of the 
shrine at Arunachalam (Tiruvannamalai), with 
paraphrastic commentary by Maravai Maha-ling'- 
aiyar. Preceded by several religious poems and 
introductory matter in prose, and followed by 
Arunachalesurar-tottira-prabandha-tirattu, poems 
by Ell'-appitr and other Saiva writers upon the 
holy plac-ps about Arunachalam, including Ell'- 
ajipar'sTiruv-arunaiy-antadi and Tiruv-arunai-ka- 
lambakam, Siva-prakasa's Soiia-saila-malai, e/c] 
pp. xciv. ii. xii. 428; 15 plates. Madras, 1898. 
12°. 14170. d. 52. 

.j>/Q^ies3)<TetiLjjrire33rLD ^ [Arunachala-pura- 

nam. Another edition of the preceding, with some 
additional verses.] pp. 624 ; 16 plates. Madras, 

1902. 12°. 14170. d. 75. 

.j>/(i^nsss)'fevt-/n-irss3nh t^ [Arunachala-pura- 

nam. Another edition, with some additional 
verses.] pp.704; \Q plates. O^ssr^ [JWarfra.?,] 

1903. 12°. 14170. d. 83. 

The third edition, according to the ' Catalogue of Books 
Registered,' 1903, iv.,p. 116. 

[Another edition.] pp.676, xiv.; 15 ^Zaiea. 

O^s^skSssr [Madras,] 1903. 12°. 14170. d. 84. 

iLjiti. [Arunachala-puranam. With interpretation. 

Edited by T. Arunachala Aiyar.] pp. ii. 168. 

uj,aw [Madras, 1875.] 8°. 14170. e. 18. 

The interpretation is practically the same as that of Mahd- 
ling' -aiyar. The book is crudely illustrated. 

See Tiru-venkatach-alaKavi-ratae. 

o o o eueveoirenu:airjrir^sirss!n^ [Vallala- 
maha-rajan-kathai. A story illustrative of 
EU'-appar's Arunachala-puranam, ch. vii.] 
[1879.] 8°. 14170. k. 13. 

ooo ^ (ifi&i QF)dsim i tseoLDUdB Qpeonptii . . . 

«9(iT)^^ u^enjiLjLh. [Tiruv-arunai-kalambakam. 

With commentary by N. Kadirai-ver Piljai.] 
pt. i. pp. 24. Qa^ejrasar {MaJras,] 1902. 8°. 

14172. 0. 47. 

ELLIS (Francis Whyte). See Tiru-valluvab. 
[^^puuirevi etc.) [Kura]. Edited by F. W. Ellis.] 
[1810 P] 4°. 14172. c. 6. 

/See TiRU-VALLUVAR. ^rr^aistTfet^euiBtriu^ir 

. . , ^QF,m(^peiT. The 'Sacred' Kurral . . . With 
. . . Beschi's and F. W. Ellis' versions, etc. 1886. 
8°. 14172. 0. 40. 

See TiRC-VALLDVAR. [Extracts from the 

Kural, with F. W. Ellis' explanation.] 1906. 8°. 
[Brief Biograjphies of Twelve Standard Tamil 
Foets.] 14171. e. 9. 

ELYATAMBI. See Ii.aiya-tambi. 

EMBAV-AYYANGAE, Suddha-sattvam. See Pillai 
Lokacharyar. ooo apQpoi^-nuui^ ^ [Mumu- 
kshu-padi. With glosses by Embav-ayyangar.] 
1890. 8°. 14170. f. 18. 

See Pillai Lokacharyar. ° ° ° (ipQf,ahp,-au- 

uisf. f^ [Mumukshu-padi. With gloss by Embav- 
ayyangar.] 1889. 8°. 14170. f. 17. 

EM-BERTJMANAE. See Ramanuja. 

ENGLAND, Ohurch of. The Thirty-nine Articles 
of Religion, with Scripture references and short 
explanations, ^^sv Qexi^SiLOTfrisuiSrriMfTesisnki- 
aen t^. pp. 59. Madras, 1862. 12°. 

14170. b. 13.(2.) 

The Church Catechism ... ^irQ-^uQ^BS'- 

eS^eQeni-. pp.17. Madras, [^860 ?] 12°. 

14170. b. 13.(3.) 

ENGLISH. First Lessons in English and Tamul : 
designed to assist Tamul youth in the study of 
the English language. 2 pts. pp. 04, 96. Ma- 
nepy, 1835-1836. 16°. 14172. h. 1.(5.) 

English-Tamil First Book. pp. 72. Ma- 
dras, 1865. 16°. 14172. h. 23. 

(tVocabulary of words in Second Book.) 

[In English and Tamil.] pp.24. [il/(U?ra.«, 1865 ?] 

12°. 14172. h. 26. 

No title-page. 

6inpu9e\)^iBtuiruifr2so. Exercises on the English 
Irregular Verbs explained in Tamil. Together 





•with a supplement explaining some English idioms 
in daily use. pp. vi. 57. Madras, 1844. 8°. 

14172. f. 18. 
EN-STJVADL QtsQiEisessrsQaGsr^Lo st em a- ev if- 
1^ [En-suvadi. A school arithmetic with various 
lists of names, figures, etc. Edited by T. Kuppan 
Aiyangar.] pp. 54. Q^^irir^^ [ilf«c7/-as, 1859.] 
16°. 14172. h. 44.(2.) 

EPHEMEEIDES. QiBQrBiru.ud^a'friEJSLD. [Nedu- 
nat-panchangam. A perpetual calendar of Roman 
Catholic Church festivals.] pp. 64. Lj^emeu 
^j^jfna^id'P [PoncLicheri'y, 1844.] 16°. 

14170. a. 34.(1.) 

The Ceylon Catholic Almanac, 1890 (*1891, 

1893) . . . ^eviEJ6!ns:3' •s' ^QiuQeufi u i^ 3= ir la 3s ld . 
3 pts. luiT^uurressTLD [Jaffna,] 1890-1893. 12°. 

14170. a. 35.(4.) 

o o o m/B^esT (*q9^il/, Lnekm^, ^sstq^Q 

^) 0U(rF)3^ eurriQiu u^'S'iriEisLn . . . Tamil Ca- 
lendar for 1892-93 (*1893-94, 1895-96, 1896-97, 
1897-98). [Calculated for 1892-93 and 1893-94 
by C. Eaghu-nath'-aiyar; for 1895-96 and 1896- 
1897 by V. Sabha-pati Aiyar ; and for 1897-98 by 
R. Siva-rfima-ling'-aiyar.] 5 pts. luir yjuufTessria 
<sir-^8ir(ip® [/«/na, 1891-1896.] 8°. 14172. i. U. 

Universal Encyclopedic Calendar, giving 

. . . information for several centuries . . . and on 
a large variety of matters astronomical and astro- 
logical ... by T. Streeneevasa Row. pp. viii. 
96. Madras, 1892. 8°. 759. h. 8. 

^iB^QiB. [Jantri. An almanack showing in 

parallel columns the Tamil and the European dates 
of every day from A.D. 1807 to 1901. Compiled 
by Selam Mariy-appa Mud ally ar.] pp.570. Qs^mLc 
[Salem,] 1893. 12°. 14172. i. 14. 

ooo <ST eSl m Lo i9 <su IT s^ . . . euiriQtu U(S^- 

s^iriEisLc . . . Tamil Calendar for 1897-98. [Cal- 
culated by T. P. Ver Pillai.] pp. 80. tuiTLpu- 
uiressrth ^ek(Lfi@ [Jaffna, 1897.] 8°. 14172. i. 16.(1) 

EPHEMEEIDES {continued). Tamil Calendar. — 

A.D. 1849. ^PilUITlElSLB. S^JI^in 3^3i,-Ui ^SSS!®... 

Published by the Jaffna Religious Tract Society. 
pp. 48. Jaffna, 1849. 12°. 14172. i. 17. 

Tamil Almanac, for the year of our Lord 

isQ srr LD i9 &j IT s)^ . . . euiriSluj ud^dFiriEisLn. 

[Calendar for 1898-99. Calculated by T. M. Muttu- 
kumara-svami and S.Subrahmaiiya Sastri.] pp.84. 
luir^uuiressTih [Jaffna^ 1897. 8°. 14172. i. 16.(2.) 

Sii,Sifl. Jantri. 1805-iL (o^ Qp^&} 1926-ti 

(5^ &js!r>ir. Edited by K.Ramanathaiyar. pp.126. 
Trichinopoly, 1899. 8°. 14172. i. 9. 

1858. Lj^LJU(S])^iTikisLn. ^^nr@j>]-(^0. pp. 
28. Madras, 1857. 8°. 14170. k. 31. 

ESSOOF EAWUTHER. See Yusup Rauttar ibn 
Madar Sahib. 

ETERAJOOIOO NAIDOO. See Yati-rajulo Natudu. 

ETTU-TOGAL [For works forming part of the 
Ettu-togai which are separately registered in 
this Catalogue, see under the following head- 
ings :] 

KOdalur-kiear. Padittu-pattu. 

Nallanddvanar. Pura-nanuru. 

Cameos from Tamil literature (f mostly 

from the collection of poems called eriL®^- 

O^/tsdcb). [In Tamil and Euglish.] 1897, etc. 

See Periodical Publications. — Madras. The 

Light of Truth, etc. vol. i., no. 4, etc. 1897, etc. 

4°. 14170. flff. 4. 

In progress. 

EUCLID. Qa^^jiBeisafl^Lh. (The Elements of 
Euclid in Tamil. Book I. 1-15 . . . By D. C. 
Valooppillai.) pp. ii. 32. Jaffna, 1888. 8°. 

14170. i. 20. 

ETJRGFE. ^(S ST IT u u IT sQ eisT Q ^ <f iki ^ (m , [Airop- 
pavin desaiigiil. A school manual of European 
geography.] pp. 97. lu rr tp u u rr emsr m a, .jtf j)j ^h- 
[Jaffna, 1886.] 12°. 14172. h. 73. 

(^^q^lSulj.) Libri Symbolici Ecclesiae Evan- 
gelicae Lutheranae. Pars Prima. I-llI. Symbola 
Oecumenica. VI [sic]. Confessio Augustana 
V. Apologia Confessionis. VI. Articuli Smalcaldici. 
(*Pars Secunda. VII. Catechismus Minor. VIII. 
Catechismus Major. IX. Formula Concordiae.) 
[Translated by A. Blomstrand] 2 vols. pp. vii. 
417, viii. 455. Traw^Mefcar, 1872-1880. 8°. 

14170. c. 2. 

Abridgment of the Book of Concord. 

QunLuQurr^a ■g-irrnJb. pp. 24. See Graul (K. 
F. L.). Graul's Distinctive Doctrines, etc. 1882. 
12°. 14170. b. 31.(2.) 





EVILS. Evils of Comedies . . . /5/_6OT/5ilt_to. [A 
Christian tract.] Second edition, pp.12. Jaffna, 
1842. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(46.) 

On the Evils of Drunkenness . , . OeufS- 

eQeoisev. [A Christian tract.] pp. 8. Second 
edition. Jaffna, 18U. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(19.*) 

EVVALTJR. ^(/^sTeusu^iTLCiresTLSiuLD. [Tiru- 
evvalQr-inanmiyam. The legends of the Vaish- 
nava sanctuary at Evvalur, in prose, with some 
verses appended.] pp. 24. Q^rmSosr Q^tu [Madras, 
1895.] 12°. 14170. d. 45.(1.) 

FABRICIUS (JoHANN PniLiPp). See Bible.— Com- 
plete Bibles. The Old Testament, etc. [Revised 
from the version of Fabricius.] 1827-1833. 8°. 

3068. c. 21. 

[1840 ?] 8°. 1109. d. 6. 

Complete Bibles. The Holy Bible 

. . . The Old Testament, translated . , . by . . . 
J. P. Fabricius, etc. 1844. 8°. 3070. i. 1. 

Complete Bibles. The Old Testament 

[in the version of Fabricius], etc. 18G0. 4°. 

3068. e. 10. 

See Bible. — Old Testament. Librorum 

Sacrorura Veteris Testamenti . . . editio, etc. [Re- 
vised by J. P. Fabricius.] 1777-1796. 4°. 

3068. g. 10. 

■ Old Testament. The Old Testa- 
ment, eic. [Translated by Fabricius.] 1893. 8°. 

14170. c. 48. 
Old Testament. The Old Testa- 
ment . . . [Translated by Fabricius.] 1898. 8°. 

14170. bb. 7. 

Psalms. Book of Psalms. [In 

Fabricius' version], etc. 1898. 12°. 14170. a. 62. 

See Bible. — New Testament. The Tamul 

New Testament ... [In Fabricius' version.] 
[1824.] 8°. 1105. d. 1. 

New Testament. [New Testament, 

comprising Gospels and Acts in Rhenius' version 
and the remainder in a reissue of Fabricius' 
version.] 1410. h. 3. 

New Testament, ooo Lf^iu ^puir®. 

(*The New Testament.) [In Fabricius' version.] 
1878. 8°. 3068. dd. 24. 

FABRICIUS (JoHANN Philipp) {.continued). See 
BiiiLK. — New Testament. The New Testament . . , 
[in Fabricius' version], e<c. 1906. 8°. 14170. bbb.9. 

New Testament. — Gospels. [Matthew.^ 

A brief commentary . . . [With the text of Fabri- 
cius], etc. 1891. 8°. 14170. c. 37.(1.) 

Gospels. [Marh.l St. Mark's 

Gospel. [In Fabricius' version], dr. 1893. 16°. 

14170. a. 64.(1.) 

Gospels, [iw/ce.] St. Luke's 

Gospel. [In Fabricius' version], etc. 1900. 10°. 

14170. a. 54.(2.) 

Gospels. [/o7m.] St. John's 

Gospel. [In Fabricius' version], etc. 1901. 12°. 

14170. a. 54.(3.) 

Acts. The Acts of the 

Apostles. [In Fabricius' version], e/c. 1905. 16°. 

14170. a. 54.(4.) 

[For later editions of the Bible in trans- 
lations based upon that of Fabricius :] See Bible. 

See Hymnals. Hymnarium Tamulicum . . . 

secundum versionem correctiorem . . . Fabricii, 
etc. 1807. 8°. 14170. c. 8. 

See Hymnals. German Tunes to Fabricius' 

Hymnbook, etc. 1878. 12°. 14170. b. 57.(2.) 

See Hymnals. Hymnologia Germano- 

tamulica . . . Fabricius' Hymnbook. 1881. 12°. 

14170. b. 57.(1.) 
FACTS. Facts in Fiction. fipi^esT Qp^^. [Six 
Christian stories and dialogues.] pp. i. 99. Ma- 
dras, 1896. 16°. 14171. aa. 1. 

FASI. See Muhammad ibn Mdhammad. 

FELLOWES (Egbert). The History of Ceylon, 
from the earliest period to the year MDCCCXV 
. . . by Philalethes, etc. 2 pts. London, 1817. 
4°. 152. h. 13. 

FENN (David). See Bible. — Concordances. Con- 
cordance to the Tamil New Testament, etc. 
[Revised by D. Fenn.] 1878. 4°. 3104. aaa. 8. 

FERGUSON (Alastair Mackenzie), the Younger. 
" Inge Va ! " or The Sinna Durai's Pocket Tamil 
Guide, pp. i. i. i. 66. i. Colombo, 1878. 12°. 

12906. aaa. 21. 





FERGirsON (Alastaie Mackenzie), the Younger 
(continued). " Inge Va ! " . . . Second edition. Re- 
vised and greatly enlarged, pp. ii. ii. ii. 160. ii. 
Colombo, 1883. 12°. 14172. e. 18. 

Third edition. Completely revised, pp. ii. 

ii. 156. Colombo, 1892. 12°. 12907. aaa. 54. 

^iresT^ d'&i iB^ifJiULdLDirsrr iBiTL—aLD. [Nana-saun- 
dariy-ammal-natakam. A drama, founded on the 
history of a Christian devotee.] pp. 130. Bam- 
nad, 1889. 8°. 14170. 1. 37.(2.) 

FLETJRY (Claude). Questions et Reponses du 
Petit Catechisme Historique de Fleury, avec quel- 
ques lecons supplementaires par un membre de 
la Congregation des Missions- Il)trangeres. -riil^^- 
ir^^i s,®^^ <^ir@sr Z-u(S^s=3-a(ff)S,iE^^@sr 
sQ^e8eini_. [In French and Tamil.] pp. 72. 
i^^ ^.^fiT®^ [Pondiehemj, 1858.'] 12°. 

14172. h. 9. 
FONTAINIEU (Baeeigue de). See Baeeigue de 


FOUCHER D'OBSONVILIE ( ). See Pdeanas.— 
Bhdgavata-purdnam. Bagavadam, etc. [Edited by 
Foucher d'Obsonville.] 1788. 8°. 279. d. 21. 

1789. 8° 

14016. c. 1. 

FGTJLKES (Thomas). See Nija-gdna Yogi. A 
Synopsis of Hindu Systems and Sects. Trans- 
lated ... by ... T. Foulkes. 1860. 8°. 

14170. e. 36.(3.) 
See Sabha-pati Mudaliyae, K. A Cate- 
chism of the Shaiva Religion . . . Translated . . . 
by ... T. Foulkes. 1863. 8°. 14170. e. 36.(6.) 

tism . . . 
1860. 8°. 

See Santa-linga Svami. Eclectic Vedan- 
. . translated ... by ... T. Foulkes. 

14170. e. 36.(2.) 

See Seshadei Sivanae. The Elements 

of the Vedantic Philosophy, translated ... by 
T. Foulkes. 1860. 8°. 14170. e. 36.(1.) 

See Siva. Siva-prakasha Kattalai . . . 

Translated ... by ... T. Foulkes. 1863. 8°. 

14170. e. 36.(5.) 

See Tattva-eata Svami. Sasivama-potham 

. . . Translated ... by ... T. Foulkes. 1862. 
8°- 14170. e. 36.(4.) 

FRENCH GRAMMAR. ^i9inr(^9t6^aaessT .m p- 
Siar)isui. [Pirafis'-ilakkana-niir-surukkam. A 
compendium of French grammar.] pp. 30, 175. 
Lj^&nej ^^iiT:Xr@ [Fondicherry, 1865.] 12°. 

14172. h. 12. 
FRERE (Maey). Old Deccan Days; a collection 
of Hindu fairy tales in Tamil, newly adapted 
[from the English] and edited by V. Krishnama- 
charyar. ^Asiresur^j^ui^ireusisin^seir. pp. 354. 
Madras, 1880. 12°. 14170. k. 10. 

FREYLINGHATJSEN (Johann Anastasius). Theo- 
logica Thetica, in qua omnia dogmata ad salutem 
cognoscendam necessaria perspicua methodo trac- 
tantur ... ad propagationem Evangelii Christi 
inter gentes orientales in lingua tamulica scripta 
a missionariis danicis Bartholomaeo Ziegenbalg 
et Johanna Ernesto Griindler. Editio secunda. 
{Qeu^^ir<av^jrLn.) pp. xii. i. 354. Halis, Lipsiae 
[printed], 1856. 8°. 3559. c. 13. 

FYBRANDS (Johannes Joachim). See Bible. — 
Neiu Testament. Het Nieuw Testament, etc. [With 
preface by S. Bronsveld and J. J. Fybrands.] 
1759. 4°. 1411. k. 16. 

GALLAUDET (Thomas Hopkins). The Class Book 
of Natural Theology. , . . ^s^^eu (oeu^ih. pp. 
267. Madras, 1846. 8°. 14170. b. 35. 

GANA-PATI NAYTJpU, Koijirpafti M.S. fjfa/rii,- 

^IM^UJLDUITm ^Q^aQiplT .J>f SO IB ■£ IT JT W . [KaUti- 

matiy-ambal-tiru-vira-alankaram. Verses on the 
cult of Kantimati-ambal, a form of Uma.] pp.15. 
^Q^QmevQeueQ [Tinnevelli,] 1897. 16°. 

14170. d. 31.(2.) 

ooo ffeB!ir(ipa6^i_!r<si^iru u^sld [Shan- 

mukha-shadakshara-padigam. A hymn in praise 
of Skanda and his cult at Tiruchendur, with special 
reference to the Saiva mantra of 6 letters. Fol- 
lowed by a similar poem in adi-madalclcu style. 
Edited by V. A. Ambala-vana Navalar.] pp. 11. 
^QFiQiBevQeueSI [TinnevellQ 1898. 12°. 

14170. d. 45.(3.) 

eriLi—iuLjirih ina - nr - nr - \J^ mirQesr^ir 

Q0uiEjSi_t_inrujjreiJiT<xsrr uQserrip&iB^ [Ven- 
gitta-rayar-avargal-padugala-chindu. A series 
of elegies upon a religious riot at Tinnevelli 
which caused the death of E. Vehgitta Rayar 
and others.] pt. i. pp.21. ^Q(i^Qis&)QeueQ [Tiri,- 
nevelli,] 1895. 8°. 14172. b. 52. 






GANESA SASTRI, Maruvur. See Puranas.— Pa<f- 
ma-puranam. SeD^jr^^earih , . .u^SsjSemjS lA. 
[Siva-gitii. With Tamil interpretation by Ganesa.] 
1906, etc. 8°. 14049. b. 40. 

GANGADHARA DEVAR, Pdndesuram Venhata-sami. 
See Vag-bhata. jz/^i—irmia^Q^^iuih ^ [Ash- 
tanga-hrudayam. The Sarira-sthanam, translated 
by Gangadhara.] 1898. 8°. 14170. i. 56. 

malai. G^srres^eu •rfl^^ii in. [Auvai-charitram. 
The history of the poetess Auvaiyar.] pp. ii. 124. 
QuEi^^ir ^j/wk)2_ [Bangalore, 1890.] 16°. 

14172. h. 87. 
GANGAI-MUTTTI PILI AI, of Tinnevelli. lEi^ierr^- 
euir^d^iujT'^.resTLb [Nata-nadi - vadya-rafijanam. 
A manual of the arts of dancing, singing and in- 
strumental music. Edited by V. A. Ambala-vana 
Navalar.] pp. viii. ii. 2, 120, i. ^Q^QiBeoQeueQ 
[Tinnevelli,] 1 898. 8°. 14170. i. 58. 

GANGEYAR. &.if}<!FQ^ire\) SisemQ ^ [Uri-chol- 
nighantu. A Tamil dictionary of epithets in 
ven-bd metre with commentary. Edited by A. 
Sada-sivam Pillai, i.e. J. R. Arnold.] pp.110. 
lu IT LP u u tr &!sr ih [Jaffna,'] 1889. 12°. 9.(2.) 

o o o e-iB<!FQa-ire\}!S.3ses3r®. [Uri-chol-ni- 

gbantu. With a commentary. Edited by V. T. 
Sivan Pillai and T. K. Subba-riiya Chetti.] pp. ii. 
131. Q<r&!rSssr eQ(^^^ [Madras, 1890.] 12°. 

14172. e. 15. 
GANI-MEDHAVIYAR. ^?es!!ni^ir'Sao ,mp<oV)pLDU^ 
^ [Tinai-malai niitt'-aim-badu. Erotic verses 
of the 5 classes, with commentary, forming no. 8 
of the 18 hir-kanalcku poems.] pp. 50, i. 1904. 
See Academies, etc. — Madura. [" Sen-damir " 
supplement.] no. 13. 1902, etc. 8°. 

14172. i. 1*. (no. 13.) 

GARTHWAITE (Liston). First Reader, Tamil . . . 
Part i. Edited by Walter Joyea . . . jpr ev ir ^ irir th 
... Second edition, pp.104. Madras, 1879. 12°. 

14172. h. 25. 

GAUDA-PADA ACHARYAR. JOenVie>-in s^,ai,nif)^n 
e^nnrg\ [Karikah. The Sanskrit text. With the 
commentary of §ankara in Tamil, Tamil glosses. 

etc.] See Upanishads. ^ ^o ftQs^iru^s^^^tni^. 
i-uira^iutJa. [Dasopanishad-dravida-bhashyam.] 
pt. i., pp. 246-320. [1897]-1898. 8°. 14010. dd. 14. 

GAUTAMA, called Buddha, The story of the life 
of Buddha, describing the Great Renunciation, 
Mahabhinishkramana, as depicted by Sir Edwin 
Arnold in his 'Light of Asia.' Reprinted from 
the Viveka Chintamani. Lj^^ir^ ^eueSiu^ifl^- 
^iTLo t^ (*The Viveka Chintamani Series.) pp. 
viii. i. i. 146, ii. if ac^ras, 1897. 12°. 14171. aa. 6. 

GAUTAUANAR, Tdlai. Qp&srQt^Lnu^^. [Decade 
iii. Ten poems on the Chera king Kuttuvan or 
Pal-yanai-chel-keru-guttuvan.] SeePADiTTtj-rATTO. 
o o o u^p.g>iLJu^^ ^ [Padittu-pattu.] pp. 24- 
43. 1904. 8°. 14172. bb. 14. 

GEOGRAPHY. ^LSs^ireiv^!T3= a^i^ti. [Bhiimi- 
sastra-churukkam. A compendium of geography, 
with information on history, theology, and chro- 
nology, for use in Catholic missionary schools.] 
pp. vi. 575. Lj^e!D&i ^^nrorin- [Tondichemj, 
1863.] 12°. 14172. h. 8. 

fil^mens de Geographic, avec un precis de 

Cosmographie. [In Tamil and French.] . . . 
j^iS'Ttretv^jr .^svir^irjTLD. pp. iv. 216. L/^emsu 
^^^■p [Pondicherry, 1864,.] 12°. 14172. h. 16. 

000 i^iSo'irsM^jr .M/reoir^iriTLh. [Bhiimi- 

sastra-nul-adharam. The Tamil text of the pre- 
ceding work.] pp. 368. Lf^emeii s^jtjshf 
[Pondicherry, 1864.] 32°. 14172. h. 3. 



<5F ir etV SI JT <3= -J-IEI 





tra-sankshepam. A compendium of geography.] 
pp. ii. 64. Ly^ss)6u ^.=£y«^<«. [Pondicherry, 1869.] 
16°. 14172. h. 43. 

Geographyof Europe and Africa. ^Qiriru- 

uir, ^i9BiaiT y^Qstrerra^irstv^jriJa. pp. i. 114; 
12 plates. Madras, 1906. 12°. 14172. g. 8. 

Geography of Asia, with introductory 

subjects. ^Siuir y^iBa^irew^jrii). pp. iv. i. 102. 
Madras, 1906. 12°. 14172. g. 7. 

GHAZZALI. See Muhammad ibn Muhammad, oZ- 

Arugd(fu. ^QeumsQenimih. [Viveka-vilakkam. 






Wise sayings of prophets, sages, and kings from 
the Persian Tarikh i Guzidah and other works. 
Compiled and translated into Hindi by GJiulam 
'All, and thence rendered into Tamil by Muham- 
mad Mastan.] pp. iv. 43. .siSa) [Madras, 
1870.] 8°. 14173. b. 39. 

GILLINGS (J.). iSee Bible.— Old Testament.— 
Tsalms. The Psalms of David, metrically arranged J. Gillings,efc. 1891. 12°. 

GNANAMANI. See Nana-mani Nadak. 

GNANAMUTHOO NADAR. See Nana-muttu Nadar. 

GNANAPRAGASA, Moodeliar. See T^^ana-peakasa 

GONCALVES (Jacome). See Bible.— New Testa- 
ment. — Gospels. 3feS(o<3=s^ eSiB^^emir. [Suvi- 
sesha-viritt'-urai, i.e. the "Explicafao dos Evan- 
gelhos Dominicaes e Festivaes" of Goncalves.] 
[1891.] 8°. 14170. c, 31. 

Sujn(s\so t9jr£FmjeBLD. [Vyakula-prasan- 

gam. Nine sermons on the Passion of Jesus 
Christ.] pp. 4, 96. luirLpuuiremLo [.Jaffna^ 
1886. 8°. 14170. c. 25. 

GOGSEaXTILL (Grey), Pseud. See Beschi (C. G. 
E.). Strange surprising Adventures of ... Gooroo 
Simple . . . [Freely rendered from Babington's 
version by "Grey Goosequill"], etc. 1861. 8°. 

14170. k. 64. 

g5pA1ACHAB,YA SVAMI. See Yadava-giei-ma- 

hatmyam. 000 ^_^irQeii^ f iB^^jt ■^laSiT^^P/ssT. 
[Chatur-vedi-charitra-sankirttanai. Translated on 
the basis of Gopalacharya's rendering.] 1900. 8°. 

14170. ee. 35.(4.) 

GOP ALA DESIKACHARYAR, N. Arasdnipalai. See 

ViSVA-NATHA SuEI, K. ° ° ° LCi 6Ssfl U IT 6U IT etT sQ IT IT l_- 

uireuLd. [Mani-pravala-virata-parvam. Edited 
with notes by Gopala Desikacharyar.] 1905. 8°. 

14172. bb. 16. 

G5PALA DESIKAR. SeeAEVARGAL. — Nal-ayiram.— 
Entire Canon. bsS(Sj?o|»p.§4j-§^ JJiT'^sl'. [Divya- 
prabandha-vyakhyana-ratnavali. The Nal-ayiram, 
with commentary by Gopala], etc. 1901, etc. 8°. 

14170. S. 9. 
GOPAIA-KRUSHITA AIYAR, Anaiddnddpuram Bhd- 
rati, Q u ifl lu Lj ir rr essT La . . . mis^i^iT'3=iil^^jri- 

Sk^fi^/ssr. &^iMUirs(^LaLB. [Nandanar-charitra- 
kirttanai. Lyrics upon the history of Nandanar, 
nicknamed Nalai-povar, a Saiva devotee cele- 
brated in the Periya-puranam, and based upon the 
latter work. Followed by Chidambara-kummi, a 
devotional poem for women in hummi form. Edited 
by G. Arunachala Mudaliyar.] pp. 144. S^^jt- 
uirsn {Madras, 1882.] 8°. 14170. e. 9. 

00 /Bis^^iT'Fifl^^jr'iSiT^^dssr 1^ [Nan- 

dauar-charitra-kirttanai, with Chidambara-kummi. 
Edited by T. V. Sundara Mudaliyar.] pp. 154 ; 
4 plates. Q^SFsisr&sr [Madras,} 1899. 8°. 

14170. ee. 25. 

eiV^iresB uire^ir lck^s'iB. Hindustani Basha Man- 
jary. [A Hindustani-Tamil vocabulary and phrase- 
book, the Hindustani being printed in Tamil 
characters.] pp. 169. m^jmir [Mad^ira^ 1898. 
12°. 14172. ee. 5. 

(Gunasilan. A Tamil novel. . . . With an intro- 
duction by V. G. Suryanarayana Sastriar.) pp. ix. 
124. Oa^sJrScW [Madras,] 1900. 8°. 14170. k. 50.(2.) 

£ Q u IT &} sir . eann ^l8i^ iBeS'sBTSLD. (Nithi- 

palan. A Tamil novel.) pp. i. i. i. i. 132. Ma- 
dras, 1905. 8°. 14171. e. 1.(2.) 
Forms no. 2 of the " Hanumadtvajam Series." 

GOPALA-KRUSHNA-DASAR. o°° erLLt^iriTm 3^^- 
«ti. [Em-biran-satakam. A century of Vaishnava 
verses.] pp.31. 1906. See Rama-sami Nayudu, 
K. iF ^ a ^ ^ IT iL(Bl , [Sataka-tirattu.] pt. 6. 1905- 
1906. 12°. 14170. dd. 10. 

Mudumhai. See Pinb'-aragiya Peeo-mal Jiyae. 
o o o (mnhURLnuirirLJiruneiJLCi ^ [Guru-param- 
para-prabhavam. Edited by Gopala-krushnam- 
acharyar.] [1906.] 8°. 14170. fF. 22. 

GOPALA-KRUSHNA PILLAI, Tirumangai-mannan. 
j>lyS=iTfnu &/i>(ihfi'ua' trjT'S'mijr&fDLCi. [Acharya- 
hrudaya-sara-sangraham. A digest of Aragiya- 
manavalar's commentary Acharya-hrudayam on 
the Tiru-vay-mori. Preceded by Taniyan and 
Amoda-padyaiigal, Sanskrit devotional verses 
commemorating the heads of the Sri-vaishnava 
Church, etc. ; and followed by the Sanskrit pas- 





sages quoted in the Acharya-hrudayam, with 
Tamil interpretation.] pp. xviii. iv. 242 ; 1 plate. 
Q^^?^ [Madras,] 1892. 8». 14170. e. 61. 

GOP ALA TATACHARTAR, T., disciple of Krushva 

Tfdaydryar. See Venkata-naxha Vkdantachauyab. 
u^. .. u^8S^sa)eM\^tueMiTnr: [Rahasya-traya- 
sara. Edited by Gopala.] 1889. 8°. 14048.0.68. 

GORIS (A.). (SeeLonis[GoNZAaA],Sum<. ^(i^&&- 
^uueireifl . . , j)fLci(ve\}ir/bu6uQuirdSs^ixi [Ama- 
lorbhava-pokkisham. A manual, comprising ruled 
signed by A. Goris, e<c.] 1906. 32°. 14170. a. 45. 

GOUZIEN (Paul). Manuel Fran9ais-Anglais-Ta- 
moul de Conversation Sl I'Usage du M^decin. A 
Hand-book of Conversation for Doctors in French, 
English and Tamil. i9!rrri^3h - ^iiSeS'si^ - ^iSip 
iTihuirsABssW'f anFis,LD en en ^ ^ lu it s eifl sisr s-U- 
Qtuirm^^P'SiiTs, pp. xii. 231; 1 plate. Paris, 
1904. 8°. 14172. f. 25. 

GOVER (Charles E.). The Folk-songs of 
Southern India, [translated] by Charles E. Gover. 
London, Madras [Y>rinted], 1872. 8°. 14170. k. 71. 

GOVINDACHARYAR, IlhondavilU. See Akvaegal. 
— Nal-ayiram. — Tiru-vdy-mori. The Divine Wis- 
dom of the Dravida Saints. [Selections translated] 
by A. Govindacharya. 1902. 8=. 14170. ee. 64. 

See Periodical Publications. — Srirangam. 

The Visishtadvaitin. Edited by A. Govindacharya, 
ttc. 1905, etc. 8°. 14170. eee. 11. 

The Holy Lives of the Azhvars, or The 

Dravida Saints. [In English.] pp. i. ii. Ixxvii. 
226. Mysore, 1902. 8°. 14170. eee. 2. 

The Life of RamsLnujacharya, the Exponent 

of the Visishtadvaita philosophy (fand others) . [In 
English.] pp. 250, ii.; 2 plates. Madras, 1906. 
8°. 14170. eee. 26. 

QOVINDA-DASAR, P.O.S., of Chennanguppam, Gu- 
diyettam. u^ ^s&irjriTLba&iiTLBaeir ^fl^^irsi- 
Sir^^Tjssr. [Tukaram-svamigal-charitra-kirttanai. 
Lyrics on the life of the Marathi religious poet 
Tuka-ram, with prose paraphrase.] pp. iii. 205. 
Oa^E/aevuil® iChingleput,] 1905. 8°. 

14172. bb. 18. 

GOVINDA PILLAI, Turaiyur Muttu-viram. See 
Ranoa-natha Kavi-bayar. LDSiruirir^ui. [Maba- 
bharatam. Edited by Govinda,] [1903.] 8°. 

14172. b. 9. 

GO VINDA PILLAI, V.,ofTrichinopoli. maireQi^ih. 
[Maha-vindam. A prose abstract of the Uttara- 
kandam of the Ramayanam.] See Bhiua Kavi- 
KAYAR. 0° \J^ JTITLDIT jifeweuQucifiujiraih t^ [Sri- 
ramar-asva-medha-yagam.] pp. 173-180. [1875.] 
4°. 14172. dd. 1. 

LnaireQi^LD. [Maha-vindam.] SeeKAMBAN. 

(£^ jTiTLainueur 6y<r63r/i ^ [Ramayana-vachanam.] 
pp. 423-436. 1903. 8°. 14172. d. 27. 

PILLAI,^. LBQ^iriJaLSiu SiEisiTjruujXiJa, [Mano- 
rainya-singara-padam. Songs of love, by various 
authors.] 2 pts. Q-s^skSssr [Madras,] \89S. 16°. 

14172. a. 44. 

PILLAI, V. A. o o o ^eo&iiru evireuesafl. Sallapa 
Lavany. [Lyrics appropriate to the festival of 
the god of love.] pt. i. pp.16. QsiauL^ir rsm^esr 
[Singapore, 1893.] 8°. 14170. e. 47.(2.) 



GRAESSE (Johann Geobq Theodor). See Beschi 
(C. G. E.). Fahrten und Abenteuer Gimpels und 
Compagnio . . . Nacherzahlt von Dr. J. G. T. 
Grasse. [1856 ?] 12°. 14170. k. 72. 

GRAMMAR. {f^svim6SllT3^(l^<i.!Bth.) [Ilakkana- 

surukkam. A brief Tamil grammar.] pp. 36. 

[Manepy? 1835.^] 16°. 14172. h. 1.(3.) 

No title-page. 

^e\ia,a€S3r j^irp 3i(i^asLci. Abridgement of 

Tamil grammar, pp. 43. Jaffna, 1848. 16°. 

14172. h. 38. 

^suiaesar .^/r&Jir^rrjrm. [Ilakkana-nul- 

adharam. Compiled by a missionary of the Society 
for the propagation of the Faith. Second edition.] 
pp. 79. Lj^emeu ^jtjnrsir® [Pondicherry, 1865.] 
12°. 14172. h. 7. 

An introduction to the study of Tamil 

Grammar, specially intended for primary schools. 





Qp^eSle^aaessric:, pp. iv. 88. Madras, 1897. 16°. 

14172. h. 40.(2.) 

According to the official Catalogue of Boohs printed in 
Madras Presidency, 1897, ii.,i).44, the authors are C.Muni- 
sami Nayudu and T. A. Partha-sarathi Aiyahgar. 

GRATJL (Kael Feiedeich Lebeeecht). Die ta- 
mulische Bibliothek der evang. luth. Missionsan- 
stalt zu Leipzig. 1853-1857. See Academies, eic. — 
Germany. — Deutsche MorgenlaendiscJie Gesellschaft. 
Zeitschrift, etc. Bd. vii., pp. 558-568, viii., pp.720- 
738, xi., pp. 369-395. 1846, etc. 8°. 

Ac. 8815/2. (Bd. 7-11.) 

Bibliotheca Tamulica, sive opera praecipua 

Tamuliensium, edita, translata, adnotationibus 

glossariisque instructa a Carolo Graul. 4 vols. 

Leipzig, 1854-1865. 8°. 14170. e. 42. 

For the Tamil works contained in this collection, see under 
the following headings : — 

Tandava-raya-murtti Svami. 

o o o Quires 

[una'LCi. [B5dbaka-vit- 

tiyasam. The differences in doctrine between the 
Evangelical Lutherans and other Christian com- 
munions. Translated by A. Blomstrand.] pp.111. 
Tranquehar, 1870. 12°. 14170. b. 3. 

Graul's Distinctive Doctrines. With an 

abridgment of the Book of Concord. Quires, 
e9 ^ ^ lu tr 3- iJb ^ [Translated by A. Blomstrand. 
Second edition.] pp. iv. 99, 24. Tranquehar, 
1882. 12°. 14170. b. 31. 

Indische Sinnpflanzen und Blumen, zur 

Kennzeichnung des indischen, vornehmlich ta- 
mulischen, Geistes. [Poems and translations.] 
pp. xxi. 227. Erlangen, 1865. 16°. 14172. a. 39. 

GREEN (Henet Watkins) . A Primer of Agricul- 
ture . . . Being an adaptation [and translation into 
Tamil] of the Agricultural Class-book by W. R. 
Robertson . .. ^(jQ^a/r s" it <sw ^ ir ict ^,. pp. 137. 
Colomho, 1885. 12°. 14172. h. 52. 

Second edition, pp. 137. Colombo, 1887. 

12°. 14171. f. 5. 

OBEEN (Samuel F.). See Cuttee (C). ° ° ° ^ibj- 
air^uir^ asiirensreurr^ e^puireostsr j^eo, (*Ana- 
tomy, Physiology, and Hygiene.) [A treatise by 
S. F. Green, mostly translated from the work of 
Cutter.] 1857. 12°. 14172. h. 55. 

GRITTON (John) . See Bible. — Concordances. Con- 
cordance to the . . . New Testament. [Compiled 
by J. Gritton.] 1878. 4°. 3104. aaa. 8. 

GRTTENDLER ( Johann Eenst) . See Bible. — Com- 
plete Bibles. Biblia Damulicu, etc. [Pt. v.-vi., 
translated by Ziegenbalg and Griindler.] [1714]- 
1728. 4°. 3068. g. 6. 

See Bible. — New Testament, Novum . . . 

Testamentum ... in linguam damulicam versum 
opera & studio B. Ziegenbalgii & J. E. Griindleri. 
1722. 12°. 1410. g. 1. 

See Bible. — New Testament. — Gospels. 

[ATaMhew.'] Evangelium Matthaei ... [In Ziegen- 
balg and Griindler's version], etc. 1739. 12°. 

Grenville 20,059. 

[For editions of the translation of the Bible 

as revised by Fabricius and subsequent translators 
on the basis of Ziegenbalg and Griindler's version :] 
See Bible. 

See Feetlinqhausen (J. A.). Theologia 

Thetica ... in lingua tamulica scripta a . . . B. 
Ziegenbalg et J. B. Griindler. 1856. 8°. 

3559. c. 13. 

GTJERRIER DE DUMAST (Auguste Peospee Fran- 
cois), Baron. See India. Fleurs de I'Inde, etc. 
[With extracts from the Kural, by P. G. de 
Dumast.] 1857. 8°. 14085. d. 4. 

See TiEtj-vALLUVAR. Maximes traduites . . . 

par P. G. de Dumast. 1854. 8°. 14172. b. 47. 

1857. 8°. 14085. d. 4. 

GXJHA-DASAR, Kolckuvil. 96Uirmin Qu^in. [Ji- 
vanma-bhedam.] Life and Soul. [A Saiva tract 
on psychology.] pp. 31. Q^ird(^eQei) ib/b^sst 
[KoUuvil, 1893.] 16°. 14170. d. 35.(2.) 

GUNA-SAGARAII'. See Amieta-sagaran. °°oainB- 
6in<SB t^ [Karikiii. With commentary of Guna- 
sagaran.] [1851.] 8°. 14172.6.36. 

GTJNA-ViRA PANDITAR. o o o QiBiBiBir^^eoQpLb 
E^e^jnLjLn. [Nemi-natham. A metrical treatise 
on Tamil orthography and orthoepy, with a com- 
mentary. Edited by R. Raghav'-aiyangar.] pp. 
iv. 98, ii. iii. m^ernr \_Madura^ 1903. 8°. 

14172. e. 42. 
Forms no. 6 of the Sen;damir-prachuram. 





GUNA-VIRA PANDITAR {eontinued). [Another 
copy, with preface, &c.] See Academies, etc. — 
Madura. [" §en-damij " supplement.] no. 6. 
1902, efc. 8°. 14172. i. 1.* (no. 6.) 

uiTL-i^u-i&> , . , eussiinuj)i^^unil.i^(u<s\3 t^^ [Ven- 
ba-patt'-iyal, or Vachanandi-malai, and Varaiy- 
arutta-batt'-iyal. Two metrical tracts, the former 
by Guna-viran, upon the composition of ven-ha 
and varaiy-arittia verses, with prose commentary.] 
pp,51. Qa^ekSssr [Madras,] 1900. 12°. 14172. ee. 7. 

GURU-PADA-DASAR. o o o ^^utysvsu/ua) (gto- 
Qiro'^fbaui. [Kumaresa-satakara. 100 verses on 
the cult of Kumaresa at Tirupulvayal.] pp. 62. 
1905. fiffe Rama-sami Natodc, If. <T^s^^inL®. 
[Sataka-tirattu.] pt. 2. 1905-1906. 12°. 

14170. dd. 10. 

LDja^QhLD 'Tir^^QinJa. [Manu-dharma-sastram. 
Edited with Tamil translation by Guru-sami. 
Followed by the Vyavahara-sara-sangraham, in 
Tamil, edited by the same.] 1896. 8°. 

14039. b. 23. 

<9' n np ^ ^Q i9 ■! 6UcJ!^?.«33T 'f IT en) ^ ir LL . [Samu- 

drika-lakshana-sastram. A work on the art of 
reading characters and fortunes from bodily fea- 
tures. Pt. i. containing Varaha-mihira's Bruhat- 
samhita, ch. 68-70, in Sanskrit, with Tamil version 
by igai Varadacharyar and English version by 
P. A. Lakshmana Pillai. Pt. 2, the Purusha-sa- 
mudrikam and Stri-samudrikam ascribed to the 
god Siva.] pp. 178, 2, 80. Madras, 1892. 8°. 

14170. i. 26. 

GURU-SUKRA-NADI. o o o sQ^,&s)m/s^8^dfiiT 
s'lB^^jTih. [Karunananda-siddhar-charitram. A 
poetical biography, in 113 stanzas, of Karuna- 
nanda Siddhar, a legendary teacher of medicine, 
purporting to be from the Guru-sukra-nadi. With 
a prose rendering by S. M. Saminath'-aiyar.] 
pp. 24, 84. Qa^&srSssr [Madras,] 1906. 12°. 

14171. d. 6. 

HABIB MUHAMMAD, al-Bahrl al-Kdhirl. See 
Kur'an. Jl 'ixJ'.A.syi] c:J.s^^ [Kur'an. With an 

interlineary translation and commentary in Tamil, 
together entitled al-Futuhat al-rahmaniyat, by 
Habib Muhammad.] [1879-1884.] Fol. 14507. e. 4. 

HABIB MUHAMMAD, al-Bakri al-Kdhiri (eon- 
tinued). ^Aui\ jjIyjJI Jily^ j^ij}] ^-^ [Bushra al- 

karim. A work on the interpretation of dreams, 
and the mystic virtues of the Koran.] pp. iv. 
137, lith. ,_jiiuJI ir.v [Bombay, 1890.] 8°. 

14173. c. 4. 

i«'JuJl jJt-!'^ ^J /•iJSl 'iy-fw [Tanbih al-anam. 

A treatise on the interpretation of dreams.] pp. 
iv.ld2, lith. I rn [Bombay, 1882.] 8°. 14170. i. 22. 

Hcijl ' dlim Saliib. (^rresr^u^ikisir irLd. [Nana- 
dipa-samhiiram. A tract on the doctrines of 
Islam.] pp.34. QmirQ^LDi^ [Colomho^ 1893. 8". 

14173. b. 28.(4.) 

HAEGHEN (Philippe van dee). Maximes Popu- 
laires de I'Inde Meridionale. Traduites et ex- 
pliquees par Ph. van der Haeghen. [In Tamil 
and French.] Paris, Bruxelles, Leipzig [printed], 
1858. 8°. 14170. k. 73. 

HAEMMERLEIN (Thomas), a Kempis. [For the 
De Imitatione Christi ascribed to this writer :] 
See Jesus Christ. 

HAMID, Sdllih-durai, of Galle. ^irssru Quessr 
(^ldlS [Nana-pen-kummi. Religious songs for 
Muhammadan women. Edited by K. V. Muham- 
mad MuHyi al-DIn.] pp. 14. Galle, 1892. 12°. 

14173. a. 8.(1.) 

HAMID PULAVAR, SMh. See Shah al-HAMiD ibn 

MiRAN Sahib. 

HARI. &i!oiB'3''3^eiitf- ^ [Hari-chuvadi. A Tamil 
primer and reading-book of easy verses, etc.] 
pp. 48. [Madras, n.d.] 16°. 14172. h. 35.(3.) 

u^ &a)iBibirLDsn)(o^ir^^jrLJuir ^ [Hari- 

nama-stotram and Hari-nama-sanklrttanam. A 
series of Vaishnava hymns and anthems, translated 
from the Marathi by Jauli-karar Muni-svami 
Mudaliyar, and edited by S. G. Appu Mndaliyar.] 
pp.76. 1887. See Mahi-pati. o°o {^m^j^m- 
a,irjTirih . , . ■s' ifl^^HLa. [Tukaram-svamigal-cha- 
ritram.] pt. ii. 1898, etc. 8°. 14170. ee. 34. 

HARI-HARA-PUTRA, Poijgaipakkam. See Viveka- 
CHiNTAMANi. o o o eQ Q 6tJ s S IB ^ iTLL isiniS^ [Vivekn- 
chintamani. According to the recension of Hari- 
hara-putra.] 1871. 16°. 14172. a. 13.(2.) 





Short-hand. ^tStis ■ntQf)dQs(ip^^. Part i. . . . 
New edition. (*Key to the Tamil Short-hand, part 
1.) pp. 12, 16. Kumbahonam, 1898. 12°. 

14172. h. 95. 

HAEISCHANDRA, King of Ayodhya. Arichandra, 
the Martyr of Truth : a Tamil drama, translated 
into English [partly from the Harischandra- vilasam 
or dramatic version of the story ascribed to Ranga 
Pillai] by Mutu CoomAra Swamy, Mudeliar. pp. 
xxiii. 262. London, -[QQ^. 12°. 14170.1.33. 

HARISCHANDRA, Bdhu, son of Gopdla-chandra, of 
Benares. Jmwhn'HT etc. (The Intellectual Offer- 
ing, or A Collection of poems in honour of the 
visit of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, 
to this country, written by several gentlemen in 
various languages. Compiled by the late Babu 
Harishchandra.) jBanfeipwr, 1889. 8°. 14076. d.52. 
Separate pagination for each language. 

HARSHA-DEVA, King of Thanes ar. i6ira,irmi6^Lo. 
(Nagananda. A Tamil version [in prose] by M. C. 
Sadagopa Chariar . . . With an [English] intro- 
duction by V. Venugopaul Chetty.) pp. 10, 107. 
Madras, 1900. 8°. 14170. 1. 24.(1.) 

HASAN 'ALI PULAVAR, Slrudaiydrpuram, other- 
wise called Kanda Pulavar. @o°o^ <rtEiS^Sm- 
^irLcmssfi. [Sanglta-chintamani. A collection of 
Muhammadan devotional lyrics by Shah al-Hamid, 
Hasan 'All Pulavar, e<c.] [1897.] 8°. See Shah 
al-HAMiD ibn Miran Sahib. 14173. b. 12. 

HEIDELBERG CATECHISM. Catechismus, ofte 
Onderweyzing in de Christelicke Leere, die in de 
Hervormde Kerken en Schoolen geleerd word . . . 
in de Tamulsche Spraak overgezet, en ... in 't 
Licht gegeven,door Sigisbertus Abrahamsz Brons- 
veld. {*afl<sQaQfi(dW . . . Q^sm^^LDtresrQfl- 
euiririTjxdssruSssr s-uQ^&=ld.) pp. vi. xxxv. 144. 
Columbo, 1754. 8°. 14170. b. 62. 

Twede Druk. pp. xlii. 128. Columbo, 1769. 

14170. b. 63. 


HEILSORDNUNG. [For the catechetical Heils- 
ordnung ;] See Catechism. 

HEREE (Wilhelm). See Hymnals. Spiritual 
Songs, etc. [With musical notation edited by 
W. Herre.] 1867. obi. 16°. 14170. a. 9. 

HERRICK (D. S.). See Pope (G. U.). A first 
Catechism of Tamil Grammar . . . with an English 
translation by . . . D. S. Herrick, etc. 1895-1905. 
8°. 12906. m. 

HIKAYAT i LATIF. u^Q^sn^Q^^^^mL®. 
[Mano-ranjita-tirattu. A series of tales, trans- 
lated by Muhammad Tambi ibn Zain al-Din from 
the Hindustani version of the Hikayat i hitif, 
a Persian story-book.] pp. 52, 16. Qd^ssrSsar 
\_Madras;\ 1901. 8°. 14173. b. 38. 

HINDU, PseMt?. Lciiriuir6iJir^Gm'9'sii.rsiisn^LDiT(7fi^ih. 
[Maya-vada-saiva-chanda-marutam. An essay 
upholding the Saiva-Siddhantam in reference to 
the Vedantic theory of cosmic illusion.] pp. 194. 
Qa-mSssr [Madras,] 1895. 8°. 14170. e. 62. 

HINDU - UATAM. (f ^iB^Ui^Qu>s-6!S3resMn.) 
[Hindu-matame unmai. A Saiva tract in Tamil 
and English on the impression made by Hinduism 
abroad.] pp. 12. luirtpuufressrih [Jaffna,] 1894. 

12°. 14170. d. 25.(2.) 

No title-page. 

HIPPOLYTE (J.), O.M.I. jy/ii^^uj^4y,i_ u^- 
es)6iJ juisQ^iresflujinT Qsiri^iupuLj^Q^LCi eniSiu- 
evira&Bissr .^ssrssr^tr^ir&jih. [The life and mira- 
cles of St. Antony of Padua. With appended 
prayers, etc.] pp. 130. luirLpuuiremLB [Jaffna,] 
1896. 16°. 14170. a. 39.(2.) 

HOBBS (Stephen), Archdeacon of Mauritius. 
o o o Liireff'SB^' ifi^QiT'SiQFi'XiJD. An Outline of 
Ancient History ... to the birth of the Lord 
Christ, pp. viii. i. 205. Palamcottah, 1851. 12°. 

14172. h. 17. 

HOISINGTON (Henry R.). See Mey-kanda Devar. 
Q&i(^iresr(ouir^u^, Siva-gnana-potham . . . Trans- 
lated . . . with an introduction and notes. By . . . 
H. R. Hoisington. 1854. 8°. Ac. 8824. (vol. 4.) 

See Para-hitam. Qs^ir^s^tr^^irui. The 

Oriental Astronomer . . . with a translation [by 
H. R. Hoisington], e<c. 1848. 8\ 14170.1.8. 

See Seshadri Sivanar. ^^^si;iatlt_&rr. 

Tattuva-kattalei . . . translated . . . with notes. By 
... H. R. Hoisington. 1854. 8°. Ac. 8824.(to1. 4.) 

SeeUMA-PATl SiVACHABYAR. & eti l9 IT m IT ■!= in . 

Siva-pirakasam . . . translated . . . with notes. By 
... H. R. Hoisington. 1854. 8°. Ac. 8824.(to1. 4.) 





HOISINGTON (Henry R.) (contmued). Syllabus 
of the Siva-gndna-potham, one of the sacred 
books of the Hindus. (Journal of the American 
Oriental Society. Vol. ii., pp. 135-151.) Boston, 
1851. 8°. Ac. 8824.(vol. 2.) 

HOOLE (Elijah). See Liturgies. — England, 0/mrc/i 
of. Dureisani-tamil-puttagam . . . Containing the 
Morning and Evening Services ... in romanized 
Tamil . . . with . . . grammar and vocabulary by 
E. Hoole. 1859. 8°. 3408. d. 23. 

HORNE (Thomas Hartwell). See Rhknius (C. T. 
E.). (Seu^&j^irjremsr^^iTLLQ. [Vedav-udarana- 
tirattu. A work partly based upon Home's 
" Introduction to the critical Study of the Holy 
Scriptures."] 1835. 8°. 14170. c. 16. 

1852. 12°. 

14170. b. 41. 

HOUSEHOLD WORDS. Tamil Household Words, 
with their corresponding English ones. pp. 12. 
Tiruvadi, Tanjore [printed], 1898. 12°. 14171. a. 34. 

HULTZSCH (Eugen). See India. — Archaeological 
Survey. South -Indian Inscriptions . . . Edited 
... by E. Hultzsch. 1890, etc. Fol. 

1710. b. 9, 10, etc. 

HURMUZ. &ir)-airQp^ses)^. [Hurmuz-kathai. A 
Muhammadan romance. Translated by Nagur 
Talavay M. Sinnavappu Maraikkayar from the 
Hindustani.] pp. 2, 2, 279. Singapore, 1904. 8°. 

14173. b. 41. 

HTJTTER (Leonhard). Hutter's Compend of Theo- 
logy. G^su-y/rsrU^SiTiJ Quirt^ULj. pp. iv. 276. 
Tranquehar, 1881. 12°. 14170. b. 21. 

HYMNALS. [For Wesley's Hymns:] See Wesley 

Hymnologia Damulica, sive ex Germanico 

in Damulorum idioma, observatis usque et melo- 
diis et rhythmis odarum, translatorum centum 
et sexaginta Hymnorum Spiritual! um fasciculus: 
in gratiam juventutis damulicaa eeque ac Ecclesise 
liujus gentis . . . exhibita a Benjamin Schultze 
(*(Qjirsvruuiri_Q^<5ifle!!rOuir6i^^^aLD). pp. viii. 
200. Tranquebarice, 1723. 12°. 14170. b. 17. 

Hymnologia Tamulica, sive ex germanico, 

partim etiam latino sermone, nee non e textu 
sacro in tamulicum idioma translatorum ducen- 

torum et nona^nta Hymnorum Spiritualium fas- 
ciculus : quos in gratiam EcclcsiaB Tumulicse . . . 
successive collegerunt Missionarii Danici. Editio 
quarta. {*is^ir6sru uirt—Qsetr j)fi^iaQa9(^aSp 
Quiren^aLD.) pp. ii. 315, xvi. TrangambaricB, 17SZ. 
12°. Case 27. e. 6. 

[Fifth edition, without Latin title, contain- 

ing 295 hymns, and an appendix of 13.] pp. x. 
315, XXV. ^ jr Ej^x ear u IT If- u9(oe\i ^<sr/»r®«i- [Tran- 
quehar, 1756.] 12\ 14170. b. 39. 

Hymnarium Tamulicum, seu Collectio 

hymnorum selectiorum in usum Ecclesias Chris- 
tianae Tamulicas e lingua germanica translatorum, 
secundum versionem correctiorem beati I. Ph. 
Fabricii . . . Editio nova. pp. 13, 297, ix. Tranken- 
baricR, 1807. 8°. 14170. c. 8. 

Spiritual Songs, from the German adapted 

to the Tamil tongue. ^issfleinuiiuirssr ^iresru- 
uiriL®sefr. [Hymns selected by Hugo Schanz, 
with the musical notation edited by W. Herre.] 
pp. 37. Tranquehar, 1867. ohl. 16°. 14170. a. 9. 

t^iresruumLQiriirSsi). [Nana-pa^ta-malai. 

Tamil hymns from the German, with tnnes.] 
pp. iv. 134. Tranquehar, 1871. 8°. 14170. a. 27. 

— German Tunes [i.e. musical notation] to 

Fabricius' Hymnbook. i^ir6sruuirL-(Sa&?lesr 
(^a rr^ui-j&v^iBLD. pp. vi. 48. Tranquehar, 1818. 
12°. 14170. b. 57.(2.) 

Hymnologia Germano-tamulica. Editio 

tertiadecima. (S^iresruuirLLQserfl^ Ljetv^sLa, 

Fabricius' Hymnbook. Seventh edition, pp. viii. 

430. Tranquehar, ^88\. 12°. 14170. b. 57.(1.) 

This is the seventh edition after the additiotis and improve- 
ments introduced by Fabricius. 

Tamil Hymns, selected and original. 

adapted for public, private, and social worship. 
{*^irs3rSjS'FiEiSl!raih.) pp. xvi. ii. 420, xcii. 
.Taffna Religious Tract Soeietij : Jaffna, 1846. 16**. 

14170. a. 5. 

[Another copy of the same edition on 

larger paper.] pp. xiv. 420, cxxiii. Jaffna, 1846. 
8°. 14170. c. 3.(1.) 

Tamil Hymns, ^irssru uirtLQaam. pp. i. 

iii. iii.476, xx. i. u^iresfluuiruj « j/®a^ [American 
Mission Press: Manippay, 1854.] 12°. 14170. b. 50. 





HYMNALS (confrnwe*^). {f.riiS^&.iisesurih.) [San- 

gita-lakkanam. A treatise on European music, 

followed by Gita-sangrahamj i.e. the notation of 

53 hymn-tunes.] pp. 68. 8°. 14170. i. 49. 

No title-page. Apparently a publication of the American 
Mission, probably printed at Madras or Jaffna. 

Hymns for Schools. ueireifliah-i—^^p- 

(^Siu 1^ IT esr u u IT I—® iB stT . pp. 89. Madras Tract 
and Booh Society : Madras, 1848. 16°. 14170. a, 8. 


Tamil Hymn Book. (^ire!sruuiri_^(b!u 

Lj^^sin. pp. 188. Tinnevelly Tract and Boole 
Societies: Nagercoil, 1848. 12°. 14170. b. 18. 

(o_seiin-jrir^3ssru9<3ev urrQSp (gj/rewu- 

uiriLQmeir ^L-iEiQiu s-mS^^^inLQ. ATamil 
Hymn Book. pp. xii. 136. Madras Tract and 
Book Society: Madras, 184:8. 16°. 14170. a. 7. 

Tamil Hymns in English metre. (SJ/tsstlJ- 

uiriLQaeiT. (*Chants. Consisting mostly of selec- 
tions from the sacred Scriptures adapted to . . . 
music.) pp. xviii. 146. American Madura Mission: 
Madras, 1853. 8°. 14170. o. 5.(1.) 

Qa^e^Lci (^n&TuuiTLLQamhUi, Sir^^^ssr- 

«(6Y5Lo, The Salem Hymnal and Lyrics, arranged 
by William Eobinson. (*The Fifty Lyrics ; for 
public and social worship.) 2 parts. London 
Missionary Society : Salem, Tirupatur [printed], 

1901. 8°. 14170. bbb. 3. 

Without pagination. 

Tamil Christian Lyrics, (^iresr S^Eiansn. 

Enlarged and edited, from the lyrical compilations 
of the Rev. E. Webb and the Rev. G. T. Wash- 
burn, D.D., by the Rev. J. S. Chandler, pp. xxxii. 
373. Beligious Tract and Book Society : Madras, 
1902. 12'. 14170. b. 30, 

lAGO PILLAI, M. S. See Nobili (R. de'). (Sj/r- 
G'@Lj(o^<F ^ [Ranopadesam. Edited by lago 
Pillai,] 1907. 8°. 14170. bb. 9. 

IBN 'AIDARUS. See Shah al-HAMio ibn 'Aidarus. 

IDAI - KADAR, Siddhar. ^.guu^euQ^t^usvesr 
[Aru-badu-varuda-phalan. A metrical tract on 
the sixty cyclic years, ascribed to Idai-kadar.] See 


s^ir^ .mp^^^iriB^ eQeni^tii ^ [Varshadi- 
nur-siddhanta-vilakkam.] pp. 233-246. [1875.] 
16°. 14171. f. 2. 

IDAI-KApAR, Siddhar {continued). ^esiL^aanriL- 
(Ba^&^^iruiTL—eo. [Padal. Saiva verses.] pp. 12. 
See SiDDHAKGAL. ° ° ° Ouifliu i^iTesriQ ^iT emeu 
[Periya-nana-kovai.] 1899. 12°. 14170. ee. 33. 

pt. i., pp. 56-67. 1906. 12°. 

14170. dd. 12. 
IGNATIUS [Lopez de Recalde, de Loyola],, Saint. 
Qa" aa^emuemiu (sm^irtSi^^einTn'S^ ^hs'. Qevn- 
Qujijetiir ^(^(^irSiuniT <rS^^jrLD. [Archya- 
sishta- loyola- innasiyar-charitram. A life of 
Loyola, bya memberof the Jesuit Order.] pp. 535 ; 
4 plates. Trichinopoly, 190Q. 12°. 14170. bbb. 12. 

IHLEFELD (Konrad Adolph Anton). See Bible. — 
New Testament. — Gospels. [Matthew.] A brief com- 
mentary on the Gospel according to Saint Matthew 
. . . [by] Rev. K. Ihlefeld, etc. 1891. 8°. 

14170. 0. 37.(1.) 

See Dietrich (J. K.). (^iresr s-uQ^3= 

sQeiv^SuL^. [Nana-upadesa-vistarippu. Trans- 
lated into Tamil by K. Ihlefeld.] 1880. 12°. 

14170. b. 33. 

A brief Commentary on the Gospel accord- 
ing to Saint Mai"k. uifl. lo/t/dq er(Lgi^esr aeS- 
Q<f<s^^^<sk aQFiSS eQ lu IT a Si tu IT esT ih , , . [by] 
Rev. K. Ihlefeld, etc. pp. iv. 48. Tranquebar, 
1893. 8°. 14170. c. 37.(2.) 

A brief Commentary on the Gospel accord- 

ing to Saint Luke. uiB. ^iarr <sr(Lp^eir asS- 
Q'S'sf.^^m s^Q^irX eQ iu IT i Q uj IT esT in , . . [by] 
Rev. K. Ihlefeld, etc. pp. vi. 115. Tranquebar, 
1896. 8°. 14170. c. 37.(3.) 

ILAIYA-TAMBI (S.). See Stickney (D.). Quit^- 
a,iTi9Qs^at9!r9iBi.!BLn. A sermon at the ordination 
ofRev.S.Elyatamby,e<c. 1888. 16°. 14170. a. 39.(1.) 

ILAN-GOV-ADIGAL. » » o ^evuu^aiTjTQpedQpLD 
^i^iun iri(^ibiso60!T(TheiDinLjiM. [Silapp'-adhikaram. 
A metrical romance, forming one of the 5 classi- 
cal epics. With a commentary by Adiyarkku- 
nallar. Edited with prolegomena and notes by V. 
Saminath'-aiyar. Followed by Silapp'-adhikara- 
arum-padav-urai, an anonymous glossary to the 
text, edited by the same.] pp. i. Ixvi. ii. 497, 76, 
ii. ii. Qa^&i2ssr [Madras,] 1892. 8°. 14172. d. 13. 

Le Silappadigaram. [A French 

epitome.] See Vinson (E. H. J.). Legendes 
Bouddhistes et Djainas, etc. vol. i., pp. 111- 
175. 1900. 12°. 14171. aa, 4. 





INCANTATIONS. Incantations. uhb^sld. [A 
Christian tract.] See Veda-nayaka §astri, T.D., 
and WiNSLOW (M.). Blind Way, etc. pp. 118-122. 
1852. 32°. 14170. a. 3. 

INDIA. Fleurs do I'Inde, comprenant . . . plu- 
siears . . . poesies indoues, etc. [With extracts 
from the Kural of Tiru-valluvar, etc., by P. G. de 
Dumast.] pp. x. ii. 26(3, i. Paris, Nancy [printed], 
1857. 8°. 14085. d. 4. 

■ Archceologtcal Survey. Archaeological Survey 

of India. [Old Series.] 24 vols. Simla, Calcutta, 
1871-1887. 8°. 2354. g. 

[New Imperial Series of the Reports.] 

London, Madras, etc. 1874, etc. 4° & Fol. 

1710. b. 1, etc. 

In progress. The above title was adopted in order to em- 
brace the " New " Series of Reports of the 3 surveys of 
Northern, Southern, and Western India, etc. 

South-Indian Inscriptions, Tamil and San- 
skrit . . . Edited and translated by E. Hultzsch. 
1890, e<c. See ahove : ArchoBoloffical Survey. [New 
Imperial Series.] vols. ix. x. xxix., etc. 1874, 
etc. 4° & Fol. 1710. b. 9, 10, etc. 

Epigraphia Indica, and Record of the . . . 

Survey . . . Edited by J. Burgess, etc. (*Vol. iii., 
etc., published ... as a supplement to the "Indian 
Antiquary." Vol. iv., etc., edited by E. Hultzsch.) 
1892, etc. Fol. & 4°. 1710. b. 13, 14. 

In progress. 

Legislative Council. See Madras, Presidency 

of. — Board of Revenue. s-ULj<3^LouiB^Lninu . . . 
fftLi—iEissrr i^ [Rules, etc., for the administra- 
tion of the Salt Acts.] [1867.] 8°. 14170. g. 5.(1.) 

&eQeo LjQirirQt^^ir QatriL. Act no. viii. 

of 1859, etc. [The Civil Procedure Code. Edited 
with notes by V. K. Raghavacharyar.] pp. 143. 
Q3=esricsruL^L-ss3nJb <z^ero {^Madras, 1870.] 8°. 

. 14170. g. 5.(2.) 

Acts of the Government of India 


no.ix. of 1871. <sB.^sr<s(S^^^-j&-6u^ ^dBtl®, 
The Indian Limitation Act, 1871. <5B=sysr«(^D^^(u 
g)/5^(?^<y^^ia/r6U/s?ff"6jriUcF;Ft_L_tD. (*Viya- 
vaharatharunghinee. Supplement. December 
1871.) pp.80. Madras, 1811. 8°. 14170. g. 2.(2.) 

INDIA (continued). Acts of the Government of 
India . . . Act no. viii. of 1871. «jyer«@»^^. 
^-&ijfi .^itLQ. The Indian Registration Act, 

1871, «^S7-<E (q^^^ili ^i^iu&sr if^^en)^- 
Qirs^shr .^iiL®, (*Viyavaharatharunghinee, 
Supplement, May, 1872.) pp. 68, Madras, 1872. 
8°. 14170. g. 2.(1.) 

The Indian Evidence Act. Or Act i. of 1872, 

as amended by Act xviii. of 1872. @/b^Co^^^- 
^•F ^irtLQ .^^iL®. pp. viii. 83. Madras, 1872. 
8°- 14170. g. 7. 

The Indian Penal Code. Containing Acts 

no. xlv. of 1860, no. vi. of 1864, and no. xxiv. of 
1870. ^ih^iu&sr iSesre^ QairC ^. pp. ii. 125. 
Madras, 1872. 4°. 14170. g. 8.(1.) 

Act no, xix. of 1872, «jy5r2.@D^^- 

<x3i,-eu^ ^«il®. p. i. [Madras, 1872.] 8°. 

14170. g. 8.(2.) 

Act no. X. of 1872, The Code of Criminal 

Procedure, (^ppeQ^s" ir Rdssvi ■i^'S' iLl-Ld ensir^Lh 
«^sra.(^D^^-ao-a;^ ^slLQ, pp. 229, xiv. 
83 J 1 plate. Madras, l8Td. S°. 14170. g. 9. 

The Indian Contract Act. ^ib.^ Q^a'^- 

^13, am^atriiL® .^iiL®. Or Act no. ix. of 

1872, e<c. pp.134. Madras,\81\. 8°. 14170. g. 1. 

(tAct no. iii. of 1873 , , , The Madras Civil 

Courts' Act, 1873. iEj>j<srrfi.(^O^^iu Qs'&reirutL- 
t^essTih ^aSeu Q^rriTLL® .^-iiL®.) pp. 24. [Ma- 
dras, 1874?] 8°. 14170. g. 5.(3.) 
No title-paye. 

M^sQ6urr^LD(^a-ifl er^uixt ^iSuia'iL 

L^sfO^aiii. [Niti-vivada-maiijari, Various acts, 

in Tamil, edited with commentaries and examples 

by S. S. Venka^a-ramana Aiyar.] Madras, 1901, 

etc. 8°. , 14170. g. 23. 

In progress f 

Post Office. See Postal Guide, Postal 

Guide, etc. 1904, 8°. 14172. i. 23 

INDIAN CHRISTIANS, Sketches of South Indian 
Christians. Lives of [14] Tamil, Telugu, and 
Malayalam Christians, ^is^iu ®j£l<sn)^eufraetiiesr 
^sQiu o'^^^irff 3^(^aslo. [Translated by 
Joseph David from the English.] pp. 86, Ma- 
dras, 1896, 12». 14171. a. 14. 





INDIAN CHRISTIANS (continued). Sketches of 
Indian Christians. ^is^tu Siplm^i£6uirse\flssT 
^eQiu ■3=f\^^ira' sfQFf'iaLb. pp.Yi.264. Madras, 
1897. 12°. 14171. a. 22. 

INNASI-TAMBI, Trikonamalai A. See Antoni- 

KUTTI AnNAVIYAK. o ° » Q rff <srV ^ 3" LD lU S IT ^ ^ &ST LD . 

[Kiristu-samaya-kirttanam. Edited by Innasi- 
tamti.] 1891. 8°. 14170. c. 38. 

INftUIRIES. Devout Inquiries. A conversation 
between a convert to Christianity and his minis- 
ter . . . u^^iBiriLi—LD. Second edition, pp. 12. 
Jaffna, 1842. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(41.) 

INSTEUCTION. Good Instruction . . . mpLj^^. 
[A Christian tract.] Second edition, pp. 12. 
Jaffna, 1844. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(26.) 

IRAIYANAR. [For works current under the name 
of Per-asiriyar, sometimes identified with Iraiya- 
nar :] See Peb-asieiyae. 

^e!Dpiu^jraLjQuir(f^Grr [Iraiyanar-aga- 

porul. A treatise upon the art of erotic poetry. 
With a commentary ascribed to Nakklranar. 
Edited by S. V. Damodaram Pillai.] pp. iii. i. 
180. (3.j^6Jrs!irLjtlL_s32frtii auir^ [Madras, 1883.] 
8°. 14172. e. 25. 

IRATTAIYAR. [12 occasional verses, with inter- 
pretation.] See Tani-padal. {^/BsSuurrt—p- 
fiSjriL®) [Tani-padat-tirattu.] pp. 210-216. 
[1892, etc.] 8°. 14172. c. 39.(5.) 

IRATTINAVELir. See Ratna-yelu. 

IRSHAL al-'IBAD. ^oo^... ^jpuFn ^eo ^uir^, 
[Irshad al-'ibad. A treatise on the Muhammadan 
faith, translated from the Arabic by Muhyi al-Din 
Sultan Pillai.] pp. viii. 152. Q'3=mdssr [Madras^ 
1901. 8°. 14173. b. 6. 

ISIDORE, Saint. ^ir^-Quj&s^L. §)SlQ^rrfr ^/fl^- 
^iTLb. [Life of St. Isidore.] pp. 36. lu/rj^uurr- 
esarih [Jaffna,] 1898. 16°. 14170. a. 39.(3.) 

iSVAR'-AIYAR, K.N. See Aw aiy ar. — Single 
Worls. o o o Qmir&sTempQeuihflesT ip [Konrai- 
vendan. Edited by Isvar'-aiyar.] 1894. 16°. 

14172. a. 10.(4.) 
ITIHASA-MANJARI. Ithihasa Manjari Series. [A 
collection of works on epic and religious legends. 

in prose versions by Shanmukham Pillai.] (Qen- 

Q^irui9(/niEJsemrLDrr Siu i-jirirQes!ST^s.iT'fLD(^.fii].'\ 

O^-mSssr «ji/=iV=^ [Madras, 1888]-I894. 8°. 

14172. d. 11. 

The tvorha puhlished in this series are separately cata- 
logued under the headings : — 



Furanas. — Skanda-purariam. 
The Tamil title given above is that p^-inted on the wrapper 
of the fascicules. 

lYAGA PILLAI. See Iago Pillai. 

JACOLLIOT (Louis). Theatre Indou. La Deva- 
dassi. Bayadere. Com^die (-f-attribuee a un certain 
Parasourama), en quatre parties, traduite du 
tamoul [?] par Louis Jacolliot. pp. 46. Paris, 
Bruxelles [printed], 1868. 8°. 14170. 1. 34. 

Le Pariah dans I'Humauit^. [Followed by 

a translation of portions of the Kural.] pp. 347, 
ii. Paris, 1876. 8°. 10058. cc. 1. 

JAENICKE (David). The life of Rev. R. Sathia- 
naden of Tanjore. ^^^ir^lr y^ireff'a >t^^iu- 
iBir^^iuiT ^(sQiu s'fi^^R.B- aqr^isLD. pji. ii. 60. 
Tranquehar, 1893. 8°. 14170. bb. 4. 

JAFFNA. lun LpuurrassT eiy) eii u su ija . [Yarpana- 
vaibhavam. An account of the history of Jaffna. 
Followed by Lankai-bhumi-sastra-sangraham, a 
brief geographical sketch of Ceylon. Edited by 
V. V. Sada-siva Pillai.] pp. ii. 71. Madras, 1884. 
12°. 1417L d. 4. 

A new edition of the Thesawaleme [i.e. 

Desa-varamai], or, The Laws and Customs of 
Jaffna, together with the decisions of the various 
courts on the subject ... up to 1861. The 
English translation of the Seventy-two Orders. 
The Ordinances no. 18 of 1806 and no. 1 of 
1842. Mr. Atherton's edition of the Thesa- 
waleme, with original notes. And an appendix, 
including the Tamil version of the Thesawaleme, 
the Tamil version of the Seventy two Orders, 
and a Tamil translation of the most important 
Schedule & Pre-emption Cases. By Henry Francis 
Mutukisna. pp. iv. vii. xix. iv. ii. xlviii. 736, 
vii. 104. Colombo, 1862. 8°. 14170. g. 3. 

The Tesawalainai ; or, The Laws and 

Customs of the Malabars of Jaffna. Promul- 
gated by the Dutch Government of Ceylon in 






the year 1707 . . . Reprinted from the edition . . . 
by Advocate H. F. Mutukisna. pp. 30. Oolombo, 
1891. 8°. 05319. k. 3. 

Church Missionary Society. The ninth 

(♦eleventh) Annual Report of the Jaffna C.M.S. 
Native Missionary Association for 1891-92 (*1893- 
94). . . .^plaensuu^^a^Ld. 2 pts. Jaffna, 1892- 
1894. ]2°. 14170. a. 49.(3.) 

Kiristu-mata-Tcliandana-sabhai. <si^fiLci. 

[Katlidam. A letter from the An ti -Christian 
Society of Jaffna to the Christian Missionaries.] 
pp.12. luirLfiuuiresunJa o'lieuS^^ [Jaffna, 1887.1 
16°, 14170. a. 40.(1.) 

LCiinE'3' Quira-esr 6Qey>s(i^ [Mamsa- 

bhojana-vilakku. A tract against the use of 
animal food, giving opinions of English authors.] 
pp. 10. luiripuuiressTLci eQQjrir^ [Jaffna, 1889.] 
16°. 14170. i. 1. 

Mlechchha-mata-hhandana-sabhai. ° ° ° lB- 

Qev-3''9'm^a6mL-6sr<3'uir •xrr<SBe\)(o'Xirey,Lh. [Mlech- 
chha-mata-khandana-sabha-kakala-ghoshara, or 
Kiristu-mata- tula-vatulam. An anti-Christian 
tract, addressed to the Theistic Hindu-mata- 
khandana-sabhai.] pp. 12. lurrj^uurrsmih eQQir^ 
[Jaffna, 1891.] 12°. 14170. a. 49.(2.) 

• Native Evangelical Society. Forty-seventh 

Annual Report of the Jaffna Native Evangelical 
Society. 1893 . . . ^pHemauu^^MLB. pp.36. 
Manippay, 1894. 12'^. 14170. a. 49.(6.) 

Saiva-imripdlana-sahhai. Sey^^Qjrirs 

semi^esr ^Aairir flemu-esTLD, [Siva-droha- 
khandana-dhikkara-dandanam. An answer to the 
tract entitled Siva-droha-khandanam by Vetti- 
ver Pillai.] pp. 13, Qa^esrSssr ^irQpQ [Madras, 
1896.] 16°. 14170. d. 57. 

Saiva-prulcasa-sabhai. uirevufri—ixi, [Bala- 

patham. A series of readers for schools, issued 
by this Society, and comprising :— pt. i. (fasc. 2), 
Anvaiyar's Atti-sudi and Konrai-vendan ; pt. ii., 
a reader by T. Kailasa Pillai ; pts, iii, and v., 
readers by K. V, Velu Pillai.] pts. 1-3, 5. mm^esr- 
6/3 S uj [J-fl/na, 1893-1894.] 12° & 8°, 14172. h. 92. 

63) ff SU .^ S^ S33r LJ 





dushana-pariharam. Answers to Christian adver- 

saries of the Saiva system, republished in Madras.] 
pp. ii. 72. 0<?6sr6!>ruLLi_«a9rti d;^.9>>o [Madras, 
1890.] 8°. 14170. e. 40. 

JAGA-NATHA NAYTJpU, M. 6inueifi.%s6vuih , , , 
Hindu Pharmacopcoia. Compiled from various 
ancient standard works of reputation, with an 
index of diseases and remedies ... by M. Jaga- 
natham Naidu. Second edition, pp. xvi. 52, 310. 
Madras, 1906. 8°. 14171. g. 9. 

JAGA-EATT MUDALIYAE, Rdyapuram A.S., of 
St. Mary's College, Madras. See Beschi (C. G, E.). 
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terpretation by Jaga-rau.] 1901. 8°, 14170.00.8. 

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Examiner for the Matriculation Examination, 
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JAIMINI. [For the Arudha-sastram or Nana- 
pradipikai, ascribed to Jaimini :] See Aeudha- 


^lUQf^iSsuiriSuJih t^ [Jaya-muni-vakyam, 

or Jaya-muni-sutra-mori-peyarpu. A book on 
astrology, professing to be a translation of the 
Aphorisms of " Jaya Muni," i.e. Jaimini. Edited 
by U. Vaidi-linga Jodishar.] pp.66, ueu [Madras, 
1874.] 8°, 14172. b. 20. 

JANANENDRIYANGAL. d^esTQ&sriB^iBiuiiasrr. 
[Jananendriyangal, A Christian tract on sexual 
abuses.] pp. 24. luiri^uuiressTiJb ^^n®^ 
[Jaffna, 1854.] 12°. 14170. i,'5. 

JANARDANAM PILLAI. See Jenakttanam Pillai. 

JAYA MUNI. See Jaimini. 

JAYAN-GONDAN. a^iuiiQairesnTL^rrsisr ^Q^e^^- 
Qa'uj^ 6s eQ IB ^ ^ ^ u u jr esufl . [Kalingattu parani. 
A poem on the conquest of Kalinga by the Chalu- 
kya king Raja-kesari Varma, or Kulottunga Soja 
Deva I, Edited with introduction by V. G. Siirya- 
narayana Sastri.] pp.31, 130, i, Madras, 1898. 
12°, 14172. a. 49. 

No. 1 of the Ealai-majil-kalSpam. 





JAYAN - GONDAN (continued). The Kalingattu 
Parani. [Extracts with English analysis by V. 
Kanaka-sabhai Pillai.] 1890. See Pkeiodical 
Publications. — Bombay. The Indian Antiquary, 
etc. vol. xix., pp. 329-345. 1872, etc. 4°. 

14096. e. (vol. 19.) 

aeBiEHE^^iuuir 6ssB. [Kalingattu parani. 

the Eaja-paramparyam and Avatarain. In Tamil 
and English, with Tamil commentary, etc.] See 
Academies, etc. — Madras. — University of Madras. 
Copious notes, etc. 1898. 8°. 14172. b. 16.(1.) 

JAYA-RAMA CHETTIYAR, S. See Madras, Fresi- 
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iBiT^ ■a^iT'S'mikimerr ^ [The Standing Orders of 
the Madras Board of Revenue. Translated by 
Jaya-rama.] [1868.] 8°. 14170. g. 6. 

JEGA-NATHA pillai, Pi'i^ai, Dasavadhdnam. 
See Alayandar. o o " <^ir<s!reuirQtLu. ^ [Nana- 
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See Ananta BhIrati. \-tf . . . Sir^^^. 

[Vedanta- desika-vaibhava-prakasikai-kirttanai. 
Edited by Jega-natha.] [1890.] 8°. 14172.0.37. 



See Jaga-rau Muda- 

JENARTTANAM pillai, Kalambur Naga-ncltham. 

o o o jj^ ,F lb ^ jr &s) T ■!F i ■siLi^iULD. [Chandra-hasa- 
kattiyam, also styled Poramai-vetti. Verses on 
the legend of Chaudra-hasan.] pp. ii. 27. Qeii^nriir 
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JENSEN (Herman). A practical Tamil Reading 
Book for European beginners. [In Tamil, with 
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A Classified Collection of Tamil Proverbs, 

[with translation, explanations, and indices,] by 
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[Another copy, with a different title-page.] 

London, 1897. 8*. 2318. h. 12. 

Forms part of " Trubner's Oriental Series." 

JEREMIAH (S. S.), called also C. Sinna-tambi 
Pii.LAi. Jubilee Songs, composed for the occa- 
sion of the celebration of Her Most Gracious 

Majesty the Queen Empress Victoria's accession 
to the throne, etc. [f^imemlmiriuSliuinr .^jffl- 

pp. 16. Manippay, 1887. 8°. 14172. c. 28.(2.) 
eQSiLi— 6iiir3=SLD ^ [Visitta-vachakam.] 

(* Tamil Senior Reader, first part . , . Second 
edition.) pp. viii. 120. Jaffna, 1886. 12°. 

14172, h. 72. 

^l8i^ ^is^itld Li^fiSLo. Tamil Fifth 

Reader, pp.116. Jaffna,1892. 12°. 14172. h. 88. 

JESU-DAS (Daniel). The Tamil Tutor, or Tamil 
Gi'ammar & Language. Containing various infor- 
mation on the study of the language, arranged 
and adapted for use in Lower Secondary Classes . . . 
New edition. {*^l8^ .^^/flujsir ^eve\)^ ^Sip 
^icO<iss!!3Tnpu:: urrems^ii^ih.) pp. ii. 248, 38. Tri- 
chinopoly, 1901. 12°, 14172. ee. 12. 

The numeration begins vnth p. 9 ; there are no pp. 1-8. 

JESU-DASAN PILLAI (C). See Keene (H. G.). 
Persian stories . . . translated into Tamil by 
C. Jesudasen Pillay. 1840. 12°. 14172. e. 2. 

JESTJS CHRIST. ^QiuanBiTiU'^ir ^(r^3=3=^iBLD. 
[lyesu-nayakar-tiru-satakam] ... A poem of one 
hundred stanzas on the character of Christ, etc. 
pp. 114. Manepy, 1850. 32°. 14170. a. 2. 

De Imitatione Christi. Q rS eto ^ le ir ^ ir 

^^•rirjTiJD. [Ascribed to Thomas a Kempis. 
Translated from the Latin by S. Nana-prakasa- 
nathar.] pp. 390. Lf^emeu ^^rrrah-rFL. [Pondi- 
cherry, 1863.] 16°. 14170. a. 20. 

Q(7^&v^(ouiresrp e^Q^is (meinp j^s\), 

(The Imitation of Christ. [Translated by] Atma- 
nathan.) 1905, etc. See Periodical Publications. 

- Srirangam. (£^ euirexlf eQe\:)iretSlssT. (Sri Vani 

Vilasini.) vol. i., etc. 1905, etc. 8°. 

14172. m. l.(vol. 1, etc.) 
In progress. 

JOHANNAS. See Jonas. 

JONAS, T.C.B. See Sindhu-rayalu, T., and Jonas, 
T.G.R. Baradha Sungeeta Swayabodini, c<c. 1895. 
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JONES (J. P.). See THEOLoav. Outlines of 
Systematic Theology, etc. [Edited and revised by 
J. P. Jones.] 1901. 8°. 14170. bbb. 1. 





JOSEPH (A.). A Cumini Poem on Coffee 
Planting, with English translation. (Co«/ru/i?« 
S(^c^i ^LDiB.) pp. i. 71, 22. Jaffna, 1869. 
8". 14172. b. 31. 

JOSEPH (PuviMANNA-siNGA Mddauyar). See Puvi- 


JOSEPH MUNSHI (A.). See Munshi (A. J.). 

JOYES (Walter). See Gartiiwaite (L.). First 
Header . . . Edited bj W. Joyes, etc. 1879. 12°. 

14172. h. 25. 

See Pavanandi. Grammatica Tamuliensis, 

or An English version of the . . . Nunnool . . . 
By W. Joyes and S. Samuel Pillay, etc. 1848- 
1851. 8°. 14172. f. 10. 

[Another copy.] 

14172. f. 20. 

Second Reader, Tamil... ^irssun^irLhurr l_- 

L/eJu^ati, pp. xii. 183. Madras, 1878. 16°. 

14172. h. 27. 
JUBILEE. Jubilee Tract. Jaffna Bible Society — 
1853 (J designed to show . . . the extensive opera- 
tions of the British and Foreign Bible Society, 
the great difference between the Bible and the 
sacred books of the Hindus, etc.). Qeu^niBu^s^m- 
a^Q&sr LnQsTpsFeu^&n^uupiSuJLf^i^aLCi. pp. 
24, iv. Jaffna, 1853. 12°. 14170. b. 28. 

JUDSON (Adoniram). The Life of Dr. Judson. 
. . . jgL-sruoir (Suir^aiflevr a'fl^^irs' SrQ^ssili. 
pp. 91. Madran, 1879. 16°. 14170. a. 26. 

KACHI SASTEI, Valavanur. See Pdranas. — 
Bralimdnda-puranam. er uSS est ^)ir ir . . . ^^Qlj/t^- 
ev u jr rr swr ih . [Adipura-tala-puranam. Metrically 
adapted, on the basis of the version of Kachi 
Sastri.] [1896.] 8°. 14170. ee. 8. 

KACHIY - APPAB,, Kanchi Kdlattiy-appar. See 
Puranas. — Skanda - pur an am. aiB^i^jriremiJa. 
[Kanda-puranam. Adapted into Tamil verse by 
Kachiy-appar.] [1869.] 8°. 14170. f. 3. 

See PtJRANAS. — Slcanda-purdnam. am^- 

uniressrix) [Kanda-puranam. In the metrical ver- 
sion of Kachiy-appar.] 1896, efc. 8°. 14170. f. 23. 

See PoRANAS. — Shanda-purdnam. 

\j^ am^LjiiiTessT ^ [Kanda-purana-churuk- 
kam. A prose epitome of Kachiy-appar's 
Kanda-puranam.] 1907. 8°. 14170. e. 28. 

KACHIY • APPAR, Kuiicld- Kfihdtiij-appar 
tinued). See Puranas. — Skanda-purdnam. 
LfiriresnTLC). [Kanda-puranam, Taraka-vadha 
lam. In the version of Kachiy-appar. 
life of the latter and commentary.] 1900 
[Univerait;/ of Madras ; B.A. Examination.] 

14172. bb 

See Puranas. — Skanda-purdnam. ° ^ o 

LjirnsmTLB i^ [Teyvayanaiy-ammai-tiru- 
patalam. From the Skanda-puranam as 
lated by Kachiy-appar.] [1889.] 8°. 14170 








e. 30. 

See Puranas. — Skanda-puranam. am^- 

LjjT/restinD i^^ [Valliy-ammai-tiru-mana-patalam. 
From the Skanda-puranam as translated by 
Kachiy-appar.] [1886.] 8°. 14170. e. 25. 

See Puranas. — Skanda-purdnam. sm^- 

Ljirnssur ^ [Kanda-purana-vachanam. TheKanda- 
puranam, done into prose.] 1890-1891. 8°. \_Iti- 
hdsa-manjari iSene*.] 14172. d. 11. 

KACHIY-APPAR, Tirutanigai, disciple of Siva- 
fidnar, of Tiruvdvadudurai. See Puranas. — Vind- 
yaka-purdnam. uir iriseiiLjirtreissTih i^ [Vinayaka- 
puranam, or Bhargava-puranam. A metrical 
version by Kachiy-appar.] 1899. 8°. 14170. f. 15. 

See Puranas. — Vindyaka-purdnam. 

uirirS'Xeu lj jr ir esarih ^ [Vinayaka-puranam, 
or Bhargava-puranam. A prose paraphrase 
of the metrical version by Kachiy-appar.] 
1899. 8°. 14170. ee. 19. 

00 ^Hi^QuLj HIT essria. [Kanchi-puranam. 

The local Saiva legends of Conjevaram. The first 
part by Siva-nanar, and the second part by his 
disciple Kachiy-appar. Edited with commentary 
by T. K. Subba-raya Chetti.] [1891, etc.] 4°. ' See 
SivA-NANA SvAMi, TiruvdvaduduTai. 14170. f. 14. 

\J^ . . . fi'Si^snaui^ffrresstui. [Tanigai- 

puranam. A series of poems upon the sacred 
legends of Tanigai (Tirutani). Edited by S. V. 
Damodaram Pillai.] pp. iv. ii. 426. Q a^ &si esr u lL- 
t_6!)3r£Jj <9?u/r^u [Ifacfras, 1883.] 8°. 14170. e. 64. 

KADAVUir MA-MUNI, Tiru-chittambalam. ^(5- 
6uiT^m,]riTL]irire33TLJa. [Tiruvadavurar-puninam. 
A poetical account of the legends relating to the 
Saiva poet Manikka-vachakar. Edited by N. C. 





Tamb'-aiya Pillai.] pp. 75. luiri^uunesjT^^ 
eB^iu {Jaffna, 1893.] 8°. 14171. a. 9. 

LjjriressrLD. [Tiru-vadavurar-puranam, or Manikka- 
vachakar-puranam. Witli a paraphrase by KaScbi- 
puram Kumara-svami Desikar. Edited by Tiruv- 
arunai Sabha-pati Svami.] pp. 232 ; 10 plates. 
Qs^eirSssr [Madras,] 1896. 12°. 14171, a. 10. 

Qn^euir ^&uirtii-setTLj snressTQpLD . . . 

^Q^G&iiJbUTeineuiLjtii. [Tiruvadavur-adigal-pura- 
i.iam. Followed by the Tiruv-em-bavai of Manikka- 
vachakar. Edited by M. K. Ver Pillai.] pp. 66,4. 
^^enLai9 [Jaffna, 1897.] 8°. 14171. a. 16. 

^(ifjeuir^^iriTLjjriressTeUiS-mLh [Tiruvada- 

viirar-purana-vachanam. The Tiruvadaviirar- 
puranam, rendered into prose by P. Vasudeva 
Mudaliyar.] See Tiru-mueai. — Tiru-vdchakam. 
'5 ^(^su/r-Fffiii ^ [Tiru-yachakam.] 1897. 8°. 

14172. b. 57. 

esTii.) [Manikka-vachaka-svamigal-purana-vacha- 

nam. Aprose version of theVadavurar-puranam.] 

pp.184. [Marfras? 1870?] 16°. 14170. d. 90. 

Without title-page, 

The sixth chapter of the Tiruvathavur 

Purana, entitled "The Vanquishing of the Buddh- 
ists in Disputation." Translated ... by Simon 
Casie Chitty. (Journal of the Ceylon Branch 
of the Royal Asiatic Society. 1846-7. Vol. i., 
no. 2, pp. 63-83.) Colombo, 1861. 8°. 

Ac. 8830. (vol. i., no. 2.) 

KADIRAI-VER PILIAI, N., of Melai-Puloli, Jaffna. 
See Bala-subrahmanta Kavi-eatar. ° « o utpS^ 
^evuLjiriremLa ^ [Parani-tala-puranam. Edited 
with paraphrase by Kadirai-ver Pillai.] 1903. 12°. 

14170. d. 80. 

See Dictionaries. ^iBipu Qujrsjrir^. 

[Tamir-per-agaradi. Enlarged by Kadirai-ver 
Pillai.] 1899. 8°. 14172. f. 24. 

See Ell'-appa Navalae. o o o ^Q^euQff&iswi 

aevihum ^ [Tiruv-arunai-kalambakam. With 
commentary by Kadirai-ver Pillai.] 1902. 8°. 

14172, c. 47. 

See Pc'RA.'^AS.—Kurma-purdnam. ooo ,^/fto- 

LiJirem i^ [Kurma-puranam. In the version 

of Ativira-rama Pandiyan. With commentary by 
Kadirai-ver Pillai.] 1898-1899. 8°. 14170. ff. 6. 

See Vaeada-raja Panditak, K. R. ejsrr^ Si 

LjjrrressTLD. [Ekadasi-puranam. Edited and anno- 
tated by Kadirai-ver Pillai.] 1898. 12°. 

14170. ee. 21. 

See Vaeada-raja Panditar, K. E. ooo Qeu- 

irir^^iB Ljmresur ^ [Siva-ratri-puranam. Edited 
with commentary by Kadirai-ver Pillai.] 1902. 
8°. 14170. 86. 59. 

SiUiSliiiiies^fiiu ujaiQuLBLd. [Subrah- 

manya-parakramam. An account of the myths 
of the various manifestations of the god Subrah- 
manya.] pp. xvi. 414, ii. ; 90 plates. Qo'skdssr 
urrirueu [Madras, 1906.] 12°, 14170. dd. 9. 

KADIRA-VER PILLAI, of Tamhalagamam., Trin- 
comali. Qs.irQemrs'n'u^sLCi [Konesar-padigam. 
Hymns to Siva as worshipped at Trincomali.] 
pp. 12, Q/eu6!n«u eQQjrrr^ [Valuvettifurai, 1889.] 
16°, 14172. a. 4.(2.) 

KADIEI (Muhammad). See Muhammad Kadiei. 

KADIR SAHIB, 8.P.S.K., of Fenang. &s)irerviu 
Lcii^'S'ifl. [Hasya-manjari. 9 humorous tales.] pp. 
17. i3(S3)/B(3 [Penang,'] 1898. 12°, 14171. a. 6.(3.) 

KADIR SAHIB, Teralandurl. See Muhammad 'Abd 
al-KADiR ibn Adam. 

eaya Mudaliyar, V., Mdtti-eama Kavi-rayar, G., 
and Kadir-vel Kavi-eaja Panditar. (-^ wp/oir- 
uirjr^iSif^^'Sesr ^ [Maha-bharata-kirttanai.] 
[1905.] 8°. 14172. bbb. 1. 

KADIR-VELTT NADAR, K.S. uestsiu^Owsisr^Ln 
u(Sl(a^irefi eQ e\) IT if LD , [Padu-doshi-vilasam, or 
Pagaiyadam, A satiric lyrical drama.] pp. 2, 
182. Q^^skSssr [Madras,] 1905. 8°, 14171. k. 1. 

KAGANAR. See Vilambita Naganae. 

KAILASA PILLAI, T., of Jaffna. See Jaffna.— 
Saiva-praMsa-sahhai. uireouiri—in. [Bala-patham. 
Pt. ii., a reader by Kailasa Pillai.] [1893-1894.] 
12° & 8°. 14172. h. 92. (pt. 2.) 

KALA-MEGrHAM. \^ , , . airen(oLoauLf&)<5i]iT . , , 
uiri^iuem&i. [174 occasional verses. With inter- 





pretation.] See Tani-padai,. {f^sifluufri_/D. 
filinL®) [Tani-padal-lirattu.] pp. 1-89. [1892, 
etc.] 8°, 14172. c. 39.(6.) 

KALISASA. jyL9s3(35/r/B<y/r(5/B^a)t£i. [Abhijuana- 
sakuntalam. An abstract in Tamil, with occa- 
sional translations.] See Sundara-baja Sarma, D. 
euiuiren) ... uirirujir^.sq^LOLD. (Vyasa and Vatsya- 
yana's Bharyadharmam, e<c.) pp. 179-197. 1901. 
12°. 14085. b. 44. 

o o s^iTQ^m^ey) iBrrt-^siJb. [Sakuntalam. 

Translated by N. Vedachalam Pillai.] pp. 4, 146. 
1907. See Periodical Publications. — Madras. 
o o o 1^ rr €ST a" IT s iTLti . [Nana-sagaram.] vol. ii., 
no. 1— vol. iii., no. 12. 1902, etc. 8°. 

14172. i. 10. (vol. 2-3.) 

Qir>s_^^xdsiriBens. [Megha-diita-karikai. 

A metrical version by S. A. Kumara-svami Pillai, 
preceded by a life of Kalidasa and glossary.] 
pp. xiv. 20. Qair3i(^eQs\) ^iTQpQ [Kolckuvil, 
1897.] 8°. 14170. 1. 32.(4.) 

^!!'(^'SiiLriiB^La. [Raghu-vainsam. A 

translation into Tamil verse by Arasa-kesari of 
Jaffna. Edited by NaUQr S. Ponn'-ambala Pillai.] 
pp. i. ii. 310, i. luirtpuuiressriJD [,Jaffna,] 1887. 
8°. 14172. b. 33. 

' ^ /?■ (3 su (i 5^ eus^esTLD. [Raghu-varnsam. 

Translated into Tamil prose, with introduction, 

by S. M. Natesa Sastri, and edited by V. M. 

Sathakopa-ramanujacbaryar.] Madras, 1901, etc. 

8°. 14172. bb. 2. 

In progress. 

' I'^ciu-'Siiouvib - Qp^eoireii^ - GMSo-tih [Ra- 

ghu-vamsam. Canto i., in Sanskrit, edited with 
literal interpretations and paraphrase in Tamil, 
styled Bala- sad -guru- bodhika, by Sirugalattur 
Rama-svami Sastri.] pp. iv. 98. ^Q^euir^ 
^inrssyr [Tiruvadi, 1884.] 8°. 14070. c. 44. 

KALLA-PIEAN PILLAI, S. V. See Shakspeke (W.). 
Ga/issflsry eu/r^^aejr (Shakespeare's Merchant 
of Venice, in Tamil, by S. Y. Kallapiran Pillai.) 
1904. 12°. 14171. i. 1.(2.) 

KALYANA-HATAKAM. seQiuiresnTmirtsm. [Kal- 
yana-natakam. An operatic play on marriage- 
practices. Edited by M. Atma-natha Bhagavatar.] 
pp. 94. Q^euQairiLsnL- [Devakota,] 1900, 8". 

14170. 1. 37.(3.) 

Ash(dvadhdnam V. <>'>°Qu>iuiufia'^iiQjr isirt—OiiJa, 
[Moyy'-arichandira-na^akam, A drama on tho 
legend of the truthful Harijchandra.] pp. 773. 
Madura, Q^esrSssr [Madras printed], 1905. 8°. 

14171. k. 5. 


nam Puvai. See Rama-linga Svami, Tiruv-arvt- 
prahdsa-vallaldr. o o o ^q^su^lLuit ^ [Tiruv- 
arut-pa-tiru-murai-tirattu. Revised by Kalyana- 
sundara.] 1892. 8°. 14172. d, 14. 

See TiRUVERKATTa. ^Qr^QeupsiriLQu- 

LjjTireniiTLD. [Tiruverkattu-puranam. Edited by 
Kalyaiia-sundara.] 1903. 8°. 14170. fF. 14. 

See Uma-pati Sivachabyar. QeuLJt9jr- 

•xiTiFLD, [Eight works — viz., Neiiju-viciu-dudu, 
with commentary of Kalyana-sundara, etc.l 1897. 
8°. [Mey-kanda-scittiram.'] 14170. S. 3. 

Q^^irib^i s>L-i—dsiT, [Siddhanta-kattalai. 

A compendium of the Saiva-Siddhantam. Second 
edition.] pp. 37. QiFrndssr [Madras,'] 1890. 16°. 

14170. d. 33.(1.) 

S^^irm^eii<resri^G^ei!srtJD. [Siddhanta- 

vachana-bhiishanam. A dialectic exposition of the 
Saiva religious philosophy.] pp. iv. 325, ii. O^sar- 
?asT a uQq^.^ [Madras, 1902.] 12°. 14170. d. 3. 


KANTHA DIkSHITAE. \:;I^ . ■ ■ <3i<^e)SlZioe^JBUT]^Sbo 

[Kali-vidambanam. With Tamil translation by 
Kalyana-sundara.] 1901. 16°. 14070. a. 9. 

KAMAKSHI. aiTLCiirai^ eS'mir iQjruireuLD. [Kiima- 
kshi-lila-prabhavam. An account of the legends 
of the goddess Kamakshi and her cult in Conje- 
varam. Translated by K. E. Alala-sundarara 
Pillai and M. Bhairava Sivacharyar.] pp. ii. vi. 
104, i. Qs^&frSosr [Madras,] 1906. 8°. 

14170. eee. 20.(2.) 

KAMALAKAEA BHATTAE, son of Rdma-krushna. 

[Siidra- kamalakara, or Sudra - dharma- tattva. 
Part ix. of the Dharma-tattva, treating of the 
religious duties of the fourth caste. In Sanskrit, 
edited with a commentary called Sudra-sarvasva 
and Tamil translation by Srinivasa Dikshitar.] 
1901, etc. See Periodical Publications. — Chi- 





dambaram. enj^smaSls^ir etc. [Brahma-vidya.] 
vol. XV., no. 1, etc. 1886, etc. 4°. 

14096. dd. 3.(vol. 15, etc.) 

In progress ? 

KAMALA MTTNI. o o o s^ irQp^^ifl sir eotLs^ star - 
QiDsisT^uLci l^Qjrsrtss' iietv^jTiM. [Rekhai-sastram, 
or Sarnudrika-lakslianam. A metrical treatise on 
palmistry, in 7 chapters. Edited by P. Marga- 
liriga Nayanar.] pp. 238. iSjrLon-^ [Madras, 
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Bhima Kavi-kayar. 

See Selva-kesava-kata Mudaliyae, T. 

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See Vinson (B. H. J.). Litterature Tamoule 

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fj^Ln^ giLDUinrLniriuessrLD Mire^ujaireisT- 

L-LD y^ [Kamba-ramayanam, Aranya-kiindam. 
With exegetical commentary by M. R. Kanda- 
sami Kavi-rayar and S. Venkata-rayalu Nayudu. 
Edited by M. R. Arunachala Kavi-rayar.] pp. 
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14172. d. 25. 

.x LD u jriruiinu em LD. [Kamba- ramayanam, 

Surpanakhai-patalam, from the Aranya-kandam. 
With life of the poet and commentary.] pp. 127. 
See Academies, etc. — Madras. — University of Ma- 
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^J^LL^aihuirinninuessTLD t^ [Kamba-rama- 

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IJ^u>^iEi}iuinruiinu6S3nh. ^Qiuir^^mir- 
aireisn_ih ^ [Kamba-ramayanam, Ayodhya- 
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dhanamSubba-rayaChetti.] pp.374, 89. [Madras,] 
1904. 8°. 14172. bb. 12. 

o o o [J^ui^aLtU!nTLciruj6is3rLCi . . . ank^ir- 
aaeistL-i},. [Kamba-ramayanam, Sundara-kandam. 

Edited by K. Cliidambara-uatha Kavi-rajar.] pp. 
171. ^Q^0m&)Qeje8 aiQev [TinneveUi, 1870.] 
8°. 14172. c. 4. 

Kamba Ramayanam. Edited [with a 

summary of the story] by Pandit P. R. Krishnam- 
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Bala-subrahmanyam]. Sundarakandam {am^ir- 
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\-f^u:s^ aLduiriTLBirujessT eus'ssrih ^ [Kamba- 

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■sseifleir a^Q^isnpLa ... u^jitldit .^etveuQin^ujir- 
■xQpih . . . LdsireQiB^eu-fssTQptJD ^ [Ramayana- 
vachanam. Comprising a prose summary of 
Kamban's Ramayanam with Otta-kiittar's Uttara- 
kaudam, Bhima Kavi-rayar^s Ramar-asva-medha- 
yagam, and Maha-vinda-vachanam by V. Govinda 
Pillai. Edited by Puduvai Narayana-dasar.] pp. 
436; 16 plates. Qa=mdssr [Madras^ 1903. 8°. 

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^Pajr)/r<F Q(vjrsi^L^inirSiu u^u^^ athuirir- 

LCiiTujesjr eus-esTLo. [Kamba-ramayana-vachanam. 
A prose version of the poem of Kamban, and also 
of the TJttara-kandam of Otta-kuttar. Revised 
by PalurVelu Desikar.] 2 vols. Madras, IWZ. 
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ooo fj^ic^^ lit i_ijr IT LDiriu em a a (i^uQu IT Q^ err. 

[Kamba-ramayana-karu-porul. An epitome of the 
Ramayanam, in 100 stanzas. Edited with inter- 
pretation and notes by K. Purushottama Muda- 
liyar.] pp. ii. i. iv. ii. 121. Qs'imesruiLL^eisnTLa 
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— ^— o o o ^jTsnien^iumflir^ Q/)e\>uirt—th. [Sa- 
rasvatiy-antadi. An artificial poem in honour of 
the goddess Sarasvati.] pp. 14. Q<3=^dssr [Ma- 
dras,] 1887. 16°. 14172. a. 7.(2.) 

[66 occasional verses, ascribed to Kambnn. 

With interpretation.] See Tani-padal. (f^stsflu- 





uiTL-ib^inLQl) [Tani-padat-tirattu]. pp. 126-155. 
[1802, etc.] 8°. 14172. c. 39.(5.) 

KAMIL WALi DAIKKA. See [Addenda] 'Add al- 
Kadib Lebbai. 

KANAKA-SABHAI PILLAI, Kudalur. eu (i^em ^ i- 
^iTLDesufl, [Variia-chintamani. A dissertation on 
the Hindu caste-system. Preceded by divers com- 
mendatory verses. Edited by M. R. Arunachala 
Kavi-rayar.] pp. Ivi. 528. Q-s'mdesr [Madras,] 
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Texts [with translation. Comprising Poigaiyar's 
Kala-vaji, Jayau-gondan's Kalifigattu parani, the 
Vikrama-chorin-ula, etc.] 1889, etc. See Perio- 
dical Publications. — Bombay. The Indian Anti- 
quary, etc. vol. xviii., etc. 1872, etc. 4°. 

14096. e. (vol. 18, etc.) 
In progress ? 

3sir aJ3M ir O <5F 6V cS ojii to ear i_/^ a /i. [Kaniir-selliy- 
amman-badigam. A hymn in 10 stanzas on the 
goddess Selli Amman of Kanur.] pp. 8. S^ih- 
ujrih ujiiru&i [Chidambaram, 1906.] 16°. 

14170. d. 36.(6.) 

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. . . Part i. Asia. Part ii. Europe.) 2 pts. Ma- 
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KANDA PILLAI, Velanai. See Tattva-peakasa 
SvAMi. o °° ^^^eiiLJt9iraiT3'Ln i^ [Tattva-pra- 
kasam. Edited by Kanda Pillai.] [1893.] 8°. 

14170. 6. 46. 

KANDAR- ADITTAR. [For the hymns of this author 
contained in the Tiruv-isai-pa :] See Tieu-murai. 

KANDA-SAMI AlYAR,Tirutani'gai Sara-vanaPeru- 
mal. See Ativiea-eama Pandiyan. emmi—^mi^^ 
[Naidadam. With comracntary on cantos 6-28 by 
Kanda-sami, etc.] [1842.] 8°. 14172. b. 58. 

See AtivIea-eama Pandiyan. ooo gM/Bi-^sti 

^ [Naidadam. With commentaries by Kanda- 
sami, etc.] [1875.] 8°. 14172. b. 59. 

See Ativiea-eama Pandiyan. o o <> emisL 

^iL ^ [Naidadam. With commentaries of Kanda- 
sami, etc.] 1881. 8°. 14172. b. 14. 

KANDA-SAMI AIYAR, Tii-utanigai ^ara-vana Peru- 
mdl (continued). See Auvaiyar. — Supposltiliout 
Works. °o° eQiBiriusir jyaeusv ^ [Vinayakar- 
agaval, e<c. Edited by Kanda-sami.] 1889. 16°. 

14172. a. 33. 
KANDA-SAMI KAVI-RAYAR, Udumalaipetlai M. 
Bama-sami, of Settur. See Kamban. [f^ . . , an- 
LDiriuesdTLb ^ [Kamba-ramayanam, Aranya-kSn- 
dam. With commentary by Kanda-sami and Ven- 
kata-rayalu.] 1900. 8°. 14172. d. 25. 

See Shanmukham Pillai, S.A. ° o o latrc 

u^irjbj^JLDirSoO ^ [Malai-mattu-malai. Edited with 
commentary by Kanda-sami.] 1903. 8°. 

14172. bb. 3.(6.) 

Pillai, F. S. 

KANDA-SAMI MITDALIYAR, Kalattur Veda-giri. 
See Agastyae. <> o o j>/sen>^iu , . . en ir jS ■sb rr eQ lU iJo 
i^i [Vata-kavyam, etc. Edited by Kanda-sami.] 
[1895]-1903. 8°. 14170.6.70-74. 

See Agastyae. ° ° ° mir^sireisrL. euu9^- 

^ lu .IE IT eQ lu Lb ^Q-/tr. [Nalu-kanda-vaidya-kavyam. 
Edited by Kanda-sami.] 1896. 8°. 14170.1.48. 

See SiDDHAEGAL. oo o ^^Uiir oi^ IT iBrr ^Lo i^ 

[Atma-rakshamirtam. Edited by Kanda-sami.] 
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KANDA-SAMI PILLAI, of Andar Street, Trichino- 
poll. A Manual of Practical Cattle Chintamani. By 
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iQ^^ujQik^irLDsst^.) pp.i.iv. 152. Madras, \%^o. 
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KANDA-SAMI YTLLkT^Madurai Aru-viugam. j^&)- 
eQ lu JT ■9- IT ssB iBiri^sih, [AUiy-arasani-natakam. A 
play on the legend of Arjuna's marriage with the 
princess AUi of Madura.] pp. 168. Madras, 1902. 
8°. 14170. 1. 59. 

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romance' based on Shsikspere's " Taming of the 
Shrew."] pp. 78, ii. Madras, 1906. 8°. 14171. e. 8. 

No. 2 of"M.N.C. Series." 

KANDA-SAMI PILLAI, Pdlahddu Muttu-haru. See 
[Addenda] Bala-subeahmanya Kavi-bayae. L/tp- 
S^ fi&)Ljirneis3i eus^esiLa. [Parani-tala-purana- 
vachanam. A prose paraphrase by Kanda-sami of 
the Parani-tala-puranam.] 1905. 12°. 14170. dd. 2. 






KANDA-SAMI PILLAI, Virdhshimavgalam Sinna- 
karuppana, Kavi-rdyar. injruirerr LfjrirsssnD eresr- 
QjiLb Qeusrrirerr lj r it etssr in . [Velala-puranam, or 
Marapala-p°. A poem on tlie origins and religious 
traditions of the Velalar or farmer caste. With an 
account of the author by N. Muttu-sami Upa- 
dhjayan, and introductory verses etc. by divers 
writers.] pp.viii. 16, 208. ft-Q jr it® [Erode;] 1901 . 
8°. 14172. bb. 7. 

KANDA-SAMI PULAVAR, Madurai. ^(^LojSTra). 
LBan^o" i^if^ema. sQ&iaiT ir ■a^ it n s^iaS'a •sld. (*An 
abridgment, in the Tamil language, of the Smriti 
Chandrica, a treatise [by Devanna Bhattar] on 
the municipal law of the Hindus. By Madura 
Condaswami Pulaver.) [Vyavahara-sara-sangra- 
ham. Edited by Venkat-raya Sastri.] pp. ii. i. 
i. 325, ii. iii. Madras, 1826. Fol. 14170. g. 15. 

Vyavahara-sara-sangraha, Abrege substan- 

tiel de Droit, d'apres la Smriti-tchandrika ou 

Expos^ de Loi. (* Legislation Hindoue, pnbli^e 

sousle titre de Vyavahara-sara-sangraha ou Abrege 

substantiel de Droit . . . Traduite du Tamil par 

F.-B. Sice.) pp. xii. 251. Pondichery, 1857. 

8°. 14170, g. 14. 

The first title-page is a translation of that prefixed to the 
Madras edition of 1826. 

eQ eu a it If 3" IT IT ■riki Si a iB in . [Vyavahara-sara- 

saiigraham. Edited by S. S. Siva-rama Mudaliyar.] 
pp. xvi. ii. 121, vi. O-yesrSssr [Madras,'] 1894. 
8°. 14170. g. 16. 

KANDA-SAMI PULAVAR, TIrupuvanam. ooop^tj- 
y,eu6S3riEir^(iF/60ir. [Tirupuvana-nathar-ula. 469 
Saiva devotional verses to the local deity. Edited 
by U. V. Saminath'-aiyar.] pp. ii. 3, 40. 0<ys3T- 
ejsruiLi—emin [Madras,] 1904. 8°. 14170. eee. 8. 

KANDA-SVAMI AIYAR. See Kanda-sami Aiyae. 


MakhdOm Muhammad ibn MakhdOm Pillai. 

KANN'-AIYA-DASAR, Velur. See Maha-bhakta- 
vijayam. ooo ^j^Lnsir uSi^eQ^iuin [Maha-bhakta- 
vijayam. Vol. iii., iv., translated by Kann'-aiya- 
dasar.] 1905. 4°. 14170. ff. 18. 

KANN'-AITA NAYUDU, Velur. See Mayan, a 

s-ireuiriT^d^ QpuSlih^inneissfl. [Sarvartha-sirpa- 
chintamani. Edited by Kann'-aiya.] 1905. 8°. 

14171. g. 5. 

KANN'-AIYA NAYUDU, Velur {continued). 8^m- 
loQe^iT^in. [Kichaka-vilasam. A drama upon the 
epic story of Kichaka's attempt to seduce Drau- 
padi.] pp.62. Iforfras, 1897. 8°. 14170.1.47. 

KANNANAR, Kumattur. ^irestsri^iTin u^^. 
[Decade ii. Ten poems on the Chera king Nedun- 
Cheraladan.] Si'e Padittu-pattu. ooo u^juj^ii- 
u^^ ^ [Padittu-pattu.] pp. 1-23. 1904. 8°. 

14172. bb. 14. 

KANN AN AYYA, Tirultudandai Purohita Sen-dd- 
vianii. o o o SJ5'5&)Sejj^r3 8fi)oy»Tr'$(S'j§',s5D;3r X si-=5S)3. 
[Tiruv-aradhana-krama-sangrahamu. A book of 
hymns, offices, etc., for the liturgies of the Rama- 
nuji. Vaishnavas, in Sanskrit, Telugu, and Tamil. 
Edited by Madabhusbi Tarka-tirtha Ramanuja- 
charj'ar.] pp.ii.96; Iplate. '^:iS^-&ion^ [Madras,] 
1902. 12°. 14033. a. 46. 

KANN'-AYYA. See Kann'-aiya. 

KANN'-UDAIYA VALLAL, Slgdri, disciple o/Ndna- 
sambandhar. in it uj it ii i9 jr e\) it u ia . [Maya-prala- A Saiva Vedantic poem. Edited by T. 
Shanmukham Pillai.] pp. 19. Q.9-ewSs^ eQueu 
[Madras, 1869.] 16°. 14170. d. 8.(1.) 

ooo e^L^edQeonQda ^sVQpib ,. . S-esMTiuih 

[Orivil odukkam. A work on Vedantic philosophy. 
With a commentary by Tirupoiur Chidambara 
Svami. Edited by T. Mrugesa Mudaliyar.] pp. v. 
404. Q^ekssruLLL-smia [Madras,] 1875. 16°. 

14170. d. 17. 

oco ^j^eQQ&iirQiiE Qpevin. [Orivil oduk- 
kam. Edited by A. Rama-sami Svami.] pp. ii. 
44. Qir^iTSsBT [Madras,] 1888. 12°. 14170. d. 29. 

ooo ^L^/aQGleoirQisin, [Orivil odukkam. 

With Chidambara Svami's commentary, and an 
exposition by Chidambaram Rama-linga Svami of 
the sirappu-pdylram or prefatory stanza. Edited 
by S. Anavarata-vinayakam Pillai.] pp. xiv. i. 
419. G)^sJr&f [Madras,] 1906. 16°. 14170. dd. 14. 

KAPALA-MURTTI PILLAI, A. Nayana-pavditar. 
ooo ^ Sieu3iiji3i! Lnest^iua^xi—eifetT ^(m(ms6ue\}ir, 
&^^irs,iB<sBijLfi^s-in ^^Q^® sin&nu euiBm- 
es)L^i(^inLStLj(^ (o<3=iTiB^@Q^<iSekp_^, [Siva-su- 
brahmanya-kadavul-tiru-mukhav-ula, Chitra-kavi- 
punjam, and Kambai-vari-nadai-kummi. Poems 
on the cult of Siva-Subrahmanya at Rangoon. 





With other religious verses] pp. 16, 52 ; 1 j^late. 
Qeu^i^ [VMoi-e,] 1902. 8°. 14172. bb. 9. 

KAPILAR. <sBt9a)jr«6ua). [Kapilar-agaval. A 
poem, forming one of the pure classics, on various 
moral themes, especially on character as against 
caste. Followed by the ven-bd verses attributed 
to Kapilar and his brothers and sisters when 
abandoned by their parents.] pp. 20. Qs=&ir3ssr 
[Madras,] 1887. 16°. 14172. a. 7.(1.) 

Cabilar-agaval. [In English verse. Pre- 
ceded by a life of Kapilar.] See Kobinson (E. J.). 
Tamil Wisdom, etc. pp. 94-100. 1873. 12°. 

14170. k. 62. 

The Professor of Madura. [With a trans- 
lation of Kapilar's Agaval into English metre.] 
See Robinson (E. J.). Tales and Poems of South 
India, efc. pp. 181-191. 1885. 8°. 14170. k. 63. 

The Song of Kapila : being a translation in 

blank verse of the Tamil poem known as Kapilar 

Agaval, by R. Sivalingam Pillay. pp. 9. Coim- 

batore, 1901. 8°. 14172. bb. 3.(1.) 

See also the translation in the Siddhanta Deepika, vol. i., 
pp. 284-5. 

(^/St^StuumL®. [Kurinji-pattu. An 

erotic idyll, being no. 8 of the Pattu-pattu. With 
Nachinarkk'-iniyar's commentary.] See Pattc- 
PATTU. u^^LJUTi—Q ^ [Pattu-pattu.] pp. 261- 
288. 1889. 8°. 14172. d. 10. 

Kurinjippattu. [Translated into English.] 

See KuMAEA-svAMi (P.). A Half-hour with two 
ancient Tamil Poets, etc. 1895. 8°. 

Ac. 8830. (vol. 13, no. 45.) 

(^/6!<^&, [Kuriiiji. A like poem.] See 

KUDALUR-KIEAR. ° ° ° g3/E;(g^ JST"^ l^ [Aiu- 

guru-niiru.] pp. 62-93. 1903. 8°. 14172. c. 48, 

(srifitTLDu^^. [Decade vii. Ten poems on 

the Chera king Selva-kaduii-go Variyadan.] See 
Padittu-pattu. o°o u^pjuuu^^ i^ [Padittu- 
pattu.] pp. 100-118. 1904. 8°. 14172. bb. 14. 

KAPPIYANAR, Kdppiydttu. mtrmsirLa u^^. 
[Decade iv. Ten poems on the Chera King Nar- 
7nudi Cheral.] See Padittu-pattu. °° ° u^p- 
jpiuu^^ t^ [Padittu-pattu.] pp. 44-59. 1904. 
8°, 14172. bb. 14. 

EAEAISAI. ^Q^daemirenfULfffneniirui ^ [Tiru- 
karai^ai-puriinam. The legends of the sanctuary 
of Siva at Karai^ai on the Mavaligangaikarai, 
near Trincomali in Ceylon. With interpretation 
by Kumara-sami Pillai. Edited by T. V. Akhilesa 
Pijlai.] pp. i. 49. LLu9e8iLi^ eQSlir^ [Jaffna, 
1890.] 8°. 14170. e. 38. 

KARA-PATRA YOGISVARA, Indra-piiham. ^iric- 
i9jr^iruj Slih^'P'SsiaeiT. [Sampradaya-chintanaiga]. 
A catechism of the Vedantic doctrine of Sankara'a 
school.] See Manikka Svami, A.M. (£^ . . . 
u^Ln^ir^^'ikiaji n ^ n inu . . . •¥ if\^^iTa'3i(iTjiaLt> 
•^ [Adi-sankaracharya-charitra-churukkam.] pp. 
1-277. 1901, 12"^. 14170. ee. 44. 

KARIYA NAYANAR, Korukhatyur. ssmix^sir- 
JTLD. [Kanakk'-adhikaram. A treatise on arith- 
metic in verse and prose. Edited by T. Aruna- 
chala Svami.] pp. 74. Q^^fr^^if) [Madras, 
I860.] 8°. 14172. f. 5. 

SUKEA-NADI. o o o a QhfSSS) lb i fi & ^ ^ if <sr//?^^jii. 
[Karunananda-siddhar-charitram.] [1906.] 12°. 

14171. d. 6. 

KARUNANANDA SVAMI, Chidambaram. See 
Madana-kama-eajan. Ln^e!STa.irLcinT^&sTs,e!rt^ t^ 
[Madana-kama-rajan-kathai. Edited by Karuna- 
nanda.] [1880.] 8°. 14170. k. 22. 

See Muttu-tandavar, Slrkdrl. S^LDUjrih . . . 

Sir^^esrih ^ [Klrttanam. Edited by Karuna- 
nanda.] [1870.] 8°. 14170. k. 20. 

See PcGARENDi. o ° ° u ev en dQ SIT i^LD IT 2eii) . 

[Pavala-kodi-malai. Edited by Karunananda.] 
[1885.] 8°. 14172. b..27. 

KARUPP'-AIYA VAY ALAR, KoffSmbafti M. ooo 

Qihuj^^iTesi^ ^(iT)Uuiri_p/3ii i—Q. [Mey-nana- 
tiru-padat-tirattu. Followed by the Tiru-kottattu- 
kalariibakara, Muhammadan poems by Karupp'- 
aiya. Edited by the latter.] [1898.] 8°. See 
MuHYi al-DiN Maluk Mcdaliyae, Kottdru, the 
Elder. 14173. c. 2.(1.) 

See MuHYi al-DiN Maluk Mudaliyak, 

Kottdru, the Younger, ooo Qunui^i^irssreQini- 
«Lb. [Mey-nana-vilakkam. Edited by Karupp'- 
aiya.] [1898.] 8°. 14173. c. 2.(2.) 





KAEUTTA-MUTTU PILLAI, A., of Ettayapwam. 
[Life.] See Siva-Sana Yogi, V. ° <> » ^. aqf,^- 
^(Lp^^utSiendsfT . . . a^fi^^irih. [Karutta- 
muttu-pillai-charitram.] 1897. 12°. 14171. aa. 5. 

ZARTIVtRAR. sQ^Qj^iririr^^rrea^. [Karuvurar- 
puja-vidhi. A poem on the worship of Siva.] 
pp. 10. See SiDDHAEGAL. o o o Quifliu i^irmi- 
QsBirmen [Periya-nana-kovai.] 1899. 12°. 

14170. ee. 33. 

pt. i., pp. 27-35. 1906. 12°. 

14170. dd. 12. 

KARTTVaR-DEVAR. [For the hymns of this 
author contained in the Tirnv-isai-pa :] See 


i^iMUfT.s'irifl eQ<mir£FLn. [Dambhiichari-vilasam. 
A comedy satirising coxcombry. Fourth edi- 
tion, revised and expurgated.] pp. iv. xx. 301. 
Qs-mSssT [Madras,] 1879. 8°. 14172. b. 17. 

coo QairiXiLSuuiriLQ. [Kommi-pattu. 

A song embodying an account of the visit to 
India of the Duke of Edinburgh, with a hymn 
and an English translation.] pp. 12, 4, 8. Ma- 
dras, a iS&i [1870.] 12°, 14172. a. 23. 

iBi^uLj. [Kiilikku mar-adikkum kuttadichigal- 
nadippu. A drama satirising hired mourning- 
women and dancers.] pp. 22. Madras, asQeo 
[1870.] 12°. 14170. 1. 1.(1.) 

KATHA-CHINTAMANI. The Kathachintamani. A 
series of narratives in Tamil. Edited for the 
use of the members of the Civil Service by 
Pundit A. SantiagopuUe Chandrewarnam, Muda- 
liyar. pp. viii. 162, i. Colomho, 1875. 8°. 

14170. k. 27. 
KATTAN (Vaena-kuladittan) . {fiBrrfi^ireisr ejesr- 
ffi/D ^tupQuiUQ^emi—tu 6U (^ 6331(5 6V)/r^^^ eir- 
ui£_ffu.) [Varna-kuladittan-madal. An erotic 
poem.] pp. 36. [Madras, n.d.] 8°. 14172. b. 18. 
Witliout title-page. 

KAUDAMANAR. See Gautamanae. 

KAUSIKAR. The Kowseegasindamony . . . Q^err- 
Sis^m^ninesS [Kausika-chintamani, or Tarka- 
jodidam. A metrical treatise on astrology.] . . . 
Thoroughly examined and written [i.e. edited] by 

K. P. Thavaraja Pundit (*by Margalinga Astro- 
loger). 2 vols. pp. 76, 188. Madras, 1895. 8°. 

14170. i. 35. 
Vol. 1 is of the second edition, vol. 2 of the first. 

ZAVI-KUNJARA BHARATI (Anaiy-aiyae). s.eQ- 
(^^s'jr u^iiuserr. [Kavi-kunjara-padangal. Ero- 
tic verses.] See Vijaya-eanga Mudaliyar, P. 
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1886. 8°. 

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KEENE(HenryGeorge), the Elder. Persian Stories, 
illustrative of Indian manners and customs, trans- 
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English text in parallel columns.] {jfOuire^Luesr- 
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KEMPIS (Thomas a). See Haemmeelein (T,), a 

KESAVACHARYULU, Kaframbakam. See Aevar- 
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[Nityanusandhanam. Edited by Kesavacharyulu.] 
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KESAVA MUDALIYAR, Tirutottikalai Krushna- 
svilmi. LD^s>s)fr-^jpju^^/bireisr(Vi^(iF,sQSsinuir- 
i_p <3'/b(^a^LBrr3s^. [Madurai-arubattu-nangu-tiru- 
vilaiy-adar-sar-guru-malai. An abstract in prose 
and verse of the legends of Madura concerning 
the 64 miracles of Siva. Edited by Purasai 
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KINDERSLEY (Nathaniel Edward). Specimens 
of Hindoo Literature : consisting of translations, 
from the Tamoul language, of some Hindoo works 
of morality and imagination, with explanatory 





notes : to which are prefixed introductory remarks 
on the mythology, literature, &c. of the Hindoos, 
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980. k. 19. 

For worlca translated in this volume, see : — 

KINQSCOTE (Georgiana), Mrs., and NATESA SAS- 
TB.I, Saiigendi Maha-Uvgam. Tales of the Sun, or 
Folklore of Southern India. Collected by Mrs. 
Howard Kiiigscote and Pandit Natesa Sastri. pp. 
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KIR-KANAKKTJ. [For editions of works belonging 
to this class, see under the following headings :] 

Gani-medhaviyau. Peru-vayin Mulliyak. 

Maran Poraiyanar. Poygaiyar. 

Mun-ruraiy-araiyar. Pudan-sendanar. 

Nal-adtyar. Tiru-vallovar. 

Nalladanar. Vilambiya Naganar. 

EIRTJSHITA. [For names beginning with this 
word :] See Krushna. 

KISTNASAWMY PILLAY. See Krushna- sami 


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No. 72 of the General Series of the Jaffna Religious Tract 

ical Publications. — Manaliudi. Q^iru^ir^mfriB ^ 
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Translation [by J. C. Kohlhoff] of a sermon . . . 
preached by Sattianaden, e<c. 1792. 4°. 115. h. 9. 

KONERIY-APPAN AIYANGAR. 9 amiaisirajSiuirir 
ssE'S'p/^Q^iB/rLCiLci. [Siraiiga-nayakiyar-usat-tiru- 

namam. A swinging-song for the service of 
Lakshml at the temple of Srirangam.] See Pn.LAl 
Perd-mal Aiyanoar. ^Qr)&iinbiai^^^jb/S(iTffBiT- 
LBLa 1^ [Tiruv-arangatt'-usat-tiru-namam.] pp. 
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KONGANA NAYANAR. 6u/r3so«^/itj9. [Valai- 
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o o o QuPiUj (§j)iresTdB(oSires>&j [Periya-nana- 
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pt. ii. 1906. 12°. 14170. dd. 12. 

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rajakal. By the Rev. William Taylor. (Madras 

Journal of Literature and Science. Vol. xiv., 

pt. 1, pp. 1-66.) Madras, 1848. 8°. 

Ac. 8829. (vol. 14.) 

See also the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great 
Britain and Ireland, vol. 8. The genuineness of this docu- 
ment is doubtful (Indian Antiquary, vol. xxx., j). 201). 

KORAN. See Kur'an. 

KOSTIN (David), son of Juan Kostin, of Mandai. 
l^^^^'SldlQ eQevrT'TLD. [Puda-tambi-vilasam. A 
play founded on the actual history of Pfida-tambi 
of Jaifna, occurring some two centuries ago. Re- 
vised and edited by Mayilitti Nall'-aiya Pillai.] 
pp. 82. [Jaffna,] 1888. 8°. 14170. 1. 17. 

KOVILADI. History of the Kovilady Charities in 
the then Tiruvadi and now Tanjore Taluk, of the 
Tanjore District. Founded in the year 1818 by 
Rai Roya Rai R. Vencat Row, Dewan of Tra van- 
core and the Native Assistant to the Commissioner 
of Mysore. [In English and Tamil.] pp. 32, ii. 
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KRISHNA. [For Tamil names beginning with this 
word :] See Krushna. 

KRISHNA PALA. [Life.] See Ward (W.). The 
Salvation of tlie Soul ... a translation of the . . . 
tract Krishna Pal, p<c. 1844. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(37.) 

KRISHNASAWMY. See Krushna-sami. 

KRUPAI SATYA-NATHAN, Jmmdl. Karaala: a 
story of Hindu life. By Mrs. S. Satthianadhan . . . 
A translation [from the English original], ataevii. 
[Preceded by a short biography of the authoress, 
abridged from Mrs. H. B. Gngg's " Introductory 
Memoir " to the English original.] pp. xiii. 230 ; 
1 plate. Madras, 1896. 12°. 14171. a. 5. 





KRTIPAI SATYA-NATHAN, Ammal {continued). 
Saguna : a story of native Christian life, by 
Mrs. S. Sattliianadhan ... A translation [from 
the English original]. ■^©^ ,^- pp. v. i. 276. 
Madras, 1898. 12°. 14171. a. 29. 

KEUSHNA BHARATI, Tirunayam Venkata-rdm'- 
aiyar. See PaRANAS. — ^iva-purdnam. jt/skiSl- 
mireom^e^np . . . inirmiBiuLn [Premapuri-sthala- 
manmiyam. In a Tamil paraphrase by Nara- 
simha and Krushna.] [1895.] 12°. 14170. d. 42. 

^(W,eSSetrujrrL^eo iBirL^aw. [Tiru-vilaiy- 

adal-natakam. A lyrical drama on the subject of 
the Tiru-vilaiy-adar-puranam. With biography 
of the poet.] pp. 6, 412. u-^SuiLismnM [Ma- 
sulipatam.'] 1899. 8°. 14170. 1. 49. 

Krushna Bhdrati was horn A.D. 1791. 

KRUSHN'-AIYAB,, Mayiladupuram. See VisvA- 

BBAHMA-PUEANAM. 60 IW Sil i9 JT Lr> LJ ff IT SSST LCi [Visva- 

brahma-puranam. With paraphrase by Krushn'- 
aiyar.] 1894. 8°. 14170. f. 16. 

KRUSHNA JOSYAR, Mundmhannai, of Nanguneri. 

Q^rr^si^iEossfJ^a'fr&v^jriJb . . . U(^3'iriEiaam!sr- 
&STLD {*3-iT irs&ssrsm npin . , , ismLjL^aasarssrQpLn) Sjr- 
emesnT'Xmisrem QpLD . . . ^«s33r63r(ipLD) [Jodisha- 
ganita-sastram. A handbook of astronomy and 
guide to almanack-making, in 5 sections, called 
Panchariga-gananam, Chara-gananam, Sphuta- 
gananam, Grahana-gananam, and Agananam.] 3 
vols., 5 pts. ^(WfQmeoQeueS [Tinnevelli, 1897.] 
16°. 14171. f. 1. 

KRUSHNAM-ACHARYAR, Arasdnipdlai Kandadai. 
See Arvargal. — Nal-ayiram. — Entire Canon. ° ° ° 
^iBipQeu^.LD ^ [Nal-ayira-divya-prabandham. 
Edited by Krushuam-acharyar.] 1890. 8°. 

14172. c. 38. 

See Arvargal. — Nal-ayiram. — Mudal-dyi- 

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o o o 55xieJir°o»jy sil [Another edition, 

in Telugu characters.] 1881-[1886.] 8°. 

14170. f. 8. 

See Arvargal. — Nal-ayiram. — Periya-iiru- 

mori. o o QuiBiu^Q^QiDirtfi ^ [Periya-tiru- 
mori. Edited by Krushnam-acharyar.] 1881. 8°. 

14170. f. 7. 

KRUSHNAM-ACHARYAR, Arasanipdlai Kandadai 
(continued). See Arvargal. — Nal-ayiram. — Tiru- 
vdy-mnri. s^Joev3Sl€i^iu'J \\ [Bhagavad-viahayam. 
Edited by Krushnam-acharyar.] [1883-1904.] 4°. 

14170. iff. 3. 

See PiLLAi Lokachartae. 


Z^t/vir&fr/ffivuJikdsc^. [Ashtadasa-rahasyaiigal. E- 
dited by Krushnam-acharyar.] 1889. 8°. 

14170. f. 12. 

See PiLLAi Lokacharyae. 0°° (Lp.(Lpai^-^u- 

uif. ^ [Mumukshu-padi. Edited by Krushnain- 
aclmryar.] 1889. 8°. 14170. f. 17. 

— • — - See PxLLAi Lokacharyar. (^jS^j^^zs-f^i^,^- 
;r-0-i^^^L2_^er^-^^ar§Sr . . . ^eJc^^,csoS sii [Tat- 
tva-trayam. Editedby Krushnam-acharyar.] [1875.] 
8°. 14170. f. 24. 

See PiLLAi Lokacharyar. \j^ . . . [j^&i- 

^iBSJ)-asf.es3rLn i^ [Vachana-bhushanam. Edited 
by Krushnam-achary-ar.] 1879. 8°. 14172. b. 10. 

See Pinb'-aragiya Peru-mal Jiyak. [jf 

eiiiriT^^frLDfrSso. [Vartta-malai. Edited by Krush- 
nam-acharyar.] 1882. 8°. 14172, d. 3. 

See Vilan-jolai PiLLAi. 00° en;u^a.ire^^ 

^ [Sapta-gathai. Edited by Krushnam-acharyar.] 
[1882.] 16°. 14172. a. 9. 

KRUSHNAM-ACHARYAR, Attdn. See Arvargal. — 
Nal-ayii-am. — Mudal-dyiram. 000 ^QT)Uueti- 
ecmesst® i^ [Tiru-pall^-andu. Edited by Krush- 
nam-cachSryar.] [1870.] 8°. 14170, e. 15. 

KRUSHNAM-ACHARYAR, Ichamhddi F. See Pura- 
NAS. — Bhavishyottara-purdnam. t^ ■ • •-^■•ciniTi/ocsa 
Sffsvjff^^ii [Piasanna-venkatesa-mahatmyam. Edi- 
ted with Tamil translation by Krushnam-acharyar.] 
1906. 8°. 14016. dd. 18. 

Kamba Ramayanam. Edited by . . . Krishnam- 
achari:ir. Sundarakandam. 1907. 12°. 14172. a. 62. 

— See Maha-bharatam. us&i^Sstn^ ^ 

(Bhagavad Gita Venba.) [Edited by Krushuam- 
acharyar.] 1906-1907. 16°. 14172, a, 59. 

KRUSHNAM-ACHARYAR, S., of Wesleyan Mission 
College, Madras. Sec Academies, etc. — Madras. — 
University of Madras. Copious annotations on 





the Matriculation Tamil text for 1900 by V. M. 
Satakoparamanujachariar , . . and S. Krishnam- 
achariar, etc. 1900. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(3.) 

See Academies, etc. — Madras. — University of 

Madras. University of Madras. F.A. Examina- 
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V. M. Satakoparamanujachariar . . . and S. Krish- 
naraachariar, etc. 1900. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(5.) 

See Academies, ete. — Madras. — University of 

Madras. University of Madras. B.A. Examina- 
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annotations ... by V. M. Satakoparamanujachariar 
. . . and S. Krishnamachariar. 1900. 8°. 

14172. bb. 6.(6.) 

See Academies, etc. — Madras. — University of 

Madras. University of Madras. F.A. Examina- 
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manujachariar . . . and S. Krishnamachariar, etc. 
1903. 8°. 14172. hh. 19. 

iSeePAVANANDi. msk^jirp srrsmt^sir>aiLjS!r>!r, 

(Nannul kandikai. [Being the Nan-niil with a com- 
mentary] by V. M. Satakoparamanujachariar, and 
S. Krishnamachariar, etc.) [Third edition.] 1900. 
8°. 14172. e. 32. 

[Fourth edition.] 1903. 8°. 

14172. e. 37. 

See Pinb'-aeaqiyaPeec-mal Jiyae. 000(50- 

uiTLcuifiruiruiTeuLD 1^ [Guru-parampara-prabha- 
vam. Edited by Krushnam-acharyar.] [1906.] 
8°. 14170. ff. 22. 

KRUSHNAM-ACHAKYAR, Siruvalur Asun Bhash- 


evemir jr pjo -f lu ii a err - is er [Sillarai-rahasyangal. 
Edited by Krushnam-acharyar.] [1900.] 8°. 

14170. ee. 36. 

KRUSHNAM-ACHARYAR, Tiruhudandai Tattai. 
See Beahma-tantba-svatantra-svami. (v^q^uitld- 
u jr rru IT u rr eu LD [Guru-parampara-prabhavam. E- 
dited by Krushnam-acharyar.] [1857.] 8°. 

14170. e. 8. 


eo) eu u ev erv IT JT erv lEJ Q iT .x LJa ^^ [Nigamanta-maha- 
desikan-vaibhava-sara-sangraham, etc. Edited by 
Krushnam-acharyar.] [1894.] 12°. 14170. d. 46.(2.) 

KRUSHNAM-ACHARYAR, Velamur. ^(tffUi^evSxji 

,®(5«(5(5*.ff' lULC'ieiJis^ir^, etc.) [Tiru-pullai- 
tirib'-antadi, Tiruv-evvuliir-tirib'-antadi, Tiru- 
kurugur-yamakav-antadi, Tiru-nagai-t°., Tiruv- 
ariya-kudi-t"., Tiruv-ariyai-?iledai-veii-ba-malai, 
and Ariya-kudiyalar-men-mangai-pijlai-tamif. 
Vai.shnava devotional poems.] 7 pts. Q^nirSs^ 
[Madras,] 1902. 12°. 14170. d. 82. 

KRUSHNAM-ACHARYAR, Vemhiikkam, Divan Ba- 
hadur. See Frere (M.). Old Deccan Days . . . newly 
adapted and edited by V. Krishnamacharyar, etc. 
1880. 12°. 14170. k. 10. 

See Mruga-dasa SvAMi. ° ° o L^eveuiri^jnr- 

esuTLn . . . Metrical Biographies of Tamil Poets . . . 
with an introductory note by the editor [V. Krush- 
nam-acharyar], eic. 1901, efc. 8°. 14172. c. 41. 

See Mkuga-dasa Svami. University of 

Madras . . . Pulawar Puranam . . . Edited ... by 
. . . V. Krishnama chariar. 1901. 8°. 14172. bb. 3.(4.) 

The Maharani's Greetings for the Festive 

Season, etc. [6 New-Year^s cards in Tamil and 
English issued to subscribers of the " Maharani," 
a Tamil and Telugu magazine published in Madras, 
and edited by Krushnam-acharyar.] [Madras, 
1891.] 4°. 14172. k. 6. 

Travels to other Countries. A Trip through 

Europe, with map-pictures . . . mn mnQ^a" \uir^- 
^ssijr ■T fl^^RLL. ^(ojrrrLJUir aewrt-to. (The 
Maharani Series.) pp.17; 12 jdates. Madras, 
1897. 8°. 14171. b. 3. 

His Most Excellent Majesty King- Edward 

VII. A biographical sketch with an account of 
the great Coronation and a song for native schools 
and homes in theTamil land. {*LoiriLSenLD^iEjSu.i 
sr-ih enLeuiriL •a^imff&jjT^^o'iB^^jr erveiSlir^iJa.) 
pp. 64; Opiates, ilfadraa, 1902. 8°. 14170. k. 51. 

u^:osfl(f^ Ljeveuir o'lB^^jr ervirjruD, Brief 

Biographies of Twelve Standard Tamil Poets, to- 
gether with an essay on opji/siSip & iseuirerviJa, 
the three principal divisions of Tamil literature 
and poetical sentiments, pp. i. ii. xix. 195, i. 
Madrai, 1906. 8°. 14171. e. 9. 

Chakravartti. See Araoita-manavala Peru-mal. 





ij^ . . . u^LD^irir^^ ujTui^ t^ [Artti-praban- 
dham. Edited by Krushnam-acharya Svami.] 
1893. 8°. 14170. ee. 6.(1.) 

KRXTSHNA MISRA, Dramatist. \jf . . . i9irQuir^- 

3'thQQ a U fliULd STo'sToSUUi QlSllijI^I^ITSSraQsfriiBLD, 

[Mej-nana- vilakkam. Tiru-veiikata-svami's poeti- 
cal adaptation of Krushna'a Prabodha-cliandroda- 
yam, a Sanskrit allegorical drama. Edited by Ko- 
yil&r Ponn'-ambala Svami, Subba-raya Svauii, and 
Ramanuja Mudaliyar.] pp.7,iii. 273, xvii. Q-fmdssr 
[Madras,'] 1898. 8°. 14172. c. 27. 

iRnQuiT^s' m^QiriT^ujeus'&irLn. [Prabodha- 

chandrddaya-vachanam. A prose rendering, by 
A. Muttu-tambi Pillai, of Tiru-venkata-svami's 
Mey-nana-vilakkam.] pp. i. 130. Madras, 1889. 
12°. 14170. 1. 21. 

QuiiU(^'^iT&sreSl6fTaa,Lc [Prabodha-chandrodaya- 
vachanam. A simple prose version, by Rama Yogi 
of Conjevaram, of Tiru-venkata-svami's Mey-nana- 
vijakkam.] pp. 2, ii. iii. 257. in^inT em [Madras^ 

1902. 8°. 14170. 1. 57. 

KRUSHNANJ! DAVE. See Pueanas.— PatZma-pw- 
rdnam. (t^^|55J•^sc^o^^§^^JS•) [Mjiglia-mahat- 
mya-saram. Compiled by Krushnanji.] 1897. 
12°. 14016. b. 20. 

KRUSHNA PANDITAR, son of Bdma Eliaffar. See 
Sandhya-vandanam. iu^-airQsufi etviB^iurrsvi^- 
iBLD ^ [Sandhya-vandanam, etc. With extracts, 
in a Tamil translation, from the commentaries of 
Krushna Paiiditar and others.] 1901. 8°. 

14033. aa. 27. 

KRUSHNA PILLAI, A., of Jaffna, ooo s^jrm^eQ- 
■xsrr. [Charama-kavigal. Elegies on the death 
of certain of the author's relatives.] pp. 6. Jaff- 
na, 1888. 8°. 14172. a. 30.(2.) 

KRUSHNA-RAJA ODEYAR, Maharaja of Mysore. 
See Naeayana-sami Pillai, 2'. G. Installation of 
his Highness Sri Krishnarajendra Wodayar Baha- 
dur . . . and the Dasara Festivities. A poem, etc. 

1903. 12°. 14172. bb. 8. 

KRTJSHNA-SAMI AIYAR, K. See Periodical Pub- 
lications. — Madras. %eisTUL9Siu&sr ^ [Jana- 
priyan. Edited by Krushna-sami.] 1900-1901. 
8°- 14172. i. 19. 

KRUSHNA-SAMI AIYAR, N. See Maha-bhaeatam. 
Tamil translation [by Krushna-sami] of Maha- 
bharataNitiRatnavali,efc. 1888. 12°. 14003. c. 

pa's College, Madras. See Academies, etc. — Ma- 
dras. — University of Madras. Copious notes on the 
Tamil text-book for the Matriculation Examina- 
tion, 1898, by . . . Krishnasawmy Mudaliyar. 1898. 
8°. 14172. b. 16.(1.) 

See Academies, etc. — Madras. — University 

of Madras. University of Madras. Matriculation 
Examination, 1900. Copious notes on the Tamil 
text-book. By . . . Krishnasawmy Mudaliar. 
1900. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(2.) 

KRUSHNA-SAMI MUDALIYAR, S,nta,j)dkkam. (g- 

Q 3= ffo ap iS &] IT -a" iB ^ ^ IT LD [Kuchela-munivar-chari- 
trani. The story of Kuchela, as told in the 
Bhagavata-puranam, bk. x., oh. 80-1.] See Maha- 
bhakta-vijatam. °°o u^ma.nui^ed'^iULn. [Maha- 
bhakta-vijayam.] vol. i., pp. 310 338. 1893. 4°. 

14170. f. 22. 

vol. i., pp. 310-338. 1898-1905. 4°. 

14170. f. 6. 

KRUSHNA-SAMI PILLAI, TaHjai, diieiple of Sohka- 
lifigaDi'sikar. iB-snibiTL-sQLnssTesaLn 6iiipiEi(^Sesrp 
^mium^iBiri_aLh. [Damayanti-natakam, or Nala- 
natakam. A drama on the epic story of Nala 
and Damayanti. Edited by Gokulapuram Sara- 
vana Panditar.] pp. 124. auiT^ [Madras, 
1883.] 8°. 14170. 1. 9. 

KRUSHNA-SAMI PILLAI, T. M., Librarian of the 
Gullege, Madras. See Dictionaries. A Polyglot 
Vocabulary in the English, Toloogoo, and Tamil 
Languages . . . arranged . . . and . . . translated 
. . . with the assistance of T. M. Kistnasawmy 
Pillay. 1851. 8°. 14172. h. 21. 

KRUSHNA SASTRI, Purdnam Vehhata-ndrdyana. 
See Sankaeachaeyae. (te3^^s^4f^S,-^^r) [Atma- 
lodham. With the Telugu interpretation and 
commentary Atma-bodha-prakasika of Krushna 
Sastri, and a Tamil version of the same by Rama- 
nuja Kavi-rayar.] [1840.] 12°. 14048. c. 44. 

See Sankaeachaeyar. Atma Bod'a Praka- 

sika. Text, tJbersetzung und Erklarung. [Atma- 
bodham, with extracts from Krushna Sastri's 





Telngu commentary, translated into German from 
Raman uja Kavi- ray ar's Tamil version.] 1854. 8°. 
[Bibliotheca Tamuliea.'] 14170. e. 42. (vol. i.) 

Sec Sankaracharyar. Atma bod'a praka- 

sika . . . text, tran^^lation, and commentary [from 
the Telugu of Krushna Sastri,] etc. 18G7. 12°. 

14048. b. 8.(1.) 

St'e Sankaeachaeyar. oo o ^^i^, Quit^lo, 

[Atma-bodham. With Ramanuja Kavi-rayar's 
Tamil version of Krushna Sastri's Telugu com- 
mentary.] [1869.] 8°. 14048. c. 62.(2.) 

KEUSHNA SASTRI, Vimtsiyur, of Devakota. See 
Aeudha-sastram. ooo (^iT<ssTuir^i96!r>ih i^^ [Arii- 
dha-sastram. Edited by Krushna.] [1899.] 8\ 

14053. ccc. 27. 
KRUSHNA SURI. See Peeiyav-achan Pillai. 

KRUSHNA-SVAMI. See Keushna-sami. 

KUDALUR-KIRAR, Pida-tvrai-muitiya. ° °° go/H- 
(^jpi^^jruih, ueiDifiiuei\einirtLfLci. [Ain-guru-nuru. 
50 poems on erotic themes by Oram-bogiyar, 
Ammuvanar, Kapilar, Odalandai, and Peyanar, 
forming the 3rd volume in the Ettu-togai of the 
Kadai-sangham or last Academy of Madura, and 
compiled by Pula-turai-muttiya Kudalur-kirar. 
With an ancient commentary. Edited with bio- 
graphies, glossary, and indices by U. V. Sami- 
nath'-aiyar.] pp. i. ii. 17, 180. Qs^m^ssr [Ma- 
drasi] 1903. 8°. 14172. c. 48. 

EUGA-DASAR. See Guha-dasae. 

KULA-SEKHARA PERU-MAL. [For editions of the 
Tiru-mori of this devotee included in the editions 
of the whole or parts of the Nal-ayira-praban- 
dbam :] See Arvaegal. — Ndl-ayiram, 

Pillai). \j^ld^ (3^LCijrc^Q^^rr<9'af6iJirLSs6tr uirt^- 

L-iriEi) «633rz_(T/5ti). [Padal and Tiruv-alangat-ti- 
rattu. Two series of Saiva poems.] 2 vols. Qa^skSssr 
[Madras,] 1901-1902. 12°. 14170. d. 73. 

^Qeuir^iu a^i^wsh^Q anuQ^s^ia er&ir^rijija 

&s>i(^ir6srQ^Sia>uy. [Divodaya-shadaksharopade- 
sam, or Siva-nana-desikam. A series of dialogues 
on Saiva philosophy. First book, entitled Kada- 

vulai kufitta vyasam, on the nature of God.] pp. 
45, i.; 3 /(Za<e«. Madras, IS'dZ. 8°. 14170. e. 47.(4.) 

oooQeu^^eiDjsar^jS^fB ^-&i^ eQiuira^uy. 

[Vedattai kuritta vyasam. Dialogue vi., on the 
Vedam from the §aiva standpoint.] pp. 4, 81. 
Qa'iisrSssr [Madras,] 1903. 8°. 14170. eee. 1. 

^iriTLD Q^^LnfresTLSiuLa. [Rama-setu- 

manraiyam. A dissertation, forming part of the 
10th vyasam of the Siva-nana-desikam, upon the 
legends of Rameswaram. Second edition.] pp. ii. 
50. QiFmdsBT [Madras^ 1897. 8°. 14170. ee. 38. 

ooofj^ sfutQa^LciessflujQiii&sruen^ik (^ftS^^ 

iTL.m-eii^ sQiuiT'TLCi i^ [Subrahmanyam enbadai 
kuritta vyasam, a dialogue between teacher and 
disciple on the metaphysical utterance of Subrah- 
manya in the Skanda-puranam (Sankara-samhita, 
Siva-rahasyam); and Guru-sishj'a-sambhava-varal- 
aru kuritta vyasam, on the relation of master 
and pupil. Being the 31st and 32nd of the 
author's Vyasas, and concluding the Divodaya- 
shadaksharopadesam.] pp. iv. 116. Q^rssiSssr 
[Madras,] 1899. 8°. 14170. ee. 28.(4.) 

o o o mir6Viru9ffi'ji9jru/5^eS3'irjrt£i. [Nal- 

ayira-prabandha-vicharam. A criticism of the 
Nal-ayiram or Vaishnava scripture, from the Saiva 
standpoint.] pp. x. 163. Q^siiBsv [Madras,] 
1905. 12°. 14170. dd. 7. 

jxlQ^uuir. [Tiru-pa. A series of Saiva 

devotional poems.] pp. ii. ii. 410. GifswSsrr 
[Madras,] 1899. 12°. 14170. d. 86. 


Qs'iBj^iii am^iTdieQOeu&ifruir. [Kandar-kali- 

ven-ba. A hymn to the god Kandan or Skanda 

as worshipped at Tiruchendur.] pp.25. Qe^mesi- 

utLi-emCa [Madras,] 1887. 16°. 14172. a. 7.(3.)- 

The author wot horn early in the VJth century at Vai- 
kuntham, near Tinnevelli; his home was Dharmapuram. 

ooo LD^emjr iS^si^iuiJcisinLD tSeinSsiT^- 

^lBu). [Madurai-mTnakshiy-ammai-pillai-tamif. 
A devotional poem to the goddess Minakshi of 
Madura. Edited by K. Kuppu-sami Mndaliyar.] 
pp. iv. 58. Qa^ssihsBT [Madras,] 1903. 12°. 

14172. a. 45.(4 ) 
Forms no. 1 of the Tamir-kavi-malai. 






The iSSlQiB^eQenia^LD [Niti-neri-vilakkam] of 
Cumara guru para Tambii-an, containing a hun- 
dred and two stanzas on moral subjects, with 
an English translation, vocabulary, and notes . . . 
by H. Stokes, pp. xi. 15, 112, v. Madras, 1830. 
8°. 14172. h. 1. 

• i§^Q/B/iSsQ^<i.sLD. Nidinerivilaccain. [Se- 

lections in Tamil and English.] See Walker (J.). 
li^Qubirifi^^in—Q. Nidimozhittirattu, etc. pp. 

24-39. 1841. 8°. 

14170. k. 35. 

ooo li^QiB/iP eSowiaiLib s-smrr urri—U:. [Niti- 
neri-vilakkam. With commentary.] pp.48. Madras, 
1865. 16°. 14172. a. 13.(1.) 

iS(3Qibnye9eiTssi}>. [Niti-neri-vilakkam.] 

See Tamil Minor Poets. Tamil Minor Poets, etc. 
pp. 32-46. 1864. 16°. 14172. a. 17. 

pp. 44-64. 1868. 16°. 14172. a. 18. 

£^Qm/iSeQetr^sLCi. [Niti-neri-vilakkam. 

With commentary.] See Tamil Minor Poets. Tamil 
Minor Poets, etc. pp. 109-156. 1865. 16°. 

14172. a. 16. 

TheNithineri Vilakkam. [Translated into 

English.] iSee Tamil Minor Poets. Tamil Minor 
I'oets, etc. pp. 36-51. 1872. 12°. 14172. c. 6. 

The Young Divine Teacher. [With a me- 

trical translation of the Niti-neri-vilakkam.] See 
Robinson (E. J.). Tales and Poems of South India, 
etc. pp. 192-213. 1885. 8°. 14170. k. 63. 

SeeMRUGtsA Mudaliyar. li^Lcd^- 

^ifl^^a^uuemsTLo, [Niti-manjari-darpanam. 
Interpretations of ethical works of Kumara- 
guru-paran and others.] 1881-1883. 16°. 

14172. a. 8. 
KUMARA-SVAMI (P.). A Half-hour with two an- 
cient Tamil Poets (fa translation ... of two poems : 
one by Kapilar and the other by Mudattamakkaii- 
niyar, both of which form part of the collection 
known as Pattupattu). By the Hon. P. Coomara- 
swamy . (Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal 
Asiatic Society. Vol. xiii., no. 45, pp. 190-202.) 
Colombo. 189 b. 8°. Ac. 8830. (vol. 13, no. 45.) 

muya. See Ativira-rama Pandiyan. ew/si-^ti lc. 

[Naidadam. With a commentary on cantos 6-28 
by Kumara-svami and others.] [1842.] 8°. 

14172, b. 58. 

See AtivIra-rama Pandiyan. °oa etniBi^^Ln 

^ [Naidadam. With commentaries of Kumara- 
svami, etc.] 1881. 8°. 14172. b. 14. 

See Kadavun Ma-mdni. LCiirs3!ifHaeuir<fs- 

Qfreisr^LCi ^Q^euir^^jrii lj irireiamJci. [Tiru-vada- 
viirar-puranam. With paraphrase by Kumara- 
svami.] 1896. 12°. 14171. a. 10. 

KUMARA-SAMIMUDALIYAR, M. ic^ssrsf eo/rsu^. 
(Mathana Leelavathy [i.e. Madana-liliivati]. A 
very excellent novel. By M. Coomoorasawmy [sic] 
Mudaliar.) pp.128. Madras, 1901. 8°. 14170.k.54. 

ZUMARA-SAMI MUDALIYAR, Selam. s^iSek^iriff- 
Qtumj^j &]Lpia(^Qp etv^^es^iu^ rriT i^ •tieiQjts 
Qn iB^Lo. [Sangraha-grantham. A handbook on 
the law of tenancy applying to zamindari estates, 
and on the documents and legal instruments used 
thereunder.] pp. xxiv. 152. Q <f 'sisi dssr '[Madras^ 
1897. 8°. 14170. g. 18. 

KUMARA-SAMI MUDALIYAR, Uduppitti. (^u>inr- 
s'rrLSQp^eSiuiriraeS^^jrLL®. [Kuraara-sami- 
mudaliyar-kavi-tirattu. A collection of poems.] 
pp. vi. 33, 1,4, i. eueveiriSiJ aj^.j)j(ST [Valuvettiturai, 
1887.] 8°. 14172. b. 34. 

ZUMARA-SAMI PILLAI, Sunndgam A. See Kali- 
DASA. Qixia^^iair iflsiTta. [Megha-diita-karikai. 
A metrical version by Kumara-sami.] [1897.] 8°. 

14170. 1. 82.(4.) 

See Karaisai. ^Qf^iser.rreist'S'LJi-jinremLo 

t^ [Tiru-karaisai-puranam. With interpretation 
by Kumara-sami.] [1890.] 8°. 14170. e. 38. 

SeeVlSVA-NATHA SaSTRI, ^.^. IBW)S\)L£>2eOa- 

(^posui^SrsirL-SiLD. [Nakula-malai- kuravanji- 
natakam. Edited by Kumara-sami.] [1895.] 8°. 

14170. 1. 6. 

sraaS^^^u/TiT^ii^ [Eka-vrutta-bhara 

tarn, Eka-vrutta-ramayanam, and Eka-vrutta-bha- 
gavatam. Epitomes, each in one verse, of the 
Maha-bharatam, Ramayanam, and Bhagavata- 
puranam. Followed by a Siva-tottiram, or hymn 
to Siva, and Vinoda-chitra-vinav-uttara-kavigal, 





fanciful riddling verses. Translated by Kuniara- 
sami Pillai.] pp.12. Qaiirm(^eQ6V ^I'rQpS [Kok- 
luvil, 1896.] 8°. 14172. b. 44.(9.) 

KUMARA-SAMI UPADHYAYAR, Kalavai. ^ jr «.3«- 
tu sQ eo It <f Lo . [Hiranya-vilasain. A drama on the 
puranic legend of the Daitya king Hiranya-kasipu. 
Edited by P. Narayana-dasar.] pp. 4, 7, 4, 332, 
Q^BST^ iMadras,] 1899. 8°. 14170. 1. 50. 

KXTMBAKGNAM. See Narayana-sami Aiyak, P. A. 
o o o icirf^^i3iinrpj3iuuss)L^. [Manakkar-attu- 
padai. A poem in praise of tlie KumbakonamTown 
High School.] 1900. 12°. 14172. a. 45.(3.) 

KUPPAN AIYANGAR, Tanmrkitlam. [For works 
edited by Kuppan Aiyatigarj see under the follow- 
ing headings :] 

Advaiyar. — Two or More Works. 



KUPPTI-SAMI AIYAR, ViUnvnrambal. See Upa- 
NisHADS. a-jo^s^Ci/vitauj^i^s^: etc. [Pancha- 
dasopanishadah. Edited with Tamil introduction 
and translation by Kuppu-sami.] [1898.] 8°. 

14010. cc. 12. 

SeeVASUDEVAYATI. 6U IT a (o^ en LD eST eST Ld 1^ 

[Vasudeva-mananam. Translated by Kuppu-sami.] 
[1887.] 8°. 14170. e. 32. 

See Vasudkva Yati. euneyv--Q^ev3JB s» 

[Vasudeva-uianauam. With Tamil version by 
Kuppu-sami.] [1895.] 8°. 14048. dd. 19. 

The Aryamatasiddhanta Sangraha. By 

Villavarambal Cooppooswamy Aiyar. [A digest, 
ill dialogue form, of the principles of the Dvaita, 
Advaita, Visishtadvaita, and Saiva philosophies. 
In Tamil, copiously illustrated from Sanskrit texts.] 

(*ll^TWfWRn3PT ^^: lnS)'°i)«^^^T2S»'r627^ 

^oco;...^//?iiJLD^6n5)^^/r/5^6n;ffiyfflj-a5ii.) pp. 32, 
56G, 138. Kumbakonam, 1902. 8^ 14170. ee. 49. 

The Sanskrit extracts are printed in Nagari characters at 
the foot of the page, and reprinted in Grantham type in an 

KUPPU-SAMI MUDALIYAR, 7ia//i:u/rt»i. See Amirta 
Kavi-eayar. °°° iBiT&ssi]isemLjeisy^p/Be\3 t^ [Oru- 
durai-kovai. Edited by Kuppu-sami.] 1905. 12°. 

14172. a. 55. 

See Kumara-guru-paraTambiran. oooui^- 

mlnakshiy-ammai-piHai-tamir. Edited by Kuppu- 
sami.] 1903, 12°, 14172. a. 46.(4.) 

See Nal-adiyar. The Naiadiy4r. With , , . 

eDj iS^ji^tuLoesiLD t9en?Grr^^L9i^. [Madurai- 

Euglish introduction and translation by K. Kuppu- 
swami Mudaliyar, 1903. 8°. 14172. c. 45. 

See Taycmanavae. \j^ . , , ^Q^uuirt^jb- 

fSjiL®. [Tiru-padat-tirattu. With Sabha-pati 
Mudaliyar's commentary on i. 1-3. The latter 
edited, with preface on Tayumanavar's career, by 
Kuppu-sami.] 1905. 16°, 14170. dd, 6. 


0<ss3r t9en?efr^^LSyi [Seyur-mrugan-pillai-tamir. 
Edited by Kuppu-sami.] 1902. 12°. 14172. a. 64. 

KUPPU-SAMI MUDALIYAR, Tlrupanangdcfu. See 
Beschi (C. G. E.). ooo ^ _0i it s it rr^ . [Chatur- 
agaradi. Edited by Kuppu-sami.] [1880.] 8°. 

14172. f, 8, 

KUPPU-SAMI NAYUpU, Madurai Tamlm-sdmi. 
[For works edited by Kuppu-sami Nayudu, see 
under the following headings:] 

Makiy APPA Kavi-kayar, M., and Sankaba- 


Sankaracharyar. [Doubtful and Suppositi- 
tious Works.j 

KUPPU-SVAMI RAJU, V., of Tanjore. See Bala- 
BODHAM. u^uire\)Qufr^iJa. [Bala-bodham. Trans- 
lated by Kuppu-svami.] 1902. 12°. 14170. d. 78, 

See Bhaskara. ^QFfiaQmenQp^. [Tarka- 

kaumudi. Translated by Kuppu-svami.] [1898.] 
12°. 14170. i. 67, 

See NiscHALA Dasa. ^ . . . [^sQa^irjr'ifg- 

■fULD. [Vichara-sagaram. Edited by Kuppu- 
svami.] 1904. 8°. 14170. ff. 12. 

See NiscHALA D.iSA. ooo ^j^Sn^^QutSa- 

uiTsniM. [Vrutti-prabhakaram. Translated and 
edited by Kuppu-svami.] 1901. 8^ 41. 

See NiscHALA Dasa. ^ efl(5^^j,«/5«r- 

eueS. [Vrutti-ratnavali. Translated by Kuppu- 
svami.] 1902, 12°. 14170. d, 77, 

See Sankarachabyar, 

j>ju\£ a 


oh^n-j^t^^Q. [Aparokshannbhiiti, With Tamil 





translation and notes by Kuppu-svami.] [1905.] 
8°. 14049. b. 32.(1.) 

See SVATMARAMA Y5gI. \^ • • • pmi-QlUIT- 

aui9!r^i9(ss^a i^^ [Hatha-}'6ga-pradipika. Edited 
with Tamil translation and commentary styled 
Tattva-pradipikai by Kuppu-svami.] [1897.] 8°. 

14048. cc. 16. 

(See Tattva-eodham. ° o o ^^^^^suQuit- 

fiin. [Tattva-bodham. Translated by Kuppu- 
svami.] 1898. 12°. 14170. d. 32,(4.) 

1901. 12°. 14170. d. 81. 

See Uttara-gita. s^^^itSgisj^. [Uttara- 

gita. With Tamil paraphrase and notes by 
Kuppu-svami.] [1902.] 12°. 14048. a. 29.(3.) 

KTTPPU-SVAMI SASTRI, T. S., of Tanjove. A 
short History of the Tanjore Nayak Princes . . . 

[Followed by a selection of Sanskrit verses.] 
pp. 28. Tanjore, 1903. 8°. 14171, a. 53.(3.) 

KUR'AN. See Muhammad 'Abd al-RAHMAN ibn 
Kadir Miean. Jl c;^*^^' '^•- tTa'yid al-raliman. 
A manual of the art of reciting from the Koran.] 
[1902.] 8°. 14173. b. 32. 

See Shah al-HAMiD ibn 'AidarOs. liJiJ 

Jl ,jl^' [Fawa'id al kur'an. A treatise on the use 

of Koranic texts, etc., for talismanic purposes.] 
[1905-1906.] 8°. 14173. c. 1. 

[Kur'an. The Arabic text, with an interlineary 
translation and marginal commentary in Tamil, 
together entitled al-Futiiliat al-rahmaniyat, by 
Habib Muhammad al-Kahiri.] pp. vi. 626, Nth. 
^iA«Jl ir,i-ir.. [Bombay, 1879-1884.] Fol. 

14507. e. 4. 

■ ^J'^)^ ^^ ^^.A)0^] ^ic ^J■j^^ i*^ [Rah- 

mat al-manuan. Surah 78- i 14, with a translation 
into Tamil by Sulaiman ibn Muhammad al- 
Sailanl.] pp. 1 12, //</i.. Jis^!^ irie [Kollupitiya, 
Colombo, 1897.] 8°. 14507. b. 35. 

KURAUDAI-VELXI PILLAI, Virupuram Kd/ta-peru- 
mal. See Achalambikai Ammal and Kurandai- 
VEi,u PiLLAi. QwetiQ^f^ Qii<ssr^etiLfiiki(^iM ^qe- 
eQsfM^ii^ii^^e^ULjinressTLD. [Tiruvidaiyiir-tala- 
puranam.] 1899. 8°. 14170. ee. 61. 

KURATT'- ARYAN (Srivatsanka Misra), disciple 
of Rdmdmija. \J^ ^^irLpeuiresr^gi uituit&ild 
STsisrSip ^j^j-n.(oir&=e9^iuL£i. fipevrLpLo e-emiriuih. 
[Kiiresa-vijayam, or Kuratt'-arvanadu prabhavam. 
A poem on the distinction and successful propa- 
ganda of the Vaishnava teacher Kuratt'-arvan, by 
a disciple of Addangi Venkatacharyar, with an in- 
terpretation. Edited by Tiruvahindrapuram Vlra- 
raghavacharyar.] pp. 6, 381. sir [Madras, 1892.'] 
8°. 14170. e. 44. 


s'sQ^iuuiEiaLn. [Kuresa-vijaya-bhangam. A 
Saiva polemical work against the Kiiresa- 
vijayam.] 1886. 8°. 14170. e. 27. 

KURESAN. See Kuratt'-arvan. 

KITRTZ (Johann Heineich) . See Blomstrand (A.) . 
^(jF)3-3'm)U'3'B^^irLn. [Tiru-sabhai-charitram. 
A history of the Church, based chiefly upon that 
of Kurtz.] 1867-1869. 8°. 14170. e. 13, 14. 

LAKSHMANA CHETTI. See Sinnata Chetti. 

LAKSHMANA PILLAI, V.A. See Varaha-mihiea. 
L/05^ etdn-Qp^^flaui. [Purusha-samudrikam and 
Stri-samudrikara. With English rendering by 
Lakshmana Pillai.] 1892. 8°. [Samvdrika- 
lakshana-sdstram.] 14170. i. 26. 

LAKSHMANA PILLAI, T., Sheristadar of Koltayam. 
See SorHOCLES. °°° 6i5°a)/5ffL_«tD. (Veelanatakam. 
A translation ... of Sophocles' ' Philoctetes.') 
1894. 8°. 14170. 1. 32.(2.) 

LAWTON (Richard) . ^irjnril.Q. [Tarattu. A song 
in honour of Albert, son of Thomas Rebairo.] 
pp. 8. iuiT Lpi'jLitTsmLD [Jaffna^ 1890. 12°. 

14172. a. 5. 

LAZARUS (John) . See Bible. — New Testament. — 
Epistles. St. Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians, 
with introduction and notes ... by ... J. Lazarus. 
1903. 12°. 14170. bbb. 2. 

See Pavanandi. An English translation of 

the Nannul [bks. i.-ii.] . . . By a Tamil graduate 
of the Madras University [J. Lazarus]. 1878. 12°. 

14172. e. 8. 

See Tird-valluvar. The Kural ... To 

which is added an English translation ... by ... 
J. Lazarus. 1885. 8°. 14172. d. 15. 





LAZARUS (John) {continued). A Dictionary of 
Tamil Proverbs [in Tamil and Englisli], with an 
introduction and hints in English on their mean- 
ing and application, pp. ii. xxv. 662. Mailran, 
1894. 8°. 14170. k. 76. 

LEO XIII., Pope [ViNCENZo Gioacchino Pecci]. 

See SUBHA-VAKTAM PiLLAI. «/li_-li Q EJ 9 IT IT lU IT . . . 

Sir^fi^esra&T. [Kirttanaigal. Songs for the Ju- 
bilee of Pope Leo XIII.] [1887.] 8°.- 14170. b. 49. 

LESSORS. Third Book of Lessons, for the use of 
Schools, &c. Tamil Series. Second edition. Qp<ssr- 
QrpwuirL^Ljeni/BaiLci i^. pp. x. 236. Madras, lHb9. 
16°. 14172. h. 28. 

LITITRQIES. — England, Church of. [For separate 
editions of the Catechism :] See Gatechish. 

See Rhenius (C. T. E.), (Sj/rsar- 

Qufr<fesr eQerri^th ^ [A Catechism on Baptism 
and the Lord's Supper.] 1825. 12°. 14170. bbb. 5. 

Tlie Tamil Translation [by Christian 

David] of the Book of Common Prayer . . . with the 
Psalter, etc. {*Qu!r ^isuiretsrQ^'uu Q u ir ew ^s sn ^ Ln .) 
pp. 14, xviii. 378. Mission Press: Serampore, 1818. 
8°. 14170. b. 51. 

LCiru9(y^<^S6!STfD Quir^ioViresiQ^g-UEi'Xref^LD (Sjnssr- 
^ireQiuiBjaostruuiBLDir^tn ^(LprB(^LD . . . ^ireB'- 

^<sBLo. [The Book of Common Prayer, with the 
Occasional Services and Psalter. Translated into 
Tamil by J. P. Rottler.] pp. xvii. 491, 270. 
Q'fssr6STUL-.i—6is!ST^^&3 ^ =i^ /ff tt) >95> [^Government 
Press: Madras, J819.] 4°. 14170. cc. 4. 

auui—i— flireS'^^siDL-uj •riEjS^mJdn&F/m . . . 
a IT 6S] e\) u9 ^ LD ^i6^tt9^(^ 0<j=t3a«(?su68aT^uj 
Q^u^^ssr 6^Q£>ia(^ui [The Book of Common 
Prayer, with Psalter. Translated by J. P. Rottler.] 
Q'tFesresruL-L-sssT^^ ^^irra-u) [S.P.C.K. Press: 
Madras, 1820.] 8°. 14170. bb. 11. 

Pagination ceases after p. 115. The sheets are A — Uu. 

■ The Book of Common Prayer ... in 

Tamil. [Translated by J. P. Rottler.] (*Quir^- 
&iire3iQ<sruEi^etr ^,.) pp. xix. 344, 176. S.P.C.K. 
Press: Madras, 1828. 8°. 3406. df. 20. 

LITURGIES. — England, Church of (continued). 
Prayers taken from the Liturgy of the United 
Church of England and Ireland; arranged for 
family worship. [Tran.slated] from the original of 
the Prayer-book and Homily Society. Qs-uiasGtr 
<^. {■f'FQp^irjr Q^umisen.) pp. 58. S.P.C.K. 
Press: Madras, [n.d.] 12°. 14170. b. 13.(1.) 

The Book of Common Prayer . . . 

together with the Psalms of David ... in Tamil. 
By the Committee of Missionaries in Tinnevelly, 
appointed ... for the revision of the Tamil Prayer 
Book. [Q u rr ^ en fT esT Qa^uu^jsaih ^.) pp.204, 
216. 8.P.C.K. Press: Madras,l8i6. 8°. 1107. f. 24, 

Dureisani-tamil-puttagam. The 

Lady's Tamil Book. Containing the Morning and 
Evening Services and other portions of the Book of 
Common Prayer in romanized Tamil accompanied 
by the English version . . . with an Anglo-Tamil 
grammar and vocabulary by Elijah Hoole. pp. 148. 
London, 1859. 8°. 3408. d. 23. 

aQf)^^Q^sinL^iuO'3=uLCi [Karttar- 

udaiya-sebam. A sheet containing the Lord's 
Prayer, the Creed, and a summary of the Ten Com- 
mandments, with illustrations.] [London, n.d. '\ 8°. 

14170. c. 27. 

Lothekan Chcrches. ^TiEimesruiTi^^ ^(i^^- 

<9=esiuuSe\)6iiLp!Ei(^Ui (S^iresrQppesyinaeiBesr eQsnm- 

«to, Rituale Trangambaricum. pp. 141. ^itei- 

aesruiTi^iQQe^ ^ernr jfjids [Tranquehar, 1781.] 

8°. 3425. d. 20. 

Printed in a type apparently derived from the fount* at 
that time in use in Ceylon. 

Agenda (sresr^La a eQ(S^e^a 

sripemLnserfl&sr tysru^aii. [The Book of Offices 

of the Evangelical Lutheran Communion.] pp. 

vi. 344. Tranquebar, 1878. 4°. 14170. cc. 3. 

Appended is a " Litaney " of 4 pp., dated 1881. 

Netherlands, Reformed Church of the. 

6V^ . . . Qf>ei!ip,gtre\imea [The liturgy of the 
Dutch Reformed Church. Translated by Philippus 
de Melho.] pp. 115, ii. Qairq^unSes) ^isr.jT'XtiiD 
[Co/om6o, 1760.] 12°. 14170. a. 25. 





LITURGIES {continued) .—B.OMis., Church of. [For 
editions of the Morning and Evening Prayers, etc., 
prefixed to the Catechism :] See Catechism. 

• Q'3=u^^ajiT6sri(^petr. [Seba- 

dhyana-kural. Litanies and prayers for private 
use. Followed by the Order of Mass. Edited 
by T. M. Nana-prakasa-natha Svami.] pp. 166. 
Qa^ekSssr [Madras,] 1878. 16°. ^ 14170. a. 44. 

tS^^iij ffeuesTLD, [Nitya-jivanam. 

A collection of regular and occasional prayers and 
devotional readings, including the Lesser Cate- 
chism, Stations of the Cross, etc. Edited by 
Bhagya-niitha Svami. Fifth edition.] pp. ii. 595 ; 
1 plate. ^Q^'TS:W)Uuerrer{) [Trichinopoli,] 1901. 
32°. 14170. a. 55. 

o o o Q SIT eh ?efr(o IB iriij sire^omiaeSp 

m'hssr uneauQun ^ p^^s,mn<sisr Q^uiehestt O^- 
eueiv^iuiriTiBjririT^^Sssr. [Prayers to be used in 
times of pestilence, extracted from the Seba- 
malai-dhyanam, a Roman Catholic manual in use 
in Colombo.] pp. 24. lu it i^ u u ir essr ld [Jaffna^ 
1889. 12°. 14170. a. 35.(2.) 

QaiTm?<snQ:b(nuLJi9 J irir ^^?e>sT i^ 

[A second edition of the preceding.] pp. 28. 
luiTLpuuiresurih [Jaffna,] 1892. 12°. 14170. a. 35.(7.) 

Q'3=anBir^qF,sr>i_uj ^Q^ ^(i^^iu 

SiT^^esr ■3'iEiS/Bin . . . OBBcium Parvum Sacri Cor- 
dis Jesu. [In Tamil and Latin.] pp. 56. Trichi- 
nopoly, 1902. 16°. 14170. a. 57.(4.) 

Wesleyan Methodists. The Sunday Ser- 
vice : together with the order of administration 
of the Lord's Supper and Baptism ; the forms of 
solemnization of matrimony and of the burial of 
the dead. As used by the Wesleyan Methodists. 
(*Q^ujeuinrir^dssruL^^^sLc.) pp.126. American 
MissionPress: Madras, I8b0. 8°. 14170. c. 3.(2.) 


LOKAM-JIYAB. See Pillai Lokachaeyae. 

Publications. — Madras. ^auiraiaa-iT^~sS ld. 
[Iha-para-aukha-sadhani.] . . . Published by K. 
Loganatha Moodaliar. 1903-1904. 4°. 14172. k. 5. 

LONGMANS, GREEN, and CO. Longmans' Anglo- 
Tamil Second Reader for Form ii. pp. viii. 153 ; 
Iplate. Bombay ^ Galcutta,l907 . 12°. 14172.g.l2. 

LOUIS [Gonzaga], Saint. ^Q^'SFQi^uueimifl . . . 
jtlir&, (^ IT ear LJ t9 JT s IT Q Lu IT IT &" sm u tu ir iB eisr ^tn- 
Co su /r^u a; Ou /r i fi s^ tb [Amalorbhava-pokkisham. 
A manual for members of the Society of St. Louis 
founded in Trichinopoli, comprising rules, signed 
by A. Goris, and prayers. Second edition.] pp.250, 
yi.; Iplate. Trichinopoly, 1906. 32°. 14170. a. 45. 

LOYOLA (Ignatius). See Ignatius [Lopez de Re- 
CALDE, de Loyola], 

LUTHER (Martin). [For editions of the Lutterin 
att'-iyalpu, attacking Luther and Lutheranism :] 
See Beschi (C. G. E.). 

jSee Evangelical Lutheran Church. Con- 
cordia . . . VI. Articuli Smalcaldici. (*Pars 
Secunda. VII. Catechismus Minor. VIII. Cate- 
chismus Major, efc.) 1872-1880. 8°. 14170. c, 2. 

LDiriT^^eisr ^^^ir ereisrueuiB^ (^irQ^- 

e9sir>i_affir. [Martin Lutherenbavariniianopadesa- 
kuripp'-idattai vistarikkum vina-vidaigal. A 
catechism of Protestant doctrine, based upon 
P.' J. Spener's " Einfache Erkliirung der Christ- 
lichen Lehre," embodying and amplifying Luther's 
Kleiner Catechismus. Translated into Tamil by 
B. Ziegenbalg. Revised by A. Blom strand. Third 
edition.] pp. 160. Tranquehar, 1S72. 12°. 

14170. b. 20. 

MACARTHUR (Charles Chapman). See Bible. — 
Complete Bibles. A poetical version in Tamil of 
the Holy Scriptures . . . Edited by ... C. C. 
Macarthur, etc. 1866. 8°. 3070. dd. 17. 

MACDUFF (John R.). The Faithful Promiser. 
■sF^^iueuiTs^^ik, Second edition, pp.7]. Jaffna, 
1859. 16°. 14170. a. 33.(5.) 

The Footsteps of St. Paul ... A Tamil 

translation, with alterations and omissions, by 
the Rev. Frederic Baylis . . . ue^ev .ji/uQuirsiv- 
^eveisr iBsmt—Uif-sQsndsm. pp. viii. 367. Nager- 
coil, 1863. 12°. 14170. b. 45. 

MADANA-EAMA-RAJAN. Ln^msrairLojrir%3!sr.sBSBjS 
^ [Madana-kama-rajan-kathai, or the Twelve 





Stories of the Prime Minister's son. Edited by 
SelaiPonn'-ambalaKavi-rayar.] pp.198, ^esri^ 
[Madias, 1855.] 8°. 14170. k. 17. 

Ln^sstairum n^«siaein^ i^ [Madana-kama- 

rajan-kathai. Edited by Ch. Karunananda Svami.] 
pp. 179. s^^u) [Madras, 1880.] 8°. 

14170. k. 22. 

iD^esrmiTLCiiTiT^esrassi^ i^ [Madana-kama- 

rajan-kathai. Edited by T. Tyaga-raya Svami.] 
pp. 179. Sji^jTuir^ [Madras, 1882.] 8°. 

14170. k. 60. 

The Di-avidian Nights Entertainments : 

being a translation [into English] of Madanakama- 
rajankadai. By Pandit S. M. Natesa Sastri. pp. 
xl. 289. Madras, 1886. 12°. 14170. k. 38. 

MADHAV'-AIYA, Appdv-aiya, See Shakspere (W.). 
Qs^ieiviSliuiT /B/ri_«/E;«srr, «. ro0^eu(osv/r i^. 
(Shakespeare for Tamil Homes. I. Othello. 
[Translated] by A. Madhaviah.) 1902. 12°. 

14171. i. 1.(1.) 

Padmavati Charitram. A story of the 

Tamil country ... by A. Madhaviah . . . u^Ldir- 
eu^^S^^jrih ^. 2 vols. Palghat, 1898-1900. 
12°. 14171. a. 21. 

MADHAVIAH. See Madhav'-aiya. 

aiyar). in^^aseQufliii^eft, [Madhura-kavi-pa- 
dangal. Erotic verses.] See Vijaya-eanga Muda- 
liyar, p. o o o iBfflS . . , UjXEiserr. [Padangal.] 
pp. 37-88. 1886. 8°. 14172. c. 33. 

MADHUEA-KAVIY-ARVAR. [For editions of the 
Kanni-nun-siru-tambu of this saint included in 
the editions of the whole or parts of the Nal- 
ayira-prabandham :] See Arvaeqal. — Nal-dyiram. 

Shabdarthachandrica. [A vocabulary] containing 
six languages [viz. Telugu, Kanarese, Tamil, 
English, Hindustani, and Marathi]. ^iS'^-^. 
^'^^'So^t . In Telugu [character]. Compiled 
by v. Mathuramuthu Mudaliar. pp. 96. Madras, 
1896. 12°. 14174. m. 25. 

MADHU-SUDANA SARASVATI, disciple of Visye- 
svara, gee Sankaeachaeyae. °°o Q^^irib^i9m^, 

[Da?a-9l6ki. With Madhn-sudana's Siddhanta- 
bindu translated into Tamil.] 1906. 12°. 

14049. aa. 1. 
MADHVACHARYAE. See Ananda-tirtha. 

MADRAS, City of. Minute of the Madras Mission- 
ary Conference and other documents on the subject 
of Caste [in English and Tamil]. a-ii^etnaja(^- 
,S^^ . . . u^^fiem/BasfT. pp. 39. [Ma^ras,^ 
1850. 8°. 14170. c. 22. 

Civil Engineering College. Madras Engi- 
neering College Papers. No. I (-VI). Madras, 
1860-1869. 8°. 14170. i. 7, 7.* 

The Tamil works in the above series are catalogued under 
the heading Eaja-gopala Mudaliyar. 

Government Oriental MSS. Library. Alpha- 

betical Index of Manuscripts in the . . . Library. . . 
Sanskrit, Telugu, Tamil, etc. 10 pts. Madras, 
1893. Fol. 14096. f. 9. 

Public Beference Library. Classified Cata- 
logue of the Public Reference Library, consisting 
of books registered from 1867 to 1889 at the 
office of the Registrar of Books, Old College, 
Madras, pp. 466. Madras, 1894. 8°. 

11899. dd. 19. 

■ Visishtddvaita-siddhanta-prabodha-saiigham. 

A tract against Christianity.] pp. 24. O^-eJr&ir 
[Madras,] 1887. 12°. 14170. i. 15. 

MADRAS, Presidency of. [A collection of Acts, 
extending over the years 1802-1814 and 1816- 
1820.] 3 vols. ^=sywa.-^=sy/wa.(D [Madras, 
1802-1820.] Fol. 14170. h. ' 



.^itL®^(:6tr)LCi ^ [Rules, Regulations and Re- 
venue Board Circular Orders for the administration 
of the Salt Acts. Translated and edited by V, K. 
Raghavacharyar.] pp. 70. Qa^&aesrUL-L-essriit 
mjfi^er [Madras, 1867.] 8°. 14170. g. 6.(1.) 

©.yeJr^sr ana^eQiajir^a'uireiv^iLituuiiTiBir- 

etni—tu fS'Ssoemiuireur s_^^jay«srr i^ [The Stand- 
ing Orders of the Madras Board of Revenue from 
1820 to 1866. Compiled by R. A. Dalyell, and 
translated into Tamil by §. Jaya-rama Che^iyar 





and S. Vijaya-raghavulu Chettiyar.] Qa-esresru- 
UL..t—emLc> ^^3hj>j \_Madras, 1868.] 8°. 

14170. g. 6. 
Each Act has a separate pagination. 

Supplementary Manual, showing the trans- 

literation of Hindu names, Tamil and Telugu, 
peculiar to the Madras Presidency, etc. pp. 79. 
Madras, 1893. 8°. 1*172. m. 2. 

Report on a Search for Sanskrit and Tamil 

Manuscripts for the year 1896-97 (* 1893-94). By 
M. Seshagiri Sastri . . . Prepared under the orders 
of the Govt, of Madras. 2 vols. J/arfras, 1898- 
1899. 8°. 14096. ccc. 2. 

A collection of the inscriptions on copper- 

plates and stones in the Nellore district. Made 
by Alan Butterworth . . . and V. Venugopaul 
Chetty. 3 vols. pp. xi. i. 1520, i. i. i. i. Madras, 
1905. 8°. 14058. c. 11. 

MADURA. See Colton (J.). Description of 
Madura, etc. 1863. 12°. 14172. h. 66. 

See Taylor (W.). Oriental Historical 

Manuscripts . . . [chiefly bearing upon the history 
of the kingdom of Madura], etc. 1835. 4°. 

14171. c. 5. 

[For the chief poems on the legends 

of the Saiva sanctuary of Madura, see under the 
following headings :] 

Paean-jodi Monivar. 
Vima-natha Panditae. 

MADITKAI PILLAI, P. Marl-anda-muriti. See 
Anna-malai MuDALiYAE. Lo^&n/T Oeuswru/TtD/rSsu. 
(Madooray Venba Malei [a series of verses] ... on 
P. M. Madooray Pillay, Esq., etc.) 1891. 8°. 

14172. c. 21. 

MAHA-BHAKTA-VIJAYAM. 00 o fjfuisirud^- 
eQ^ium. [Malta -bhakta-viJAjam. Lives of 
Vaishnava saints, compiled and translated from 
Nabhaji's Bhakti-sara, Mahl-pati's Bhakta-vijaya 
and Santa-vijaya, and Uddhava's Bhakta-mala, etc. 
Vol. i. (two biographies), compiled and translated 
by Siltur Arul-vakku Venkata-dasar. Edited by 
A. Tiru-venkata Pillai.] pp. iv. 20, 56, 85. Madras, 
1870. 4°. 14170. f. 5. 

MAHA-BHAKTA-VIJAYAM {continued). 0°° |jf - 
LD'SBiru'i^eQ^iuLc. [Maha-bhakta-vijayam. Vol. i. 
(five biographies), by Venkata-dasar, with a bio- 
graphy of Kuchela by Sattapakkam Krushna-sami 
Mudaliyar. Edited by M. Natha-muni Nayudu.] 
vol.i. pp. iv. 338; 6 plates. [Madras,] 1893. 4°. 

14170. f. 22. 

o o o Lf^LDSirui^eQ^iLiLD, [Maha-bhakta- 
vijayam. Vol. i., compiled and ti-anslated by 
Venkata-dasar and Krushna-sami, and edited by 
Puduvai Narayana-dasar. Vol. ii., translated by 
P. Narayana-dasar, and edited by P. Venkata- 
sami Nayudu. Vol. iii., translated by Narayana- 
dasar.] 3 vols. Q<3-skdo3r [Madras,] 1898-1905. 
40. 14170. f. 6. 

ooou^Loa/r ui^sO^iutJa. [Maha-bhakta- 
vijayam. A difi"erent hagiological collection. 
Vol. iii., iv., translated by Velur Kann'-aiya- 
dasar. Edited by M. Natha-rnuni Nayudu.] pp. 
36, 248. [Madras,] 1905. 4°. 14170. ff. 18. 

MAHA-BHARATAM. See Annaviyae. \j^ tnair- 
uir/r^ jt/LDinrrSssr [Maha-bharata-animauai. A 
poetical paraphrase of the Maha-bharatam.] 
1903. 8°. 14172. c. 49. 

[For editions of Perun-devanar's adapta- 
tion of the Sanskrit Maha-bharatam :] See Pekun- 


See Ranga-natha Kavi-rayar. ms!ruir- 

j^th. [Maha-bharatam. An abbreviated adap- 
tation.] [1903.] 8". 14172. b. 9. 

See SuBBA-EAYA Mudaliyar, V., Mutti- 

eama Kavi-eayar, G., and Kadie-vel Kavi-eaja 
Panditae. \j^Lt>pjDiTuiTir^aSir^^dssr ^ [Maha- 
bharata-kirttanai, or Maha-bharata-natakam. An 
adaptation of the Maha-bbaratam in lyric-dramatic 
form.] [1905.] 8°. 14172. bbb. 1. 

See Varada-eaja DIkshitae. The History 

of India ... Sri Maha Bharata, etc. 1890. 8°. 

14172. d. 9. 

[For editions of Villiputtiirar's adaptation 

of bks. 1-10 of the Sanskrit Maha-bharatam:] 


Tamil translation [by N. Krushna-sami 

Aiyar] of Mahabharata Niti Ratnavali : Moral 





Gems from the Maliabhnrata. Edited by R. 
Sivasankara Pandiya. pp. 20. Madras, 1888. 
12°. 14003. c. 

Forms no. ix. o/ the Hindu Excelsior Series. 

^ insitTumr^LD ^ [Maha-bharatam. Adi 

to Bbislnna }>arvam. Translated into prose by 
Shanmukham Pillai.j 2 vols. 1890-1894. See 
Itihasa-manjari. Itbihasa Manjari Series. [1888]- 
1894. 8°. 14172. d. 11. 

jysrueuCotD^u/reuii. [Asva-medha-parvara. 

A prose abridgment. Edited by K. Arunachala 
Mudaliyar from the recension of P. Raja-gopala 
Pillai.] pp. 217. (qsu [Madras, 1875.] 8°. 

14172. c. 22. 


s^rr<3= irjr^- 

^nsoiTiL® 1^ [Gita-sara-talattu-prabandham. A 
poem on the philosophy of the Gita.] 1837. 12°. 
[Ncind-jiva-vc'tda-hattalai, etc.^ 14170. d. 26. 

See TiRU-VENKATA-SAMi Mqdaliyar, a. 8. 

uaeu^ Ssy>^ •rirjr<riEiSasLci. [Bhagavad-gitai- 
sara-sangraham. A summary of the Bhagavad- 
gita.] [1890.] 16°. 14170. d. 35.(1.) 

The Bhagavad-gita, a Sanskrit philo- 

sophical poem, in the form of dialogues between 
Krishna and Arjuna, translated into English and 
Tamil by the late Rev. H. Bower. {*us&]^- 
Ssr>^.) pp. Ivi. 137. Madras, 1889. 8°. 

14065. c. 44. 

u^ussii^SemfB. [Bhagavad-glta. San- 

skrit text, with Tamil glosses and translations. 

Preceded by the Krushnashtottara-sata- nama- 

stotram, a short metrical prayer, the Bhagavad- 

glta-mahatmyam, and nyasas, in Sanskrit ; and 

followed by Yfimunacharyar's Gitartha-sangraha, 

with Tamil version, and the Krushnashtakara, 

also in Sanskrit. Edited and translated by A. 

Srinivasa Tatacharyar and K. Rama-sami Na- 

yudu.] pp. 12, ii. 714, xxii.; 1 flate. Q.a^&srSssr 

eQ^irf} [Madras, 1899.] 16°. 14065. b. 19. 

The Sanskrit text is printed in loth the Qrantham and 
the Tamil character. 

— us&i^SfliT ^ir^uifiaj ^i9s!Da. [Bhaga- 

vad-gita. Sanskrit text in the Tamil character, 
edited with a Tamil version styled Bhagavad-gita- 

tatparya-dlpikai by Bala-subrahmanya Brahma- 
svami.] pp. 494. O^eirSiar [Madras^ 1900. 32°. 

14068. a. 10. 

uire^iuQftih t^ [Bhagavad-gita. With Sankara'a 
commentary. The Sanskrit text of both, edited 
with Tamil translation of the whole by D. Sun- 
dara-raja Sarma.] Madras, 1906, etc. 8°. 

14049. bb. 10. 

In progress. 

u^eupSem^ QpevQpLh-s-emiriLjiJci. [Bhaga- 

vad-gitai. A free metrical translation from the 
Sanskrit, ascribed to Villiputtiirar. Edited by 
K. Veda-giri Mudaliyar.] pp. ii. 231. uf^rreB 
[Madras, 1852.] 8°. 14170. e. 19. 

useu^Sein^ Qeuemurr. (Bhagavad Gita 

Venba.) [A poetical rendering by Aragiya-mana- 
vala Jiyar. Edited with notes by S. Sami-natha 
Aiyar and P. R. Krushnam-acharyar.] (Pocket 
Tamil Classics.) 3 pts. Srirangam, 1906-1907. 
16°. 14172. a. 69. 

euir^LD. [Draupadi-satyabhama-samvadam. The 
dialogue of Draupadl and Satyabhama on wifely 
duty (Vana-parva, Markandeya-samasya-parva, 
ch. ccxxxii.-iii.). In Sanskrit, with Tamil glosses 
and commentary.] See Sundara-eaja Sarma, D. 
euiuiT&v 6i] n ^ en) lu n tu m , . . ufrirtuir^Q^LCiih. (Vyasa 
and Vatsyayana's Bharyadharmam, etc.) pp. 96- 
178. 1901. 12°. 14085. b. 44. 

See YisvA-NATHA SOei, K. °°° mesi^Ljjreiiirsir 

eQjrrrL-UiTeuLD. [Mani-pravala-virata-parvam. A 
metrical adaptation of the Virata-parvam in 
mixed Tamil and Sanskrit.] 1905. 8°. 

14172. bb. 16, 

U^in&lDITLJirirflUi ^lSLp6U3=eSTLB sQiriTL-- 

uireuih. [Virata-parvam. A prose version by 
Kondangi Kandadai Srinivasa Raghavacharyar. 
With notes.] pp. vi. iv. 298. Qd^^&sr [Madras,] 
1905. 8°. 14172. d. 1. 

MAHA-LINQ'-AIYAE, Maravai. See Ell'-appa 
Navalar. ^(if,ffS3TiT<3-eoLiirircssTLCi ^^ [Arunachala- 
puranam. With commentary by Maha-ling'-aiyar.] 
1898. 12°. 14170. d. 62. 

1903. 12°. 14170. d. 83. 





MAHA-LING'-AIYAE, Maravai {continued). See 
ToL-KAPPiTANAE. Q^iretisfTUtSliuui ^ [Tol-kappi- 
yam. Pt. i. Edited by Maha-ling'-aiyar.] [1847.] 
8°. 14172. f. 4. 

-^-^ o o o ^ex)dK.£E«33T.J^*0«d5i£i. [Ilakkaiia- 

churukkara. An abridged grammai*.] pp. 96. 
Q^skSssr [Madras,] 1879. 16°. 14172. h. 41. 

o o o ^6\)i<5B633ri^<9?(5«<3;LD. [Ilakkana- 

churukkam.] pp.110. Q<rbirst!TUL^i—essr ml Madras,] 
1882. 16°. 14172. h. 24. 

o o o ^sui'i633T<5F «0tSB<sii, [Ilakkaiia- 

churukkam. Revised by V. G. Surya-narayana 
Sastri.] pp. 100. Q <3= eisr Ssar [Madras,] 1898 
12°. 14172. ee. 3 

o o o ^ou«iEo33rJ-»0a«ti _^, [Ilakkana 

cburukkam.] (A Manual of Tamil Grammar . . 
Eevised and improved.) pp. i. 140. Madras 
1893. 16°. 14172. ee. 6 

MAHi-PATI. [For editions of the Maha-bhakta- 
vijayam, partly derived from tlie Marathi Bhakta- 
vijaya and Santa-vijaya of Mahi-pati :] See Maha- 


[Bhakta-mala-vachanam. A Tamil prose version 
by V. Bala-krushna Mudaliyar of the Bhakta- 
mala, a Telugu lord poem by himself, para- 
phrasing the legends of the Northern Vaishnava 
votaries narrated in Mahi-pati's Marathi poems, 
soil, the Bhakta-vijaya, Santa-vijaya, Santa-llla- 
mruta, and Bliakta-litamruta. Revised by V. Sun- 
dara Pillai.] Q^esrSoar [Madras^] 1907, etc. 8°. 

14170. 6. 17. 

In progress. 

000 i9uir^jriT^e!!r ■riff^^jTm. [Pipaji- 
rajan-charitram. The story of king Pipaji, a 
Vaishnava devotee, in Telugu, taken from V. 
Biila-krushna Mudaliyar's Bhakta-mala, with a 
Tamil transliteration, translation, and commentary 
by the same.] pp.SQ; I plate. Q ■3= eirSssr [Madras] 
1900. 8°. 14170. ee. 35.(6.) 

000 [J^u^^^^iafririnh m&irriBaeiT s^iB^. 
^esrm. [Tukaram-svamigal-charitram. The history 

of the Vaishnava saint Tukaram, translated from 
Mahi-pati's Bhakta-vijaya by Jauli-kajar Muui- 
svami Mudaliyar, and edited by RaTua-svami 
Nayudu. With a second part containing Hari- 
nama-st5tra-pa and Hari-nama-saukirttanam, two 
series of hymns, translated by the same, and 
edited by S. G. Appu Mudaliyar.] pp. i. 292, 76 ; 
18 plates. Q<sii.mrr [Vellore,] 1887-1898. 8°. 

14170. ee. 34 

Part i. is in the second edition (1898). 

Sultan ibn Ahmad 'Umak. 

MAIKANDADEVA. See Mey-kanda Deva. 

MAILU pillai. See Mayilu Pillai. 


Kann'-AUmad. [For works edited by Makhdum 
Muhammad, see under the following headings :] 

Makhdum Muhammad ibn Pir Muhammad. 

Muhammad ibn Muhammad, al-Mu'izz. 

Muhammad Ibrahim ibn 'Abd al-GnANl. 

Muhammad Miran Mastan ibn Lukman. 

Periya Nuh Lebbai. 

Shah al-HAMio ibn Miran Sahib. 

^00.^ SQesTpl eQenaaLD eu 3= e^r s n sQ uj in . 

[Din-neri-vilakkam. An exposition of the Mu- 
hammadan religion.] pp. vii. 412. 0<ys3T&ir 
a^m-rtra) [Madras, 1892.] 8°. 14170. c. 42. 


of Kayalpatnarn. LD^jreiiira>iuSir^^iGS)jr(S^^^stJa. 
[Madhura-vakya-kirttana-raujitam. A series of 
Muhammadan lyrics. Edited by Kann'-Ahmad 
Makhdiim Muhammad.] pp. xxvi. 186. •^iK-a-id 
[Madras, 1902.] 8°. 14173. b. 17. 

MALAIYA GAUNDAR, C, of Municipal School, 
Coimbatore. See Chidambara Kavi-rayar. sSI^- 
(^(_ffLDi533j? SoiessT®. (f'Oositha Soodamani 
Nigandu," etc.) [Edited by Malaiya Gaundar.] 
1903. 12°. 14172. ee. 10. 

Udamalpet, Coimlatore. Q<riEj(^i^ti^eJsr6ar/r (^eu- 
^t9«n«. [Sengunda-mannar-kula-dlpikai. An 
account of the Shengundar caste of weavers.] 
pp. iv. ii. 248, 171. ir-Qim® [Erodei] 1905. 8°. 

14171. e. 7. 





MALL'-AYYAR, Palavdijal. ^inrn.r^iTiiiis< 
luQiDasr^oiLa ^iririr^iTikia [sie\ miTL-mLo, [Tara- 
sasanka-vijayam, or Tara-sasanka-natakain. A 
inytliolugical drama.] pp. 132. G)#6ot§33t [^Mmlras,'] 
1905. 8". 14170. 1. 64. 

[A Christian tract.] . . . ^irQi^^iuia. Second 
edition, pp.16. /«/rta, 1841. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(27.) 

Evidence from Hinduism itself 


s^u^ius'itlLQ. Fourth edition, pp. 32. Jaffna, 
1845. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(55.) 



Devanqab. o o ° Q^euiriEiiBLjinrsssTi'si, [Devafiga- 
puranam. Versified by Mambarar.] [1893.] 8°. 

14170. e. 55. 

MANA-VACHAKAM KADANDAR, Tiruvadigai, dis- 
ciple of Mey-lcandar. ^^esansDiDeQeni^Ln. [Unmai- 
vilakkam. A metrical tract on the Saiya-Sid- 
dhantam. With commentary.] See Met-kanda- 
SATTiRAM. QLCiUjsemL—3-ir^^jiLn i^ [Mey-kaiida- 
sattiram.] pp. 599-614. 1897. 8°. 14170. ff. 3. 
Said to have been written in Saka 1177. 

s_6!j3rs!»(Dffl96ff«« ^, [Unmai-vllakkam.] 

pp.8. See Mey-kanda-sattiram. ooogm^euS^- 
^iriB^-Fir^^irtJa ^ [Saiva-siddhanta-sattiram.] 
[1899.] 12°. 14170. d. 53. 

Light of Truth, or Unmai Vilakkam, etc. 

[Translated by J. M. Nalla-sami Pillai.] 1902. 
See Periodical Publications. — Madras. The Light 
of Truth, e<c. vol. v., no. 11. 1897, eic. 4°. 

14170. fff. 4.(vol. 5.) 

MANAVALA MA-MUNI. See Aragiya-manavala 

MANAVALA MA-MTJNI, Visada-vdk-sirdmani. See 
[Addenda] Aragiya-manavala Peru-mal. ooo^- 
■sFirinuproQFf^ujLCi i^ [Acharya-hrudayam. With 
commentary ascribed to Manavala Ma-muni.] 
1906. 8°. 14170. £f. 24. 

MANDALA-PTIRUpAR, See VIra-mandalavab. 

MANGALESVARI. ^Q^eijji^jrQmir<3'Lc>ije!n« tuii- 
mQenmeuB i9 eir^ ^ ^s l8 i^ , [Uttara-kosa-mangai- 
mangalesvari-pillai-tamir. A hymn to the goddess 

Uraa-Mangale?vari as worshipped at Uttara-ko^a- 
mangai. Edited by V. G. Surya-narayana Sastri.] 
pp. ii. 62. Qd=&r8sisr [Madras,] 1901. 12°. 

14170. d. 89. 
MANGUpi MARUDANAR. See Marudanar. 

MANIKKAM PILLAI, Tlrupattur liama-sumi. Sec 
Dasarathi Chetxi, T. K., and Manikkam Pillai, 
T. E. Vithyabivirthi Sambashanam, e<c. 1895. 8°, 

14172. hh. 11. 

MANIKKA SVAMI, Amardpati M. (jf . . . fJ^m^T- 
^■3" ikiair ir3=n n lua&iiT LBsefT^ ^ ii)^^ir'9= aQKi^- 
Qf'U^ . . . ■9=iiLhL9jr^muS/SjX^6uir'ituiEia(6mLo . . . 
e-uQ^^eufraSiUQpLD. [Adi-sankaracharya-chari- 
tra-churukkam, or Jagad-guru-paramparai. An 
account of Sankara and the apostolic succession 
deriving through him. Followed by Sampradaya- 
chintanaigal, a catechism of the doctrine of Sah- 
kara's school by Kara-pa tra Yogis vara, and Upa- 
desa-vakyam, a shoi't tract by Dattatreya Sviimi. 
Edited by A. M. Manikka Svami.] pp. 40, 283 ; 
2 jilates. Qa^m^ [Madras,] 1901. 12°. 

14170. ee. 44. 

subba Reddiyau, p. °°° LamoTa-iressfl j^thLoirSssr 
(The Maharani Ammanei . . . with an introduction 
by N. S. Manikavasaka Nadar.) 1901. 8°. 

14172. b. 7. 

MANIZKA-VACHAKAR. [For editions of the Vada- 
viirar-puranam containing the legendary bio- 
graphy of this poet :] See Kadatun Ma-muni. 


«6U/r.y«/r. (Manickavachakar. [An essay], e<f.) 
1900. 12°. 14171. a. 33.(2.) 


of Manicka Vachakar, c<c. 1899. 12°. 

14171. a. 33.(1.) 

[For editions of this author's Tiru-vacha- 

kam, which forms bk. 8 of the Tiru-murai :] See 


[Ammanai, or Tiru-perun-durai-avudaiyar-kovil- 
vilakkam. A Saiva devotional poem. Edited by 
Naga-lingam Pillai of Madura.] pp. 81. Qo'ssrdsBr 
[Madras,] 1904. 12°. 14170. d. 93. 





MANIKKA-VACHAKAR (continued). 00° ^(§'3=- 
SippLE>ue\ii Qsire^neiiujirQResMsnLD. [Tiru-cliittam- 
bala-kovaiyar-unmai. A Saiva devotional poem 
in 400 stanzas. With a metrical commentary by 
Per-asiriyar, here ascribed to Nachinarkk'-iniyar. 
Edited by K Ch. Tamb'-aiya Pillai.] pp. vi. 159, 
V. Q<SFmesruiLL-.essrLn ^lu \_Madras, 1895.] 12°. 

14172. a. 42, 

On ihe authorship of the commentary see the Madras 
Christian College Magazine, vol. xvii., p. 621 /. 

° ° ^(frjiQ^xiresieuLun IT. [Tiru-kovaiyar. 

With the commentary of Per-asiriyar^ here attri- 
buted to Nachinarkk'-iniyar, and an interpreta- 
tion and synopsis by Visakha Peru-mal Aiyar.] 
pp. ii. 434, 32, vii. ; 1 plate. Qs^esrSsw ^sk^pS 
[Madras, 1897.] 12°. 14172. a. 46. 

MANU. in^^Q^LB a^ir^QnTLD. [Manu-dharma- 
sastram. Edited with Tamil translation by C. T. 
Guru-sami Mudaliyar. Followed by the Vyava- 
hara-sara-sangraham, a summary of law according 
to the scbool of Manu, in Tamil, edited by the 
same. Third edition.] pp. i. xiv. 559, xvi. Iviii. 
121, 6. Madras, 1896. 8°. 14039. b. 23. 

The text is printed in Telugu letters. 

MANUEL. Manuel de la Conversation, ou Recueil 
de mots usuels et de phrases propres d faciliter 
I'etude du Francais et du Tamoul. s" murrey Sssst- 
ui^'3' IT u Ld . . . Q'SF ir&ieua=(sisra=Q'3=iTiss)/B. pp. ii. 
184. Lj^&nsu ^j}jHTSh-@ [Pondicherry, 1865.] 
12°. 14172. h. 15. 

Apparently by the B. P. Lap ; see Histoire des Missions 
de rinde, iv., p. 584. 

MARAI - NANA - SAMBANDHAR, Tiruvdvadudurai. 
^Q^emQiBLjirirGmLc. [Aruna-giri-puranam. The 
legends of the Saiva sanctuary of Tiruvannamalai. 
Edited by Vama-deva Mruga-bhattarakar.] pp. i. 
110. Qa^tkemuiLi^esmLni^s.SljrLb [ifa(£ras,1880.] 
16°. 14170. d. 15. 

Saiva-Samaya Neri. Or The Code of the 

Siva Religion, etc. [Translated by J. M. Nalla- 
sami Piljai.] 1902. See Periodical Publica- 
tions.— MicZras. The Light of Truth, etc. vol. vi., 
no. 2. 1897, etc. 4°. 14170. fff. 4.(vol. 6.) 

MARANA-GANDI. Loiremirsesisri^Quj&sr^uLh Q^ir- 
^s^iFir&v^irLD. [Marana-gandi. An astrological 
work on the fatal indications of the stars, etc. 

Edited by P. Marga-linga Nayanar.] pp. i. 92. 
iLj su [Madras, 1875.] 8°. 14172. b. 2. 

MARAN PORAIYANAR. 000 ^i^Sssmes^ujtau^ 
QpevQpth s^etnjTiLjLD. [Ain-dinaiy-aim-badu. A 
series of 50 quatrains on the five erotic themes., 
forming no. 10 of the 18 kJr-hanaJchi works of the 
third Sangham of Madura. With a paraphrastic 
commentary. Edited with preface, notes, and gloss- 
ary by R. Raghav'-aiyangar.] pp. vi. iv. 19, iii. 
tfl^atnjr [Madura^ 1903. 8°. 14172. bh. 3.(6.) 
Forms no. 1 of the Sen-damir-prachuram. 

[Another copy, without preface, &c.] See 

AcADEMiKS, etc. — Madura. [" Sen-damir " sup- 
plement.] no. 1. 1902, etc. 8°. 

14172. i. l.*(no. 1.) 

HARDEN (T.). The Third Reader. [An English 
reader for native students, with Tamil notes and 
explanations.] . . . Anglo-Tamil. Third edition. 
(*Madras Readers — English Series.) pp. iv. 234. 
Madras, 1882. 12°. 14172. h. 63. 

MARGA-LINGA NAYANAR, richaipdhkam. See 
Kamala Muni. °<>o •rirQp^^SdsireviL'ressTLD ^ 
[Rekhai-sastram. Edited by Marga-liuga.] [1879.] 
16°. 14172. a. 19. 

See Kausikar. The Kowseegasindamony . . . 

written [i.e. edited] . . . (by Margalinga, etc.). 
1895. 8°. 14170. i. 35. 

See Marana-gandi, iBiremsTaessn^ ^ [Ma- 
rana-gandi. Edited by Marga-linga.] [1875.] 8°. 

14172. b. 2. 

MARIADA RAMAN. See Mariyadai-raman. 

MARI-MTJTTA PILLAI, Tillaividangan, son of Pillai 
Peru-mdl Aiyaiigdr. u^irBQp^^iruSmdstr . . . @ir^- 
^ihLB. [Kirttanam. Saiva hymns.] See Muttu- 
TANDAVAR. S^LDuffm . . . SiT^^iBih ^, [Kirtta- 
nam.] pp. 45-61. [1870.] 8°. 14170. k. 20. 

000 LjeQa^irQeuessTuir. [Puliyiir-ven-ba. 

Quatrains in honour of Siva, as worshipped in 
Chidambaram. With a commentary by T.K. Subba- 
raya Chetti. Second edition.] pp. vi. 82. Q-f&srSssr 
^irai^irifl [Madras, 1888.] 12°. 14172. a. 31. 

Sixth Standard Arithmetic ... by C. Marriniutlu 





. . . juikim aesS^LO. pp. ii, 59. luiripLJUiresBrui 
[/«/««,] 1890. 12°. 14172. h. 48. 

The Ceylon Governors . . . ^eo/K/sM-s,* QjX- 

^ir^u^itsn. [Laiikai-desadhipatigal. A series 
of panegyrics on the British Governors in Tamil 
verse.] pp. v. 72. lunijiUUiiessTUi {.Jaffna,^ 1889. 
12°. 14170. k. 41. 

MARIYADAI - RAMAlf, u^PiOJiren^iriru^^ssin^ 
[Mariyadai-raman-kathai. Tales of the ingenuity 
of the judge Mariyadai-raman.] See Katha-chin- 
T.\MANi. The Kathachintamani, etc. pp. 1-33. 
1875. 8°. 14170. k. 27. 

Ld^iuiresi^iriTLn^ ■xetn^. [Mariyadai- 
raman-kathai.] See PURNA-LINGAM PiLLAI, M. S. 
Witty Stories, etc. pp. 1-32. 1897. 12°. 

14171. a. 6.(2.) 

The Unerring Judge. [Tales of Mariyadai- 
raman, translated into English.] See Robinson 
(E. J.). Tamil Wisdom, etc. pp. 101-U8. 1873. 
12°. 14170. k. 62. 

The Accomplished Judge. [A verse trans- 
lation.] See Robinson (E. J.). Tales and Poems 
of South India, etc. pp. 265-308. 1885. 8°. 

14170. k. 63. 

Tales of Mariada Raman. 21 amusing 

stories [translated] by P. Ramachandra Rao. 
pp. 8, 69. Madras, [1902.] 12°. 14171. aa. 14. 

MARITA-DAS PILLAI. See Puranas. — Bhagavata- 
purdnam. Bagavadam,e<c. [Translated into French 
by "M^ridas Poulle," i.e. Mariya-das Pillai.] 1788. 
8°. 279. d. 2L 

1789. 8" 

14016. 0. 1. 

MARIYA-DAS PILLAI, K. T., of Tranquebar. Tamil 
first book of lessons, for the use of pupils in 
" Our Lady of Lourdes " Anglo-Tamil School. 
Qp^puiri_ Lf^^etLd. Parti, pp.31. Singapore, 
1887. 16°. 14172. h. 51.(1.) 

MARIY-AMMAN. iDiriBiULbiri&sr^iristiinLSl. [Mariy- 
amman-talattu. Songs in honour of the goddess 
Mariy-amman. Edited by T. Aru-muga Svami.] 
pp. 48. <sB<£y^a- [Madras, 1882.] 16°. 

14172. h. 35.(5.) 

MAEIYA-NAYAKAM PILLAI, Trisirapuram Savari- 
tnultd. u^jressT ^ira^esrw. [Marana-sasanam. Ad- 

vices and reflections of a dying man. A Roman 
Catholic work.] pp. ii. ii. i. ii. 240, i. ii. [Triehi- 
nopolQ 1891. 8°. 14170. bb. 6. 

MtJBTXI KONAR, a. ^J^iD^ unaeu^ j^jLnunrSesi. 
[Bhagavata-ainmanai. A metrical paraphrase of 
the Bhagavata-puraiiam in ammanai style. Bk. i, 
by Mariy-appar, bk. ii. by Saiikara-raiirtti. Edited 
by T. Kuppu-sami Nayudu.] 2 vols. O-ysJr^r 
[Madras,'] 1893. 8°. 14172. b. 54. 

MEEiDES. ^/B^/fl. [Jantri. Compiled by Mariy- 
appa.] 1893. 12°. 14172. i. 14. 

lEirL-SLJD. [Vira-kumara-natakam. A drama.] 
pp.192, a j)fs^.j>i [Madras, 1868.] 8°. 14170. L 13. 

MARRIMUTTU. See Mari-mottu. 

MARSDEN (Edmund). o o o iBiresrsirih euir^s 
LjisfO^a^^Qsr ^/Da/(?<SB/rffi). [Marsden's Fourth 
Reader, with a key by M. Mrugesa Mudaliyar. 
Second edition.] pp. 163. Madras, 1899. 16°. 

14172. g. 2.(2.) 

History of India for Middle Schools . . . 

^i^Q^o' •fifl^^ntJD. (*Macmillan's Series of 
Text-books for Indian Schools.) pp. viii. 299. 
Madras, 1901. 12°. 14172. h. 18. 

MARSHMAN (John Clark). See NlRAYANA-SAiii, 
V. M. Select Tamil Tales . . . and a choice number 
of Dr.Marshman's dialogues, in English and Tamil, 
etc. 1839. 8°. 14170. k. 66. 

1853. 8°. 

14170. k. 75. 

MARTIN (J. S.), of Jaffna. See Mayilo Pillai. 

MARTJDANAR, Ma'ngudi. in^einjasir(^&. [Ma- 
durai-kaSji. A panegyric poem on king Nedun- 
seriyan and his capital Madura, being no. 6 of 
the Pattu-pattu. With commentary of Nachi- 
narkk'-iniyar.] See Pattu-pattd. u^^uirL.® 
•^ [Pattu-pattu.] pp. 159-240. 1889. 8°. 

14172. d. 10. 

MARY, the Blessed Virgin, ° ° ° j^/r^.-Q^eamir- 
^ireQesr jS(jFe9(iF)^iu&^es>u uj^<riTjriD. [Anu- 
saram. A handbook of the Archconfratemity of 





the Sacred Heart of Mary.] pp. 342. Ly^fflDsu 

^j>l.rr@3i, iPondicherry, 1856.] 16°. 14170. a. 17. 

Ascribed to L. Saint-Cyr, S.J., by Backet', vol. vii., 
col. 412. 

QflenLnrr^ir .jtiLnLnn^ssr, [Deva-mata- 

ammiinai. A series of lyrics by a native Catholic 
on the history of the Virgin.] pp. i. 115. tuirynLi- 
uiremih [Jaffna,] 1893. 8°. 14170. bb. 3. 

Si5^ir(^6v^^jnLQ. [Chintakula-tirattu. 

Lyrics upon the lamentations of the Virgin Mary 
at the Cross.] 2 pts. pp. 82, 16. lu/ri^uun-mmJD 
[Jaffna,] 1893. 12°. 14170. a. 35.(8.) 

■ LdQFifiLti® LCllBuJIXlLC<sir Q U iB p Q^fT^^JT 

Sir^^esTLL. [Tottira-kirttanam. Hymns to the 
Virgin.] pp. 20. tuirtfiuurremLD [Jnffna,] 1891. 
12°. 14170. a. 35.(5.) 

works edited by Ma-silamani Mudaliyar, see under 
the headings :] 

Appavu Pillai, T. T. 

Tandava-eaya-muetti Svami. 

MASTAN SAHIB ('Abd al-KiDiE), Kunangudi. 
° o ^q^uuiTL-pplinL®. [Tiru-padat-tirattu. A 
collection of Muhammadan religious poems.] pp. 
182, i. [Madras^] 1889. 8°. 14173. b. 22. 

° ° ° ^(i^uuiri—pfSinL(Bl Qpe^QpLo . . . use- 

eijemjr (Lp/beSiueijLc 1^ [Tiru-padat-tirattu. With 
commentary by Kanchipuram Eama-sami Nayudu. 
Edited by Neyina Muhammad Paval.] pp. 2, i. i. 
444, xiv. ; 1 plate. Qd^ekSssr [Madras,] 1905. 8°. 

14173. b. 9. 


MOTTu Mudaliyar. 

See Madhura- 

MATTEI (Cesaee), Conte. See Mollee (A.). 
LSesr^rrjr3'3=(^sssrsLnQ^/B^6k mm^^SsBT. 
(*A Guide to Count Caesar Mattel's Electro- 
Homoeopathic Medicines, etc.) 1892. 12°. 

14170. i. 70.(3.) 
MATTIN. See Maetin. 

MAULT (Charles). The Catechist's Manual . . . 
Quir^siT ^evasafnTta, Second edition, pp. 24. 
Jaffna, 1844. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(20.) 

[Sirpa-sastram, or Manai-nrU. A work on the 

rules and rituals for building, purporting to be 
from the Sanskrit book by the mythical Mayan. 
Second edition.] pp. v. 112. ueu [Madras, 1874:] 
8°. 14172. b. 22. 

ooo Qpu.^/rQetieisr^LCi ldSsstuj i^<f n m)^ u th 

[Manaiy-adi-sastram, or Sirpa-niil. A similar 
work. Collected and enlarged by Rama-krushna 
Siddhantiyar and Aiya-sami Pillai.] pp. 92, iv. 
^^^® [Madras, 1885.] 8°. 14172. c. 30. 

ooo effQina rr iT<T ir^^iruui^ eS&vemsiT- 

LarredirQiu imuGlesTesi ueuir ^QEOJinuLBeviriE^^fE- 
eifltu &pu3'irm)^jQui<ssr^iiLn ■a' ir en rr iir ^ ^ Qpu- 
Qih^irinesS. [Saryartha- sirpa-chintamani, or 
Sirpa-sastram. A similar work. Edited by V. 
Kann'-aiya Nayudu.] pp. 4, 354. [i/atZras,] 1905. 
8°. 14171. g. 5. 

The page mi which the text begins is numbered 13, 

MAYILTJ PILLAI, C, also known as Maetin (J. S.). 
(^ [T issT <3= G^ k ^ fl ^LDLDirSssT. [Nana- sauudari - 
ammanai. A Catholic religious poem.] pp. 96. 
Colombo, 1890. 8°. 14170. c. 24.(2.) 

MEADOWS (Robert Rust). A Greek Grammar 
in Tamil. To assist Greek Testament Students. 
ffl(?ff<S(2 ^ffiisaBesmLD. pp. i. 52. Madras, 1867. 
8°. 14172. h. 80. 

MELHO (Philippus de). See Bible. — New Testa- 
ment. Het Nieuw Testament, etc. [Translated 
by P. de Melho.] 1759. 4°. 1411. k. 16. 

See Liturgies. — Netherlands, Reformed 

Church of the. ^(/ff^^uuL-i—^Q^a'd-eisiU'Xeiflesr 
euL^uirQ ^ [The Liturgy. Translated by P. de 
Melho.] [1760.] 12°. 14170. a. 25. 

See VIra-mandalavar. 

ooo I^L^irLD 

iQaem® ^ [Chudamani-nighantu. With addi- 
tions on poetical metaphors by P. de Melho.] 
1856. 12°. 14172. e. 9. 

Triumph der Waarheid, zynde eeue . . . 

wederlegging van de voornaamste Dwaalingen 
der Roomsche Kerke, med Verdediginge van de 
daar tegen gestelde Catholyke Waai-heid, die in 
de Gereformeerde Kerke geleerd word . . . in de 
Tamulsche Taale opgesteld . . . door Philippus de 
Melho. {*3'^^uj^^&!rQ<3'iULD.) pp. vii. vii. x. 
vi. ix. 150, iv. Colombo, 1753. 8°. 14170. b. 61. 





MERIDAS POULLE. See Mariya-das Pii.lai. 

of Bangalore. See Nauaya^a-sami Pillai, T. 0. 
LD - ,7T - DT - u^ . . . Qu^iuassati^Q^eunpi^eSiuirir , . , 
SjT^^uiirSso. (Garland of Fame of . . . Maikanda- 
deva Mudaliyar, e/c.) 1901. 8°. 14172. bb. 3.(3.) 

MEY-KANDA DEVAR, Tiruveiiney-nallur, discipleof 
Parau-jodi. See Hoisington (H. R.). Syllabus of 
the Siva-guana-potham, e<c. 1851. 8'. \_American 
Oriental Society : Journal.] Ac. 8824. (vol. 2.) 

o o o Qeui^iresiQurr^rLfiLo , . . Quit lQuu- 

sninLjLD. [Siva-naua-bodham. A handbook of the 
philosophy of the Saiva-siddhantam, comprising 
12 metrical aphorisms {.fUirara) paraphrased from 
Sanskrit verses in the Pasa-vimochana-patalara 
of the Rauravagamam, with an interpretation or 
vdrttiliam and metrical examples {uddranam). 
Together with a commentary {sitl'-urai) by 
Siva-nana Svami. Edited by Nalliir Aru-muga 
Navalar.] pp. iv. iii. 252, ii. i. Qa^/ssnssruLLi—emLn 
uncr^^eu [Madras, 1885.] 12°. 14170. d. 1. 

This work was written in Saka 1145. 

Sivagnana Botham of Meikanda Deva. 

Translated with notes [based upon the smaller com- 
mentary of Siva-nanar, and with the Tamil version 
of the Sutram and its Sanskrit original from the 
Rauravagamam] and introduction by J. M. Nalla- 
sawmi Pillai. pp. xxxi. 126. Madras, 1895. 8°. 

14170. e. 51. 

Seiii^rremQurr^LD. [Siva- nana -bodham. 

With the smaller commentary by Siva- iianar.] See 
Mey-kanda-sattiram. QLniiissesmL-.s'ir^^irLD ^ 
[Mey-kanda-sattiram.] pp. 69-210. 1897. 8°. 

14170. ff. 3. 

&eu<§^iTism(oUir^ ^ [Siva-iiana-bodham.] 

pp. 47. See Mey-kanda-sattiram. o o o stna^su- 
&^^iTmfl'3'iT^^RLD ^ [Saiva- siddhanta- sat- 
tiram.] [1899.] 12°. 14170. d. 53. 

§>eii(o^iresiQuir^^e^ryiLn . . . Ssu@)/r- 

esrurrei^iUQpih, [Siva-nana- bodham. With Siva- 
fianar's larger commentary, styled Dravida-maha- 
badiyam (° bhashyam) or Siva-nana -bhashyam, 
upon Siitram I. i.-ii. & VI-XII, with some 
fragments, supplemented by his smaller commen- 
tary. Edited by M. Subrahmanya Pillai. With 

English preface and biograpliy of ^iva-nunar by 
J. M. Naila-sami Filial.] pp. xxix. 13, 406, 6. 
iD^snjr [Madura,] 1906. 8°. 14170. eee. 15, 

ooo Seut^n-osrCourr^Qpih, euirtT^^aQirissr- 

m^n QuirLfiuLjsniriLjLCi . . . Qeti^assrQuiTfBUiir- 
uiri^iUQpLa Sip^siainLjLc:. [Siva- nana -bodham. 
With the Sanskrit original, Tamil common- 
tary thereon, §iva-nanar's shorter commentary 
throughout and larger commentary on vi.-xii., 
and a gloss by Subrahmanya Desikar on the 
shorter commentary. Edited by V. Sami-natha 
Panditar.] pp. vii. vii. ii. x. iv. iii. 6, 9, 40, 342, 
xxviii.; 4 i^laies. Q<f6!srssruLLi_6S3Tiii uirirueu 
[Madras, 1906.] 8°. 14170. ff. 20. 

Seu^fresrQuir^U). Siva-gn&na-potham, 

Instruction in the Knowledge of God. A meta- 
physical and theological treatise. Translated from 
the Tamil, with an introduction and notes. By 
Rev. Henry R. Hoisington. 1854. (Journal of the 
American Oriental Society. Vol. iv., pp. 31-102.) 
Boston, 1854. 8°. Ac. 8824. (vol. 4.) 

Q Sii (Si^ IT ear (ourr^th. npsvnpui s,es)inuiX) 

(Sivagnana Botham) with introduction and trans- 
lation by ... J. M. Nallaswami Pillai. [With a 
commentary. Preceded by (1) the Sanskrit ori- 
ginal ; (2) the sutram with notes (adhikaranam) 
and paraphrase [porlpp'-urai), and (3) an extract 
from Arunandi's Siva-iiana-siddhiyar on alavai or 
the method of logic, with commentary and English 
translation. Compiled and edited by M. B. Raja 
Hari-hara-putraPillai. Followed by a short account 
of the Santanam Gurus.] pp. vi. ii. viii. xiv. ii. 
160. ^iBSjri^irw [TrichinojJoli,'} 1906. 12°. 

14170. d. 29. 

MEY-KANDA-SATTIRAM. Oix>lisessri_s=iT^^irLa 
(tfi&)Qp(Lf:,&s)inLjLn. [Mey-kanda-sfittiram. 15 works 
on the Saiva-siddhantam, viz. (I) Tiruviyalur 
Uyya-vandar's Tiruv-undiyar, with Chidambara- 
tambiran's commentary ; (2) Tirukadavur Uyya- 
vandar's Tiru-kalittu-padiyar, with Siva-praka- 
sar's commentary ; (3) Mey-kanda Devar's Siva- 
nana-bodham, with Siva-nanar's shorter commen- 
tary ; (4) Arunandi's Siva-iiana-siddhiyar-para- 
pakkam, with Tattva-prakasar's commentary ; 
Siva-iiana-siddhiyar-supakkam, by the same, with 
commentary by Subrahmanya Desikar ; and Iru- 




bav-iru-badu, by the same, with Namas-sivayar's 
commentary; (5) Mana-vachakamKadanda Devar's 
TJnraai-vilakkam, with commentary ; (6) 8 works 
of Uma-pati, with commentaries, viz. (i) Siva- 
prakasam, with commentary of Chidambara-natbar, 
(ii) Tiruv-arut-payan, with Nirambav-aragiya 
Desikar's commentary, (iii) Vina-ven-ba, with 
Namas-sivayar's commentary, (iv) P5tti-pa rodai, 
(v) Kodi-kavi, (vi) Nenju-vidu-dudu, with com- 
mentary by Kalyana-sundara Mudaliyar, (vii) Un- 
mai-neri-vilakkam, (viii) Sankarpa-nira-karanam. 
Edited by Vanna-kalanjiyam Kanchi Naga-linga 
Mudaliyar.] pp. viii. 864. Qa^ekSssr [Marlras,] 
1897. 8°. 14170. £f. 3. 

000 (S!n,!reiiS^^trm^<Ffr^^jrLD u^^<ssrSl<ssT 

QpmiJD. [Saiva-siddhiinta-sattiram. Comprising 
the same texts as in the preceding edition, with- 
out the commentaries, but with occasional notes, 
etc. Edited by A. Siiigara-velu Mudaliyar.] 16 pts. 
Q<fioisrSssr ■%j>jai>3i> [Madras, 1899.] 12°. 

14170. d. 63. 

MEY-NANAM. True Wisdom. Qtci^i^n-esrLci. 
[Men-nanam. An old Christian tract against 
heathenism. Eevised by J. M. V. Schwarz.] 
pp. 36. Tranquebar, 1880. 12°. 14170. b. 16.(4.) 

MIITON (John). Paradise Lost. Books i & ii. 
Translated into Tamil [in ammdnai metre] by 
Samuel V.Thomas . . . L^(B<5B/r«l/ssrijt3Jr6TruJii.[Ptln- 
gavana-pralayam.] pp. iii. xxiv. 79. Trichi- 
nopoly, 1887. 8°. 14172. b. 42. 

Paradise Lost, book i., in Tamil viruttam, 

by V. P. Subramania Mudaliar . . . a^&iiria /?«- 
BLD (ip^psfresurL^Ln. pp. i. iii. viii. 194, 3. Oa^sir&sr 

[ Madras,'] 1895. 12° 

14170. a. 56. 

See Appaya DIkshitak. (^ eu e\i 'jj it ibib^ in. [Kuvala- 
yanandam. Translated by Saiikara-narayana and 
Minakshi-sundara.] 1895. 8°. 14170, i. 40. 

Guide to Translation. With reference to gram- 
matical exercises. For the use of Primary and 
Middle-school classes, pp.i.i. i. 109,vii.ii. Madras, 
^^^^- S"- 14172. h. 89.(1.) 

See ViEAVANAM. eff jr eumuLjjTir em Lo. [Vlravana- 

puranam. A poem translated into verse by Mina- 
kshi-sundaram from the Sanskrit.] 1903. 8°. 

14170. 66. 63. 

iuut^i<xe!!)iTUL-iii iresoTLD, [Maiini- 
padikai-ai-puranam. A poem on the legends of 
the Saiva sanctuary at Mannipadikarai, on the 
north bank of the Kaveri. Edited with glossary 
by U. V. Saminath'-aiyar.] pp. vi. 71. Q^rm'Bser 
[Madras,'] 1907. 8°. 14170. see. 23. 

asmi^Q^eQuLjiriTeanrih. [Kanda-devi- 

puranam. A poem on the legends of Kaiula Devi.] 
pp. 97. Q<ys3T&jr /t/su [Madras, 1875.] 8°. 

14172. 0. 14. 

o o o ^^iri^iQairemeuiLjih , . . ^(mu^u^&i- 

emjnLjLD. [Sigari-kovai. Lj'rics on the cult of the 
Saiva sanctuary of Sigari (Shiyali). With glosses. 
Edited by U. V. Saminath'-aiyar.] pp. i. vi. 104. 
0<ys37's3ru/il/_633r/i [Madras,] 1903. 8". 

14170. ee. 65. 

(^einiTLbiT mairuLjirnmsTLn. [Siirai-ma-nagar- 

puranam. A poem on local Saiva legends of Surai- 
kucli. Edited with notes byU.V. Saminath'-aiyar.] 
pp. iii. 88. Q^&srSssr [Madras,] 1904. 8°. 

14170. eee. 5. 

000 fleS^rruLjjriressTLD. [Taniyur-puranam. 

A poem upon the legends of Taniyiir (Parijata- 
vanam or Purugisam), a Saiva sanctuary near 
Mayavaram. Edited with glossary by U. V. Sami- 
nath'-aiyar.] pp. ii. 30. Q-r&irSssr [Madras,] 1907. 
8°. 14170. e. 29. 

^Q^euir^iT^ ^ lu IT <s ff rr a" (off 3so . [Tiruvariir- 

tyagaraja-lilai, or Tiruvarur-tiru-vilaiy-adal. A 
poem on the sacred legends of the Saiva sanctuary 
at Tiruvalur. Edited with glossary by V. Sami- 
nath'-aiyar.] pp. i. 3, 112. Q,!reirSssr [Madras,] 
1905. 8°. 14172. bb. 20. 

ibu Hasan Kuddus. 




Fseud. i@ s nil iSl a IT g esm Lcs . [Nikara-nikaraiiam. A 
tract against Christianity.] pp. 43. iuiri^u- 
uiressTLo sar [Jaffna, 1891.] 12°. 14170. a. 49.(1.> 




MOESHAM. Qir>irs^s'^^m(^[^gic] uQuirp eui^- 
aniu Qeu&fluuQ^^Sp (^tresrs-uQ^o'LCi [M6- 
ksliattukku por-va.riyai vclipaduttugira fiana-upa- 
desam. A book of spiritual instruction, with 
prayers, by the early Lutheran missionaries.] 
pp. 48. ^iriBS6isrum^ii9&) ^eTtireTu)er [Tranque- 
har, 1777.] 12°. 14170. a. 41. 





MORE (Hannah) . Parley the Porter, airajeouussr 

<sB65)^. [Translated into Tamil.] pp. 36. Jaffna, 

1856. 16°. 14170. a. 33.(3.) 

No. 1 of the New Series of the Jaffna Religious Tract 

MORRIS (Henry). The History of India, for the 
use of schools . . . ^^m.^Q^'^s'iB^^MLD. Revised 
edition, pt. i., ii. Madras, 1880-1882. 12°. 

14172. h. 60. 
Pt. i. hears date 1882, pt. ii. 1880. 

A Key to Morris' History of India in 

English and Tamil . . . Translated by T. Moothoo- 
krishna Naiker. (ttoT^sru ^is^(o^3= <3=iFl^^fr^- 
^p(^ . . . e-enir.) pp. 287. Madras, 1873. 12°. 

14172. h. 54. 

MORRIS (John Carnac). Selections, with trans- 
lation, by Mr. J. C. Morris ... to which are added 
a spelling and phraseology for the use of Tamil & 
English students, by T. EterajoolooNaidoo, Moon- 
shee. (*A Tamil and English Phrase Book.) pp. 
44, 20. Madras, 1848. 8°. 14172. h. 20. 

MORTIMER (Favell Lee), Mrs. The Peep of 
Day. Translated into Tamil by John C. Arool- 
appen, Preacher. •fiLi—^iLi—in. [Third edition.] 
pp. vi. 228. Madras, 1852. 12°. 14170. b. 32. 

MORTON (William). See Asva-ghosha. Vajra 
Suchi . . . English and Tamil versions [the former 
by W. Morton,] etc. 1851. 12°. 14028. c. 26. 

MRUGA - BHATTARAKAR, Chidambaram Vdma- 
diva. See Makai-nana-sambandhae. ^q^sshtSiB- 
LjiriTsssTLB. [Aruna-giri-puranam. Edited byMru- 
ga-bhattarakar.] [1880.] 16°. 14170. d. 15. 

MRITGA-DASA SVAMI, of Tinnevelli. See Acade- 
mies, etc. — Madras. — University of Madras. Uni- 

versity of Madras. F.A. Examination of 1903. 
Full notes on Pulavar Puranam, etc. 1903. 8°. 

14172. hh. 19. 

000 i_ieoeu IT L^jr IT esuri}}. [Pulavar-puranam.] 

. . . Metrical Biographies of Tamil Poets, contain- 
ing brief sketclies of the leading Hindu classic 
poets of the Tamil country, by Murugadasa Swami. 
Published for the first time in three parts : with 
an introductory note [in English] by the editor 
[V. Krushnam-acharyar]. Part i. Prominent 
poets. (Part ii. Sivite Poets.) Madras, 1901, 

etc. 8°. ^ 14172. c. 41. 

In progress. 

University of Madras. F.A. Examination — 

1903. Pulawar Puranam. Ljeveuir LjjriressriJD, 
[Lives of Pugarendi and Otta-kuttar, in verse, 
extracted from Mruga-dasar's Pulavar-puranam.] 
. . . Edited with notes by Dewan Bahadur V. 
Krishnama chariar. pp. ii. 20. Madras, 1901. 8°. 

14172. bb. 3.(4.) 

MRUG'-APPA CHETTI, Vdniyambddi Sankara. 

See Anga Pillai. qpq^suu meuird^ QQeosmi 

[Mrug'-appa-nava-rasa-siledai. A poem, addressed 
to Mrug'-appa Chetti.] 1894. 8°. 14172. b. 44.(4.) 

MRTJCJESA MUDALIYAR, Arani C. Mathar Neethy. 
[A reading-book of moral lessons and stories for 
girls and women.] With an appendix of Hari- 
chandra-puranam. By A. C. Murugasa Mooda- 
liar . . . LDir^ir £^ ^. Third edition, pp. 8, 198. 
Arni, 1894. 8°. 14171. a. 1. 

MRUGESA MUDALIYAR, Kannigaiper Sahhd-pati. 
See Tee AiTAR. o o o utQ^^^uinr^ih ^.^ [Maruttu- 
bharatam. Edited by Mrugesa.] 1907. 12°. 

14172. a. 60. 

MRITGESA MUDALIYAR, Maiyur Soma-sundara. 
See Marsden (E.). ooo mirmmiTLn 6u/r<y« Lj&v^m 
c^ [Marsden's Fourth Reader, with a key by 
Mrugesa.] 1899. 16°. 14172. g. 2.(2.) 

MRUGESA MUDALIYAR, Tirumayilai. [For works 
edited by Mrugesa Mudaliyar, see under the follow- 
ing headings :] 

AtivIra-kama Panditan. §tva-praka8a Svami. 

Kann'-ddaita Vallal. Tieu-valluvak. 

S^LDi^fifi^^Q^LJueiarih. [Niti-mafijarj- 

darpanam. Word-for-word interpretations of. 
ancient ethical works, including those of Auvai- 






yar^ Siva-prakasar, Kumara-guru-para Tambiran, 
Nalladanar (the Tri-katukam), and others.] 2 pts. 
pp. 63, 144. Q^^dssr [Madras,] 1881-1883. 16°. 

14172. a. 8. 

MEUGESA PILLAI, SunMiJj/am P. i^.mJ^. [Niti- 
nuru. One hundred quatrains on moral subjects.] 
pp.17. (s^LBuQsiTssBTUi [Kumhalionam l\ 1885. 8°. 

14172. a. 29.(2.) 

u^rr/r^^ ^tSsina. [Padartha-dipikai. A 

metrical description of the 7 Vaiseshika catego- 
ries.] pp.16. Tirupattur,\8^1. 12°. 14170. d. 71. 



i_aLD [Dharma-putra-natakam. Edited by Mru- 
gesa.] 1890. 8°. 14170. 1. 16. 

MRTJTYUM-JAYA SASTRI, Lakshmlndrdyanapu- 
ram. See Sankaeachabya. \_Doubtful and Sup- 
2wsititious Works.] tjaf . . . ir^euirjE)i^<s>ss>if etc. 
[Sivananda-laharT. With interpretations in Tamil. 
Edited by Mrutyum-jaya.] 1904. 12°. 

14048. b. 48. 

MUDALIY-ANDAN-DASAR, disciple of Bhattar- 
birdn Bdmdnuja -jlynr - svdmi. Qeu^ rr m^ etoirjr- 
ewiEisjrpiDLD. [Vedanta-sara-sangraham. A digest 
of Sanskrit texts supporting Visishtadvaita philo- 
sophy, with Tamil introduction and translations, 
etc.] pp. xvi. 170. QiFesrSssT \J^uiTirmi(^<rn- 
^Q^sueu^irjr @D 5000 [Madras, 1898.] 8°. 

14048. CO. 17. 

Each Sanskrit quotation is printed in both Grantham 
and Telugu script. 

MUDATTAMA - KANiriYAR. QuirQ^iBinrp^u- 
uetni^. [Porunar-attu-padai. A poem in praise of 
the Chola king Karikal and his country, being 
no. 2 of the Pattu-pattu. With Nachinarkk'- 
iniyar's commentary.] See Pattu-pattd. u^^u- 
u/ri_® ^ [Pattu-pattu.] pp. 41-66. 1889. 8°. 

14172. d. 10. 

Porunarattupadai. [Translated into English.] 

See KcMAEA-svAMi (P.). A Half-hour with two 
ancient Tamil Poets, etc. 1895. 8'. 

Ac. 8830. (vol. 13, no. 45.) 

MUDI-NAKA-RAYAE. Ode to a King. [In Tamil 
and English.] See Aeunachalam, P. Studies and 
translations, etc. pp. 1-5. 1898. 8°. 

14170. ee. 12.(3.) 

MITGAMMADir. See Muhammad. 

MUGIYXTTTIII. See Mdhti al-DiN. 

MUHAMMAD, Fir. ^Q^Qtm^is^irssr <Fj.^ev. 
[Tiru-men-Sana-sara-nul. 30 verses on divi- 
nation from the breath.] See [Addenda] Agas- 
TTAB. UiS^'FuiLS<rrreiv^jnh ^ [Pancha-pakshi- 
sastram.] 1907. 8°. 14170. i. 3. 

VLVE.AJIi.MADjVirasdramA.fShaiM. See [Addenda] 
'ABDal-KADiE Lebbai. lj ssTosBjejOT Old /t^. [Pa nn'- 
irandu-malai. Preceded by a Munajat by the 
editor, Muhammad.] 1907. 8". 14173. b. 44. 


Baghdddl. 'i->,f)>^ ^j^ ^ hj^^ l:ij'.=c^ [A1- 
Witrlyah. A poem in praise of the Prophet 
Muhammad, in 29 cantos, each rhyming in a 
different letter of the alphabet, with a "Takhmis," 
or metrical amplification, by Sadakat Allah al- 
Kahirl. The Arabic text, with a Tamil trans- 
lation and commentary, entitled al-Nafahilt al- 
'itriyah, by Sadakat Allah. With an appendix of 
other Arabic pieces, chiefly on religious themes.] 
pp. 688, 88, 2. ^J.x^^ iriH= [Bombay, 1896.] 8°. 

14576. CO. 1. 

MUHAMMAD ibn AHMAD, al-Kddirl. ^UjJ! ^ 
^^'ojUl ^^jki- iM jJ [Fath al-daiyan. A manual 
of Muhammadan religious instruction, in the 
Arabic character. Followed by a collection of 
religious pieces in prose and verse, by various 
authors, partly in Arabic, partly in Tamil.] 2 pts., 
nth. ^J^Aj \r\r [Bombay, imQ.] 8°. 14173. c. 9. 

MUHAMMAD ibn MUHAMMAD, al-Fdsl. [Li/c.] 
See Nuit ibn 'Abd al-KADiE, al-Kdhiri. [Minhat 

Jl ioo^'~»Jt [Al-Yakutlyah. A prayer in 

Arabic, with a Tamil paraphrase.] See Nuh ibn 
'Abd al-KADiE, al-Kdhiri. JI^;JJ^' uiJ<s^ [Nafaliat 
al-'anbar.] pp. 245-250. [1902.] 8=. 14173. c. 10. 

MUHAMMAD ibn MUHAMMAD, al-Ghazzdll. SiB- 
luirQtu en}.3j^^^^, [Kimiya i sa'adat. A treatise 
on Moslem religious philosophy, originally written 
by al-Ghazzali in Persian. Translated into Tamil, 
from a Hindustani version, by Nelliguppam 'Abd 
al-Rahman.] Qs=ssr^ [Madras^ 1906, etc. 8°. 

14173. b. 10. 

In progress. 





MUHAMMAD ibn MUHAMMAD, al-Mu'izz. ®»'ojSP. 
u^^t^miB&ir-ueuossTa-ir eutfesrsireQujixi. [Futuh 
al-Misr wa'1-Bahnasa, or Kissat al-Bahaasa. A 
legendary history of the town of Bahnasa, in 
Upper Egypt. Translated from the Arabic by 
Muliammad Labbai 'Alim Sahib, and edited by 
Kann'-Ahmad Makhdum Muhammad.] pp. ri. 
ii. 432. Q.3=«sTZssr 1312 iMadras, 1894.] 8". 

14173. b. 31. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ALLAH, Hahlm. ^^^ \j-y^^ 
An Arabic-Tamil Dictionary. Published with the 
approval of the Madras S. B. & L. Society, -^pi-l 
^iSip jy«j7-/r^. tn^jrrrstv [^Madras,] 1905, etc. 

8°. 14172. f. 26. 

In progress. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ALLAH, son of Bdhurajapuram 
Bciiva Sahib. See Tkb Aiyae. ^ifc^ Gneu^^iu- 
LCi(^i_LD. [Raja-vaidya-makutam. Edited with 
commentary by Muhammad 'Abd Allah.] 1899. 
12°. 14170. i. 61. 

.j)/^Quirseinetj^^iuiB6uii^u:i. [AnubbSga- 

vaidya-nava-nitam. A treatise on the pharma- 
copoeia.] Madras, 1906, etc. 12°. 14171. g. 10. 

In progress. 

iSffQinsSeumrassTQuir^saB. [Prameha- 

nivarana-bodhini. A YunanI treatise on the cure 
of gonorrhoea.] pp. xx. 232. Q'9=sisr3s3r [Madras,] 
1897. 12°. 14170. i. 71. 

Oj^rBrnQ esieu^^iu ^ ir ^ <sQ ir ^ ^Q u it ^ is^sfl . 

[Yiinani-vaidya-dhatu-vriddhi-bodhini. An ency- 
clopasdia of Yiinani medicine.] vol.ii. pp. 
636. LD^j/rs^u [Madras,] 1893. 12°. 14170. 1. 41. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD al-KADIR, Pulavar. Qh^^- 
esr^^iTL^®. [Kirttana-tirattu. Lyrics addressed 
to Muhammad and various Muhammadan saints.] 
pp. 58. Sikauj^ir [Singapore,] 1896. 12°. 

14173. a. 5. 
MUHAMMAD 'ABD al-KADIR ibn ADAM, Teralan- 
durt, called Kadir Sahib. 'ijJis- ^}\ ^jiiJ'wJ' u^ 
(jjl^l sjjj Jtjto*) j^.fJ'jJI »_j^ [Sair al-salikln. A 
manual of religious discipline. .Followed by a 
compendium of prayers and talismanic diagrams for 
religious purposes.] pp. xvi. 168, 72, liih. 



irrr-rK= [Jl/acims, 1905-1906.] 8°. 14173. b. 2. 

ii^fjiJI ^j.w«Ji [Shams al-ma'rifat. A manual 

of scholastic theology.] pp. x. 184, lith. ^jS.-c 
(rrr-rr [Madras, 1904-1905.] 8°. 14173. b. 1. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD al-EAHMAN, Nelliguppam. See 

'AbD al-RAHUAN. 

MIRAN. See [Addenda] Ahmad ibn 'Abd Allah. 
Jl ^Ui-Jl «-j'jtf [Lubab al-akhbar. With a Tamil 

translation entitled 'Ubab al-akhyar, by Muham- 
mad 'Abd al-Rahman.] [1904.] 8°. 14621. b. 31, 

^^l^l Joj^ ^^ ^J'*^J^ J>>jV; [Ta'yid al- 

raliman. A manual of the art of reciting from 
the Koran.] pp. viii. 272, lith. ^-.I^j^^j ini 
[Madras, 1902.] 8°. 14173. b. 32. 

MUHAMMAD GHAUS, al-Shdfi'l al-Madrasl. y.') 

^yJl>J'^j'JiJI Jjc j>joJl ^_^■'JLo j_jj J&1^' [Nasr al- 

jawaliir. A life of 'Abd al-Kadir Jilanl, originally 
composed in Arabic under the title Anhar al- 
mafakhir. Translated into Hindustani by the 
author's son Kazi Sibghat Allah, and thence into 
Tamil by Muhammad Madlnah Kottari.] pp. xvi. 
319 J \ -plate. ^jC>^ iriF [Madras, 1896.] 8°. 

14173. c. 7. 


Melvishdram, Kadaikh'tra. ^^o^. ma^^^^sv 
.Sf^Lci i3 ^ puS^iruj^^m ^stvecirih. [Nasihat 
al-anam fi hidayat al-islam. A metrical work on 
the tenets of Islam, including texts in Arabic and 
Hindustani.] pp. 70. Q<rssrSs!ir ^^fK-z^rn. [Madras, 
1906.] 8°. ' 14173. b. 11. 

^oo.gJ ^GcS&snSQfi^tcSLai^T ^^^ssr. eQ 

.jueiievir ^so QpsrveQiSsir, [Taltin fi muhimmat 
al-din li-aulad al-muslimin. An elementary hand- 
book of Moslem doctrine. Edited by Kann'- 
Ahmad Makhdiim Muhammad.] pp. xsiv. 70. 
Qd=&srSsBr ^iH-irrHdoi, [Madras, 1901.] 8°. 

14173. b. 7. 

' ALl, MaraikMyar, of Nagur. sev/o^.^ iS(nij'&sr- 
3= IT Si LI MesurL-eujreun^aefr m ir ir essr <sf in ^ ^ !^- 
rat Miran Sahib Andavar-avargal karana-chari- 
tram. A biography of Mlran Sultan Shah al- 
Hamid, a local Moslem saint of the 16th century, 
compiled from Persian, Hindustani, and other 
sources. Edited by Nagur Muhammad Pulavar.] 
pp. 3, 165. s IT en IT i a IT so ^a.,Tr>s.«^ [Karikal, 
1876.] 8°. 14173. b. 34. 





al-fara'id. A manual of the Muhammadan law 
of inheritance. Translated from the Hindustani 
into Tamil by N. Muhammad 'Abd al-Rahman.] 
pp. xvi. 176, viii., lith. t^^j-^ ""'''* [Madras, 
1906.] 8°. 14173. b. 42. 


^,',^l ^joJ^is^ ^J ^^^jiUUl h}sa> [Hidayat al- 
salikin. Biographies of the principal teachers 
of the Shazili Order, followed by a manual of 
asceticism according to their precepts.] pp. xxxii. 
478, lith. ^_;-.t;J.>»iV "^'"'^ {.Madras, 1898.] 8°. 

14173. b. 30. 

MUHAMMAD KADIRI. ^^^iBirubir ereke^LD 
s)srB«*s!o^. [Tiitl-namah, in Tamil Kili-kathai. 
The " Tales of a Parrot/' translated from the 
Persian of Muli. Kadiri. Edited by G. Aruna- 
chala Mudaliyar.] pp. ii. 112. Madras, 1883. 8°. 

14170. k. 25. 

MUHAMMAD KAMAL al-DIN, of Vellore. See 
Ahkam. @c?o^ ^^.asirnfi&ueiSliuirLci. [AHkam 
al-siyam. Edited by Muhammad.] 1905. 8°. 

14173. b. 28.(6.) 

MUHAMMAD KAXNU, Perumdl-durai Vaidyam 
A. .=^,s^-jg)(3p<i«/ri7"6!!3r/BQiii^<Fffl/5^. ['Ashiira- 
karana-kummi-chindu. A Muhammadan religious 
song for the Ashiira festival.] pp.18. Q'XirQ£\LhLj 
[Colombo,] 1893. 8°. 14173. b. 28.(2.) 

«ujer?(sa)u/f srrn-LD/rSso. [Khamsina-faridah- 

inalai. A metrical tract upon fifty essential 
observances of Islam.] pp.14. Os,tq£lcii_i 1309 
[Colombo, 1892.] 12°. 14173. a. 8.(2.) 

Periodical Publications. — Kandy. (^rresr^utJo. 
[Nana-dipam.] Edited . , . by M. C. Siddi Lebbe. 
1892. 8°. 14173. b. 37. 

J)/eivQrf'^eo ^e\)Lb. [Asrar al-'alam. A 

popular work on science.] pp. ii. 4, 200. Colombo, 
1897. 8°. 14170. i. 54. 

ijU^! iiU! Jsj^ ^J lM.,^'jiJl LUa [Al- 

MUHAMMAD KASIM ibn SIDDIK, Labbai (con- 
tinued). [Kitab al-hisab. Elementary arithmetic 
in Tamil.] pp. 15, lith. liJo ir. 1 [Kandy, 1891.] 
16°. 14172. h. 74. 

slSld np^pLj^p^LD, [Tamir-mudar- 

puttagam. A Tamil primer.] pp.70. Q^irQ£,ihi^ 
[Colombo,] 1892. 12°. 14172. h. 51.(2.) 

^s^] iJSs [Turfat al-nahw. A shorter 

grammar of the Arabic language.] pp. 112, 1, 
lith. 4^\ tr,^ [Kandy, 1891.] 4°. 14173. b. 29. 

^jojkJJ 5jJ_^! ii*[/lil ^}yo\ k-j'jS [Usiil 

Hidayat al-kasimlyat. A grammar of the Arabic 
language, in Tamil.] pp. xiii. 242, ii</t. j.ii31ir.A 
[Kandy, 1891.] 4°. 14173. b. 24. 

al-Kira'at al-'arabiyat. An elementary Arabic 
reading-book, with explanations in Tamil.] 2 pts., 
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MUHAMMAD LABBAI, 'Alim SdKib, of Kandy. See 
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MUHAMMAD MADINAH, Ko/fdri. See Muhammad 
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Maraikknyar, Ativlrapattinam. See Giiulam 'Ali 
ibn Muhammad AmIn al-DiN. eBQeuaeQerrddsih. 
[Viveka-vilakkam. Compiled and translated into 
Hindi by Ghulam 'AH, and thence rendered into 
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Rauttar. ^oo^ {^irssTir^^(^airLD. [Nana- 
ratnakaram. A series of Muhammadan reli- 
gious poems. Edited by Kann'-Ahmad Makhdum 
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[Madras, 189Q.] 8°. 14173. b. 4. 

MUHAMMAD MIR JAWAD. See Turab Muhammad 
HusAiK ibn IsM.\'iL. Q^iT(ipes)mirts^S)^ ^eviij- 
siT iTLD i^ [Torugai-raiijita-alankaram. Edited by 
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HAMMAD, Bdburdjapuram. (^Qthuervihiraitp^eissB. 
[Kutumba-samrakshani. A treatise on social 
hygiene and morals. Edited by T. Vadi-velu Mu- 
daliyar.] pp. xxiv. 410, vi. Q<F6iiSssr [3fadras,] 
1896. 8°. 14170. i. 46. 





MAD, Bdburujapuram (continued), lo^it ^(rev 
jrpjD'iivuj aSswaaii. [Maha-jala-rabasya-vilakkam. 
A work upon the art of jugglery and optical 
illusion.] pp. 2, 105. CFsarSsar [Madras,] 1901. 
8°. 14171. g. 2. 

Lo^^ir sQxL. eQQ iBrr^m aern^StiuLH. 

[Maha - vika^a - viuoda - kalafijiyam. Historical, 
medical, and literary miscellanea.] pp. 184. 
Madras, 1907. 8°. 14171. e. 19. 

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Moral stories.] pp.67. Q'T&srdssr [Madras^] 1901. 
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S^sQQiBiT^sa «S3)^. [Niti-vinoda-kathai. 

Moral stories. Edited by 'Uthman Lebbai.] pp. 
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14173. b. 28.(3.) 

[Second edition.] pp. ii. 73. Q-rsirSssr 

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MUHAMMAD PAVALAR, M.A. Neyind, of Chevval, 
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t^ib/SiriL® i^ [Tiru-padat-tirattu. Edited by 
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Jl g;'*'*-^' y-'-ifl-o [Miftah al-rahman. A treatise 
on Muhammadan eschatology.] pp. 88, 31, lith. 
^jS^ ir.A [Madras, 1891.] 8°. 14173. b. 14. 

MUHAMMAD SHARAF al-DIN. >LjJ! Isax. ['Um- 
dat al-nisa. A compendium of the Muhammadan 
laws relating to women.] pp. 88, ZiiA. ,»,l.tVAj irri 
[Madras, 1903.] 8°. 14173. b. 43. 

MUHAMMAD SULAIMAN, LeUai, of Jaffna, ^qf,- 
uiB^QLDXu^rrirjBCo^ireuLD ^QnamiSir itsitssstlci. 
[Charu - bandham-eka - padarthovama - tarka - nira- 
karanam. Two controversial essays, (1) on the 
interpretation of a passage in the Futiih al-Sham, 
(2) on some verses published in the same con- 
nexion.] pp. 8. luiryiUuiTessTLD [Jaffna i] 1895. 
8°. 14173. b. 40.(2.) 


raikkdyar. ^m/B^iSir^^Sssr, [Ananda-kirttanai. 
Muhammadan lyrics.] pp. 6, ii. 88. i9{^ikSl&} 
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[Poems relating to Muhammadanism and Muham- 

madans.] By A. Mahomed Sultan Maricar.) pp. 
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^(nij'^a'^siii. [Sira-jatakam. A century 

of verses founded upon the Sipa of 'TJmar. Fol- 
lowed by Tottira-padigam, devotional verses.] 
pp. 16, 4. t9(CT)/E;(3 [Penang,] 1900. 8°. 

14173. b. 25.(2.) 


paitanain. See Hikayat i latip. triQ ^s)Ir<^&^^- 
^I^L^®. [Mano-ranjita-tirattu. Translated by 
Muhammad Tambi from the Hindustani version 
of the Hikayat i latif.] 1901. 8°. 14173. b. 38. 


J^}\, .)L3I J^j\ J^ J J.jjJ>\ ['Umdat al- 
sibyan. A manual of Muhammadan religions in- 
struction according to the Shafi'i school.] pp. viii. 
288, 66, lith. ^j^ i '^u [Madras, 1891.] 8°. 

14173. b. 15. 


baljanam. ^J^J■^' i ijJ' [Al-Durar al-hisiin. A 
compendium of Muhammadan law, according to 
the flanafi school.] vol. i. pp. xiv. 1011,5, lith. 
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s^to^ev FFLBir^. [Shams al-iuian. An 

elementary work on the Muhammadan faith.] pp. 
xii. 296, iv. Q-s-iirSssr ^!K.irr<Xr [Madras, 1888.] 
16^ 14173. a. L 

MUHYI al-DIN ibn MUHAMMAD, KoltSn. Iks:' 
L_)'jk=^ilt [Tuhfat al-ahbab. A manual of prayer 
for Muhammad and of the religious exercises 
customary on the occasion of his nativity. Fol- 
lowed by two tracts in Arabic, viz. : (1) al-Maulid 
al-karim al-nabawT, an account of the birth of 
Muhammad, in prose and verse, by Ja far al-Bar- 
zanji; and (2) al-Khasii^is al-nabawiyat, a similar 
account of Muhammad^s ascension, by Zain al- 
'Abidln al-Barzanji.] pp. viii. 232, 55, lith. 
^_^l^j.< irrr [Madras, 1906.] 8". 14173. b. 3. 

SULTAN PILLAI, of Tiruvangode. See Ikshad al- 
'iB.AD. ^fo^ . . . ^j}i<9=ir^6V ^uir^. [Irshad 
al-'ibad. Translated by Muhyi al-Din.] 1901. 8°. 

14173. b. 6. 

HIM. 0° X'^iLjeoeonQuifliD u^sq^ld . . . iuit- 
2@sTiair^^Ui. [Nabi-allah-perir padigam. A lyric 





in praise of the prophet Muhammad. Followed by 
Yanai-kadalj verses in honour of a Muhammadan 
devotee.] pp. 20. ajirLpuuiresanh ■x^3i,a [Jaffna, 
1891.] 8°. 14173. b. 40.(1.) 

Elder (Naniyar Sahib Vali- Allah), o o ° QLDtu(^- 
(Sj/rssr^ ^Q^uuiTL-p/BinLQ. [Mey-nana-tiru- 
padat-tirattu. A collection of Muhammadan poems 
by the S^aniyar Sahib. Followed by the Tiru- 
kottattu-kalambakam, Muhammadan poems by 
K. M. Karupp'-aiya Pavalar, etc. Edited by the 
latter and Naniyar Saiyid Taha Lebbai.] pp. ii. 
xvi.ii. 383, 36. Qa-i^dssr mm^aor [ilfac77-as, 1898.] 
8°. 14173. c. 2.(1.) 

Younger (Tambi Naniyar Sahib). ° ° ° QujiLks^- 
(Sj /rear 6)9 err <s<5Btii. [Mey-nana-vilakkam. A poem 
on Muhammadan doctrine. With some verses by 
others. Edited by Naniyar Saiyid Taha Lebbai 
and K. M. Karupp'-aiya Pavalar.] pp. iii. 104. 
Q<rs3r&jr siRsoh- [Madras, 1898.] 8°. 

14173. c. 2.(2.) 

MTJLLER (Aug.), S.J. ° ° ° LSs!iT^irjr'r£F(Vje33ra- 
inQ^ii^&ir ema^^dsssT. (*A Guide to Count Caesar 
Mattel's Electro-homoeopathic Medicines. Trans- 
lated from the English edition of Eevd. Father 
Aug. Muller's . . . Vade Mecum ... by the Revd. 
S. Antony.) pp. 54. Jaffna, 1892. 12°. 

14170. 1. 70,(3.) 

e'(^essTSLD(7^ii^ssr emm^^dapsr. Homoeo- 
pathic Guide. Translated ... by Rev. S. Antony, 
pp. 18. Jaffna, 1892. 12°. 14170. i. 70.(2.) 

MUNAI-PADIYAR. QpSssruuin^iuirir ^lup^cSiu 
.jtlpGliBfSis^s'inrLn. (Aranericharam. [An ancient 
Jain poem in 225 stanzas] . . . [Edited by] T. 
Chelvakesavaroya Mudaliar.) pp.ii.iv.42. Madras, 
1905. 12°. 14172. a. 50.(5.) 

MUNIAPPA. See Munit-appa. 

MUNI-SAMI MUDALIYAR, Mosur. Q^treikrmL.- 
ibirtLQ^^Q^uu^^ Q^ir^^jriQairesieu. [Ton- 
dai-nattu-tiru-padi-tottira-kovai. A series of 
poems on the chief Saiva sanctuaries in the Ton- 
dai-nadu or country of which Conjevaram is the 
capital.] pp. xii. i. 200. Qa^esrSsar [Madras,] 
1900- 12°. 14172. a. 51. 

MUNI-SAMI MUDALIYAR, Paramasivamangalam 
Aiind-sdmi. See Bhima Kavi-kayae. o o o ^. 
jriTLCiir j)j(sn}eiiQLn^uj!ra,Lii i^ [Sri-ramar-asva- 
medha-yagam,e<c. Edited by Muni-sami.] [1875.] 
4°. 14172. dd. 1. 

MUNI-SAMI MUDALIYAR, Sirumanavur. Anuboga 
Vythia Bramah Rahasiam .3/S)iQuira,&iu9^^iu 
iSljrwubjrai&iuLC:. [A handbook of medical prac- 
tice.] pts. i,, ii. Madras, 1895-1896. 8°. 

14170. i. 43. 

[Another edition.] 8 pts. Madras, 

1898-1900. 14170. i. 59. 

Pta. 1-2 are re-issues of the publications o/ 1895-96. 

@ °o^ Q^iT^L^ t9jjLnirsssri_Q3'a!jLC: [3b- 

dida-brahmanda-sekharam. A metrical compen- 
dium of the astrological art, compiled by Muni- 
sami, as transmitted by Deva-raja Kavi-rayar.] 
pt. i. pp. 94. Qa^mdssT is8errLc>i9 [Madras, 1898.] 
8°. 14170. i. 66. 

Mooligai Marmam. S-u9Qjr(i£^i^, Qped- 

emsLDiTLOLD. [An alphabetical dictionary of medical 
remedies.] pp. 86. ©.ysar^ [Madras,] 1899. 
8°. 14170. i. 69. 

Prapancha Vuthpathi. ^-e^arra&iuQu^&sT- 

.gyti i9iru(^3=s^pou^^. [Prapancha-urpatti, or 
Ulaga-rahasyam. An encyclopaedia of practical 
instruction in the Saiva doctrines of the cosmo- 
gony, divinity, and religious and social obser- 
vances. Edited by T. Mrugesa Nayakar.] pp. 28, 
580. m^jTir^ [Madrasj] 1900. 8°. 14170. i. 64. 

Rajavamesa Paramparai. f^freu ldb/dt 

•FiQjreuir^^aeiflissr ^^irs^euiJaiFUjrusueinfr [A 
history of various legendary kings and sages.] pp. 
150. Q a' drSsar [Madras,] 1901. 8". 14171. a. 23. 

LDiresBi—FS&iuQLCisir^iiLD &" ffjnf iretv^jTic, 

(*Sarira Sastiram.) [A handbook of anatomy and 
physiology.] pp. 84. w^jr/rem [Madras,] 1900. 
8°. 14170. i. 60. 

&j3i^Q^irsisri^i5iriuiW)ir^fi^^jriii. [Siru- 

tonda-nayanar-charitram. A story from the 
Periya-puranam of Sekkirar, told in easy verse 
by Muni-sami.] pp. 8. [Madras,] 1892. 8°. 

14172. b. 44.(1.) 

o o o ^Q^Q&irrp;3iLijrr ^iuirQa,FiTu^am. 

6iJi^eijes)i_ujLbLC:&!r s-u9freiiq^'ksLLiT2ei) m^ [Tiru- 





vottiyfir-tyagesar-padigam and Vadivuclaiy-ain- 
man-uyir-varga-inalai. Two poems in honour 
of Siva and his consort as worshipped at Tiru- 
vottiyur near Madras.] pp. 8. [Madras,^ 1892. 
8°. 14170. e. 47.(3.) 

Whorvace Vythiachitka. mfrpu^^Quueisr- 

Ldii asiremi^iu smireuQ euiB^^iuSlLSir. [Urvasi- 
vaidya-sitka. A digest of medicine.] pt. i. pp. 8, 
80. Madras, 1895. 8°. 14170. i. 37. 

MUNI-SAMI MTJDALIYAR, Vellur Sengalva-raya, 
JauH-hardr. See MahI-pati. o o o ^w^^i- 
a,iTjnrLti . . . <3=iB^^jnJci. [Tukaram-syamigal- 
charitram. Translated by Muni-sami. With 
Hari-nama-stotra-pa and Hari-nama-saakirtta- 
nam, translated by the same.] 1887-1898. 8°. 

14170. ee. 34. 

MUNI-SAMI NAYTJpU, C. V. A Catechism of 

Printing, in Tamil. Part i. A practical guide 

to the art of printing, etc. {*u^LJt9e\}'i<xes3T 

eQi^eQemu..) pp. viii. 88, i. j 2 plates. Madras, 

1892. 8°. 14170. i. 27. 

MUNI-SAMI PILLAI, Mdrlianda. See MuTia-vlRA 
Kavinar. o o o eusrrerfliumsinLciiBin^-xih. [Valliy- 
ammai-uatakam. Edited by Muni-sami.] [1871.] 
8°. 14170. 1. 7. 

MUNI-SVAMI. See Muni-sami. 

AsHTON (J. P.) . An English Grammar . . . Com- 
piled by ... J. P. Ashton . . . with the aid of . . . 
Muniappa Muthaliar, efc. 1862. 16°. 14172. h. 45. 

See Nana-kutta Svami. 6Q(r^^^T<sre\) 

LjUiressTLa. [Vruttachala- puranam. With com- 
mentary by Muniy-appa.] 1874. 8°. 14170.6.4. 

See Tandava-eata-murtti Svami. swasusv- 

lumeuiS^iii ^ [Kaivalya-nava-nitam. Edited from 
the recension of Muniy-appa.] [1880.] 8°. 

14170. e. 11. 

See ViVEKA-SARAM. SUIT oiCo^euLnesrenrixi ^, 

[Viveka-saram. An edition based on that of 
Muniy-appa.] 1896. 8°. 14170. e. 68. 

MUN-EURAIY-AEAIYAR. (tPazhamozhi.) [A 
series of ethical stanzas, in English, with Tamil 
commentary and biography.] Chapter xi.(-xv.), 

etc. (tutfiQian-Lfi.) See AcADEMUS, efc. — Madras. — 
University of Madras. Notes on the Tamil text, 
etc. 1888. 12°. 14172. a. 41. 

MUNSHI (A. Joskph). The Dravidian Compara- 
tive Philology, or Decadence of Tamil Learning, 
solved with experimental illustrations . . . based 
upon Dr. J. Murdoch's "Indian Teachers* Manual" 
. . . ^jreQL- ^6\}aQuj &^^irk^^ ^iBem/h. 
pp. xi. 168, i. Madras, 1902. 12°. 14172. e. 6. 

MURDOCH (John). See Munshi (A. J.). The Dra- 
vidian Comparative Philology . . . based upon Dr. 
J. Murdoch's "Indian Teacher's Manual," e<c. 1902. 
12°. 14172. e. 5. 

See Tamil Minor Poets. Tamil Minor Poets 

. . . with an introduction [by J. Murdoch]. 1872. 
12°. 14172. c. 6. 

Classified Catalogueof Tamil printed Books, 

with introductory notices. Compiled by John Mur- 
doch, pp. ix. v. ci. 287. Madras, 1865. 12'^. 

11902. b. 15. 

MURUGADASA SWAMI. See Mrdqa-dasa Svami. 


MURUGESA. [For names beginning with this 
word :] See Mruoesa. 

MUTHAIYA MUDALIYAR, 0. See Mctt'-aita Mn- 


MUTHIAH PILLAI. See Mutt'-aita Pillai. 

MUTHUCUMAEASWAMY, F. See Muttu-kumara- 
svAMi Mudaliyar, Vickur. 


MUTT'-AIYA MUDALIYAE, Seyyur. Rajardjesvari 
or The Triumph of Love. A new Tamil drama, 
by C. Muthaiya Mudaliyar. {*^!rir^jirQ^Jvsu^ 
jyeusu^ aiT^eSssr QeupaS.) pp, 12, ii. 146, 3; 1 
plate. Madras, 1906. 12°. 14171. i. 2. 

MUTT'-AIYA PILLAI, .E. S^&o^euHa&fl&sr ^s^ir- 
jrnfiLa, (^Q^u^irir Quir^sQpLa. The Manners and 
Customs of Native Christians, and the Rules and 
Regulations of European Missionaries. By E. 
Muthiah Pillai. pp. 32. Palamcottah, 1894. 8°. 

14170. c. 24.(10.) 





IIVTT -MY k VJJL AYAH. Qeu^s' IT ^lurr Si luQ^&J - 
s= a inuLDi9 en dsfi- euir^Fsuufr. [Deva-sahayam-pil- 
lai-vachaka-pa. A lyrical drama on the martyrdom 
of Deva-sahayam Pillai, a native Catholic of Tra- 
vancore.] pp. iv. 300. Q^^skSssr [Madras,] 1894. 
go. 14170, 1. 42. 

Pp. 289-296 are missing. 

MUTT'-AIYA SVAMI, Vruttdchalam. « " » Qesriniu 
^i9mis. [Chin-maya-dipikai. A poem on mo- 
nistic psycho-theology. Edited with paraphrases, 
glosses, and notes by K. Ramananda Yogi, on the 
basis of K. Rilma-lihga Pillai's recension.] pp. 2, 
171. O^eirSsm- [Madras,] 1907. 12". 14172. a. 58. 

MUT-TAMIR-KAVI-EAYAR. °°° af9m^ir <sm^e\) 
Ljn iressrin. [Suchindra-sthala-puranam. A poem 
on the local legend of the sanctuary of Siva and 
Vishnu near Cape Comorin where Indra was puri- 
fied for his sin. Edited by Mavadi Chidambaram 
Pillai.] pp. iv. ii. 362, iii. ^Qi^QisevQeueSl [Tinne- 
velli,] 1894. 8°. 14170. e. 58. 

MTJTTANACHARI.F. <sF^^iueijfrik(^ ^fls^.s^m^ir- 
iBiTL^S'LD. [Satya-vak-harischandra-natakam. A 
drama on the legend of the truthful Harischandra.] 
pp. X. 528 ; b2 "plates. Q 3= rndssr [Madras,] 19Qh. 
8°. 14170. 1. 63. 

Academies, etc. — Madura. [" Sen-damir " sup- 
plement.] no. 18. 1902,e/c. 8°. 14172. i.l*.(no. 18.) 


SvAMi. o o o /g5^L-/r,g2y,y,P ^1^, [Nishthanubhuti. 
With commentary by Muttu-krushna.] [1852.] 
8°. 14172. c. 23. 

Anglo-Tamil Self Reader. ariuLcmh enrrSaa,^- 
^k<B L^sm^sLD . . . for English and Tamil stu- 
dents ... An easy method of acquiring the 
language . . . without the help of a teacher . . . 
by S. Moodookrishnia, etc. pt. i. pp. 17. Penang, 
1889. 8°. 14172. hh. 4. 

The Anglo-Tamil Self-Reader. Part i. 

^itiQeBs^-u anu eQ-s^iuirn-^^ih ... by Simhadry 
Moodookrishniah Naidu, etc. pt. i. pp. x. ii. 85, 
xxxix. Madras, 1892. 12°. 14172. h. 83. 

The Tamil and English Self-Reader. An 


^ lblT^QF)«ni_UJ ^(7F,UUfr(B'SfflB6Sr CoLDev epuuTiB. 

[Yesu-kiristu-nathar-udaiya tiru-padugalin mel 
oppari. Verses on the Passion and teaching of 
Christ.] pp. 16. luiripuuiTsmLD s^ai,^ [Jaffna, 
1892.] 12°. 14170. a. 35.(6.) 

MITTTAYYA. See Mutt'-aiya. 

College, Trichinopoli. {uirutSeoaaesnTffSiQ^i'XLD. 
[Yapp'-ilakkana-churukkam. A primer of Tamil 
prosody.] pp. ii. 24. Trichinopoly, 1898. 8°. 

14172. g. 3. 

Mudaliyae, v., MuTTi-EAMA Kavi-eayak, 0., and 
Kadie-vkl Kavi-eaja Panditae. fJ^LDmorruirir^i- 
Srr^^'dssr ^ [Maha-bharata-kirttanai.] [1905.] 
S". 14172. bbb. 1. 

MUT-TOLL'-AYIRAM. (ip^Q^iretremruQjra^Q^iu- 
iLjiLaerr. [105 verses from the Mut-tolP-ayiram, 
a collection of 2,700 ven-ba stanzas on moral, 
worldly, and erotic themes.] pp. 20. 1906. See 

easy method of acquiring Tamil in a short time . . . 
for the use of Europeans . . . Romanized. Family 
treasure, pp. ii. 104. Madras, 1894. 12°. 

14172. h. 94. 

(H.) . A Key to Morris' History of India . . . Trans- 
lated by T. Moothookrishna Naiker. 1873. 12°. 

14172. h. 54. 

[For volumes of the lyar-pa edited by Muttu- 
krushna:] See Aevaegal. — Nal-ayiram.— Ji/or-pa. 

See Sathakopa-dasar, if. ooo ^/tle^unu- 

^ULD i^ [Hari-samaya-dipam. "With paraphrase 
by Muttu-krushna. Edited by the latter.] 1904. 
8°. 14170. ee. 58. 

esri/^LbiS. [Rana-kummi. A song in 116 
quatrains, against Christianity.] pp.24. luirLpu- 
uir«mnh sjT [Jaffna, 1891.] 16°. 14170. a. 40.(2.) 

urr^}]. [Nirakarana-timira-bhanu. A reply to 
S. Raghavacharyar's criticisms on Shanmukha 
Pillai's interpretation of the Bharata-ven-ba.] 
pp.46. (^LbuQdsiressrm ^ it en /s rr fi [Kumbahonam, 
1888.] 16°. 14170. k. 2.(1.) 





MUTTU-KUMARA-SVAMI, Knight. See Haris- 
ciiANDRA. Arichandra . . . a . . . drama, translated 
into English by Mutu Coomdra Swdmy, Mudeliar. 
18G3. 12°. 14170. 1. 33. 

MUTTU-KUMARA-SVAMI, Tumbaiiiagar M. See 

El'HEMERIDES. sQ CTTLDtSlei] IT S^ , . . U i^ S" rriBJ Si ih . 

[Calendar for 1898-99. Calculated by Muttu- 
kumara-svami.] 1897. 8°. 14172. i. 16.(2.) 

See Periodical Publications. — Madras, lu^irir^^ 
uiretvsir&sr ^ (*Yadhartha Bhaskaran . . . Editor : 
V. M. Swamy.) 1902-1905. 8°. 14172.1.7. 

RatnamalikS., or Helps to tbe Study of 

the Vedanta, By V. M. Swamy, B.A., with an 
[English] introduction by V. V. Ramanan. i*^!r^- 
ibinircSstn^.) pp. 16, 96 ; 1 plate. Madras, 1902. 
8°. 14170. ee. 45.(1.) 

Samarasa Jnana Chandrika. An unsecta- 

rian philosophical treatise from the standpoint 
of the Adwaita-wada by Vichur Muthucumara- 
swamy Mudr., B.A., the Adwaita Chanda Maru- 
dha. With an [English] introduction by Tan- 
dalam Balasundara Mudr. Avl. [Preceded by 
commendatory Terses, and concluding with a short 
Sanskrit hymn.] {* &m m j <s(0 i^rresr <f ih^fissts.) 
pp. XX. 66. Madras, 1902. 8°. 14170. ee. 48. 

[Another copy.] 14170. ee. 45,(2.) 

MUTTU-KUTTI AYYA, of Sivaganga (Tamir- 

CHAKRAVARTTl). o o o eus' <SST 3- LdlS J ^iriuissSi^. 

[Vachana-sampradaya-kathai. A story in the 
form of an imaginary petition of peasants ad- 
dressed to the god Kubera.] pp. iv. 76. ^Q^surr^ 
[Tiruvadi,] 1895. 16°. 14171. aa. 8. 

Said to have been composed 120 years ago, to amtue the 
local zamindar during the Siva-rdtri, 

MUTTU-LIBTGA DESIKAR, Fdlahkddu Kannapp'- 
aiyar. aQ^ih^nQidirai^La Q^ira ir. [Gajendra- 
moksham. A series of poems in turd style on 
the legend of the rescue of the elephant by 
Vishnu.] pp. 26. uirevisirQ [rulghat,'] 1898. 
8". 14170. ee. 35.(2.) 

MUTTU-SAMI AIYAR, C.S., of Kahjanasundaram 
High School. Visvanatham. An historical drama 
in five acts (f which narrates the noble thoughts 
and the commendable deeds of Visvanatha, the 

first of the Nayak Kings of Madura) . . . a9«- 
euibir^ui 1^. [With English preface by T. Rajam 
Aiyangar.] pp. xx. 131. Tanjore, 1900. 8". 

14171. k. 4. 


Vis VA- BRAHMA- PURAN AM. eQ UVSUl9 rf UtLj an eSSTLCi, 

[Visva-brahma-puranam. Metrically translated 
by Muttu-sami.] 1894. 8". 14170. f. 16. 

See Pancha-taktram. ut^a'^m^jrissin^. [Pan- 
cha-tantra-kathai. Edited by Muttu-sami.] [1847.] 
8°. 14170. k. 26. 

MUTTU-SAMI MUDALIYAR, Tirumarisai Vaidya- 
linga. SeePuEANAS. — Vindyaha-furanam. uirira- 
<5Bau Ljunessrih ^ [Vinayaka-puriinam. A prose 
paraphrase by Muttu-sami.] 1899. 8°. 

14170. ee. 19. 

See Villiputturar. ^i^inhQeu^mfrStu 

\j^Li^aiTuirir^Ln t^ [Maha-bharatam. Edited by 
Muttu-sami.] 1900. 4°. 14172. dd. 3. 

MUTTU - SAMI PILLAI, Appu. ^pjoiLb-e.^- 
^luire^rih. [Atma-udyanam. A book for private 
devotional reading for Roman Catholics, compiled 
from various sources.] pp. xx. 512 ; 4 plates. 
Qs'esresrLoirmaiifjs^eo \_Madras,} 1817. 12°. 

14170. a. 13. 

MUTTU-SAMI PILLAI, Trisirapuram. See Appavo 


MUTTU-SAMI SASTRI, T. S., of Madras Christian 
College. See Venkata-subba Rau, R. m^irir^^- 
@susrP. [Katha-ratnavali. Translated by Muttu- 
sami.] 1893. 8°. 14m. b. 1. 


appa. iSee Nitya-karma. eQetvaJUjriJDi^ .^ssr^- 
a^t9&s>s.. [Visva-brahma-ahnika-dipikai. Trans- 
lated by Muttu-svami.] 1907. 8°. 14033. aa. 46. 

MUTTU-SUBB'-AIYA, Punalveli Varada-rSj'-aiya. 
^^iresTQuiflesnTiuisirt—aih. [Janaki-parinayam. A 
drama in 7 acts upon the legend of Rama's union 
with Sita. Edited by P. Rama-svami Bharati, H. 
Hari-hara Bharati, and T. Kavi-raja Nellaiy'-appa 
Pillai. Preceded by a prose epitome.] pp. SO, 
2,344. ^(i^QiBmQeueQ [Tinnevelli,] 1901. 8°. 

14170. 1. 15. 





Svdmi. o o o iSrrffiEj^Lb. [Prasangam. Trans- 
lated by Muttu-tambi Pillai.] [1897.] 8°. 

14170. ee. 28.(2.) 

MUTTU-TAMBI PILLAI, Mdnippay A. See Keushna 
Misuk, Dramatist. i9jrQuir^'3'iB^(ojnr^iu6ii<9'6srLD. 
[Prabodha-chandrodaya-vachanam. A prose ren- 
dering, by Muttu-tambi, of Tiru-venkata-svami's 
Mey-nana vilakkam.] 1889. 12°. 14170. 1. 21. 

• The Tamil Classical Dictionary. ^i9^rresr 

Gair3=LD. pp. ii. 396, iii. J S plates. Jaffna, 1902. 
.8". 14172. e. 38. 

MUTTU-TANDAVAE, Sirfeiri. Q^lbuitld \j^^uit- 
iBir^iTQuifie\) . . . SiT^^iBLd-u^LD. [Kirttanam. 
Eighty-four devotional poems (padam) in honour 
of Sabha-nathar, the name under which Siva is 
worshipped at Chidambaram. Edited, with a life 
of the poet, by Karunananda Svami. Followed by 
twenty-nine songs of the same kind by Mari-mutta 
Piljai and others.] pp. vii. ii. 64. ajtjrrTsrid 
[Madras, 1870.] 8°. 14170. k. 20. 

MUTTU-VIRA KAVmAK. o o o euensrFliuineminiBir- 
L-SLi::. [Valliy-ammai-natakam. A drama founded 
upon the canto in the Skanda-puranam describing 
the marriage of Subrahmanya and Valli. Edited 
by Markanda Muni-sami Pillai.] pp.116, aj^era 
{Madras, 1871.] 8°. 14170. 1. 7. 

MUTTU-ViHA EAMA. ^irec^^jriL®. [.Jala- 
tirattu. 15 verses on magic, with commentary.] 
See PuLi-PANi. jJ^ . . . ueti^jrtLQ s^irevm ^i^ 
[Puli-pani-pala-tirattu-jalam.] pp. 1-5. 1906. 
8°. 14171. g. 8. 

MUTU COOMARA SWAMY, Mudellar. See Muttu- 

MUTUKISNA (Henry Francis). See Jaffna. A 
new edition of the Thesawaleme . . . By H. F. Mu- 
tukisna. 1862. 8°. 14170. g. 3. 

See Jaffna. The Tesawalamai . . .Reprinted 

from the edition . .H. F. Mutukisna. 1891. 
8°- 05319. k. 3. 

MYSORE, Government of. Epigraphia Carnataca. 

. . . Published for Government by B. Lewis Rice. 

Bangalore, 1886, etc. 4°. 14058 c. 8. 

In progress. 

NABHAJi. [For editions of the Maha-bhakta- 
vijayam, partly based upon Nabhaji's Bhakti-sara :] 
See Maha-bhakta-vijayam. 

NAOHELLAIYAE. .^Qywu^^. [Decade vi. Ten 
poems on the Chera king Adu-got-pattu Cheral- 
adan.] See Padittu-pattd. ooo u^/b^uu^^ 
1^ [Padittu-pattu.] pp. 80-99. 1904. 8°. 

14172. bb. 14. 

NACHIN AEKK'-INIYAE, Bhdradvdji, of Madura. 
[For editions of the commentary upon the Tiru- 
kovaiyar, sometimes ascribed to Nachinarkk'- 
iniyar ;] See Manikka-vachakae. 

See Nallanduvanar. "^ o ° sS^Q^irems, 

[Kali-togai. With commentary by Nachinarkk'- 
iniyar.] 1887. 8°. 14172. b. 38. 

See Pattp-pattu. 




[Pattu-pattu. With commentary by Nachinai'kk'- 
iniyar.] 1889. 8°. 14172. d. 10. 

See Rudra-kannanae. University of Madras 

. . . Pattinappalai. With Nachchinarkkini^^ir's 
commentary, etc. 1906. 8°. 14172. b. 37.(2.) 

See TiEU-TAKKA DEvak. o°° &bii3i9;ih^rr- 

LnssS i^ [Jivaka-chintamani. With commentary 
of Nachinarkk'-iniyar.] 1887. 8°. 14172. d. 6. 

See TiRU-TAKKA DivAR. University of 

Madras . . . Jivakachintamani. Namagalilam- 
bakam. With Nachinarkkiniyar's commentary, 
etc. 1905. 8°. 14171. bb. 21.(2.) 


^ [Tol-kiippiyam. With commentary by Nachi- 
narkk'-iniyar.] 1885-[1892.] 8°. 14172.6.13. 

See TOL-KAPPIYANAR. Q ^ IT e\) 6B IT LJ l9 UJ Lb ^ 

[Tol-kappiyam. Pt. i., with commentary of Nachi- 
narkk'-iniyar.] [1847.] 8°. 14172. f. 4. 

See ToL-KAPPiYANAR. {j Q^ irevafTU l9u.i LD 

^1.) [Seyyul-iyal. With Nachinarkk'-iniyar's 
commentary.] [1904, etc.] 8°. \_Sen-damir Sup- 
plement.] 14172. i. l*.(no. 21.) 

NACHIYAE. See Andal. 

NADAE (J. S. Cornelius). See Cornelius Nadae 
(J. S.). 





NAGA-LINGA MUDALIYAR, Vanna-halaujiyam 
Kdltchi. See Mey-kanda-sattikam. Oiatu^xednL^- 
d-ir^^Qjth t^ [Mey-kanda-sattiram. Edited by 
Naga-liiiga.] 1897. 8°. 14170. ff. 3. 

See Taydmanavae. ^mLjLDirevrmeuirLS^err- 

L//ri_ffi). [Tiru-padat-tirattu. Edited with glossary, 
<><(■., by Naga-linga.] 1906. 12°. 14170. eee. 25. 

NAGA-RATNAM PILLAI, J. M. See Periodical 
Publications. — Madras. The Light of Truth, etc. 
[Edited by Naga-ratnam.] 1897, etc. 4°. 

14170. fff. 4. 
NAGA-RATNA NAYAKAR, P. See Chid-ghana- 
NANDA GiRi. (J^ . . . SujinuLJi9irair<Fth. [Nyaya- 
prakasam. Translated by Naga-ratna.] 1906, etc. 
8°. 14170. ff. 21. 

JTAGA-SAMI AIYAR, Puvdlur. See Saptarshi. The 
Suptharishivakkiam 5500. Thoroughly examined 
by...Nagasawmy, e<c. [1899.] 8°. 14170.1.63. 

NAKKIRA DEVAR, Madurai KanakJcdyandr. See 
Ikaiyakae. ^smpuj^sr^iLjQurrQ^eJr [Iraiyanar- 
aga-porul. With commeutary ascribed to Nakkl- 
ranar.] [1883.] 8°. 14172. e. 25. 

[Tiru-mrug'-attu-padai and Nedu-nal-vadai. Two 
poems, nos. 1 and 7 respectively of the Pattu- 
pattu, the former a devotional hymn on the god 
Mrugan, the latter describing the winter cam- 
paign of the Pandiyan king Neduii-seriyan and 
the sorrow of his queen. With Nachinarkk'- 
iniyar's commentary.] See PATTO-PATTa. u^^u- 
uirtlQ ^ [Pattu-pattu.] pp. 1-40, 241-260. 
1889. 8°. 14172. d. 10. 

Both the Tiru-mi-ug' -dtfu-padai and Kayilai-hddi-hdlatti- 
hddi-tiruv-antridi are included in the llth Tiru-murai. ' The 
former ia the only undoubtedly genuine work of Nakklrandr. 

o o sSfjsOuiT^laiTSfr^^uir^^QFfeiii^iT^ 

^svQpLD , .. u^sijemini^ih. [Kayilai-biidi-kalatti- 
badi-tiruv-antadi. 100 antddi Saiva quatrains, 
alternately praising Kailasa and Kalahasti. With 
interpretation by the editors of the Vidya-vino- 
diui.] pp. 48. O&^ssrSssr [Madras,] 1892. 8". 

14172. c. 39.(4.) 

• o o o ^Q^opQ^strp^uuesiL^ QpeouirL^ih. 

[Tiru-mrug'-attu-padai. Followed by the Ner- 
isai- ven-ba.] pp. 19, 2. Q'^-ssresruL-L-eaarLo 
[Madras,] 1887. 16°. 14172. a. 7.(4.) 

NAKKIRA DEVAR, Madurai Kanahhdyandr (con- 
tinued), oo o P02^(25ffi/r/r)jB/L/u«s)z_ ^ [Tirn- 
mrug'-attu-padai.] pp. ii. 20. See Sundaba 

MODALIYAR, T. o o o ^(T^(^Lp(l^a,rpjpiuue!nL. ^ 

[Tiru-mrug'-attu-padai, eic] pt. i. [1890.] 16°. 

14172. a. 32.(1.) 

°° ° ^QFfQpQ^airpjpiuueni^. [Tiru-mrng'- 
attu-padai. Edited by P. Rama-linga Pillai.] 
pp.21. S^LDujriJb ^asrQpS [Chidamharam,\806.] 
16°. 14170. d. 36.(4.) 

o o o edmiriu^iir ^(jj^aaujjatb . . . efl/s/r- 

lusiT ^ssu^ih, QenLpQpmQpLd ^ [Vinayakar- 
agaval. A hymn to Ganesa, by Nakklranar. Fol- 
lowed by Auvaiyar's Vinayakar-agaval and Vera- 
niugam, Aruna-giri-nathar's Mutti -vinayakar- 
agaval, and other hymns by divers authors.] 
pp. 24. Madras, 1903. 16°. 14170. d. 31.(3.) 

NAL-ADIYAR. o o o i§^^^6vrrQiu mire\)tp.iuiriT- 

^svQpLD s^<sniTiLjLD. [Nal-adiyar. Four hundred 

quatrains on ethical subjects. With commentary. 

Edited by Veda-giri Mudaliyar.] pp.170, ^jiri- 

a^ [Madras, ] 855.] 8°. 14172. c. 1. 

Forms the first of the class of poems styled Kir-kanakku. 
The compilation is ascribed to Padmandr. 

o o o IB IT so t^iu IT fr eresrjp/euLpiEj(^L£i isireoi^ 

i5ir^)ir£)i QpeoQpLa . . . u^eijss)inLjLD. [Nal-adiyar. 
With interpretation and commentary by IJ. Pushpa- 
ratha Chetti.] pp. ii. ii. 249, v. Qa^meBTUL-i—esmiM 
[Madras,] 1885. 8°. 14172. b. 40. 

Naladyar. [Edited] with a clear Tamil 

commentary and an English translation of the 
text [by U. Pushpa-ratha Chetti]. {*ibit&)i^iuitit.) 
pp. 2, ii. 290, 5. Madras, 1892. 8^. 14172. b. 45. 

o o o mirffot^iurrir. The Naladiyar, or Four 

Hundred Quatrains, in Tamil, with introduction, 
translation, and notes ... a concordance and lexi- 
con ... by the Rev. G. U. Pope. pp. 1. 440. 
Oxford, 1893. 8°. 14172. d. 12. 

The Naladiyar. With a Tamil commentary 

by the late Pandit C. Rajagopala Pillai, and an 
English introduction and translation by K. Kup- 
puswami Mudaliyar. {* ib it eo i^iu ir ir erssrjpi eutpsi- 
(3P)Uiibireoi^iBiT^Dirjpietp60Qf>L[i...e-estinL^LL.) pp. 
17,6,ii.ii, 379,iv. 2tfadro«, 1903. 8°. 14172.0.45. 





'NkL-ADlYA.'R(continued). ibirsni^iuirlr. Naladiyar. 
[Selections, in Tamil and English.] See Walkee 
(J.). iS^OLDirL^^QjTLL®, Nidi mozhittirattu, 
etc. pp. 40-97. 1841. 8°. 14170. k. 35. 

■ University of Madras. F. A. Examination, 

1900. Tamil poetry — the prescribed portions in 
Naladyar and Bharatam ; and explanatory notes — 
grammatical and rhetorical annotations on these 
portions. By C. M. Swaminatha Iyer. 4 pts. 
Aladras, 1899. 8°. 14172. b. 37.(1.) 

Trois chapitres du Naladiyar. See Tieu- 

VALLUVAR. Le Livre de 1' Amour, etc. pp. 101-118. 
1889. 12°. 14172. a. 38. 

mrreoi^iuiriT. (f Naladiyar. chap. •vi.(-x.). 

etc.). [With commentary and English transla- 
tion.] pp. 42, 5. See Academies, etc. — Madras. — 
University of Madras. University of Madras. F.A. 
Examination, efc. 1900. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(5.) 

NALAN. The History of the Nella-rajah. A Hin- 
doo romance. See Kindeesley(N. E.). Specimens 
of Hindoo Literature, etc. pp. 83-328. 1794. 8°. 

980. k. 19. 

The History of Nala. isen<F<s'aSljrsuir^- 

Ptt9sw a^ifl^^irm. See Pope (G. U.). A Tamil 
Prose Reading-book, etc. bk. iii. 1859. 8°. 

14172. h. 76. 

NAILADANAR. See Mrugesa Mudauyae, T. £lS- 
LDi^o'ifJ^fiQ^uuemLci. [Niti-manjari-darpanam. 
Interpretations of ethical works of Nalladanar 
(the Tri-katukam) and others.] 1881-1883. 16°. 

14172. a. 8. 
NALl'-AIYA PILLAI, Mayilitti. See Kostin (D.). 
y,^^^LDL9 sQenrr^w. [Puda- tambi- vilasam. 
Edited by Nall'-aiya.] 1888. 8°. 14170.1.17. 

NALLANDUVANAR. ° o ° aeQ^Q^irems. [Kali- 
togai. An anthology of poems on erotic themes, 
in kali metre. With a commentary by Nachinarkk'- 
iniyar. Edited with an introduction by S. V. 
Damodaram Pillai.] pp. iv. xxxiv. iii. 487. Ma- 
dras, 1887. 8°. 14172. b. 38. 
Forma no. 6 in the collection Icnovm aa the F.ttu-togai. 

N ALLA PILLAI, Madalamhedu. See ViLLipnTTURAE. 
^^air^inirQuj \jfii>aiTumr^i^ [Maha-bharata- 
vachanam. A prose paraphrase of Nalla Pillai's 

amplified adaptation of Villiputtiirar's Bhara- 
tam.] [1847-1854.] 4°. 14172. dd. 2. 


J a fT ■9- Lci rr w lu 

u:imoiTuiT!r^6ii3=e!srLn. [Dravida - maha - bharata- 
vachanam. The prose paraphrase of Nalla Pillai's 
Bharatam.] 1880. 4°. 14172. dd. 4, 

— See ViLLiPUTTURAR. ^/5^/rii(?a;<sLCfl-®(u 

\j^ms!rumrflLCi ^^, [Maha-bharatam. The prose 
paraphrase of Nalla Pijbii's Bharatam.] 1900. 
4°. 14172. dd. 3. 

NALL'-APPA [TiruhudaiyUr M. Israel). A Hand 
Book of Tamil Text and Grammar. Q^iuiLjcrr, 
^a)<5«633T uiFdfi^ir ^i9es)s. Intended for the 
use of I, II, and III Forms. (*Paritcha Theepeka.) 
pp. iv. 138. Madra.1, 190b. 12°. 14172.6.23.(2.) 

NALLA-SAMI PILLAI, /. M. See Aednandi Deva- 
nayanar. Sivagnana Siddhiyar, etc. [Translated 
by Nalla-sami.] 1897, etc. 4°. [Siddhanta 
Deepiha.] 14170. f£f. 4. (vol. 1, etc.) 

See Mana-vachakam Kadandar. Light of 

Truth, or Unmai Vilakkam, etc. [Translated by 
Nalla-sami.] 1902. 4°. [Siddhanta Deepika.'] 

14170. fEf. 4. (vol. 5.) 

See Marai-nana-sambandhae. Saiva Sa- 

maya Neri, e<c. [Translated by Nalla-sami.] 1902. 
4°. [Siddhanta Deepika.] 14170. fff. 4. (vol. 6.) 

See Mey-kanda Devae. Sivagnana Bo tbam 

. . . Translated with notes ... by J. M. Nallasawmi 
Pillai. 1895. 8°. 14170. e. 51. 

See Mey-kanda Devar. o o o 9l&j<^iTssr- 

QuiTfl ^ [Siva-nana-bodham. With Siva-nanar's 
larger commentary, etc. With English preface and 
biography of Siva-fianar by Nalla-sami.] 1906. 
8°. 14170. eee. 15. 

See Mey-kanda Devar. Q6U(s^rrssrQurr^LD 

^ (Sivagnana Botham) with introduction and 
translation by ... Nallaswami Pillai. 1906. 12°. 

14170. d. 29. 

' See Uma-pati Sivachaeyar. Light of 

Grace . . . Translated with notes and introduction. 
By J. M. Nallaswami Pillai. 1896. 8°. 

14170. ee. 12.(1.) 





NALU ■ MANTRI - KATHAI. Vicr Geheimrath- 
Minister. [Nalu-mantri-kathai.] Eine indischo 
Geschichte in Gleichnisson. Aus tamulischer 
Sprache iibertrageu von dem friiheren Braminen 
Christian Rama Aycn. pp. vi. 94. Hamlmrg, 
1855. 8°. 14171. a. 32. 

The King and his Four Ministers. An 

old Hindu romance^ translated into English . , . 
by Pandit S. M. Natesa Sastri . . . With notes 
and introduction, by W. A. Glouston. Second 
edition, pp. xi. 58. Madras, 1888. 12°. 

14170. k. 48.(1.) 

The King and his Four Ministers, [i.e. 

the Ajakesa-kathai, or Nalu-mantri-k°., translated 
by Natesa Sastri.] See Clouston (W. A.). A 
group of Eastern Romances, etc. pp. 191-233. 
1889. 8°. 14003. h. 21. 

NAMA-SIVAYAM PILLAI, Mdyuram. o o o uiLi_- 
6S3r^^LJt96nSsfriumT <fifl^^!r <rEjSjraih. [Patta- 
nattu-pillaiyar-charitra-sangraham. A prose bio- 
graphy of the Saiva religious poet Pattanattu 
Piljai.] pp. 86. Q&'eirSssr isTe3emhi9 [Madras, 
1898.] 12°. 14171. aa. 7. 

. . . Vivekasundarum. A cheap pleasing Tamil 
pamphlet [on various social topics]. Third edition. 
(*Uthama Bhodha Ranjani Series, no, 1.) pp. 12. 
Madras, 1888. 8°. 14172. i. 6. 

NAMAS-SIYAYA DEVAR, Kugai. j>/(^em. 
luiB^iT^ {^s^Qeuemuir). [Aruna-giriy-antadi 
and Tiruv-arunai-tani-ven-ba. Poems on the 
sanctuary of Tiruvannamalai.] See Ell'-appa 
Navalar. ^ (j^esanr 3" &> Lj it it 6SST ld ^ [Arunachala- 
puranam.] pp. Ixv.-lxxx. 1898. 12°. 14170. d. 52. 

pp. 69-90. 1902. 12°. 14170. d. 75. 
pp. 69-90. 1903. 12°. 14170. d. 83. 


MtJNiVAE. ^ (i^eQdsir lu rr L- p lj jr n escrr ih [Tiru-vilaiy- 
adar-puranam. A prose abstract by Namas-siva- 
yar.j 1901-1902. 16°. 14170. dd. 8. 

NAMAS-SIVAYA SVAMI. ■a^iriruiSjruik^Ln. [Sara- 
prabandham. A Saiva devotional poem.] See 

Ell'-appa Navalar. ^Q^esar/r^eoLiiriresaru) i^ 
[Arunachala-purunam.] pp. 423-428. 1898. 12°. 

14170. d. 52. 

pp.535-540. 1902.12°. 14170. d. 75. 

pp.535-540. 1903. 12°. 14170. d. 83. 

NAMAS-SIVAYA SVAMI, Chidambaram, disciple of 

Kugai Namas-sivdyar . .^sssrt^Ld^ Qeuesstuir, 
[Annamalai-ven-ba. Verses on the sanctuary of 
Tiruvannamalai.] iJee Ell'-appa Navalar. jy(5- 
(m)<3-&)Lj!rires3rLa ^ [Arunachala-puranam.] pp. 
xlix.— Ixiv. 1898. 12°. 14170. d. 52. 

pp. 53-68. 1902. 12°. 14170. d. 75. 

pp. 53-68. 1903. 12°. 14170. d. 83. 

NAMAS-SIVAYA TAMBIRAN, Tiruvdvadudurai . See 
Aeunandi Dkva-nayanak. &eui^ir6sr9l^^iuiTir 
^ [Siva-nana-siddhiyar-parapakkam, Siva-Sana- 
siddhiyiir-supakkam, and Iru-bav-iru-badu. With 
commentaries on the third by Namas-sivaya Tam- 
biran.] 1897. 8°, [Mey-handa-sdftiram.] 

14170. ff. 3. 

See Uma-pati Sivacharyae. ° ° ° Sisuu- 

i9 IT a IT 3= LL i^ [Siddhantashtakam. Comprising the 
Vina-ven-ba, etc., with commentaries founded upon 
those of Namas-sivayar and others.] [1895.] 12°. 

14170. d. 37. 

/See Uma-pati Sivacharyar. 9lsiiLJi9sair3'LD. 

[Siddhantashtakam, viz. Vina-ven-ba, with com- 
mentary of Namas-sivayar, eic] 1897. 8°. [Mey- 
kanda-sdttiram.'\ 14170. ff. 3. 

NAMBI, Ndr-kavi-raja. See Nar-kavi-raja Nambi. 

NAMBI NAYUpU, yl. ooo uira a uuif. jrirLamuemnth 

^tr/BfTLCiireu&fl ^ [Pasura-padi-ramayanamof Peri- 
yav-achan Pillai; Raghavalu Ramanuja- diisar's 
Moksha-sukshmam, or Vishnu-tottira-namavaji ; 
Charana-sankirttana-namavali; and Chaturvim- 
sati-nama-sanklrttanam. Vaishnava tracts and 
hymns, edited by Nambi Nayudu.] pp. iv. 2W. 
Qs^^^ [Madras;] 1903. 12°. 14170. d. 46.(4.) 

NAMBIY-ANDAR NAMBI. [For the Tiro-murai 
codified by this devotee :] See Tibu-murai. 

See Uma-pati §iVACHAEYAB.^(75^0^(raarL./7- 

Ljinresur en j eo ir jpi [Tiru-tondar-purana-varal-aru, 





a poem on Sekkirar ; Tiru-murai-ganda-puranam, 
or Nambiy-andar-nambi-puranam, au account 
of the codifier of the Tiru-murai, eic] 1880. 8°. 
[Periya-purdnam.^ 14170. f. 4. 

[188o]-1898. 8°. 

14170. f. 1. 

aSp^ssip^ ^(f^euiB^tr^. [Kali-turai- 

tiruv-antadi. A devotional and hagiological poem.] 
See Sekkieak. ° ° ° QuiBiu LjinresdnJD ^ [Penya- 
puranam.i [1880.] 8°. 14170. f. 4. 

vol.i. [1885]-1898. 8°. 14170. f. 1. 

NAMM'-ARVAR. [For editions of the Tiru-vay- 
mori, Tiruv-asiriyam, Tiru-vruttam, and Periya- 
timv-antadi of this saint included in the editions 
of the whole orparts of the Nal-ayira-prabandham :] 
See Arvargal. — Ndl-dyiram. 

■ oo o /E ihir, fTj^eurr IT ^fr so mL®. [Namm'-arvar- 

talattu. The story of the Vaishnava saint Namm'- 
arvar, told in the form of a cradle-song. Edited 
by Pichuv-Ayyangar.J pp.25. ^QF/QiBffoQsiieQ 
[TinnevelU,] 1900. 8". 14170. ee. 35.(8.) 

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niidi. A book of devotional readings for Roman 
Catholic teaching.] pp. 126, i. Lj^sineu ^^jn®^ 
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Saiva poem.] pp. 24. See Siddhaegal. ° °° Qufliu 
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14170. ee. 33. 

pt. i., pp. 106-132. 

1906. 12°. 
14170. dd. 12. 

NANA-KUTTA SVAMI, Sivanhalcham. eQQF,^- 
^ir-s'isvL^inremLD. [Vruttachala- puranam. The 
legends of the Saiva sanctuary of Vruttachalam, 
between the Kaveri and Trinomali, in 18 cantos 
and 435 stanzas. With commentary by Pari- 
pakkam Muniy-appa Mudaliyar. Third edition.] 
pp. 142. [Madras,] 1874. 8°. 14170. e. 4. 

NANA-MANI NALAR, C. ^iBip ^evisem 9i. 
^iTLcessfl, An explanatory Tamil Grammar, with 
notes, exercises and an appendix containing many 
useful facts. For use in the lower secondary 
classes. By C. Gnanamani. New edition, pp. 
ii. 120. Madras, 1893. 12°. 14172. e. 23. 

NANA-MUTTir NADAR, Y. Shanars are Kslia- 
triyas, being a reply to the objectionable state- 
ments made by Chenthinatha Iyer regarding the 
Shanars, by Y. Gnanamuthoo Nadar . , . ^iri^ir 
j-^^ifJajir. [With a preface in English and Tamil, 
and an appendix of documents in both languages.] 
pp. xxvii. 140,47. il/ac^ra.'!, 1889. 12°. 14170. k. 47. 

NANANANDA SVAMI, Atydsrama Bdla-sarasvati. 
o o o u^ U(S^'T iTiSi^rririsSiULD. [Panchakshara- 
rahasyam, or Anj'-crutt'-uiimai. A treatise on 
the mystic significance of the formula nnmas- 
sivaya. Followed by a Sanskrit acrostic on the 
same words, entitled Siva-panchakshari-stotram.] 
pp. 43. Qs=mdssr eSlairif) [Madras, 1900.] 16°. 

14170. d. 35.(7.) 

^eni^iT'xSiuirir ibitlsld. [Niitana-archya-sishta- 
istakkiyar-na^akam. A drama upon the legend 
of St. Eustace. Edited by S. Madurai-muttu 
Pillai.] pp. 7, 240. O-ysirasr [Madras,] 1896. 
8°. 14170. 1. 44. 

Sketch of Ancient Histoi-y ; with a version of the 
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A Summary of the History of Hindoost'han, 

from the Mahomedan invasion, [in English] with 
a Tamil translation, by P. Gnanapragasa, Moo- 
deliar (^/5^sn;^/rs3fl<r<y/f?^^j<r a^ikiSia <!i>ih). 
pp. 89, 89. Vepery, 1830. 8°. 14170. k. 12. 

NANA-PRAKASA MTTNIVAR, Tiruvanndmalai. See 
Aeunandi Deva-natanar. Qeui^irsmS^^ujiriT ^^ 
[Siva-nana-siddhiyar-supakkam. With commen- 
tary of Nana- prakasar.] [1888.] 8°. 14170. ee.lO. 

NANA-PRAKASA-NATHAR, S. See Jesos Christ. 
De Imitatione Christi, etc. [Ti-anslated by Nana- 
prakasa-nathar.] [1868.] 16°. 14170. a. 20. 

T. M. See Anda-pinda-vyakhyanam. ^assri^- 
i9e3dTt_ eQ lu n ri Si lu IT esT LD , [Anda-pinda-vyakhya- 
nam. Edited by Nana-prakasa-natha.] 1874. 12°. 

14170. i. 11. 

/See Liturgies.— Rome, C/twc/t o/. Qsu^- 





^ajiT6sri(V)p&r. [Soba-dhyana-kural. Edited by 
Naua-prakasa-natha.] 1878. 16°. 14170. a. 44. 

NANA-PRAKASA SVAMI. See Bertoldi (C. M.). 

NANA-PEAKASIYAR, Archya-sish(a. See Louis 
[Gonzaga], Saint. 

NANA-SAGARAM. ^(resrs'irmirOsusmutr. [Nana- 
sagara-ven-ba. 100 Saiva verses.] pp.14. 1898. 
See Vedachalam, N. Q^^irih^i^iresr- 
QuiT^in. [Siddhanta-iiana-bodham.] pt. i. 1898. 
8°. 14170. ee. 39. 

NANA-SAMBANDHAR. [For the legends relating 
to Nana-sambandhar contained in the Periya- 
puranam :] See Sekkirae. 

See Sekkirar. 

Lj!riT6m6iia=e!siLc>. [Tiru-iiana-sambandha-mijrtti- 
nayanar-purana-vachanam. A history of Nana- 
satnbandhar, abridged from the Periya-puranam.] 
1900. 8°. 14170. e. 47.(10.) 

See SuNDAEAM PiLLAi, A. P. Somo Mile 

Stones in the History of Tamil Literature found 
in an enquiry into the age of Tiru Gnana Sam- 
bandha. 1895. 8°. 11825. o. 23.(9.) 

[For editions of the Devaram ascribed 

to Nana-sambandhar, Sundara-murtti, and Tiru- 
navukk'-arasu :] See TiRtj-MtJRAi. 

If ANA - SAMBANDHAR, disciple of Nirambav- 
aragiya Desikar. See Tiruvarde. ^Q^euir^rru- 
L^ mrsasTLc. [Tiruvarur-puranam. Translated into 
Tamil verse by Nana-sambandhar.] [1895.] 8°. 

14170. e. 59. 


NANA - SARA - NUL. ^iresj'S'ir.^iv o^irem^aLn. 
[Nana-sara-niil-sastram. A Saiva tract on divi- 
nation from the breath, etc., with prose para- 
phrase.] pp.48. See SiDDHARQAL. °oo QuiBiu 
(g5/7-s3ri(p«/r 25)61/ [Periya-nana-kovai.] pt. ii. 
1899. 12°. 14170. ee. 33. 

pt. ii. 1906. 12°. 14170. dd. 12. 

See [Addenda] Agasttar. ui^^ulL- 

^■s^rretu^n-LD ^ [Pancha-pakshi-sastram.] 1907. 
8°. 14170. i. 3. 

^J^NA - SAUNDARI. (^nesra^mfm^P, jtiiMiDircleisr. 
[Nana-Baundari-ammanai. A aeries of Roman 
Catholic songs in honour of a female saint.] 
pp. 94. [Jaffna;\ 1888. 12°. 14170. a. 35.(1.) 

[Second edition.] pp. 106. Jaffna, 

1892. 8°. 14170. c. 39. 

NANA-SIDDHA SVAMI, Timhurugur. ^Qf,u>Seou- 
u^aiD, [Tirumalai - padigam. Saiva verses] 
pp. 12. ^QFiOmmQeuaQ [Tinnevelli,] 1902. 12°. 

14170. d. 88, 

ooo a^L-iT^tTirwetrsaQui&sr^ixi Q(iFU>m- 

^ULD ^n^.MJV. [Tiru-mantram, or Shad-adhara- 
vilakkam. Saiva devotional lyrics, in 200 stanzas. 
With prefatory matter by divers authors, in- 
cluding a Sanskrit metrical life of the author. 
Second edition.] pp. i. xiii. 36. O-rsjrSsjr eQ^iu 
[Madras, \8U.'\ 12°. 14170. d. 46.(1.) 

Identity of Popery and Heathenism, ^(j^^ldiu- 
.fLDui^LD ^. pp. viii. 82. Madras, 1850. 16°. 

14170. a. 33.(1.) 
NANA-TJPADESAM. See Catechism. 

NANAV ■ UNARTTUDAL, ^iresrsifessiir^^^&i. 

[Nanav- unarttudal. A Roman Catholic tract for 
purposes of propaganda, ascribed to Beschi.] 
pp. vi. 99. L-i^smeu ^=sy«r<yK)a- [Tondicherry, 
1842.] 12°. 14170. a. 2L(2.) 

NANDAN. /5/5^L06!Sjrt_6U<F^aBLb, ^evii . .. £.ss)/r. 

[Nanda-mandala-satakam. A century of verses 

upon Nandan, a legendary king said to have 

issued leather coin. With commentary by Brah- 

mapuri P. Tiru-venkatam Pillai.] pt. 1. pp. 32. 

Qa-^^ [Madras;\ 1894. 8°. 14170. k, 37. 

Nandan is said to have been a cobbler, and reigned for 
three hours, 

DiN Maluk Mudaliyar, Kdt(dru, the Elder. 

NAN- JIYAR, disciple of Pardsara Bhattar. See 
ARWAKQ&t.—'Nal-a.yir&m.—Periya-tiru-mori. ooo Qu- 
ifliu ^r^QLDirifi ^ [Periya-tiru-moi^i. With com- 
mentaries of Nan-jiyar, e<c.] 1881. 8°. 14170. f. 7. 

ooo eS^SoT'Sj'O, Sixnia^^^a^o, 7>t>JSj^,- 

[Atma-vivaham, Mumukshu-krutyam, Samagrl- 





parampara-nadham, and Avastha-trayara. Four 
Vaishnava tracts of Nan-jlyar. Followed by the 
Paranda-rahasyam of Periyav-achan Pillai. Edited 
by P. Tiru-venkatacharyar, K. P. AnantacHaryar, 
and T. Sesliadriy-iicharyar.] pp. 16, 29, 64. »^^3 
[Bdlary,] 1893. 8°. 14170. ee. 40. 

NAPPUDANAR. (ipevSsouuirtlQ. [MuUai-pattu. 
A poem, no. 5 of the Pattu-pattu, describing the 
sorrow of a queen in the absence of her husband, 
and his return from the war. With Nachinarkk'- 
iniyar's commentary.] See Pattc-pattu. u^^u- 
uiTiL® t^, [Pattu-pattu.] pp. 145-157. 1889. 
8°. 14172. d. 10. 

NAEA-SIMHA BHARATI, Tirunayam, of Anhil- 
alan-durai. See Poeanas. — Siva-puranam. ^m- 
iBev/reviB^ssip . . . inn&srLBiuLD. [Premapuri- 
sthala-nianmiyam. In a Tamil paraphrase by 
Nara-simha and Krushna Bharati.] [1895.] 12°. 

14170. d. 42. 

(Thiyagarajaswamy Charithiram.) [Tyaga-raja- 
svami-charitram, A biography of Tiruvaiyaru 
Eama-brahmam Tyaga-raja-svami, a devout 
Vaishnava poet and musician.] pp. i. 16. (gti- 
uQsnamLn {_Kmnhakonam,] 1906. 12°. 

14171. a. 48.(3.) 
NARA-SIMM'-ACHARI, Setlur. See Sauea Beah- 
mans. ^^n eussiirQsD^ . . . QjDeuiu&wuj eSQaeir. 
[Havya-kavya-vidhigal. Edited by Nara-simm'- 
iichari.] 1906. 8°. 14033. bbb. 36. 

NARA-SIMM'-AIYAR, Manafijeri Murtti-rdm'-aiyar. 
j^fi<3=<9-m^(airfruirdiurr&sr miri—'XireoiEisirjrQLDesr- 
£2iLD Sir^^Bssr. [Harischaudropakhyana-nataka- 
lankaram, or °klrttanai. A lyrical drama on 
the legend of tlie truthful Harischandra. A new 
edition based on that of A. Vira-sami Nayudu.] 
pp.374. iL^'ov [Madras, 187b.] 8°. 14172. b. 13. 

NARA-SIMMALTI NAYUDU, Selam Pagaddla. See 
Sandhya-vandanam. ^ifliun" o^mQiuireui^iBih ld 
[Aryar-sandhya-vandaiiam. With Tamil version, 
e<c., by Nara-simmalu.] 1898. 8°. 14170. e. 47.(8.) 

See Upanishads. ^i^ e!!)ui9e\) ^ (The 

Hindu Holy Bible . . . Compiled by S. P. Nara- 
simmalu Nayudu.) 1898. 8°. 14170. ee. 15, 

190G. 8° 

14007. b. 31. 

ITARA- SIMM ALU NAYUDU, Selam Pagaddla (con- 
tinued), ^^^sojsu^rr^em&i^ eQSsi^L-rr^^- 
esisufiS^^n-m^ ■s= ir jr -f iei Si jr wf eS(SS) isQes)i_. [A- 
dvaita-dvaita-visishtadvaita-siddhanta- sara-san- 
graha-vina-vidai . Catechisms of the three philo- 
sophical systems, in Tamil and English.] pp. 64. 
Qairiuftp^^riT ICoimbatore,] 1897. 8°. 

14170. ee. 13. 

[Aryar-divya-desa-yatrai-charitram. An account 
of a journey through Northern India.] pp. 31, 
320, 7. Qairtu(rp^,^n [Coimbatorc,] 1889. 8°. 

14170. e. 34. 

^iBiUQ^smi—Uj ^iejS^ if it en) ^ it ^ ^ esT 

■s^iB^^iTLD. [Aryar- udaiya safigita-sastrattin 

charitram.] (A Lecture on Ariyan Music, deli- 
vered on . . . the third anniversary of the Coimba- 
tore Siidasa Dbarma Ratchini Sabha.) pp. ii. 24. 
Coimbatore, 1886. 8°. 14170. i. 19.(1.) 

u eQ s^eii IT (f^ Ljsr/remLD ^, [Balijavaru- 

puranam, or Vamsa-prakasikai and Nayadugaru- 
samsthana-charitram.] (A brief Sketch of the 
Origin and History of the Balija Caste People 
or Nayudu Community.) pt. i. pp. 8, 8, Ixviii. 
51. Coimbatore, 1896. 8°. 14170. g. 20. 

\J^ . . , ueS'^euirq^ t^ffiressrijcs ^evsv^ 

iBmuQsrTQ^ <3= u^eto ^ IT esr .fiB^^irLo. [Balijavaru- 

puranam. Second edition.] pp. ii. 32, 16, 48, 

128, 52, 226, 32, 72, 24, 8. QaiTiuQp^^ir [Ooim- 

batore,] 1905. 8°. 14171. e. 10. 

In the pagination, p. 194 b immediately succeeds p. 103 6, 
but the text is quite complete. 

^Om^essT ^iB^iuireQssT ■9'if]^Qjr'3'rTjr&= iej- 

QnpuOLo ... A History on \_slc] South India, etc. 
QsiTiLiQp^^irlT Q^'esrSssr [Coimbatore, Madras,] 
1905, etc. 8°. , 14171. e. 6. 

In progress. 


a/rjLo ■TLOiu 


^i^s'inaju^. {in^<sQ(f^ai^U!.} (Hinduism ... or 
. . . The Great Religions of the World.) [Vol, i., 
Purva-hindu-samayam, or Brahma-samaya-vina- 
vidai, a theistic catechism ; vol. ii., Mata-vru- 
ksham, an outline of the different Hindu sects.] 
2 vols. Coimbatore, 1882-1883. 16°. 14170, d. 7, 

o o o \J^.3,IT(^&L^jrji^6isT LDaa)^^6llih. 

[ Kaiichi - pui'attin mahattvam, A description of 





the sanctuary of Vishnu at Conjevarani.] pp. 30. 
Q/BiTUjQp^^ir \_Ooimbatore,'] 1884. 8°. 

14172. c. 12.(1.) 

QuemssS&ir o'lB^^Qirth. (The History and 

Philosophy of the Female Sex ; or the gradual 
Progress of Women, towards Civilization ... by 
S. P. Narasimhalu Naidoo.) pp. 25. Goimhatore, 
1883. 16". 14171. aa. 10. 

ooo u^Qu(T^iSit^,^BssT LnpiD^^suih. [Pe- 

rnmbudiirin mahattvam. A description of the 
sanctuary of Vishnu at Perumbudur.] pp. 19. 
Q^ntuQp^^ir [_Coimbatore^ 1884. 8°. 

14172. c. 12.(2.) 

ooo ^rnEim(Sai>f,^irmQi!r)-o^suLa[sic]. [Srl- 

ranga-kshetra- mahattvam. An account of the 
history, antiquities, calendar, efc, of the Vaish- 
nava sanctuary at Srirangam.] pp. 98. (osbitiu- 
Qp^i^jTiriCoimbatore,] 1898. 8°. 14170. ee. 35.(3.) 

ooo Q(-f^uu^ QsussisQi^j'ir Lc&JD^^euiii. 

[Tirupadi-venkatesar-mahattvam. A panegyrical 
account of the sanctuary of Vishnu at Tirupati.] 
pp. 42. Qmiraj(ip^.^ir [Coimbatore,] 1884. 8°. 

14172. c. 12.(3.) 

-^-^— uws^^^n Lo^irir Q s it (v^m mi Q/Eireurr^- 
^esrth L^QTjiB^ir&issr Ln^-a^^6iiLE> \js!c\. [Uttara- 
mathura-gokulan -go vardhanam-brundavana- ma- 
hattvam. An account of the Vaishnava sacred 
places of Mathura, Gokul, Gobardhan, and Brin- 
daban.] pp. ii. iv. 105. QairuuQp^^rir [Coimba- 
tore,] 1889. 8". 14170. e. 36. 

{'^Qsu^uQuirnKstr •s'lTjrs'iRiSlirabLCi.) [Veda- 

porul-sara-sangraham. An epitome of the Vedas, 
Brahmanas, Sutras, and Upanishads, read before 
the Brahma Samaj at Coimbatore, Oct. 15, 1896.] 
pp.16. Coim&a/ore, [1896.] 8°. 14172. b. 44.(8.) 
Without title-page. 

NARAYANA, snn of Sri ratnakara. See Upani- 
shads. o o o ^irajQpi_Q s-urSs^^^^srr. [Niitt'- 
ettu Upanishattugal. With extracts from the com- 
mentaries of Narayana, translated into Tamil.] 
1887. 8°. 14010. dd. 2. 

IfARAYANA AIYAR. mesret^ey^eotra'&ss)^. [Manav- 
uUasa-kathai. A series of stories.] pp. ii. 172. 
Madras, 1901. 8°. 14171. a. 43. 

NARAYAITA BHARATI. » » <> Qmnt^kfi^fiaCc. 
[Grovinda - ^atakam, A century of Vaishnavn 
verses.] pp. 22. 1906. See Rama-bami Nayodu, K. 
<F^«/5^j/_®. [§ataka-tiraUa.] pt. 5. 1905- 
1906. 12°. 14170. dd. 10. 

NARAYANA BHARATI, Fenmo?it. ooo UiemetMrea- 
iBirjrinuesnT'S'^mLb er^^ojut ^nhQeumissL—O'Ssui. 
[Tiru-venkata-satakam, or Manavala-narayana-?". 
A century of panegyrical verses upon a certain 
Manavala Narayana.] pp. 62. 1905. See Rama- 
sami Natudu, Z". 0'^m^^nC-®. [Sataka-tiraUu.] 
pt. 3. 1905-1906. 12°. 14170. dd. 10. 

NARAYANA-DAS, Devendrapuram. See SanoItam. 
Tamil Sungeatha Surabooshany, etc. [Translated 
by Narayana-das and Arunachalam Pijlai.] 1900. 
8°. 14170. i. 68. 

NARAYANA-DASAR, Puduvai, disciple of Tint- 
hovalUr Srlnivasdcharyar. See Kahban. fJ^jrirtiiir- 
luessT i^ [Ramayana-vachanam. Edited by Nara- 
yana-dasar.] 1903. 8°. 14172. d. 27. 


eQevir^ih. [Hiranya-vilasam. Edited by Narayana- 
dasar.] 1899. 8°. 14170. 1. 50. 

See Maha-bhakta-vijatam. °°°fjfmsiir- 

ui^eS^iuih. [Maha-bhakta-vijayam. Vol. i., 
edited by Narayana-dasar. Vol. ii., iii., trans- 
lated by the same.] 1898-1905. 4°. 14170. f. 6. 

See Vemana. (i3«/r . . . QeuuKssiesru^^iuiJb 

^ [Vemanna-padyam. Edited with translation 
by Narayana-dasar.] 1903, e/c. 8°. 14175. a. 12. 

A story of the victorious Sountharavally. 

Q^ujmQan essTL^ Q'S^enm^jreueveSlsssin^. [Jeyaii- 
gonda-saundaravalli-kathai.] pp. 200; 1 phiie. 
Madras, 1902. 8°. 14170. k. 74. 

NARAYANA PILLAI, Vallipuram Cliidambara- 
natha. eQiL®^ii.^s^eiS3Tu£siririD, [Vittunu- 
diishana-pariharam. A defence of the cult of 
Vishnu against worshippers of Siva.] pp. 47. 
Q^ekSesr [Madras,] 1885. 16°. 14170, d. 9. 

NARAYANA- SAMI, V. M. Select Tamil Tales, 
with free translations in English and Teloogoo, 
to which are added a vocabulary ... in English 
and Teloogoo, and a choice number of Dr. Marsh- 





man's dialogues, in Englisli and Tamil, by W. M. 
Narrainsawmy. pp. 190. Madras, 1839. 8°. 

14170. k. 66. 

Second edition, pp. 157. Madras, 1853. 

8°. 14170. k. 75. 

NARAYANA-SAMI AIYAR, of Periya-tiruhonam. 

iaQisfTiu<sLji9ir^s)^es)L [Vinayaka-pratishthai. 

Three religious poems, for the ritual of the god 
Vinayaka.] pp. 16. ^(f^eurr^ [Tiruvadi,'] 1894. 
16°. 14170. d. 35.(5.) 

N ABA Y ANA- S AMI AIYAR, Neduvai Annd-sami. 

e'diiQirs ^ jr rr ld u lu esur ld . [Sangraha-ramayanam. 
A poem on the legend of the Ramayanam.] pp. 
viii. iv. 172, i. ld^swjt [Madura,] 1905. 8°. 

14172. bb. 19. 

N AHA Y ANA- S AMI AIYAR, Phinattur A. See 
Adit-appanar. ooo Qq^ in miruL^irir 633TLCI. [Tiru- 
kalar-puranam. Edited by Narayana-sami.} 1902. 
12°. 14170. ee. 55. 

o o o iBiT(^aa!rirpjptLJue<r>i_. [Manakkar- 

attu-padai. A poem in praise of the Kumbakonam 
Town High School.] pp. 13. r^tauQsnessrLty 
iKumhahonam,] 1900. 12°. 14172. a. 45.(3.) 

meuiriS s-sv/r. [Ula, or elegies upon the cult 
of Tillai-valagam Vira-kodanda-Rama-svami, a 
modern incarnation of Vishnu, born in 1862.] pp. 
V. 84. (^LDuQanremw ^Kumbakonam,] 1902. 12°. 

14172. a. 53. 

NARAYANA-SAMI AIYAR, S., of Government 
College, Kumbalconam. See Shakspeee (W.). 
Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. Trans- 
lated ... by S. Narayanaswamy Aiyer. 1893. 8°. 

14170. 1. 32.(1.) 

Nandnanda-nathur. (^(ff)<sijQ^iLQuj^. [Guruv- 
arut-peru. Devotional poems, forming the second 
Tiru-mu£ai of the Anubhavananda-dipjkai.] pp. 
ii. ii. 64. Q^&rSssr [Madras,] 1896. 8°. 

14170. 66. 23. 
NARAYANA-SAMI NAYUDTJ, PuduvniP. a^irjrik- 
s^rrm cFitl^^jruuir. [Sarangadharan-charitra- 
pa. A drama on the story of the chaste prince 
Sariiiigadhara.] pp. ii. 146. Q^mSsvr [Madras,] 
1899. 8°. X4170. 1. 51. 

NARAYANA-SAMI 'PILLAl,Trisirapuram Govinda, 
of Bangalore. Q^^jrikt'^inLi^s'S'^^tuLCi i8^^- 
_®ujas3)^ [Chitrangatti-satyam niruttiya kathai. 
A series of light stories.] pp. 88. Ouias^sr^tr 
[Bangalore,] 1879. 8°. 14170. k. 18. 

ooo miB]aeneu6\}e9edevrr<sFLD [Mangala-valli- 

vilasam. A drama on womanly virtue.] pp. vi. 
168. QuiEj-x^iT ^jy^sya. [Bavgalore, 1882.] 
8°. 14170. 1. 14. 

[Second edition.] pp. vi. 243. Qirrndssr 

[Madras,] 1893. 8°. 14170. 1. 43. 

^— LB- f(T ~ or -uw . . . QinujaessTL—Q^euQLps- 
eSiu/rir . . . Sir^^LcfrSsd. (Garland of Fame of 
Rao Bahadur Maikandadeva Mudaliar ... [A 
series of panegyric verses] by T. C. Narayana- 
sawmy Pillay.) pp. 8. Madras, 1901. 8°. 

14172, bb. 3.(3.) 

Installation of his Highness Sri Krishna- 

rajendra Wodayar Bahadur, Maharaja of Mysore, 
and the Dasara Festivities. A poem in Tamil, 
with an English translation [by T. R. Veiikata- 
sami Nayudu. Followed by Maisur-prabhu-mrdai, 
" The Garland of the Great Men of Mysore," a 
series of panegyric verses]. (ss5U3(^/r j^losid- 
jXtresTLD LnanTnifSitT ^Sl'TFfsi/^eissrjnr^ Si] an i_ lu rr ir 
ua^ a euiT<!Estr uiLi—iri^Qs^aiLb.) pp, 4, iv. 52, 
2, \5; I plate, jlfadras, 1903. 12°. 14172. bb. 8. 

NARAYANA SASTRI, T. S. Quir^^rfl^^irih t^ 
[Bhoja-charitram. A drama on the life of king 
Bhoja of Dbara. With an English introduction.] 
(*Vidvan Mano Ranjani Series.) pp. ii. xvii. 2, 
ii. 355, 8. OcTsir&sr [Madrasi] 1900. 8°. 

14170. 1. 52. 


NAR-KAVI-RAJA NAMBI. [For the Taiijaj-va^an- 
kovai, illustrating the rules for expressing erotic 
sentiment given in this writer's Aga^porul-vilak- 
kam ;] See PoyYA-MORi Pqlavae. 

[Aga-porul-vilakkam. Rules for erotic verse.] 
See Tandava-eaya Mcdaliyae. ^eviaemuu^' 
^s ^, [Nan-nvil, etc.] pp. 34-59. [1835.] 8°. 

14172. ft. 3. 





NAR-KAVI-KAJA NAMBI (continued), o o o j^mu- 
Qurr(7^fffie86nssQpeoQfiu:) . . . &.einiriL]ih. [Aga- 
ponil-vilakkain. With a comtnentary by V. S. 
Vaidya-liiiga Pillai.] pp. iv. ii. 148, ii. Madras, 
1878. 8°. 14172. e. 34. 

Uebersetzung von Nampi's Akapporul 

Vijakkam. (yVon Dr. Graul.) 1857. See Acade- 
mies, etc. — Germany. — Deutsche Mnrgenlaendische 
Gesellschnfl. Zeitsclirift, etc. Bd. xi. pp. 369- 
395. 1846, etc. 4°. Ac. 8815/2. (Bd. 11.) 

UARKIEAR. See NakkIra DivAB. 

NARRAINSAWMY. See Nakayana-sami. 

NATA-RAJA AIYAR, Tnuvil. See Arunandi Dkya- 
NATANAR. Seu^iresi S^^uj IT IT 1^^ [Siva-fiana- 
siddhiyar-supakkam. With commentary. Edited 
by Nata-raja.] [1888.] 8°. 14170. ee. 10. 

NATA-RAJA AIYAR, Marudur Venlcata-rdma. 
Q^eQ <3r i^n u irurr. (Devi Chandraprabah. A 
highly interesting novel in Tamil.) pp. i. 130. 
Madras, 1902. 8°. 14171. a. 60.(1.) 

(Gj/rs5ryoij!.s33j?. (Gnana Bhooshani, or The 

Lover of Wisdom.) [A novel.] pp. i. 192. 
Madras, 1896. 8°. 14171. a. 11. 

Q ffo n Q m n u ai IT fi lit i9, ir a IT ibi s, isfT ersjuih (S^rr- 

esr^mifl'T&sfi. (Gnana-darisani. Selections of 
Vedanta religious teachings.) [Second edition.] 
pp. 112. Madras, 1900. 8°. 14170. ee. 28.(5.) 

The vrrapper hears the date 1899. 

evcS^iTiEjS. (Lalithangi. An interesting 

Tamil novel.) pp. i. 102. Madras, 1902. 8°. 

14170. k. 24.(2.) 

SiTLDeMfT. (Nirmala. An interesting Tamil 

novel.) pp. 96. Madras, 1903. 8°. 14171. e. 1. 

o o ^ ^ _^ ev ^ iB a' (SsB . (Tatwa-darisani. 

Selections of Vedanta religious teachings.) pp. i. 
95. Madras, 1899. 8°. 14170. e. 31.(2.) 

NATA-RAJ'-AIYAR, Nallur S. See Biioja-raja 
Panditar. •r aQ^ir^QiDirSai) ^ [Chara-jodi-malai. 
Edited by Nata-raj'-aiyar.] [1892.] 8°. 

14170. i. 23. 

NATA-RAJAR, TvJranur. <3'ir^sirmiaaiTjnx>. [Ja- 
takillaukarain. A metrical work on astrology. 
Edited by K. V. Aru-muga Mudaliyar.] pp. ii. 
171. [Madras, 18^7 ?] 8°. 14170.1.9. 

NATA-RAJAR, Klranur {continued), Jathakalan- 
karam . . . -SFir^an eosjanrjriJa flpevapiJo a-es>riuLa 
[With a prose paraphrase by M. Vadi-veln Mu- 
daliyar.] pp. 10, 349, 3. Madras, 1902. 8°. 

14171. g. 4. 

ooo jife\}eQiujr'riTsiSu>irSeo. [Aliiy-ara?ani-malai. 
Edited by Nata-raja.] [1884.] 8°. 14172. b. 30. 

NATESA AIYAR, M.S. See Chaocir (G.). The 
Canterbury Tales. Chaucer's Life and the Clerk's 
Tale . . . Tamil translation. [By] M.S. Natesa 
Aiyar. 1904. 12°. 14171. d. 1.(2.) 

NATESAN, M. See Natksa Pillai, Maugdnam. 

NATESA PILLAI, Mangdnam. The Wonders of 
Science ; being a manual of philosophical sports 
and pastimes, calculated to instruct and amuse 
the young. ^rreiv^jr sQ^^^jrih. (The Sastra 
Vichitram; or. Wonders of Science, containing a 
series of most interesting and instructive experi- 
ments in every branch of science ... to which is 
added a collection of the most curious and enter- 
taining verbal puzzles and recreations in numbers. 
By M. Natesan. With illustrations. First series.) 
pp. 2, 80. Madras, 1898. 8°. 14170. i. 55.(1.) 

NATESA FILLAI, S., of " Arija-dhanna-paripdlana 
Sabhd," Palghat. See Chidambaba Kavi-eayae. 
s-S^i^i—iTUjessfl S'XeiiirQ. (|"Oositha Soodamani 
Nigandu," etc.) [Edited by Natesa.] 1903. 12". 

14172. ee. 10. 

NATESA SASTRI, Sangendi Mahd-Ungam. See Ka- 
LiDASA. ^jr(^euui'T ^ [Raghu-vamsam. Trans- 
lated into prose by Natesa.] 1901, e<c. 8". 

14172. bb. 2. 

See KiNGSCOTE {G.),Mrs., and Natksa Sastei, 

S. M. Tales of the Sun, etc. 1890. 8°. 

12431. c. 40. 

See Madana-kama-rajan. The Dravidian 

Nights Entertainments ... a translation ... By 
. . . Natesa Sastri. 1886. 12°. 14170. k. 38. 

See Nalu-mantri-kathai. The King and 

his Four Ministers . . . translated . . . by . . . 
Natesa Sastri, efc. 1888. 12°. 14170. k. 48.(1.) 

iSee Nalu-hantrt-kathai. The King and 

his Four Ministers [translated by Nate?a.] 1889. 
8°. [A Grouji of Eastern Romances.] 14003. h. 21. 





NATESA SASTEI, Sangendi Mahd-lingam (con- 
tinued). See SuDBAKA. Mrichhakati. [Translated] 
by . . . Natesa, etc. 1887. 12°. 14170. k. 1.(2.) 

See Tenn ALU-RAMAN. Tales of Tennalirama 

... [Translated] by ... Natesa Sastri. 1900. 12°. 

14171. a. 6.(4.) 

See ValmIki. euneviESjrirmiriLiessr ^ 

[Ramayanam. Translated into prose by Natesa.] 
1901, etc. 8°. 14172. c. 42. 

Dinadayalu. A novel . . . Second edition, 

revised and enlarged. (Pandit Natesa Sastri's 
Popular Novels. 1. . . . ^osr^uj/r^.) pp. viii. 
193. Madras, 1902. 12°, 14171. a. 42.(3.) 

Folklore in Southern India. [Compiled 

and translated into English by Natesa.] 4 pts. 
pp. 502, ix. vii. Bombay, 1884-1893. 12°. 

14170. k. 59. 

Folklore in Southern India. In Tamil . . . 

isljTireQL- Ujireuanreos aesi^sieir. pp. viii. 165. 
Madras, 1886. 12°. 14170. k. 1.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. vi. 170. 

Madras, 1897. 12°. 14171. a. 18.(1.) 

A Handbook of Sanitary Science ...*«- 

■s'lB^iriFssT^iQsiDss. pp.141. 1905. /See Acade- 
mies, etc. — Madura. {_" Sen-damir " supplement.] 
no. 17. 1902, e<c. 8°. 14172. i. l.*(iio. 17.) 

Measure for Measure, a tale from Shake- 
speare, in Tamil . . . ^sir,^ii9stnirLj(ouir6\) tosir- 
Si]u9ss)ir iSSosr. pp. 15. Madras, 1893. 12°. 

14171. a. 6.(1.) 

Beprinted from the Janavinodini. 

Mediaeval Tales of Southern India, in 

Tamil . . . ^jrireQt— Lc^^uj<xirisva sem^asir. 
pp. i. i. 134. Madras, 1886. 8°. 14170. k. 39. 

Mediaeval Tales of Southern India . . . 

^irireBL^ Lo^^uja/rgVdB eBsm^setr. pp. v. 192. 

Madras, 1897. 12°. 14171. a. 18,(2.) 

An enlarged edition of the work published in 1886, 

The Mother-in-law in Council. An 18th 

century Hindu life novel. (Pandit Natesa Sastri's 
Popular Novels. 5. ... fJ^wu iB 0^^_siii^(^issix.) 
pp. vi. 148 ; 1 plate. Madras, 1903. 12°. 

14171. a, 49.(3,) 

Mudrarakshasam : a tale in Tamil, founded 

on the Sanskrit drama by Visakhadatta, the sixth 

of a series of tales from the Sanskrit Dramatists 
. . . Qp^^j T jrfr<3i^en!tJa. Madras, 1885. 
12°. 14170. k. 40. 

Le Porteur de Sachet. Traduction [from 

an English redaction by Natesa in the " Indian 
Antiquary," vol. xvi.,] de J.-H. Rosny. Illus- 
trations de Gambard et Marold. pp. ii. 139 ; 
8 2^lates. Paris, 1892. 16°. 14171. aa. 13. 

Forms part of the "Petite Collection Guillaume. — Lit- 
terature hindoue." 

The Rejuvenation of Komalam. A (farci- 

cal) romance. (Pandit Natesa Sastri's Popular 
Novels. 2. . . . Qamdenih (v,LcfiuJir(ssT^.) pp. v. 
i. 166. Madras, 1902. 12°. 14171, a, 42.(4.) 

Twelfth Night, or "What Yoa Will. [A 

prose abstract of Shakspere's play] in Tamil . . . 
enQiuiTs^tT ■g-iB^^irth. pp. 26. Coimhatore, 1892. 
12°. 14170. 1. 1.(2.) 

The Two Orphans. A pathetic and moral 

story. (Pandit Natesa Sastri's Popular Novels. 
3. . . . ^assjhp ^(f^(^ipieiD^seir.) pp. 4, i. 412. 
Madras, 1902. 12°. 14171. a. 49.(1.) 

A Wife Condoned. (Pandit Natesa Sastri's 

Popular Novels. 4. . . . m^Q^it—i— UiSssreQ.) pp. 
iv. 298; 1 pZafe. Madras, 1903. 12°. 

14171. a. 49.(2.) 




NATTATTANAR, NuMr. Sl£3iuiT(^p.g)iuusis)L-. 
[Siru-baii-attu-padai. A poetical panegyric on 
King Nalliya-kodan of Eru-ma-nadu, being no. 3 
of the Pattu-pattu. With commentary of Nachi- 
narkk'-iniyar.] See Pattu-pattu. u^^uuitL.® 
^ [Pattu-pattu.] pp. 67-94. 1889. 8°. 

14172, d, 10. 
NAYCHIYAR. See Andal. 

NEELAMAGHACHARIAR, See Nila-meghachartak. 

NEGRO. The Negro Servant, or The Conversation 
.. . ■ifihurrs)^?s!S3r. [Translated into Tamil by W. 
Adley. Second edition.] pp. 15. Jaffna, 1844. 
12°. 14170. b. 1(34.) 

NELLORE. See Madras, Presidency of. A col- 
lection of the inscriptions ... in the Nellore 
district, etc. 1905. 8°. 14058. o. 11. 





NICHOLAS (Innocent). A Vocabulary of English 
and Tamil Words; to which are added a collection 
of familiar dialogues, the English gi-ammar, and 
a few letters, &c. Sixth edition. pp. iv. 192. 
Madras, 1851. 8°. 14172. h. 22. 

NICOL (Thomas). See Bible. — Appendix. [Com- 
plete Bibles.] The Bible and Ancient Monuments, 
etc. (f Based chiefly on " Ilecent Archaeology 
and the Bible," by Professor Nicol.) 1901. 12°. 

14171. a. 45. 



NIJA-GUNA YOGI. A Synopsis of Hindu Systems 
and Sects. [Abridged from the Kanarese work 
of Nija-guna.] (tVivekachintimani.) Translated 
from the Tamil, by the Rer. Thomas Foulkes. pp. 
40. Madras, 1860. 8°. 14170. e. 36.(3.) 

NILA-KANTHA DIKSHITAR, son of Ndrdyui}a. 
\jf . . . <3i(sS}(oiJIZooenjJBUV^<ffBo [Kali-vidamba- 
nam. A Sanskrit poem on the evils of the age, 
with a Tamil translation by S. Kalyana-sundara 
Sastri, assisted by 1. Varadacharyar.] pp. 48. 
Madras, 1904. 16°. 14070. a. 9.(1.) 

■siiajot3S]cs) ...uvfTTsSJeSlcSiireiAj: [Sdnti- 

vilasa. A Sanskrit poem in 51 stanzas on spiritual 
enlightenment and calm. Edited by P. N. Rama- 
natha Sastri, with a Tamil paraphrase.] pp. 37. 
Q^j^n [3fa(i/-as,] 1907. 8°. 14070. dd. 42.(3.) 



NILA-MEGHACHARYAR, V. Who is the Pro- 
prietor of the Soil ? A lecture ... by V. Neela- 
maghachariar. {*i^lBuSIs!ST lS irir ■3? u iT ^ ^ uj ih ereu- 
(V5-i(5 ?) pp.22. Tary'ore, 1891. 12°. 

14170. g. 28. 
Published as supplement to the TaSjai-jana-mitran. 

NILES (Daniel Pooe). See Wesley (J.). A col- 
lection of Hymns . . . Translated into Tamil [by 
D. P. Niles and others]. 1881. 12°. 14170. bbb. 10. 

ftjli/sineuttSsa; e-uQf6a=Lo. [Siluvaiyin upa- 

desam.] (*A sermon [upon 1 Cor. i. 18] preached 
... at Wesley Chapel Vannarponne at the opening 
of a special mission on October 28th 1892.) pp. 8. 
Wisleyan Mission Fnas t Jaffna, 1893. 16°. 

14170. a. 67.(2.) 

See Uma-pati §ivachakyar. °oogieuut9iraiira=ui ^ 
[Siddhantashtakam, comprising the Tiruv-aru^- 
payan, etc., with commentaries founded upon 
those of Nirambav-ajngiyar and others.] [1895.] 
12°. 14170. d. 37. 

(See Uma-pati §iVACHARYAB. QeuuiSjraira-ih. 

[Siddhantashtakam, viz. Tiruv-arut-payan, with 
commentary of Niranibav-aragiyar, etc.] 1897. 
8°. [Mey-kanda-sdttiram.] 14170. ff. 3. 

u u IT mi Si ifj u i9eh?e(r^^LSy).) [Tiru-paran-giri- 
purana-vachanam. A prose version, by M. R. 
Arunachala Kavi-rayar, of Nirarabav-aragiyar's 
poem on the legends of Tiru-paran-giri, sacred 
to Kumara; with a short life of the poet and 
two poems by Nana-sambandhar and Sundara- 
miirtti. Followed by Tiru-paran-giri-pillai-tamir, 
a devotional composition by Arunachala on the 
childhood of the god Kumara as worshipped 
there.] pp. x. 90, 43. Q^rsirdsar eQanfl [Madras, 
1899.] 12°. 14170. d. 70. 

NISOHALA DASA, disciple of Dad H. eQtfirsjfirsjtii 
eTss!a)jLB Qsiifiir iB^a=iT a ■s'liiSiTiBLD. [Vichara- 
sagaram. An exposition of orthodox Vedantic 
monism. Translated from the Hindi of Nischala 
Dasa by A. Siva RJlu of Kuttahvm, with a Brahma- 
nana-churukkam or synopsis of the Vedantam 
appended.] pp. 3, 8, 42, 403, 3, 5, i. 82, 41, v. 
(^LDuQsiiresnTiii [Kumbalconum,] 1893. 8°. 

14170. e. 53. 

Uf^... u^eQ.s'frjr'TirsiriJD. [Vichara-sagaram. 

Translated by A. Siva-rau. Edited by V. Kuppu- 
svami Raju.] pp. 3, 2, 8, xlii. vii. 480, 40. ^^sm^ 
[Tavjore,] 1904. 8". 14170. ff. 12. 

o o o \j^eQQ^^^Qui9iruiTaaiii. [Vrutti- 

prabhakaram. A commentary on Sayana's Pancha- 
dasl. Translated and edited with preface, etc., 
by V. Kuppu-svami Raju.] pp. vii. xix. 580, iv. 
Ui^iTiren) [Madras,] 1901. 8°. 14170. ee. 41. 

\j^ eQQ^jiJsljr^iBirajeS. [Vrutti-ratnavali. 

A supercommentary upon the Panchada?i, in the 
form of an epitome of Nischala Dasa's Vrutti- 
prabhakaram. Translated by V. Kuppu-svami 
Raju.] pp. iv. xxi. ii. 160 ; 1 plate. Q^d^Sssr 
[Madras,] 1902. 12". 14170. d. 77. 





NITI-SASTRAM. \^ • ■ • J^^^ire^<? . . 
ffif<s(v^jLa. [Niti-sastram. A collection of San- 
skrit ethical verses from the Maha-bharatam, Manu, 
Bhartra-hari and other sources. With a Tamil 
commentary in mani-pravalam style.] pp. 76. 
C_S!/!V56i_(-./ii9 <5i5]^ S [Tlfaciras, 1 880.] 16°. 

14085. a. 6. 
NITYA-KARMA. ^sf^-^<o(&_,-w^¥i [Pancha-kala- 
prakasa. A Sanskrit handbook of the daily rites 
of Sri-vaishnavas, with an appendix of Vaishnava 
hymns and lections, partly Sanskrit and partly 
Tamil. Edited, under tbe direction of Denkani- 
kottai Tirumalai Srinivasacharyar, by Kandadai 
Kaysina-vendacharyar and others.] pp. ii. iii. 154, 
i. 93. ^t^a^^S ns^oV [Madras, 1904.] 8°. 

14033. bbb. 26. 

eGi sn) 611 u iriMpso ^esipa^ajStSsiDS. [Visva- 

brahma-ahnika-dipikai. A treatise in catechetic 
form on the daily rituals of the Visva-brahma or 
goldsmith caste, with the Sanskrit formulae and 
hymns in Tamil script. Translated from the 
Telugu by D. N. Muttu-svami Upadhyayar. Re- 
vised by A. Muttu Achari and A. Ananta Peru- 
mal Achari.] pp. 106. ^esmQi^xec uirSsmuia- 
Ca/rils5)t_ [Dindigal, Palamcottah printed,] 1907. 
8°. 14033. aa. 46. 

NITYANANDA SVAMI. See Sankaeachaeyae. 
[Doubtful and Supposititious Works.] j-^. . . ^e\)- 
oi^t^eQir^i^ t^ [A collection, comprising Da- 
kshina-murtti-ashtakam, metrically translated by 
Nityananda ; Advaita-rasa-manjari, translated by 
the same, e«c.] [1888.] 16°. 14170. d. 28. 

KOBILI (Roberto de'), called Tattva-bodhaka- 
SVAMI. jsi^^m fSQ^ssuriuui. [Atma-nirnayam. 
A proof of the existence of the soul. Edited by 
the Jesuit College, with a preface by M. S. lago 
Filial.] pp. viii. 306, iii. Q^rmSssr [Madras,] 
1889. 8°. 14170. e. 28. 

i^nQi^uQ^'SF ^(SSTQij'iBi airessjL^LD. [Nk- 

nopadesara. A manual of Catholic doctrine. 
Edited by M. S. lago Pillai. Second edition.] 
bk. iii. pp. ii. iii. 508, iii. ; 1 pZa<e. ^(fr)^9Q)u- 
u&T&B [Trichinopoli,] 1907. 8°. 14170. bb. 9. 

NRUSIMHA BH All ATI, Pontiff of Sringeri. Begin. 
,©gff u§a-^aj^^^ff« [Pastoral letters on 

the religious and legal relations of the brahmans 
holding the Shannavati agrahdram to the Sringeri 
monastery, etc., the first portion being a Sanskrit 
letter addressed to them in 1854 by Nrusirnha, 
and the remainder partly in Sanskrit and partly 
in Tamil] pp. 20. jri^rrsi^ [1865.] 16°. 

14058. a. 6.(1.) 

NUH -ibn 'ABD al-KADIR, al-Kdhirl. l_.'J^1 1 j.a> 

[Al-Durar fi liikayat al-ghurar, also called Kisas 
al-auliya. A collection of anecdotes of Muham- 
madan saints.] pp. 331, Z/</i. ju>»jirn [Bombay, 
1882.] 8°. 14173. b. 13. 

Las-Ij [Fatli al-saraad. A treatise on the names 
of the Companions who fell at the battles of Badr 
and Uhud, and their use for devotional purposes, 
in Tamil. Followed by a poem in Arabic on the 
same subject, by 'All al-Barzanjl.] pp. 90, lith. 
JkK4^_ irr. [Bombay, 1902.] 8°. 14173. b. 8. 

jl^ill t__-vj'JLc ^ i>^js:'' i=5^ [Minhat al- 

jawiid. A life of Muhammad ibn Muhammad al- 
Fasi.] See below: Jl ^jJUl! cd'^ [Nafahat al- 
'anbar.] pp. 251-280. [1902.] 8°. 14173. c. 10. 

J^S'i] (w-^laiJ! ^_-J'Ju, ^ J^.^l^] eu'^ [Nafa- ■ 

hat al-'anbar. Life of the Siifl saint Abu al- 
Hasan al-Shazili, in Tamil. To which are added : 
1.) al-Wazifat al-Shaziliyat, the prayer-book of 
al-Shazili, the Arabic text with a Tamil para- 
phrase; 2.) al-Yakutlyah, a prayer by Muhammad 
ibn Muhammad al-Fasi, the Arabic text with 
Tamil paraphrase ; 3.) Minhat al-jawad, a life of 
Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Fasi, in Tamil, 
by Nub ibn 'Abd al-Kadir ; followed by several 
other pieces entirely in Arabic] pp. vi. 398, lith. 
^*j irr, [Bombay, 1902.] 8°. 14173. c. 10. 

Jfi\ iji^: [Tuhfat al-kiram. A treatise on 

Muhammadan ethics.] vols. 2, 3. Lith. ,Juuo in. 
[Bombay, 1893.] 8°. 14173. c. 6. 

NUH LEBBAI, Periya. See Perita NiJii Lebbai. 

ODALANDAI. uirSs\). [Palai. Erotic verses.] See 
KuDAf.UR-KiRAE. ooo ^iEi(v,^ ,^ir jpi ^ [Aih-guru- 
uiiru.] pp. 94-120. 1903. 8°. 14172. c. 48. 





ONDAATJE (Matthijs Jueoen). See BRONSVELn 
(S. A.). Tamulsch Kinder-Catechisraus . . . ver- 
beetert en van veele foufcen gezuyvert door M. I. 
Ondaatje. [1788.] 12°. 14170. a. 36. 

0RA]ff-65GIYAR. ldq^^ld. [Marudam. Erotic 
verses.] See Kudaluu-kibae. <>°o ^iki(^jpi^iTjDi 
^ [Ain-guru-nuru.] pp. 1-32. 1903. 8°. 

14172. c. 48. 

ORDO SALUTIS. [For the catechetical Ordo 
Salutis :] See Catechism. 

ORIENT READERS. A companion to the Orient 
Readers. No. i. Tamil. New edition, pp. 59. 
JIfairas, 1895. 12°. 14172. h. 97.(1.) 

OTTA-KUTTAR. [I/f/e.] See Mruga-dIsa Svami. 
University of Madras . . . Pulawar Puranam, etc. 
1901. 8°. 14172. bb. 3.(4.) 

See Academies, etc. — Madras. — University 

of Madras. University of Madras. F. A. Exami- 
nation of 1903. Full notes on . . . Bhoja Raja 
Charitram, etc. 1903. 8°. 14172. hh. 19. 

[For editions of the Kaniba-ramayanam, 

of which the 7th canto (Uttara-kandam) is ascribed 
to Otta-kiittar :] See Kamban. 

[Occasional verses, ascribed to Otta-kuttar 

and Pugarendi, with interpretation.] See Tani- 
padal. {^ ^ s^ u u in_ p /3 jTi—Q) [Tani-padat- 
tirattu.] pp. 158-177. [1892, etc.] 8". 

14172. 0, 39.(5.) 

OUVAIYAR. See Auvaiyab. 

"S. {Ptiiuv), of Birmirtgham. Renunciation of Evil 
Ways, or An account of Philip P. of Birmingham 
. . . ^&stQesrfSis9e\>'i(^. [Translated by J. Knight.] 
Third edition, pp. Iti. Jaffna, 1844. 12°. 

14170. b. 1.(31.) 

PACHECO (Francis), s^i^irt^sir <rrip& eQeona-A- 
(■^ldlS. [Santfinal-samuga-vilasa-kummi. Songs 
to be sung at the Feast of St. Anne.] pp. 24. 
(urrL^uuirsssTLo [Jaffna,] 1 885. 12°. 14170. b. 34.(3.) 

PACHECO (Gabriel), of the Oratory vf Sa7i Fllippo 
N^eri. (S^&iui9n ssi'fiiSisir ^(tr)^. [Deva- 
prajaiyin tiru-'kathai. A history of Israel and 
the Christian Church. Edited by Cyriacus a 
S. Eliseo.] 5 vols, unr^surtii eB.ji/jijO-'S^/^iJKr 
[Mannanam, 1880-1680.] 8°. 14170. bb. 2. 

PADI-KASU PULAVAR. 0° o utfiQit^ir^eQarrdxth 
ersir^iM ^ssistL^2eOiuirirdr^aLCi. [Tandalaiyar-^ata- 
kam, or Paya-mofi-vilakkam. 100 verses on the 
Saiva cult at Tandalai-nlneri, illustrating pro- 
verbial phrases. With biography.] pp. 29. 1905, 
See Rama-sami NAYoptr, K. ^^a^^iriLQ. [§a- 
taka-tirattu.] pt.4. 1905-1906. 12°. 14170.dd.lO. 

This author was born about 1650 at Tengalattur, or 

PADITTU-PATTU. o°° u^jbjp/uu^^QpeoQptD, 

uetnLfiiusijss)inLjLD. [Padittu-pattu. An anthology 

of 90 classical poems in praise of Chera kings, 

by Kannanar, Gautamanar, Kappiyanar, Parana r, 

Nachellaiyar, Kapilar, Arisil-kirnr, and Perun- 

gunrur-kirar, in 9 chapters, forming the 4th of 

the Ettu-togai. With an ancient commentary. 

Edited with preface, biographical notices of the 

authors, and glossary by U. V. Saminath'-aiyar.] 

pp. ii. 14, ii. 176. 0^(Ssra3/"ULLi_633rii [Madras,] 

1904. 8°. 14172. bb. 14. 

This edition contains the text from bk. ii. to bk. ix., or 
2mems 11-90. 

PADMA-NABHA AIYAR, Koyamuttut: Q^i-.f 
&piB^ Q^iPiiFssrin. [Te(|a-chiranda derisanam. 
A Saiva poem.] pp. 7. Colmhatore, 1894. 16''. 

14170. d. 36.(4.) 

PADMASANI AMMAL, Kannanur. jrirunriuesur 
■FiB^^iri (^lblS. [Ramayana-charitra-kummi. 
A ballad on the story of the Ramayanam.] pp. 60. 
Madras, 1905. 8°. 14172. a. 54.(3.) 

PAQARI-KUTTAR. ^c3'3=Qd=i^irirLJi9en2err^^- 
iStfi. [Tirucheudur-pillai-tamir. A devotional 
poem on the childhood of the god Kumara, as 
worshipped at Tiruchendur. Edited by M. R. 
ArunachalaKavi-rayar.] pp.41, 1900. SeeVENRi- 
MALAI Kavi-eajar. ^(^■fQ3= m,^iT^/S^Lj!r iressr 
^ [Tiruchendiir-tala-purana-vachanam.] [1899- 
1900.] 12°. 14170. d. 59. 



PALNI. See [Addenda] Bala sdbrahmanta Kavi- 
EAYAR. iJtfiiS/£ ^evLfjiressT (^ [Parani-tala pu- 
raua-vachanam. A paraphrase of the sacred legend 
of Palbi.] 1905. 12°. 14170. dd. 2. 

PAMB'-ATTI SIDDHAR. unu^uirCt^Q^^iun- 
z_6v. [Padal. Saiva verses.] pp.20. See Siddhar- 





GAL. o o o Quifiiu i^n-esriQanremsu [Periya- 
fiana-kovai.] 1899. 12°. 14170. ee. 33. 

pt. i. pp. 36-55. 1906. 12". 

14170. dd. 12. 

PANCHAKSHARAM. U(ST,^irsminCirr'^. [Pan- 
chakkliara-malai. 61 verses on the mystic Saiva 
formula namas-sivdya.] pp. 9. 1898. See Veda- 

CHALAM PiLLAT, N. Si ^^IT IB^f^lT ewQuiT ^LD. [Sid- 

dhanta-fiana-bodham.] pt. i. 1898. 8°. 

14170. ee. 39. 

PANCHA-NADA SASTRI, Kanindaffdtigudi. uitlo- 
^eS^ujrrnpiT^ eroiraffLb. [Brahma-vidyamruta- 
sagaram. A modern treatise on Vedantic philo- 
sophy, based on the Garu-jSana-vasishtham, etc., 
and illustrated from Sanskrit texts.] pp. iv. ii. 
X. 371j V. OiresrSsar sSHq^^ [Madras, 1890.] 
16°. 14048. a. 13. 

PANCHA-PADAM. ut^-ru^Ln^nreuiriSiULCi. [Pan- 
cha-pada-maha-vakyam. A catechism of Saiva 
theology, purporting to be translated by Tauda 
Svami from the Sanskrit.] pp. 80. iMadras ?] 
1862. 8°. 14170. e. 13. 

Printed on yellow paper. 
PAKCHA-TANTRAM. ^<?<y^ . . . ^iremi^euirmu 

[Pancha-tantra-kathai. Translated from the Ma- 
rathi and adapted by Tandava-raya Mudaliyar.] 
pp. i. 100, i. Oa^swSsar s^ j)j vr s- a) <xr [Madras, 
1826.] Fol. 14171. 0. 4. 

[Another copy.] 14171. c. 3. 

Ui'S^s'^n^jTSiBsin^. [Pancha-tantra-kathai. 

Another reprint. Edited by E. N. Muttu-sanii Mu- 
daliyar.] pp. ii. 110. srQ£Qprr i9&)eiJia3i [Egmore, 
1847.] 8°. 14170. k. 26. 

l;(J5 .r^ ;bP jdBoF gj)^. [Pancha-tantra-kathai. 

A reprint of the preceding. Edited by Srlnivasa- 
puram Srmivas'-aiyangar.] pp. 2, 84. Madras, 
1852. 8°. 14170. k. 21. 

udriS-fliQirm asn^. [Pancha-tantra- 
kathai. Another reprint.] pp. vi. 143. L^^emeu 
^^Or® [Pondlcherry, 1865.] 12°. 1417Q. k. 9. 

— uis^a^^m^uamem^. [Pancha-tantra-kathai. 
Another reprint. Edited by Tiruvengadu Aru- 

muga Svami.] pp. 76. O-ysarSsar ajifj^s [Madras, 
1881.] 8°. 14170. k. 15. 

Panchatantram. [Another reprint.] Part 

i.(-v.) with an English translation and a glossary, 
etc. 5pts. Jlfarfra*, 1891-1893. 8°. 14170. k. 57. 

The Panchatantra in Tamil [in the recen- 

sion of Tandava-raya Mudaliyar], with notes and 
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Reader, pp. v. 224. 1893. See Arden (A. H.). 
A Pngressive Grammar, etc. 1891-1893. 8°. 

12907. c. 38. 

Pancha Tantra. Translated from the Tamil 

by the Rev. S. Winfred. pp. vi. i. 119. Madras, 
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Le Pantcha-Tantra, ou Les Cinq Ruses 

(fchoix . . . extrait sur trois copies differentes, 
^crites I'une en tamoul, I'autre en telougou, et 
la troisieme en cannada). See Dubois (J. -A.). 
Le Pantcha-Tantra, etc. pp. 1-228. 1826. 8°. 

14170. k. 67. 

1872. 8°. 

14170. k. 68. 

a Qireveviru ^i^jrih . . . is iL lj uQ u jpi , 

[Suhril-labha-tantram. Bk. ii. of the Pancha- 
tantram.] See Pope (G. U.). A Tamil Prose 
Reading-book, efc. bk. ii. 1859.8°. 14172. h. 76. 

uiST^'T^iB^jrm. [Pancha-tantram, bk. ii. 

(Snhril-labham). In Tamil and English, with 
Tamil commentary, etc.} See Academies, etc. — 
Madras. — University of Madras. Copious notes, 
etc. 1898. 8°. 14172. b. 16.(1.) 

PANDI-TURAI DEVAR, of Palavanattam Zamin- 
dari,Eamnad. u &sr ^m p fS iri—® . [Pan-niit-tirattu. 
An anthology from various poems, arranged under 
the heads of virtue, wealth, and pleasure.] pp. v. 
vii. 235, xiii. i. Ramnad, 1898. 8°. 14172. d. 21. 

U 0ST ^J i) /S IT L-® . ^ rO ^ £)I U U IT e\i . [Pau- 

nut-tirattu. 100 stanzas from the Arattu-pal or 
section on virtue.] See Academies, etc. — Madras. — 
Univermty of Madras. The Tamil text, e<c. pp. 16- 
31. 1899. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(7.) 

Ljesr^urp^iTL-Q. [Pan-nut-tirattu. The 

same stanzas, with notes and English translation.] 





See Academies, etc. — Madras. — University of Ma- 
dras. University of Madras. Matriculation 
Examination, 1900, efc. 1900. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(2.) 

Pannulthirattu. Chapter i.(-ix.), efc. [In 

Engli-sh, with Tamil notes.] See Academies, etc. — 
Madras. — University of Madras. Copious anno- 
tations, etc. 1900. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(3.) 

Pannul thirattu. Or, Gleanings from many 

Wolls [sic^ Virtue. Chapter i. (-ix.), etc. [In 
English, with Tamil annotations.] See Academies, 

etc Madras. — University of Madras. University 

of Madras. Exhaustive notes, etc. 1900. 8°. 

14172. bb. 6.(4.) 

PANLIYAN (TriOMAS B.). The life of the Rev. 
Isaac Abraham, C.M.S., Panneivilei. aesrus : 
FFS'iTS(V) .3ii9iraLn ^tLijrsuirs&flesr ^eQiu -oQri^^- 
^irm^LB . . . With a preface by ... T. Walker, 
pp. ix. xvi. 169 ; 1 plate. Falamcottah, 1 906. 1 2°. 

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lation.] See Tayloe (W.). Oriental Historical 
Manuscripts, etc. vol. i., pp. 3-44. 1835. 4°. 

14171. c. 5. 
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[Pann'-iru-batt'-iyal. Rules for the art of poetry.] 
pp. 44. 1904. See Academies, etc. — Madura. 
["Sen-damir" supplement.] no. 10. 1902, etc. 
8°. 14172. i. 1.* (no. 10.) 

PARA-HITAM. Qo'/r^a^ir^^jrih. [Jodi-sattiram.] 
The Oriental Astronomer [purporting to be a 
translation into Tamil by Ullam-udaiyan of the 
Sanskrit work styled Para-hitam] : being a com- 
plete system of Hindu astronomy, accompanied 
with a translation [into English by H. R. Hoi- 
sington] and numerous explanatory notes. With 
an appendix, pp. i. 177, 2, 145, i. Jaffna, 1848. 
8°. 14170. i. 8. 

PABAMANANDA. urrLorrem ib^^uld. [PHrama- 
nanda-dipam. Saiva verses.] See Siddhakgal. 
ooo Quifiiu (S^(r6sriQiBiTS!S)eii, [Periya-nana-kovai.] 
pt. ii. 1906. 12°. 14170. dd. 12, 

PARAMESVARA AYYAR, Suhba-rdya. Sangiiha 
Sastram, or A treatise in Tamil on the art of 
Indian music . . . ■s'iiS^ ■sfit&vJSIjiw. (*Mana- 

sollasini Series.) pp. i. iv. 74. [Madrag,'] J 905. 
8°. 14170. i. 19.(2.) 

PARA-MORI. (■fuLfiQiDiTL^ji^in^®.) [Pnra-mori- 
tirattu. A collection of proverbs.] pp.82. [Ma- 
dras, n.d.] 8°. 14170. k. 66.(1.) 
Without title-page. 

PARANAR. ^I'b^iTLn u^_^. [Decade v. Ten 
poems on the Chera king Sen-guttuvan.] See 
Padittu-pattc. u^p£uuu^^ i^ [Padittu- 
pattu.] pp. 60-79. 1904. 8°. 14172. bb. 14. 

PARANIY-APPA AIYA, Sornanddapuram. ooo uir- 
i—P^SsTiL®. [Padat-tirattu. A series of religions 
poems addressed to Subrahmanya as worshipped 
on the Palni Hills.] pp. 146. Oa^sirSssr \Ma- 
dras:\ 1898. 8°. 14172. b. 6. 

Postal Guide. Postal Guide, e<c. [Published by 
Paraniy-appa.] 1904. 8°. 14172. i. 23. 

PARAS-JODI MTJNIVAR. See Krcshna Bharati. 
^(7^eQSsinuiri_&) /5/ri_«ti). [Tiru-vibniy-adal-nata- 
kam. A drama on the subject of the Tiru-vilaiy- 
adar-puranam.] 1899. 8°. 14170. 1. 49. 

See Shanmukham Pillai, P. V. ^(r^eSSsir- 

luiTL-p Ljjiresur .fiEiSjrmLD. [Tiru-vilaiy-adar- 
puraiia-sangraham. A metrical summary of theTiru- 
vi]aiy-aciar-puranam.] 1901. 8°. 14170. ee. 5.(2.) 

See Subrahmanya Bharati, M. S. ^(i^eS- 

Ssirturri—pSir^^Ssur. [Tiru-vilaiy-adar-klrttanai. 
Lyrics on the legends of the Tiru-vilaiy-adar- 
puranam.] 1906. 8°. 14170. ff. 19. 

^(fFfisQSoiTUJTt—p L^iriressTixi. [Tiru-vilaiy- 

adar-puranara. A poem on the cult of Siva at 
Madura, narrating his 64 sacred sports in 3363 
quatrains and 72 chapters, and purporting to be 
translated from the Sanskrit Halasya-mahatmyain 
iu the Isa-samhita of the Skanda-puriinam. Edited 
on the basis of the editions of Sara-vana Peru-mal 
Aiyar and Nagur Tyaga-raya Mudaliyar.] pp. ii. 
ii. 456. Sii^T^^smffuQuiLont^ 9iTp>ii aesst 
\Madras, 1850.] 8°. 14170. ee. 1. 

Composed about 1650 A.D. 

ooo ^(WFeQPeirujirL-pLfjTireminh ui^ensri' 

sireesri^ui). [Tiru vilaiy-a<Jar-puranam. An illus- 





trated edition, with interpretation and commen- 
tary by T. K. Subba-raya Chetti. Followed by 
the Tiruv-alavay-devaraui, efc] 2 vols. O'S^drSssr 
ffieiiQ^^ [Madras, 1887.] 8°. 14170. f. 10. 

^(meQSsfTiurrL-^ lj j rremsTLn. [Tiru-vilaiy- 

adar-puranam. Another reprint of the edition of 
Sara-vana Peru-mal. Followed by the Tiruv- 
alavay-devaram.] pp. iii. i. 483. Q<f&srSssr eSs^-a 
[Madras, 1882.] 8°. 14170. ee. 2. 

ceiT uj IT i_pLj!r IT essr LB [Tiru- vilaiy- adar-puranam. 
Preceded by the Tiruv-alavay-devaram and other 
poems. Edited by Chidambaram Isaniya-matham 
Eama-linga Svami.] pp. xxvi. ii. ii. 476, ii. 
Oa^mBs^ [Madrasil 1896. 8°. 14170. ee. 3. 

• [Third edition.] pp. xxxii. iv. ii. 494, ii. 

0d=6w^ [Madras,} 1906. 8°. 14170. eee. 24. 

eQdsfnuiTL^pQ a iresmin, [Tiru-vilaiy-adar-puranam. 
Edited with interpretation and commentary by 
Ikkadu Eatna-velu Mudaliyar.] Qs^ssr^ssr [Ma- 
dras;] 1896, etc. 8°. 14170. ff. 1. 

Incomplete, extending only to p. 392 of the Tiruv-dlavay- 
kdndam. No more has been registered, 

o o o ^(T^eQSsfTiuiri^pLjiriressnx:, Qeti^^- 

e-emiriLjih. [Vedattukku porul aruli cheyda pata- 
1am. The 16th canto of the Tiru-vilaiy-adar-pu- 
ranam. With paraphrase and commentary by M. 
Tillai-natha Piljai.] pp. 26. Qa^mSsar ^lu [Ma- 
dras, 1894.] 8°. 14170. e. 67. 

^iQ^eQSsiTiuir L--P LjiriTsssTLn [Tiru-vilaiy- 

adar-pnranam. A prose abstract by K. Namas- 
sivaya Mudaliyar.] pts. 1-18. Q-fesrSssr [Ma- 
dras,] 1901-1902. 16°. 14170. dd. 8. 

Madura Stalla Purdna. [An abstract in 

EugHsh.] See Taylor (W.) . Oriental Historical 
Manuscripts, etc. vol. i., pp. 53-116. 1835. 4°. 

14171. c. 5. 

oo o Qeu^.rir&ssfluji^ir.Tsssnx:. [Vedaranya- 

puranam. The sacred legends of the Saiva shrine 
of Vedaranyam in Tanjore, in verse, ascribed to 

Paran-jodi. Edited by M. Soma-skanda Bhatta- 
rakar.] pp. iv. 206, i. Qo'ekBosr eQ-smJai^ [Ma- 
dras, 1899.] 12°. 14170. d. 54. 

FAKANKUSA-DASAS, \J<^fim iBmrrimF lEiSir^i^esTLci. 
[Hari-nama-sankirttanam. Hymns on the names 
of Vishnu.] pp.75. i9jru6U [Madras, 1868.'] 8°. 

14172. b. 21. 

FARASAE.A. ujrira'jrewih(T^^. [Parasara-smruti, 
or °sainhita. A code of sacred law. The Sanskrit 
text in both Grantham and Tamil characters. 
Edited with Tamil translation by Adur Ichambadi 
Desikacharyar.] pp. 2, viii. 80, 68. O-FesrSssr 
[Madras,] 1902. 8°. 14039. b. 30. 

ooo u IT IT IT ■3' fl oj iM t^ [Parasaryam. An 

astrological work on the aspects and influences of 
the heavenly bodies, translated from the Sanskrit 
work ascribed to Parasara. Edited by Vaidi- 
linga Jodishar.] pp. iv. 100. ueu [Madras, 1874.] 
8°. 14170. i. 16. 

PARASARA BHATTAR, son of Srivatsdnha Kuratt'- 
drvdn (Rakqa-natha). See PdeInas. — Varnha- 
purdnam. i^ • • • ^^'^^^^'^no. [Kaisika-pu- 
ranam. With Tamil commentary by Parasara.] 
[1904.] 8°, 14028. c. 49.(2.) 

^'OiTi^Qi^n-csi [Ashta-sloki. A Vaish- 

nava religious poem in 8 Sanskrit stanzas. With 
Tamil version, analysis, and commentary.] See 
Varadacharyae, V.D. ooo uirueisrstsTuiT fi'^ir^LCi 
^ [Prapanna-parijatam.] pp. 128 147. [1895.] 
8°. 14028. d. 55. 

PARASTJ-RAMA PANTULU, Linga-murtti Guru- 
murtti. ooo \j^e^^ir ff iruar^a'Q iBiu ewLneuir^- 
etvirjrewiEiSffdBLc ^ [Sita-ramaiijaneya-samvada- 
sara-sangraham. A Telugu prose epitome, by 
Narapa-raju Rama-chandra Pantulu, of the Slta- 
ramaSjaneya-samvadam, a Telugu poem expound- 
ing Yoga theories in a dialogue between Sita, 
Rama, and Hanuman. With Tamil translatinn 
and commentary and a concluding Tamil poem 
by S. Vijaya-raghavalu Nayudu.] pp. xviii. 164, 
6, iii.ii. O-yesr&jr erreQemhdi [Madras, 1898.] 8°. 

14170. ee. 27. 

PARIMEL-ARAGAR. See Tiru-valluvar. The 
Cural . . . with the commentary of Parimelaragar, 
etc. 1840-1852. 8°. 14172. b. 48. 





PAEIMEL-ARAGAR (continued). See Tiec-vai,- 
LUVAB. o o o ^iBy}(o6ii^uiirQuj^(r^d(^iD6tiir ^ 
[Kural. With the commentary of Paiimel-ajagar.] 
[1861.] 8". 14172. d. 7. 

[1875.] 8° 

14172. d. 8. 

See TiEU-VALLUVAR. o o o ^QFiif^petr i^ 

[Kural. With commentary of Parimel-aragar.] 
[1875.] 8°. 14172. c. 10. 

See TiED-VALLUVAK. The Kural . . . with 

the commentary of Parimelazagar, etc. 1885. 8°. 

14172. d. 15. 

See TiEU-VALLuvAE. 00 o ^iSt^Qeu^Lcn-Stu 

^(rh,i(^pefr ^ [Kural. With commentary of 
Parimel-aragar.] 1904. 8°. 14172. c. 46. 

[For editions of the Kural including com- 
mentaries based upon that of Parimel-aragar :] 


FAENELL (Thomas), Archdeacon of Clogher. Par- 
nell's Hermit in Tamil prose. By C. Ramachandra 
Aiyar. (*LLeiTiB(^LpLni9uj Lbrr^eu^Q^rr&si .) [Fol- 
lowed by the original.] pp. i. 25. Tanjore, 1904. 
12°, 14172. a. 54.(2.) 

kachartae. Tattva-traya . . . translated by Sri- 
Parthasarathy Aiyangar. 1900. 8°. 14170. ee. 17. 

odical Pdblications. — Madras. The " Gramathi- 
kari Gazette" ... [Edited] by D. B. Partlia- 
sarathy Aiyangar. 1903. 8°. 14172. i. 3.(2.) 

ling a Svami. ooo em sii jT IT <i S iLi -F^^ih ^ [Vai- 
ragya-satakam. Edited, with commentary, • by 
Partha-sarathi.] 1906. 12°. 14170. dd. 11.(1.) 

^j.SiUTJGnjnr^trdBi{rQi£imQp\g)iaiirfr^. [Sam- 
skruta-sabda-ratnakaram. A vocabulary of San- 
skrit words explained in Tamil.] pp. xiv. 263, 
ii. Q^^Bssr [Madras,] 1881. 8°. 14090. c. 35. 

PATTANATTTJ PILLAI (Tieuvkngadae). [Life.'] 
See Nama-sivatam Pillai, M. ooo uiLi—ossr^- 

J^ui9ffir2e(riuiri- ^B^^a a^miQiraiJa. [PaUanattu- 
pijlaiyar-charitra-sangraham.] [1898.] 12°. 

14171. aa. 7. 

^(i^QeuGssfiBinLi—t^aeiTLjirfrsissrLCi eriiaTSpiLti 

UL-i—eis!ST^^ui9sn?isiT\uiriifLiiriTemLi:i i^ [Patta- 
uattu-pillaiyar-puranam, or Tiruvengatt'-adigaj- 
puranam. A poem in 3 books, composed about five 
centuries ago by a tamhirdn of Chidambaram, on 
the legends connected with the life of the Saiva 
poet and devotee Pattanattu Pillai. Edited with 
paraphrase and commentary by T. K. Vadi-velu 
Mudaliyar.] pp. ii. 246, ii. (ol^esrSsar [Madras,] 
1901. 8°. 14170. k. 34 

ooo QsiniQesrisireisrLDissaHLCiirSsiO Qp/Bsdiu 

yy&OQpLd . . . Qaini9lp/3(fF)'Si]'X&i&)(ip^eSiuj ^q^u- 

uirL—p^inL®Qps\)(LpiM i^ [A collection of Saiva 

poems, comprising the Koyin-nan-mani-malai, Ti- 

rukarumala-raum-mani-kovai, Tiruvidaimarudur- 

mum-mani-kovai, Tiruv-ekambam-udaiyar-tiruv- 

antfidi, Tiruvottiyiir-togai, and Tiru-padaJ-tirattn, 

some being supposititious. With commentaries 

and a biography.] pp.402. Qs'mSssr [Madras,] 

1892. 8°. 14172. c. 39.(vol. 2.) 

Forma part of the Vidya-vinodini Series. 
In the pagination the noa. 137-146 are dropped, but nothing 
is missing. 

ooo ^QhQeiies3T6iirLLt—i^ssiT ^S\^'^au:>. 

.jtjeun^ u(n—p/3(ir)rLfjeinp ^ [Padat-tiru-murai. 
The same poems of Pattanattu Pillai. With a bio- 
graphy and glossary, and also Sendanar's Tiruv- 
isai-pa and Bhadra-giriyar's Pulambal. Reprinted 
from the edition of ToruviirVel-ayadha Mudaliyar, 
and revised by his son T. "V. Tiru-uagesvara Mu- 
daliyar. Second edition.] pp. 2, 2, iii. 133, iii. 
155, xxiii. Q'f'sirSssr [Madras,] 1906. 8°. 

14170. ff. 16. 

ooo ^QT)LjuirL-p/3ffL-(S> ^ [Tiru-padat- 

tirattn, Pulambal, and Nanam. With short life 
of the poet, and a few other §aiva verses.] pp. 44, 
36, 12. 1899. See Siddhargal. ooo Qufiiu 
(©7)/r6ari(?«fl«n6u [Periya-nana-kovai.] 1899. 12°. 

14170. ee. 33. 

1906. 12°. 

14170. dd. 12. 

uL.i—es3r^^uuisirSstTiuirir uirt^m i^ 

{*LJ ilt_689r^^ iSenSsiriuirir tyovjiusu.) [Padal, 
I.e. the Tiru-padat-Jirattu, and Pulambal, or Aru^- 





pulambal, plaints on the vanity of the world. 
Followed by the Pulambal of Bhadra-giriyar. 
With biographies of the poets and prose para- 
phrase of the verses by M. Vadi-velu Mudaliyar.] 
Spts. 0.f^2ssr [Madras,] 1899. 12^ 14170. d. 64. 

Pattanattar Padal. [63 stanzas on ethical 

and religious themes, in English, with Tamil com- 
mentary and biography.] See Academies, etc. — 
Madras. — University of Madras. Notes on the 
Tamil text, etc. 1888. 12°. 14172. a. 41, 

P ATTAR- PIE AN. See Peeiy-arvae. 

PATTIRAGIEIYAR. See Bhadra-giriyar. 

PATTU-PATTU. u^^uumLQ^prnQpLD . . . /B<y- 
&(^iriQ<sSiUQf)e<n!riLiLb. [Pattu-pattu. The "Ten 
Idylls/^ classical poems chiefly on amatory and ro- 
mantic themes, comprising (1) Nakklranar's Tiru- 
mrug'-attu-padai, (2) Mudattama-kanniyar's Po- 
runar-attu-padai, (3) Nattattanar's Siru-ban-attu- 
padai, (4) Rudra-kannanar's Perum-ban-attu- 
padai, (5) Nappiidanar's MuUai-pattu, (6) Maru- 
danar's Madurai-kaSji, (7) Nakkiranar's Nedu-nal- 
vadai, (8) Kapilar's Kuririji-pattu, (9) Rudra-kan- 
nanar's Pattina-palai, (10) Perun-kausikauar's 
Malai-badu-gadam. With the commentary by 
Nachinarkk'-iniyar. Edited with glossary by U. 
v. Saminath'-aiyar.] pp. i. viii. 420, i. Os^rndssr 
[Madras,] 1889. 8°. 14172. d. 10. 

[For separate editions of the poems collec- 
tively styled Pattu-pattu, see under the following 
headings :] 


Mud AT r ama-kanniyae. 
NakkIra Devar. 

PAITLINUS, a Sancto Bartolomceo, [Johann Philipp 
Weedin]. Centum Adagia Malabarica, cum textu 
original! et versione latina. Nunc primum in lucem 
edita a Paulinoa S. Bartholomaeo. pp.12. Romae, 
1791. 4°. 14170. k. 77. 

The Tamil is printed in the Grantham character. 

PAUL PHILIP. See Philip (C. Paul). 

PAVAITANDI. «sir.gj/r63r(2/06uti.[Nan-nul. A classi- 
cal grammar.] See Tandava-raya Mudaliyae. 
^wiaemuui^a^a ^ [Nan-niil, eic] pp. 1-33 
[1835.] 8°. 14172. «. 3. 

PAVANANDI (continued). iBm^meiisSQ^^^iLjemir. 
[Nan-niil. With commentary [vruttiy-urai) by 
Ramanuja Kavi-rayar.] pp. ii. 336, vii. i9e\)euiEi,x 
[Madras, 1847.] 8°. 14172. f. 1. 

Grammatica Tamuliensis, or An English ver- 

sion [with the Tamil text] of the celebrated Tamil 
Nunnool, with . . . notes, vocabulary, appendices, 
and extracts from the ... commentary of Sunghara 
Nama Sivayur. By W. Joyes and S. Samuel Pillay. 
Revised and corrected by the Rev. T. Brotherton. 
6 pts. Madras, 1848-1851. 8°. 14172. f. 10. 

Contains only ch. i. No more was published. 

[Another copy, wanting p. 6.] 

14172. f. 20. 

/BsisrsgiiresrQp&iQpLb .. .eQqF^^^u^eininuLB 

[Nan-niil. With the commentary of Saiikara Na- 
mas-sivayar, as revised by Siva-nana Svami of 
Tiruvavadudurai. Edited by Nallur Aru-muga 
Navalar.] pp. 312, vii. <sQQiriT^S!(^^ [Jaffna ? 
1851.] 8°. 14172. f. 2. 

1. Nannul, etc., 1858. See Pope (G. U.). A 

larger Grammar of the Tamil Language, etc. pp. 
137-334. 1858-1859. 8°. 14172. h. 81. 

Abridgment of the Nannul; with the original 

text, explanations, examples, and notes, and an 
appendix ... by G. P. Savundranayagam Pillai. 
Third edition. {* ibssr^^irp aQf^imLn.) pp. 142. 
Madras, 1864. 12°. 14172. e. 7. 

[Nan-nul. With commentary (kdndihaiy-urai) by 
Visakha Peru-ma] Aiyar. Edited, on the basis 
of the revision made by the latter, by K. V. Aru- 
muga Mudaliyar. With preface by Seyiir Mutt'- 
aiya Mudaliyar.] pp. 224. itj&i [Madras, 1875.] 
8°. 14172. f. 9. 

[Nan-nul. Another edition of the preceding. 
Edited by Tiruvengadu Aru-muga Svami. With a 
preface by Seyur Mutt'-aiya Mudaliyar.] pp. 200. 
s.j>j^SL. [Madras, 1882.] 8°. 14172. e. 11. 

iBssr^iirp siresnTi^emsiLjssiir. [Nan-niil. With 
a Icdndihai commentary. Edited and augmented 
by Nallur Aru-muga Navalar.] pp. 400, ii. vii. 
Q-rmesruiLi—esnTih eQiSjrm [Madras, 1880.] 8°. 

14172. e. 28. 





PAVANANDI (con<inMe(?) . isike^eisr Qp&iQfiLD . . . 
eQ^i^^^iLfssiinLiLc. [Nan-nul. With the com- 
mentary by Sankara Namas-§ivayar, as revised by 
§iva-5ana Svami. Edited by Aru-muga Navalar.] 
pp. 292, vi. e^ir&iQ^^ [Jaffna, 1887.] 8°. 

14172. e. 12. 

[Another edition.] pp. 328, vii. QiF&iretsr- 

uiLi—essrCa 3tuSl(^^ [Madras, 1903.] 8°. 

14172. 6. 39. 

The Nannul of Pavananthi. Part i. — Ortho- 
graphy, eTQ£>^^^airjrLD (* Part ii. — Etymology, 
Qs= ireMeo^airiruy). With a clear commentary, re- 
vised and improved, with English headings to 
Sutrams, &c. {* {bssre^T&sT^tpeoQpLn . . .airemi^- 
enmtLjemjTiLjLn.) 2 vols. Jlfcwfras, 1889-1890. 12°. 

14172. e. 14. 

Vol. i. is in the second edition. 

■ Tamil grammar, with Nannul sutrams and 

explanations, etc. Second edition. 1897. 12°. 
See Saundara-eaja Aiyangae, S.V. 14172. ee. 1. 

Third edition. 1898. 12°. 14172. ee. 2. 

ibesr^jirp airemi^esisti^emn'. (Nannul kan- 

dikai. [Being the Nan-nQl with a commentary] by 
V. M. Satakoparamanujachariar, and S.Krishuam- 
achariar. Revised and enlarged.) [Third edition.] 
pp. i. ii. ii. 256, i. Q-fsstSsst [Madras,] 1900. 8°. 

14172. e. 32. 

[Fourth edition.] pp.i.ii,ii.261. O-yesr&ir 

[Madras,] 1903. 8°. 14172. e. 37. 

ooo /5gars3)/rgi) Qpe\)ih. [Nan-nul.] pp. 124. 

O^sw&ar [Madras,] 1903. 16°. 14172. ee. 11. 

Introduction to the Nannul : the Tamil text, 

and English translation, with appendices of notes 
and grammatical terms. By the Rev. H. Bower, 
pp. vi. 48. Madras, 1876. 16°. 14172. h. 37. 

An English translation of the Nannul [bks. 

i.-ii.] . . . By a Tamil graduate of the Madras Uni- 
versity [J. Lazarus]. pp.47. Madras, 1878. 12°. 

14172. e. 8. 

PAVANI PULAVAE, o/ Pa/gf/ia< (Saiyid Bukhari). 
^oo^ juu^/D(^Lorr&!rpi3d^a'^&LCi. [ Abd al- 
Rahman 'Arabi satakam. 100 stanzas in praise 

of Abd al-Rahmiin, a Muhammadan saint buried 
at Vedasandur, Madura district.] pp.58. Q^sir^ 
{Bm-nraz. [Madras, 1895.] 8°. 14173. b. 28. 

PEANIUS (Clemens). See Amaduzzi (G. C). 
AlphabetumGrandonico-malabaricum, etc. [Com- 
piled from materials supplied by Peanius.] 1772. 
12°. 621. b. 5.(2.) 

PECHIY-APPA PILLAI, ^. Vadivu-nayaham. See 
Pdranas. — Bhavishydttara-puranam. ooo */E;«ff- 
/Bmrn-uj633T s^euirLSQsrreQm mrr^iSujici. [Sankara- 
narayana-svami-kovil-manmiyam. Rendered into 
prose by Pechiy-appa.] 1898. 12°. 14170. d. 45.(2.) 


Sp/DLDuevi Qaires)eiJiuir(r^6S3Teir)Lc. [Tira-chitJam- 
bala-kovaiyar-unmai. With metrical commentary 
by Per-asiriyar.] [1895.] 12°. 14172. a. 42. 

(See Manikka-vachakar. °°° ^(i^aQarr- 

em&jiufrir. [Tiru-kovaiyar. With commentary of 
Per-asiriyar.] [1897.] 12°. 14172. a. 46. 

[For editions of the commentary upon the 

Seyyul-iyal of the Tol-kappiyam ascribed usually 
to Nachinarkk'-iniyar and sometimes to Per-asiri- 
yar :] See Tol-kappiyanar. 

PERCIVAL (Peter). See Asva-ghosha. Vajra 
Suchi . . . English and Tamil versions [the Istter 
by P. Percival,] etc. 1851. 12°. 14028. c. 25. 

See Bible. — Complete Bibles. The Holy 

Bible . . . revised [by P. Percival and others,] etc. 
1850. 4°. 3070. d. 26. 

See Tamil Minor Poets. Tamil Minor 

Poets . . . [Compiled by P. Percival,] etc. 1872. 
12°. 14172. c. 6. 

See ViRA-SAMi Chettitar. Vinodarasa- 

manjari . . . originally published by ... P. Per- 

cival, etc. 1891. 8°. 
Incarnate Grace 

14170. k. 56. 

, jf(iT)en&i^nfiiih. Third 
edition, pp. 47. Jaffna, 1842. 12°. 

14170. b. 1.(58. 

^(i^L-i—tri^ a^iEiSiraiJD. A Collection 

of Proverbs in Tamil, with tbeir translation in 
English, pp. i. 266. /o/no,1843. 12°. 14170. k. 6. 

[Another copy, wanting title-page.] 

14170. k. 8 





PERCIVAL (Petek) {continved). 
with their English translation, 
wards of six thousand proverbs, 
pp. xi. 573. Madras, 1874:. 8°. 

Tamil Proverbs 
Containing up- 
Second edition. 
14170. k. 65. 

A Dictionarjj English and Tamil . . . 

Authorised by the Director of Public Instruction. 
Revised edition, pp. 595. Madras, 1900. 8'^. 

14172. e. 33. 

FEBEIRA (Don Francisco). ^(7^^^&\)s3eveSlssr 
ei}L^ibeini_uu^Ln. [Tirutalaivillin vari - nadai- 
padam. Devotional songs for Catholic pilgrims to 
the sanctuary of Talavilla.] pp. 8. luirLpuuiressrin 
[Jaffna,'] 1893. 8°. 14170. c. 24.(7.) 



The Indian Antiquary. A journal of oriental 
research in archaeology, history, literature, lan- 
guages, philosophy, religion, folk-lore, elc. Bom- 
hay, 1872, etc. 4°. 14096. e. 
In ^progress. 


eoj;^ siS) ^^ir etc. [Brahma-vidya. A monthly 

journal of literature, in Sanskrit and Tamil. 

Edited by K. R. Srinivasa Dikshitar.] S^ihuiriJa 

aj)j.j>ISir [Chidambaram, 1886, etc.] 4°. 

14096. dd. 3. 
In progreiH f 


The e-^tu^irjrstns [Udaya-tarakai]. — Morning 
Star. Vol. V. (-xv.) . . . Devoted to education, litera- 
ture, and religion, etc. [In Tamil and English.] 
Jaffna, 1845-1855. Fol. 14172. k. 4. 


^iresr^uin. [Nana-dlpam. A monthly magazine 
for Muhammadans.] Edited . , . by M. C. Siddi 
Lebbe. vol. i., pts. 1, 5. Colombo, 1892, 8^ 

14173. b. 37. 


jyi5/Bsu u^i^iBemm ^ [Abhinava-patrikai. A 
monthly literary magazine. Edited by K. R. 

Srinivasa Aiyangar and N. Ramanujacharyar.] 
vol. i., pts. 1-4. QiFskSoST [Madras,] 1902. 8°. 

14172. i. 2. 

Q^'S-iTLQubiresfl. Desabhimani. [A magazine of 
the Native Christian Improvement Society.] vol. x., 
no. 6. Madras, 1877. 8°. 14172. i. 3.(1.) 

Q^Q'TnuairiB . . . Desopakari : an illustrated 
Tamil magazine. Published by the Madras Branch 
of the Christian Vernacular Education Society. 
[Edited by F. Baylis.] vols, i., iii., iv., x. 8, 10. 
Nagercoil, 1861-1870. 8°. 14172. i. 5. 

The " Gramathikari Gazette," a monthly journal 
in Tamil ... a great boon bestowed upon the Vil- 
lage Officers. Qjnrmir^siriB Q<s^L. . .. [Edited] 
by D. B. Parthasarathy Aiyangar. (*The Village 
Officers' Gazette.) vol. i., no. 1-7. Madras, 1903. 
8°. 14172. i. 3.(2.) 

Apparently no more lias teen published. 

^suir3f<!E'3-ir^6!S ^ [Iha-para-sukha-sadhani. A 
monthly magazine for literature and philosophy.] 
. . . Published by K. Loganatha Moodaliar. vol. i. 
Madras, 1903-1904. 4°. 14172. k. 5. 

^<ssrui9iPiiUssT ^ [Jana-priyan. A monthly maga- 
zine for literature and science. Edited by K. 
Krushna-sami Aiyar.] vol. i., pt. 1 — vol. ii., pt. 2. 
Madras, 1900-1901. 8°. 14172. i. 19. 

Apparently no more has been published. 

(S^ IT ssr Q u rr Q saf) . e^Q^LCir^irib^^^LSyiLJu^^ifi- 
6in«. (*Jnana Bodhini. A Tamil magazine and 
review devoted mainly to literature, science, philo- 
sophy & religion.) [Vol. 1-4, edited by M. S. Piinia- 
lihgam Pillai ; vol. 5, 6, edited by the same and 
V. G. Surya-narayana Sastri ; vol. 7-8, edited 
by Piirna-lihgam Pillai.] vols, i.-viii. 2. Madras, 
1897-1905. 8°. 14172. i. 18. 

The Light of Truth, or Siddhanta Deepika. A 

monthly journal [chiefly in English,] devoted to 

religion, philosophy, literature, science, &c. [E- 

dited by J. M. Naga-ratnam Pillai.] Madras, 1897, 

etc. 4°. 14170. fEf. 4. 

In progress. 

The Madras Christian College Magazine. New 

series. 1902, etc. 8°. P.P. 910. da. 

In progress. 






Madras (continued). 

u>/r^ir iS^i^fi. (The Woman's Friend, in Tamil, 
"Mathar Mithiri.") vol. i., no. 1. pp.12. Madras, 
1887. 4°. 14172.1.4. 

^ IT LDu u sfT eiB uQu IT fiLD. The Mission School Ma- 
gazine, vols. i. and ii. (iii. and iv.). Nagercoil 
[printed,] 1859-18G1. 16°. 14170. a. 10, 11. 

o o o (Sj /rear <Ffl-<sj7^ti . [Nana-sagaram. A monthly 

magazine of literature and philosophy. Edited 

by N. Vedachalam Pijlai.] Q^rskSssr [Madras,^ 

1902, etc. 8°. 14172. i. 10. 

In progress. 

S-esursmLC eQenisLo jtj&seM^ Q^^ir i^^tSemm. 
[Siddhanta - dlpikai, or Unmai-vilakkara. A 
monthly magazine of literature, chiefly of the 
Saiva - siddhantam. Edited by N. Vedaclialam 
Pillai.] vol. i. Madras, 1897. 4°. 14170. ffi. 1. 

The Somaravi. An occasional (*A quarterly) 
publication on Hindu philosophy [in Tamil and 
English]. Edited . . , by C. E. Srinivasaragava- 
charriar . . . Q en) ir La ir eQ ^, vol. i., pts. 1-5. 
Madras, 1895-1896. Fol. 14170. ccc. 1. 

The Viveka Chintamani. A monthly Tamil 
magazine & review, devoted to the diffusion of 
general knowledge ... eBQeuaSm^irmesai). . .Pub- 
lished by C. "V. Swaminatha Iyer. vols, i.-ix. 
Madras, 1892-1901. 4°. 14172. i. 13. 

The Voice of Progress. A monthly journal 
[in English, Tamil, and Telugu,] conducted by a 
committee of the Madras Hindu Social Reform 
Association, vol. i., nos. 1-8. Madras, 1901-1902. 
8°. 14172. i. 22. 

lu^irir^^ uir&V'Xiresr f^ (*Yadhartha Bhaskaran, 
or The Sun of Truth. A Tamil magazine and 
review mainly devoted to religion, philosophy, 
sceince [sic] and literature. Editor: V. M. Swamy.) 
vols. i. -iii. J/o«/ra«, 1902-1905.- 8°. 14172.1.7. 
No. 1 of vol, ii. M wanting, 


QirirLCiir^.xirifl ^ [Gramadhikiiri. A monthly 
magazine for matters of local government. Edited 

by §. Kodanda-pagi Tanja-rayar] vol. i., pta. 1-2. 
Manakudy, Negapatam [printed], 1900-1901. 8°. 

14172. i. 20. 


§}iB^ QiB.resT, " Hindu Nasen/' etc. (Published 
bi-monthly.) vol. i., nos. 8-11. Penang, 1888. 
Fol. 14172. k. 7.(2.) 

The Penang News. {* i9^iEi(Q&iir^uiirisA!) vol. i., 
nos. 1-3. Penang, 1897. Fol. 14172. 1. 1.(3.) 

(5(g)/B(2 eQ^iu Qs^esreir [Pinanga-vijaya-keta- 
nan]. ( * The "Penang Standard," published 
monthly.) vol. ii., nos. 1-4, 6-7, vol. iii., nos. 1-8, 
vol. iv., nos. 1-4. Penang, 1888-1899. 4° & Fol. 

14172. 1. L(l.) 

fi_6\'«(?/B<F6sr. The Olaga Naisan. [A Muham- 
madan journal.] Published every week. vol. i., 
nos. 1-28. Penang, 1887. Fol. 14172. k. 7,(1.) 


G^G^/rtSLcffssfl. Thajobimani. [Tejobhimani. 
A fortnightly magazine for political, social, and 
literary information. Edited by S. Ambala-vana 
Pijlai.] vol. i., no. 1 — vol. ii., no. i. Perak, 
^=P/** [1896]-1897. Fol. 14172. L 1,(2.) 


SiBJsna(oiB.3'6Br . . . This Tamil Journal " Singai 
Nesan" is designed to commemorate the Jubilee 
of , . . the Queen-Empress Victoria, vols, i.-iii. 
Singapore, 1887-1890. Fol. 14172. 1. 2, 

WanttTig vol. ii., nos. 8-9, 51-2, vol. iii., not. 6, 50-2. 


j-^ euiTiys^ 60 e\) IT etS S3p (Sri Vani Vilasini.) [A 

monthly magazine of literature. Edited by T. K. 

Bala-subrahmanya Aiyar.] Srirangam, 1905, etc. 

8°. 14172. m. 1. 

In progress. 

The Visisht&dvaitin. Edited by A. Govindacharya 

of Mysore. (SnVangram, 1905, e<c. 8°. 14170. eee. 11. 

In progress. 


^iSifiSLD. [Tamir-agam. 
of literature and science. 

A monthly magazine 
Edited by T. Eajam 





Aiyangar.] vol. i. ^^em-aF^ \_Tnnjore,'] 1905. 
8°. ' 14172. i, 8. 


Qeuui^s^m^i^es^s,. [Siva-bhakti-chandrikai. A 
monthly serial for the publication of Sanskrit 
and Tamil works bearing upon Saiva theology and 
ritual, chiefly the Siva-rahasya-khandam of the 
Skanda-puranam. Edited with translations of the 
Sanskrit by Ananta Vaidya-natha Sivan.] ^0- 
euir^ {TiruvadQ 1890-1893. 8°. 14033. bb. 35. 


tf@,^sB)«. [Subodha-parijatani. A monthly maga- 
zine of literature. Edited by V. B. Veukata-raraa 
Sastri and T. S. Durai-sami Aiyar.] Tricliinopoly, 

1907, etc. 8°. 14172. i. 12. 

In progress. 

PERIYA-JIYAR. See Aragiya-manavala Peru- 


PERIYA NUH LEBBAI, Kdyarpattanam. Qeii^- 
L^jrirassTtii. [Veda-puranam. A poem on Muham- 
madan legends and teachings. Edited by Kanii'- 
Ahmad Makhdiim Muliammad.] pp. v. 138, i. 
Oa^sir^ 1312 [3/(irfras, 1894.] 8°. 14173. b. 16. 

PERIYA PARAKALA-SVAMI, disciple of Chandra- 
giri Veiihaia-desikar. See Arvaegal. — Nal-ayiram. 

— Entire Canon. £sJ§^^,»|^S4^S(^ (S^^S^ 
[Divya-prabandha-vyakhyana-ratnavali. The 
Nal-ayiram, with commentary by Periya Parakula- 
svami,] etc. 1901, etc. 8°. 14170. ff. 9. 

See Aevargal. — Nal-ayirara. — Tiru- 

vdy-mori. e^joev^ilGi^iu'^ [Bhagavad-vishayam. 
Being the Tiru-vay-mori with commentaries, — 
viz. Periya Parakala-svami's Dramida-sruti-tat- 
tvartha-prakasikai or Padin-enn'-ayira-padi, etc.'] 
[1883-1904.] 4°. 14170. fff. 3. 

PERIY-ARVAR, also called Pattar-piran and 
ViSHNU-CHiTTAN. [For editions of the Tiru-mori 
of this saint included in the editions of the whole 
or parts of the Nal-ayira-prabandham :] See Ae- 
VAROAi.. — Ndl-dyiram. 

rijiDA-VTAKHTANAU. jy6MTi_i9s33ri_ eQujiriQujir- 

ssTii. [Anda-pinda-vyakhyanam. Translated into 
Tamil by "Periya Sanjivi-natha," an Italian 
Catholic missionary to Ceylon in the 18th century; 
followed by Ulaga-pramana-sastram, a tract by 
the same.] 1874. 12°. 14170. i. 11. 

PERIYA-SUBBA REDDIYAR.PaZyanajn. <>°o inmoir- 
jTiressB ^LDLcirSsisr. (The Maharani Ammanei [, an 
account of the reign of Queen Victoria in amma- 
nai metre] . . . with an [English and Tamil] 
introduction by N. S. Manikavasaka Nadar.) pp. 
iv. X. 132. Madras, 1901. 8°. 14172. b. 7. 

Arvaegal. — Nal-ayiram. — lyar-pd. ^"-ipun- ^i^ 
[lyar-pa. The Tiruv-asiriyam, Periya-tiruv-antadi, 
and Tiruv-tTugutt'-irukkai. With commentary 
of Periyav-achan.] [1903-1904.] 8°. 14170. eee. 4. 

See Arvaegal. — Nal-ayiram. — lyar-pa. 

o o o QuiBiu ^0Lo/_.6V. [Periya- tiru- madal. 
With commentary of Periyav-achan.] [1905.] 8°. 

14170. ee. 6.(5.) 

■ See Arvaegal. — Nal-ayiram. — lynr-pd. 

oQoQpluj ^0LDL_sv. [Siriya-tiru-madal. With 
commentary of Periyav-achan.] [1905.] 8°. 

14170. ee. 6.(4.) 

See Arvaegal.— Nal-ayiram.— J/i«?aZ-(7(/ir((wi. 

000 npse\iii u9 IT Lo 1^ [Mudal-ayiram. With com- 
mentaries by Periyav-achan and others.] 1880- 
1885. 8°. 14170. f. 9. 

ooo^t^j^ox^ Sll [Mudal-ayiram. 

Another edition of the preceding, in Telugu 
characters.] 1881-[]886]. 8°. 14170. f. 8. 

■ See Arvaegal.— Nal-ayiram.— J/Mrfa?-a(/iVam. 

o ° o ^nKUUSve\)ir63sr® t^., [Tiru-pall'-andu, With 
commentary by Pcriyav-achan.] [1870.] 8°. 

14170. e. 15. 

See Arvaegal. — Nal-ayiram. — Periya-tiru- 

mori. ° ° ° QuiBiu^q^Qlo/ti^ ^ [Periya-tiru- 
mori. With commentaries of Periyav-achau and 
others.] 1881. 8°. 14170. f. 7. 

See Arvaegal. — Nal-ayiram. — Feriya-tiru- 

mori. o o o ^0dB@j2//5,t£/r6<j3r/_«Lb ^^ [Tiru- 
kurun-dandakam and Tiru-nedun-dandakam. With 
commentaries by Periyav-achan.] 1888. 8°. 

14172. d. 4, 





PERIYAV-ACHAN PILLAI (Kkushna Sdri) (con- 
tinued). See Abvargal. — Nal-ayiram. — Tiru-vtiy- 
mori. o o o B«os^•dE-^o.^y?. [Tiru-viiy-moji. With 
commentaries in Telugn, based on the works of 
Periyav-achan, etc.] 1902. 8°. 14170. £f. 10. 

See Ramanuja. ^^ • - • X'«§^5,c^si sii [Gadya- 

trayam. With commentary by Periyav-achan.] 
1882. 8°. 14048. d. 47. 

See ValmIki. ^i^ ^eSi/oQeoirmiD. [Tani- 

slokam. Stanzas from the Ramayanam, with glosses 
and commentary by Periyav-achan.] [1899, eic] 
8°. 14065. bbb. 6. 

SeeVlLMiKi. ^LjiL;ujr^/r/5isw)rj£i.[Abhaya- 

pradana-saram. Being VI. xvii. — xix. 1-9 and 23, 
with exposition in Tamil by Periyav-achan.] 
[1891.] 8°. 14060. c. 32.(1.) 

See Yamunacharyae. 


eioQ^ir^iTLo. [Alavandar-stdtram. With com- 
mentary by Periyav-achan.] 1878. 8°. 

' 14028. 0. 46. 

1879. 8° 

14028. b. 52. 

sXr»^5'Jr-sSr»2' [Manikka-malai. A Vaish- 

nava theological tract.] See Yamunacharyae. 
.^. . . . ^S^"^osb?S'8r^o »ii [Prameya-ratnam.] pp. 
43-61. [1904.] 8°. 14170. ee. 6.(3.) 

pK'sSb^Si^a. [Nigamana-padi. A tract on two 

devotional formulae and the * charama-slokam," 
i.e. Bhagavad-glta xviii. 66.] See Pillai Loka- 
CHARYAE. ^^ • • • ts-^as^'Sss^iSgaf sjii [Ashtadasa 
rahasyangal.] [1905.] 8°. 14170. eee. 12. 

SSoaSSsJ'^go Sll [Paranda-rahasyam. A 

Sri-vaishnava treatise.] pp. 29, 64. See Nan- 
JITAE. o o w^o^j'Sf'o oJii [Atma-vivaham, e<c.] 
1893. 8°. 14170. ee. 40. 

uirasruui^ jTrruniriuesaTth. [Pasura-padi- 

ramayanam. A religious tract based on the pdsu- 
rams of the Nal-ayira-prabandham.] pp. iv. See 
Nambi Nayodu. o oo uira-iTLJutf. irirLDirtuesurLO ^ 
[Pasura-padi-ramayanam, efc.] 1903. 12°. 

14170. d. 46.(4.) 

PERTJ-MAL. See Kula-sxkhaba Peru-ual. 

PERUM - B ATTA - PULIY - tJR - NAMBI, ^eUi- nagar 

(TlLLAI-NAMBl). ^(I^&lir eUfiJiriLj On U.IU IT IT fi^sQ- 

^najiri^pLjiriremui. [Tira-vilaiy-adar-pnranam. A 
poem in 1753 stanzas on the legends of the $aiva 
sanctuary of Madura, adapted from a Sanskrit 
Uttara-mahii-purariam. Edited with literary and 
critical prefaces, glossary, excerpts from other 
works, annotations, and index by U. V. Saminath'- 
aiyar.] pp. i. 67, 333, ii. Qa^&srhssr \_Madr<u,'\ 
1906. 8°. 14170. eee. 17. 

This work was written before Saka 1150. 

PERUN-DEVANAR. See Buddha-mitran. <> <> <» effir- 
Qa^iTL^iuLD. [Vira-soriyam. With commentary by 
Perun-devanar.] [1881.] 8°. 14172. f. 12. 

1895. 8°. 

14172. e. 21. 

Bharata Venba. [An epic poem. Udyoga- 

parvam, in English, with Tamil commentary and 
biography.] [^Qua^mQ^eui^^ uitit^lc.) See 
Academies, etc. — Madras. — University of Madras. 
Notes on the Tamil text, e<c. 1888. 12°. 14172. a. 41. 

QuQ^isQ^eu^ir uirjr^th. [Bharatam, Ud- 

yoga-parvam, 256-346. In Tamil and English, 
with Tamil commentary, e<c.] See Academies, etc. — 
Madras. — University of Madras. Copious notes, etc. 
1898. 8°. 14172. b. 16.(1.) 

QuQ^is(S^eu^iT UTjT^LD. [Bharatam, Ud- 

yoga-parvam.] See Academus, etc. — Madras. — 
University of Madras. The Tamil text, etc. pp. 1- 
15. 1899. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(7.) 

QuQ^iQ^eu^rr uinr^ih. [Bharatam, Ud- 

yoga-parvam. With notes and English transla- 
tion.] See Academies, etc. — Madras. — University 
of Madras. University of Madras. Matriculation 
ijxamination, 1900, etc. 1900. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(2.) 

Perundevanar Bharatam. Udyoga Parvam. 

[In English, with Tamil notes.] See Academies, 
etc. — Madras. — University of Madras. Copious 
annotations, etc. 1900. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(3.) 

Perunthevanar Bharatam. [Udyoga-par- 

vam. In English, with Tamil notes.] See Aca- 
demies, etc. — Madras. — University of Madras. Uni- 
versity of Madras. Exhaustive notes, etc. 1900. 
8°. 14172. bb. 6.(4.) 






PERUN - GUNRUR - KIRAE. s^sstu^itld u^^. 
[Decade ix. Ten poems on the Chera king Ilan- 
Cheral Irum-borai.] SeePADiTTU-PATTU. ooo uQp- 
^uu^^ ^ [Padittu-pattu.] pp. 138-157. 1904. 
8°. 14172. bb. 14. 

PERUN - KAUSIKANAR, Perun-gunrur. mSsou®- 
si^iTLci. [Malai-badu-gadam, or Kuttar-attu-padai. 
A poem, forming no. 10 of tho Pattu-pattu, in 
panegyric of a king Nannan and his country. 
With commentary of Nachinarkk'-iniyar.] See 
Pattd-pattu. u^^uuitlLQ ^ [Puttu-pattu.J 
pp. 317-372. 1889. 8°. 14172. d. 10. 

PERU-VAYIIT MTJLLIYAR. o o o ^^irnaQsiremeu. 
[Acbara-kovai. An ancient ethical poem in 100 
stanzas, forming the 13th of the class of Kir- 
kanahhu poems, with paraphrase. With preface 
by T. Selva-kesava-raya Mudaliyar.] pp. 6, 46. 
Madras, 1893. 8°. 14172. a. 29.(3.) 

PETER (Anne). Life of Rev. V. Vethanayagam, 
by his daughter Anne Peter. aswti ; effffwinVj 
Qeu^iBiriusLct ^iiiiflesr ^eQiu e9(ir)^^iriB^LCi. 
[With preface by T. Kember.] pp. 1 35 ; 1 flate. 
Madras, \B^^. 12°. 14171. a. 30. 

PETER (J. S.). ^ih^iuir, ^eviiems, uitldit CS^- 
ir lEj .x srfl ^ eir eir QuiBtu ^eviuEiaerr. (The Great 
Temples of India, Ceylon, and Burma.) pp. 105 ; 
1 plate. London, Madras, 1901. 4°. 14171. c. 6. 

PEYANAR. Qpixdso. [MuUai. Erotic verses.] See 

KUDALUR-KIRAR. «> o o ^SI(^^,MT.SU ^ [Aih-guru- 

uQru.] pp. 121-142. 1903. 8°. 14172. c. 48. 

PEY-ARVAR. [For editions of the Tiruv-antadi 
of this saint included in the editions of the whole 
or parts of the Nal-ayira-prabandham :] See Ak- 
VAEQAL. — Nal-dyiram. 

PHILALETHES, A.M. Oxon. See Fellowes (R.). 

PHILIP (C.Pacil). meivQmireitSeo ^iC'S'. ^f^sffm)- 
ufiCouiBffO u^iBin. [a hymn of ten stanzas upon 
St. Anne of Maskollai.] pp. 8. luiripuutrsssTUj 
[7fl/7ia,] 1891, 32°. 14170. a. 58.(1.) 

PHILIP (.J.). Resemblance between Paganism and 
Roman Catholicism, ^ib^ld^ uituljlb^ .s-LnuiB^- 
^uih. pp.16. Jo/na,1842. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(60.) 

PHILIPPI (Friedrich Adolph). SceWiNKELlE.). A 
brief Commentary ... on St. Paul's Epistle to the 

Galatians [chiefly based on the work of Philippi], 
etc. 1891. 8°. 14170. c. 36. 

PICHUV-AIYANGAR. See Namm'-arvae. ooo /Bti- 
LBirLp&iirk^ireomL®. [Namm'-arvar-talattu. E- 
dited by Pichuv-Ayyangar.] 1900. 8°. 

14170. ee. 35.(8.) 

PICTET (Benedict). SeeEHENius (C.T. E.). Sum- 
mary of a Body of Divinity . . . [abridged from the 
works of Pictet and Dwight], etc. 1838. 12°. 

14170. b. 42. 

1845. 12°. 

14170. b. 43. 

PICTURE BOOK. Royal Coloured Picture Book. 
Containing views of remarkable places, etc., and 
accounts of remarkable people. en fr &sst i ^ rrib ^ 
Qpm^ uu-ULjisiv^iELCi. pp. 24; 12 plates. Ma- 
dras, 1880. 4°. 14172. k. 3. 

PILLAI LOKACHARYAR, son ofVadakku Tiru-vltU- 
Pillai, disciple of Nam-Billai. o° ° ^si^i—tr^uu- 
jrm)ffivu-iEi6Bm. [Ashtadasa rahasyangal. 18 trea- 
tises on Vaishnava theology, viz. the Mumukshu- 
padi, Tattva-trayam, Artha-panchakam, Vachana- 
bhiishanam, Archir-adi, Prameya-sekharam, Pra- 
panna-paritranam, Sara-sangraham, Samsara-sam- 
rajyam, Nava-ratna-malai, Nava-vidha-samban- 
dham, Yadruchchhika-padi, Paranda-padi, Sriyah- 
pati-padi, Tattva-sekharam, Tani-dvayain, Tani- 
charamam, and Tani-pranavam. Edited by A. K. 
Krushnam-acliaryar and M. K. Srinivasacharyar. 
Second edition.] pp. 296. Madras, 1889. 8°. 

14170. f. 12. 

Aj . . . ^?!'5Sb(5'S^acOMS . . . w^Jjyj^sj^^ga^SS. 

[Ashtadasa rahasyangal. Preceded by Periyav- 
achan Pillai's Nigaraana-padi. Edited by A. M. 
Srisaila-nathar.] pp. ii. 112, 220. '^^^^'^^•f» 
[Madras, 1905.] 8°. 14170. eee. 12. 

ooo npaptUi^-nLJUi^ (^ [Mumukshu-padi. 

A SrI-vaishnava theological work. With the com- 
mentary Tiru-mantrartham by Periya-jiyar and a 
gloss by Embav-ayyangar . Edited by A. K. Krush- 
nam-acharyar.] Q^resrSssr [Madras,} 1889. 8°. 

14170. f. 17. 

Incomplete, containing only pp. 1-32. 

npnpOh^-aUUt^lLjLB . . . ^ Q^Ld K ^ iriT IT ^ - 

^QiMesr^aiLoeuiuirituirisQ/^ui. [Mumukshu-padi. 
With the commentary styled Tiru-mantrarthaiu 





of Periya-jlyar (Ajagiya-manavala Peru-mal) and 
glosses by §uddha-sattvain Dodd'-ayyangar and 
Suddlia-sattvam Embav-ayyangiir. Edited by Ch. 
K. Tiru-venkaticharyar.] pp. ii. 188. Q^s^mSsnT 
[Madras,] 1890. 8°. 14170. f. 18. 

Mumuksbuppadi or Rahasya-traya, or The 

way of the seeker of salvation. [With Periya- 
jiyar's commentary. Translated into English.] 

1905, etc. See Pekiodical Publications. — Sriran- 
gam. The Visishtadvaitin, etc. vol. i., no. 2, etc. 

1906, etc. 8°. 14170. eee. ll.(vol. 1, etc.) 

In progress. 

©«osr'cSsi)e;6"g8o9oSi «J«Jg,^,atioS, ©.JJeaoJ;- . . . ^^lSl. 
fJ5T-9'55j»six)P§'^ e58i?i^^dE«Jsr'§j)j'§^S. [Tattva- 

trayam. A treatise on the three categories of 
the Visishtadvaita philosophy. With a commen- 
tary by Aragiya-manavalar. Edited by M. A. 
Ayvar Tirumalai Ayyangar, R. A. Damodara 
Aragiya-singar Acharyar, and A. K. Krushnam- 
acharyar.] pp. ii.x. 194; 2 plates. ^<s [Madras, 
1875.] 8°. 14170. f. 24. 


nsr-^sij^lSxip^^ t5&9^^cS«J •jp'g^j'giS'S. [Tattva- 
trayam. With the commentary of Aragiya-mana- 
valar. Together with a Telngu translation of 
both text and commentary by Para-vastuVenkata- 
ranga-natha Svami.] pp. ii. 10, 232 ; 1 jdate. 
^^3^^a os^oV [MatZros, 1904.] 8°. 14170. ff. 11. 

Tattva-traya or Aphorisms on the Three 

Verities, Soul, Matter and God . . . translated 
[with annotations based chiefly on the commen- 
tary of Manavala Ma-muni] by Sri-Parthasarathy 
Aiyangar. pp. viii. 237. Madras, 1900. 8°. 

14170. ee. 17. 



eu uj IT fiiiu IT IB OP Lo; [Vachana-bhiishanara. A trea- 
tise on the theology of the Tengalai Vaishnava 
church. With a commentary by Ajagiya-mana- 
valar. Edited by A. K. Krushnam-iicharyar and 
M. K. Srinivasacharyar.] pp.317. Jlfarfra«, 1879. 
8°. 14172. b. 10. 

ooo lu^K^jTUjreussaTujruireuui. [Yatindra- 

of Pijlai Lokacharyar and Afagiya-manavala Ma- 
muni, ascribed to "PiUai Lokarya Jiyar." Edited 
by T. Sathakopa-ramanujacharyar.] pp. 124. 
Qo'&srSsir [Madras,] 1907. 8°. 14170. ff. 23. 

The worlt begins with the birth of Pillai Lohlchiiryar and 
his younger brother Aragiya-manavalu Peru-mal !•. "'"' 
proceeds (p. 28) to the birth in SaJea 1292 of the famous 
" Yattndra-pravanar"or"Saumya-jumatn"Aragiya-maiui- 
vfifa Peru-miil it. {son of Tigara-kidandiln Tiru-navir'- 
udaiya Biran Tiitar Annar Aiyar, and grandson of Kottur 
Aragiya-marmvala Peru-miil Pillai or Kollikavala-diisar, 
the disciple of Pillai LokiXchhryar). 

PILLAI LOEAU-JiTAB. See Akagiya-manavala 

Peku-mal. •^ ° ° lu^irirsi eQiJauv^. [Yati-raja- 
vimsati. With commentary by Pillai Lokam- 
jiyar.] [1884.] 12°. 14028. b. 63.(1.) 

pravana-prabhavam. A panegyrical biography 

See Araoita-manavala Peru-mal. oooosaB- 

xr'2it)o9&. [Yati-raja-vimsati. With commentary 
of Pillai Lokam-jiyar.] [1904.] 8°. 14028.0.86. 

See Arvargal. — Nal-ayiram. — Mudal-ayi- 

ram. ooo Qp^eviruQinh ^ [Mudal-ayiram. With 
commentaries by Pillai Lokam-jiyar and others.] 
1880-1885. 8°. . 14170. f. 9. 

o o o sioeJir'aMJJ' sii [Mudal-ayiram. 

Another edition, in Telugu characters.] 1881- 
[1886.] 8°. 14170. t 8. 

See Arvaroal. — Nal-ayiram. — Periya-tiru- 

mori. o o o QuBtu^QTjQinTLfi t^ [Periya-tiru-' 
moji. With commentaries of Lokam-jiyar and 
others.] 1881. 8°. 14170. f. 7. 

See Arvakgal. — Nal-ayiram. — Periya-tiru- 

mori. o o o ^0«(^^/B^/r6iari_«iii ^ [Tiru- 

kurun-dandakam andTiru-nedun-dandakam. With 
commentaries by Lokam-jiyar.] 1888. 8°. 

14172. d. 4. 

See ViLAN-JOLAi Pillai. <> » » ewu^airen^ 

^ [Sapta-gathai. Together with a commentary 
by Pillai Lokam-jlyar.] [1882.] 16°. 14172. a. 9. 

o o o ^!U6\}<3=ir^^ eutuiriiutrmui. [lyal- 

sattu-vyakhyanam. An explanation of the con- 
cluding verses of the Nal-ayiram.] See Arvaroal. 
— Nal-ayiram. — lyat-pa. ooo ^iriruiirjp^ jgnp- 
pm^ir^. [Ramanuja-niitt'-antadi.] pp. 101- 
117. [1905.] 8°. 14170. ee. 6.(6.) 

ooo jriTLCiirjpSiiriTUJ^&iiU'riflein^. [Rama- 

nujarya-divya-charitai. A life of Riimanuja. 





Edited by Ch. K. Tiru-venkatacharyar.] pp. 301. 
^QT)&ieoiSaQaesS [Triplicane^ 1886. 8°. 

14170. f. 11. 

vala-dasae) . [Life.] See Venkata-eama Aiyan- 
GAR,2'. eQ &0 s9i Lj ^ ,gir JT ir ... ■s' ifl ^ ^ ir ■r <s0««tD. 
(Biographical Sketch of Villiputturer & Pillai 
Perumal, etc.) 1904. 12°. 14171. a. 48.(2.) 

^'^i—Ui^sruK^LD, [Ashta-prabandham. 

Eight Vaishnava devotional poems, viz. Tiruv- 

aranga-kalambakairijTiruv-ararigattu ma]ai,Tiruv- 

arangatt' antadi, Sriranga-nayakar-usal, Aragar- 

antadiy Tiru-venkata-malai, Tiru-venkatatt' an- 

tadi, and Nutt'-ettu-tiru-padiy-antadi. Edited 

byK. Rama-sami Nayudu. With a preface by Kal- 

kulam Kuppu-sami Mudaliyar.] 8 pts. Q.a'ekSssr 

[Madras,] 1904. 12°. 14170. dd. 1. 

Each poem has a separate title-page, dated 1903. The 
volume forms no. 2 of the Tamir-kavi-malai. 

^(r^Lc>ireQ(i^i^Q<FirSei)L[:iSsO ^fpajr m^ir^ 

^ [Aragar-antadi. Songs in honour of the 
Vaishnava sanctuary of Sholingarh. Edited by 
Tiru-venkatachala Mudaliyar.] pp. 18. Q<rekSsBr 
ueu [Madras, 1874.] 16°. 14172, a. 20.(8.) 

.^pQpL-®^ ^0uu^ tuiE^ir^ ^ [Niitt'- 

ettu-tiru-padiy-antadi. A religious poem on the 
108 Vaishnava sanctuaries. With a life of the 
author by T. Govinda Pillai. Edited by Tiru- 
venkatachala Mudaliyar.] pp. iv. 24. Qs^ekSsisr 
usu [Madras, 1874.] 16°. 14172. a. 20.(1.) 

QmirvSpsecinuaiLn (sresr^ijixi ^nheujTiBma- 

a&LiLCiuaiM 1^ [Tiruv-aranga-kalambakam, or Ko- 
yir-kalambakam. A series of poems in different 
metres on the Vaishnava sanctuary at Srirangara. 
Edited by Tiru-venkatachala Mudaliyar.] pp. 39. 
Oa^sOTSsar \J^Qpa [Madras, 1874.] 16°. 

14172. a. 20.(6.) 

QaiTii9pa<5\i{hus>Ln - (srmSl^p ^cmeiiirmi- 

asmeOLnuaLD ^ [Tiruv-aranga-kalambakam. 
With a commentary. Edited by Tandalam Subba- 
raya Mudaliyar.] pp. 72. Qsug^/rsiriij [Madras, 
1879.] 8°. 14172. c. 9. 

QsmiSeom^ir^ er&sresuLc ^Q^eiiinEia^aiB- 

^"'^ ^ [Tiruv-arangatf antadi, or Koyil-antadi. 
A religious poem on the Vaishnava sanctuary of 

Srirangam. Edited by Tiru-venkatachala Muda- 
liyar.] p-p. 20. 0:3=631 Sssr iLj 611 [Madras, 187 b.] 16°. 

14172. a. 20.(5.) 

LDirSso ^ [Tiruv-arangattu malai, or Koyin-raalai. 
A religious poem in honour of the sanctuary of 
Srirangam. Edited by Tiru-venkatachala Muda- 
liyar.] pp. 20. Q<F&srSs3r tLf'SU [Madras, 1876.] 
16°. 14172. a. 20.(4.) 

^(m0uirikiiB^^ir3'pj£l QRiBiTLDLD ^ [Tiruv- 

arangatt' usat-tiru-namam, or Sirahga-nayakar- 
iisal. A swinging-song for the service of Vishnu 
at Srirangam. Followed by another swinging- 
song called Siranga-nayakiyar-usal, for the service 
of Lakshml, by Koneriy-appan Aiyangar. Edited 
by Tiru-venkatachala Mudaliyar.] pp.20. 0<FsJr- 
Sssr ILI6U [Madras, 1875.] 16°. 14172. a. 20.(7.) 

^Qfj(Ss>JiW:Xi_LDrr8sc ^ [Tiru-venkata-malai. 

A century of verses on the Vaishnava sanctuary 
at Tripati. Edited by Tiru-venkatachala Mu- 
daliyar.] pp. 20. O^osr&ir \j^(Lps [Madras, 
1874.] 16°. 14172. a. 20.(2.) 

o o o ^a^QsuEisL-LDirdsO. [Tiru-venkata- 

malai. With a commentary by P. N. Raja-gopala 
Mudaliyar.] pp. ii. 40. i9jrLDir^ [Madras, 1879.] 
8°. 14172. c. 25. 

(J^ . . . ^(i^Q<siimisi_LDtrdso Qpedin. [Tiru- 

venkata-malai. Edited by K. Rama-sami Nayudu.] 
pp. 16. Qa^mZser [Madrasi\ 1903. 12°. 

14170. d. 4.(1.) 

^Q^QeuiEisi^^^iB^tr^. [Tiru-venkatatt^ 

antadi. A religious poem on the Vaishnava sanc- 
tuary of Tripati. Edited by Tiru-venkatachala 
Mudaliyar.] pp.18. Qs^&srSsur ueu [Madras, 1874.] 
16°. 14172. a. 20.(3.) 

(-^ . . . ^QF/QeniBSL-^^iB^ir^ qpevLD. 

[Tiru-venkatatt' antadi. Edited by K. Riima-sami 
Nayudu.] pp.16. Qa^&srBssr [Madras,] 190^. 12°. 

14170. d. 4.(2.) 

PILLAI TIRUMALAI NAMBI, son of Periya Tiru- 
malai (TiEn-KUEDQAi-piBAN Pillan). See Aevae- 
GAL. — Nal-ayiram. — Tiru-vdy-mozi. e^ojocii^flGi^- 
lijf II [Bhagavad-vishayam. Being the Tiru-vily- 
mori with commentaries — viz. Pillan's Ar'-ayira- 
padi, etc.] [1883-1904.] 4°. 14170. fff. 3. 





FILLAN. See Pillai Tikumalai Nambi. 

^Jirli>L/J•/rL/ir(J/r6u^i. [Guru-parampara-prabbavam. 
A collection of legends bearing on the leaders of 
the southern Vaishnava church. Edited by Chitra- 
kiitam Kandadai Tiru-venkatacharyar.] pp. 233. 
Q^^Sosr [Madras,'] 1892. 8°. 14170. i. 29. 

o o ^QrftQuruut^ (^Q^ujnhujrirujrufreuiJa 

^ [Guru-parampara-prabhavam. A new edition, 
with a commentary. Edited by S. Krushnam- 
acharyar, V. M. Gopala-krushnam-acharyar, and 
V. M. Srinivasa Appangar Svami.] pp. vii. 248, 
9. Qs'mSssr uiriTueu [Madras, 1906.] 8°. 

14170. ff. 22. 

u^ . . .euirir^^irLDirSeii. [Vartta-malai. Pre- 
cepts and homilies upon the beliefs and practices 
of the Tengalai Vaishnavas. Edited by Ch. K. 
Tiru-venkatacharyar and A. K. Krushnam-achar- 
yar.] pp. 192. Q.s^esrSssrmsir [Madi-as,^ 1882. 
8°. 14172. d. 3. 

PI^OALAR, son of Bivdharar. ° ° ° iQiEiaecihem^- 
Qium^LCi i9iEi'SevS'Ses3rQ. [Pingala-nighaiitu, 
or Pingalandai. A lexicon in 10 sections, based 
upon that of Divakarar. With a commentary by 
Virakshimangalam T. Sivaii Pillai. Edited by the 
latter and T. K. Subba-raya Chettiyar.] pp. 4, 415, 
xxviii. ii. Q^esrSssr [Madras,] 1890. 8°. 

14172. f. 14. 

PmHOCZ (William Henry). An Analysis of 
Ecclesiastical History. ^0.y<y«B3 i_/^<iF;fl^^ir fflff(g)- 

eSemt [Abridged from the work of Pinnock, and 

containing the history of the first three centuries.] 
pp. 328. Nagercoil, 1856. 12°. 14170. b. 37. 

PIEEIRA. See Pereiea. 

PIE MUHAMMAD. See Muhammad, Fir. 

PIUS lX.,Fope [Giovanni Maria Giovanni Battista 
PiETEo Pelleorino Isidoro Mastai-Ferretti] . gee 
Brito(C.). ^^u^itld u^^mir^ ... s^fl^^iriii. 
[Life of Pius IX.] 1892. 8°. 14170. c. 44. 

PGHN'-AMBALA-DASAE, of Pddapujai AmbalaW 
adum Svdmi's Foundation, Chidambaram. ^sv- 
SsoS'Ssu^iTLCtQ^eni^ifi ^q^gQ jriL shield essf^LoirSe^ 
^(i^iBfrinireu&f). [Tillai-siva-kama-saundari-tiruv- 
ira^tai-mani-nialai and °tiru-namavali. Hymns on 

the cult of $iva and his consort at Chidambaram.] 
pp. ii. 8. S^ihujTua iDsiruijS [Chidambaram, 1895.] 
12°. 14170. d. 32.(2.) 

PONN'-AMBALA GUEIT, of Vruitdchalam. See VIka 
Pillai. ooo eui^sSiuir i^iriresuTiJa ^ [Vanniyar- 
puranam. Edited by Ponn'-ambalar.] 1905. 8°. 

14172. bb. 17. 

dan a-kam a- raj an. m^esrmiru^inr^esTasin^ ^ 
[Madana-kama-rajan-kathai. Edited by Ponn'- 
ambalar.] [1855.] 8°. 14170. k. 17. 

PONN'-AMBAIA PILLAI, Nallur ?. See Kalidasa. 

^n-r^euLOiS'TLh. [Raghu-vamsam. Edited by 
Ponn'-ambalar.] 1887. 8°. 14172. b, 33. 

See PuKANAS. — Skanda-purdnam. ^(i^i- 

Q<s^3'ajrinSemL0. [Tiru-ketlsvara-mahimai. E- 
dited with translation, etc., by Ponn'-ambalar.] 
[1891.] 8°. 14170. e. 41.(2.) 

- See Vedanta-subeahmanta Pillai. lo^JT- 
iLjiiretssTLD. [Mayiira-giri-puranam. With para- 
phrase by Ponn'-ambalar.] 1885. 8°. 14170.6.66. 

■ See VlLLIPtJTTIJRAR. o o o IDSSiruirjTfl ^ 

[Maha-bharatam, Adi-parvam. With interpreta- 
tion by Ponn'-ambalar.] [1897.] 8°. 14172. d. 18. 

[1898.] 8°. 14172. d. 19. 

PONN'-AMBALA SVAMI, Kovilur. See Krushna 

MisRA. (J^ . . . Qi-ciUj(^(^rr6sr68errS'Xih. [Mey- 
nana-vilakkam. Edited by Ponn'-ambalar.] 1898. 
8°. 14172. c. 27. 

See Tandava-raya-murtti Svami. <» » o ema- 

eueveQiu meuii^iJa ^ [Kaivalya-nava-nitam. With 
commentary styled Tattvartha-dipam by Ponn'- 
ambalar.] 1898. 8°. 14170. ee. 9. 

PONNAVAN. «(g).^6V. [Kana-niil. An ancient 

poem in 30 quatrains on oneiromancy. Edited by 

R. Raghav'-aiyangar.] pp.7. SeePuDAN-siNDANAB. 

^ssfiiu^ iBirpu^ ^ [Iniyadu nar-padu, etc.] 

1903. 8°. 14172. bb. 3.(7.) 

Forms no. 2 of the Sen-damir-prachuram. The rutme of 
the author it that given in the text, v. SO, which ajppareritly 
deacribea him as son of Oanapura-devan. 

PONN'-ODUVAE, Tiruvavadudurai ?. See SEkki- 
Rar. o = o ^(iFis^irssr^txiuiB^ . . . ujjiresir&i^ssrLb, 
[Tiru- nana- sambandha- m urtti - puraua- vachanam . 
Abridged by Ponn'-5duvar.] 1900. S". 

14170. e. 47.(10.) 





PtJGARENDi. o o o ueneiriOairtf-LDfT^, [Pavala- 
kodi-malai. Edited by Ponnu-sarai.] 1885. 8°. 

14172. b. 28. 

PONNIT-SAMI NADAB,, A.K. utrsami^\Li(^e^ e9- 

etr-iiSLD, [Pandiya-kula-vilakkam. An account of 

the race of the Pandiyan kings. Edited by Bala- 

subrahmanya Nattar. Second edition.] pp. 44. 

Qe^^Sssr [Madras,] 1899. 12°. 14170. g. 17.(2.) 

The Shanars or Toddy-drawer caste, to which the writer 
belongs, claim descent from these kings. 

PONNU-SAMI PILLAI, Trisirapuram M. Kama- 
latchi. A novel . . . dedicated to the Tamilians, 
with an introduction in English and Tamil by . . . 
T. Balasundara Mudaliar Avergal. {*aLDSVfrai^ 
s^iB^^jric.) pp. 19, 327. Madras, 1903. 8°. 

14171. a. 50.(2.) 

PONNU-SAMI PILLAI, V.A. See Govinda-sami 
Upadhyayar and Ponnu-sami Pillai. °°° ■fevsviru 
6\) IT su esafl . Sallapa Lavany. [1893.] 8°. 

14170. e. 47.(2.) 

POOB (Daniel). The Notification, or Scripture 
Parables . . . QeiJ^QmrrL^ . . . .j)//6leQ^^so. Third 
edition, pp. 12. Jaffna, 1844. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(47.) 

The Search after Truth 

S- 6SSr &S) LD IB IT L 

t_(i. [A tract against Romanism.] Second edition, 
pp. 12. Jaffna, 1842. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(32.) 

POPE (Geoege Uglow). See Aitanak-idanae. 
Extracts from the . . . "Parra-porul Venba-Malai," 
and the " Purra-nanniirru.^^ By . . . G. U. Pope. 
1899. 8°. Ac. 8820/3 & 2110. e, f. 

See Bible. — New Testament. — Gospeh. 

\_Mattliew.] Our Blessed Lord's Sermon on the 
Mount ... in Tamil . . . with a vocabulary . . . 
grammatical praxis and . . . tables ; by . . . G. U. 
Pope. 1860. 8°. 3068. cc. 11. 

See Nal-adiyar. o » » iBireviy.tuirir. The 

Naladiyar . . with introduction, translation, and 
notes ... a concordance and lexicon . . . by 
. . . G. U. Pope. 1893. 8°. 14172. d. 12. 

See Surya-naeayana Sastei. Tani-pafura- 

togai . . . With English echoes by . . . G. TJ. Pope, 
etc. 1901. 12°. 14172. a. 28. 

POPE (Geoege Uglow) (continued). See Tiru-mueai. 
— Tiru-vdchalcam. A few hymns of Manikka 
Vachaka and Tayumanavar. Translated by . . . 
G. U. Pope. 1897. 8°. 14170. ee. 12.(2.) 

See TiEU-MaRAi. — Tiru-vdchakam. The 

Tiruva9agam . . . with English translation, intro- 
ductions, and notes ... a summary of the life 
and legends of the sage, with appendices illus- 
trating . . . the (^aiva Siddhilntam ... By ... 
G. U. Pope. 1900. 8°. 14170. ff. 7. 

See TiE0-VALi,uvAR. ^(!^euerr(ef^&JiBinu^iT 

. . . P0«(5/DOT. The 'Sacred' Kurral . . . With 
. . . translation, notes . . . and concordance. By 
. . . G. U. Pope. 1886. 8°. 14172. c. 40. 

Introductory Tamil Grammar. ^iSip ^evi- 

ae33r,^pa(T^<i'Xe9^sSe!nL-. Second edition, 
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[Fifth edition.] pp. 34. Madras, 1855. 

16°. 14172. h. 39.(1.) 

A larger Grammar of the Tamil language 

in both its dialects ; to which are added the Nannul, 
Yapparungalam, and other native authorities ; 
with commentary, copious exercises . . . and an 
analytical index, etc. Second edition. (*Pope's 
Third Tamil Grammar . . . ^eo<s<seisiirj^e\}.) 2 pts. 
Madras, 1858-1859. 8°. 14172. h. 81. 

A Tamil Prose Reading-book ; or Com- 
panion to the Handbook, in five books, efc. Madras, 
1859. 8°. 14172. h. 76. 

Contains only bJcs. i.-iii. 

A first Catechism of Tamil Grammar . . . 

with an English translation by . . . D. S. Herrick 
and English notes by the author. {*^LSip 
^evidssm eQ^eSletnL^.) (*A Catechism of Tamil 
Grammar, no. ii.) 2 pts. 0«/brc^, 1895-1905. 8°. 

12906. m. 

Pope's Second Catechism of Tamil Grammar. 

^iBip ^e\)aa6is3T eS ie3) s9 sm L^ . Sixth edition. 
pp.97. Public Instruction Press : Madras, 1858. 
12°. 14172. h. 53. 

— ; — [Sixth edition.] pp. 88. American Mission 
Press: Madras, 18b8. 16°. 14172. h. 39.(2.) 

A Handbook of the Ordinary Dialect of 

the Tamil Language. Seventh edition [of A 





Tamil Handbook]. (*Part v. A Tamil Prose 
Reader adapted to tbo Handbook.) 5 pta. Osr/ord, 
1904-1906. 8°. 2056. b. 

A Tamil Poetical Anthology, with gram- 

naatical notes and a vocabulary. /SLSyp^Q'Fiu- 
ttyL- «6Uiiu«to, [Second edition.] pp. xviii. 220. 
Madras, 1859. 8^ 14172. b. 46. 

POSTAL GUIDE. Postal Guide, ^u/reo sw^eu/E/asrr. 
[Published by Devakottai M. P. Paraniy-appa 
Chetti.] pp.27. Singapore,lQ04. 8°. 14172. i. 23. 

POITLLE (Mkbidas). See Marita-das Pillai. 

POYQAIYAR. Kalavali or The Battle-field. [A 
poem in praise of the Chola king Sen-gannan, 
forming no. 4 of the Kir-kanakku poems. Text 
with translation by V. Kanaka-sabhai Pillai.] 
1889. See Periodical Pcblications. — Bombay. 
The Indian Antiquary, etc. vol. xviii., pp. 259- 
265. 1872, etc. 4°. 14096. e. (vol. 18.) 

POYGAIY-ARVAR. [For editions of the Tiruv- 
antadi of this saint included in the editions of 
the whole or parts of theNal-ayira-prabandham :] 
See Arvaroal. — Ndl-dyiram. 

POYYA-MGRI PTJLAVAE. jS(^etr>,3-eiiires3ri^ Q^rr- 
emeuQpsvLO mn poaeS a its' mintS .jif^uQuirQ^srr- 
eQsnix^^pSeM'iSaJLDirsLJ QumuiuirQinirL^ - 
L^eoeuir ^(u/D_(rS?iu^ . . . e-eniru^L^&sr [Tanjai- 
vanan-koviii. A poem in 425 stanzas, illustrating 
the rules for expressing erotic sentiment given 
in Nar-kavi-rfija Nambi's Aga-porul-vilakkam. 
With commentary by Kunrattur Ashtavadhani 
Sokk'-appa Nilvalar. Edited by T. Teyva- 
sikhamani Mudaliyar and T. Shanmukham Pijlai.] 
pp. iii. ii. 275, iv. Q^reisrSssr [Madras,] 1893. 8°. 

14172. b. 63. 


«P(5 Lj^oj fillip iBiri^aia. (Damayanti. Anew 

Tamil drama [on the epic legend].) pp. xvii. 

168; \ plate. Q^^2siit [Madras,] 1902. 12°. 

14170. 1. 55. 

Form* " Gem ii." in the teriet " The Aviklet of Sarada " 
(Na -magal -ijila/mbu) . 

PRICE {Sir John Frederick) . See Akanda-ranqa 
PitLAi. The Private Diary of Ananda Ranga 
Pillai . . . Translated . . . and edited by Sir J. F. 
Price, etc. 1904, etc. 8°. 14171. e. 4. 

PUDAN-SENDANAR. ^e^iu^ mirpuai QPW- 
Qpuj S-emaiLjLo, mr^jBiT^LCi, [Iniyadu nar-padu. 
A series of 41 quatrains, forming the 5th of the 
kir-kanakku poems of the last Madura sangham, 
with prose paraphrase. Followed by Kana-niil, 
an ancient poem on oneiromancy in 30 quatrains, 
ascribed to Ponnavan. Edited with a glossary to 
the former work by R. Raghav'-aiyangar.] 2 pta. 
uij^emir [Madura,] 1903. 8°. 14172. bb. 3.(7.) 
Form retpeclively noa. 5 and 2 of the Sen-damir-prachuram. 

[Another copy, without preface.] See 

Academies, etc. — Madura. [" Sen-damip " supple- 
ment.] nos.2,5. 1902,e<c. 8°. 14172.i.l.*(ii08.2,6.) 

PUDATT'-ARVAR. [For editions of the Tiruv- 
antadi of this saint included in the editions of the 
whole or parts of the Nal-ayira-prabandham :] 
See Arvaroal. — Nal-dyiram. 

PUGARENDI. [Life.] See Mruoa-dasa Svami. 
University of Madras . . . Pulawar Puranam, etc. 
[Lives of Pugarendi and OUa-kuttar.] 1901. 8°. 

14172. bb. 3.(4.) 

The Nalavenba [by Pugayendi] and Nan- 

manikadigai [by Vilambiya-Naganar], with gram- 
matical and explanatory notes, &c., [and an 
English translation] for the use of Matricula- 
tion Examination, 1879. By C. Rajagopala Pillai 
. . . Published by his pupil P. Vasudeva Mudaliar. 
pp. i. 147, 60, 30. Madras, 1879. 12°. 

14172. a. 22. 

LjmQLpm^uLjmeuir ^(i^&fl-rQa'iLj^ metr- 

QeuesnTuir. [Nala-ven-ba. A poem on the epic 
legend of Nala and Damayanti. Edited with 
introduction by V. G. Surya-narJiyana Sastri.] 
(*«Sso Li>ii9&} aie\)iruw : assar-z..) pp. 39, 82. 
Madras, 1899. 12°. 14172. a. 50.(1.) 

iBsnQ&iessruir. [Nala-ven-ba, Kali-dodar- 

kandam. In Tamil and English, with Tamil com- 
mentary, etc.] See Academies, etc. — Madras. — 
University of Madras. Copious notes, e<c. 1898. 
8°. 14172. b. 16.(1.) 

o oo jytSiaewearew eS/B^/f3t£/r^. [Abiman- 

nan-sundari-malai. A story in verse of Arjuna, 
Abhimanyu, and Sundari, attributed to Pugarendi. 
Edited by T. Appavu Pillai.] pp. 156. [Madras,] 
1884. 8°. 14172. b. 29. 





TV QA.'R'EN'Dl [continued), ooo ^e\)eQajir •a' rresBiBirSsn). 
[AUiy-arasani-malai. A poem ascribed to Puga- 
rendi, on the legend of Arjuna's marriage with 
the princess AUi of Madura and his establishment 
of the Pandava kingdom in the South. Edited 
by T. Nata-raja Svami.] pp. 135. ■x^^a^ 
[Madras, 1884.] 8°. 14172. b. 30. 

00 m&>e\i^iBia!re(r sem^, [Nalla-dangal- 

kathai. A popular poem on the misfortunes of 
a woman in the house of her married brother, 
ascribed to Pugarendi. Edited by M. T. Kuppu- 
sami Nayudu.] . . . Revised and enlarged, pp. 56. 
Q,r^8ssr [Madras,] 1904. 8°. 14172. cc. 1. 

oo o u (^ •SFU IT 6ssri_ 611 IT 6u ssT 6u IT &" LD , [Paficha- 

pandavar-vana-vasam. An epic poem, ascribed 
to Pugarendi, on the adventures of the Pandava 
princes as told in the Maha-bharatam, Vana- 
parvam. Edited by M. T. Kuppu-sami Nayudu.] 
. . . Revised and enlarged, pp. 268; 12 plates. 
Qs^&rdssr [Madras,] 1904. 8°. 14172. bb. 11. 

o o o ueuetr^Qsirt^LCirrSso. [Pavala-kodi- 

malai. A metrical story, ascribed to Pugarendi, 
about Arjuna's marriage to Pavala-kodi, a 
Southern princess. Edited by Chidambaram Ka- 
runananda Svami.] pp. 96. a^j^j® [Madras, 
1885.] 8°. 14172. b. 27. 

o o o usiieiTaiQmm^inw^. [Pavala-kodi- 

malai. Edited by Ch. Ponnu-sami Mudaliyar.] 
pp. 96. [Madras;] 1885. 8°. 14172. b. 28. 

[Occasional verses, ascribed to Otta-kiittar 

and Pugarendi. With interpretation.] See 
Tani-padal. {f^esfluurrL^p/SjriLQ) (Tani-padat- 
tirattu.] pp. 158-177. [1892, etc.] 8°. 

14172. 0. 39.(5.) 

PULI-PAXI, Siddhar. ooo lj e9 u u ir essfl Qa=ir^u.LB 
(*Pulippani Jothidam [a metrical manual of 
astrology] . . . Q'S'ir^i^LbQpiBjsirji/. Thoroughly 
examined and written by T. N. Rungasawmy 
Pillay.) 2 pts. Madras, 1894-1895. 8°. 

14170. i. 38. 

b!^ • • • ueti^FL-Q gg/revtii ^ [Puli-pani- 

pala-tirattn-jalam. A handbook of sorcery. Pre- 
ceded by another Jala-tirattu, ascribed to Muttu- 
vlra Rama, and followed by a Chidambara-piijai 
or Saiva ritual in 26 verses ascribed to Puli-pani 

and a Vinoda-jala-tirattu in 11 verses. Edited 
with commentary by M. Vadi-velu Mudaliyar.] 
pp. 118. Madras, 1906. 8°. 14171. g. 8. 

PTJNARI MUDALIYAR. See [Addenda] 'Abd al- 
Masih. Abdool Messee, or The Jewel of Mercy 
... a translation [by Punari Mudaliyar] of the 
life of Abdool Messee, as published in one of the 
quarterly papers of the Church Missionary Society. 
1844. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(36.) 

hymns of this author contained in the Tiruv-isai- 
pa :] See Tiru-mueai. 

PXTRA-H'ANUR'U'. ooo i-ipisrr.^ijjrjgiQp6V(LpiJa E-sjojr- 
tLjih, [Pura-naniiru. An ancient anthology forming 
the 8th of the Ettu-togai, and comprising poems 
on the moral and social functions of royalty, etc. 
Edited with commentary, biographical and gram- 
matical notes, glossary, and index by U. V. Sa- 
minath'-aiyar.] pp. 12, 3, 13, 18, 24, 310,6, 83,4, 3. 
Q^eisrdssr [Madras,] 1894. 8°. 14172. d. 16. 

PURAITAS. See Cornelius Nadae (J. S.) . Amarar 
Puranam, being the antiquities of the gods of 
India, as described in the Sacred Writings of the 
Hindus, etc. 1901. 8°. 14170. k. 52. 

See Sami-natha Aiyae, T. A. Viveka- 

chandrika . . . moral stories culled mainly from 
Puranas, etc. 1904. 12°. 14171. aa. 16. 

See Srinivasachartar, X'. F. LjjiT6S!tr<%fl!r- 

ewtrjrm. [Purana-katha-saram. Stories from 
Puranas.] 1895. 8°. 14170. ee. 7. 

See Srinivasa Raghavachaetae, T. E. 

.j>j^s ^^ir-SFEiQliraLCi. (Adika Katha Sangraham, 
or Stories selected from the . . . Puranas, etc.) 
1885. 12°. 14170. d. 23. 

^QF/LDSsOLCspnyr^iBiuth. [Tirumalai - ma- 

hatmyam. A work in 108 chapters on the 
legends of the Vaishnava sanctuary of Tirumalai 
on the Tirupati hills and the Vaishnava faith 
generally, compiled from the Sanskrit Puranas by 
D. Appan Svami, under the instructions of M. 
Tirumalai-raya Pillai.] pp. 328, i. Qeii(^^iTmuj 
[Madras, 1878.] 8°. 14170. e. 2. 






PUEANAS (continued). 


See Bala- suBRAHMANYA Pillai, T. N. <> °° .^i- 
QesriuLfirireiai ^irjriJa ^ [Vanniya-natakam. A 
drama founded upon the Agni-pnranam.] 1002. 
8°. 14170. 1. 68. 


See Mabit-appa Kavi-rayab, M., and Sakkara- 

MURTTI KONAR, A. \J^lIi^ UlTSeil^ ^LDLDirSssT. 

[Bhagavata-ammanai. A metrical paraphrase of 
the Bhagavata-puranam.] 1893. 8°. 14172. b. 64. 

Bagavadam, ou Doctrine Divine, ouvrage indien 
canonique, sur I'fitre Supreme, les dieux, les 
g^ans, les hommes, les diverses parties de I'uni- 
vers, etc. [An abstract of the Sanskrit text, 
translated into French from a Tamil version by 
" M^ridas Poull^," i.e. Mariya-das Piljai, and 
edited by Foucher d'Obsonville.] pp. Ixiv. 348. 
Paris, 1788. 8°. 279. d. 21. 

[Another edition.] Paris, 1789. 8°. 

14016. c. 1. 
o o o .juaj,^^^tJb6i]ir^QpffO(ipth . , , e-emmLjih. 
[Avadhiita-samvadam. A philosophical-religious 
discourse from bk. xxiv. (corresponding to some 
extent with bk. xi. 7ff. in the Sanskrit text). 
With paraphrastic commentary by Eduttukutti 
Arunachala Nayanar.] pp. 35. [Madras,} 1888. 
12°. 14172. a. 36.(1.) 


, . . i9jra'&ir6isTQeuiEi.%(oL—eFixiireia)ir^LSiuiJa. [Pra- 
myam. A legend of the Vaishnava cult of Sri- 
rangam, in 10 chapters. Sanskrit text, edited with 
a Tamil translation by Ichambadi R. Krushnam- 
acharyar.] pp.76. Qa^^^Ssm- [Madras,] 1906. 8°. 

14016. dd. 18. 

ooo^flH<ssjr/5/rir/7"UJ633T ■3i6UiriS(o'Xir66e\} LcirssTLSiuiJa. 
[Sankara-narayana-svami-kovil-manmiyara. The 
legends attaching to the god Sankara-Narayana 
and his shrine called Pu-gailayam or Bhu-kailasam. 
Rendered into prose by M. R. Srinivasa Aiyangar 
and S. V. Pechiy-appa Pillai.] pp. 40 ; 2 plates. 
Q.rssr3sBT [Madras,'] 1898. 12°. 14170. d. 45.(2.) 


See SuBRAHHANTA AlTAR, Ta^jai ^atavadJidnam. 
ooo miT^siTiuirnQmiTiSpLfiriressrLa. [Kajaiyar-kovif- 
puranam. Versified from the Brahma-kaivartta- 
puranam.] 1899. 8°. 14170. ee. 22. 

^trSG>rtuiriT(SsiTe8&} m rr m lQ oj en ^ est ixi. [Kalaiyar- 
kovil-manmiya-vachanam, or Tim-kanaper-pu- 
rana-v°. The legends of the Kalaiyar temple 
rendered into prose.] See Subrahmanya Aiyab, 
Tavjai Satdvadhanam. ooo air^eniuirrrQaireQp 
LfjiressT 1^ [Kalaiyar-kovir-pnrana-vachanam.] 
pp. 9-127. 1897. 12°. 14170. d. 61. 


er uS ssr ^tiT fr , a'm^iresrLf^Qiussrjpi eaifiiEi(^ih^^- 
L^jr^eOLjir/ressrLCi, [Adipura-tala-puranam. The 
sacred legends of the Saiva sanctuary at Adi- 
puram (Sandanapuri), in the Chola-mandalam. 
Metrically adapted from the Uttara-bhagam, 
Kshetra-vaibhava-kandam, eh, 68 S., by Pannu- 
rutti T. K. Subba-raya Chetti, on the basis of the 
version of Valavanur Kachi Sastri. Edited with 
a prose summary by Chidambaram A. Sami-natha 
Pillai.] pp. XX. 96. Q ^ sir 8ssr ^ it (ipS [Madras, 
1896.] 8°. 14170. ee. 8. 


Sireupir^^^ [Hasti-giri-mahatmyam. Eighteen 
adhydyas from the Bbrigu-narada-samvada, treat- 
ing of the legends of the Vaishnava shrine at 
Hastigiri or Anamalai. In Sanskrit, with a Tamil 
paraphrase in the mani-pravdlam style.] pp.ii. ii. 
255. '9iir^ [Conjevaram,] 1898. 8°. 14016, c. 61. 


u^ . , . sfBasireu^iTirs'B^^inxtirStiLi sevSufjir- 
essrih, [Kalki-puranam. Translated from the 
Sanskrit by K. Desikacharyar.] pp.4,94. Q^a^eirSssr 
[Madras, 1902.] 8°. 14170. ee. 50. 


ooo ak.kuiuir(rsssr QpeoCa ^ [Kurma-puranam. 
In the metrical version of Ativira-rama Pandiyan. 






With commentary by N. Kadirai-ver Pillai.] 
pts. i.-v. pp. 240. Q-9=mdssT \_Madra8^ 1898- 
1899. 8°. 14170. ff. 6. 

■sK-fridLjir [TsssTLD. [Kurma-puranam. Bk. 21-3 
(Eamaa avatarittav-adhyayam, Eaman vanam 
bugundav-a°., and Eavaiia-vadhaiy-a°.). With 
commentary.] See Academies, etc. — Madras. — 
University of Madras. The University of Madras. 
The First in Arts Examination, etc. 1891. 8°. 

14172. bb. 4. 


o o o Lca-ffL/jTiressrLD. [Matsya-puranam (Machcha- 
p.°). A poetical version by Vada-malaiy-appa 
Pillai of the Sanskrit Matsya-puranam. Edited by 
T. Sbanmukhara Pillaij with an introduction by S. 
Anavarata-vinayakam Pillai, and commendatory 
verses by divers.] pp. i. xxviii. 620. Qd^ekSssr 
[Madras,] 1900. 8°. 14170. ee. 43. 


(t 1^^^^^^^ ^%'P^^^-) [Magha-mahatmya-sa- 

ram. Comprising Magha-snana-phala-prabhava, 

an excerpt in Sanskrit fromtheMagha-mahatmyam 

of this Puranam (Uttara-khandam ccxxxix.) on the 

religious eflRcacy of bathing in the Maha-magham 

festival at Kumbakonam, with a Tamil and an 

abridged Telugu version, 10 Sanskrit stanzas on 

the holiness of Kumbakonam, etc. Compiled by 

Krushnanji Dave.] pp.18. Madras, 1897. 12°. 

^ ,.^, 14016. b. 20. 

No Utle-page. 

{J^uir^QiDir^^jTLijriremLD. [Padmottara - pura- 
nam. A metrical adaptation from the Sanskrit by 
P. Eamanuja Navalar.] pp.iv.xii.532,iv. Madras, 
a,iSleM [1870.] 8°. 14170. f. 2. 

^J^^auS'«s)^ suiFswti), [Siva-gita. A summary 
of the Saiva-siddhantam in the form of an episode 
in the adventures of Rama, in 16 chapters, pur- 
porting to be taken from the Padma-puranam, Ut- 
tara-khandam. Rendered into Tamil prose by A. 
Rama-sami Dikshitar.] pp. iv. 124. ^dT,sm3= 
[Tanjore,] 1898. 16°. 14170. d. 35.(6.) 

u^Se,iSes>^ ^ [Siva-gita. Sanskrit text, with 
a Tamil interpretation by M. Ganesa Sastri. E- 

dited byP. Kalyana-sundara Mudaliyar.] Qs^ekSssr 

[Madras,] 1906, etc. 8°. 14049. b. 40. 

In progress. 


oo o Lf^suna'eiiurr fTBsarQLCi&sr^Lci u^&euLD&ftjiTuir ir- 
assTLD. [Siva-maha-puranam, or Saiva-puranam. 
Translated into prose by Ikkadu Ratna-velu Mu- 
daliyar. With illustrations.] 2 vols. pp. iv. iv. 
500, 55, vii. 348. Qs^mSssr [Madras,] 1900. 8°. 

14170. ff. 2. 
Wanting the illustrations and title-page of vol. 2. 

LBirsinSujLD. [Premapuri-sthala-manmiyam. The 
local legends of the Saiva sanctuary at Anbil-alan- 
durai or Premapuri, from the Rudra-samhita. In 
a Tamil paraphrase by Nara-simha Bharati and 
Krushna Bharati.] pp. 8, 99. ^Q^eu/r^ Q^tu 
[Tiruvadi, 1895.] 12°. 14170. d. 42. 


[For the Tiru-vilaiy-adar-puranam, based upon the 
Halasya-mahatmyam in the Isa-sarnhita of this 
Puranam :] See Paean- JODi Munivae. 

iSjrQmrr^^irsiressri^eU'S'eisrLD. [Brahmottara-kun- 
da-vachanam. A prose paraphrase, by V. T. Su- 
brahmanya Pillai, of Varatunga-rama Pandiyan's 
Brahmottara-kandam, a metrical adaptation in 22 
cantos of the section bearing that name in the 
Skanda-puranam and treating the legends of cer- 
tain Saiva devotees.] pp. vi. i. 158, i. O-ysarssr- 
u(lL_6OTTii [Madras,] 1878. 16°. 14170. d. 20. 

Varatuhga-ruma, according to tradition, was the younger 
brother of Ativlra-rdma Pandiyan, and author of a Karu- 
vai-ven-bd-antddi, a Kali-turaiy-antddi, a PadiUu-patV ■ 
antddi, etc. 

xi^LfjrrressT^^eo , . . «s!o^. [Kalaiyar-kovil- 
manmiya-vachanam. An excerpt from the San- 
kara-samhitii, Kshetra-khandam, giving the le- 
gends of the Kalaiyar temple. Translated into 
prose]. See Subeahmanya Aiyae, Taiijai Satdva- 
dhdnam. ° o ° arrSsfnumTCosrreQp Ljiriressr i^^ [Ka- 
laiyar-kovir-purana-vachanam.] pp. 128-146. 1897. 
12°. 14170. d. 61. 

■sitrSliiiTeisn^LL. [Kasi-khandam (here called °kan- 
dam). An adaptation in Tamil verse, attributed to 
King Ativira-rama Pandiyan, of the Sanskrit Kasi- 





khandlam of the Skanda-puranam, containing the 
local legends of Benares, in 101 chapters and 2524 
quatrains. Edited by §iilai Subba-raya Nayakar.] 
pp. 328. [Madras,] I88-t. 8°. 14170. e. 24. 

o o o «/r^«6!OT-/_tb. [Kasi-khandam. Edited with 

interpretation by I. Ratna-velu Mudaliyar.] 

Qf^Ssar [Madras,] 1892, etc. 8°. 14170. f. 20. 

Incomplete, containing only pp. 1-640. 

000 Qd^^uiirpa)ir^iBiuiJD. [Setu-mahatmyam. The 
legends of Adam's Bridge, forming 52 chapters 
in the Sanatkumara-samhita. Translated into Tamil 
prose by N. Sami-natha Sastri.] pp. v. 297. 
Q^ssrdssr [Madras,] 1901. 8°. 14170. ee. 42. 

uff... u^emiri3e\^-t>priTemir^sJi)-i^inuiTo ijfuuo,3his-- 
eiAioeSl^muiro u^GUfsoemeijefBr:^ [Siva- rahasya- 
khanda. A section from the Sankara-samhita, 
in 91 adhydyas. The Sanskrit text, with Tamil 
translation.] 1890. SeePEEiODiCALPuBLiCATioNs. — 
Tiruvadi. QeiiuaQ'S'ih^ifleiniE. [Siva- bhakti- 
chandi-ikai.] 1890-1893. 8°. 14033. bb. 35. 

Qeii^ji^ioii3f^irS^. [Siva-tattva-sudha-nidhi. 
10 chapters from the Malayachala-kbandam of the 
Sanatkumara-samhita, on Saiva theology. San- 
skrit text, with a Tamil version of Srinivasa Di- 
kshitar's commentary Chin tamani.] pp.191. &^ih- 
uaua [Chidamharam,] 1898. 8°. 14016. d. 54. 

^(ir^iQa^-j^airuiSlesiLB. [Tiru-ketisvara- mahimai. 
A short Sanskrit excerpt, purporting to be from 
eh. ii. of the Dakshina-kailasa-mahatmyam in this 
Puranam, on the origin and cult of the Saiva sanc- 
tuary of Ketisvaram, on the Trikonachalam near 
Jaffna. Followed by 2 hymns from the Devaram. 
Edited with translation of the former and para- 
phrase of the latter by N. S. Ponn'-ambala Pillai.] 
pp. ii. 2,3,9. luirj^uuiresnTih sir [Jaffna, 1891.] 
8°. 14170. e. 41.(2.) 

iraitxaita'Dn iB\o (*isui—ifjemiu LDirssriSujih.) [Va- 
taranya-mahatmyam. 11 afilhydyas from the 
Kshetra-vaibhava-vistara, Uparibhaga, on the le- 
gends of the Vataranya or Alangadu. Followed 
by a Tamil version by S. Rama-sarai Aiyar of 
Enangudi.] pp. 112, 66. 8<u^<3iiTQevif [Naduk- 
kaveri,] 1898. 16°. 14016. a. 27. 


eis!iT^m(if,maLa. [Kanda-purana-churukkam. Asum- 
maryin verse of Kacbiy-appar's Skanda-puranam.] 
[1848.] 8°. 14170.6.6. 

See Sambandha-saranalata Svami. s /B/BLjinr ears' - 
a(if)Saih. [Kanda-purana-churukkam.] [1906.] 
8°. 14170. eee. 10. 

sm^Lfirireiisrth. [Kanda-puranam. The Skanda-p°., 
adapted into Tamil verse by Kachiy-appar. Edited 
by Aru-muga Navalar.] pp. xviii. iii. 960. Q-reJr- 
esTUL-L-enarixi aiSev [Madras, 1869.] 8°. 

14170. f. 3. 

am^Ljirireissrui. [Kanda-puranam. In the me- 
trical version of Kachiy-appar. With commentary 
by S. Subba-raya Nayakar.] Q-year^sr [Madra*,] 
1896, etc. 8°. 14170. f. 23. 

Incomplete, breaking off at p. 860. 

mii^Ljir!res3reii'3=esrLa ^ [Kanda-purana-vacha- 
nam. The six cantos of Kachiy-appar's Kanda- 
puranam, done into prose by Shanmukham Pillai, 
followed by K.Koneriy-appa Mudaliyar'sUpadesa- 
kandam.] 2 pts. 1890-1891. See Itihasa-manjari. 
Ithihasa Manjari Series. [1888]-1894. 8°. 

14172. d. 11. 

u^ a m ^ Lj 11 IT esst 3^ ainhdaui eu^esrixi. [Kanda- 
purana-churukkam. A prose epitome of Kachiy- 
appar's Kanda-puranam, by V. Tanga-velu-sami 
Devar.] pp. 8, 249. Q^&st&bt [Madras,] 1907. 
8°. 14170. e. 28. 

sm^LjirrressrLD. [Kanda-puranam, Taraka-vadha- 
patalam. In the metrical version of Kachiy- 
appar. With life of the latter and commentary.] 
pp. 112. See Academies, etc. — Madras. — Univer- 
sity of Madras. University of Madras. B. A. Ex- 
amination, etc. 1900. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(6.) 

o o e aiB^LjjriresariJD O^iueuiuirSssriuiJaeiniD^nKLc- 
essruui^eoLd ^ [Teyvayanaiy-ammai-tiru-mana- 
patalam. The legend of the bridal of Teyva- 
yanai, from the Skanda-puranam as translated 
by Kachiy-appar. With a commentary by Valvai 
S. Vaidya-linga Pillai.] pp. 116, i. eusi'sjosu 
[Valuvettiturai, 1889.] 8°. 14170. e. 30 

ooo aiB^LfjTiresunh 6tJGrT&FliuihsnLD^(i^u:i63ifruuL - 
eotJa ^ [Valliy-ammai-tiru-mana-patalam. The 





legend of the marriage of Valji to tlie god Kanda- 
sami, from the Skanda-puranam as translated by 
Kachiy-appar. With a commentary by Valval S. 
Vaidya-liiiga Pillai.] pp. 133. euffuswffl/ [Valu- 
vettiturai, 1886.] 8°. 14170. e. 25. 

See MuTTa-viEA Kaviijak. » » o eueiretfl- 
ujLoss>LCii6fri^sLc>. [Vallly-ammai-natakam. 
A drama.] [1871.] 8°. 14170.1.7. 


0^,... ■5r'§43-"§i5'fSgjxeJsSj^j5' ^,2,^ S's^tt'cbc. 
[Kaisika-purfinam or Kaisikopakhyanam. A 
Vaishnava religious legend purporting to form 
ch. 66 in the dialogue of the Earth and the Boar, 
in Sanskrit. With Tamil commentary by Para- 
sara Bhattar. Edited by V. Mudumbai Srinivasa 
Appangar Svami.] pp. 30. ^^^ OF"o^ [Madras, 
1904.] 8°. 14028. c. 49.(2.) 

Apparently not to be found in the printed texts. 


(_/ /r (T <i aeuLyjT/r 6337- Old sir CTjyii eQmirajSL^iriressrLCi. 
[Vinayaka-puranam, or Bhargava-puranam. A 
metrical version by Tirutanigai Kachiy-appar. 
Edited with paraphrastic commentary by Ikkadu 
Eatna-velu Mudaliyar.] pts. 1 — 7. pp. 320. 
Qa^skSssr [Madras,] 1899. 8°. 14170. f. 15. 

uiriridseu LjjnressrQmesr^Lri eQiBirius u ir it esar in . 
[Vinayaka-puranam, or Bhargava-puranam. A 
prose paraphrase, by T. V. Muttu-sami Mudaliyar, 
of the metrical version by Kachiy-appar. Fourth 
edition.] pp. ii. iii. 440, 378. Q'Tsst^ [Madras,] 
1899. 8°. 14170. ee. 19. 


Ljir IT esarjT^^ ear Qlci sir ^^LD u^eQs^^nujnressTih. 
[Vishnu-puranam. Metrically translated by S. 
Subba-raya Aiyar.] pp. iv. xxii. 530, i. Qd^esrSsur 
[Madras,] 1904. 8°. 14170. ff. 13. 

PUBNA-LINGAM PILLAI, M. S. See Auvaitae.— 
Supposititious Works, ^etremeu (^pen m. [Auvai- 
kural. Edited by Piirna-lingam.] 1899. 12°. 

14172. a. 50.(2.) 

See Periodical Publications. — Madras. 

i^iTssrQuiT^eS ^ (*Jnana Bodhini, etc.) [Edited 
by Purna-lingam.] 1897-1905. 8°. 14172.1.18. 

PURNA-LINGAM PILLAI, M. S. (continued). A 
Primer of Tamil Literature. (The Madras Literary 
Bureau Series.) pp. v. 218. Jlfadraa, 19 04. 12°. 

14171. d. 3. 

Vasaka Thirattu : a Tamil prose anthology. 

(feuira'a^^jrLLQ.) pp. i. i. 113, 2. Madras, 
1896. 8°. 14171. a. 12. 

Witty Stories. I. Loifliuirein^irirLDssr astn^. 

II. ^jrirojir .j^uuir^ aesi^. [Mariyadai-raman- 
kathai and Rayar-appaji-kathai.] Edited by M. S. 
Purnalingam Pillay. pp. i. 2, 56. Madras, 1897. 
12°. 14171. a. 6.(2.) 

PURirpdTTAMA. See Porushottama. 

Kamban. o oo uj^tii^<iLnuinrLCi!nue!S3Tis(mLjQuiT- 
(i^etT. [Kamba-ramayana-karu-porul. Edited 
with interpretation etc. by Purushottama.] 1882. 
12°. 14172. a. 24. 

PURUSHOTTAMA NAMBI. [For the hymns of 
this author contained in the Tiruv-isai-pa :] See 


PUSHPA-RATHA CHETTI, t. See Nal-adiyar. 
o o o /BiTiSVi^iuirir ^ [Nal-adiyar. With interpre- 
tation etc. by Pushpa-ratha.] 1885. 8°. 

14172. b. 40. 

See Nal-adiyar. Naladyar. [Edited] with 

a . . . Tamil commentary and an English trans- 
lation of the text [by Pushpa-ratha]. 1892. 8'. 

14172. b. 45. 


ewiBiruiE 3" (s^ ai 011 IT ill ^ldlditSsbt. [Snapaka-san- 
juvam-ammanai. A Catholic poem on St. John 
the Baptist.] pp. 34. luiTLpuuiremui [Ja.ffna^\ 
1892. 8°. 14170. c. 24.(4.) 

RADHA-KRUSHNA AIYAR, S., Principal of Maha- 
raja's College, PuduhoUai. See Sami-natha Aiyar, 
T.A. Vivekachandrika . , . With an introduction 
by S. Rathakrishna Aiyar, ate. 1904. 12°. 

14171. aa. 16. 

RAGHAVACHARYAR, Ddmal Achat. {jf . . . 

omanuujujem ujTLDusmjr ^'SsEiusmam G'&Aieuir<^8- 
^^s^\{u&sT ^mjuifl etc. [Various Sanskrit and 
Tamil devotional lections of the Suddha-sattvam 
order of Visishtadvaita Vaishnavas, by divers 





authors, giving metrical lists of the spiritual 
leaders of the sect, eic] pp. 10, 19, 48, 4. Ot-/0- 
ujfferr QsireQ&i Quvasot^&i [Conjevaram, 1903.] 
12°. 14028. bb. 9.(2.) 

KAGHAVACHARYAR, Perunuil - koyil Tirumalai 
lehamhd^i. See Yamunachakyar. o o » ^etreum- 
^irir&vQ^ir^irLb. [Alavandar-stotram. Edited by 
Raghavacharyar.] 1878. 8°. 14028. c. 46. 

1879. W. 14028. b. 52. 

RAGHAVACHARYAR, Sililtinaynhhambettai. o » = 
i9 lu IT uj 6U IT ^ ITU IT •3' iS ff IT m IT BSST Ld . [ Nyaya- vadiL- 
bhasa-nirakaranam. Criticisms on Shanmukha 
Pillai's interpretation of the Bharata-ven-ba.] pp. 
12. (QLDuQsirsssTLL \_Kumhal(onam^ [18]88. 16°. 

14170. k. 2.(2.) 

lative Council. &eQs<i L^QjrirSi^^irQsirL- ^ [The 
Civil Procedure Code. Edited by Raghavacharyar.] 
[1870.] 8°. 14170. g. 6.(2.) 

See Madras, Presidency of. s-ulj^tlduib- 

^uiiriu . . . fft—i—ikaeiT ^ [Rules, etc., for the 
administration of the Salt Acts. Translated by 
Raghavacharyar.] [1867.] 8°. 14170. g. 5.(1.) 

RAGHAV'-AIYANGAR, E., of Ramnad. See Aca- 
demies, etc. — Madura. Qs'ib^lSlp. [Sen-damir. 
Edited by Raghav'-aiyangar.] 1902, etc. 8°. 

14172. i. 1. 

leiTLDireueS. [Vishnu-namavali, or Moksha-suksh- 
mam. A Vaishnava hymn.] See Nambi Natudu. 
o o o uiT3nruut^ jriTLBiTiuessriii ^ [Pasura-padi- 
ramayanam, etc.^ pp. 1-8. 1903. 12°. 

14170. d. 46.(4.) 
RAGHAVA-MURTTI PILLAI,P. u&npiuir s-pu^^ 
eQetridBLD. [Paraiyar-urpatti-vilakkam. A tract 
on the origin of the Paraiyar or "pariah" class.] 
pp. 12. Q-TOiTSssr [Madras,] 1894. 12°. 

14171. a. 7.(1.) 

RAGHU - NATH' - AIYAR, Nalliir Chandra-sekhar'- 
aiyar. See Bhoja-raja Panditab. ■a^jrCS'irir^LairSso 
^ [Chara-jodi-malai. Edited by Raghu-nath'- 
aiyar.] [1892.] 8°. 14170. i. 23. 

See Ephemerides. oo » isis^ssreuQ^s^ . . , 

L/@^/rE(«uj . . . Tamil Calendar, etc. [Calculated 
for 1892-93 and 1893-94 by Raghu-nath'-aiyar.] 
[1891-1896.] 8°. 14172. i. 11. 

RAJA-GOPALA AIYANGAR, M., of Kumhakonam. 

A help to the thorough understanding of the 

Tamil ^aesari^iTLo ervi^sisiL-iTQ Ljetv^SLo [Second 

Standard Book]. Q^erfl Ouir^eir eQenasLo. 

pp. 78. Anaikara-Chattram, [1898.] 12°. 

14172. h. 97.(3.) 

Forms no. 7 of OopaVs Educational Series. Distinct 
from the readers of the Jaffia CatkoUc Mission which bear 
the same name. 

enaaia. (fThe Mathimosa vilakkam.) [Mati- 
mosha-vilakkam. A description of various kinds 
of imposture.] Madras, 1907, etc. 8°. 14171. a. 2. 
In progress. 

RAJA- g5p ALA MUDALIYAR, Puduvai Nayan- 

appa. See Pillai Peru-mal AiYAKQAR. ooo Qq^. 
QeuiE].xi_LDiTSso. [Tiru-venkata-malai. With com- 
mentary by Raja-gopala.] [1879.] 8°. 14172. c. 25. 

conversational sentences in Roman-Tamil. Spe- 
cially adapted to the use of persons employed 
on public works, to which are added thirty selected 
stories from the KadS, Manjari [with translation], 
etc. (* The Anglo-Tamil Primer : for the use of 
the students of the Civil Engineering College, 
etc.) 2 pts. 1860,1862. See Madras, City of .— 
Civil Engineering College. Madras Engineering 
College Papers, nos. i., iv. 1860-1869. 8°. 

14170. i. 7.(no. 1, 4.) 

A text-book containing fifteen hundred 

conversational sentences in Tamil with English 
translation . . . and forty selected stories of the 
Kad4maSjari, with analysis and free translation. 
Second edition, pp. i. 131. 1869. See Madras, 
City of. — Civil Engineering College. Madras Engi- 
neering College Papers, no. 1(B). 1860:1869. 
8°. 14170. i. 7.* 

Selection of Tamil words different in signi- 
fication but similar in sound. [In Tamil and 
English.] pp. iv. 55. Madras, 1862. 12°. 

12906. bb. 47. 

RAJA-GOPALA ITAYirpU, Q. Q^<^Sesr. [Tennai. 
A treatise on cocoanut-cultivation.] pp. i. i. 75. 
Madras, [1904.] 8°. 14171. g. 3. 

eQeuo'iruj eSetTdsiJa. [Vyavasaya-vilakkam. 

A manual of agriculture. Second edition.] pp. 
viii. 213. Madras, 1902. 8°. 14170. i. 4. 





EAJA-GOPALA PILLAI, A. Anglo-Indian Vydya- 
chintamani. [A Kanarese Materia Medica, with 
names of drugs in English, Latin, Kanarese, Tamil, 
andTelugu.] <^of\Z\ ^r3iF"^^55^dc5^o®s'»^>iP^- 
pp. 3, 3, i. 264, 26, i. 2, 29. Bangalore, 1899. 8°. 

14176. c. 31. 

EAJA-GOPALA PILLAI, Komalapuram, of Presi- 
dency College, Madras. See Academies, etc. — 
Madras. — University of Madras. The University 
of Madras. The First in Arts Examination — 
1892. The Tamil text . . . with . . . notes by . . . 
Eajagopaul Pillai . . . and ... P. Vasudeva Mu- 
delliar. 1891. 8°. 14172. bb. 4. 

See Arvargal. — Nal-ayiram. — Tiru-vay- 

mori. o o o ^Q^euirtuQiciirLp ^ [Tiru-vay-mori. 
With commentary. Edited by Eaja-gopala.] 
[1859.] 8°. 14172. c. 18. 

See Nal-adiyae. The Naladiyar. With a 

Tamil commentary by . . . Eajagopala, etc. 1903. 
8°. 14172. c. 45. 

See PuGARENDi. The Nalavenba and Nan- 

manikadigai, with . . . notes ... By C. Eajagopala 
Pillai, etc. 1879. 12°. 14172. a. 22. 

See Tiru-venkatachala Pillai. ^q^iSsv- 

aessTL-minui^ir eQsoira-m. [Tiru-nilakantha-na- 
yanar-vilasam. Edited by Raja-gopala.] [1875.] 
8°. 14170. I. 8. 

See ViEUPAKSHi Ling'-aiyae. P(g. . .O^sar- 

^Q^uu^Ljirnemih ^ [Ten-tirupadi-puranam. 
Edited by Eaja-gopala.] [1890.] 8°. 14170. e. 49. 

RAJA-GOPALA PILLAI, P. See Maha-ehaeatam. 
^&iv6i](Si£i^uireuLc. [Asva-medha-parvam. From 
the recension of Eaja-gopala.] [1875.] 8°. 

14172. c. 22. 

RAJA-GOPALA SARMA, K. P., of Dharapuram 
Board High School. Principles of Translation. 
From Tamil into English. For use in Upper 
Primary and Lower Secondary Schools, pp. ii. 
107. Comfta^ore, 1898. 8°. 14172. h. 89.(2.) 

RAJAH (M. B.). See Eaja Haei-haea-putra Pillai. 

hshi B. See Mey-kanda Devak. Q^v^irm. 

QuiTfiLD . , . (Sivagnana Botham),efc. [With com- 
mentary, etc. Compiled and edited by M. B. Eaja.] 

1906. 12"= 

14170. d. 29. 

RAJAM AIYANGAR, T. See Peeiodical Publica- 
tions. — Tanjore. ^iBipsLc. [Tamir-agam. Edited 
by Eajam Aiyangar.] 1905. 8°. 14172. i. 8. 

RAJAM AIYAR, B.U. (Siva-subeahmanya Aiyar). 
Kamalambal, or The Fatal Eumour . . . Eevised 
and reprinted from the Viveka Chintamani. 

uirerr <9'fl^^jnJo. [Kamalambal-charitram, or 

Apattukk'idam ana apavadam. A novel.] pp. xiv. 

414, ii. Madras, 1896. 12°. 14171. a. 8. 

Forms part of the " Viveka Chintamani Series." 

RAJA-RAM GOVINDA-RATJ, Taiijai. \J^ui^- 
eS'eviriJDQ^^eU'riBLD. [Bhakta-lilamruta-vachanam. 
A prose version, by K. Eama-sami Nayudu, of 
Eaja-ram's Bhakta-lilamrutam, or poetical his- 
tories of 82 Vaishnava saints, from Pundarika 
to Tuka-ram, derived from Marathi sources.] pp. 
i. ii. 430. Q^sisrSssr eQair^ [Madras, 1899.] 8°. 

14172. d. 24. 

RAJA-RATN AM PILLAI, T. A., of Madras Christian 
College. The Life of Eao Bahadur C. W. Thamo- 
tharam Pillai ... by T. A. Eajaruthnam. (* T. A. 
E. Euthnam^s Biographical Series, no. 2.) pp. ii. 
95, xxii.j I -plate. Madras, 1^02. 12°. 14170. k. 44. 

RAJARUTHNAM, T. A. See Eaja-eatnam Pillai, 

T. A. 

sekhara's Eamayana-6r-adi-kirttanai, or lyrics on 
the Ramayanam, as printed together with Aruna- 
chala Kavi-rayar's Eama-natakam :] See Aeuna- 


RAJENDRAM PILLAI, B.A.A. The Mysteries of 
the World. A hundred & one tales. By B. A. A. 
Eajaindrum Pillay. {*^QetiiTs eSlQibir^i s,<sn^- 
«6Tr.) 4 vols. pp. ii. ii. 518, iv. ii. iv. 933. Madras, 
1897-1899. 8^ 14m. a. 19. 

RAMA, \J<^!nrLiiQa,irt^. U(^<3'evai<^j]yLiJD .j)]t_mi- 
Suj_gj. [Sri-rama-koti. Being the sacred name 
Srl-rdma repeated some 500,000 times, with a 
preface.] pp. 4, 1002. [Madras,] 1905. 8°. 

14170. ff 15. 





EAMA AIYAN (Christian). See NiLn-MANTRi- 
KATHAi. Vier Geheimrath-Minister . . . iibertragen 
von . . . Rama Ayen. 1855. 8°. 14171. a. 32. 

EAMA-BHADRA DIKSHITAE. g/r/sSu/fleswuj nsir- 
L-^ih. [Jiinaki-parinayam. A drama on the union 
of Rama and Sita. Translated from the Sanski-it 
of Riima-bhadra by N. Sami-natha Sastri.] pp. 16, 
831. Qe^asrSssr [Madras,] 1903. 12°. 

14170. 1. 24.(3.) 

RAMA-BHADBAN. See Dueai-sami Muppanae. 

B.k'SLA-CBA'S'D'RAtV.Ayddhi-ddsar. ty^/fcu^ <Fajr- 
6U/r^^/B/r/_«ti. [Pururvas-chakravartti-natakam. 
A drama on the legend of Pururavas.]. pp. 84. 
[Madras,] 1897. 8°. 14170. 1. 32X6.) 

KAMA-CHANDRA AIYAR, Kandddai. See Paenell 
(T.). ParnoU's Hermit in Tamil prose. ByC.Ramar 
Chandra Aiyar. 1904. 12°. 14172. a. 54.(2.) 

Beschi (C. G. E.). ^00^ . . . s'^irsjrir^. [Cha- 
tur-agaradi. Edited by Rama-chandra.] [1824.] 
4°. 14172. f. 13. 

(^akuntala. Traduction [by G. Deveze] de 

RAMA-CHANDRA RAU, P. See Maritadai-iaman. 
Tales of Mariada Raman . . . [translated] by P. 
Ramachandra Rao. [1902.] 12°. 14171. aa. 14. 

la version tamoule [i.e. the Sakuntala-vilasam of 
Rama-chandra]. (Revue de Linguistique et de 
Philologie Comparee. Tome xix., xx.) Paris, 
1886-1887. 8°. P.P. 4964. d. (torn. 19-20.) 

[Maha-bharata-vilasam. A poetical play on the 
epic legend. Edited by T. Tyaga-raya Svami.] 
pp. 88. i9irQu>ir^^ [Madras, 1870.] 8°. 

14170. 1. 20. 



ranya-natakam. Edited by Rama-chandra.] 1888. 
8°. 14170. 1. 27. 

See Paeaso-eama Paktulu. ° ° ° [J^aS^siririrLair^- 
a=QiBiu en) t£i 6U IT ^ srv IT ir en) lEi Sir a ih ^ [Sita-raman- 
janeya-samvada-sara-sangraham. An epitome, by 
Rama-chandra, of the Sitaramunjaneya-samvadam. 
With Tamil translation, etc.] [1898.] 8°. 

14170. ee. 27. 

The Son-in-Law Abroad, and other Indian 

folk- tales of fun, folly, cleverness, and humour, 
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RAMA-CHANDRA SASTRI, Kdnchipuram. See Vi- 
DAS. Ccus./T'O-i^CT— 5?c3;/r ^ [Vedartha-dipika. 
Being the Taittiriya-samhita with Tamil commen- 
tary by Rama-chandra.] [1889.] 8°. 14010. c. 46. 

RAMA-CHANDRA SASTRI, MahdrSjapuram. See 
Vaidta-natha Dtkshitab. ° o o CM^-^a»<g/rffljiC<2) 
rLj7'Oa: . . . <3hiT£m: [Smruti-mukta-phala. Vol. v., 
with Tamil translation by Rama-chandra.] 1898, 
etc. 4°. 14039. c. 15. (vol 5.) 

RAMA-CHANDRA SASTRI, Vishnupuram S. See 
Sankaeachaeyae. o o o Sl^^iris^i9i^. [Dasa- 
sl5ki. With Madhu-siidana's Siddhanta-bindu 
translated into Tamil by Rama-chandra.] 1906. 
12°. 14049. aa. 1. 

RAMA KA.VI. j)f^^^^rr^u6uiii. [Advitann- 
bbavam. A metrical Vedantic treatise.] See San- 
kaeachaeyae. [Doubtful and Supposititious Works,] 
(^ . . . @su!3i^(g3)a9/r^^ ^ [A collection.] pp. 
100-182. [1888.] 16°. 14170. d. 28. 

RAMA KAVI-RAYAR. [jftriru^aeQu^misstr. [Ra- 
ma-kavi-padangal. Erotic verses.] See Vijata- 

EANGA MUDALIYAE, P. o° ° SeQ(^i^.9'jr UlTJT^ . . . 

u^ms'sn. [Padangal.] pp. 89-96. 1886. 8°. 

14172. c. 33. 

pdla-krushna, of Karupur. See Vaidya-natha 
DIkshitae. eMj^a^c^iTeUiC<s> e^-jjtos: , ., c9hae^: 
[Smruti-mukta-phala. Vol. ii., with Tamil traus- 
lation by Rama-krushna.] 1898, etc. 4°. 

14039. c. 15. (vol. 2.) 


ooo QrDu.ffirQe\>&r,^il> LcSssriut^d'ireiv^jnh [Ma- 
naiy-adi-sastram. Collected and enlarged by Rama- 
krushna and Aiya-sami.] [1885.] 8°. 14172. c. 30. 


See Sata^achakyab. uS; . .^v^Qevs^n^aicurmi s^ud 
etc. [Panchadasi. With interpretation and para- 





phrase in Tamil by Rama-linga, preceded by a 
Sanskrit poem on the successes of Eama-linga 
with Tamil translation.] 1905. 8°. 14049. bb. 7. 

EAMA-LINGA DEVAR, Erumur V. ^miSljnnrr- 
eoiiairn-'S- 3^Qh<istii. [Dina-kramalankara-churuk- 
kam. A tract on medical diet and regimen.] See 
[Addenda] Agastyar. u453^uiL9l3=irm^jrLo ^, 
[Paiicha-pakshi-sastram.] 1907. 8°. 14170.1.3. 

RAMA-LINGA GURU. Virudupatti Ponn'-ambala 
(Bal'-atya). SeeATiviEA-EAMA Pandiyan. ooo ld it - 
aLjiriressTLL. [Magha-puranam. Edited by Rama- 
linga.] 1904. 8^. 14170. eee. 3. 

RAMA-LIN GAM PILLAI, Madurai N. {jf . . . ^- 
jT isssflujairesuri^ih u^jrtrLDir a/S!iT6U/r<Ftb. [Sri- 
ramar-vana-vasam. A poem in ammdnai metre 
upon the epic story of Rama's exile in the forest, 
based upon the corresponding parts of the Ayo- 
dhya-kandam of Kamban's Ramayanam. Edited 
by S. P. Gana-patiya Pillai.] pp. 6, 137. LB^smir 
{_Madura;\ 1907. 8". 14172. bb. 24. 

SiDDHAEGAL. ooo QuiBtu ^iresTikQair emeu [Pe- 
riya-nana-kovai. Compiled by Rama-linga.] 1899. 
12°. 14170. ee. 33. 

RAMA-LINGA MUDALIYAR, Tirumnyilai. See [Ad- 
denda] Bankim-chandra ChATTOPADHYAYA. ^IBfiU- 
Ljn j-^SiuLC: ^ (Secrets of Zenana, or Anthappura 
Rahasyam. [A novel] by M. Rama-linga Mudal- 
yar[, pt. i. being adapted from Bankim-chandra's 
Kapala-kundala, and pt. ii. from Damodara Mu- 
khopadhyaya'sMrinmayi.]) 1906. 8°. 14171. e. 20. 

^emr^iBLb. (Jeevarathnam. A Tamil 

novel.) pts. 1, 2. Madras, 1900-1901. 8°. 

14170. k. 24.(1.) 

Pt. i. (1901) is of the second edition, pt. ii. (1900) of the 

uffiQunTL^iaem^ssfr. (Pallamollic Ka- 

thaigal. A novel of Tamil proverbs.) pp. 126. 
Madras, 1902. 8°. 14170. k. 33. 

ooo uiBia^SijeosQaiesi^. (Pangnjavalli. 

A Tamil novel.) pp. 94. Madras, 1900. 8°. 

14171. e. 16. 

RAMA-LINGA PILLAI, Chidambaram Per-ambala, 
disciple of Jru-mvga Ndvalar. See NakkIea Dfi- 

VAR. o CO ^^QpQ^siribjpiLJUsmi—. [Tiru-mrug'- 
attu-padai. Edited by Rama-linga.] [1896.] 16°. 

14170. d. 36.(4.) 

RAMA-LINGA PILLAI, Karunguri, of Chidamha- 
ram (Tieuv-aeut-prakasa-vallalae). iSee Bala- 
SUNDAEA Nayakae. ^jriTLnsSim^ t9 err?eiT u ir i_ 6U 
^u IT a= ^ IT u u 6S3T ih ^ [Rama-liiiga-pillai-padal- 
abhasa-darpanam, or Marut-pa-maruppu. Critical 
essays on Rama-linga's poems.] 1904. 12°. 

14172. g. 6. 

See Kann'-udaiya Vallal. ooo e^ifieQ- 

QeoirQ^SLD. [Orivil odukkam. With an exposi- 
tion by Rama-linga of the sirappu-pdyiram.'l 
1906. 16°. 14170. dd. 14. 

See Mutt'-aiya Svami. 


8!n<s. [Chin-maya-dipikai. Edited on the 
basis of Rama-linga's recension.] 1907. 12°. 

14172. a. 58. 

[Tiruv-arut-pa-tiru-murai-tirattu. A collection 
of Saiva devotional poems. With some appended 
matter in prose and verse. Compiled by P. Sun- 
daram Pillai, and revised by P. Kalyana-sundara 
Mudaliyar.] pp. xxi. i. 919, xxxii. Qa^ekSssr 
[Madras], 1892. 8°. 14172. d. 14. 

' ooo ^Q^euQ^iLuir ^(iffrLpempsGiT Qp(ip^iJD. 

[Tiruv-arut-pa-tiru-muraigal. Edited with com- 
mentary by Kanchipuram Rama-sami Nayudu.] 
nos. 1-5. Madras, 1904-1905. 8°. 14170. ff. 17. 
Discontinued after publication of no. 6. 

ooo .si,^^Q(r^(ipstnpu9<oJifl6srj:i/m^QjrLLi^tu 

^miB^^^Q^ei](^iLuir. [Ananda-tiruv-arut-pa. 
Devotional Saiva lyrics extracted from Rama- 
linga's 6 Tiru-murai. Preceded by 3 Devara- 
padigangal.] pp. xii. 135 ; 2 plates. Qa^ekSprr 
[Madras,] 1903. 12°. 14170. d. 92. 

° ° ° ^Q^sii(i^L-uir ^/BS^to/rSso. [Tiruv- 

arut-pa-ingita-malai. Saiva devotional verses. 
Edited with a commentary by K. V. Tiru-venkata 
Nayudu.] pp. iii. 104, ii. Q^a^ssrSosr [Madras,] 
1904. 8°. 14170. eee. 7. 

ooo ^QiF^&jQ^tLuir^^iriL®. [Tiruv-arut- 

pa-tirattu. Select hymns. With short life of 





the author, etc. Edited, with preface, by T. K. 
Vadi-velu Mudaliyar.] pp. viii. 120 ; 4 plates. 
Q^eirSsBr [Madra$,] 1898. 12°. . 14170. d. 60. 

° °° ,Q(i^eu(i^LLuir^^irLL<Sl. [Tiruv-arut- 

pii-tirattu. Edited by Parani Vel-ayudha Muda- 
liyar.] pp. 8, 144; Opiates. Q-f^Ssbt [Madras,] 
1903. 12°. 14170. d. 79. 

o o o ^Q06U(T^L-uir^ ^(j^Qpesip^^rtl.® 

Qp&)QpiM-QuirifiuLjes)iriLjUi. [Tiruv-arut-pa- 
tirn-murai-tirattu. Poems from the Tiruv-arut- 
pa. Edited with commentary by M. Vadi-velu 
Mudaliyar.] pp. ii. 159 ; 1 plats. Qa^&srdssr 
iMadraa,] 1901. 8". 14172. c. 44. 

^(/r^uuirt^p/Sj-tLQ. [Tiru-padat-tirattu. 

Miscellaneous Saiva poems. Followed by Siva- 
namavaji, a series of hymns.] pp. 38, 32. See 

SiDDHARGAL. °°o QuiBlU ^ IT SST sQ S IT &!> eU [Pe- 

riya-nana-kovai.] 1899. 12°. 14170. ee. 33. 

&siJ/srrLDir6iJeifl^^jrLLQ. [Siva-namavali- 

tirattn.] See Siddhargal. oo° Ouifliu (S^irssrs^ 
Q^irssi&i. [Periya-nana-kovai.] pt. ii. 1906. 
12°. 14170. dd. 12. 

BAMA-LIITGA SVAMI, Chidambaram Isdniya-ma- 
thum. See ParaS-jodi Muxivar. Lo^smir . . , 
^Q(t^sQSsfTiuirL—i>Ljirire33rL£> [Tiru-vilaiy-adar-pu- 
ranam. Edited by Rama-linga.] 1896. 8°. 

14170. ee. 3. 

1906. 8°. 

14170. eee. 24. 

See Siva-prakasa Desikae. 00° iBtr&)eun- 

iBrr&sTLDesiflLcsirSso. [Nalvar-nan-mani-malai. With 
commentary by Rama-linga.] 1896. 12°. 

14170. d. 27. 

EAMA-LINGA SVAMI, Chidambaram, priest of 
Bommapuram $iva-nana-pdlaiya Desihar. See 
Sekkir.^r. Qa'dSt^irir . . . Qo'ih^ . . , Quifiiu- 
LijriressTih i^ [Periya-puranam. Edited with an 
interpretation by Aru-muga Tambiran, completed 
by Rama-linga.] [1835] -1898. 8°. 14170. f. 1. 

RAMA-LINGA SVAMI, Tiruv-arut-prakdsa-vallaldr. 
See Rama-ukga Pxllai, K. 

RAMAN, Mariada. See Maritadai-baman. 

The Brahma Sutra Ajtha Deepika, or The Brahma 

Sutras . . . with . . . extracts from the glossaries 
of . . . Ramananda, etc. 1904, etc. 4°. 14170. fff. 6. 

EAMANANDA SVAMI, Nisehala, of Conjevaram. 
o o o(Si£iir3i^0irpesr eQenisLct, [Moksfaa-sadbana- 
vilakkam. An Advaita-vedanti treatise on the 
methods for obtaining salvation. Edited by G. 
Vadi-velu Chet^i.] pp. xxxix. ii. ii. 528, iv. ; 1 
plate. Oa^sar^ [JfocircM,] 1906. 8°. 14170. eee. 16. 

RAMANANDA YOGI, Kdnchlpuram. See Mutt'- 
AITA SvAMi. 000 S^inuj ^tQstna. [Chin-maya- 
dipikai. Edited with paraphrases, etc., by Rama- 
nanda.] 1907. 12°. 14172. a. 58. 

RAMA-NATHA AIYAR, Tiruvdrur R. See Acade- 
mies, etc. — Madras. — University of Madras. Uui- 
versity of Madras. Exhaustive notes on the 
Matriculation Tamil text for 1900 . • . With . . . 
translation by T. R. Ramanatha Aiyar. 1900. 
8°. 14172. bb. 6.(4.) 

See ValuIki. Ramayana Niti Ratnavali, 

etc. [Translated into Tamil by Rama-natha.] 
1886. 12°. 14003. c. (no. 6.) 

RAMA-NATH'-AIYAR, K., of TrichinopoU. See 
Ephemeeides. s/B^/fl. Jantri . . . Edited by K. 
Ramanathaiyar. 1899. 8°. 14172. i. 9. 

RAMA-NATHA SASTRI, PaldsUr N. See Nila- 
kaktha DiKSHiTAR. sniuo . . . uvtr^eSlcs>ir€in}t 
[Santi-vilasa. Edited by Rama-natha, with Tamil 
paraphrase.] 1907. 8°. 14070. dd. 42.(3.) 

RAMAN CHETTI, Puduvur Ylr'-appa. ^Q^Qsuii- 
sl-loitSso, [Tiru-venkata-malai. Devotional lyrics 
on the sanctuary of Vishnu at Tirupati.] pp. 11. 
luirifiuuirestiTth eQiu [Jaffna, 1886.] 16°. 

14172. a. 6.(1.) 

RAMANUJA (Em-beeumanar). [Life.] See G6- 
viNDACHARTAE, A. The life of R&manuj&charya, etc. 
1906. 8°. 14170. eee. 26. 

See PiLLAi Lokam-jItar. 000 j/r- 

uiir^^iriTiu^6UiU'9'fiein^. [Ramanujarya-divya- 
charitai.] 1886. 8°. 14170. f. 11. 

See Seieahqachaetae, T. K. [jfirir- 

u)/r.^wj8«^(fi^U). (The Life of Sri Ramanuja, etc.) 
1901. 12°. 14171. a. 48.(1.) 





RAMANUJA (Em-berumanak) (continued). See BI- 
DAEATANA. (^ • • • t^s^'=^^"^S|^H^^' [Brahma- 
sutram. With Srimad-bhashyartha-sangraham, 
an epitome of Eanianuja's Sri-btashyam, and 
ascribed to tbe latter, rendered into Tamil.] 
[1890.] 8°. 14048. c. 69. 

See Badaeatana. e^ia^jr 


uiri^iuLa. [Brahma-sutra-dravida-bhashyam. The 
Brahma-siitram, with Tamil commentary based 
upon the works of Eamanuja, etc.] 1905. 8°. 

14049. bb. 8. 

See Upanishads. ° ° ° ^Q<3=iruiSs^^^irir- 

eSi—uir&^iuLo. [Dasopanishad-dravida-bhashyam. 
Ten Upanishads, with Tamil commentary com- 
prising translations of the commentaries of Eama- 
nuja, etc.] [1897]-1898. 8°. 14010. dd. 14. 




[Gadya-trayam. Three short Sanskrit treatises 
on Vaishnava theology, viz. Saranagati-gadyam, 
Sriranga-gadyam, and Vaikuntha-gadyam, with 
a Tamil commentary by Periyav-achan Pillai. 
Edited by Tirumarisai Maha-bhashyam Sriranga- 
charyar.] pp. v. 112, i. Madras, 1882. 8°. 

14048. d. 47. 

, ^ , . . . ^X's^^^sSj»?!oBpa8S5S5^«5&. [Rama- 

nuja-niyamana-padi. Eules of religious conduct, 
in verse, claiming the authority of Eamanuja.] 
pp. 16. iS-i^^^^^B ■ST'Sw [Madras, 1885.] 8°. 

14172. a. 29.(1.) 

RAMANUJACHARI, Pandit. See Arvargal.— Nal- 
ayiram. — Tiru-vay-mori. o oo ^Qj^euiTiuQLCirrL^ ^ 
[Tiru-vay-mori. With commentary. Edited by 
Eamanujachari.] [1859.] 8°. 14172. c. 18. 

RAMANUJACHARYAR, N. See Peeiodical Publi- 
cations. — Madras. ^i9fs&i u^^fiema ^ [Abhi- 
nava-patrikai. Edited by Eamanujacharyar.] 
1902. 8°. 14172. i. 2. 

RAMANUJACHARYAR, Timmagudi Allundu. See 
Venkata-natha Vedantaoharyae. CUOSU-tSoSj- 

soojoo" ^ [Para-mata-bhangam. Edited by Ea- 
manujacharyar.] 1893. 8°. 14170. 6. 54. 

RAMANUJACHARYAR, Tirulcudandai Komdniur 
Ilaiyavalli. See Vknkata-natha Vedantachaeyae. 

o o o uj^Q^Qs ujruiB^LD. [Desika-prabandham. 
With commentaries by Eamanujacharyar.] 1889- 
[1890.] 8°. 14170. f. 13. 

RAMANUJACHARYAR, MddahhusU Tarha-tlrtha. 

See ARAGIYA-MANAVALA PeRU-MAL. o o o cCSb8xr°2;So- 

^8. [Yati-raja-vimsati. With commentary of 
Pillai Lokam-jiyar. Edited with Telugu inter- 
pretation by Eamanujacharyar.] [1904.] 8°. 

14028. c. 86. 

See Arvargal. — Nal-ayiram. — L/ar-pd. 

^lupuir ^, [lyar-pa. With commentary of Peri- 
yav-achan, together with paraphrases by Eama- 
nujacharyar. Edited by the latter.] [1903-1904.] 
8°. 14170. eee. 4. 

See Arvargal. — Nal-ayiram. — lyar-pa. 

ooo QuiBuj ^0Lni_6V. [Periya-tiru-madal. Edited 
by Eamanujacharyar, with commentary.] [1905.] 
8°. 14170. ee. 6.(5.) 

See Arvargal. — Nal-ayiram. — lyar-pd. 

ooo ^jr IT LoiTjsj.s' .^ppih^ir^. [Eamanuja-nutt'- 
antadi. Edited by Eamanujacharyar.] [1905.] 
8°. 14170. ee. 6.(6.) 

See Arvargal. — Nal-ayiram. — Tyar-pd. 

ooo QfSliu ^QF)Lai—<ki. [Siriya-tiru-madal. Edited 
by Eamanujacharyar, with commentary.] [1905.] 
8°. 14170. ee. 6.(4.) 

See Aevargal.— Nal-ayiram.— Ttru-ya^-moW. 

ooo 8&-5r»cSo-ax3i^. [Tiru-vay-mori. With glosses 
and commentariesinTelugu by Eamanujacharyar.] 
1902. 8°. 14170. ff. 10. 

See Badaeayana. <f/b7« j- , . . ^jrireSt^urr- 

si^iuih. [Brahma-siitra-dravida-bhashyam. The 
Brahma-sutram,with Tamil commentary. Compiled 
by Eamanujacharyar.] 1905. 8°. 14049. bb. 8. 

See Kannan Ayya. oooSS5SbSej3;^cs ©&3r>-cr>- 

i;s^(£^,5Sb?30(X^sr»5i». [Tiruv-aradhana-krama-sau- 
grahamu. Edited by Eamanujacharyar.] 1902. 
12°. 14033. a. 46. 

SeeVALMiKi. \J^...3Hh^rrsrreisTL^ih. [Sun- 

dara-kandam. With Tamil paraphrase. Edited 
by Eamanujacharyar.] 1901. 12°. 14060. b. 18. 

rAmANUJA-DASAR, Kuravai. °°° .^pQpi—®^d- 
^Qf)UU^^ ^(juL/atp. [Nutt'- ettu-tiru-padi- 





tiru-pugnj. A series of religions poems, cele- 
brating the 108 Vaishnava sanctuaries. Edited 
by K. V. Tiru-venkata Nayudu.] pp. vii. 135. 
Qo'sirSssr [Madras,] 1897. 12°. 14172. a. 48. 

EAMANUJA-DASAB, Tiru-nagari, See Arvaeoai..— 
Nal-ayiram. — Mudal-Syiram. o o o eJSDoJiSaf »ii 
[Mudal-ayiram. Edited by Ramanuja-dasar.] 
1889. 8°. 14170. e. 33. 

RAMANITJA KAVI-EAYAE. See Pavanandi. iBsisr. 
SDirev ^ [Nan-niil. With commentary by Rama- 
nuja.] [1847.] 8°. 14172. f. 1. 

See Sakkarachartae. (tw^?5^4f^S^,-^^5') 

[Atma-bodbam. With the Telugu interpretation 
of Krashna Sastri, and a Tamil version of the 
same by Ramanuja.] [1840.] 12°. 14048. c. 44. 

See Saijkaeachaeyae, Atma Bod'a Pra- 

kas'ika. Text, Ubersetzung und Erklarung. [Atma- 
bodham, with extracts from Krushiia Sastri's com- 
mentary, translated into German from Ramanuja's 
Tamil version.] 1854. 8°. [Bibliotheca Tamulica.'] 

14170. e. 42.(vol. 1.) 

See Sankarachartae. Atma boda prakasika 

. . . text, translation [of the text] and [of the] 
commentary [of Ramanuja,] etc. 18G7. 12°. 

14048. b. 8.(1.) 
' See Sahkaeachaeyar. ©oo ^^m Quir^tJa, 

[Atma-bodham. With Ramanuja's version of 
Krushna Sastri's Telugu commentary.] [1869.] 
8°. 14048. c. 62.(2.) 

See Tieu-valluvae. The Cural . . . with the 

commentary of Parimelaragar, an amplification . . . 
by Ramanuja Cavi-Rayar, etc. 1840-1852. 8°. 

14172. b. 48. 

EAMANUJA MTJDALIYAE, diedple of Ponn'-am- 
bala Svdmi. See Tandava-kaya-murtti Svami. 
o o o enaeueoeQoj xeuM^ib ^ [Kaivalya-nava- 
nitam. Edited by Ramanuja.] 1898. 8°. 

14170. ee. 9. 

EAMANUJA NAVALAE, Fuduvai. See Puranas. 
— Padma-jmrdnam. [J^uir^Qunr^^irLfa-iressriJb. 
[Padmottara-puranam. A metrical adaptation by 
Ramanuja.] [1870.] 8°. 14170. f. 2. 

Tsneuiia^esisreii^^euLa, [Sri-vaishnava- 

?rl-vaishnava system.] pp. iv. 186. Q^eaesnj- 
uCi^essrih ajysr® [Madrcu, 1875.] 12'. 

14170. e. 1. 
EAMA-EAMA VASU. Seivfiirir jr/i^^ajth lo 
[Nistara-ratnakaram. A series of Christian lyrics 
with prose commentaries, directed against Hindu 
religions systems, originally written in Bengali 
by Rama-rama Vasu. Translated into Tamil, with 
additions, by H. M. Scudder.] pp.124. Madras, 
1851. 16°. 14170. a. 28. 

EAHA-SAMI, Vira-hodanda, See VIea-kodanda- 

EAMA-SAMI AIYANGAE, $arukkai. ■ ^eoireu^- 
3^Qeoir.TdssTiLie!njr. (F. A. Tamil Text, 1899. Full 
notes on [Sambandha Mudaliyar's] Lilavati-Sulo- 
chana, or The Two Sisters.) pp. iii. 26. Madras, 
1898. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(1.) 

Suguna-Sukesar, or Friendship and Love. 

A Tamil drama [based upon Shakspere's "Two 
Gentlemen of Verona "] ... With an [English] 
introduction by T.V. Vaidyanatha Aiyar. (|»(g6wr 
aQs<Trr ^eueu^ iblLljiei «/r^jjato.) pp. viii. 8, 
ii. 100, i. Madras, 1899. 12°. 14170. 1. 48.(2.) 

EAMA-SAMI AIYANGAE, ^. V. Parallel Proverbs 
in Tamil and English, pp. 39. Madras, 1905. 
12°. 14170. k. 68.(2.) 

A Tamil grammatical primer. ^iSip ^sv«- 

messr jareoir^irjiui, pp. 72. Madras, 1905. 12°. 

14172. e. 44. 

EAMA-SAm AIYAE, S. See Collins (M.). u^iriris^ 
eQerri-SLJo. [Marga-vilakkam.] . . , Translated by 
S. Ramaswamier. 1885. 16°. 14170. d. 6. 

See TiEa-MOEAi. — Tiru-manlram. Thiru- 

m antra, etc. [Text with translation by Rama- 
sami.] 1897, etc. 4°. [Siddhanta Deepika.'] 

14170. fEf. 4.(voL 1, etc.) 

EAMA-SAMI AIYAE, S., District Munsif of Parur. 
Jewel Miiuia . . . iBirsin<su snu^^iuici. [Nagai- 
paittiyam. A study of the moral and economic 
results of the popular passion for wearing jewel- 
lery.] 2pts. il/aJras, 1898-1899. 8°. 14171. a. 24. 

EAMA-SAMI AlYATi,S., of Enangudi. SeePcEANAS. 

tattvam. An exposition of the doctrines of the — Skanda-imrdnam. ^^o. ,, eui-irrani,\sireoir^^> 





[Vataranya-mahatmyam. Followed by a Tamil 
version by Rama-sami.] 1898. 16°. 14016. a. 27. 

RAMA-SAMI AIYAR, Vaiyai Parichanad'-aiyar. 
LamOTStneu^^ujiSfT^ eQ^njeruEiSlj'SLCi. [Maha- 
vaidyanatha- vijaya-sangraham. A prose bio- 
graphy of the author's brother, Vaidyanath'- 
aiyar, a distinguished musician, followed by an 
elegy on his death.] pp. 36. ^Q^sutr^ ibib^sst 
[Trivadi, 1893.] 16°. 14171. aa. 9. 

RAMA-SAMI DIKSHITAR, AhhUundapuram. See 
P0RANAS. — Padma-purdnam. \j^SleuSssi^ ^ 
[Siva-gita. Rendered into prose by Rama-sami.] 
1898. 16°. 14170. d. 35.(6.) 

RAMA-SAMI KAVT-RAYAR, Midulaipatti Aragiya- 
sittamhalan, of Sivaganga. ° ° ° sjnuuessressra- 
eumS ■3'fiSiLn. [Karuppanna-svami-satakam. A 
century of verses to Karuppannan, a manifesta- 
tion of Siva as worshipped at Sivaganga.] pp. 74. 
O^eir&sr [ifacfra«,] 1897. 16°. 14170. d. 48.(2.) 

RAMA-SAMI NAYUDTI, KdncUpuram. See Ambala- 
VANA Kavi-eatar. ° ° ° ■3=^irSlifi jtipuueS anF- 
■sF^s 1^ [Arapalisura-satakam. With paraphrase, 
eic, by Rama-sami.] 1905. 12°. 14172. a. 56. 

See Amirta Kavi-eayae. o o o isiresafH- 

msisiLim^^^eo ^ [Oru-durai-kovai. Edited by 
Rama-sami.] 1905. 12°. 14172. a. 55. 

See Aevaegal. — Nal-ayiram. — Mudal- 

ayiram. o oo jj^ . . . ^q^uuiresieu. [Tiru-pavai. 
Edited, with commentary, by Rama-sami.] 1902. 
12°. 14170. d. 76. 

See Aevaegal. — Nal-ayiram. — Tiru-vay- 

mnri. o o o iBLDLDir^&jirQ^eiDL-iLi . , . ^QEeurnu- 
OiDfTLfi 1^ [Tiru-vay-mori. With glossary by 
Rama-sami.] [1899.] 8°. 14170. ff. 8. 

See Dictionaries. Qutrairir^. [Per- 

agaradi. With additions by Rama-sami.] 1893. 


14172. f. 15. 

SeeMAHA-BHARATAM. fJ^useu^Setn^. [Bha- 
gavad-gita. Edited and translated by Srlnivasa 
and Rama-sami.] [1899.] 16°. 14065. b. 19. 

RAMA-SAMI NAYUDU, Kdnehlpuram (continued). 
See Mastan Sahib. ° ° ° ^Q^uum—p/iSirLLQ ^ 
[Tiru-padat tirattu. With commentary by Rama- 
sami.] 1905. 8°. 14173. b. 9. 

iSe^' PiLLAiPeRD-MAL AlTAliGAE. .JijSi^l—UST- 

ui^th. [Ashta-prabandham. Edited by Rama- 
sami.] 1904. 12°. 14170. dd. 1. 

See PiLLAI PeEU-MAL AiTANGAE. \jf .. .^(1^1- 

Q&jiEj^i^inirSs\) ^ [Tiru-venkata-malai. Edited 
by Rama-sami.] 1903. 12°. 14170. d. 4.(1.) 

(-^ . . . ^QFjQeiHEisi^^^i^ir^ ^ 

[Tiru-vehkatatt' antadi. Edited by Rama-sami.] 
1903. 12°. 14170. d. 4.(2.) 

See Raja-Eam G5vinda-rau. ^J^ui^eff- 

6\)irLbQ^^6u<3'/BtJb. [Bhakta-lilamruta-vachanam. 
A prose version, by Rama-sami.] [1899.] 8°. 

14172. d. 24. 

See Rama-linqa Pill at, K. ooo ^^su- 

(rf)i—uir ^ [Tiruv-arut-pa-tiru-muraigal. Edited 
with commentary by Rama-sami.] 1904-1905. 8°. 

14170. ff. 17. 

See Sathakopa-dasae, K. ooo^/fl.yLDUj- 

^ULD ^ [Hari-samaya-dipam. Edited by Rama- 
sami.] 1904. 8°. 14170. ee. 58. 

See Siva-prakasa Desikae. iQsrLjeQiEiss^^ 

6ij:^ssrLD. [Prabhu-linga-lilai-vachanam. A para- 
phrase by Rama-sami.] 1903. 8°. 14170. ee, 62. 

See Tatumanavae. [jf . .'. ^Q^uum^p- 

jSiTL-Qi. [Tiru-padat-tirattu. With glosses by 
Rama-sami.] 1905. 16°. 14170. dd. 6. 

See ViDYA-viNODiNi. eQ^^iuiTisQQiBir^S. 

(Vidhya Vinodhini Series.) [Edited by Rama- 
sami and others.] [1889]-1892. 8°. 14172, c. 39. 

iT^s^^iri—Q. [Sataka-tirattu. Seven 

centuries of verses, viz. Ambala-vanar's Arapali- 
sura-satakam, Guru-pada-dasar's Kumaresa-s°., 
Venmani Narayana Bharati's Tiru-veukata-s",, 
Padi-kasu Pulavar's Tandalaiyar-s°., Narayana 
Bharati's G6Yiuda-s°., Gopala-krushna-dasar's 
Embiran-s°., and VIra-sami Upadhyayar's Siva- 
sankara-s°. Edited by Rama-sami.] 7 pts. Qs^m- 
Sssr [Madras,] 1905-1906. 12°. 14170. dd. 10. 

The general title-page is dated 1906, hut some of thejxirls 
are dated 1905. 





EAMA-SAMI NAYXJpU, Kdrichlpuram {continued). 
fisSuuiri^pfSiri—® [Tani-padat-tirattu. An an- 
thology from the works of various poets. With 
commentaries, c<c., by Rama-sami.] 2 vols. Madras, 
1902. 8°. 14172. c. 43. 

RAMA-SAMI PILLAI, Bhlmanagaram K., of Trichi- 
nopoli. <»«/f/5/r/jiL eresr^iJo Q^irlxlL-S^BirLCiesafl. 
[Jodida-sikhamani, or Sukar-nudi. A treatise on 
astrology, in verse. Edited with commentary, 
examples, and diagrams by V. Arya-muttu Pillai.] 
pp. 16, 20, xxii. 36, 354, 384, iii. Qa^&srSstir [Ma- 
dras,] 1897. 8°. 14170. 1. 52. 

RAMA-SAMI PILLAI, Karundlftangudi Ash(dva- 
dhdnam K. See Annaviyar. (-^ LDS.rruinr^ 
^ihumSssr [Maha-bharata-ammanai. Edited by 
Eama-sami.] 1903. 8°. 14172. c. 49. 

RAMA-SAMI PILLAI, Kottamangalatn, Librarian 
of Madran College. Niti-sara-vakkiyam. Or A 
Glossary of Moral Sentences, [compiled] by C. 
Ramasami Pillei. {*i§^^irjreiiiriS!iULo.) pp. iv. ii. 
90. Madras, 18-14. 8°. 14170. k. 16. 

[Niti-sara-vakyangalil teriyal-anavai. Selections 
from the NIti-sara-vakyam.] See Tandava-eaya 
Mddautar, V. s^iru>(^3'i{^ ^ [Katha-manjari.] 
pp. 114-176. [1864.] 16°. 14171. aa. 15. 

RAMA-SAMI PTILAVAR, Bengalur S. English 
translation of a Tamil poem [with the original] 
regarding the assumption of the title of " Empress 
of India" by . . . Queen Victoria. Composed by 
S. Ramasawmy Poolaver . . . Second edition. 

pp. 9. Rangoon, 1877. 8°. 14172. c. 28.(1.) 

The Phrase Book, or Idiomatical Exercises 

RAMA-SAMI 8ASTRI, ^iruga\attur. See Kam- 
DASA. Kfew-aiouvu>\\ [Raghu-vamsam. Canto i., 
edited with interpretations in Tamil, styled Bala- 
sad-guru-bodhika, by Rama-sami.] [1884.] 8". 

14070. c. 44. 

RAMA-SAMI SVAMI, Koyilur A., disciple of Chid- 
amhara Svdmi. See Kanh'-udaiya Vali,al. ooogj}. 
Lfi6QQe\}ir®i'X i^ [Ofivil odnkkam. Edited by 
Rama-sami.] 1888. 12°. 14170. d. 29. 

See Sankaeacharyae. [Doubtful and Sup- 
posititious Works.] (^. . . ^sv.ifi,^(^sQiT^f^ ^ 
[A collection. Edited by Rama-sami.] [1888.] 
16°. 14170. d. 28. 

See Sayanaohaeyae. o o o ^euSsrapi^u- 

in English and Tamil ... by P. Ramasawmy. 
Second edition, pp. vi. 315. Bangalore, 1865. 
12°. 14172. h. 62. 

RAMA-SAMI SASTRI, BrahmasrJ. See Vaidya- 
natha DIkshitar. 0° emj^Sr-i^ireUiCtS) ei-J;'Oa: 
. . . ,3hncm: [Smruti-mukta-phala. Vol. i., with 
Tamil translation by Rama-sami.] 1898, etc. 4*. 

14039. c. 15.(vol. 1.) 

i9jra!r633TLB. [JIvan-mukti-prakaranam. Edited by 
Rama-sami.] [1887.] 12°. 14170. d. 24. 




eciTL-®, dF&euiTeisuresrs'iB^^ irih. ^ & en it etmrQ u a - 
^LD, ^euir^a' iBiTLD<FiEiSir ^^esiLb. [Nana-jiva- 
vada-kattalai, by Seshadri Sivanar ; Gita-sara- 
talattu, by Tiru-venkata-nathar ; Sasi-varnan- 
charitram, from the Vruttachala-puranam ; and 
Sasi-varna-bodham and Dvadasa-nama-sankirtta- 
nam, by Tattva-raya Svami. Tracts on the Saiva 
Vedantam. Edited by Rama-sami. Second edi- 
tion.] pp. 64. Qa'&sTdsBT ffh&i^^^ [Madras, 
1887.] 12°. 14170. d. 26. 



RAMA-SVAMI. See Rama-sami. 

RAMASWAMIER. See Rama-sami Aiyae. 

RAMAYANAM. ^iririnmuestsrih. [Four chapters 
of a prose Ramayanam— viz., Ramar-koluv-iruk- 
kai, Aras'-iyattu-muraimai, Rama-ravana-yud- 
dhara, and Hanuma-varal-aru.] See Acadkmiks, 
etc. — Madras. — University of Madras. The Tamil 
text, e<c. pp. 32-48. 1899. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(7.) 

Literal English translation 

by V. 

Venkata Srinivasan . . . Ramayanam, etc. [The 
same 4 chapters.] See Academies, etc. — Madras. — 
University of Madras. University of Madras. 
Matriculation Examination, 1900, etc. 1900. 8°. 

14172. bb. 6.(2.) 





EAMAYAITAM {continued). Ramayana, etc. [The 
same 4 chapters, in English, with Tamil annota- 
tions.] See Academies, etc. — Madras. — University 
of Madras. Copious annotations, etc. 1900. 8°. 

14172. bb. 6.(3.) 

Ramayanam, etc. [The same 4 chapters, 

in English, with Tamil annotations.] See Acade- 
mies, etc. — Madras. — University of Madras. Uni- 
versity of Madras. Exhaustive notes, etc. 1900. 
8°. 14172. bb. 6.(4.) 

LCsiriuesiir s^^^jrsirestin^ih. [Kusa-lavakhyam, or 
Ramayana-uttara-kandam. An old poem, sung 
by women, on the story of the Uttara-kandam. 
Edited by R. S. Subba-lakshmi Ammal.] pp. 2, 
50. Madra^i, 1906. 8°. 14172. bb. 22.(2.) 

^irifUiiTUjeimriQaiTLLLS. [Ramayana-kom- 

mi. Songs in Itummi style on the subject of the 
Ramayanam. Edited by T. Aragiya Sokka-natha 
Pillai.] pp. 32. ^Q^QmevQsueQ aiQev [Tinne- 
velli, 1870.] 8°. 14172. a. 25. 

euireotSQjrirminuessTLj uinL®Ln, (^iresrjnr- 

LLirtuesma suu^ih. [Valmiki-ramayana-pattu 
and Nana-ramayana-kappal. Two old songs, sung 
by women, upon the legend and religious purport 
of the Ramayanam. Edited by R. S. Subba- 
lakshmi Ammal.] pp. i. 40. Madras, 1906. 8°. 

14172. bb. 22.(1.) 

EAMA YOCiI, of Gonjevaram. See Keushma Misba. 
i9irQuiT^3=k^QiriT^iu ^ [Prabodha-chandro- 
daya-vachanam. A prose version, by Rama Yogi.] 
1902. 8°. 14170. 1. 57. 

EANGACHAEYAR, K. See Ananda-ranga Pillai. 
The Private Diary of Ananda Ranga Pillai . . . 
Translated . . . and edited by Sir J. P. Price . . . 
assisted by K. Rangachari. 1904, etc. 8°. 

14171. e. 4. 
EAIfGACHAEYAE, Kunrattur. a&iiuiressTQ^La. 
[Kalyana-gitam. Lyrics on the occasion of a mar- 
riage.] pp. 26. Q^F&srSssr [Madras,] 1906. 12°. 

14172. a. 45.(5.) 

EANOACHAEYAE, MaJia-bhrlshyam, Tirumarisai' 
Icoyil Kandiidai. See Yamunachaeyae. o o o ^ srr- 
euiB^iriretvQ^ir^jrLD. [Alavandar-stotram. Edited 
by Rangacharyar.] 1878. 8°. 14028. c. 46. 

1879. 12°. 

14028. b. 52. 

EANGACHAEYAE, MuUambundi Kasturi. See 
Venkata-natha Vedantachaetae. ° ° ° \J^Q^- 
SsLJiru'S^LD. [Desika-prabandham. With com- 
mentaries by Rangacharyar, etc.] 1889-[]890.] 
8°. 14170. f. 13. 

EANGACHAEYAE, MusurpSlcham Kaddmbi. See 
Valmiki. j-^ . . . &v-am^!rmfremu.LL, [Sundara- 
kandam. Edited with Tamil translation by Ran- 
gacharyar.] [1902.] 8°. 14065. bbb. 9. 

EANGACHAEYAE, Ferumal-lwyil Kiddmbi. See 


uirrruirufreijih. [Guru-parampara-prabhavam. E- 
dited by Rangacharyar.] [1890.] 8°. 14170. e. 37. 

EANGACHAEYAE, Vydkaranam Srinivdsdchdryar. 
eQ^Qeuir^eurriBse33Ti_e3ru:i. [Vidhavodvaha-khan- 
danam. An essay against the re-marriage of 
Hindu widows.] pp. 100. Qd^esresruLLt—eipmh 
[Madras,] 1875. 8°. 14170. g. 4. 

LD^irun-jT^ih. [Maha-bharatam. An abbreviated 
adaptation of the Sanskrit poem. Edited by 
Govinda Pillai.] pp. vi. iv. ii. 295. Q-a^ekSssr 
3?uS(i^^ [Madras, 1903.] 8°. 14172. b. 9. 

EANGA-NATHAN, son-in-law of Periy-arvdr. See 
Aeagita-manavala Peru-mal. 

EANGA PILLAI, Palavailtadu. See Haeischandra. 
Arichandra . . . a . . . drama, translated . . . [partly 
from the Harischandra-vilasam or dramatic ver- 
sion ascribed to Rahga Pillai], etc. 1863. 12°. 

14170. 1. 33. 

GAL.-Nal-ayiram.-!rtrM-«a2/-morii. SiOjoeu.^ei^ujf\\ 
[Bhagavad-vishayam. Being the Tiru-vay-mori 
with commentaries — viz. Ranga-ramanuja's Dra- 
midopanishad-bhashyam, or On-badin-ayira-padi 
(in Sanskrit), etc.] [1883-1904.] 4°. 14170. fff. 3. 

See Sandhya-VANDANAM. uJS-n/f(?6u^ ervm- 

^luiraii^iBLo ^ [Sandhya-vandanam, etc. With 
extracts, in a Tamil translation, from the commen- 
taries of Ranga-ramanuja and others.] 1901. 8°. 

14033. aa. 27. 



See Upanishads. o « o ^irpOpiL® e-ui@- 

s^^^asTT. [Niitt'-ettu Upanishattugal. With 





extracts from the commentaries of Ranga-rama- 
nnja, translated into Tamil.] 1887. 8°. 14010.dd.2. 

EANQA-SAMI-DASAN, N. F. " = » (^^smiru ui^iu 
eu/reuawfi. [Kudirai-pandaya-lavani. A song on 
horse-racing.] pp.8. Siiaui^iT [Singapore,] 1893. 
8°. 14172. b. 44.(3.) 

EAJTQA-SAMI PILLAI, Trisirapuram Ndrdyana- 
siiiiii. iSee PuLi-FANi. o oo Ljeduun-essiiQ'Fir^t—tJa 
{♦Pulippani Jothidam . . . examined and written 
by T. N. Rangasawmy Pillay) . 1894-1895. 8°. 

14170. i. 38. 

(?4F/r^/_««L.6U«jr/r^. [Jodida-kadal- 

agaradi. An alphabetically arranged dictionary 
of astrological terms. Followed by Yoga-porul- 
agaradi, a dictionary of the various ydgas known 
in astrology, and Jodida-kadal-bodhini, an expla- 
nation of the calendar.] pp.80. ^6m®i<s6\) [Din- 
digal,] 1900. 8°. 14170. i. 65. 

EANGA-SVAMI RAU, P. S. The Linguist's Self- 
instructor [in Telugu, Kanarese, Malayalam, Ma- 
rathi, Tamil, and English]. By P. S. Rungaswamy 
Row. pp. ii.lOl. Madras.ldOO. 8°. 14172. Iih.l6. 

KATHAZRISHNA. See Radha-krushna. 

EATNA KAVI-EAYAE, Siriya. See Sirita Ratna 

EATNAM PILLAI (T. John). The Domestic's 
Manual, or A Tamil and English vocabulary for 
the use of employes under Europeans. With 
English and Tamil proverbs and a glossary, etc. 
pp. ix. 282. Madras, 1891. 8°. 14172. hh. 2. 

Second edition. Revised and enlarged. 

pp. X. 320. Madrat, 1897. 8°. 14172. hh. 13. 

Third edition, pp. x. 857. Madras, 1905. 

8°. 14172. hh. 20. 

tu-sdmi. Qp(/^air eQQ^^ir jg /reu erf?* err ^[Mrugar- 
vichitra-javaligal. Songs in honour of the god 
Skanda, in Tamil and English in the Tamil 
character. Arranged for music by T. Singar- 
acharyar and T. Ayagu-singar-acharyar.] pp. ii. 
34. Madras, \B8B. 8°. 14170.66.5.(1.) 

EATNA-VELU MUDALITAE, Ikkutfu RaAga-sami. 
See Pakan-jodi Mdnivab. Ui^enir..,^(/^eQ?yeiTUjir- 
t—/ijL//Tires3Tih. [Tiru-vilaiy-adar-pnranam, With 
interpretation and commentary by Ratna-velu.] 
1896, etc. 8°. 14170. £f. 1. 

See PcEA^AS. — ^iva-jnirdnam. o o o ^ . . , 

Saj^puDfL^jriressTLD, [§iva-maha-puranam. Trans- 
lated into prose by Ratna-velu.] 1900. 8°. 

14170. tt. 2. 

See PuEANAS. — Skanda-purdnam. ° ° o «/r- 

Saeasri^Lb. [Kasi-khandam. Edited with inter- 
pretation by Ratna-velu.] 1892, etc. 8°. 

14170. f. 20. 

See PuRANAS. — Vindyalca-purdnam. uirrri- 

meuLjinresifrLD ^ [Vinayaka-puranam. Edited with 
commentary by Ratna-velu.] 1899. 8°. 

14170. f. 15. 

uervLD ub&mn'^iBujLci. [Bhasma-mahatmyam. 

An anthology of passages bearing upon the ashes 
of burnt cow-dung with which Saivas smear them- 
selves. With Tamil translation.] pp.42. Qs^rndssr 
iUadras,] 1902. 8». 14033. b. 55.(3.) 

'RA.YATSlA'S.a'dseiv^jrQpajTireijassr&srseD^iLiUi, <f^- 
nptXirireu sssrmiB sm^ liy ii. [Sahasra-m ukha-ravanan- 
kathai and Sata-mukha-ravanan-kathai. The 
stories of the thousand-faced and the hundred- 
faced Ravana, based on epic legends. Edited by 
K. V. Aru-muga Mudaliyar.] pp. 122. ueu [Ma- 
dras, 1874.] 8^ 14172. b. 24. 

EAY'-APPA SVAMI, Mdnikkam. See Bdtler (.J.). 

^(Sjgj/rew s-uQ^'S'LD [Nana-upadesam. Trans- 
lated by R5y'-appa.] 1889. 16°. 14170. a. 6. 

EAY'-APPA UPADESIYAE, /., of Falamcottah. 
QLCiujdh(ShiTesT QenfL e^siB. [Mey-nana-veda-oli. 
A controversial treatise, from the standpoint of 
Catholic orthodoxy, upon the worship of the Virgin 
Mary and other principles of Catholicism.] pp. ii. 
3, 304, ii. Madras, 1904. 8°. 14170. bb. 15. 


EEGEL (J. A.). See Baeth (C. G.). A brief 
History of the Church of Christ . . . Translated 
[into Tamil by J. A. Regel], etc. 1845. 16'. 

14170. a. 4. 

EENQA-SAMI PILLAI. See Ranoa-sami Pillai. 





BHENIUS (Carl Gottlieb Ewald) . See Rhenius 
(Chakles Theophilus Ewald). 

EHENIUS (Charles Thbophilus Ewald). See 
Bible. — Complete Bible. The Old Testament . . . 
[Revised by C. T. E. Rhenius.] (*The New Testa- 
ment [translated by C. Rhenius], etc.) 1827- 
1833. 8°. 3068. c. 21. 

[1840?] 8\ 
1844. 8°. 
1860. 4°. 

1109. d. 6. 

3070. i. 1. 

3068. e. 10. 

See Bible. — Old Testament. — Pentateuch. 

The First Book of Moses, etc. [Ch. i.-ix., being a 
specimen of Rhenius' translation.] 1819. 16°. 

T. 2070.(1.) 

See Bible. — Nnv Testament. [New Testa- 
ment, comprising Gospels and Acts in Rhenius' 
version, etc.] 1410. h. 3. 

See Bible. — New Testament. The New 

Testament . . . [Translated by Rhenius.] 1848. 
8°. 1106. c. 13. 

See Bible. — New Testament. New Testa- 

ment ... [In Rhenius' version.] 1857. 12". 

3070. ee. 1. 

1859. 8°. 

3070. g. 6. 

See Bible. — New Testament. — Gospels. 

[Marie] St. Mark's Gospel ... [In Rhenius' 
version.] 1859. 16°. 3068. a. 35. 

^iresiQuira^esr edsnijEih. t^iresrerviBfresTLD 

e\)eQiu^. [A Catechism on Baptism and the 
Lord's Supper.] pp. 63. Church Mission Press : 
Madras, 1825. 12°. 14170. hbb. 5. 

Qeu/Be^^inrGssr^^QinLQ, [Vedav-udarana- 

tirattu, or " Evidences of Christianity." A work 
partly based upon Home's " Introduction to the 
critical Study of the Holy Scriptures."] pp. i. 314. 
Madras, 1835. 8°. 14170. c. 16. 

Rhenius's Evidences of Christianity. Qeu- 

^ffl/^/rjffijsr^ ^jriLQ. [A revised edition of the 
preceding.] pp. 319. Madras, 1852. 12°. 

14170. b. 41. 

EHENITJS (Charles Theophilus Ewald) {con- 
tinued ) . Summai'y of a Body of Divinity, in the 
Tamul language [chiefly abridged from the works 
of Pictet and D wight] . . . Q en ^ ^f /r erv ^ jr S' 
3^QF)asLB. pp. iv. 612, ix. 3. Neyoor, 1838. 12°. 

14170. b. 42. 

[Third edition.] pp. xii. 588. Madras, 

1845. 12°. 14170. b. 43. 

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Carnataca . . . Published . . . by B. L. Rice. 1886, 
etc. 8°. 14058. o. 8. 

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and songs in use among Tamil Christians, with 
European musical notation.] pp. 23, lith. Madras, 
1875. obi. 32°. 14170. a. 46. 

RIGG (Edmund). See Wesley (.J. ). A collection 
of Hymns . . . [Edited by E. Rigg and others]. 
1881. 12°. 14170. bbb. 10. 

Lutheran Churches. 

RIZA HTJSAIN KHAN, of Tinnevelli. See Viveka- 
SAGARAM. eQQ&i'iB'S'iTaffLo. [Viveka-sagaram. 
Translated from the Persian by Riza Husain.] 
[1858.] 8°. 14172. c. 11. 

ROBERTS (.Joseph). See Sahadevan. Extracts 
from the Sakaa Thevan Saasteram . . . Translated 
. . . by . . . J. Roberts. 1831. 8°. [Oriental 
Translation Fund : Miscellaneous Translations.] 

14003. d. 5. 

ROBERTS (William), of Madras. eQsQpa u^- 
^a(^iB 0^uja/LJ^^<z(g(S5 e=Lnuirs^doSsr. [Vi- 
graha-battikkun teyva-battikkufi sambhashanai. A 
dialogue on Hindu idolatry from a theistic stand- 
point.] pp. 116. O'S'esresruL-i—essr^^eo _^jy,7ra_/7i. 
[Madras, 1823.] 8°. 14170. b. 48. 

ROBERTSON (Andrew). A compilation of papers 
in the Tamil language. Including several on 
public business, to which is added a glossary in 
Tamil and English of many words used chiefly 
in the business of the courts and public cutcher- 
ries . . . ^0 u^^jT^^jTiL® ^. pp. i. 209. 
Madras, 1839. 4°. 14171. c. 1. 





ROBEKTSON (Andkew) (eonlinued). P.vpersintbe 

Tamil language on matters of public business. 

With a glossary of technical terms in Tamil and 

English, pp.29. London, 1800. 4°. 14171.0.2. 

A reprint of the fourth section and glossary of the Madras 

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ROMAN CATECHISM. See Catechism. 

ROME, Church of. See Ephemerides. QibQ/bitl-- 
u^s^iriBisLa. [Nedu-nat-panchangam. A calendar 
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See Ephemerides. The Ceylon Catholic 

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See Liturgies. — England, Church of. ^ra- 

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ROTTLER (.1. P.) {continued). See Litoroies.— 
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Qu(n^ihuir^pj)iLJueiDL- (fuL-t^efruuir- 

Sw). [Perum-biin-attu-padai and Pattina-palai. 
Two poems, being nos. 4 and 9 respectively of the 
Pattu-pat^u, the former a panegyric on the king 
Tondaiman Ilandiraiyan of Kanchi, the latter on 
the Chola king Karikal and his capital. With 
commentary of Nachiniirkk'-iniyar.] See Patto- 
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RUNGASAWMY PILLAY. See Ranoa-sami Pillai. 

RUNGASWAMY ROW. See Rakoa-sami Rad. 

RUTHNAM, T.A.R. See Raja-ratnam Pillai, T. A. 

SABAPATHY. See Sabha-pati. 

SABHA-PATI AIYAR, Vanndrpannai. See. Ephe- 
merides. o o o mis^esr 6U(r^3^ . . . (_/^*"/rK;«ti. 
. . . Tamil Calendar, etc. [Calculated for 1895-97 
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Amurta-linqa Tambiran. p0U3u92s»^;seviyF<r- 
esstLc. [Tiru-mayilai-tala-puranam. With com- 
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See Sambandha-saranalata-svamt. a/s*- 

uirfressra'ainFaaLCt [Kanda-parana-churukkam. 
With paraphrase by SabhS-pati.] [1906.] 8°. 

14170. eee. 10. 





SABHA-PATI MTJDALIYAR, Kdnchipuram {conti- 
nued}. ^0(S33)a=6V)a^^cazi. [Arunachala-satakam. 
A Saiva devotional poem.] See Ell'-appa Navalae. 
j)/(TFii^a=&iLiiTiTes!siL[i ^ [Arunachala-puranam.] 
pp. 673-688. 1903. 12°. 14170. d. 83. 


^eQsmL—. [Saiva- 
eamaya-vilakka-vina-vidai. A catecliism of the 
§aiva doctrines. Edited by Villiputtiir Siva-san- 
kara Tambiran.] pp. 136. sj)j<ST3i> \^Madras, 
1879.] 16°. 14170. d. 14. 

A Catechism of the Shaiva Religion [being 

pts. i., ii., and a portion of pt. iii. of the Saiva- 
samaya-vilakka-vina-vidai] : by Sabhapati Muda- 
liyar . . . and Sadashiva Mudaliyar . . . Translated 
from the Tamil by the Rev. Thomas Foulkes. pp. 
82. London, Madras, 1863. 8°. 14170. e, 36.(6.) 

SABHA-PATI MUDALIYAR, Purasai Ashtdvadha- 
nnm. See Tayumanavae. \-J^ . . . ^Q^uuiTL—p- 
aSflL®. [Tiru-padat-tirattu. With Sabha-pati's 
Tiruv-arul-vilasa-para-siva-vanakkav-urai, a com- 
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man. effjieiiesnnesr OeujbjiS. (Veeravanman Vetri 
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Proverbs, with appropriate English version . . . 
Edited by T. Sabapathy Moodeliar. pp. i. 204. 
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SlVA-NANA SvAMI. O ° ° ^^^/7-/5^LDJL/<S633Tt_63T- 

sesmi^esTLa ^ [Siddhanta- marabu-khandaua- 
khandanam, etc. Edited by Sabha-pati.] [1893.] 
8'. 14170. e. 63. 

^ffiTeQi^ui9irsn9ls!nm, [Dravida-praka- 

sikai. An account of Tamil literature and literary 
men.] pp. iv. 213, ii. (gtbuG'.sB/rsaartii [Kumha- 
konam,] 1899. 8°. 14172. hh. 15. 

SABHA-PATI PILLAI, Kumhhaghdnam B., ofOoim- 
batore College. See Devanqak. <^°° Q^eurrEJSLjjrir- 
emih. [Devanga-puranam. With commentary by 
Sabha-pati.] [1893.] 8°. 14170. e. 55. 

See Vasddeva Mudalitar. \j^ . . . ^i 

mirS'i i5B(2(C33)Loi3ss)<5B a^^ffiti). [Avinasi-karunam- 
bikai-satakam. Edited by Sabha-pati.] 1891. 8°. 

14170. e. 47.(1.) 

SABHA-PATI SVAMI. The Cosmic Psychological 
Spiritual Philosophy and Science of Communion 
with and Absorption in the Holy and Divine 
Infinite Spirit, or Vedhantha Siva Raja Yoga 
Samadhi Brumha Guyana Anubuthi, by the Ma- 
hathma . . . Sabhapathy Svamy, etc. [In English, 
with numerous extracts in Sanskrit and Tamil.] 
(Edited by his . . . disciples.) pp. iv. 434, 8; 13 
plates. ifacZras, 1884-1890. 8". 759. b. 6. 

SABHA-PATI SVAMI, Tiruvarunai. See Kadavun 
Ma-moni. LnrresSiaeuiT'S'siT , . . LjatresmLn. [Tiru- 
vadaviirar-puranam. Edited by Sabha-pati.] 
1896. 12°. 14171. a. 10. 

SABHA-PATI YOGI, of Konnur. °°o a^a;e\)tr^i£,^- 
^jnL(S. [Sakalagama-tirattu. A compendium 
of Saiva Agamik teaching.] pt. 1. Madras, 
1894. 16°. 14170. d. 41. 

SACH-CHID-ANANDA SVAMI, Isur, disciple of 
ArunacIiataSvdmi. See Tattva-rata Svami. oo°^ft- 
eueisresrCourr^LCi ^^, [Sasi-varna-bodham. Edited 
by Sach-chid-anlnda.] [1895.] 12°. 14170. d. 39. 

^eU'XrrnFesafliueQeni'XLD, meuir ^Lj^^'sQeni- 
ain. [Jiva-karunya-vilakkam and Svanubhiiti-. 
vilakkam. Two poems, in the spirit of Advaita 
philosophy, on the sorrows of bodily life, spiritual 
emancipation, etc.l pp. ii. ii. 55, 51. ld^jt/tsiv 
-fii-eu^infl [Madras, 1888.] 12°. 14170. d. 43. 

SADAGOPA CHARIAR. See Sathakopacharyae. 

SADAKAT ALLAH, al Kdhirl. See Muhammad ibn 
Abi Bakr ibn Rashid. Jl f' 1^=^' cu'cs^ [Al- 

Witriyah. With a " Takhmis," or metrical ampli- 
fication, by Sadakat Allah. The Arabic text, with 
a Tamil translation and commentary, entitled al- 
Nafaliat al-'itriyah, by Sadakat Allah.] [1896.] 
8°. 14576. cc. 1. 

•y/fl. [Advita-rasa-manjari. A Vedantic tract. 
Metrically translated from the Sanskrit by Nitya- 
nanda Svami.] See Sankaeachaeyar. [Doubtful 
and Supposititious Works.] U^ . . . ^ffodfi^iew)- 
eSir^.S ^ [A collection.] pp. S8-99. [1888.] 
16°. 14170. d. 28. 





SADA-SIVAM FILLAI, Aru^dchalam. See Arkold 
(J. R.). 

SADA-SIVAM PILLAI, G., of Negapatam High 
School. See ARAGn-MDXTO Polavar. o o o ^ 
OtoiiJ<B63Wt_ QeueviriLj^ o'jsmih ^ [Mey-kanda- 
velayudha-satakam, etc. Edited by Sada-sivam.] 
[1900.] 12°. 14170. d. 66. 

SADA-SrVA MTJDALIYAR, Chaturavgapattanam. 
See Sabha-pati Mudaliyar, Kanchlpuram. A 
Catechism of the Shaiva religion : by Sabhapati 
Mudaliyar . . . and Sadashiva Mudaliyar, etc. 
1863. 8°. 14170. e. 38.(6.) 

SAD A- SIVA MUDALIYAR, Knr.umhu Mayilu-plUai. 
ooo 3= iru^iBisSaea. [Charama-kavigal. Elegies 
npon the death of Sada-siva.] pp. 8. {.Jaffna^l 
1887. 8". 14172. a. 30.(1.) 

SADA-SIVA PAirpiTAE, Vannainagar S. N. o = <> 
eussuiSsaanurb^ir^ euem&stn m<^^isj)3'e\) ^ [Van- 
naiy-antadi, Vannai-nagar-iifijal, and Singai- 
nagar-antadi. Hymns on the cult of Siva in Van- 
nainagar (Jafifna) and in Singapore. Followed 
by Chitra-kavigal, or artificial verses.] pp. ii. 
37; 4, plates. StiEiau^ir [Singapore,'] 1887. 8°. 

14172. a. 26. 

SADA-SrVA PIIiLAI, Vattulcdttai V. See Jaffna. 
lUiTLpuuiTssm emenueuLci, [Yarpana-vaibhavam,eic. 
Edited by Sada-siva.] 1884. 12°. 14171. d. 4. 

SADA-SIVA SVAMI, of Ccnmbatore. See Devanqae. 
ooo Q^eiiiriEJ<XLJjrfr6!i3rLJ[>. [Devanga-puranam. 
Versified from the version of Sada-siva and Dod- 
daya.] [1893.] 8". 14170. e. 65. 

SAHADEVAN. ooo uii.3=&eis)m3=ire(0^iT id Qpeo- 
npiJa-s-BairiLiUi m^ [Pachikai-sastram. A metrical 
tract on divination by throwing dice, attributed 
to the legendary Sahadevan. Followed by Deva- 
dasa-todu-guri, a similar tract on divination from 
deities' names. Edited and recast, with a prose 
paraphrase of the former, by S. Ekambara Muda- 
liyar.] pp. 28. Qs^&sr^ [Madras,] 1905. 8°. 

14171. g. 12. 

Extracts from the Sakaa Thevan Saasteram 

or Book of Fate. Translated ... by the Rev. 
Joseph Roberts, pp. 68. See Academies, etc. — 

London. — Oriental Translation Fund of Great 

Britain and Ireland. Miscellaneous translations, 

etc. vol. i. 1831. 8°. 14003. d. 6. 

Biff en from the preceding. 

SAINT-CYR (Lonis). si(/^^mirmsu.e\) i^ [K>i- 
runakara-kadal. A Catholic book of devotions, 
addressed to 'the divine heart of Jesus, and to 
the spotless heart of the Divine Mother."] pp. 800. 
Linemen ^jy«r jy [Fondicherry, 1868.] 12". 

14170. a. 18. 


See Jaffna. 


SAIYAPPA MODELIIAR. See Seyy'-appa Muda- 

SAIYID BTJKHARI. See Pavani Pulavar. 

SALASA-LOCHANA CHETTI. See Sarasa-lochana 

<F^sL£>. [Sumati-satakam. A century of Tel ugu 
ethical verses, in the Tamil character. With 
Tamil verbal interpretations, paraphrases, etc.] 
pp. 78. Q^&sretsTLjuL-t—essTLD [Madras,] 1904. 
8°. 14175. a. 11. 

SAME ANDAM, P. See Sambandha Mudaliyar, P. V. 

SAMBANDHA MUDALIYAR, Pani?»aZ Vijaya-ratiga. 
See Rama-sami Aiyangar, Sarukkai. eS'eoiTeu^Q- 
siQevir^a'SssrtLisnjr. (F. A. Tamil Text 1899. 
Full notes on [Sambandha Mudaliyar's] Lilavati- 
Sulochana or The Two Sisters.) 1898. 8°. 

14172. bb. 6.(1.) 

<F(?<B/r^ifi«6rr. (fLilavati Sulochana or The Two 
Sisters ... a drama in Tamil . . . based on western 
principles.) [In five acts and in prose. With an 
introduction and analysis of the plot in English by 
V. V. Srinivasa Aiyangar.] pp. 2, 11, ix. 152. 
0<y6irs8rL/ili_635rii [Madras,] 1895. 8°. 

14170. 1. 35. 





SAMBANDHA MUDALIYAR, Pammal Vljaya-ranga 
(continued). 3=iTinmsfin m. (Sarangadhara. A 
Tamil drama [in 3 acts on the legend of the chaste 
prince Sarangadhara] by P. Sambandam.) pp. ii. 
96. Madras, 1907. 8°, UlTO. 1. 46.(3.) 

^iremQ iBessruii meir. (The Two Friends. 

A new Tamil drama, by P. Sambandam.) pp. i. 
i. 139. Madras, 1906. 8°. 14170. 1. 46.(1.) 

"^(5^^. (Blind Ambition, or Satrujit. 

A new Tamil drama by P. Sambandam.) pp. i. 
131. Madras, 1907. 8°. 14170. 1. 46.(2.) 

SAMBANDHAR. See Nana-sambandhau. 

puram. °°° a/B^L-jjrir&ssTa' a(rr)SaLC:. [Kanda- 
purana-churukkam. A summary in verse of 
Kachiy-appar's Kanda-puranam. Edited by Nalla- 
tambi Soma-sundara Upadhyayar.] pp. 163, i. 
t9stieuiEia [Madras, 1848.] 8°. 14170. e. 5. 

am^Lj!rir6is3Ts-3f(m,isLa. [Kanda-purana- 

churukkam. With paraphrase (poripp'-urai) by K. 
Sabha-pati Mudaliyar, and a commentary {vi-utti). 
Edited by Ulaga-natha Mudaliyar. Followed 
by Kanchipuram Chidambara Munivar's Kshetra- 
kovai-pillai-tamir.] pp. vii. 466, 27. Q<3=esT<smu- 
uiLi—msiLd ujrirueu [Madras, 1906.] 8°. 

14170. eee. 10. 

SAMBA-SIVA KAVI-RAYAR. °oo ^iiainuirisLa, 
&iit9\^'^is9 ibn uja>rr , ud^<9=ir^^esrLci ^, [A series 
of hymns to the deities worshipped at the Saiva 
temple of Nungambakam, Madras City, styled 
Vara- siddhi -vinayakar-pancha-ratnam, °chanda- 
vruttam, °vannam, "kirttanai, Agattisvarar-padi- 
gam, Akhilandesvariy-amman-padigam, (Siva-)su- 
brahmanya-pancha-ratnam, °padigam, Tiru-tani- 
gai-malai-mrugesar-pancha-ratnam, Tiru-tanigai- 
malai-taiiigesar-pancha-ratnam, Teyvayanaiy- 
amman-p.°, Valliy-amman-p.°, and Karukkattaiy- 
amman-padigam. Followed by a hymn to Subrah- 
manya by K. Arunachala Upadhyayar.] pp. 47. 
^ffij«toL//r««tb [Nungambakam,'] 1867. 12°. 

14170. d. 25.(1.) 

SAMI AIYAR, Fuduhoftai. See Collett (C). A 
Manual of the Law of Torts . . . Translated , . . 
by . . . Samy Iyer. 1872. 8°. 14170. g. 10. 

SAMI CHETTIYAR, P. M. eSiiQL^iriBiuir warr- 
j^ IT esafliu SUITS srr (^tru^ <3'S«sr earth. [Victoria-maha- 
raniyavargal-napaka-chinnam. Observations and 
elegies on the reign of Queen Victoria.] (The 
Victoria Memorial . . . Compiled by P. M. Sawmi 
Chettiar.) pp. ii. 56, 46. Madras, 1901. 8°. 

14171. a. 47. 

SAMI-KUTTI AIYAR. See Sdbba-eata Aitar. 

SAMI-NATHA AIYAR, C. V. See Periodical Pub- 
lications. — Madras. The Viveka Chintamani . . . 
Published by C. V. Swaminatha Iyer. 1892-1901. 
4°. 14172. i. 13. 

SAMI-NATHA AIYAR, Palamdrneri. Familiar 
Indian Melodies and their characteristics. Tamil 
... ^jrir<ssQQufr^i8. pp.37. Madras, 1901. 8°. 

14170. i. 24. 

SAMI-NATHA AIYAR, S. See Maha-bhaeatam. 
ussu^Sem/B i^ (Bhagavad Gita Venba.) [Edited 
by Sami-natha.] 1906-1907. 16°. 14172. a. 59. 

SAMI-NATHA AIYAR, T. A., Editor of the "Arya." 
The English and Tamil Standard Vocabulary, con- 
taining over 12,800 words . . . With an introduc- 
tion by Rao Bahadur M. Rangacharya. pp. 6, i. 
36, 232. Madras, 1904. 12°. 14172. e. 41. 

The English and Tamil Pocket Dictionary, 

etc. pp. 4, 604. Madras, \90h. 16°. 14172. ee. 13. 

' Mahajana Mandali. LDsn-^esr LDeihn^eQ . . . 

A series of character-sketches of illustrious per- 
sonages . . . Edited by S. Anavaratavinayakam 
Pillai. Madras, 1904, etc. 12°. 14171. d. 5, 

In progress. 

Vivekachandrika. eQQeus ■ri^iflema. A 

collection of moral stories culled mainly from 
Puranas . . . With an introduction by S. Ratha- 
krishna Aiyar . . . Edited by M. S. Purnalingam 
Pillai. pp. 4, 8, 139. Madras, 1904:. 12°. 

14171. aa. 16. 

SAMI-NATHA DESIKAR, Tiruvavadudurai, disciple 
ofAmbala-vanar. ^Q^d'QiFm^Q/ij<sevtx>uaLh. [Tiru- 
chendir-kalambakam. A century of Saiva devo- 
tional verses. Edited by Settiir Subrahmanya 
Kavi-rayar.] pp. v. 21. 1905. See Academies, 
etc. — Madura. ["Sen-damir" supplement.] no. 15. 
1902, e<c. 8°. 14172. i.l.* (no. 15.) 





SAMI-NATHA DESIKAR, Tiruoarur ?. See TiBU- 
VARUB. ^q^enir^auLfiriTessTLCi. [Tiruvarur-pura- 
nam. Edited by Sami-natha.] [1895.] 8°. 

14170. e 59. 

SAMINATH' - AIYAE, Chidamharam M., of St. 
Joseph's College, Kudalur. See Chidambaea-natha 
MoNiVAE. ooo ^^/^uuir^iflLj LfsQiLj^/ru Ljirneisanh. 
[Tirupiidiri-puliyur-puranam. With epitomes by 
SaminatL'-aiyar.] 1896. 12°. 14170. d. 40. 


9i^^ir ■rifi^^irui. [Karunananda-siddhar-chari- 
tram. With prose rendering by Saminath'-aiyar.] 
1906. 12". 14171. d. 6. 

See Nal-adiyab. University of Madras. 

F.A. Examination, 1900 . . . Naladyar and Bhara- 
tam ; and . . . notes . . . By C. M. Swaminatha 
Iyer. 1899. 8°. 14172. b. 37.(1.) 

SAMINATH'-AIYAR, Utlamadanaiiuram V., of 
Madras I'residency College. See Aiyanae-idanab. 
o o o LjpuQuir(iT)6nQ<SiiesisruirLBiT^ ^ [Pura- 
pornl-ven-ba-malai. Edited by Saminath'-aiyar.] 
[1895.] 8°. 14172. f. 21. 

See Aiyanar-idanab. University of Madras 

. . . Purapporul Venbamalai . . . with . . . notes by 
V. Saminatha Aiyar. 1905. 8°. 14172. bb. 21,(1.) 

See Ilan-gov-adigal. o o o Qmuu^strjr ^ 

[Silapp'-adhikarara. Edited by Saminath'-aiyar.] 
1892. 8°. 14172. d. 13. 

See Kanda-sami Pulavab, Tirupuvanam. 

ooo ^(rFjUf^euessTiBir^QF^&iir. [Tiru-piivana-nathar- 
ula. Edited by Saminath'-aiyar.] 1904. 8°. 

14170. eee. 8. 



(s^jDimjca ^, 

[Ain-guru-nuru. Edited by Saminath'-aiyar.] 
1903. 8°. 14172. c. 48. 


nsuPiUUt^aasesiiruLjiriresnTih. [Mannipadikarai-pu- 
ranam. Edited by Saminath'-aiyar.] 1907. 8°. 

14170. eee. 23. 


L^iQ&iremeu i^ [Sigaji-kovai. Edited by Sa- 
minath'-aiyar.] 1903. 8°. 14170. ee. 65. 

SAMINATH' - AIYAE, Uttamadanapuram V., of 
Madras Presidency College (continued). See Mi- 

NAK8HI-8UNDABAM PiLLAI, T. ^emn Utit IBArru Lf a ir- 

esuTLD. [Sirai-ma-nagar-puranam. Edited by 
Saminath'-aiyar.] 1904. 8°. 14170. eee. 8. 


^iruLjn iremLD. [Taniyur-puranam. Edited by 
Saminath'-aiyar.] 1907. 8°. 14170. e. 29. 


^/r^ ^iuirmiriT3=iff2eo. [Tiruvarir-tyagaraja- 
lilai. Edited by Saminath'-aiyar.] 1905. 8°. 

14172. bb. 20. 

See Padittu-pattu. ooo u^pjpiuu^^ 

1^ [Padittu-pattu. Edited by Saminath'-aiyjir.] 
1904. 8°. 14172. bb. 14. 

See Peeom-batta-puut-db-nambi. ^(i^ . . . 

eQSsirtuiri^pL^ji iresurth. [Tiru-vilaiy-adar-puraiiam. 
Edited by Saminath'-aiyar.] 1906. 8°. 

14170. eee. 17. 


LjpmiT^Dir^ to. 

[Pura-nanuru. Edited with commentary by 
Saminath'-aiyar.] 1894. 8°. 14172. d. 16. 

See RcDEA-KANNANAB. University of Madras 

. . . Pattinappalai. With . . . notes by V. Sami- 
natha Aiyar. 1S06. 8°. 14172. b. 37.(2.) 

See Sattan. oo » mesaflCJi^aiSso ^ [Mani- 

mekhalai. Edited by Saminath'-aiyar.] 1898. 8=". 

14172. d. 22. 

See SiBAi Kavi-kaja Pillai. ooo ^(if^i- 

siren^^ibiT^(f^&iiT. [Tiru-kalatti-niithar- ula. 
Edited by Saminath'-aiyar.] 1904. 8°. 

14170. eee. 6. 

See SOKKA-NATHA PiLLAI, P. (f (?,« 6!nsuu./- 

6U/r.) [Tevaiy-ula. Edited by Saminath'-aiyar.] 
1907. Q°. i" §en-damir " supplement.] 

14172. i. l.*(no. 24.) 

Sea SoBBAHMAKTA Tambiran, ToUikalai 

ooo ^Q^suireuSl^sinpACSsireneu. [Tiruvavadu- 
dufai-kovai. Edited by Saminath'-aiyar.] 1903. 
8°. 14170. ee. 54. 

See TiEU-TAKKA DivAE. ooo 9eil*Ql6filT- 

U36safl ^ [JIvaka-chintamani. Edited by Sami- 
nith'-aiyar.] 1887. 8°. 14172. d. 6. 





SAMINATH'-AIYAR, Uttamadanapuram V., of 
Madras Presidency College {continued) . See TiRU- 
TAKKA Devae. University of Madras . . . Jivaka- 
chintamani. Namagalilambakam. With . . . notes 
by V. Saminatha Aiyar. 1905. 8°. 14171. bb. 21.(2.) 


^(mei^rr. [Tiriivarur-ula. Edited by Saminath'- 
aiyar.] 1905. 8°. [" ^en-damir" supplement.] 

14172. i. l.*(iio. 16.) 

ySee ViEAVANAM. sff jT su &sr ill Lj IT IT BUST LD . [Vira- 

vana-puranam. Edited by Saminatli'- aiyar.] 
1903. 8°. 14170. ee. 63. 

Lj^^a^B^^iTLD. [Vocabulary to the Bud- 

dha-charitram and Bauddha-dharmam by Sami' 
nath'-aiyar, which form an introduction to the 
latter's edition of Sattan's Mani-mekhalai.] pp. 
34. See Academies, etc. — Madras. — University of 
Madras. University of Madras. B. A. Examina- 
tion, etc. 1900. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(6.) 

SAMI-N ATHA MUDALIYAR, Mcinippdy Arunaehala. 
finELnu^^ir ihiTi^aLD. [Dharma-putra-natakam. 
A drama on the epic story of Yudhishthira. Edited 
by N. S. Vira-singa Udaiyar and S. K. Mrugesa 
Upadhyayar.] pp. 4,126. lu it i^uuiresurLa {Jaffna,] 
1890. 8°. 14170. 1. 16. 

^iriTLn iBiriSLd, [Rama-natakam. A 

drama on the epic legend of Rama. Edited by 
S. K. Mrugesa Upadhyayar.] pp. 4, 98. luiripu- 
u/rsOTti) [/o^na,] 1896. 8°. 14170.1.37.(1.) 

SAMI-NATHA PANDITAR, Vannainagar. See 
Mey-kanda DivAE. o o ©sujej/rsarCoU/r^Lb ^ 
[Siva-nana-Lodham. Edited by Sami-natha.] 
[1906.] 8°. 14170. ff. 20. 

SAMI-NATHA PILLAI, Chidambaram A. See 
PuRANAS. — Brahmdiida purdnam. er u9 ear apir n- . . , 
.^^Ljir^e^Lfairessrui. [Adipura- tala-puranam. 
Edited by Sami-natha.] [1896.] 8°. 14170. ee. 8. 

euQ^Qp ^iuiTu9jreu(^s^ ^^•riuira&ujui. 

[Aiy-ayira-varsha-atisaya-rahasyam. A dialogue 
designed to check superstitious fears at the close 
of the century.] pp.8. ibQda.xirQeuS <sT'aQenLDi3 
[Nadukkaveri, 1898.] 8°. 14170. i. 55.(2.) 

SAMI-NATHA PILLAI, P. M., disciple of Rama 
Brahma-svami. Qa^n^u ^i^a=eifLn. [Sorupa- 

darsanam. Saiva poems teaching monistic psycho- 
logy.] pp. 83. iD^emir \_Madura^ 1898. 16°. 

14170. d. 62. 

SAMI-NATHA SASTRI, N., of Wesleyan Mission 
High School, Triplicane. See Pueanas. — Skanda- 
purdnam,. ooo Qs^^Lcir^ir^tSiuLD. [Setu- 
mahatmyam. Translated into prose by Sami- 
natha.] 1901. 8°. 14170. ee. 42. 

See Rama-bhadea DIkshitae. ^itibSuiB- 

essriu 1^ [Janaki-parinayam. Translated by 
Sami-natha.] 1903. 12°. 14170.1.24.(3.) 

SAM NAYINA. See Sam Shihab al-DiN. 

SAM SHIHAB al DIN ibn SULAIMAN, of Kayal- 

patnam. LCi&;ii-x£)ieo ^mo^iTLa . , . Gl/Bir(i£>eiy>ds- 
LDiiSso ^ [Mazhar al-ahkam. A series of poems 
summarising various heads of Moslem doctrine, 
the first being entitled Torugai-malai.] pt. i. 
pp. ii. 78. Q^&sr2ssr [Madras,] 1901. 12°. 

14173. a. 4. 

A^^^' j^ii< [Mazhar al-alikam. Another 

collection. Edited by Saiyid Ahmad ibn Muham- 
mad ibn Shaikh Tika.] pp. viii. 160, lith. ^j>^ 

n.i [Madras, 1901.] 8°. 

14173. b. 27.(3.) 

ooo o'eoir^^ev ^jyaas/rewtD/rSoO i^ [Salat 

al-arkan malai. A book of Muhammadan devo- 
tions.] pp.138, ^s-ehor [Madras, 1879.] 12°. 

14173. a. 10. 

SAMTTDRIKAM. ooo LjQ^s^'TirQp^^ifl'Xireodim^- 
esuTLD. [Purusha-samudrika-lakshanam. A tract, 
ascribed to Agastyar, on the physiognomy of men. 
Edited by Sinna-sami Pillai.] pp. 38. Os'&srSssr 
[Madras,] 1879. 16°. 14170. d. 21. 

LjQ^s^ (fsnJ^/F) em IT Qp^^ iff •SB Lb. [Puru- 

sha-samudrikam and Stri-samudrikam. A work 
on divination from the bodily characteristics of 
both sexes.] pp. 80. See Guru-sami Mudaliyae. 
•Fn-Qp^^iffs, 6D<3i^6!J3r ^ [Samudrika-lakshana- 
sastram.] pt. 2. 1892. 8°. 14170. i. 26. 

SAMUEL AIYAR, N. History of the Tranquebar 
Mission, A.D. 1706-1906. ^Diiissis, lESiQiuit&si 
3=fi^^ffih. pp. iv. 179. TranjMefcar, 1906. 12°. 

14170. bbb. 8. 

SAMUEL PILLAI, 8. See Payanandi. Gram- 
matica Tamuliensis, or An English version of the 





. . . Nunnool ... By W. Joyes and S. Samuel 
Pillay, e<c. 1848-1851. 8°. 14172. f. 10. 

[Another copy.] 

SAMY IYER. See Sami Aitak. 

14172. f. 20. 

SANDHYA-VANDANAM. ^/Biuir s^m^iuirojmjsibih 

^ [Aryar-sandhya-vandanam. The Sanskrit text 

of the sandhya prayers in Tamil characters, with 

Tamil version and notes by S. P. Nara-simmalu 

Nayudu.] pp. 8. Coimbatore, 1898. 8°. 

14170. e. 47.(8.) 
Printed on pink paper. 

-^— — (u^-offCosu^ etoiB^iun'eiJiE^iBih erv ir inQ eu^ 
etviB^iurreu/B^iBLb Lj^f^e^ . . . \j^ . . . y, , . . 
MeniT . , . iBinrinueis3retv-§)'i^LD ^ [Sandhya-van- 
danam, according to the Yajur-vedi and Siima- 
vedi schools. Followed by the Purusha-suktam, 
Srl-suktam, Bhu-suktam, Nila-siiktam, and Nara- 
yana-sOktam. With extracts, in a Tamil trans- 
lation, from the commentaries of Ranga-ramanuja, 
Sayana, Ananda-tirtha, Vaidya-natha Dikshitar, 
Bhatta Bhaskara, Krushna Panditar, and others. 
Edited and translated by Syama-desika Srisaila 
Tatacharyar.] pp. 104, 38. Q^^eisrSssr [Madras,] 
1901. 8°. 14033. aa. 27. 

SAIN'GITAM. Tamil Sungeatha Surabooshany . . . 
■riEjS^eiveu ir i^s^essB [Saagita-svara-bhushani. A 
manual of Hindu music. Translated into Tamil 
by D. Narayana-das and P. Arunachalam Pijlai.] 
pt. i. pp. 88. Q^&srSssr [Madras,] 1900. 8°. 

14170. i. 68. 

SANJIVI-NATHA SVAMI, Periya. See Pkeita 
Sanjivi-natha Svami. 

8ANKARACHARYAR. [Life.] Sea Manikka Svami, 
A. M. U^ . . . [J^LCi^ir^'3'iEiairir'a^frrinu . , . <Fifl^- 
^ir<y<9;(5««ti ^ [Adi-sankaracharya-charitra- 
churukkam, etc.] 1901. 12°. 14170. ee. 44. 

See Sayanachartar. Life of San- 

karacharyar, commonly called Sankaravijayara, etc. 
1879. 8°. 14170. k. 19. 

LdSeiDLCi. [Sankarachariyaradu avatara-mahimai. 
A controversial tract by "A Hindu," vindicating 
the divine birth of Sankara.] pp. 56. Qs-eirSssr 
[i/a(7ra»,] 1893. 8°. 14170. e. 47.(5.) 

SANKARACHARYAE (con<m«c<i). See Badaeayana. 
The Brahma Sutra Artha Deepika, or The Brahma 
Sutras . . . with the commentaries of Sri Sankara- 
charya, etc. 1904, etc. 4,'. 14170. fff. 6. 

See Badarayana. ^mimir 


uirei/^tuLD. [Brahma-sutra-dravida-bhashyam. The 
Brabma-siitram, with Tamil commentary based 
upon the works of Sankara, etc.] 1905. 8°. 

14049. bb. 8. 

See Maha-bharatam. [j^ih^ uaeu^Ssm^ 

t^ [Bhagavad-gita. "With Safikara's commentary. 
With Tamil translation.] 1907. 8". 14049. bb. 10. 

See Upanishads. ° ° ° ^irpQpiL® s.u£- 

s^^^asrr. [Nutt'-ettu Upanishattugal. With 
extracts from the commentaries of Sankara, etc., 
translated into Tamil.] 1887. 8°. 14010. dd. 2. 

See Upanishads. °oo ^Q^iruSs^^^ffir- 

eQi-Uirs^iULCi. [Dasopanishad-dravida-bhashyam. 
Ten Upanishads in Sanskrit, and a Tamil com- 
mentary comprising translations of the commen- 
tary of Sankara, etc., with the Karikas of Gauda- 
piida and Sankara's commentary thereupon in 
Tamil.] [1897]-1898. 8°. 14010. dd. 14. 

\J^ . . . .j>iuQjTirai^n-^^^. [Aparoksha- 

nubhuti. An Advaita tract. With Tamil trans- 
lation and notes by V. Kuppu-svami Raju.] pp. 
ii. 50. Tanjore, eQ^euiro' [1905.] 8°. 

14049. b. 32.(1.) 
Forms vol. 1 of the Sankara-granthavali. 

{fi3^7sr'if^,-^%^) [Atma-b5dham. A 

Sanskrit metrical tract on the Vedantic philosophy. 

With the Telugu interpretation and commentary 

Atma-bodha-prakasika of Puranam Venkata-nara- 

yana Krushna Sastri, and a Tamil version of the 

same by Ramanuja Kavi-rayar.] pp. v. 167. 

Qo'skesruiLi—em^^ ^jtfin^u) [Madras, 1840.] 

12". 14048. c. 44. 

No title-page. 

Atma Boda Prakasika. Text, tjbersetz- 

nng und Erklarung. [Atma-bodham, in Sanskrit 
and German, with extracts from Krushna Sastri's 
Telugu commentary, translated into German from 
Ramanuja Kavi-rayar's Tamil version.] 1854. See 





Graul (K. F. L.) . Bibliotheca Tamulica, etc. 
vol. 1, pp. 173-203. 1854-1865. 8°. 

14170. e. 42. (vol. 1.) 

Atmabod'a prakasika. A Vedanta standard 

treatise, [Sanskrit] text, [Englisli] translation 
[of the text] and [of the Tamil] commentary [of 
Ramanuja Kavi-rayar, from the Telugu of Krushna 
Sastri,] ... By Rev. J. F. Kearns. pp. 40, iii. 
Madras, 1867. 12°. 14048. b. 8.(1.) 

ooo ^,^Lc> Qurr^Ln, [Atma-bodham. The 

Sanskrit text in Tamil character with Ramanuja 
Kavi-rayar's Tamil version of Krushna Sastri's 
Telugu commentary. Edited by S. G. Subba- 
raya Mudaliyar.] pp. iii. 48. Q-r&srdssr &j)jah3i> 
{Madras, 18^9.'] 8°. 14048. c. 62.(2.) 

Printed on light-coloured greenish-blue paper. 

Q^^rr/B^t9i^. [Dasa-sloki. An 

Advaita tract. The Sanskrit text in Tamil script, 
together with Madhu-sudana Sarasvati's commen- 
tary Siddhanta-bindu translated into Tamil by 
V. S. Rama-chaudra Sastri and re-written in higher 
style and edited with notes by G. Vadi-velu Chetti 
and M. Shanmukha Mudaliyar. Followed by the 
Dasakam in Ulaga-nathar's version.] pp. 5, xii. 2, 
149,2. Q^ekSssT [Madras,] 1906. 12°. 14049. aa. 1. 

[Douhfful and Supposititious WorTts.] u^ . , , 

^ eo oi^i^ s3 IT ^ ^ i^ [A collection of Vedantic 
tracts, comprising Lakshana- vrutti, metrically 
translated from the Sanskrit by KoyilQr Chidambara 
Sviimi ; Dasakam, Viveka-shatkara, Sorupanu- 
sandhana-dudi, Manlsba-panchakam, and S6pa,na- 
panchakam, Vedantic tracts metrically rendered 
by Ulaga-natha Svami ; Daksliina-murtti-ashta- 
kam, metrically translated by Nityananda Svami ; 
Sada-siva Brahmendra's Advaita-rasa-manjari, 
translated by the same ; and Rama Kavi's Advi- 
tanubhavam. Edited by A. Rama-sami Svami.] 
pp. vi. ii. 132, i. Q^skSssr s'Unsj^iTiP, [Madras, 
1888.] 16°. 14170. d. 28. 

s IT IT ■3' ■a' IT ffi lu La , (Da.^ a) ^(L/t_i_;/rsi/<3BLb. [Ayut- 
bliavakam. An astrological work in 1000 stanzas, 
professing to be an excerpt from a Jodida-san- 

karacharyam in 12,000 stanzas, ascribed to San- 
kara. Edited by M. Subrahmanya Pillai and T. 
Kuppu-sami Nayudu.] pp. 4, 200. Qa'&sr'Bssr 
[Madras,] 1895. 8°. 14170. i. 39. 

6\werr'^uj-4cs)S^i^ . . . <s>c3sj^tuiir. 

ei^tresniun . . . eubStjSl^tr . . . QetvefriB^iriusv^iF. 
[Saundarya-lahari. A Sanskrit poem on the 
mystic Saiva cult of the Sakti. With Lakshmi- 
dhara's commentary, and a Tamil interpretation 
styled Paramartha-chandrika by T. S. Srinivasa 
Sastri. Edited by M. Sankara-narayana Sastri.] 
pp. 6, 248. Madras, 1907. 8°. 14049. b. 48. 

L/^. . . tfdiisuirmr^&syai^ . ^^^irilto . 

6i^ff£2Jj(r cwjS25?jSff etc. [Sivananda-laharl. A 
century of Saiva verses, in Sanskrit, with word- 
for-word interpretations and paraphrases in Tamil. 
Edited by Lak.shminai-ayanapuram Mrutyum-jaya 
Sastri and Veukata-svami Aiyar of Mysore.] pp. 
i. 122, iv. Madras, 1904. 12°. 14048. b, 48. 

OeMir.^o [Subrahmanya-bhujanga-stotram. A 
Sanskrit hymn of 33 stanzas in the hhvjanya-pra- 
yata metre. Edited with grammatical notes and 
with Tamil interpretation and commentary by 
Melmangalam N. Subrahmanya Sastri.] pp. viii. 
105. s-a^cabirQevi^ [NaduMaveri,] 1902. 16°. 

14028. a. 30. 
The wrapper hears a corresponding title in Tamil. 

[For the Tattva-bodham, usually ascribed 

to Sankara :] See Tattva-bodham. 

[For the Prasnottara-ratna-malika some- 
times ascribed to Sankara ;] See Vimala-chandea 


ooo ^0si/ffuefl6B(?«s!!jrf56B<sevti/_;<5fti. [Tiruvallik- 
keni-kalambakam. A series of poems in various 
metres upon Vishnu as worshipped at Triplicane 
or VrundJivanam.] pp. 8, 33. Qa^m^esr [Madras,] 
1898. 8°. 14170. ee. 35.(1.) 

Kavi-rayar, M., and Sankara-mOrtti Konar, A. 
u^Lci^ uirseu^ ^inLnirSssr. [Bhagavata-amma- 
nai.] 1893. 8°. 14172. b. 54. 





Pavanandi. Graiumatica Tamuliensis, or An 
English version of the . . . Nunnool, with . . • 
extracts from the . . . commentary of Sunghara 
Nama Sivayur, etc. 1848-1851. 8°. 14172. f. 10. 

[Another copy.] 14172. f. 20. 

See Pavakandi. 0°° msk^Direk ^ [Nan- 

nul. With commentary of Sankara.] [1851.] 8°. 

14172. f. 2. 

See Pavanandi. /ssk^meir i^ [Nan-nul. 

With commentary by §aiikara.] [1887.] 8°. 

14172. e. 12. 

[1903.] 8°. 14172. e. 39. 

See Appaya Diksiutak. (^susviuirmm^ih, [Ku- 
valayiinandam. Translated by Sankara-narayana 
and Minakshi-sundara.] 1895. 8°. 14170. i. 40. 

SANTA-CRUZ, Pulavar. ^ns'. .sij^s'u^mfr'^, 
e9(rr)^^LD. [Archya-sishta-alas'-ammanai and 
"vruttara. The legend of St. Alexis, in both am- 
mdnai and vruttam metres, the latter by Santa- 
Cruz.] 1893. 12°. See [Addenda] Alexis, St. 

14170. b. 59. 
SANTA- IINGA SVAMI. See [Addenda] Agasttab. 
With paraphrase, etc., by Santa-linga.] 1907. 8°. 

14170. L 3. 

SANTA-LINGA SVAMI, Tlrutvraiyur. Eclectic 
Vedantism. A philosophical poem in frequent 
use amongst Hindu women, translated from the 
Tamil, by the Rev. Thomas Foulkes. (f Avirota- 
vuntiyar, or The Non-Controversialists' Dance. 
By Santalingasuvami of Tiruttureiyur.) pp. 20. 
Madras, 1860. 8°. 14170. e. 36.(2.) 

ooo eineiijrrrsQaj SF^aici ^ [Vairagya- 

satakam. 50 verses on spiritual calm. Edited, 
with a commentary, by P. Purtha-sarathi Aiyangar.] 
pp. 73. Madras, 1906. 12°. 14170. dd. U.Q.) 

SANTIAGO, Futtur Savari-nayakar. The Violin 
Tutor of Hindu Music . . . S^Quir^^ih. pp. 
4, 14. Trleldnopohj, 1892. 4°. 14171. h. 1. 

SANTIAGO PILLAI, Fultulam A. tQirevnua^irmjia 
j^ [Pralapa-sagarara. Lyrics upon the Passion 
of Christ.] pp. 32, luaLpuurressriJci [Jaffua,] 
1889. 8°. 14170. c. 24.(1.) 

SANTIAGO PILLAI, P«/<a/am il. (continued), ooo 
inir^^eiDjiSirjXjzBssr. [Yatrai-kirttanai. Lyrics 
on a journey from Colombo to the sanctuary of 
St. Anne at Talavilla.] pp. 10. Qsiraptht-i [Co- 
lombo,] 1893. 8°. 14170. bb. 8.(1.) 

Katha-chintamani. The Kathachintamani . . . 
Edited . . . by . . . SantiagopuUe, e<c. 1875. 8°. 

14170. k. 27. 

SAPTARSHL The Suptharishivakkiam 5500. 
[Saptarshi-vakyam. A metrical work on astrology 
in 12 chapters.] Thoroughly examined by Poo- 
valoor Nagasawmy Aiyar . . . and by Arasarkoolam 
Venkatasubramaniya Aiyar. (*^L/^/f?o^su(r«- 
QiuiJa (S®oo.) pp. iii. 792. Madras, Vicari 
[1899.] 8°. 14170. i. 63. 

SARAH. Old Sarah, or The Walk of Purity . , . 

^iLiiu isemi A translation [by L. Spaulding] 

of the Parent Society's Tract — Poor Sarah, no. 583. 
Second edition, pp. 12. Jaffna, 1842. 12°. 

14170. b. 1.(24.) 

sdmi. Sai'asangi. A Tamil drama by T. R. Sara- 
salochanam [adapted from Shakspere's " Cymbe- 
line." With English introduction by M. S. 
Dandayudha-pani Aiyar]. (*.yir.y/r/E/® /5/r/_«ib.) 
pp. i. xii. viii. 4, iv. 138, i. i. Madras, 1897. 8°. 

14170. 1. 45. 

<FireQ^^i!} s'lfles)^. [Savitri-charitai. The 

story of Savitri, based on the legend of the Maha- 
bharatam, Vana-parvam. Followed by two 
cradle-songs by T. Rama-sami Chetti.] pp. 56, 8. 
Q^&srSssr [Madras,] 1897. 16°. 14171. aa. 2. 

SARASALOCHANAU. See Sasasa-lochana CHEtTi. 

SARA-VANA-MUTTU PILLAI, Tirulconamalai T. 
QLDir<x^iEjSl. ep(5'J3!D^. [Mohanangi. A novel.] 
pp. 384^ Q<9=«sr25sr[Madra^,]lfi9b. 12°. 14171. a. 4. 

The Parrot Messenger. [A poem in 33 

stanzas.] {*jijiei!>^eQ(S^irjSi.) pp. 8. Madras, 
1892. 8°. 14172. bb. 16. 

^iSy^uuiresiSif. (The Study of Tamil 

Literature. An essay in Tamil.) pp. 34. Madras, 
1892. 16°. 14171. aa. IL 






SAEA-VANA PANDITAR, Gokiddpuram. See 
Krushna-sami PiLLAi, Tanjai. mevisfrL^aih ^ 
[Damayanti-natakam. Edited by Sara-vana.] 
[1883.] 8°. 14170. 1. 9. 

Kandapp'-aiyar. See Ativiea-eama Panditan. 
esiiBL—^LD ^ [Naidadam. With commentary on 
cantos 1-5 by Sara-vana Peru-mal.] [1842.] 8°. 

14172. b. 68. 

See Ativira-eama Pandiyan. oo o sw/Bt 

^ii ^ [Naidadam. With commentaries by Sara- 
vana Peru-mal, efc] [1875.] 8^ 14172. b. 69. 

See Ativira-eama Panditan. °°° stubl 

^ii) ^ [Naidadam. With commentaries of Sara- 
vana Peru-miil, efc] 1881. 8°. 14172. b. 14. 

/See AuvAiTAE. — Two or More Works, eiitri- 

(^ss3Ti_iTLB ^ [Vakk'-undam and Nal-vari, etc. 
With commentaries by Sara-vana Peru-mal.] 
[1841.] 16°. 14172. a. 1. 

[1859.] 16" 

1882. 16°. 

14172. a. 12. 
14172. a. 11.(1.) 

■ (See PaeaS-jodi Mdnivae. ^(^eSdsfriurrL-p 

L^aireissrLci. [Tiru-vilaiy-adar-puranam. Edited on 
the basis of the editions of Sara-vana Peru-mal 
and Tyaga-raya Mudaliyar.] [1850.] 8°. 

14170. ee. 1. 

[For editions of the Tiru-vilaiy-adar-pura- 
nam reprinted from that of Sara-vana Peru-mal :] 
See Paean-jodi Mdnivae. 

See SivA-PRArASA Destkae. ULpuySsoium^ir^ 

<%> [Para-malaiy-antadi, etc. Edited by Sara-vana 
Peru-mal.] [1832.] 8°. 14172. b. 23.(1.) 

SeeTAYvnA^&XkR. 000 ^q^uuirL-p/SjTLL®. 

[Tiru-padat-tirattu. In the recension of Sara-vana 
Peru-mal.] [1851.] 8°. 14172. c. 24. 

See Tayumanavae. ^iritiLBirssi . . . u!ru.i>- 

jSiri-®. [Tiru-padat-tirattu. From the recension 
of Sara-vana Peru-mal.] 1885. 8°. 14172. b. 32. 

SeeTi-RV-uvRki—Tiru-vdchalcam. ^qt^suit- 

a^sLc. [Tiru-vachakam. Edited by Sara-vana 
Peru-mal.] [1857.] 8°. 14172. b, 15. 

Kandapp'-aiyar (continued). See Tieu-vallcvar. 
o o o ^(5«(5/D6ir ^ [Kural. With interpretations 
and prolegomena by Sara-vana Peru-mal.] [1875.] 
8°. 14172. c. 10. 

(u/rLJi5iSD<!B«633rti. [Yapp'-ilakkanam.] (A 

treatise on Tamil Prosody.) pp. 32. Q^skSser 
[Madras,'] 1900. 8°. 14172. hh. 17. 

SARGENT (Edward), Assistant Bishop in the Dio- 
cese of Madras. y,ir6S'a<riB^^jnh ^ [Purvika- 
charitram. A manual of ancient history for 
mission schools.] pp.121; \ plate. Falamcottah, 
1850. 8°. 14170. c. 17. 

Tamil Reading Book . . . ^iSip euirs-ai^^- 

^sih. [Tamir-vachaka-puttagam. Second edition.] 
pp. 72. Madras, 1848. 12°. 14172. h. 68.(2.) 



^iriB^uiBjT'XnSein.s. [Siddhanta-prakasikai. An 
exposition of Saiva psycho-metaphysics. Trans- 
lated from the Sanskrit by Siva-uana Svami.] 
pp. 24. Q0-md5BT {Madrasi\ 1897. 12°. 

14170. d. 32.(3.) 
SASHIENGAR. See Sesh'-aitangae. 


SATA-MANI. <3' ^ LD essfUQs IT esisu, [Sata-mani- 
kovai. 105 stanzas on the esoteric Saiva creed.] 
pp. 25. 1898. See Vedachalam Pillai. Q^- 
^iri^i^iresiQuiT^LD, [Siddhanta-nana-bodham.] 
pt. i. 1898. 8°. 14170. ee. 39. 

SATHAKOPACHARYAR, lyyunni Jagannathachdr- 
yar. See Venkatachaeyar, son of Govinddehdryar. 
oo o ■nr'-^& . . . ^s«'S'-o;j£§. [Chattada-srl-vaish- 
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SATHAKOPACHARYAR, M. C. See Harsha-deva. 
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SATHAKOPA-DASAR, Kiraiyur. <> o o j^i^muj- 
^uiii OTsJrjgutb (^Q^ujnJauemjr, [Hari-samaja- 
dlpam, or Guru-paramparai. A poem on the 




bistory and teachings of the Vaishnava Vi9i8hta- 
dvaita school and its leaders. With a para- 
phrase by S. Muttu-krushna Niiyiuiu. Edited by 
the latter and K. Rama-saini Nayudu.] pp. 6, ii. 
436, ii. Madras, 1904. 8°. 14170. ee. 68. 

This author is said to have been Icnown by the name of 
Sathakopa-riimi'inuja Mudaliyar, and to have flourished 
some 250 years ago. 

iJur. See Pillai Lokachaktar. ooouj^m^jr- 
uueuemuffuireuLB. [Yatiudra-pravana-prabha- 
vam. Edited by Sathakopa-ramanujacharyar.] 
1907. 8°. 14170. S. 23. 

dhi Mudumhai. See Academies, etc. — Madras. — 
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— ! University of Madras. F.A. Exami- 
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iSee Arvargal. — Nai-ayiram. — Tyar-pd. °°° 

^nF)eBi(rf)^/£LCi. [Tiru-vruttam. Edited with com- 
mentary by Sathak5pa-ramanujacharyar.] [1899.] 
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nava saints.] pp. ii. 76. Qifasi^snr ^eQemJaiB 
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See Pavanandi. isssr^pirp siressri^emAiLf- 

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jachariar, and S. Krishnamachariar, etc.) [Third 
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[Fourth edition.] 

1903. 8". 
14172. e. 37. 

.^f^euiriraemritl^jslir^pl ^eiretr 

Q^ujiLfsnseSeisr K-smir. [Notes on the Af- 
vargal- charitram of §athak6pa-ramanuja- 
chilryar.] pp. 3 1 . See Academies, etc. — Ma- 
dra.a. — University of Madras. University of 
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SATHIANADEN. See Satta-nathan. 

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meklialai. A romance in verse, forming one of 
the 5 classical poems. Edited by T. Shanmukham 
Pillai.] pp. iv. 134, 3, 2. Q.f&srSssr [Madras,] 
1894. 8°. 14172. b. 60. 

o o o LDsaaflCoLDaSso QpmQpih . , . .j^Q^iJau^' 

eiiemiru-iih, [Mani-mekhalai, Edited with pre- 
faces, life of Sattan, Buddha-charitram or history 
of Buddha, Bauddha-dharmam or an essay on 
Buddhism, Bauddha-sangham or an account of the 
Buddhist Church, glossaries, notes, and indexes 
by U. V. Saminath'-aiyar.] pp. i. x. ii. cvi. Ivi. 
xvi. i. 453. Q.3=^Bsar [Madras,] 1898. 8". 

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Le ManimSgalei. [A French epi- 

.s/fLpeuiriraetr ^-fi^^jriJa. [Arvargal-chari- 

tram. A prose history of the Afvars or Vaish- 

tome.] See Vinson (E. H. J.). Legendes 
Bouddhistes et Djainas, etc. vol. i., pp. 177- 
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SATTHIANALHAN (S.), Mrs. See Kkupai Satya- 


SATTIANADEN. See Satta-natham. 

SATY A- NATHAN, R, of Tanjore. See JakNickb 
(D.). The life of Rev.R. Sathianaden, efc. 1893. 
8°. 14170. bb. 4. 

Translation [by J. C. KohlhoffJ of a sermon 

[on Ezek. xxxiii. 11] in the Malabar or Tamulian 
language; composed and preached by Sattianaden, 
on the 26th day of December, 1790, etc. pp. viii. 
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Pavakandi. Abridgment of the Nannfll ... by G. P. 
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SAURA BRAHMAN'S. ^^frtsuemQsn^ etv-@iriU'3=fr- 
6!n« Q <F err ji LD ir ssr en^^^jr 6Q^LJUtf.Q<a=ffn'jrujnrLci- 

^aetr. [Havya-kavya-vidhigal. A ritual for the 
havya and kavya offerings of the Saura Brahmans, 
a class of accountants claiming descent from the 
Sun, and following the rules of a surya-sdkhd pur- 
porting to belong to the Atharva-veda. Sanskrit 
text of the mantras in Telugu and Tamil script, 
with rubrics, hymns, and other matter in Tamil. 
Edited by S. Narasimm'-achari and S. Sundara 
Guru.] pp. viii. iii. 256. Q<3"osrSssr [Madras,} 
1906. 8°. 14033. bhb. 36. 

SAURASHTRAS. A short history of the Sourash- 
tras [a silk- weaver caste] of Southern India. O^esr 

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SAVARI-RAYA PILLAI (John Dbva-sahayam). See 

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SAVARI-RAYA PILLAI, Madurendram. See Savaei- 
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ire\iirj)i. The Ancestors of Savariraya Pillai, etc. 
{* ■3-6u/Brrinu i9endsiT •fiB^^jtld . . . The Life of 
Savariraya Pillai.) 1899-1900. 8°. 14171. a. 27.* 

— <FsuiBiririu iQenSsir tueiiiT'Xsrr 3= ir sar &;i] in sir- 
EiffjgjtL 1^ (*The Journal and Letters of 
Savariraya Pillai, a catechist of the Church Mis- 
sionary Society, Tinnevelly District, South India. 
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Tamil grammar.] pp.180, Lj^^stneu s^^n sku) 
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A drama on the epic legend of SfivitrT, printed in 
the Malayalam character.] pp. 60. Q_l0e_lce6>0s 
cocynrto [Palghat, 1890.] 8°. 14170. L 30.(2.) 



See Sacndaea- 

SAWMI CHETTIAR. See Sami Chettiyae. 

SAYANACHARYAR. See Nischala Dasa. ooo^- 
eSQ^^^SijiSjruirajrLD. [Vrutti-prabhakaram. A 
commentary on Sayana's Paiichadasi.] 1901. 8°. 

14170. ee. 41. 

/See NiscHALA Dasa. \j^ eQQ^^^rr^iBir&ieQ, 

[Vrutti-ratnavali. An epitome of Vrutti-prabha- 
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See Sandhya-vandanam. lu^-nirQeu^ sru®- 

^luireuih^ihin ^ [Sandhya-vandanam, etc. With 
extracts, in a Tamil translation, from the commen- 
taries of Sayana, e<c.] 1901. 8°. 14033. aa. 27. 

o o o ^eiJsisTnpa^utSjrsiresdTin. [Jivan- 

mukti-prakaranam. A manual of Advaita-Vedan- 
tam. Translated from the Sanskrit of Sayana by 
Ulaga-natha Svami. Edited, with notes and 
additions, by A. Rama-sami Svami.] pp. viii. iv. 
149,iii. Qs^eisr^ a=fr en 9l^^ [Madras, 1881.1 12°. 

14170. d. 24. 


^^ (/^(?«i;2^ (r«a;«ll<2E; 2^1/3" eic.[Pancha- 
dasi, or Vedanta-paiichadasi. A metrical treatise 
on Vedantam. With a word-for-word interpretation 





and paraphrase iu Tamil by Rama-liiiga Brahma- 
nanda Yati of Madura, preceded by an epitome 
in Tamil and a Sanskrit poem called Rama-liiiga- 
vaibhava on the successes of Rama-liiiga with a 
Tamil translation, all three by his son Sundara- 
rama §astri of Madura.] pp. xvi. vi. 688, iv. ; 
1 pJate. Madras, 1905. 8°. 14049. bb. 7. 

The text is printed in both Nagari and Grantham type. 

o oo u(^3'^3'ui3jsir6iS3TLCi. [PaSchadasa- 

prakaranam. Ananonymousadaptation of Siiyana's 
Panchadasi, in dialogue form.] pp. i. 148. Q-iFeirSsBr 
firiireuS [Madras, 1901.] 12°. 14170. ee. 46. 

Pancadasa prakarana. tjbersetzung. See 

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Life of Sankaracharyar, commonly called 

Sankaravijayam. Translated from Sanscrit [i.e. 
from the Sankshepa-sankara-vijayam ascribed to 
Madhava or Sayana] into Tamil [prose] with the 
assistence [sic] of Bangalore Siddhanthi Sree Su- 
bramanya Sastryar ... by Tholuvoor Valayudha 
Moodeliar. (*<y/B«jraffl^iutb eresrj;ii6kJLpini(^tJb ^fiej- 
a ff IT s= IT £ oj IT ir 3= fii ^ ^ sr in.) pp. ii. ii. 102, i. Ma- 
dras, 1879. 8°. 14170. k. 19. 

This biography is said to have been compiled from the 
Sahkara-vijaya-vilasam of Chid-vilusa and Vijndna-lcanda, 
iheVyu8allyam{f),Padma-piida's biography, and the Skanda- 
puranam (Siva-rahasya-khandam), etc. 

SCHAFFTER (Paul Pacipique). aiTi^sk(o^-9=eQ- 
6ur<ni). [Kanan-desa-vilasam. The geography of 
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See Bible. — Old Testament. Librorum Sa- 

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[For editions of the translation of the Bible 

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[For later editions of the Tranquebar 

Hymnal :] See Hymnals. 

Historia Passionis Jesu Christi Filii Dei 

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Translated into Tamil, with additions, by H. M. 
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Address to Roman Catholics 


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Exposition of the Second Commandment 

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Friendly Epistle. Pointing out some of the 

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On withholding the Cup from the Laity. 

A tract ... for Roman Catholics . . . iEpiE(m%smi 
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The Ten Commandments . . . contrasted 

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SEDI-EAYAE. See Chedi-eayae. 

SEEEIB.AB. See Aro-muga TJpADHYAYAE. 9i^^- 
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puranam. A legend based upon the Periya- 
puranam.] [1894.] 8°. 14170. ee. 4.(1.) 

SEKKIEAR (continued). See Gopala-krushna 
AiYAR, A. Bh. QufliUL/jrirssurLD ^ [Nandanar- 
charitra-kirttanai. Lyrics upon Nandanar, a Saiva 
devotee celebrated in the Periya-puranam, and 
based upon the latter.] [1882.] 8°. 14170. e. 9. 

o o o /5/6^(g)/7"<r/fl^^i7"®/r,!Z^&>r ^ 

[Nandanar-charitra-kirttanai.] 1899. 8°. 

14170. ee. 25. 

/SeeMuNi-SAMiMuDALiYAR, S. S.giJ^Q^ir6S3r- 

t_iBmui^iT'9=iB^^jrLh. [Siru-tonda-nayanar-chari- 
tram. A story from the Periya-puranam.] 1892. 
8°. 14172. b. 44.(1.) 

See SUNDAEA ACHAEYAE, C . K. ° ° ° .JtjU- 

j^^uji^sea . . . SiT^^Sssr. [Appiidiy-adigal-na- 
yanar-charitra-kirttanai. Lyrics on the legend of 
Appudiy-adigal, based upon the Periya-puranam.] 
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ooo Quifltu LjiriTeissTLn t^ [Periya-puranam, 

or Tiru-tondar-puranam. A Saiva poetical hagio- 
logy in 4316 verses. Prefaced by devotional and 
hagiological matter from the works of Uma-pati, 
Nambiy-andar Nambi, and others.] pp. iii. Ixxxiv. 
iv. 911. Q^mSssr i9inr,iT^ {Madras, 1880.] 8°. 

14170. f. 4. 

Composed at the request of Icing Anapaya Choran (Raja- 
Jiesari-varma Kulottuhga) , and later than the Jlvalca-chin- 

Q^iressTL—iTuinresurQLCiesrmijLb QuSiuuiriressiLo .. . 

etpsoQpLd , . , u^ei^emirtLjLD. [Periya-puranam. 

Edited with an interpretation by Aru-muga Tam- 

biran Svami, completed by C. Rama-linga Svami.] 

4 vols. Qe^esrSsBT uirir^u {Madras, I885]-1898. 

8°. 14170. f. 1. 

Illustrated with numerotis woodcut plates. The volumes 
hear the following dates — iioi. i., 1888 ; vol. ii.,189Q; vol, iii., 
1885 ; vol. iv., 1898. 

[Another copy of vol. 3.] 14170. f. 1.* 

ooo ^Qh^Q^iremu.n'LjinressTLC: enssr^in 

Quii^ujLjjrireimiii ^ [Periya-puranam. With a 
paraphrase and commentary by S. Subba-raya 
Nayakar.] vols. i. 1. — ii. 8. Q^m^ {Madras^ 
1891-1895. 8°. 14170. f. 21 


lu Lj IT IT estsr m eresrjpieutfiiBt^Slesrin 

^(r^^Q^irsmi^ffLjiTirsssiLCi. [Periya-puranam. A 





prose summary by Afu-muga Navalar.] pp. 6, 8, 
235,3. u S^ IT i3 [Jaffna, I8b2.] 8°. 14170. e. 10. 

— — ^(m^Q^iressri^ir Q u fl lu Lj irir essr eu^rstsr^- 

dr^iaLD. [Tiru-tondar-periya-purana-vachana- 
churukkam. A prose epitome.] pp. xii. ix. 156, 
vi. ; 79 i>lales. Qa-ekSssr [Madras,] 1900. 16°. 

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o o c ^(y^(^iresrs=ihui^Qpir^^Q fsniu^ir 

LfiTiresjieua-etsria, [Tiru-nana-sambandha-murtti- 
nayanar-purana-vachanam. A prose history of 
the Saiva saint Nana-sambandhar, abridged from 
pt. ii. of the Periya-puranam, by S. Ponu'-odu- 
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karan Chatram,] 1900. 8°. 14170. e. 47.(10.) 

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verses for a Sinhalese local cult of the god 
Mrugan.] pp. 14, i. QsiTfrpLLLj [Colomho^ 1907. 
12°. 14170. dd. 16. 

SELL'-AIYA PILLAI, S., of Colombo. ° o o 0«/rzl- 

[Muttu-mariy-amman-nava-ratnam. Nine hymns 
to Mari, the goddess of small-pox.] pp. 8. ojirip- 
uuiTsm^^&i [Jaffna,] 1893. 16°. 14170. d. 36.(5.) 


See Perum-batta-puliy-ue-nambi. 

of Pachaiyappa's College. See MuNAi-pipiTAE. 
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charam . .. [Edited by] T.ChelvakesavaroyaMuda- 
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See Peru-vayin Molliyae. oo" ^■rirjri- 

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SELVA-NAYAKAM PILLAI (Joseph). ^^ . . . 
QiuirQ'fLJLj Q'f&^euihinuaLCiiSsn^T Q^aeQQajiT- 
SLDfresr^skQufip Q.s'ireveSiu .xir^ffo. [An elegy 
upon the death of J. Selva-nilyakam Pillai.] pp. 16. 
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SENDABfAR. [For editions of the Divakaram, 
commonly ascribed to Sendanar :] See Divakarar. 

SENDANAR, TiruruingUr. [For the hymns of 
Sendanar contained in the Tiruv-isai- pa:] SeeTiBU- 


[For editions of Sendanar*s Tiru-pall'-ancln 

appended to the Tiruv-isai-pa :] See Tibu-mobai. 

Shanars are Kshatriyas, being a reply ... to the 
objectionable statements made by Cbenthinatka 
Iyer regarding the Shanars, etc. 1889. 12." 

14170. k. 47. 





SENDINATH'-AIYAR, Kasi-vdsi. See [Addenda] 
Badaeatana. uf . . , (os>,T6iiu/rt^.ujLD. [Brahma- 
sutram. With Tamil version of Sri-kantba's Siva- 
dvita-bhashyanij translated by Sendinatli'-aiyar.] 
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A Table of all the Tatwas according to the 

Suddh^dvaita Saiva-siddhanta System. Graphi- 
cally and luminously presented by . . . Sentinatha 
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See TiRD VALLOVAR. o o o meujr^^ssT esieu^^iu- 
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demies, etc. — Madras. 

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iBrr^Q^svir. [Tiru-kalatti -nathar-ula. A series 
of 578 Saiva devotional stanzas on the cult of 
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SESHACHALAM NAYUDU, Pdkala Rama- gopdla. 
ooo sii—ujr(o^iruiriSlu.iirewLa ^ [Jada-bharato- 
pakhyanam. A prose romance, supposed to be 

narrated by Suka to Parikshit, tolling of the en- 
lightenment of Jada-bharata and his adventures 
in various births, and so conveying principles of 
the Vaishnava Vedantam. Translated from the 
Telugu by K. Varada-rajulu Nayudu.] pp. i. 126. 
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ooo^j^QQ^si^essrQijir^irLhQE^QLD^ih ueir- 

safljreMT® ^jr/r^irsetr ses)^. [Pann'-irandu-rajar- 
gal-kathai, or Sri-krushna-bodhamrutam. Ro- 
mances of legendary kings, illustrating popular 
conceptions of the Vaishnava system of Vedantic 
philosophy. Translated from the Telugu by Vira- 
muttu Mudaliyar.] pp.2, 194. Q ■3' ekSssr [Madras,] 
1897. 8°. 14171. a. 13. 

ooo u^jrfrLCim[)(^^tuQLoeisr^i}i e^t-ff^i- 

s IT eu IT ^ ^ s &fl ek ^is^jr^ireoi'Xein^aGir. [Shat- 
chakravarttigalin indra-jala-kathaigal, or Sri-ra- 
ma-hrudayam. Tales of the magical adventures of 
legendary kings, illustrating popular conceptions 
of Vedantic philosophy, translated from the Telugu 
by K. Varada-rajulu Nayudu.] pp.ii. 124. Qs'&sr'Bssr 
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ooo a^^iQirim^LbULbiririaLD. [Suddha- 

niralamba-margam, or Krushna-nrugu-maha-raja- 
samvadam. A discourse on the Vaishnava-Ve- 
dantic metaphysics. Translated from the Telugu 
by K. Varada-rajulu Nayudu.] pp. 48. Madras, 
1898. 12°. 14170. d. 63. 

SESHADRI SIVANAR. mfr(^9&ieuir^iaiiLi_?m. 
[Nana-jiva-vada-kattalai, or Tattva-kattalai. A 
treatise upon the psychology and physiology of the 
Advaita-vedantam.] See Rama-sami Svami, K. A. 
iB!r^9e)jwir^ssu.L—2isiT i^ [Nana-jiva-vada- 
kattalai, etc.] pp. 1-25. [1887.] 12°. 14170. d. 26. 

ooo iBiTf 

-eueuir^isLLL—Ssfr Qpe\)Qpih , . . 
tsQiuiraQiuiresTQpLB. [Nana-jiva-vada-kattalai. 
With copious catechetical commentary by Madurai 
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SESHADRI SIVANAR (continued). The Elements 
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SESKAB'BIY-ACKAB.Y AB.,TiruvindaliirPara-vaatu. 

See NAN-jiYAB. o o o w^Sor»sj^o 5JII [Atma-vi- 
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SfT^^dssT. [Dhruva-charitra-kirttanai. Religious 
lyrics founded upon the story of Dhruva.] pp. 39. 
(^LDuQiEiresxrih .^iTQpQ [Kumbakonam, 1897,1 8°. 

14172. b. 44.(6.) 

SEYAJraONDAlI. See Jatan-gondan. 

SEYMER (John Gunning). ^lBq^ll @®®6ff<»- 
iMirQiu Qp^eoireu^ eua^ULj Quir&vjusih . . . 

First Tamil and English Reading Book. pp. ii. 
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luiriT^^ eQsnaaiM. [Tamij-vidyarthi-vilakkam.] 
(General Tamil. Ever indispensable to students 
of all classes, both in High Schools and Colleges. 
By P. T. Saiyappa Modelliar.) pt. i. pp. vi. 94. 
Madras, 1894. 8°. 14172. hh. 9. 

SHAH al-HAMID ibn 'AIDARUS. ^.:J.A^ Jyli\ jjl J 
*ij'v»oJiiallj J>'.A-.lll jJ'-JU, [Fawa'id al-kur'an. A 
treatise on the use of Koranic texts, prayers, pious 
formulae, and mystic diagrams, for talismanic pur- 
poses.] pp. 544, lith. i-,l.j^ irrr-r»" \_Madras, 
1905-1906.] 8°. 14173. c. 1. 

_WI '^1 J UI _lii^ [Miftah al-salah. 

A treatise on marriage and sexual intercourse.] 
pp. viii. 240, lith. ,^Kj.*j irr. \^Madras, 1902.] 
8°. 14173. b. 45. 

Mifthahussalah fee eilahinnikkah. lSl/jS- 

^irpno-aewerv&iiT^tlD t3, iS&)iTpjiSeisreSixiraa). [An- 
other edition in the Tamil character.] pp. iv. 200. 
^(j^&ieoe&iQsesS [Triplieane,] 1905. 8°. 

14170. g. 26. 

tan (Miran S.vHiii Andavar), o/ A^a(/Mr. [ii/e.] See 
MuiiAMMAD Imam Ghazzau ibn MnitAMMAD *Al?. 
me^pi^ LSm'^s'irQLi.stessrL—Siiireinr'Xsirairjrewr- 
•fiB^^iTLb. [Hazrat Mlran Sahib Andavar-avai-gal 
karana-charitram.] [1876.] 8°. 14173. b. 34. 

SHAH al-HAMID ibn MIRAN SAHIB, Melapnlai- 

yam Atliyaditteru. ^°o^ . . . s>ib,^iB ji/eviisir- 
irsrSiiB^. [Muhyi-al-dln-andavargal-kanduri- 
alankara-rayil-vari-nadai-chindu. Verses on a.rail- 
wayjourney to Kanduri andonMuHyi al-Din,alocal 
Moslem devotee.] pp.12. ^(i^QmevQeucQ [Titine- 
velli,] 1907. 12°. 14172. a. 52.(2.) 

^oo^ ■3'iEiS^ &iB^iruiesS. [Sangita-chin- 

tamani. A collection of Muhammadan devotional 
lyrics by Shah al-Hamid, Hasan *Ali Pulavar, etc. 
Edited by Kann'- Ahmad Makhdiim Muhammad.] 
pp. iv.i. 176. Q'3=sir2ssr ^m.inuL)® \_Madras, 1897.] 
80. 14173. b. 12. 

SHAIIS MTIHYI al-DIN, K. M. See [Addenda] 
MuHTi al-DiN ibn EauId Muuti al-DiN. 





(See Bade al-DiN, PMki;ar. QpSlSp^nxrLjn irwsnh. 
[Muliyi-al-dln-puranam. Edited by Shaikh Tambi.] 
1901-1903. 8°. 14172. bb. 1. 

See 'Umae, Poet. 

u Lj IT ir esjnh [Sira- 

puranam. With paraphrase by Shaikh Tambi.] 
1902, etc. 8°. 14173. b. 18. 

eriLGli QPiLQesr&D Qaen). (Eight Criminal 

Cases. [Travesties of 8 myths, in the form of 
law-court reports.] By K. P. Shaikuthambi Pava- 
lar.) pp. viii. 263. ilfa(frn,9, 1907. 8°. 14171. e. 17. 

SHAKSPERE (William). See Kanda-sami Pillai, 
Madurai A. eBs,L-Siih^Pi ^, (Vigata Sundari.) 
[A romance based on Shakspere's " Taming of the 
Shrew."] 1906. 8°. 14171. e. 8. 

See Natesa Sastri, S. M. Measure for 

Measure, a tale from Shakespeare, etc. 1893. 12°. 

14171. a. 6.(1.) 

See Natesa Sastei, S. M. Twelfth Night 

... [A prose abstract] in Tamil, ei!c. 1892. 12°. 

14170. 1. 1.(2.) 

See Rama-sami Aiyangae, S. Suguna- 

Sukesar ... A Tamil drama [based upon Shak- 
spere's " Two Gentlemen of Verona "], etc. 
1899. 12'. 14170. 1. 48.(2.) 

■ See. Sarasa-lochana Chetti, T. E. Sara- 

sangi. A Tamil drama . . . [adapted from "Cym- 
beline'']. 1897. 8°. 14170.1.45. 

eQuiTLD eQmoireiOLD. (Vibhrama Vihasam. 

Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors.) [Translated by 
Anbil Verikatacharyar.] 1905-1906. See Peei- 
ODTCAL PoBLiCATiONs. — Sriravgam. \j^ euiTbrp^ 
effev/renSscyf (Sri Vani Vilasini.) vol. i.-ii. 1905, 
etc. 8°. 14172. m. l.(vol. 1-2.) 

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chant of Venice, in Tamil, by S. V. Kallapiran 
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14171. i. 1.(2.) 
Formg no. 1 of the Dravidian Besearch Institute Series. 

Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. 

Translated into Tamil [prose] by S. Narayana- 
swamy Aiyer. (^/BCSGeussfl/caswa/.) pp. 78, i. 
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G&)ir snssip QeuiServ Q m ir iB lu sk . (Shakespeare 

for Tamil Homes. I. Othello. [Translated into 

Tamil prose, with life of the poet and notes,] 

by A. Madhaviah.) pp. xii. 192 ; 1 plate. Madras, 

1902. 12°. 14171. i. 1.(1.) 

SHANMUKHA GRAMANI, Kadalur. Ufftrerflseir 
611 IT uj a u Lj . [Palligal-vayappu. A tract, in dia- 
logue form, maintaining the claims of the Shanar 
caste to Kshatriya origin, as against the Palli 
caste.] pp. iii. 54. Q^m^ \_Madras,'\ 1892. 
12°. 14170. g. 17.(1.) 

.s'lrmQQrj'inrQaj (^ifluj&=i5^!r&iLD0ivu!rLD- 

ue^njr •9' fi ^ ^ jr ld . [Surya-chandra-yarnsa-param- 
parai-charitram. Traditions of the solar and 
lunar races, and the claims of the Shanar caste 
to Kshatriya origins on these grounds.] pp. vi. 90. 
Qs^mSesT [Madras,] 1889. 12°. 14170. k. 46. 

SHANMUKHA KAVI-RAJAR, Tarangdpuram. See 


[Maha-bharata-vachanam. A prose paraphrase by 
Shanmukha of Nalla Pillai's adaptation of Villi- 
putturar's Bharatam.] [1847-1854.] 4°. 

14172. dd. 2. 

See VlLLIPUTTUEAR. ^^Sir<SF LDIT 8iU . . . 

ioa© /ru/Tir^ ^^, [Dravida-maha-bharata-vachanam. 
The paraphrase by Shanmukha of Nalla Pillai's 
Bharatam.] 1880. 4°. 14172. dd. 4. 

See ViLLipuTTUEAE. ^k^iTLnQeyi^LBirQiu 

u^LLsiTUirjr^in. [Maha-bharatam. The para- 
phrase by Shanmukha of Nalla Pijlai's Bharatam.] 
1900. 4°. 14172. dd. 3. 

SHANMUZHAM PILLAI, Soravanddn A. o o o ld/t- 
SeoLDirjbjruLDirBso QpevQpLn . . . s-emjritjLD. [Malai- 
mattu-malai. A series of artificial verses. Edited 
with commentary by M. R. Kanda-sami Kavi- 
rayar.] pp. 32. m^smir [Madura^ 1903. 8°. 

14172. bb. 3.(5.) 

press Victoria, etc. {\ eQ diQ l— it ffi tu ir o'sQjriouir^- 
^ssfliuiTiT 3=iB^^!rLn.) pp. xii. i. 228 ; 6 plates. 
Madras, 1902. 12°. 14171. a. 44. 

SHANMUKHAM PILLAI, PdlalyaHhottai Vetilcafd- 
chalam. ^Q(i^e9Ssmuin_,pL^iriT6ssr a=iEiSiirsLCi. [Tiru- 
vilaiy-adar-purana-sangraham. A metrical sum- 
mary of the Tiru-vilaiy-adar-puranam of Paraii- 





jodi. With preface by Valji-nayaka Svami.] pp. xi. 
68, ii. vii. uircsatuiiQsirL-snL- \_Palanicotta,^ 
1901. 8°. 14170. ee. 6.(2.) 

SHANMUKHAM PILLAI, Tirumaijilai. See Itihasa- 
MANJAiu. Ithihasa Manjari Series. [A collection 
of works in prose versions by Shanmukham.] 
[1888J-1894. 8°. 14172. d. 11. 

Sec Kamban. u^ . . . irirLniriuessTLCi ia. 

[Kamba-ramayanam, Ayodbya-kaiujam. With 
paraphrase, etc., by Shanmukham.] 189G. 8°. 

14172. d. 17. 

See Kakn'-udaiya Vallal. u>irujirui9ir- 

eviruiJa. [Maya-pralapam. Edited by Shanmu- 
kham.] [1869.] 16°. 14170. d. 8.(1.) 

See POYYA-MOKI PuLAVAR. ^ (^ SS) 3= eU IT - 

ernir sk Q .SB IT ssi eu 1^^ [Tafijai-vanau-kovai. Edited by 
Shanmukham.] 1893. 8°. 14172. b. 53. 

/See PoRANAS. — Matsya-purdnam. oaoica-- 

s^Ljo iressria. [Matsya-puranam. Edited by Shan- 
mukham.] 1900. 8°. 14170. ee. 43. 

See Sattan. LnessfKoLossEso. [Mani-mekhalai. 

Edited by Shanmukham.] 1894. 8°. 14172. b. 50. 

See Siva-vakyar. SsusuiriQujir uni_ev. 

[Sira-vakyar-padal. Edited by Shanmukham.] 
1891. 8°. • 14172. b. 43. 

See ViDYA-viNODiNi. eQ^^iumsQQmir^S. 

(Vidhya Vinodhini Series.) [Edited by Shanmu- 
kham and others.] [1889]-1892. 8°. 14172.0.39. 

SHANMUKHAM PILLAI, T., disciple of Rdja- 
gopdlaPillai. See Vieupakshi Linq'-aiyar. P(g... 
Q^ssTJilQ^u^L^iriTemLc ^ [Ten-tirupadi-pura- 
nam. Edited by Shanmukham.] [1890.] 8°. 

14170. e. 49. 

RAHASYAM. irii^S&DfB (^ [Ribhu-gitai-tirattu. 
Edited with notes by Vadi-velu and Shanmukha.] 
1906. 16". 14170. dd. 15. 

SHANMUKHA MUDALIYAR, P.. See Tayumanavar. 
Thayumauavar's Poems. [With translation by 
Shanmukha.] 1897, e<c. 4°. [Siddhanta Deepika.] 

14170. fff. 4.(voLl,etc.) 

See Taydmanavar. The Philosophical Poem 

of . . . Thayumanavar . . . Translated ... by R. 
Shanmuga Mudaliar. 1897. 12°. 14170. d. 47. 

SHANMUKHA NANIYAR, TirupddiripuUyur. Qp^f^- 
^I'rj^m/sir^. [Mrugar-antadi. Ahymn toSkanda.] 

pp.13. See SUNDARA MUDALITAR, jf. oooPc^-T^^^. 

sirpjpiuusmL. ^ [Tiru-mrng' attu-padai, etc.'] 
pt. iii. [1890.] 16°. 14172. a. 32.(3.) 

Shanmuganadha Kavirayar [a native Christian]. 

•if soar Qp am IT ^ aeQuiTiuir ^sQiu eQnh^^irii^th. 
pp. 55. Madras, 1902. 12°. 14171. a. 46. 


Agamas. \-t^LCi^ etvms\)iT(BLaisn)ir IT ewiBiijeuDUi. 
[Sakalagama-sara-sangraham. With introduc- 
tion by Shanmukha-sundara.] [1900.] 8". 

14033. aa. 11. 

See AoAMAS. (j^/jd^ . . . airji^jSLDiJoi i£^ 

[Karanagamam. Edited with introduction, etc., 
by Shanmukha-sundara.] [1900-1902.] 8°. 

14033. aa. 8. 

See Agamas. o o o QuerTs^,ss!rirsiiiLJD to, 

[Paushkaragamam. With interpretation and com- 
mentary by Shanmukha-sundara.] [1890.] 12°. 

14028. b. 65. 

See Uma-pati Sivachaeyae. o o o Qeuu- 

tSiTdiiT^Lcs 1^ [Siva-prakasam, etc. Edited by 
Shanmukha-sundara, with commentaries.] [1895.] 
12°. 14170. d. 37. 

See Uyya-vanda Deva-nayanak, Tiruvi- 

yalur. ^(i^sijii^tuinr ^ [Tiruv-undiyar, etc. 
Edited by Shanmukha-sundara.] [1896.] 12=". 

14170. d. 65. 

SHANNAVATI. See Nrusimha Bhaeati. Begin. 
u^oOjop^ ifS;SiJO<si£>-'iir-'^irilujts.eiJirerj etc. 
[Pastoral letters on the relations of the brahman.s 
holding the ShannavatI agrahdram to the Sringeri 
monastery.] [1865.] 16". 14058. a. 5.(1.) 

SHARJI. See Auuad ibn Ahuad. 

SHAZILI. See 'Ali ibn 'Abd Allah (Abu al- 

SHIHAB al-DIN AHMAD, al-Sharji al-YamanJ. 
See Aiimau ibn Ahmad, al-Sharjl al-Zabidi. 

SICE (F. Euoemg). See Eanda-sami Pulavar, 
Madurai. Vyavahara-sara-sangraha, etc. (♦Legis- 
lation Hindone . . . Traduite du Tamil par F.-E. 
Sic^.) 1857. 8°. 14170. g. 14. 





SIDDHAB.GAL. 00° ^ ^ m jr oii^ ir lS ir^Q lb sir .^ih 
eij iS^^iOj a- n ir 3'iki 81 ir sin [Atma-rakshamirtam, or 
Vaidya-sara-saDgraham. A treatise on medicine, 
ascribed to the legendary eighteen Siddhars. 
Edited by K. V. Kanda-sarai Mudaliyar. Second 
edition.] pp. 546, ii. xxiii. •sjijers' [Madras, 
1874.] 8°. 14170. i. 42. 

000 Quifliu (^ IT ear sQ a IT emeu [Periya-nana- 

kovai. A collection of religious poems by the 18 
Saiva Siddhars and others, the most important 
being — Siva - vakyar's Padal; Pattanattu Pillai's 
Padal, Pulambal, and Nanam ; Bhadra-giriyar's 
Pulambal ; Pamb'-atti Siddhar, Idai-kattu Sid- 
dhar, and Agappey Siddhar's Padal ; Koflgana 
Nayanar's Valai-kummi ; the Karuviirar-puja- 
vidhi ; the Nana-sara-niil, with prose exposition ; 
the Sivananda-bodham, Nenj'-ari-vilakkam, Nana- 
kummi ; K. Rama-linga Pillai's Padal and Siva- 
namavali-tirattu, etc. Compiled by Rama-linga 
Mudaliyar.] 2 vols. Qa^m^ [Madras,^ 1899. 
12°. 14170. ee. 33. 

A collection of pamphlets, each with its own pagination. 

oooQuPiiu (S^rrssriQ SIT emeu. [Periya-Sana- 

kovai. Another publication, containing the same 

TTorks with a few additions and omissions.] 2 pts. 

Qa^ehrSesT [Madras,] 1906. 12°. 14170. dd. 12. 

The pagination of pt. 2 is 1-216, 289-336, 264-300. 

000 su rr ^iQ'Xrr SSI eu ptpecnpLa-QuirLBu- 

LismiTtqua. [Vata-kovai. Verses on medicine and 
chemistry, ascribed to the 18 legendary Siddhars. 
Compiled with paraphrase by M. Vadi-velu Muda- 
liyar.] pp.120. Qa^&srSssT [Madras,] ]90l. 8°. 

14170. ee. 60. 

u^QesresarSl^^rrmen ^n^euirdjtii&iirm^nh- 

&9iu euii9^^iu^^ir6ij(o<sirev. [Vaidya-tiravu-k51. 
A handbook of medicine in verse and prose, as- 
cribed to the 18 Siddhars. "With some additions 
by Vlroji Rau and others.] 12 pts. Oa^earSssr 
[Madras,] 1896. 8°. 14170. i. 47. 

000 ss>eu^^uj^^(Duirm<9'irjr'5FiEjQirsLb 

[Vaidya-anubhoga-sara-sangraham. A treatise on 
medicine, based on the works ascribed to the le- 
gendary 18 Siddhars.] 1893. 8°. See TiRU-VEN- 
oiDACHAEi, T. K. 14170. i. 34. 

SIDDI LEBBE (M. C). See Muhammad Kasim ibn 

SINDHtr-RAYALU, T., and JONAS, T. G. B. Bara- 
dha Sungeeta Swayabodini. uir^ s'lkiS^ aiu 
Qurr^si^. Or Violin Self-Instructor. For the use 
of beginners. Containing directions for tuning 
& playing, illustrations, exercises &c., with a 
selection of popular tunes. By T. Chindurayeloo 
and T. C. R. Johannas. pt. i. pp. iv. 60. Ma- 
dras, 1895. 12°. 14170. i. 45. 

Vade-mecum, or Guide to ungrammatical expres- 
sions used in ordinary conversation . . . for the use 
of foreigners. Compiled and published by P. 
Singarapelavanderam Pillay. Sections i.-v. pp. 4, 
320. Madras, 1859. 8°. 14172. h, 85. 

The Prospectus of the work announced ten sections. 

College. /See Mey-kanda-sattiram. 000 es^^euS^- 
^ir/B^<rfr^^jrLD ^ [Mey-kanda-sattiram, Edited 
by Singira-velu.] [1899.] 12°. 14170. d. 53. 

SIITNA GAUITDAR. s-ohiTt^QpSsoiuLciLDesr sF^^ih. 
[Unna-mulaiy-amman-satakam. A Saiva devo- 
tional poem.] See Ell'-appa Navalae. ^qF)(^- 
•s" 6\) Lj IT IT esur ih ^ [Aruuachala-puranam.] pp. 625- 
661. 1903. 12°. 14170. d. 83. 

SINN'-AIYA MUDALIYAR, Hariharahldi. 3=ir^- 
■g-Lotuira-irjrsQerrd^LD. [Jati- samayachara-vilak- 
kam. A tract expounding and advocating the 
observances of caste.] pt. i. pp. 20. Q<3=<sir2ssr 
[Madras,] 1896. 16°. 14170. g. 21. 

sic, in European notation. A monthly periodical 
by A. M. Chinnaswami Mudaliyar, M.A. With 
words [chiefly Telugu] in English, Telugu and 
Tamil characters, uos. 1-6. Madras, 1892. Fol. 

14053. g. 13. 

no3. 1-10. Madras, 1895. Fol. 

14053. g. 14. 

SINNA-TAMBI PILLAI, C. See Jeremiah (S. S.) . 

SIXNA-TAMBI PILLAI, Valvai. Q^xirQesara^irsev- 
OsulL® [Koiiesar-kal-vettu. Verses upon the 
Saiva cult at Trincomali.] pp. 38. euevetneu ■fk- 
a/^/r;fl [FrtZww«t<Mrat, 1888.] 8°. 14170.6.48.(2.) 

SINNA-TAMBI PULAVAR, ^allur. 00 o ^eoeuSsfr- 
luiBjsn^ ^, [Kal-valaiy-antadi. Songs in honour 





of the god of Kalvalai. With commentary by Val- 
val S. Vaidya-linga Pillai.] pp.83, etieostneu ^ir- 
&i9^^ [Valuveltiturai, 1887.] 16°. 14172. a. 3. 

■ meveudetrium^ir^. [Kal-valaiy-antadi.] pp. 

15. Qd'&irssruL-L-essTiJa ^lu [Madrait, 1894.] 12°. 

14172. a. 45.(2.) 

ooo u^empesi^ojiB^tr^ ftpeoQpLa . . . ssmir- 

ii^th. [Marai-saiy-antadi. 100 devotional verses 
on the cult of Siva at VeJaranyam. With a com- 
mentary by U. A. Siva-sambhu Pulavar.] pp. 42. 
lurripuuireaiTih [Jaffna,] 1893. 8°. 14170. e. 45 

Hdrmuz. QzD-D/r(3PS§««5>^.[Hurmuz-katliai. Trans- 
lated by Sinnavappu.] 1904. 8°. 14173. b. 41. 

See [Addenda] Jueji Zaidan. ' aswsiu/rsar 

«sJr53fls!n<5B t^ [Gbassan -kannigai - cbaritram. 
Translated from Zaidan's " Fatat Gbassan " by 
Ahmad Gbani, and recast into literary style by 
Sinnavappu.] 1908. 8°. 14170. k. 3. 

^pLffl 6ue\)cQi asn^. [Arpuda-valli- 

kathai. A romance.] Qiasuy^ir [Singapore^ 

1908, etc. 12°. 14171. d. 1.(3.) 

In progreis. 

SINNA-VIRAPPA CHETTI, Agaram Muttu-mdri. 
^e53Ti_ir(^LJULc> uireoaut^sTLasssPliufrQuPieo uir- 
LLir2s\)eQ(i^^^LD ^ [Bala-subrahmanyar peril pa- 
kalippu, Sennai-ega-valliy-amman-kirttanai, and 
Pen-buddhi-malai. Saiva religious and ethical 
lyrics.] pp. 13. Qs^m^ssr ^lu [Madras, 1894.] 
8°. 14170. e. 47.(6.) 

SINNAYA CHETTI, Devikottai Lakshmana (Laksh- 
MANA Chetti). ^(^Qeuppl^iruL^iriressTLD. [Tiru- 
vettiyiir-purapam. The sacred legends of Tiru- 
vettiyur, South Madra.«, in verse. With preface 
by A. S. Subrahmanya Chetti.] pp. i. i. iii. 122. 
Oa'&sresTut—i—ssisTLCi i9e\ieu [Madras, 1901.] 8°. 

14170. ee. 52. 

liatna Kavi-rdyar. o ° ° LjeveuirapjpiuueDL-. [Pu- 
lavar-attu-padai. A panegyric poem upon Irasai 
Vada-malaiy-appa Pijlai.] pp. 21. 1903. See 
Academies, e<c. — Madura. ["Sen-damir" supple- 
ment.] no. 3. 1902, efc. 8°. 14172. i. l.*(no. 3.) 

SIRU-PILLAIQAL. 9j)it9^3strs<^ eutrQi^u uifi. 
Qp^pasiTm<3= Q^iLifi Lf/B^xih [A Tamil first 
reading-book.] 2 pts, pp. 48,64. Mnneiy, ]835. 
16°. 14172. h, 1,(1.) 

&jpii9isn2eiTS(er^xr^ , , , np^pu^/xsLo, 

Tamil Series. No. i. [A Tamil primer.] pp. 72. 
Madras, 1841. 16°. 14172. h. 35.(1.) 

SIRTJVAR. SljpisiiQiresstaiemf., [Siruvar-en-suvadi. 
An arithmetic for children.] pp. 36. Lj^emea 
^^ifr.xrfii. [Pondicherr!/,l86d.'] 12°. 14172. h. 4. 

&jpieiirrm&}eSuLisn/iiu&), [Siruvar-kalvi- 

pudaiyal. A collection of verses from standard 
Tamil poets, for use in elementary schools.] 
pp. 169. Lj^&neu ^j^ahs' [Pondicherry, 1864.] 
12°. 14172. h. 19. 

&jpieuiraeui^. [Siruvar-snvadi. A Tamil 

spelling-book, with easy reading lessons from Au- 
vaiyar and others.] pp.48. Lj^gjsmeu ^^rrror/h. 
[Pondicherry, 1863.] 12°. . 14172. h. 14. 

SISHTA-LESIKAR. ^(^ewQ^ir^^jTs^ihutJa 9^- 
L^Q^&a^^eniu u^^p, [Sishta-desika-dvaya- 
paddhati. Saiva rituals. Preceded by Guru- 
stotra-kadambam, a series of hymns in Tamil and 
Sanskrit. Edited by P. V. Bfila-desika Nayanar.] 
pp. 4, 1 1, 15, iv. 202. Q^ssr^ [Madras,] 1903. 
12°. 14170. d. 86. 

SISIRA-ZUMARA GHOSHA. {jfiQ^e^essr en^- 
^sisriu en) 6U fT lS <£ fftr ^fi^^insi i^ (Sri Krishna 
Chaitanya : His Life and Teachinga. Salvation 
for all. [Translated chiefly from the " Lord 
Gauranga " of S. Ghosha] by T. Bhaktavatsalam 
... V. Venkata Srinivasan. With an introduction 
in English by N. Balasubramanya Mudaliar.) pp. 
xxxii. 329, i. ; 1 plate. Madras, 1902. 8°. 

14170. ee. 51. 

For mi no. 1 of the Sri Krishna Sahaya Seriet. 
SiTA-PATI NAYAKAR, TiruvalUhkeni. See TfRU- 

VBKKATACHALA KaVI-EATAR. ooo 6lieve0irGtTUiXir- 

niT'Tssrseis)^ [Vallala-maha-rajan-kathai. Edited 
by Sita-pati.] [1879.] 8°. 14170. k. 13. 

SITA-RAMA SASTRI, Kuralmanam Lakshml-ndra- 
yaria. 0^ra3Poraoo«riTJ)OOC/fl«no [Skandananda- 
narttana gitam. Devotional lyrics to the god 
Skanda.] pp. 122, ii. <»_i0aj<j9«0S [Palghat, 1902.] 
12°. 14170. d. 74. 





SITA-RAM-PRASAD, of Hindu Religious School, 
Furasawaliam. See Vemana. O ^s iu off ck ^ ^ esr - 
mwQuiTQ^i^aj Q&JLDmssr . . , u^^iuikiastr- nr . 
[Padyaugal. Edited, with Tamil paraphrase, by 
Slta-ram-prascad.] 1892. 8°. 14174. k. 48.(1.) 

SITTAMBALA-NADIGAL, Sigdri. ^s.eiT^Quir- 
pLD. [^Sli>pLnus\3iB!ri^Q&i9SSTun.) [Tugal-aru- 
bodham and Sittambala-uadi-ven-ba. Poems 
upon tlie Saiva creed.] pp. 2, 38, 3, 9. 1898. 
See Vedachalam Pillai. S^^tri^i^iresiQuir^LC:. 
[Siddbanta-naua-b5dham.] pt. i. 1898. 8". 

14170. ee. 39. 

rai. See Uyya-vanda Deva-nayanar, TiniviyalUr. 
^Q^sijji^ujinr ^ [Tiruv-undiyar. With com- 
mentary by Sittambala-tambiran.] [1896.] 12". 

14170. d. 65. 

See Uyya-vanda Deva-nayanar, Tiruviya- 

lur. ^(fTjeijrBQiufnT. [Tiruv-undiyar. With com- 
mentary by Sittambala-tambiran.] 1897. 8°. 
l^Mey-kanda-sdttiram.] 14170. ff. 3. 

SIVA. Siva-prakasha Kattalai : or The Elements 
of the Saiva Philosophy. Translated from the 
Tamil, by the Rev. Thomas Foulkes. pp. 25. 
London, Madras, 1863. 8°. 14170. e. 36.(5.) 

fflsuyswdF^jTL.® . . . ud^<s=yj^^^e\i^Qfi- 

eiiiT n uu^ •tikis m. [Siva-piijai-tirattu. A ritual 
of Saiva worship ; to which is added Pancha-bhuta- 
tala-devara-padigangal, a series of hymns belong- 
ing to the Devaram. Edited by K. S. Bala- 
subrahmanya Mudaliyar.] pp. ii. 116; 7 plates. 
iLjsu [Madras, 1875.] 12°. 14170. d. 11. 

SIVA-CHIDAMBARA AIYAR, Kdrainagar. sireQ- 
a^(Sj3'jrsi!>i—i<ssVLJu^^. [Kali - kadiresar- 

adaikkala-pattu. Ten stanzas in honour of Siva.] 
pp. 8. Colombo, 1887. 16°. 14170. d. 5.(2.) 

(Lf, 23^ (Tr a- IT KsiiLnssS lditSsc. [Mumsurar- 

nava-mani-malai. Songs in honour of Saiva de- 
votees.] pp.10. Colombo, 1887. 12°. 14172. a. 6.(2.) 

liyurK. See Ardna-giri-natua Svami. °°°QqT)U- 
L/«(p. [Tiru-pugar. Edited by Siva-chidambara.] 
1 89-4- 1901. 8°. 14172. b. 51. 


Q esuu Lf iriT easT ■rirjr ^ [Vanniya-uatakam. Edited 
by Siva-chidambara.] 1902. 8°. 14170. 1. 58. 

MDRAi. — Tini-vdchaham. ^Q^euir ■a' ■%!}>. [Tira-va- 
chakam. Edited by Siva-korundu.] [1857.] 8°. 

14172. b. 15. 

SIVA-LIN GAM PILLAI, B., of Bhavani. See Ka- 
FiLAR. The Song of Kapila : being a translation 
in blank verse of the . . . Kapilar Agaval, by R. 
Sivalingam Pillay. 1901. 8°. 14172. bb. 3.(1.) 

SIVA-LINGAM PILLAI, Bdrndnnjapuram Tundava- 
rdya. See Tirdvaigavue. ^Q^emeusfr^iruL^irir- 
essTih. [Tiruvaigaviir-puranam. Edited by Siva- 
lingam.] [1894.] 8°. 14170. e. 56. 

SIVA-LINGA NAYANAR, Sdngu-siddha Bavg'-ai- 
yar. u.!n^S)!BiBQfi!r^iuLB. [Purananandodayam. 
A series of poems on the Saiva theosophy and the 
worship of Siva as the only real being. Edited by 
Vairakkan Velayudha Pulavar.] pp.xiii. 110, ii. i. 
Qd^sw&jr {Madras,] 1879. 8°. 14172. b. 11. 

SIVA-NANA SVAMI, Tiruvdvadudvrai. See Mey- 
KANDA Devar. 0°° SeiK^iTicmQu iT^Lc ^ [Siva- 
nana-bodham. With the smaller commentary by 
Siva-nanar.] [1885.] 12°. 14170. d. 1. 

See Mey-kanda Devar. Sivagnana Botham 

. . . with notes [based upon the commentary of 
Siva-nanar,] etc. 1895. 8°. 14170. e. 51. 

See Mey-kanda Devar. S&Jt^rresrQuir^LD. 

[ Siva-nan a-bodham. With the smaller commen- 
tary by Siva-nanar.] 1897. 8°. [Mey-lianda- 
sdttiram.] ' 14170. ff. 3. 

See Mey-kanda Devae. 00° ffliajgj/rew- 

Quir^LD ^ [Siva-nana-bodham. With Siva- 
iianar's larger commentary, styled Dravida-maha- 
badiyam (°bhashyam) or Siva-nana-bhashyam, 
supplemented by his smaller commentary. With 
English preface and biography of Siva-iianar.] 
1906. 8°. 14170. eee. 15. 

See Mey-kanda Devar. 


QuiT^LD fcDj [Siva-nana-bodham. With Siva- 
nanar's shorter commentary throughout, and 
larger commentary on vi.-xii.] [1906.] 8°. 

14170. ff. 20. 

See Pavanandi. °°° iBssr^jm i^ [Nan- 

nul. With commentary of Sahkara Namas-sivayar, 
as revised by Siva-iianar.] [1851.] 8°. 14172. f. 2. 






SIVA-NANA SVAMI, Timvdvadudiirai (continued). 
See Pavanandi. iB&sr£p/r<ssr ^, [Nnn-nul. With 
the commentary by Sankara Naiiias-sivayar, as 
revised by Siva-Sanar.] [1887.] 8°. 14172. e. 12. 

[1903.] 8°. 

14172. e. 39. 


&^^3ir/BfiLJi9jrair9le^<3i. [ Siddhanta-prakasikai. 
Translated by Siva-Sanar.] 1897. 12°. 

14170. d. 32.(3.) 

o o o air^QuLjiTiressTLn. [Kanclii-puranam. 

The local Saiva legends of Conjevaram. The 
first part by Siva-Sanar, and the second part by 
his disciple Kachiy-appar. Edited with com- 
mentary by T. K. Subba-raya Chetti.] Qs^sisrSssr 
eQ(V)iT^ [Madras, 1891, etc.] 4°. 14172. f. 14. 

Incomplete, extending only top. 680. 

o o o Q^^iT ih^Lnir Ljses3Ti_ema,emi_eisrLD, 

QsU'firs&iiT^e^esin Ln^JiuLj .. . enxsunii^LJUirtULCi... 
Seii3'u:>eiirr^ei]e>niTLDj:i/LJL{. [Siddhanta-marabu- 
khanclana-khandanam ; Siva-samavadav-urai-ma- 
ruppu and another work of the same name, also 
called Siva-samavada-khandanam; and Vaira-kup- 
payam. Four polemical tracts on behalf of the 
Saiva creed. Edited by Sabha-pati Navalar.] 
pp. vi. 77. Q^LDUj-LD fflSgguj [Chidambaram, 
1893.] 8°. 14170. e. 63. 

SIVA-NANA YOGI, Virudai, of Virudubatti. See 
Tyaga-kaja Dikshitar. eQi^^QFi^^irirai^^mTessr 
^ [Vibhuti-rudraksha-dharana-niriipanam. With 
notes by Siva-Sanar.] 1901. 12°. 14170. d. 85.(1.) 

l^j),Slrf^/3i^irn-,i.x^rs>^sssT aesurt^mLn. [Bhiiti- 

rudrakka-dushana-khandanam. A defence of the 
Saiva practice of smearing tbe body with burnt 
cow-dung and wearing rosaries of elococarpus 
berries, in answer to objections raised against 
Tyaga-raja Dikshitar's work on the subject.] 
pp. 68. Q^eiuSssr [Madras,] 1901. 12°. 

14170. d. 85.(2.) 

° ° ° =|j. aQF,i^(Lp^^ui9eir?eiT . . . s'B^- 

^iTLn. [Karutta-muttu-piljai-charitram. A bio- 
graphy of Karutta-muttu Pillai, of Ettayapuram, 
followed by short elegies by various authors.] 
pp. 15. ^Q^QmevQeusQ [Tinnevelli,] 1897. 12°. 

14171. aa. 5. 

8IVANANDA-b5dHAM. 9euirssTijs(Suir^ti> [§iva- 
nanda-bodham. A poem on §aiva metaphysics.] 
pp. 4G. See Siddharoai,. o » o Quifitu ^irewd- 
Qairemej [Periya-nfina-kovai.] 1899. 12°. 

14170. ee. 33. 

pt. ii. 190G. 12°. 14170. dd. 12. 


ram. See Upanishads. «!D«suei)(ui_//rG^,«jtb. [Kai- 
valya-bhashyam. Translated by §i vananda-sagara.] 
1898- 8°. 14170. ee. 31. 

See Vkdas. 


[Purusha-sukta-bhashyam. Translated by Siva- 
nanda-sagara.] 1894. 8°. 14170. ee. 30. 

SIVANANDA SVAMI, Madurai, of DahsUnSmurti- 
svami-matham, Tiruvalur. See Skshadbi Sivanar. 
o o o iBiT(^Q(sueufr^iaL-i^2ciT t^ [Nana-jiva-vada- 
kattalai. With commentary by Sivananda.] 190-5. 
12°. 14170. dd. 5. 

SIVAN PILLAI, V'JralcsJd-matigalam T. See 
GangIyar. ° oo E.//?iFG)^/r6U/S«6Mr®. [Uri-chol- 
nighantu. Edited by Sivan Pillai.] [1890.] 12°. 

14172. e. 15. 

(See Pingalar. ooo iSjiaseoissi^ (^ [Pingala- 

nighantu. With commentary by Sivan Pillai. 
Edited by the latter.] 1890. 8°. 14172. f. 14. 

SIVA-PRAKASA DESIKAR, Tvraimangalam. ooo 

eBeuih^^ir^qpe^uiri^Lb, [Para-malaiy-antadi and 
Tiruchendin- nirottaga-yamakav-antadi. Lyrics 
on two Saiva sanctuaries, the latter being com- 
posed without any labial sounds. Edited by 
Sara-vana Peru-mal Aiyar.] pp. 19. nk^ssr 
[Madras, 1882.] 8°. 14172. b. 23.(1.) 

ooo iBirmeuirmirssncivsnluiirSeo. [Nalvar- 

nan-mani-malai. Panegyrical verses on four 
Saiva saints. With copious commentary by Chi- 
dambaram Rama-linga Svami.] pp. 137. Q<f«sr8ssr 
^mofiS [Madras, 1896.] 12°. 14170. d. 27. 

[For texts of the Nan-ncri with Sara- 

vana Peru-mal's commentary printed together 
with Auvaiyar's Vakk'-undani and Nal-vaji :] 
See Advaiyae. — Tico or More Works, 





SIVA-PRAKASA DESIKAE, Turaimafigalam [con- 
tinued). iB^QesrjSl. [Nan-neri. An ethical poem.] 
See Tamil Minor Poets. Tamil Minor Poets, etc. 
pp. 26-31. 1864. 16°. 14172. a. 17. 

pp. 35-43. 1868. 16". 14172. a. 18. 

mekQesr/S. [Nan-neri. With commentary.] 

See Tamil Minor Poets. Tamil Minor Poets, etc. 
pp. 89-108. 1865. 16°. 14172. a. 16. 

Nanneri, etc. [In English.] See Tamil 

Minor Poets. Tamil Minor Poets, etc. pp. 30-35. 
1872. 12°. 14172. c. 6. 

See Mrugesa Mubaliyar, T. iS^- 

LD^<rifl^^(/r)LJU6i!mLD. [Niti-mafijari-dar- 
panam. Interpretations of ethical works of 
Siva-prakasar and others.] 1881-1883. 16°. 

14172. a. 8. 

t9iri^eQiBf3se^2sC eua-esTLCi. [Prabhu-lihga- 

lilai-vachanam. A prose paraphrase by K. Rama- 

sami Nayudu of the Prabhu-linga-lilai, a poem on 

a myth of Saiva theosophy, adapted from Chama- 

rasa's Kanarese poem of the same name. With 

a life of Siva-prakasar.] pp. 3, 179. io^iriren) 

[Madras,'] 1903. 8°. 14170. ee. 62. 

The original Sanskrit Prabhu-Knga-ltla, ofwhicli Cknma- 
rasa's work is a version, is ascribed to the Bhavishya- 

(o^^/rsasrsin.yeoLD/T'SaO. [Sona-saila-malai. A 

hymn on Saiva legends and doctrine, composed 
on a visit to the sanctuary of Tiruvanamalai.] 
See Ell'-appa Navalar. ^0633r/r<?'svLyj/r633Tib ld 
[Arunachala-puranam.] pp. 403-422. 1898. 12°. 

14170. d. 52. 

pp. 515-534. 1902. 12°. 

14170. d. 75. 

pp. 515-534. 1903. 12°. 

14170. d. 83. 

00 o (?ir/rs35T6!n<y6Uio/rSs«. QeummciLDSesiLii. 

[S5na-saila-malai. Followed by Siva-nama- 
mahimai, another Saiva hymn. Edited with in- 
terpretation and commentary by K. V. Tiru- 
venkata Nayudu.] pp. ii. 118, vi. i. Qd^mSssr 
eQaniB {Madras, 1899.] 12°. 14170. d. 60. 

Qen^irifi^errrru^ssS ^ [Vedanta-chula- 

from the Brahraa-siitram. With a commentary 
by Piraisai Arunachala Svami.] pp. xii. ii. 300, 
iii. [Madras^ 1861. 8°. 14170. e. 14. 

[16 occasional verses, with interpretation.] 

inai.ii. A Saiva theological treatise, adapted 

See Tani-fadal. (i^sjfiuu/ru.p/SjTLLQ) [Tani- 
padat-tirattu.] pp. 189-199. [1892, etc.] 8°. 

14172. c. 39.(5.) 

SrVA-PRAKASA PANDITAR, Mrveli S. See Venri- 
MALAi Kavi-rajae. o o o ^ Qf^s'Oa' m ,^ IT u Lj inr- 
essTLc. [Tiruchendiir-puranam. Edited with com- 
mentary by Siva-prakasar.] 1907. 8°. 

14172. bh. 26. 

Tamil Second (*Third) Book. By S. Siva- 

pirakasa Pandithar . . . un-ffoum^iii ^. 2 pts. 
Qsiric^eQffo luirtpuuiresurLa [Kohkuvil, Jaffna, 
1886-1893.] 12°. 14172. h. 69. 

Bk. ii. (Kokkuvil, 1893) appears to be a first edition; 
bk. iii. {Jaffna, 1886) is a third edition. 

[Third book. Third edition.] pp. 126. 

luirjpuun-emih [Jaffna,] 1890. 12°. 14172. h. 96. 

SIVA-PEAZASA SVAMI, Nan-nul. See Siva-pra- 
kasa Svami, Turaiyur. ^^^sQ^QeueisruiT ^ 
[Advita-ven-ba. With commentary by Nan-niil 
Siva-prakasa.] [1885.] 8°. 14172. c. 32. 

SrVA-PRAKASA SVAMI, Turaiyur, disciple of 
Namas-sivdya-murtti, and son of Yeldn Chetti. 
^^jjsS^Qevestnuir QpevLa. [Advita- ven-bii. 
407 ven-bd quatrains on the Advaita system. 
With a commentary by Nan-niil Siva-prakasa 
Svami, the sixth guru in succession from him, 
and a life of the poet compiled from a work of 
Tiruvavadudurai Ambala-vana Desikar. Edited 
by Turaiyiir Sokka-linga Siva-prakasa Svami and 
M. Mrugesa Mudaliyar.] pp. xviii. 167. Q<3=ek- 
etsruiLL- earn Ln^ir iresm [Madras, 1885.] 8°. 

14172. c. 32. 

According to the biography, the author was fourth in 
spiritual succession from the great Umd-pati (14i7t century), 
whom he visited. 

durai. See Utya-vanda Deva-nayanar, Tiruvi- 
yalur. ^(jjoy/s^iu/r/r ^, [Tiruv-undiyar. Fol- 
lowed by the Tiru-kalittu-padiyar of Tirukadavur 
Uyya-vandar. With commentary on the latter by 
Siva-prakasa-tambiran.] [1896.] 12°. 14170. d. 65. 






durai (continued). See Uyya-vanda Deva-nayanab, 
Timkadavur. ^rir)<iasif!pjpiuui^ujmr. [Tiru- 
knlittu-panliyar. Witli commentary by ^iva- 
prakasa- tambiran.] 1897. 8°. [Mey-kurida- 
sdttiram.] 14170. ff. 3. 

SIVA-RAHASYAM. BljS^^^ ^jriL® (^jSu- 
qsaimi^L-iir. [Ribhu-gitai-tirattu. S74 stanzas 
from Ulaga-natha Svami's metrical version in 
1924 vruttam stanzas of the RiUliu-gita, a poetical 
exposition of monistic philosophy, purporting to 
belong to pt. 6 of the itihdsa styled ^iva-raha- 
syam. Edited with notes by G. Vadi-velu Chetti 
and M. Shanmukha Mudaliyar.] pp. vi. i. 477. 
Madran, 1906. 16°. 14170. dd. 15. 

SIVA-RAMA-LING' -AIYAR, Nallur Raghu-ndth'- 
aiyar. See Ephemerides. o°° m/B^ssrsunhs^ , . . 
ut^^^irmisLc . . . Tamil Calendar, etc. [Calculated 
for 1897-98 by Siva-rama-ling'-aiyar.] [1891- 
1896.] 8°. 14172. i. 11. 

SIVA-RAMA MTDALIYAR, S. S. See Kanda-sami 
PuLAVAE, J/. eQ eu & IT a ■I' IT J o' IB) Si IT s. Ld . [Vyavahara- 
sara-sangraham. Edited by Siva-rama.] 1894. 8°. 

14170. g. 16. 

SrVA-RATJ, A., of Kuftalam. See Badaeatana. 
The Brahma Sutra Artha Deepika . . . Published 
by :— A. Siva Row, etc. 1904, dc. 4°. 14170. fff. 5. 

See NiscHALA Dasa. 

1 ■3' IT IT ■r IT S. M LD 1^ 

[Vichiira-sagaram. Translated by Siva-rau, with 
a Brahma-nana-churukkam or synopsis of the Ve- 
dantam appended.] 1893. 8°. 14170. e. 53. 

1904. 8° 

14170. fF. 12. 

SIVA ROW. See Siva rait. 

SIVA-SAMBHTT PTJLAVAR, UduppiffiA. See Sinna- 
tambi Pulavar, N. ° ° ° icanpsn-a^iui^TT^ ^, 
[Marai-saiy-antadi. With, commentary by Siva- 
sambhu.] 1893. »". 14170. e. 45. 

LjQeoireB isn eveinriBir&sJLDesaPLDiTSoii . . . ssiks^- 

•yeo i^ [Nalvar-niin-mani-malai,Unjal,efc. Hymns 
to the gods worshipped, at Puloli.] pp.35, «W6V- 
65)61/ d=ir&i&^^ [Valuvettiiurai, 1888.] 16°. 

14170. d. 5.(3.) 

SIVA-SAMBHU PULAVAR, Z7,/M/>pt7/tM . (contlmied). 
(^oiUiiULD ^(i^a^Q^iB^6viuu^^eu/6finl£l [Tiru- 
chendil-yamakav-antadi. A poem of 100 stanzan 
in honour of the god Skanda.] pp. 20. eudveneu 
^ir&iQ^^ [Valuvettiturai, 1888.] 16°, 

14172. a. 4.(1.) 

(5«tCUJ(DP(75<y(3<y/BP_irr/'0««/5^ff^ [Ti- 

ruchendit-tirukk' antadi. A Saiva hymn.] pp. 20. 
eusveiD6u ^ireu^iriti IValuvetliturai, 1888.] 16°. 

14170. d. 5.(4.) 

A. utfiiQuuirLTjirSeKi. [Parani-pa-malai. A series 
of devotional poems on the Saiva cult of Palni.] 
pp. ix. i. 128. Qa^sirBssT iE^sya.® [Madras, 1904.] 
12°. 14170. d. 91. 

bharatam. Tamil translation of Mahabharata Niti 
Ratnavali . . . Edited by R. Sivasankara Pandiya. 
1888. 12°. 14003. c. (no. 9.) 

■ See ValmTki. Ramavana Niti Ratnavali . . . 

Edited by R. Sivasankara Pandiah. 1886. 12°. 

14003. e. (no. 6.) 

See Vihala-chandra Suri. The Aryan 

Catechism . . . Edited by R. Sivasankara Pandiah. 
1887. 12°. 14003. c. (no. 7.) 

Arya Niti Mata Bodhini : First Book of 

Aryan Morality and Religion . . . containing excel- 
lent stanzas from ancient Sanskrit works with 
Tamil and English translations and explanations, 
&c. Edited by R. Sivasankara Pandiyaji. pp. 70. 
JWarfras, 1891. 12°. 14003. c. (no. 1.) 

Forma no. 1 of the Hindu Excelsior Series, The Santkrit 
it in the Tetmil character, 

AYYA, (7. ^ireSu. uirev iS^QQuiT^Qsfi. Dravid.-x 
Bala Nrti Bodhint : the Tamil Juvenile Moral 
Instructor : containing excellent moral maxims 
in Tamil, with English translations and useful 
information about Hinduism, &c. pp. 48. Ma- 
dras, 1889. 12=^. 14003. c. (no. 11.) 
Forms no. II of Ou Hindu Excelsior Series. i 

SabhI'VATi Mudaliyar, K. e)n.7su^uiiLradui7«<z ^ 
[Saiva-samaya-vilakka- vina-vidai. Edited by 
Siva-sankara.] [1879.] 16°. 14170. 4. M. 






SVAMI. See Chidambaea-natha Munivar. o o o p- 
(V)LJUir^iflLj Ljsat^iru i^ j [r sssr in . [Tirupidiri- 
puliyui'-puranam. Edited by Siva-shanrauklia.] 
1896. 12°. 14170. d. 40. 

j/r^/r miri—SLD. [Kandi-raja-natakam, or Kirtfci- 
singa-maha-rajan-charitram. A drama on the 
history of King Kirtti-simha of Kandy.] pp. 4, 
126. Q^ekSssr [Madras,] 1906. 8°. 14171. k. 3. 



SrVA-VAKYAR. Qeueun-iQiuir u/ri_6U. [Padal. 
330 stanzas, expounding theism and attacking 
popular superstitions. Edited by T. Slianmukham 
Pillai.] pp. 38, i. O^si^aw [Madras,] 1891. 8°. 

14172. b. 43. 

&l6U(mrrs,Q[urruiTL-eo. [Padal. 518 stanzas. 

Edited by M. Vadi-velu Mudaliyar. Revised edi- 
tion.] pp.83. 1900. See SiDDHARGAL. oooQuSlU 

^iresriQmireiaeu [Periya-fiana-kovai.] 1899. 12°. 

14170. ee. 33. 

1906. 12°. 

14170. dd. 12. 

^esarit^ih. [Periya-siva-vakyar-padal. 518 stanzas. 
With commentary by M. Vadi-velu Mudaliyar.] 
pp. 4, 380. [Madras,] 1904. 12°. 14170. dd. 3. 

SKETCHES. Brief and familiar Sketches of the 
diflferent Countries of the World. Book i.-Europe. 
Book ii. — Asia. (*usuG'jS<ycr/fl^^ja^«(7K<B«(i.) 
2 pts. Madras, 1857. 12°. 14172. h. 56. 

SNAKES. Snakes, Crocodiles, and other Reptiles. 
ufTLDL], Qp^'Seo (Lp^eQiu smnsuesr. (The Anna 
Library.) pp. 53. 3Iadr as, 1898. 12°. 14170.1.10. 

SOKKA-LINGA CIL-ETTl,Kdraihudi Bama-ndiha. ^- 
(r^e^^rr^^tresTLairSiu r^^eussrLjjiressrLCi i^ [Suta- 
vana-puranam. The legends of the Saiva sanc- 
tuary at " Siita-vanam " or Tiruvusatanam (Koyil- 
ur, near Muttupet, Tiruturaipundi taluk, Tanjore 
ziUali), metrically rendered, with a prose para- 
phrase. With a preface by A. R. Cb. Chidam- 
bara Chetti.] pp. 23, 206, 52, 2. ld^wj-t [M«- 
.rfwra,] 1905. 8°. . 14170. eee. 13. 

SOKKA-LINGA CHETTI, Kdraihudi Rdma-natha 
(continued). ^(i^uL-l^,^ iTULjsr, TesdTLD. [TiraputtuT- 
puranam. A poem on the legends of tbe Saiva 
sanctuary at Tiruputur. Preceded by extracts 
from the Devaram, etc.] pp. xiv. ii. iv. 169. 
Qa^ssrSsBT eQeiTLDi9 [Madras, 1898.] 8°. 

14170. ee. 24. 

See SiVA-PEAKASA SvAMi, Turaiyur. ^^^eQ^- 
Qeuemurr ^ [Advita-ven-ba. Edited by Sokka- 
linga.] [1885.] 8°. 14172. c. 32. 

SOKKA-NATHA PILLAI, Palabalfadai. (f C^sway- 
tLjevrr) [Tevaiy-ula. Saiva devotional on 
the cult of Ramnad. Edited with notes by U. V. 
Saminath^-aiyar.] 1907. See Academiks, etc. — 
Madura. ["Sen-damir" supplement.] no. 24. 
1902, e<c. 8°. 14172. i. l.*(no. 24.) 

SOKKA-NATHA PULAVAR. [40 occasional verses, 
with interpretation.] See Tani-padal. {f^saFiLj- 
uirt-p^aSjrilQ) [Tani-padat-tirattu.] pp. 216- 
234.] [1892, etc.] 8°. 14172. c. 39.(5.) 

SOKK'-APPA NAVALAR, KunrattUr Ashtavndhani. 
See PoYYA-MORi Pni.AVAE. fiiS^etr><3'6iJire!PiTssr Q^iT' 
sm&j ^^, [Tanjai-vanan-kovai. With commentary 
by Sokk'-appa.] 1893. 8°. 14172. b, 63. 

SOLAI-MUTTU PILLAI, Karandaiyambadi Siva- 
rdma. See Tieuvaui. j-^ . . . ^QF^em&iujirp^U' 
L-jiriTessnh. [Tiruv-aiy-attu-puranam. Stylistically 
recast by Solai-muttu Pillai.] 1907. 8°. 

14170. eee. 22. 

SOMA-DEVA, son of Rama. a^inFif}^ •firdsinh 
(Kathasarithsagaram ... in Tamil. [Translated 
from Soma-deva's Sanskrit tales] by V. B.Venkata- 
rama Sastry.) Madras, 1905, etc. 8°. 14171. e. 5. 

In progress. Forms no. 1 of the Subodha-parijatam 


yam, See Paean-jodi Munivae. oooQsu^/rjresafliu- 
LjiriTmsriM. [Vedaranya-puranara. Edited by Soma- 
skanda.] [1899.] 12°. 14170. d. 64. 

cherry. ^ir^ssfliu ibiTL_atM, [Hiranya-natakam. A 
drama founded on the legend of the impious Daitya 
king Hiranya-kasipu, his pious son Prahlada, and 





tbe salvation of the latter by Vishnu incarnated 
as the Man-lion. Edited by T. Raina-chandra 
Kavi-rayar.] pp. 360. Madras, 1888. 8°. 

14170. 1. 27. 
SOMA-SUNDARA NAYAKAR, ^«7ai. 9.s^ins^- 
jr^ieirsjrui. [Siddhanta-ratnakaratn. A collection 
of Siiiva theological works, viz. Suklambaradhara- 
sloka - vicliaram, Acharya- prabhavam, Bralima- 
Abhasa-nana-nirodham, Siva-pai-ainya-pradarsini, 
Sania-rasa-iaana-dipan), Sii-sekkirar- tiru -vakk'- 
unmai, Siddbanta-sekharam, Sivadhikya-ratna- 
vali, etc. Second edition, edited by P. Appavu 
Chetti.] Qs^&ftSssr [Madras,] 1906, etc. 8°. 

14170. eee. 14. 

In progress. 

ah.Qw'SreQ^ujuas.LD. [Kiiresa-vijaya-bhani- 

gam. A Saiva polemical work against the Vaish- 
nava legends and doctrine contained in the 
Kiiresa-vijayam. Followed by some verses of 
Kala-megha Pulavar.] pp. 128, 2, 2. Madras, 
1886. 8^ 14170, e. 27. 

uir(S^<rjrir^^irLD^'S'Qui^e>r)a erssr^iiiui 

6S).9'6i]r^sniTLnestfi. [Saiva-chiilamani. A contro- 
versial work defending the Saiva Sakti system 
against the Paiicharatra doctrines.] pp. 172. 
Madras, 1883. 8°, 14170. e. 20. 

SOMA-SUNDARA PILLAI, S., of Matlnpur. jyen- 
eQiLieo er&sr^Lo ^Q^<is eQetriaiJa. [Tarka-vilak- 
kam, or Alav'-iyal. A treatise upon the logic 
of tlie Vaiseshika school.] pp. viii. vi. x. 127. 
Madras, ]907. 12°. 14170. d. 34. 

No. 1 of the Mati-vanappu-ohey Series^ 

Sambandha-saeanalaya Svami. 0° ° mi^Ljirnem 
^, [Kanda-purana-churukkam. Edited by Soma- 
sundara.] [184&.] 8^. 14170. e. 5. 

800BB0R0YA MOODELIAR (C. Rajah). See Subba- 


SOOBROYA MODEIIIAR. See Sobba-bata Muda- 


SOPHOCLES. °oo eB'miBiTi_sm. (Veelanatakam. 
A translation into Tamil blank verse of Sophocles' 
'Philoctetes' by T. Lakshmana Plllay.) pp. v. i. 
62. Madras, 1894. 8^ 14170. 1. 32,(2.) 

80RNA-SASTRI, K., of Devakota. See AbOoha- 

SASTRAM. (^iTosru IT ^ iHsnA i^ [Arudha- 
sastrara. With Tamil commentary by Sorna-^astri 
and Srlnivasacharyar, entitled Bhava-prakiksikai.] 
[1899.] 8°. 14063. ccc. 27. 

SOUNDARARAJA. See Saundaka-baja, 

SPAULDING (Levi). See Vim.^.— Complete Bihlet. 
The Holy Bible . . . revised [by L. Spaulding and 
others], etc. 1850. 4°. 3070. d. 2$. 

See BuNYAN (J.). The Pilgrim's Progress, 

etc. [Translated by L. Spaulding.] [1853.] 12°. 

14170. b. 19. 

[A colltection of Chiistian tracts, composed 

OF translated in^;o Taraal by L. Spaulding.] 31 

pts. /a/na, 1842 1845. 12°. 14170. b. I. 

Nos. 1, 3, 7, 9, 12, 13, 16, 17, 19, 24, 27', 28-30, 85, 
37, 89, 42-45, 48-54, 56, 56», 57 in order of binding. 

SPENER (Phiupp Jacob). See Ldther (M.). 
iriTiT^^Q&sr ^^fiir ereirueuiB&ir i^irQi^uQ^a^ t^ 
[Martin Luther enbavarin nanopadesa-knripp'- 
idattai vistarikkum vina-vidaigal. A catechism 
based upon Spener's " Einfache Erkiarung dcr 
ChristHcheu Lehre."] 1872. 12°. 14170. b. 20, 

&REENIVASA. See SrInivasa. 


SRIDHARA NAiYUpU, ZJsara (SrIdhaba Svamt). 
[Life.'] See Tiec-venkata-svami Mddaliyab, i^. 
tJ^ ... The Life of . . . Sridhara Svami. 1907, 
12°. Mm. d. 9. 

SRI-HARSHA. [For editions of the Naidadam, 

founded on the Naishadha-charita of SrI-harsha :] 


SRf-KANTHA PANDITAR. ^euirai^iriSirfiih. 
[Ji-va-rakshamirtam. M. work on medicine, com- 
piled from Sanskrit sources. Translated into- 
Tamil byT. M. Subrahmanya Panditar.] pp. viii. 
viii. 367, XXX. i. jifliTL.9 [Madras, XQQA.] 8°. 

14170. i. 17. 

disciple of Svetdrhiiryar. See [Addenda] Bada- 
EAYATIA. ^. . . iQirut(^ji^ir SeuirjijfieQjg «»)d»» 





isuuiri^iuija. [Brahma-sutram. With Tamil version 
of Sri-kantha's Sivadvita-bhasbyam or monistic 
Saiva exposition.] [1907.] 8\ 14049, bb. 22. 

See Badarayaka. ■a^isisn- . . . ^iriri 

uiTs^tuLa. [Brahma-sutra-dravida-bhashyam. The 
Brahma- sQ tram, with Tamil commentary based 
upon the works of Nila-kantha, eic] 1905. 8°. 

14049. bb. 8. 

Publications. — Madras. ^LQ/sev u^^iflsma i^ 
[Abhinava-patrikai. Edited by Srinivasa.] 1902. 
8", 14172. i. 2. 

iBek/Siu/oliUirLCim^. ^ff^ ^^Slfi'i ssm^. 

(The Ungrateful Son. A Tamil novel.) pp. 140^ i. 

Madras, 1901. 12°. 14171. a, 42.(2.) 

Forms the 5 th majar of the Inba-valli Series. 

eQQmiT^sem^. (Prithula: the Farmer's Daughter. 

A historical romance in Tamil [with English 

introduction.]) pp. 4, 117. if a^^ms, 1901. 12". 

14171. a. 42.(1.) 
Forms the 19th malar in the Inba-valli Series, 

eQ^iufrjresunum^jTLb. (The City of Vidya- 

ranya. A historical romance [upon the story 
of the foundation of Vizianagram,] in Tamil, by 
C. E. Sreenivasa Aiyangar.) pp. 2, 120. Q^FssrSssr 
[Madras,] 1901. 12°. 14171. a. 6.(5.) 

vargal. — Nal-ayiram.— Se/ecf/ons. The Nityanu- 
sandhanam Series . . . with word-for-word mean- 
ing .. . paraphrase . . . and English translation . . . 
Edited by M. B. Srinivasa Aiyangar. 1898, etc. 
8°. 14170. ff. 4. 

iS^^SliU!rjserv!B^rr earth. [Another 
edition, in Tamil only.] ] 898, ete. 8°. 14170. ff. 5 

The Nityanusandhanam Series . . 
With word-for-word meaning . . . paraphrase 
and English translation. Kanarese language. E- 
dited by M. B. Srinivasa Aiyangar. 1898, ete. 8° 

14176. b. 49 

?^S^5oio?jg^?j^ ^n [Nityanu- 
sandhanam. Edited with Kanarese glossaries. 

paraphrases, etc., by Srinivasa Aiyangar.] 1898, 
ete. 8°. 14176. b. 48. 

The Nityanusandhanam Series . . . 

with word-for-word meaning . . . paraphrase . . . 
and English translation. Telugu language. Edited 
by M. B. Srinivasa Aiyangar. 1898, etc. 8°. 

14174. b. 51. 

SEINIVASA AIYANGAK, M. Edytlu. See Pdranas. 
— Bhavishyottara-purdnam. « <> o <f/e;« jminnriuissur- 
3^wiri£l(osireQe\) LDirsinStuiii. [Sankara-narayana- 
svami-kovil-manmiyam. Rendered into prose by 
Srinivasa.] 1898. 12°. 14170. d. 45.(2.) 

SEINIVASA AIYABTGAE, Tiruneyddnam Banga- 
sdmi. See ViiNKATA-NATHA Vedantacharyar. iSiuit- 
&v^'9=s> ^, [Nyasa-dasaka-ven-ba. A version, by 
Srinivasa, of Venkata-natba's Nyasa-dasaka.] 
1907. 16°. 14170. d. 33.(4.) 

SEiNIVASA AIYANGAE, V. V. See Sambandha 
MuDALiYAR. eS'6\)freijlSl- a^Qetiirs'Sssr ^ (JLilavati 
Sulochana, ete.) [With introduction ete. by Sri- 
nivasa.] 1895. 8°. 14170. 1. 35. 

Mudumbai. See Pinb'-aeagiya Perd-mal Jiyar. 
ooo (^Q^uirthuiriruiruir&JLD 1^ [Guru-parampara- 
prabhavam. Edited by Srinivasa.] [1906.] 8°. 

14170. ff. 22. 

See PuRANAS. — Vardha-purdnam. ^^, . . . 

^,2.^^^"^r3o. [Kaisika-puranam. With Tamil 
commentary. Edited by Srinivasa.] [1904.] 8°. 

14028. c. 49.(2.) 

/See Valmiki. ^utuujr^irmsrvfrjrLD. [Abhaya- 

pradana-saram. Edited by Srinivasa.] [1891.] 
8°. 14060. c. 32.(1.) 

See Yahunacharyar. ^ • • • (^,"&c3Sb?f«^^o 

s^ii [Prameya-ratnam, etc. Edited by Srinivasa.] 
[1904.] 8°. 14170. ee. 6.(3.) 

SRINIVASACHAEYAE, Kdrlydlam V. anin'-^fr 
.S^na. (Mysore Arasu. A history in Tamil 
verse of the kings of Mysore.) 2 pts. Qif&aZssr 
i9eo6ii'au@Q^^ [Madras, 1901-1904.] 8°. 

14170. k. 7. 





SRiNIVASACHARYAK, Komjalam V. (continued). 
tjfjTiressTs^iretvinnJD. [Purana-katlia - saram. A 
series of stones from the Puranas.] pt. i. pp. ii. 
98. Q^eisiSssr [Madras,] 1895. 8°. 14170. ee. 7. 

SRINIVASACHARYAR, Mandayam Ki-vshn'-ayyan. 

See PlLLAI LoKACHARYAR. o o o ^ S)^ i_ IT g^ t/D - 

irpiO'SfCiuiiiaetr. [Aslitadnsa rahasyarigal. Edited 
by Srinivasacbaryar.] 1889. S°. 14170. t 12. 


e^hgo^«33Ttii ^ [Vachana-bbushanara. Edited by 
Srinivasacbaryar.] 1879. 8°. 14172. b. 10. 

SRiNIVASAGHARYAR,i^e(/imam»i V. B. See Aku- 
DHA-SASTKAM. ° ° o i^ IT esr ujr ^ i9 ssi a 1^ [Ariidba- 
sastram. Witb commentary by Srinivasacbaryar 
and Sorna-sastri, entitled Bhava-prakasikai.] 
[1899.] 8°. 14053. cce. 27. 

SRINIVASACHARYAR, Pagaltivatti, of Conjeva- 
ram. ^^^eneQenisiM. [Tattva-vilakkam. A 
tract on moral pbilosopby, in the form of a 
dialogue.] (Conjeeveram Oriental Litrary \_eic\ 
Series.) pt. i. pp. 69. Conjeeveram, 1902. 16°. 

14171. f. 4. 

•SRINIVASA DESIKAR, Srlsaila. See Venkata- 

NATHA VeDANTACHAKYAE. ^SlQutreUJ^e)9.:^!r^lU-f 

PTMrrcu^: [Dramidopanisbat-tatparya-ratuavali 
and Dramidopanisbat-sara. Witb the Tamil com- 
mentaries respectively of Venkatesacharyar and 
Srmivasa.] [1883-1904.] 4°. [Blwgavad- 
vishayam.] 14170. fff. 3. 

svclmi. See Kamalakara Bhattae. un^z^tSb^- 
<SJ/r<s5/ir II [Siidra-kamalakara. Edited with com- 
mentary and Tamil translation by Srinivasa.] 
1901, etc. 4°. [Brahma-vidyn.] 

14096. dd. 3. (vol. 15, etc.) 

See Periodical Publications. — Chidam- 
baram. enj^atmsJI^^ir etc. [Brahma- vidya. Edited 
by Srinivasa.] [1886, cfc] 4°. 14096. dd. 3. 

See FuUA.v&s.—Skanda-purdnam. Ssu^ji- 

^suafjSirS^. [Siva-tattva-sudba-nidhi. With 
Tamil version of Srinivasa's commentary.] 1898. 
8°. 14016. d. 54. 

SRINIVASA DIKSHITAR. Kumhhaghonam Rnma- 
tvami {continued). See Upanishads. £_«_//!j»«>.- 
^^if etc. [Upanisliad-vidya. Compiled and 
edited by Srinivasa.] 1898- [1901.] 8°. 

14010. cc. 13. 

See Upanishads. o o o ^iruirQeoiruiSt^^ m_ 
[Jabalopanishad. With commentary of Srinivasa.] 
1900. 8°. 14007. b. 12.(2.) 

See UpANiaiiADS. einaeue\>iuuir(^ujija, [Kai- 
valya-bbasbyam. Comprising the Kaivalya-upani- 
shad with the commentary of Srinivasa, translated 
from the Sanskrit.] 1898. 8°. 14170. ee. 31. 

See Vedas. 


[Purusha-siiktam. With commentary by Sri- 
nivasa, translated into Tamil.] 1894. 8°. 

14170. ee. 30. 

Transmigaration [sjc] of Souls. An im- 
portant doctrine of Hinduism . . . Translated from 
Tamil, pp.28. CUdamharam,\m\. 8°. 

4503. c. 24.(13.) 

SRINIVAS'-AIYANGAR, Srinivasapuram. See Pan- 
CHA-TANTBAM. U(^e- fim^ IT isesifi. [Paficha- 
tantra-katbai. Edited by Srinivas'-aiyangar.] 
1852. 8°. 14170. k. 21. 

SRINIVASA MITDAIIYAR, Kuvalai. See Arvaeqal. 
— Nal-ayiram. — Entire Canon. ^jreSL-Q&i^ih m 
[Nal-ayira-divya-prabandham. Edited by Sri- 
nivasa.] [1861.] 8°. 14172. c. 16. 

Abridgment of Tamil Grammar. Simplified, with 
questions and exercises. {^LSyi ^«u<b«6sw^- 
»(5«<sti.) 2 pts. Madras, 1892-1893. 12°. 

14172. t. 22. 


Orphanage, Vepery. See Academies, etc. — Madras. 
— University of Madras. Notes on the Tamil 
text for the Matriculation Examination of 1888 
.. . Pazbamozhi, &c. [annotated] by K. Srinivasa- 
raghavacharyar. 1888. 12". 14172. a. 41. 


Periodical Pdblications. — Madras. The Soma- 
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eiiLpiEi'Sn'esfimp u^lcu/bituit ir^ihir i^atD. [Maha- 
bharata-kirttanai, e>r Maha-bharata-natakam. An 





adaptation of the Maha-bharatam in lyric-dramatic 
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<SB/7i_-tD QiBisirrruji'r st&st^ld Juka^. Ufru- 

uirssr&iir (^Q^uuLLi—inSiQis^'XLD Qupp ^thu- 

sejr. [Kirttanaigal. Songs for the Jubilee of 
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ooo^rr ('/SIT lurriiQ^ireSIp lj a it esar eu •3= es la . [Kalaiyar- 
kovir-puraria-vachanam, or Kanaper-parana-v°. 
Being the legends of the Saiva Kalaiyar temple, 
and comprising two mdhdtvnjas, or Kalaiyar-kovil- 
manmiya-vachanam, translated into prose from the 
Brahma-kaivartta-puranam and the Skanda-pu- 
ranam, preceded by extracts from the Deviiram.] 
pp.146. OiF&sidssT [Madras, ^imi. 12°. 14170.d.61. 

o o o aiT8sffiu!TiTQ'!BrTu9pL^iriT6is3TLrt. [Kalai- 

yfir-kovir-puranam. The legends of the Kalaiyar 
sanctuary, versified by Subrahmanya Aiyar from 
the Brahma-kaivartta-puranam, and preceded by 
hymns from the Devaram.] pp. vi. 162, i. Q.s'sirSssr 
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QnFibsuirQiX)SST^L[i,Q/EiTL-(BirLJLi!T iTessrw, 

[Kottiir-puranara. The legends of the Saiva 
sanctuary of Kottnr or Srungapnram, rendered 
into verse.] pp. viii. 82, i. Oyssr^ eOeniJaiS 
[Madras, 1898.] 8°. 14170. ee. 37. 

The Indian Seasons, Paruva Varunanai 

Kalambakam, and what the old-time poets of the 
Tamil land say about them. Poems selected by 
Tanjore Satavathanam Subraraania Iyer, from 
standard works, with due regard to the accuracy 
of the passages selected and purity of sentiment 
combined with old-world flavour, etc. (* u(i^eu 
eiinFessrSssTisevLDUSih.) pp. 3, 40. Deva Knftai, 
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ram-aiyar. ^Q^eS^eniun i—pSir^fidar. [Tiru- 

A A 





vilaiy-adar-kirttanai. Lyrics on the Saiva legends 
of the Tiru-vilaiy-adar-puranam. Third edition.] 
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radi,] 1906. 8°. 14170. ff. 19. 

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^S^^jTLD [Auvaiyar-charitram. A biography 
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8°. 14171. a. 53.(1.) 

Forms the lUh kalai of the Kala-nidhi Series. 

SUBRAHMANYA CHETTI, A. S., disciple of Sin- 
naya. See Sinnata Chetti. ^ qF)Q en p ,c3 iLi^ir lj - 
LjiTiressTLd. [Tiravettiyiir-puranam. With preface 
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nana-siddhiyar- parapakkam, °supakkam, etc. 
With commentaries on the second by Subrah- 
manya.] 1897. 8°. \_Mey-kan4a-sdttiram.] 

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Qiunm eSlQw^xLD Qpe\)np(weiiimi-iLD. [Prayoga- 
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,«(©5S!n*' [rajyWeJ 1900. 12°. 14170. dd. 11.(2.) 

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Edited by Subrahmanya.] 1905. 8°. [Sen-damir 
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SeeViLLipuTTURAE. eS eti eQ Lj ^ ,^ jTiT Lp eu fTiT 

, . . LD'Xirurrjr^Ln:. [Maha-bharatam. Edited with 
notes, glossary, etc., by Subrahmanya.] 1907. 8°. 

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See Yoga. ^/lLl^itiei^ Qiuira ^ [Attanga- 

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(J.). Paradise Lost, book i., in Tamil viruttam, 
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ooo ij^iriT^^(^eis!!TQiB^irLDu!!39. [Padartha- 

guna-chintamani. A work on Materia Medica in 
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muttu, disciple of Rdma-sdmi. Qinira^^miQ 
eQevtT'fLD. [Mohanaiigi-vilasam. A drama of love 
and conjugal loyalty. Edited by M. I. Sankai-a- 
subbu-dasar and A. Vira-sami Nayudu, with 
musical notation by P. T. Subb'-aiya Chetti.] 
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14170. 1. 53. 

Ssu ■mLJt9pmes!^iU a &> it lQQ u if^ eo ^q^a-- 

Gl'S'iB^^ir euL^msni—LJU^LD. [Siva-subrahmanya- 
svami peril TiruchendUr -vari -nadai-padam. A 
ritual of hymns for the worship of Subrahmanya 
in Tiruchendur.] pp. 22. Q as ir Qp th lj ^jtf^sT 
[Colombo, 1887.] 8°. 14170. e. 48.(1.) 

SUBRAHMANYA PILLAI, 0. V. A., of Manippay. 

u^irir^^6Q^(^irssrt£>. [Padartha-vinnanam. A 
dictionary of Materia Medica.] pp. ii. 70. [Jaffna,] 
1887. 12". 14170. i. 18. 

u IT &) ss) eu ^ ^ lu th . [Bala-vaidyam. A work 

on the medical treatment of children.] pp. iii. 
90, vi. [Jaffna,] 1889. 12°. 14171. f. 3. 

iSlirs'eiissKsu^^iULCi. Midwifery, pp. ii. 8G. 

luirtpuuiresurih [Jaffna,] 1892. 12°. 14170. i. 70.(1.) 


KANDA Devae. 0°° Si 01] cs^ IT sstQ u IT jS t^ [Siva- 
Qana-bodham. With Siva-fianar's commentary. 
Edited by Subrahmanya.] 1906. 8°. 14170. eee. 15. 

SUBRAHMANYA PILLAI, Naduvapatii Mut!u- 
Icumdru. See Sankaeacharyae. [Doubtful and 
Supposititious Works.] ^^Qeoirst^q^ . . . .^(lji_- 
uiTenaui. [Ayut-bhavakam. Edited by Subrah- 
manya.] 1895. 8°. 14170. i. 39. 






SUBRAHMANYA PILLAI, V.T., of Cuddalore. See 
PuRANAS. — Shanda-puranam. iQjrCoLarr^^jrsireiiiT- 
t_iai.yo3rtii. [Brahmottara-kanda-vnchanam. A 
paraphrase, by Subrahmanya.] 1878. 16°. 

14170. d. 20. 

KAEACHAEYAB. iDouhffid and Supposititious Works.^ 
E.Sr-ou^ew-'e^ijSfgem^SQ-.s^ojoOGwtir^o [Su- 
brahmanya-bhujariga-stotram. Edited with gram- 
matical notes and with Tamil interpretation, etc., 
by Subrahmanya.] 1902. 16°. 14028. a. 30. 

SUBRAHMANYA SASTRI, NdlnpaUi. o o o (^. 
£flooOasanmos<fto. [Mlnakshi-natakam. A drama 
on the legend of the goddess Parvati, in the Ma- 
layalam character.] pp. 54. Q_l3a_lde&iOS oj|<^fan 
[Palghat, 1890.] 8°. 14170. 1. 30.(1.) 

SUBRAHMANYA SASTBI,Sennima1ai. See Vaidya- 

NATHA DiKSHITAK. o o o Cm)j^S^c^rreUiC& «v_^<OS: 

. . . cBhnew^: [Smruti-mukta-phala. Vol. iii., iv., 
with translation by Subrahmanya.] 1898. etc. 4°. 

14039. c. 15. (vol. 3, 4.) 


El'HEMEKIDKS. sQ SJI LD l9 6U IT S^ . . . Ul^S" IT EISLB. 

[Calendar for 1898-99. Calculated by Subrah- 
manya.] 1897. 8°. 14172. i. 16.(2.) 

SUBRAHMANYA SVAMI, Mayilam. [For works 
edited by Subrahmanya Svami, see under the fol- 
lowing headings :] 

Vanna-kalanjita Pulavab. 


SUBRAHMANYA TAMBIRAN, Tottikalai, of Tlru- 
vavadudurai. °°°^iifj^/i>sssflema>^QF)^^La. [Tiru- 
tanigai-vruttam. Hymns in honour of Siva as 
worshipped at Tirutani, near Madras.] pp. 8. 
Q^ekSssr [Madras,] 1892. 16°. 14170. d. 36.(1.) 

o o ^Q^6uiT6y(Sl^ss)/D.iQ6sn emeu. [Tiru- 

vavadudurai-kovai. Religious verses on the §aiva 
cult of Tiruvavadudurai. Edited with introduc- 
tion, etc., by V. Saminath'-aiyar.] pp. i. xxii. 82. 
0<j-6Jr&<jr/_;i_i_6aarLb [Madras,] 1903. 8°. 

14170. ee. 54. 

SUDRAKA. Mrichhakati in Tamil. [Translated 
from the Sanskrit drama of Sudraka] by Pandit 

S. M. NatesaSastri. iS^s^saif. /uru-aiJa. pp.90. 
Madras, 1887. 12°. 14170. k. 1.(2.) 

SUGATTIYAR. See Scott (T. M.). 

SUKA. Sugarnadi Sothidam. , . . aairmiri^Q^ir- 
^i-ih. [§ukar-nadi-j6didani. A motrical work 
on astrology, fabled to have been taught by the 
sage Suka to king Parikshit. Edited by Anga- 
muttu Mudaliyiir.] pt. 1. pp. ii. 208. Madras, 
1895. 8°. 14170. i. 36. 

SULAIMAN ibn MUHAMMAD, al-Saildnl. See 

Kub'an. JlyjLiUJ! i.«>s^ [Rahmat al-mannan. Snrah 
78-1 14, with a translation into Tamil by Snlaiman.] 
[1897.] 8°. 14507. b. 36. 

SULTAN MUHYI al-DIN, Tiruvdngd4uM. K. ueus£- 
lueviaairjnh. [Pavaniy-alankaram. Muhammadan 
songs for religious processions.] pp. 8. QsirQ^LdLj 
1310 [Golomho, 1893.] 8°. 14173. b. 28.(1.) 

SUNDARA ACHARYAR, Chintddripettai Kntshn'- 
appa. ° o o .j>jLJi^^iui^aeir miriu^ir ■Fif^^^ui- 
SiT^^Sssr, [App&diy-adigal-nayanar-charitra- 
kiittanai. Lyrics on the legend of Appudiy-adigal, 
one of the 63 ndyandrs or Saiva saints, based upon 
the Periya-puranam.] pp.38. Q^&r^ [Madras^ 
1895. 8°. 14170. ee. 4.(2.) 

SUNDARACHARYAR, Tirukot/iyur. See Yoqa-va- 
siSHfHA-EAMAYANAM. 9^ireQ%uj ^ [Sita-vijaya- 
vachanam. Translated by Sundaracharyar.] [1869.] 
16°. 14170. d. 18.(1.) 

SUNDARA GURU, Sdlahdkkam. See Sauea Beah- 
MANS. ^^iT&J6Bsr(os>j^ . , . ^&jius&juj eQ^Sasrr. 
[Havya-kavya-vidhigal. Edited by Sundara 
Guru.] 1906. 8°. 14033. bbb. 36. 

SUNDARAM VlLLAIy.dhqipuraiPeru-mal. laQ^tir- 
LDssiffiuLD. (Mau6nmaniyam. A play in Tamil verse, 
after the Shakespearean model) [based on " The 
Secret Way," one of Lord Lytton's " Lost Tales 
of Miletus"], pp. 29, 177, 14. 3farfra», 1891. 8°. 

14170. 1. 31. 

Some Mile Stones in the History of Tamil 

Literature found in an enquiry into the age of 
Tim Gnana Sambandha. pp. 4, 61. J/a</rrt«, 1895. 
8°. 11825. 0. 23.(9.) 

Some early Sovereigns of Travancore, for 

the first time brought to notice with their dates 





determined by inscriptions, pp. viii. 74. Madras, 
1894. 8°. 14170. e. 23. 

STJNDARAM PILLAI, Gurumalai. Pottodi. A 
Tamil novel . .. QuirpQpiri^ t^. (Reform Series.) 
pp. 166. Tinnevelly, 1906. 8^ 14171. e. 15. 

P^ ^. 3iui9in Lnuostliu gjiuir •s^fi^^nw. 

(Sri G. Subramania Iyer. By G. M. Sundram 
Pillai.) pp. ii. 130. Qa^mdssr iMadran^ 1907. 
12°. 14171. d. 10. 

SUNDARAM PILLAI, TurdniTcar P. See Rama- 
LiNGA Pillai, K. ° ° ° ^(irj'su(W)iLuiT^^QF,(Lp- 
emp^^rriLQ. [Tiruv-arut-pil-tiru-murai-tirattu. 
Compiled by Sundaram.] 1892. 8°. 14172. d. 14. 

SUNDARA MUDALIYAR, Tirumayilai V. See 

GOPATA-KRUSHNA AlYAE, A. Bll. o o o mii^l^ir- 

•FiB^^jrdSiT^^Sssr t^ [Nandanar-charitra-kir- 
tanai, eic. Edited by Sundara.] 1899. 8°. 

14170. ee. 25. 

o o o ^Q^QpC^airjb^uuemi_ (^ {*(S<o)jeo- 

eBQFf^^LB etc.) [Tiru-mrug'-attu-padai of Nak- 
klrar, Aruna-giri-nathar's Vel-vruttam and Mayil- 
vruttam, Shanmukha Naniyar's Mrugar-antadi, 
and Chidambara Svami's Veda-giriy-isvara-padi- 
gam. Edited by Sundara Mudaliyar.] 4 pts. 
Q<FS37^3T ■sj)j3i,Q [Madvas, 1890.] 16°. 

14172. a. 32.(1-4.) 

SUNDARA MUDALIYAR, Vydsarhddi Apfd-sdmi. 
QeuiBfTLD s^ikiSA ^^iBLD. [Siva-Dama-sankirttanam. 
Hymns on the names of Siva.] pp. 56. Q^^eisiSssr 
t9nu6u [Madras, 1867.] 8°. 14172, c. 8. 

the Devaram composed by Nana-sambandhar, Sun- 
dara-miirttij and Tiru-navukk'-arasu :] See TiBU- 


Qj/rssr/i. [Nanam. Saiva verses ascribed to 

Sundara-miirtti.] See Siddhargal. °o°Qufiuj 
(S^ IT ear sCoiS IT es) en. [Periya-nana-kovai.] pt. i., 
pp. 11-24. 1906. 12°. 14170. dd. 12. 

eQQ/bir^ ^^n-3'EiSlir6BLc [Vinoda-katha-sangra- 
ham. A collection of 15 amusing stories. Edited 
by C. S. Rangacharyar.] pp.53. (QLDuQmnemLa 
{Kumhahonam,'\ 1892. 12°. 14170. k. 53. 

[j^iM^ uaeufiiSsm^ ^ [Bhagavad-gita. With 

Sankara's commentary. Edited with Tamil trans- 
lation by Sundara-raja.] 1907. 8°. 14049. bb. 10. 

euiuiren) en ir ^ etv tu iriu ib Lnafre^am ^q^eSa'- 

O^fiu^ ufriT(Ufr^Q^LDi£i. (Vyasa and Vatsyayana's 
Bharyadharmam. [Comprising 37 aphorisms of 
Vatsyayana's Kama-sutram on wifely duty and the 
dialogue of Satyabhama and Draupadi from the 
Vana-parvam of the Maha-bharatam. Edited in 
Sanskrit] with a Tamil commentary [and glosses], 
and a Tamil version of [portions of] Kalidasa's 
Abhijnanasakuntala ... by D. Sundararaja Sarma, 
with an [English] introduction by K. Sundara- 
rama Aiyer . . . New edition.) pp. i. i. ii. xviii. 
197, i. Qs'&srSssr [Madras,] 1901. 12°. 14085. b. 44. 

SUNDARA-RAMA SASTRI, Madurai Rdma-lifiga. 
See Sayan ACHARYAR. u^ . . . ufffQeus^nss- 
eLJSSJ2,-irff etc. [Panchadasi. With interpreta- 
tion and paraphrase in Tamil by Rama-linga, 
preceded by an epitome in Tamil and a Sanskrit 
poem called Rama-lihga-vaibhava on the successes 
of Rama-linga with Tamil translation, all three by 
Suudara-rama.] 1905. 8°. 14049. bb. 7. 

SUNDARARYAR, Goshilnpuram Eli. iSeeViNKATA- 


ujiBis,sn-3i<oT. [Sillarai-rahasyangal. With notes 
by Sundararyar.] [1900.] 8°. 14170. ee. 36. 

SUNDARA SV AMI, o/ TmneWZi. ooo S^iresrm^- 
eflsu/TiFii. [Nijananda-vilasam. An account of 
various systems of religion and philosophy. Edited 
by Mavadi Chidambaram Pi]lai. Second edition.] 
pp. 213, 19. ^Q^QiswQsueQ [TinneveUi,'] 1904. 
8°. 14170. eee. 9. 

SUNDIRAM PILLAI. ooo Ln^&mr lSq)l_^iulcs3)1£> 
isiTL—a,LD. [Madurai-minakshiy-ammai-natakam. 
A drama on the legend of the goddess Minakshi 
and her incarnation as child of king Malaya- 
dhvaja Pandiyan of Madura. Edited by T. 
Tyaga-raja Pillai.] pp. 112. [Madras,] 1889. 
8°. 14170. 1. 26. 



See Sankaea 


GONDAN. 3=ujiaOsfr6mL—fr&sT . . . seQias^^u- 
ujresm^. [Kalihgattu parani. Edited by Siirya- 
narayana.] 1898. 12°. 14172. a. 49. 





SURYA-NARAYANA SASTRI.F.G. (continued). See 
Maha-mno'-aiyar. o o @sv<s«65ar^«(5««iii. 
[Ilakkana-churukkam. Revised by Surya-nara- 
yana.] 1898. 12°. 14172. ee. 3. 

See Mangalesvabi. ^(ig . . . LaiBiaQanm&iif) 

i5srrS»ff-^^ iBip . [Uttara - kosa- niangai - mangale- 
svari-piljai-tarair. Edited by Surya-narayana.] 
1901. 12°. 14170. d. 89. 

See Periodical Publications. — Madras. 

^rresiQuir^esfi ^ (Jnana Bodhini, e<c.) [Vol.5, 
6, edited by Siirya-iiarayana.] 1897-1905. 8°. 

14172. i. 18. 

See PuGARENDi. L/ffCtfi/s^S) . . . iBetrQeuem- 

uir. [Nala-ven-ba. Edited by Siirya-narayana.] 
1899. 12°. 14172. a. 50.(1.) 

Kalavati. An original Tamil drama 

With an [English] introduction by T. Ramakrishna 
Pillai. (*«eo/rau^. ^(iTfLj^iu^^LSLpiBiri^ath.) 
pp. iii. ii. XX. 256, i. Madras, 1898. 12°. 

14170. 1. 48.(1.) 

• Mana Vijayam. A drama in one act. 1902. 

See Periodical Publications. — Madras. The Ma- 
dras Christian College Magazine. New Series, 
vol. i., nos. 8-12. 1902, etc. 8°. 

P.P. 910. da. (new ser., vol. 1.) 
• Ln^euirsssresr lj^igu^ L/Sssr/s^Q^n it Qa^/i- 

^iSifii asm^. (Mativanan. A classical ... novel.) 
pp. 113. Madras, 1902. 12°. 14171. a, 42.(5.) 

Forms "Flower " 2 of the series " The Pleasure-creeper " 

iBiri—asQiuei\ (Nataka Viyal.) [A work on 

the principles of dramaturgy, in verse.] pp. 23. 
Madras, 1897. 12°. 14172. a. 47. 

ufreuevir ed(r^is^. Qp^do /B/rerr, (The 

Poets' Feast. A collection of Tamil poems. 
First Day.) pp. i. i. i. 92. Madras, 1901. 12°. 

14172. a. 50.(3.) 

Forms "Pendant" 3 of "The Girdle of the Tamil 

Rupavathi, or The Missing Daughter. [An 

historical drama in prose. With an English intro- 
duction by M. S. Purna-lingam" Pillai.] pp. 9, 2, 
X. 5, i. Ill, i. Madras, 1895. 8°. 14170. 1. 41. 

muireu^ .^eceo^ •sm^Lo^Quiresnaeseir 

^ [Riipavati. Second edition.] pp. 12, 168. 
Q<F«srSsisr [Madras,] 1902. 12°. 14170. 1. 56. 

Forms no. 1 in the author's series Na-maga}-silambu 
(" The Anklet of Sarada "). 

SURYA-NARAYANA 8ASTRI, V.G. (eonllnwid). 
History of the Tamil Language . . . With an 
English introduction by the Rev. F. W. Kellett, 
{*^i£ly)Qij:iirL^u3^ en n eo n jpi .) pp. 12, xvi. 15.j. 
Madras, \Wi. 12°. 14171. a. 52. 

Forms Kalai 14 of the KalS-nidhi. 

Tani-pa9ura-togai. A book of sonnets in 

Tamil . . . With English echoes by the Rev. G. 

U. Pope . . . First Course. {,* ^■sSuunJua^- 

Q-^irema.) pp. xxviii. 88. Madras, 1901. 12°. 

14172. a. 28. 

Forms " Pendant " 2 in the series " The Oirdle of the 
Tamil Muse." 

STJTESAMITTIRAN. See Svadesa-mitean. 

SVADESA-MITRAN, Psmd. 4m^srlSs »iu ^iLQ 

eQi^sQemi^. [Sthanika-suya-atsi-vina-vidai. A 

catechism on local self-government.] pp.45. Q-reit- 

esruiLL^emih [Madras,] 1884. 8°. 14170. g. 12. 

According to the Official Catalogue of Bootes Registered, 
1884, i., J). 6, the author is O. Subrahmanya Avyar. 

SVAMI-NATHA. [For names beginning with this 
word :] See Sami-natha. 



SVATMARAMA yogi, disciple of Gdrahsha-rwthar. 
(^ . . . pjDi—(oiurr,XLji9ir^t9sisia ^ [Hatha-yoga- 
pradlpika. A Sanskrit work on the mystic prac- 
tices of the Hatha-yoga. Edited with a Tamil 
translation and commentary styled Tattva-pradl- 
pikai by V. Kuppu-svami Raju.] pp. vi. iv. ii. 
272. ^ (fFfSS) en lu ir ^ ^ IT QpS [Trivadi, 1897.] 8°. 

14048. CO. 16. 

SVETARANYA SASTRI, S. ''ew^iuQmsi'ui^." 
[Satyame jayam] ... A Tamil play in two acts 
illustrative of the maxim, "Truth is great'& it 
will prevail." pp. 8, 45. Mo'has, 1907. 12°. 

14171. i. 2.(2.) 

SWAMINATHA. [For names beginning with tbi« 
word:] See Sami-Natha. 

SWAMY (V. M.). See Muttu-kdmaea-bvaiii Md- 
daliyar, VichUr. 

SWINTON (Robert Blaie). See Tandava-raya 
Mudaliyae, V. 'An Indian Tale or Two ' . . . with 
an introduction by R. B. Swinton. [1899.] 12°. 

14171. a. 20. 






SeIsaila Tatachaeyar. 

SYMBOLA (ECUMENICA. See Evangelical Lu- 


TAHA LEBBAI, Saiyicl, Sdniydr. See Muhyi al-DiN 
Maldk MuDALiYAH,, Kdttdru,theElder. °°° Qu^iJud^- 
(^iresr^ ^ q^u u it l^ p jS jriL® . [Mey-uana-tiru- 
padat-tirattu. Edited by taha.] [1898.] 8°. 

14173. c. 2.(1.) 

See Muhyi al-DiN Maluk Mttdaliyab, Kot- 

idru, the Younger, o o o QiciiiK^^iresrweiTisLCi. 
[Mey-nana-vilakkam. Edited by taha.] [1898.] 
8°. 14173. c. 2.(2.) 

TALES. Pleasing Tales, or Stories, designed to 
improve the understanding and direct the conduct 
of youug persons ; with a Tamil translation. 
(|^s5fls3)Loujfl"63ras»^<5BSTr.) pp.42. Madras,\8A:". 
12°. 14171. aa. 14.(1.) 

TAMB'-AIYA PILLAI, Nallur 0., disciple of Ponn'- 
ambala Pillai. [For works edited by Tamb'-aiya 
Pillai, see under the following headings:] 

Kadavun Ma-muni. 


TAMB'-AIYA PILLAI, S. ^qf,ldiBiuitu9 Quiffp 
Q^ir^^jTU u^aiJD. [Tiru-mariyayi perir tottira- 
padigam. A hymn to the Virgin Mary.] pp. 6. 
lu IT LP uu/rmnh[Jaffna,'] 1888. 12^ 14170. a. 38.(2.) 

TAMB'-AIYA UPADHYAYAR, J. P. ooo ^^rev it- 
useQsm^. [Pralapa-kavitai. Elegiac verses on 
the death of Monsignor J. Vistarini.] pp. 6. 
Colombo, 1896. 8°. 14170. c. 24.(11.) 

TAMBA PILLAI (George C). Arithmetical Exer- 
cises. For Standards iii. iv. & v. . , . ■lessfl^ 
^LJi9iuir£Fia.xffrr. Compiled by(jr.C.Thampapillai. 
pp. i. 132 ; 1 pZafe. Jaffna, 1891. 16°. 

14172. h. 86. 

A School Arithmetic. Parts i. & ii. No- 
tation, numeration addition & subtraction, etc. 
(Part iii. Multiplication & division. Part v. Re- 
duction, compound rules. Part vi. Simple and 
compound proportion.) 4 pts. /ft^'wa, 1892-1893. 
12°. 14172. h. 68.(6.) 

^e^miemsu i^iE.s'iT^^irLn. [Lankai-bhumi- 

sattiram.] Geography of Ceylon, byG. C. Thampa- 
pillai. pp. ii. 69. /a/na, 1891. 8°. 14172. h. 64. 

TAMBA PILLAI (Geoege C.) {continued) . ^aumswa 
tA, [Lankai-bhiimi-sattiram.] Second edition, 
pp. 72. Jaffna, 1892. 12°. 14172. h. 68.(3.) 

TAMBI-MUTTU PILLAI, Achuveli S. erm^siri- 
Qiuirrribiri—iBLn. [Estakkiyar-natakam. A Chris- 
tian di-ama on the history of the martyr Saint 
Eustathius.] pp. 7,1 10, i. lu it Lpuuiressrui [Jaffna,] 
1890. 8°. 14170. 1. 22. 

urreQuji(^ihL8. [Balya-kummi. 20 moral 

quatrains.] pp. 8. luuLpuusssTLD [Jaffna^ 1886. 
32°. 14172. a. 2. 

a-LnQ'B'iTeisraes)^. [Samson-kathai.] Story 

of Samson [in verse], pp. i. 24. Jaffna, 1892. 
8°. 14170. 0. 24.(3.) 

TAMBI if ANIYAE SAHIB. See Muhyi al-DiN Maluk 
MuDALiYAE, Koftdru, the Younger. 

TAMBI PAVALAR, Shaikh. See Shaikh Tambi 

TAMBIY-APPAN, /. A Glossary of select [com- 
mercial] Forms and English Words in Indian use 
with their pronunciation and meanings in Tamil. 
^(t^ihQuiTQ^etrajrrr^. By J.Thumbiappen. Third 
edition, pp. 96. Bangalore, 1894. 8°. 

14172. hh. 3. 

TAMBU CHETTIYAR, Trisirapuram Bdijalu Arogija- 
sdmi. [Jjife.] See Venkata-subbu Pillai, A. The 
Thumboo Sindhamani, etc. 1905. 8°. 14171. b. 4. 

TAMIL. See English. First Lessons in English 
and Tamul, efc. 1835-1836. 16°. 14172. h. 1.(5.) 

Tamil Primer... (T/^^sv/rtoL/^^a/i. [Second 

edition.] pp. 26. Madras, 1848. 12°. 

14172. h. 58.(1.) 

Tamil First Book. ^^QQpsoLjsiv^sLn. 

Twelfth edition, pp.48, rmn^wefear, 1881. 16°. 

14172, h. 36. 

Tamil First Book, or First Standard 

Reader. ^lSu) np^eonici Lj^^sth ^. Sixth 
edition, pp. 36. Batticaloa, 1893. 16°. 14172. g. 1. 

See Raja-gopala Aiyangar, M. A help to 

the thorough understanding of the Tamil ^jrsssr- 
L-irtJb m)i—6S9n^ir(Bl LjefO^aici, etc. [1898.] 12°. 

14172. h. 97.(3.) 





TAMIL (contimied). Second Book of Reading for 
tlie use of native children in the Madras Presi- 
dency. Tamil, pp. 61. [Madras,} 1853. 16°. 

14172. h. 29. 

Tamil Second Book. ^ irsssr l- irih lj^- 

^SLD. [A reading book issued by the Roman 
Catholic Mission at Jaffna.] Second edition, 
pp. 74, luirtpuuirmnTLD [Jaffna,] 1885. 12°. 

14172. h. 68.(1.) 

[Fifth edition, considerably altered and 

revised.] pp.69. tuiripuunemLD [Jaffna,] 1892. 
12°. 14172. h. 68.(4.) 

Tamil Second Book, or Second Standard 

Reader. jiBtStp ^jremi^irih lj^^^xlo ^. Fourth 
edition, pp. 104. Batticaloa, 1891. 16°. 

14172. g. 2.(1.) 

Tamil Third Book, or Third Standard 

Reader. ^i^y> (Hpm (nj> ia Lj^^aih ^,. Second 
edition, pp.128. B<i«ifa?oa, 1890. 12°. 14172. h. 99. 

Tamil Third Book. QpskQrpLcs lj^^s^lc. 

[A reader for Roman Catholic schools.] pp. ii. 
86. tuirtpuuiressTLb [Jaffna,] 1893. 12°, 

14172. h. 68.(5.) 

Tamil Fourth-book. 

m IT ssr a IT m Lj^^sta. 
[For the use of Roman Catholic schools.] pp. v. 
148. luiTL^uuiTswiLa [Jaffna,] 1889. 12°. 

14172. h. 49. 

[Another set of readings.] pp. ii. 120. 

lunyiuuiressriD [Jaffna,] 1892. 12°, 14172. h. 98. 

Tamil Fifth Book. 

[A reader for use in Catholic schools.] pp. iv. 
156. luiTL^LjurrsmLa [Jaffna,] 1893. 12°. 

14172. h. 91. 

TAMIL AUTHORS, ooo ^eviSiu ^ia@ir.3im. The 
Classical Reader, or Selections from standard 
Tamil Authors (prepared primarily and chiefly 
for the use of the Batticotta Seminary), pp. ii. 
261. Jaffna, 1847. 8°. 14172. h. 79. 

TAMIL GRAMMAR. See Grammar, 




TAMIL IDIOMS. An Aid to Translation. Contain- 
ing Tamil idioms with their appropriate Eoglish 
equivalents. For the use of the Lower Secondary 
& the High School students, pp. 27. Madras, 
1900. 12°. 14172. h, 97.(2.) 

The editor it, according to the Register of book* printed, 
A. Bama-sdmi Dikahitar, 

TAMIL MINOR POETS. Tamil Minor Poets. 
i§^.mpfSlirL-®. [Niti-nuHirattu. Containing 
the Atti-siidi, Konrai-vendan, Miid'-urai, Nal-vaji 
of Auvaiyar ; the Vetti-ver-kai of Ativlra-raman ; 
the Nan-neri of Siva-prakasar ; and the Niti- 
neri-vilakkam of Kumara-guru-parar.] pp. 46. 
Jlfadrns, 1864. 16°. 14172. a, 17. 

Fifth edition. pp. 64. 


Madras, 1868. 
14172. a. 18. 

pp. 156 

■ Tamil Minor Poets, M ^ ,^ p jQ ir CQi t-sao/r 
/J3. [Another edition, with commentary.] 
Madras, 1865. 16°. 14172. a. 16. 

Tamil Minor Poets. First Book. £^- 

.Sjr/bjSjriLQ i^. [Containing the Atti-siidi, Kon- 
rai-vendan, and Vetti-ver-kai.] pp. 55. Madras, 
1865. 16°. 14172. h. 35.(2.) 

Reprinted with a different wrapper-title from the com- 
plete edition of 186.5. 

Tamil Minor Poets : containing, Attisudi, 

Konreiventhan, Vettiverkei, Muthnrei, Nalvali, 
Nanneri, and Nithinerivilakkam. [Compiled by 
P. Percival, and] translated into English, [with 
notes,] by the Rev. S. Winfred ; with an intro- 
duction [by J. Murdoch], pp. viii. 51. Madras, 
1872. 12°. 14172. c. 6. 

TAMIL PROVERBS. Tamil Proverbs with their 
English equivalents . . . prepared for the use of 
Lower Secondary students by an experienced 
teacher, pp, 12. ifarfras, 1893. 12°. 14170, k. 58. 

TAMIM ibn SULTAN, j.j^ Jm ^ y^'-i^V ii*-" 
,x»>L*Jl [Tnhfat al-ahbab. A manual of elemen- 
tary religious instruction for Mnhammadans.] 
pp. 64, lith. ^_^|yXo ir.A-ir.l [Madras, 1892.] 
8°. 14173. a, 6. 

Beschi (C. G. E.). ^^o^ ...f^JTSffiT^. [Chatur- 
agaradi. Edited by Tandava-raya.] [1824.] 4°. 

14172. f. 13. 





tinued], See DiVAKAEAE. (o^/B^ssr^aj/7.5jzi ^ 
[Divakaram. Edited by Tandava-raya.] 1877. 
12°. 14172. e. 4. 

See VlRA-MANDALAVAE. o o o c^i_rr LDSSifl 

£lmessf® ^ [Chudamani-nigliantu. From the re- 
cension of Tandava-raya.] 1856. 12°. 14172.6.9. 

)soi6i6S3rLJU(^a=siEiseifleo /BssTCTj/rsarg/s- 

evQ^LD ,j)/iELjQurrQ^6S!rrQpev(ipLh L/puQufTQ^i 
Sle\)aQuj^Q^ir® QeuemuirLCifrSs>)Qpey>QpiJD [Nan- 
niil of Pavanandi, Nar-kavi-rajar's Aga-porul- 
vilakkam ; and Aiyanar-idanar's Ven-ba-malai. 
Three texts on grammar and rhetoric, edited by 
Tandava-raya.] pp. i. 119. ^^iiriK-@ [Madras, 
1835.] 8°. 14172. e. 3. 

Pp. 1-89 are printed on light blue paper. 

^00^ . . . ^io\)ia0S!!TeQ^eQss>t—. [Ilak- 

kana-vina-vidai. A catechism of Tamil grammar.] 
pp. i. 330, iv. iv. Qs'ssidssr ^^irra.u) [Madras, 
1820.] 8°. 14172. f. 3. 

<x^irLD(^3'S [Katha-manjari. A collec- 
tion of tales. Compiled by Tandava-raya.] pp. i. 
84, i. Q^ekSssr ^^jitjirr a- id <3ir [Madras, 1826.] 8°. 

14170. k. 23. 

[Second edition.] pp. 80, i. ^.jtja^spr 

[Madras, 1846.] 8°. 14170. k. 69. 

The Katha Manjari, or Bouquet of Stories. 

In Tamil and English, etc. pp. i. 82. Bangalore, 
1850. 8°. 14170. k. 28. 

Thirty selected stories from the Kada Man- 
jari [with translation] . . . Arranged by P. S. Raja- 
g6pala Mudaliyar. 1860. See Madras, City of.— 
Civil Engineering College. Madras Engineering 
College Papers. No. 1. pp. 51-85. 1860-1869. 

14170. i. 7. (no. 1.) 

[Katha-manjari. Followed by selections from 
Rama-sami Pillai's Niti-sara-vakyam.] pp. 176. 
Lj^snsii ^=5/«,^ [Pondicherry, 1864.] 16°. 

14171. aa. 15. 

Forty selected Stories of the Kadamanjari, 

with analysis and free translation by P. S. Raja- 
gopdla Mudaliyar. 1869. See Madras, City of.— 

Civil Engineering College. Madras Engineering 
College Papers. No. 1 (B). 1860-1869. 8°. 

14170. i. 7.* 

'An Indian Tale or Two' [mostly selected 

from the Katha-manjari]. Reprinted from the 
' Blackheath Local Guide.' With an introduction 
by R. B. Swinton. pp. xix. 28. Blackheath, 
[1899.] 12°. 14171. a. 20. 

[For editions of the Pancha-tantram in 

Tandava-raya's recension:] See Pancha-tantram. 

nita. Ubersetzung und Erklarung [in German]. 
(*Kaivaljanavanita. A Vedanta poem. The 
Tamil text with a translation, a glossary, and 
grammatical notes, to which is added an outline 
of Tamil grammar [in English].) 1854-1855. 
See Graul (K. F. L.). Bibliotheca Tamulica, etc. 
vols. 1, 2. 1854-1865. 8°. 14170. e. 42. 

isinaeiieoiuiBeuiy^LCi ^ [Kaivalya-nava- 

nitam. With commentary by Piraiyaru Aruna- 
chala Svami. Based on the recension of Muniy- 
appa Mudaliyar.] pp. ii. 160. ^ ifl S ir lj jr ld 
^irJ;^iT3i^ [Trichinopoli,l864:.] 8°. 14172. c. 17. 

emseueoiu msuiS^ih ^ [Kaivalya-nava- 

nitam. With Arunachala Svami's commentary. 
Edited from the recension of P. Muniy-appa 
Mudaliyar by T. Aru-rauga Svami.] pp. iv. 154. 
s^^uLl [Madras, 1880.] 8°. 14170. e. 11. 

ooo es) 'X eu e\) sa lu /seuib^LD pLpeorLPLCi , , . 

^^^eyrrir^^^uQLDesr^ULCi s-smiriLitxi, [Kai- 
valya-nava-nitam. With a commentary styled 
Tattvartha-dipam by KoviliirPonn'-ambala Svami. 
Edited by Subba-raya Svami, Ramanuja Muda- 
liyar, and Parivakkara Ma-silamani Mudaliyar. 
Second edition.] pp. xviii. 423. Q<9='^8ssr 
[Madras,] 1898. 8°. 14170. ee. 9. 

TANGA-VELU-SAMI DEVAR, F., of Bumnad. See 
PuRANAS. — Slianda-puranam. \j^ s i ^ l^ ir it essr ld^ 
! [Kanda-purana-churukkam. A prose epitome of 
Kachiy-appar's Kanda-puranam, by Tanga-velu- 
sami.] 1907. 8". 14170. e. 28. 

TANI-PADAI. if^sufiuum^pfiSjiLQ) [Tani- 
padat-tirattu. A collection of occasional verses 
ascribed toKala-megham, Auvaiyar, Tiru-valluvar, 





Kambnn, Otta-kuttar, Pugayendi, Andhaka-kavi 
Vira-raghava Mudaliyiir, Siva-prakfisar, Irattai- 
yar, Sokka-nathar, and others. With interpre- 
tations by the editors of the Vidya-vinodini.] 
Qo'anSsur «=iy«,2. [Madras, 1892, etc.] 8°. 

14172. c. 39.(6.) 
Forms part of the Vidya-vinOdini Series. Not completed. 

^sisTLneQifirn LCi : [Anma-vichfiram. An essay on 
Saiva psychology.] pp. 8. 0<CF63r^ [Madras^ 
1893. 16°. 14170. d. 33.(3.) 

TATACHARYAR, Kdncliipuram Sydma-desika ^7-1- 
saila. See Skisaila Tatacharyar. 

malcii Lakshml-humdra Kdti-lcannikdddnam Mel- 
pdkkam. See ValmIki. (j^lo^ eurrs\;LSSirirLCiir- 
lusssr 1^ [Valmiki-ramayana-vachanam. Trans- 
lated by Tata-desika and Srlnivasa.] 1902-1903. 
8°. 14172. d. 26. 

See Venkata-natha Vedantacharyab. 

o o o \^Q^9iiBUiiuiB^La. [Desika-prabandham. 
With commentaries. Edited by Tata-desika.] 
1889-[1890.] 8°. 14170. f. 13. 

TATTVA-BODHAKA SVAMI. See Nobili (R. de'). 

TATTVA-BODHAM. °oo ^^^^jevQuir^LD. [Tat- 
tva-bodhara. A catechism of monist Vedantic 
philosophy, by a disciple of Vasudevendra, but 
here ascribed to Sankara. Translated from the 
Sanskrit by V. Kuppu-svami Raju.] pp. 14. 
QiF shrSsBT [Madras,] 1898. 12°. 14170. d. 32.(4.) 

[Second edition.] pp.14. Q •9' sisrSssr [Madras,] 

1901. 12°. 14170. d. 81. 

TATTVA-PRAKASA SVAMI, Sigdri, disciple oj Sit- 
tamhala-nddindr. o o o ^ ^ ^ sv u l9 ir s ir d^ ld npe\3- 
(LpLD s-eiDjiL]LD. [Tattva-prakiisam. A treatise 
in 337 stanzas, with prose commentary, upon both 
the speculative and the practical themes of the 
Saiva-siddhantam theology. Edited by Velanai 
Kanda Piljai.] pp. ii. iv. 258, i. Q.xird(V)eQso 
/Bii^ssr [KukkuvU, 1893.] 8°. 14170. e. 46. 

tiyur. iSee Arunandi DEva-natanar. Steu.-sjfnesr- 
S^^tuirir ^ [Siva -liana -siddhiyar- parapak- 

kam, etc. With commentaries on the first by 
Tattva-prakasa-tambiran.] 1897. 8°, [Mey- 
karida-sattiram.] 14170. ff. 3. 

TATTVA-RAYA SVAMI. a-QeuHesnQuir^iii. [^asi- 
varna-bodham, a poem in 110 stanzas on §ud- 
dhadvaita philosophy, and Dvadasa-nama-iahkirt- 
tanam, a Saiva hymn.] See Raha-saki StIui. 
/6/r(g)ffsi;6u/r^««ilt_Ss»r ^ [Nana-jiva-vada- 
kattalai, e<c.] pp. 44-64. [1887.] 12°. 

14170. d. 26. 

ooo iF&en&srsstQuir^La PtpeonfiLD . . . n^emj- 

tLfth. [Sasi-varna-bodham. With Arunachala 
Svami's commentary. Edited by i?ur Sach-chid- 
ananda Svami. Second edition.] pp. ii. 84. 
iM^jTirsrv Ui&!rLD^[Madras,\80o.] 12°. 14170. d. 39. 

■ Sasivarna Potham : or The Doctrine of 

Sasivarna. A Vedantic poem . . . Translated from 
the Tamil by the Rev. Thomas Foulkes. pp. 19. 
London, Madras, 1862. 8°. 14170. e. 36.(4.) 

[Another copy.] 

14170. e. 50. 

TATTVA-VADI, Pseud. {\^euireiru>ireQssr ufiwir- 
essTLD.) [Jivanmavin parimanam. A tract on 
the constitution of the soul.] pp. 8. u>^isan■3^ 
[Madras,] 1897. 8°. 14170. ee. 28.(1.) 

No title-page. 

TAUDA SVAMI, Chidambaram, disciple of ^iva- 
yoga-udna Dharma-rdyar. See PaiJcha-padam. 
ud^'9=u^iMmireuirsQiuLCi. [Pancha-pada-maha- 
vakyam. Purporting to be translated by Tauda 
Svami.] 1862. 8°. 14170. e. 13. 

TAYIOR (William). See Kongu-dEsam. Trans- 
lation of the Kongu-desa-rajakal. By . . . W. 
Taylor. 1848. 8°. Ac. 8829. (vol. 14.) 

—■ Oriental Historical Manuscripts, in the 

Tamil language [chiefly bearing upon the history 
of the kingdom of Madura] -. translated ; with 
annotations. 2 vols. Madras, 1835. 4". 

14171. c. S. 

Examination and Analysis of the ifac- 

kenzie Manuscripts deposited in the Madras 
College Library, pp. 144. Calcutta, 1838. 8°. 

620. f. 28. 

A Catalogue Raisonnee [sie] of Oriental 

Manuscripts in the library of the late College, 

B B 




Fort Saint George, etc. 3 vols. Madras, 1857- 
1862. 8°. 011900. ee. 64. 

A Tamil Primer for tbe use of beginners. 

pp. 46. Madras, 1861. 8°. 14172. h. 82. 

TAYUMABTAVAR. ooo^^uunL^pplirL-Ql. [Tiru- 
padat-tirattu. Saiva devotional lyrics, in the 
recension of Sara-vana Peru-mal Aiyar. Edited by 
Karunananda Svami.] pp. iii. iv. 181. .a- ir ^ it jr esar 
{Madras, 1851.] 8^ 14172. c. 24. 

o o o ^Q(7FiLJUirL^/b/S!jriL®. [Tiru-piidat- 

tirattu.] pp. vi. ii. 314, xxviii.; ^plates. Q^ekSsar 
[Madras,] 1885. 16°. 14170. d. 30. 

^iriLjLDiresT a en rr lS s err . . . jsl(i^LJUiri—p- 

rSiriLQ, [Tiru-padat-tirattu. From tlie recension 
of Sara-vana Peru-mal Aiyar. Ee-edited by T. 
Adi-miila Mudaliyar.] pp. 164. ^ifJQff ljitld 
[TricMnopoli,] 1885. 8°. 14172. b. 32. 

^iriLiLdiTeist ansiiir lEssTTuiTLJev). [Tiru-padat- 
tirattu. With commentary and life of the author 
by T. Sambandha Mudaliyar.] pp. iii. xiii. 4, 596 ; 
1 plate, Q'fekSssr [Madras,] 1891. 8°. 

14172. c. 39.(vol, 1.) 
Forms part of the Vidya-vinodini Series. 

(-^ . . . ^Q^LJUfru./h/DljL-.Q. [Tiru-padat- 
tirattu. With glosses by K. Rama-sami Nayudu, 
and P. Sabha-pati Mudaliyar's Tiruv-arul-vilasa- 
para-siva-vanakkav-urai, a commentary on hymn 
i. 1-3. The latter edited, with a preface on Tayu- 
manavar's career, by K. Kuppu-sami Mudaliyar.] 
pp. ii. 27, 452, 29 ; 1 plate. in^jrireifV [Madras,] 
1905. 16°. 14170. dd. 6. 

flirtLjiniresraeuiTLSaetrurrL^ev. [f^Qhuurr- 

i_p,(SljnL(Sl.) [Tiru-padat-tirattu. Edited with 
glossary, preface, etc., by K. Naga-linga Muda- 
liyar.] pp. xxiv. xii. ii. 260, xiv. i. Qa^ekSssr 
[Madras,] 1906. 12°. 14170. eee. 25. 

Thayumanavar's Poems. [With translation 

by R. Shanmukha Mudaliyar.] 1897, etc. See 
Peeiodical Publications. — Madras. The Light 
of Truth, etc. vol. i., no. 1, etc. 1897, etc. 4°. 

14170. fff. 4.(vol. 1, etc.) 
In progress ? 

Translated [into English] with [Tamil text and] 
annotation &c., by R. Shanmuga Mudaliar. 
{■f ^(7Fieu(msaeQ&)fr<FLJUjr&eueiiessrcE<!ELCi.) pp. 14. 
Salem, 1897. 12°. 14170. d. 47. 

Tayumanavar. A Revel in Bliss. See 

TiKU-MURAi. — Tiru-vachakam. A few hymns of 
Manikka Vachaka and Tayumanavar, etc. pp. 33- 
46. 1897. 8°. 14170. ee. 12.(2.) 

A Revel in Bliss, (f A Supplication, God 

and the World, Ode to Sakti.) [In Tamil and 
English.] See Aeunachalam, P. Studies and 
translations, etc. pp. 28-62. 1898. 8°. 

14170. ee. 12.(3.) 

TENNALU-EAMAN'. Q^ssries)^ ^JjnrmsiT^isn^, 
[Tennalu-raman-kathai.] See Katha-chinxamani. 
The Kathachintamani, etc. pp. 61-85. 1875. 8°. 

14170. k. 27. 

Tennalu-raman. [Selected tales, in Eng- 
lish.] See Robinson (E. J.). Tales and Poems of 
South India, etc. pp. 342-356. 1885. 8°. 

14170. k. 63. 

Tales of Tennalirama, the famous court 

jester of Southern India. [Translated] by Pandit 
S. M. Natesa Sastri. pp. i. vi. 46. Madras, 1900. 
12'. 14171. a. 6.(4.) 

TENITVARAI PERU-MAL. See Bhoja-raja Pan- 


TER AIYAR. See Subrahmanya Panditar, T. M. 

000 u^n iT^^r^sssrQib^irLDessfl. [Padartha-guna- 
chintamani. With commentary founded ou works 
of Ter Aiyar.] [1857.] 8°. 14170, i. 62. 

o o o LDf/^^^umr^Lcs QpecLD. [Maruttu- 

The Philosophical Poem [no. l] of the saint 

Th4yumanavar, a great Tamil Vedanta Siddhauti. 

bharatam. A poem on the theme of the Maha- 
bhciratam and containing a number of medical 
prescriptions, ascribed to the legendary Ter Aiyar. 
Edited by K. S. Mrugesa Mudaliyar.] (V. M, 
Medical Series. No. 1.) pp.108. Q^TekSssr [Ma- 
dras,] 1907. 12°. 14172. a. 60. 

)j/rgS!n6i;^^uJLD@(_ii. [Raja- vaidya- 

makutam. A treatise on medicine, comprising 
excerpts from the Edugai-yamaka-ven-bil of Ter 
Aiyar, edited with a commentary by B. Muham- 
mad 'Abd Allah.] vol. i. pp. 12, 20, 358, 5. 
QiFskSssr [Madras,] 1899. 12°. 14170. i. 61. 





TERAN. See Tkk Aitar. 



TEYVAM. Q^iusuuuS^L-ema-, [Teyva-parikshai. 
A criticism of the cults and histories of Hindu 
divinities, by Roman Catholic missionaries.] pp. 
97, i. Ly^snsu ^^m/pidiHr [Pondicherry, 1816.] 
12°. 14170. b. 23. 


TiEU-VALLDVAR. o o ^ l8 IfiQ&J^LCilT QlU ^QFa- 

(^ipetr i^ [Kuraj. Edited by Teyva-ndyakar.] 
1904. 8°. 14172. c. 46. 

Vekni-halai Pillai. ss)/5i_^LD 1^ [Nala-chakra- 
vartti-ammanai. Edited by Teyva-sikhiimani.] 
1904. 8". 14172. CO. 2. 

VANDAK. °°° i^iresreunSli—u. ^ [Yoga-vasittav- 
amala-ramayanam. Edited by Teyva-sikhamani.] 
1902. 8°. 14170. ee. 53. 

See PoYYA-MOKi Pdlavar. ^ (3Ji sins' 61] rre!S!ir<skQ sit - 
es>6V ^ [Tanjai-vanan-kovai. Edited by Teyva- 
sikhamani.] 1893. 8°. 14172. b. 53. 

THAMOTHERAM. See Damodaeam. 

THAMPAPILLAI. See Tamba Pillai. 


THEOLOGY. Outlines of systematic Theology. 
SplsM^tMiriris^^Qssr Quir^<3=irirLD. [Edited and 
revised by J. P. Jones.] pp. Hi. 379. Madras, 
1901. 8=. 14170. bbb. 1. 

•THEROOVENGADA. See Tieu-venkata. 

THIRUVENKATA CHARI. See Tiru-venkatachabi. 

THOMAS (Samuel Veda-nayakam). See Milton (J.). 
Paradise Lost. Books i. & ii. Translated into 
Tamil by S. V. Thomas, etc. 1887. 8°. 

14172. b. 42. 

THOMAS (Veda-muttu Francis). See Dialogue. 
A Dialogue between a Protestant Christian and 
a Ca?i Pandaram . . . Edited . . . by V. F. Tiiomas. 
1857. 8°. 14170. c. 20. 

THUMBIAPPEN. See Tambit-appah. 
THUMBOO CHETTIAR. See Tambo Chettitab. 


JODi MuNiVAR. o o o ^ ^eQ26iT\uir u.pLj IT iTemLa ld 
[Vedattukku porul aruli cheyda patalam. With 
paraphrase and commentary by Tillai-natha Pillai.] 
[1894.] 8°. 14170. e.' 67. 

TINNEVELLI. — Hindu- devdlaya - rakshana-sahhai. 
^(T^QiB&)(o6us9 ^eti6\)ir^i^ (o^eufreviujrai^fiiiir 
.FsmLJuSsBr e9p,iresnaaetr. [Rules of the Society 
for the Preservation of Hindu Temples in the 
ziVZaA of Tinnevelli.] pp.7. Tinnevelhj, s^ai,iK. 
[1893.] 16°. • -14170. a. 61. 

TIRANA-DtJMAKKINI. See Tol-kappiyanar. 

TIRTHA PILLAI, Koyil - Kandadai LakKhmaiid- 
clidryar. ^(/^(tpi^ ^es)i_6Li. [Tiru-mudiy-adaivn. 
A list of eminent Vaishnava devotees and their 
works, etc.] See Venkata-natha Vedantacharyab. 
j-^. . . esieuueiJsivirjretviaSjraih ^, [Nigamanta- 
maha-desikan-vaibhava-sara-sangraham.] pp. 17- 
36. [1894.] 12°. 14170. d. 46.(2.) 

TIRU-CHELVA-RAYAN. «See Aeul-appa Navalab. 
^Q^^Q^meuiT-xireSium. [Tiru-chclvar-kavyam. 
A poem on the life of Tiru-chelva-raynn, a Catholic 
devotee.] 1896. 8°. 14170. bb. 6, 


o o irnuiinusajr ^ [Uttara-kanda-kathai. A 
prose version, by Tirn-chittambala Desikan.] 
[1815.] 8°. 14172. b. 1 

LDfresufliseijir'S-air. (Manickavachakar. [An essay] 
by ... C. Thiruchittambalam Pillay.) pp. i. 90. 
Jtfac7ra«, 1900. 12°. 14171. a. 33.(2.) 

JJpddhydyur. _gy6wr|OMi)tcSsDcrtf-^«Lb. [Annamalai- 
satakam. A poem on the Saiva sanctuary of Tiru- 
vannamalai.] See Ell'-appa Navalab. j^^r^^^eo 
LfjrneoTLa ^ [Aruimchala-puranam.] pp. 541-570. 
1902. 12°. 14170. d. 75. 

pp. 541-576. 1903. 12°. 14170. d. 83. 



-TIEU-MUEAI iTwo or more sections] 376 

TIEUKADAVUK. ^(ir,.imi_^ir Ljirir&ssTLn. [Tiru- 
kadavur-puranam. The legends of the Saiva 
sanctuary at Tirukadavur, summarised by S. 
Bala-krushna Dikshitar.] pp. i. i. 198. Otf^sJr^ 
iMadras,] 1905. 12=. 14170. dd. 4. 

Tl&UKOVALUB, 0^ujeff''XLj!r/r6S3rii> st&st^ld ^- 
(j^aQairm^irLJLjjrrreimTLa. [Tirukovalur-puranam, 
or Teyviga-puranam, The legends of the Saiva 
cult at Tirukovalur, in verse. Edited with intro- 
duction by S. V. Saundara-raja Udaiyar.] pp. 
xxxviii. 319. (^ihuQsfrsssriJblKumbakonam,] 1901. 
8°, 14170. ee. 57. 



TIEUMALACHARYAR, Kandadai. See Tieu-mudit- 
adaivu. i^ • • • "^8o8i SXbs&a ai>&^. [Periya- 
tiru-mudiy-adaivu. Edited by Tirumalacharyar.] 
1898. 12°. 14170. d. 49. 

TIRUMALACHARYAE, M. K. See Aevargal.— 
Xal-ayiram. — Mudal-ayiram. ooo (SSa^'^HS cSW 
[Mudal - ayiram. Edited by Tirumalacharyar.] 
1889. 8°. 14170. e. 33. 

TIRUMALACHAEYAE, Yadu-giri Jiyar-samiidM. 
See Aragiya-manavala Peeu-mal. o oo uj^rrir^- 
eQthuu^. [Yati-raja-vimsati. Edited by Tiru- 
malacharyar.] [1884.] 12°. 14028. b. 63.(1.) 

See Arvaegal. — Nal-ayiram. — Selections. 

: o o iS^ujir^m)ih^iTiBLc, i^ [Nityannsandhanam, 
etc. Edited by Tirumalacharyar.] 1886. 8°. 

14170. ee. 14. 

of Manicka Vachakar. With an account of the 
Third Academy at Madura. pp. i. i. iii. 117, i. 
Madras, 1899. 12°. 14171. a. 33.(1.) 

TIETIMALAI NAYAKAR, Raja of Madura. The 
Accounts of Tirumali-Naicker, and of his Build- 
ings. (fThe Arrangement of the Palace of Tiru- 
mali-Naicker, etc.) [Tamil text with English trans- 
lation.] See Taylor (W.). Oriental Historical 
Manuscripts, etc. vol. ii., pp. 147-168. 1835. 
4°. 14171. c. 5. 

TIRU-MALIKAI DEVAR, [For the hymns of this 
author contained in the Tiruv-isai-pa :] See Tiru- 


TIRU-MANGAIY-ARVAR. [For editions of the 
Periya-tiru-mori, Tiruv-erugutt'-irukkai, Periya- 
tiru-madal, and Siriya-tiru-madal of this saint 
included in the editions of the whole or parts 
of the Nal-ayira-prabandham :] See Arvaegal. — 

TIRU-MARISAI PIRAH. [For editions of the 
Tiru-chanda-vruttam and Tiruv-antadi of this 
saint included in the editions of the whole or 
parts of the Nal-ayira-prabandham :] See Arvae- 
gal , — Ndl-dyiram. 

TIRTJ-MTJpiY-ApAIVTJ. ^(rf)Qpi^iussit_&]. [Tiru- 
mudiy-adaivu. A short chronicle of the Church 
Fathers of the Riimanujiya Vaishnavas.] See 


ir^^&STunr'Seo ^ [Upadesa-ratna-malai, eic. ] 
[1836.] 8°. 14172. b. 3. 

d.) • • • ^"^^S ^^^^'^^■^^ ;3o^«^,sS^"ao^ 

"S)8ctsb S&c-i»S oBofi^. [Periya-tiru-mudiy-adaivu. 
A fuller chronicle with interspersed verses. Edited 
by Kandadai Tirumalacharyar.] pp. 110. \_Ma- 
dras,'\ 1898. 12°. 14170. d, 49. 

TIRTJ-MURAI. [For poems of Nambiy-andar 
Nambi, the compiler of this collection, other than 
those included in the latter :] See Nambiy-andae 


Q^euirjr^^irL.Q. {^(iT,eiiir3=<xLci, ^Q^ed- 
esi'fuun-, etc.) [Devaram, by Nana-sambandhar, 
Sundara-miirtti, and Tiru-navukk'-arasu (Appar), 
forming bks. 1-7 of the Tiru-murai, in a recension 
ascribed to Agastyar; Manikka-vachakar's Tiru- 
vachakam, forming bk. 8 ; Tiruv-isai-pa, by various 
authors, forming bk. 9 ; Sendanar'sTiru-pall'-andu; 
and extracts from the Periya-puranam. Saiva 
devotional lyrics. Edited (pts. 1-2) by Nallur 
Arii-muga Navalar.] 3 pts. Q^&nemuuL-L^esnTLn 
edaQiTLD [Madras, 1880.] 8°. 14172. b. 8. 

Pt. lis a third edition. 

The traditional authors of the Tiruv-isai-pa are Tiru- 
nialikai Devar, Sendanar, Karuvur Devar, Pundurutti Nambi - 
gada Nambi, Kandar-adittar, Venatt'-adigaJ, Tiruv-aliy- 
amudanar, Purudottama Nambi, and ChCdi-rayaV. 

ooo Q^eurrjriB^jTiLQ. {*^q^iSiiiriFaLCi, etc.) [Deva- 
ram, Tiru-vachakam,Tiruv-isai-pa,Tiru-pall'-andu, 
and Periya-puranam. Another issue of the pre- 




coding collection. Fourth edition.] 3 pts. Q^ssr- 
esruuL-i—6S3nh uirrr^^eu \_Madras, 1885.] 8". 

14172. b. 35. 


o o o Q^euirjT^^jriLQ (tpevQpixi . , . s.eniriiJUi. 
[Devara-tirattu. The hymns of the Devaram in 
the recension ascribed to Agastyar. Edited, with 
biographies of their traditional authors Niina- 
sambandhar, Appar, and Sundara-murtti, by K. 
Rama-sami Nayudu.] pp. iv.xliv. 163. Q-s'&srSssr 
[Madras,] 1906. 8°. 14170. eee. 30. 

<ssrr, [PaScha-bhiita-tala-devara-padigarigal. A 
series of hymns by Nana-sambandhar, Sundara- 
miirtti, and Appar, for the rituals of the sanc- 
tuaries of Chidambaram, Kalahasti, Tiruvanna- 
nialai, Tiruvanaika, and Tiruvalur.] pp. 116. 
See Siva. Seuj^em^F^^jriLQ t^ [Siva-pujai- 
tirattu.] [1875.] 12°. 14170. d. 11. 

Q fi 611 IT IT Lb . [Devaram. Another collection by 
the same authors.] pp. 20, i. i. See Aghoea 
Devae. ° ° ° Qeu^iriresufluj Ljinremirih i^ [Veda- 
ranya-puranam.] 1898. 8°. 14170. e. 65. 

Q ^ &t IT IT uu ^s, iki sstT. [Devara -padigangal. 
Hymns on the Kalaiyar or Kanaper sanctuary.] 
See SUBEAHMANTA AlYAR, T. S. 0°°'S&TiuiriT- 
Qmir^pLjiTiT&ssT t^ [Kalaiyar- kovir-purana-va- 
chanam.] pp. 1-8. 1897. 12°. 14170. d. 61. 

[The same.] See Subeahmanya Aitae, T. S. 

00 mrr?^(nuirirQmiT^pLfirir6S3TLCi. [Kalaiyar-kovir- 
puranam.] pp. 1-4. 1899. 8°. 14170. ee. 22. 

Q^eniTir^^Q^uu^aLn. [Two hymns, on the 
sanctuary of Ketlsvaram. With paraphrase.] pp.9. 
See Pdranas. — Skanda-purdnam. ^(iVf^iQa^s-- 
aiTLDSlmui, [Tiru-ketisvara-mahimai.] [1891.] 8°. 

14170. e. 41.(2.) 

o ° o ^(if)<oTsuiU^(o^euiriTLJU^^siEiasiT, [Tirn- 
ekamba- devara -padigangal. 12 hymns on the 
cult of Siva as Ekainbara-nathar and Devi as 
Kamakshi-ammai. Edited by K. S. Bala-subrah- 
maiiya Mudaliyar.] pp. 22 ; 1 flate. iLjen 
[Ma^Zros, 1875.] 16°. 14170. d. 12. 

[The Devaram of Tirupunkur.] pp. 6. See 
[Addenda] Kanaka-sabhai Kavi-ratae. ^^u- 

Lfdr On. n-ULfirireissrui. [Tirupunkur-pnranam.] 1907. 
8°. 14170. eee. 27. 

^(/^euirmeuiriu^Co/Seuirjui, [Tiruv-alavay-deva- 
ram. Eleven hymns on the Saiva cult of Alavay 
or Madura.] See Paraj5-j6di Munivab. ^(i^iO- 
Sjirujiri^p LjiriTestirLCi. [Tiru-vilaiy-adar-puranam.] 
pp. 404-483. [1882.] 8°. 14170. ee. 2. 

[The same.] See Paean-jodi Munivab. o o o 

^QQ^eQSsiriuiri—pLjiriremLb t^^ [Tiru-vilaiy-adaf- 
puranam.] vol. ii., pp. 919 934. [1887.] 8'. 

14170. f. 10. 

[The same.] See Paran-jodi Munivab. ui^- 

smj- . . . ^^eSSsfTtuiTL—pLiiriressrui [Tiru-vilaiy- 
adar-puranam.] pp.i.-xix. 1896. 8°. 14170. ee. 3. 

1900. 8°. 14170. eee. 24. 

G^&jinrLD. [Hymns on the sanctuary of Tiru- 
vadi.] pp. 27. See Tiruvadi. f:^ • • . ^Q^emeu- 
iuirpjpiULjiraessnM. [Tiruv-aiy-attu-puranam.] 
1907. 8°. 14170. eee. 22. 

Q^euiriruu'^aLCi. [Devara-padigam. Five hymns 
on the sanctuary of Tiruvannamalai.] See Ell'- 
APPA Navalae. ^(/^(^■9'&)Ljirir6imih ^ [Aruna- 
chala-puriinam.] pp. 1-10. 1898. 12°. 

14170. d. 52. 

pp. 1-14. 1902. 12°, 
pp. 1-14. 1903. 12°. 

14170. d. 75. 
14170. d. 83. 

pp. xvii.-xxvi. 1903. 12°. 14170.d.84. 


Thirumantra by Thirumoolar. [Text with transla- 
tion by S. Rama-sami Aiyar.] 1897, efc. See Peri- 
odical Publications. — Madras. The Light of Truth, 
etc. vol. i., no. 1, etc. 1897, etc. 4°. 

14170. m. 4.(vol. 1, etc.) 
In progreu. 


^nF)eaiTfsi±. [Tiru-vachakam. Edited by Siva- 
kojundu Desikar and Sara-vana Peru-msil Aiyar. 
With life of the poet.] pp. iii. 122. i9.w^sir 
{Madras ? 1857.] 8°. 14172. b. 15. 

ooo j2(^ai/r .5= a; ti QpevQpth s-fsuritjUi ^ [Tiru- 
vachakam. With a life of the poet, commendatory 





verses, glossary of Sanskrit terms, indices, and 
glosses on the text.] pp. ii. iv. iv. ii. ii. i. 508, vi.; 
I IJlate. [Madras,] 1897. 8°. 14172. b. 56. 

° ° ° ^ (T^eu ir 3= a (jjMSi . . . s-smffiLjic: ^ [Tiru-va- 
chakam. Witli commentary, glossaries, indices, 
. etc. Preceded by a prose version of Kadavun Ma- 
muui's Tiruvadavurar-puranam, by the same. 
Edited by P. Vasudeva Mudaliyar.] pp. iii. 102, 
516, vii. ii. viii. ; 3 ■plates. Q ■3= esr^ssr \_Madras,'\ 
1897. 8°. 14172. b. 57. 

The Tiruvticagam, or ' Sacred Utterances ' of . . . 
Manikka-Vacagar . . . w^ith English translation, 
introductions, and notes. To which is prefixed a 
summary of the life and legends of the sage, with 
appendices illustrating the great South-Indian 
system of philosophy and religion called the Qaiva 
Siddhantam. With Tamil lexicon and concord- 
ance. By . . . G. U. Pope. (^^Qt^eurrs^iELD.) 
pp. xcvii. 354, 84. Orford, 1900. 8°. 14170. ff. 7. 

^QT^QeuLnuiT ssxsu. (^f^Q^eiiLDLDirSssr.') [Tiruv-em- 
bavai and Tiruv-ammanai, being nos. 7 and 8 
of the Tiru-vachakara.] See Ell'-appa Navalae. 
^(i^i^3'e\)Lj!nr0S!nLD ^, [Arunachala-puranam.] 
pp. xi.-xxii. 1898. 12°. 14170. d. 52. 

pp. 15-26. 1902. 12°. 14170. d. 75. 
pp. 15-26. 1903. 12°. 14170. d, 83. 
pp. xxvii.-xxxviii. 

1903. 12°. 
14170. d. 84. 

A few hymns of Manikka Vachaka [viz. nos. 22, 
4, and 20] and Tayumanavar. Translated by P. 
A[runachalara] and G. U. Pope. (The "Siddhanta 
Deepika" Series:— No. 1.) pp.46. il/a(fr«,s', 1897. 
8°. 14170. ee, 12.(2.) 

The House of God. (JThe Pilgrim's Progress.) 
[Hymns xxii. and iv. of the Tiru-vachakam, in 
Tamil andEnglish.] See Arunachalam, P. Studies 
and translations, etc. pp. 7-27. 1898. 8°. 

14170. ee. 12.(3.) 

^Q^Q&jLDuiresi&j. [Tiruv-em-bavai.] pp. 4. See 
Kabavun MX-MnNi. o « o ,©(5617 /r^g^zr 9. « en- L/ir/r- 
^^"^ ^ [Tiruvadavur-adigal-puranam.] [1897.] 
8°. 14171. a, 16. 

See Tiru-chittambalam Pillai. LDiressf^a;- 

aeiiir&^s,ir. (Manickavachakar, etc.) 1900. 12°. 

14171. a. 33.(2.) 


of Manicka Vachakar, eic. 1899. 12°. 

14171. a. 33.(1.) 


^(7^sSe!Si,9=LJuir. [Tiruv-isai-pa of Tirunangur Sen- 
danar. Saiva hymns.] See Pattanattu Pillai. 
000 ^Q^ . . . uirL^pfil(r^(Lpsmp ^ [Padat-tiru- 
mnrai.] pp. 135-141. 1906. 8°. 14170. fF. 16. 

ayudha. See Pattanattu Pillai. 00° ^(75 . . . 
uirL-p/SQ^Qpsmp. [Padat-tiru-murai,eic. Revised 
by Tiru-nagesvara.] 1906. 8°. 14170. flf. 16. 



rapuram Kumar a-svdmi. Sji^irih^etndreiieQ^- 
eQemu- [Siddhanta-saiva-vina-vidai. A catechism 
of the Saiva Siddhantam.] pp. 7, 232. Q<resr'^ 
eQ 3. IT iff [Madras, 1899.] 16°. 14170. d. 56. 

TIRU-NARAYANA-DASAR, Tiruppattur B. K., dis- 
ciple of Tiruiualai-Bhai/dnjar. See Yadava-giri. 
o o c ^^ijQej^ '3=iff^^ir •riBjSiT^^SsBr. [Cliatur- 
vedi-charitra-sankirttanai. Translated by Tiru- 
narayana-dasar.] 1900. 8°. 14170. ee. 35.(4.) 

TIRU-NAVUKK'-ARASU (Appar). [For editions 
of the Devaram composed by Nana-sambandhar, 
Sundara-murtti, and Tiru-navukk'-arasu :] See 


TIRU-PADI. .^•bQpiL(Sl^^(r^uu^Q uiruirsiiLD. 
[Nutt'-ettu-tiru-padi-prabhavam. A condensed 
account of the 108 Vaishnava shrines.] pp. 78. 
03= m^ [Madras,] 1898. 16°. 14170. d. 67. 

TIRU-PAN ARVAR. [For editions of the Amalan- 
adi-biran of this saint included in the editions of 
the whole or parts of the Nal-ayira-prabandham :] 
See Arvargal. — Ndl-Jiyiram. 

TIRU-TAKKA DEVAR. ^ o o ^eu^x^/b^^irLaessfl- 
CLp&i)(xpLD ... i!i'rS(GS)ir<3iQ^iu(i^e!!)mqL6, [Jlvaka- 
chintamani. One of the classical epics, on a 





romantic Jain legend. With the commentary of 

Nachinarkk'-iiiiyar. Edited with preface, indices, 

etc., by U. V. Satniuath'-aiyar.] pp. iv. i. v. xvi. 

iii. i. 875, ii. iv. iii. xxiv. iv. QiF&srdssT \_Madra8,'] 

1887. 8°. 14172. d. 6. 

This author is later than Guna-hhadra {c. 900 A.D.), and 
earlier than Sekhirar. 

ooo Qeu^&iB^inciesaB ^ [Jlvaka-chinta- 

mani. With Nachinarkk'-iniyar's commentary. 
Edited by U. V. Saminath'-aiyar. Second edition.] 
pp. ii. 28, cxi. 1048. QcF^dsw iMadrnK,] 1907. 8°. 

14172. bb. 28. 

ooo ffeu3s Qih^irinessfl eu^a^ssrarreQiuLa, 

(Jeevaga Chinthamani. One of the five Kaviams.) 
[A prose paraphrase by A. K. Kumara-svami Mu- 
daliyar.] pp. 8, 144. Tirupatur, 1907. 8°. 

14171. e. 23.(1.) 

Le Sindamani. [A French epi- 
tome.] See Vinson (E. H. J.). Legeudes 
Bouddhistes et Djainas, etc. vol. i., pp. 1- 
109. 1900. 12°. 14171. aa. 4. 

Un episode du poeme epique Sindamani. 

[Edited and translated by J. Vinson.] See Acade- 
mies, etc. — Paris. — £cole Speciale des Langues 
OrientaJes Vivantes. Melanges Orientaux, etc. 
pp. 047-577. 1883. 8". 14003. i. 16. 

University of Madras. B.A. Examination 

of 190G. Jivakachintamani. Namagalilainbakam. 
WithNachinaikkiniyar's commentary and explana- 
tory notes by V. Saminatha Aiyar. pp. 40, 215. 
Madras, 1905. 8°. 14172. bb. 21.(2.) 

°°o iEflsQ(^^^Lc [Nari-vruttam. A fable 

in 51 stanzas, similar in theme to Hitopadesa I., 
fab. 7. Edited with notes and glosses by M. 
Raghav'-aiyaiigar.] pp.20. 1907. See Acade- 
mies, etc. — Madura. ["Sen-damir^' supplement.] 
no. 20. 1902, etc. 8°. 14172. i. l.*(no. 20J 

TIRUVADAVURAE. See Manikka-vachakar. 

TIRUVADI. \j^u(^'9'/B^LDiresrLSujUi erm^La ^- 
(i^ssieuujirp^ULf[riTemLc>. [Tiruv-aiy-attu-para- 
i.iam, or Pancha-nada-manmiyam. The legends of 
the Saiva sanctuary at Tiruvadi, Tanjore District. 
Done into prose by K. Venka^a-rama Sastn", and 
stylistically recast by K. S. Solai-muttu Pillai. 
Followed by the local Devaram.] pp. iv. 88, 27. 
^,^sin# [ranjore,] 1907. 8°. 14170. eee. 22. 

TIRUVAIGAVUR. ,0(56!nsu«/r^/rtJL/j/r«8wii. [Ti- 
ruvaigaviir-puranam. A metrical account of tbo 
legends of the paiva sanctaary at Tiruvaiguvar. 
Translated from the Sanskrit by Kavitalam C. 
Velai Desikar. Edited by Ramanujapuram Siva- 
lingam Pijlai.] pp. x. ii. 71. (qCduQ a it fsnih 
«.^3i.*» [ffwOTtafconam, 1894.] 8". 14170, e. 56. 

TIRUV-ALIY-AMUDANAR. [For the hymns of 
this author contained in the Tiruv-i?ai-pa :] See 


TIRU-VALLUVAR. See Dvita-mata-tiraskai:i, 

Pseud. {f(Lp^p(^0siTSijir^th.} [Mudar-kural- 
vadam. A tract on the first verse of the Kunij.] 
1897. 8°. 14170. ee. 32.(1.) 

See Dvita-mata-tiraskabi, P««««Z. oooqp. 

^p^^p'^Gssfsnui . . . The Truth of the First 

Kural, etc. 1900. 8°. 

14170. ee. 29. 

See Selva-kesava-baya Mudalitab. Tiru- 

valluvar. An essay. 1904. 12°. 14171. d. 2. 

See VEdachalam Pillai. Qp,9p(^petfeaiT^- 

QtiiraaesmLn. [Mudar-kuraj-vada-nirakaranani. A 
reply to the Mudar-kural-vadam.] 1898. 8°. 

14170. ee. 32.(2.) 

(|.=3y/DUu/7'eu On Virtue.) [Kural. Three 

series of verses on ethical and erotic themes. 
Edited by F. W. Ellis, with translation and com- 
mentary in English.] pp. 304. {^Madras, 1816?] 
4°. ■ 14172. c. 5. 

Published tinthout title-page or date, the work having 
been left unfinished on the editor's death. 

The Kural forms the lllh of the Eir-kanakkn poenu. 

The Cural of Tiruvalluvar , . . with the com- 

mentary of Parimelaragar, an amplification of that 
commentary by Ramanuja Cavi-Rayar, and an 
English translation of the text, by the Rev, 
W.H.Drew. 2 pts. J/ut7»a«, 1840-1852. 8°. 

14172. b. 48. 
This edition extends to v. 630, or 63 chapters out of 133. 

o o o ^nF,i^pes!iT ^6V(i) if^ [Kufa}. With 

a commentary based on that of Parimel-afagar 
and other works, compiled by Veda-giri Mada- 
liyar. Followed by the Tiru-valluva-malai, 53 
stanzas by various authors in praise of Tiru- 





valluvar, with commentary by Sara-vana Peru- 
inal.] pp. iv. xvi. iii. 488, 32, xix. S'sv« [Madras, 
1849.] 8\ 14172. c. 2. 

Der Kural des Tiruvalluver. Ein guom- 

isclies Gedicht iiber die drei Strebeziele des 
Mensclien. tjbersetzung und Erklarung von Karl 
Graul. {*Kural of Tiruvalluver. High-Tamil text 
■with translation into common Tamil and Latin, 
notes and glossary. By Charles Graul . . . Pub- 
lished after the author's death by William Ger- 
mann.) (*Tiruva]luveri Kural versione latina adno- 
tationibus glossarioque illustratus.) 2 pts. 1856- 
1865. See Graul (K. F. L.). Bibliotheca Tamu- 
lica, e<c. vols. 3-4. 1854-1865. 8°. 14170. e. 42. 

apih ufiQuie\)tfi'S(r^6tniriLii}>. [Kural. With the 
commentary of Parimel-aragar. Followed by the 
Tiru-valluva-malai with Sara-vana Peru-mal's com- 
mentary. Edited by Aru-muga Navalar.] pp.viii. 
ii. 384, 28, xi. Q .r sisr esr u l- i— etsarih _^sk La ^Q [Ma- 
dras, 1861.] 8°. 14172. d. 7. 

[Second edition.] pp. viii. ii. 365, 

26, X. Q<3'iS3rsjrui_i—633TtJb iLjsi] [Madras, 1875.] 
8°. 14172. d. 8. 

' o o o ^QTjir^psrr (^pSVQpLD S- Sm JTILJ ih 1^^ 

[Kural. With commentary based cliiefly upon 
that of Parimel-aragar, together with interpreta- 
tions and prolegomena purporting to be those of 
Sara-vana Peru-mal Aiyar. Edited by M. Vira- 
sami Pi]lai. Followed by the Tiru-valluva-malai 
with Sara-vana Peru-mal's commentary.] pp. 434, 
21, ii. X. ii. (L/ay [Madras, 1875.] 8°. 14172. c. 10. 
A reprint of the edition of 1849. 

o o o P(5«(5/D«aT(2p6uu3. [Kural.] pp.133. 

0.ysaTS3ru(_L_633rii [Madras,'\ 1881. 16°. 

14172. h. 35.(4.) 

The Kural of Tiruvalluvar, with the com- 
mentary of Parimelazagar and a simple and clear 
padavuray. [Edited by Mrugesa Mudaliyar.] To 
which is added an English translation of the text 
by the Rev. J. Lazarus. [Followed by the Tiru- 
valluva-malai.] [^flLQipQeii^uyirSltu P(75«(5;Bsyr 
fifi&}(LpLb . . . ^e\>aaessTe^s!!)inLjLc>.) pp. 4, 4, 623, 
29, X.; 1 plate. Madras, 1885. 8°. 14172. d. 15. 

(5i(5/wsn-. The ' Sacred ' Kurral of Tiruva]luva- 

Nayan^r. With introduction, grammar, transla- 
tion, notes, in which are reprinted Fr.C. J. Beschi's 
and F. W. Ellis's versions, lexicon, and concord- 
ance. By the Rev. G.U. Pope. pp. vi. ii. xxviii. 
i. 328, 80. London, 1886. 8°. 14172. c. 40. 

o o o (^pm npsoQpLd aaiT^^iuir ^luppliu 

'XQ^^^inuL.L-euesurtLiiX) Q u ir l^ u lj ir ilj in t^ [Ku- 
ral. Edited with a commentary by Sugattiyar," 
i.e. T. M. Scott of Madura.] pp. 275. [Madras,] 

1889. 8°. 

14172. 0. 35. 

This edition is peculiar in writing ^lu for ^ through- 
out, a double consonant for a single consonant i^reccded by 
the " muppidli," and other innovations. The text has 
apparently been emended ivith great freedom, and differs 
considerably from, that of the current editions. 

ooo^iS LpQeu^LDtrQiu ^(ir)i(^pGnQpeo(ipLO, 

uiBQLCisvLp'SBQFjSSijrtLiili. [Kural. With commentary 
of Parimel-aragar, and with paraphrases, notes, and 
biography by G. Vadi-velu Chetti. Followed by 
the Tiru-valluva-malai with Sara-vana Peru-mal's 
commentary. Edited by Vadi-velu and V. P. Teyva- 
nayaka Mudaliyar.] pp. iii. vi. ii. 1208, 30, 28, xi. 
ii.; 1 plate. Qd'&srSssr [Madras,] 1904. 8°. 

14172. c. 46. 

Der tamulische Gnomen-Dichter Tiruval- 
luver, als Spiegel des taraulischen Volksgeistes. 
[The Kural, translated into German by K. Graul.] 
See Graul (K. P. L.). Indische Sinnpflanzen und 
Blumen, etc. pp. 33-174. 1865. 16°. 14172. a. 39. 

Extracts from the Teeroo-vaulaver-kuddul, 

or the Ocean of Wisdom [sic]. See Kindersley 
(N. E.). Specimens of Hindoo Literature, etc. 
pp. 51-82. 1794. 8°. 980. k. 19. 

Kural de Tiruvalluvar, fragments traduits 

du tamoul [by E. Ariel]. (Journal Asiatique. 
Quatrieme serie, tome xii., pp. 423-433, xix., 
pp. 381-435.) Paris, 1848, 1852. 8°. 

Ac. 8808. (4e serie, torn. 12, 19.) 

Maxiraes traduites des Courals de Tirou- 

vallouvar, ou la Morale des Pariahs, d'apres des 
extraits de poesies tamoules . . . par P. G. de 
Dumast. (Extrait des Memoires de I'Academie 
de Stanislas.) pp. 25. Nancy, 1854. 8°. 

14172. b. 47. 

[Another edition.] See India. Fleurs de 

I'Inde, e/c. pp. 151-172. 1857. 8°. 14085. d. 4. 





TIRTT - VALLUVAR (conti'mied). Odos from the 
Ciiral [in English verse, preceded by a life of the 
jioet]. 6Ve Govkr (C. E.). The Folk-souga of 
Southern India, etc. pp. 200-245. 1872. 8°. 

14170. k. 71. 

Le Livre des Devoirs do Tirouvnllouva le 

divin Pariah. [Comprising portions of the Arattu 
pal and Porut-pal.] See Jacolliot (L.) . Le Pariah 
dans I'llunianit^. pp. 77-2:iO. 1876. 8°. 

10058. cc. 1. 

■ The Divine Pariah. [The legends connected 

with the life of Tiru-valluvar, with a metrical 
translation of pts. i. and ii. of his Kural.] See 
liOBiNSON (E. J.). Tales and Poems of South India, 
etc. pp. 49-149. 1885. 8°. 14170. k. 63. 

ooo Q^pC3=iaQira,Ln i^ [Kurat-sangra- 

ham. An abridgment of the Arattu pal of the 
Kural, with commentary, for the use of Catholic 
schools.] pp. 50. Lj^emei] ^^jftT^s^u) [Pondi- 
cherry, I860.] 12^ 14172. a. 21. 

r^perr . . . ^p^^uuirev. [Kural. Parti., 

or Arattu pal, treating of virtue, in 380 stanzas. 
With commentary.] pp. 77, i. Tranquehar, 1872. 
1 2°. 14172. a. 15. 

Cural. [A metrical translation of the first 

240 couplets. Preceded by a life of Tiru-vallu- 
var.] See Robinson (E. J.). Tamil Wisdom, e<c. 
pp. 14-52. 1873. 12°. 14170. k. 62. 

Le Livre de I'Amour de Tirouvallouva [i.e. 

the Kamattu pal of the Kural] traduit du tamoul 
par G. de Barrigue de Fontainieu. [With an in- 
troduction by J. Vinson.] (fAppendice. Trois 
Chapitres du Naladiyar.) pp. xix. 124. rnris, 
1889. 12°. 14172. a. 38. 

^(Vfif^perr. [Kural, bk. ii., stanzas 701- 

800. With a commentary based on thatof Parimel- 
aragar, life of the latter and of Tiru-valjuvar, etc.'] 
pp. 114, 6. See Academies, etc. — Madras. — Uni- 
versity of Madras. University of Madras. B.A. 
Examination, etc. 1900. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(6.) 

• [Extracts from the Kuraj, bk. i., ch. 1-13, 

Brief Biographies, ete. pp. i.-xix., 15-72. 1900. 
8°. 14171. e. 9. 

with commentary,. F. W. Ellis' English explana- 
tion, and a life of Tiru-valluvar.] See Krushnam- 
ACHAKTAR, V. L/ssTosf/^ L^eo&iiT ^fl^^iT sniirjuJa. 

ooo ^iTeinQeutL.t^-fb®iT. [Nana-vet^i. 

A recent work in 1899 stanzas on the Saiva theo- 
sophy and physiology, falsely attribnted to Tiru- 
vajluvar. Edited by T. Vaidi-linga Desikar.] pp. 
240. QiFsisiSssr [Madras,] 1884. 8°. 14172. b. 19. 

ooo meuir^^ssr em&j^^aj SUfiiriaestfi 

j)j/n-LCi QseijesTLDss!:^ euiu^ /rr-ixi i^ [Nava-ratna- 
vaidya-chintamani and Kevuna-mani (i.e. Gauna- 
mani). Two works in verse upon medical and 
physical pseudo-science, the former professing to 
be a summary of the Nana-vetti and the latter 
ascribed directly to Tiru-valluvar. Edited by 
Karuvur C. S. Sengalva-raya Mudaliyar.] pp. viii. 
XXXV. 192, i. [Madras,] 1889. 8". 14170.1.21. 

of the Ramannja-nuti'-antadi included in the edi- 
tions of the whole or parts of the Nal-ayira-pra- 
bandham ;] See Arvaeqal. — Nal-ayiram. 

TIRUVARITR. ^(^euir^iruLjirrresiiTui. [Tirn- 
varur-puranam. The legends of the Saiva sanc- 
tuary at Tiruvarur. Translated from the Sanskrit 
into Tamil verse by Nana-sambandha Mnni. 
Edited by T. S. Sami-natha Desikar.] pp. ii. iv, 
410, ii. Qa^mdsBT ^lu [Madras, 1895.] 8°. 

14170. e. 59. 
Said to have been composed on the occation of a vitit in 
1513 Saka. 

lino a PiLLAI, K. 

TIRTJVENGArAR. See Patianattd Pillai. 

TIRU - VENGIDACHARI, Tinivalhlr Kruslinam- 
aclidri. °°° einsiiiSlaJjUiS}i(SuiJ^.Fn J (T iiuSj ALU 
[Vaidya-anubhoga-sara-sangraham. A treatise 
on medicine, based on the works ascribed to the 
legendary 18 Siddhars. Second edition.] pp. 231. 
Palghat, 1893. 8". 14170. i. 34. 

malai, disciple of Ell'-appar. <> » " eueveviren- 
u^sirjrir^&iraeiD^ [Vallala-maha-rajan-kathai. A 
story of the sorrows of King Vallalun previous to 
the birth of a son to him, illustrative of Ell'- 
appar's Arunachala-puranam, chapter vii. Edited 
by T. Sita-pati Nayakar.] pp. 64. Q^ or Scar 
iBrwir^ [Madras, 1879.] 8°. 14170. k. 18. 

c c 





isiriu^ir e9e\}ir^Lb. [Tiru-nila-kautha-nayanar- 
vilasam. A drama founded on the legend of a 
devotee of Siva. Edited by K.Raja-gopala Pillai.] 
pp. 70. Qa^mdosr it-jeu [Madras, 1875.] 8°. 

14170. 1. 8. 

TIRU-VENKATACHARI, M. S. A collection of the 
papei's relating to Sri Runganathaswami Temple, 
its management & the rights and privileges of the 
Tengalais in the same, and consisting of Decisions 
of Civil Courts, Orders & Saunads of Collectors, 
Proceedingsof the Board of Revenue etc., compiled 
by M. S. Thiruvenkata Chari. pp. yii. 186,4, iii. 
59. Trlchinopoly, 1887. Fol. 14170. h. 2. 

TIEU-VENKATACHARI, Sarasvati. See Vaeaha- 
uiHiEA. iB(rF)QiD'Si^'r^s,Lcs ^ [Marigiilesvaryani. 
Being a Tamil version of the Bruhaj-jatakam and 
its Telugu prose pai'aphrase by Tiru-venkatacliari.] 
1905. 8°. 14171. g. 6. 

TIRU-VENKATACHARYAR, Chitrahutam Kandd- 
(lai. [For works edited by Tiru-venkatacharyar, 
see under the following headings :] 

Ahvakgal. — Nal-ayiram. — Entire Canon. 
„ „ Miidal-ciyiram. 

„ „ Perhja-tirii-moii. 

Pillai Lokacharyar. 
Pillai Lokam-jiyar. 
Pinb'-aragiya Peru-mal JIyar. 

vaatu. See Nan-jiyar. o o oe3^Ssr>sj'o Sli [Atma- 
vivaham, etc. Edited by Tiru-venkatacharyar.] 
1893. 8°. 14170. ee. 40. 

J^andan. /B/5^to6roT(_6Vcj^^«tii LD, [Nanda-mau- 
dala-satakam. With commentary by Tiru-ven- 
katam.] 1894. 8°. 14170. k. 37. 

TIRU-VENKATA-NATHAR. S'^/r.y/r/r^.a/rev/ril- 
(blui9jrui5^LD. [Gita-sara-talattu-prabandham. 
A poem on the philosophy of the Gfta, in the form 
of a cradle-song.] See Rama-sami Svami. /5/r,sa)- 
?fflJ6u/r^««ilt_Ssn- ^, [Nana-jlva-vada-kattalai, 
etc.] pp. 26-39. [1887.] 12°. 14170. d. 26. 

TIRU-VENKATA NAYUDTT, K.V., of Pachaiyappa'a 
College. See Rama-linga Pillai, K. o o o ^rm- 
euQ^iLurr ^/luiS/iUinSsc. [Tiruv-arut-pa-ingita- 

malai. Edited with commentary by Tiru-venkata.] 
1904. 8°. 14170. eee. 7. 

[For other works edited by Tiru-venkata, 

see under the following headings :] 
Ramanuja-dasae, K. 


ooo Q en Ljinr;sss)^Q(o^rr^^Q IT LCit^^ri}^. [Siva- 

pui-anadi-tottira-maiijari. A collection of Saiva 
hymns, chiefly from the local Puriinas.] pp. xiii. 
344, 8, ii. Q'S'siirSssr eQsnihiSl [Madras, 1899.] 
12°. 14170. d. 58. 

TIRU-ViNKATA PILLAI, yl. See Aesop. Aesop's 
Fables . . . translated into Tamil by A. Theroo- 
vengada Pillay, etc. 1853. 8°. 14170. k. 32. 

TIRU-VENKATA- SVAMI, Mddai (Venkatesa Pan- 
ditar). See Krushna Misea. jj^ . . . Qmiui^- 
(gj/rssroQeiraaii). [Mey-iiana-vilakkam. Tiru-ven- 
kata-svami's poetical adaptationof Prabodba-chan- 
drodayaui.] 1898. 8°. 14172. c. 27. 

See Krushna MisRA. iSijjQuir^^iB^Qa ir^aj 

i^ [Prabodha-chandrddaya-vachanam. A prose 
rendering of Tiru-venkata-svami's Mey-iiana-vi- 
lakkam.] 1889. 12°. 14170. 1. 21. 

See Krushna MisRA. i9,nQufT^,s^ ib^Qirn- 

^tu 1^ [Prabodha-chandrodaya-vachanara. A 
prose version of Tiru-venkata-svami's Mey-nana- 
vilakkani.] 1902. 8°. 14170. 1. 57. 

luitha. L/«6u^ Ssm^ s'ira ^laQjain, [Bhagavad- 
gitai-sara-sangraham. A prose summai-y of the 
Bhagavad-gita.] pp. 33. Guiej^x^it a,j>jai,u) 
[Bangalore, 1890.] 16°. 14170. d. 35.(1.) 

\j^^jrs)V6urrL£la^sif>t_uj ■3' fl^^QjLa. The 

Lifeof SreemathSridharaSwami [a modern theistic 
reformer. Reprinted from tlie " Hindu Nesan''], 
pp.23. Q^'skenruuiLi— esaTLo[Madras,] 1907. 12°. 

14171. d. 9. 

TIRUVERKADU. ^(iT)Q&i^)aiirtL®uLjjir6ismLa, [Ti- 
ruverkattu-puranam, orVada-vedaranya-puranani. 
A poetical account of the legends of the Saiva 
sanctuary of Tiruverkadu or Vada-vedaranyam. 
Edited by Puvai Kalyana-sundara Mudaliyar.] 
pp.4, 141. Qa-«r aw [i/arfra»,] 1903. 8^ 

14170. ff. 14. 





TniirV-ISAI-PA. [For editions of this collection, 
which forms bk. 1) of the Tiru-murai :] St'cTiutJ- 


T5LA-M0RI DEVAR. o o o (^orr/rujesaiR. [Chula- 
mani. One of the five minor epic poems. Edited 
by S. V. Diimodaram Pillai.] pp. xvii. iv. xix. 

308. G}<r68TOTL/tlL_si3rtb [Madras,] 1889. 8°. 

14172. b. 39. 

C^en rr LDssiiB , [Vachana-chulamani, or Tivitta-ku- 
maran-kathai. The story of the Chiiirimani ren- 
dered into prose by S. V. Diimodaram Pijjai.] pp. 2, 
162, i. (o)<sr6ars3rL/(_z_63iJ7Lb \_Madras,] 1898. 12°. 

14171. a. 31. 

TOL-KAPPIYA DEVAR. o o o ^QF,uurr^fiuLjS- 
A series of devotional verses, in various metres, 
on the Saiva cult of Tirupapuliyur. Edited by 
U. V. Saminath'-aiyar.] pp. iv. 31. Q<9=eisrssr- 
uiLi^ssirih [Madras,] 1908. 8°. 14170. ee. 5.(3.) 

TOL-KAPPIYANAR. Q^rrdv^rruulium t^, [Tol- 
kappiyain. An ancient Tamil grammar, in three 
books, styled Erutt'-adhikaram, SoU'-adhikaram, 
and Porul-adhikarain. With the commentary by 
Nachinarkk'-iniyar. Edited by S. V. Damodaram 
Pillai.] 3 vols. Qa=ms!STuiLi_e!ssrL£i [Madras^ 
1885-/5/6^/5 [1892.] 8°. 14172.6.13. 

Vol. 1 appeared in 1891, vol. 2 in 1892, and vol. 3 in 1885. 

The name Tol-kiippiyaniir aimply weans 'author of (he 
ancient poem ' (tol-kappiyam). The tvriter is also known by 
the title Tirana-dumnkkini (Skt. Trina-dhumagni). 

There is some evidence that the commentary upon the 
Seyyul-iyal of the Tol-h'ippiyam, here ascribed to Nachi- 
narkk'-iniyar, is really by Fer-iisiriyar (Iraiyani'tr I). See 
Sehgalva-riiya Pillai's History of Tamil Prose Literatiu'e, 
p. 10, and Sesha-giri Snstri's Report, no. 2, p. 115. 





[Tol-kappiyam. Pt. i., or Erutt'-adhikaram, with 
the commentary of Nachinarkk'-iuiyar. Edited 
by Maravai Maha-liiig'-aiyar.] pp. ii. iv. 228. 
iSleo&iib^ [Madras, 1847.] 8°. 14172. f. 4. 






kappiyam. Bk. ii. (Soll'-adhikaram.) With com- 
mentary by Senav-araiyar. Edited by Aru-muga 
Navalar.] pp. i. 305, viii. Q^menruiLL-essrii) 
eQueu [Madras, 1868.] 8°. 14172. e. 6. 

Q^fretiairui9uj<r £Fes3rQpae8Qr)^jiiiu9sir , , . 

u/ru3jafl(5^^. [Tol-kappiyam. With a com- 
mentary styled Shanmukha-vrutti by Sojavanda- 

nur Ara?an-Shanmukhanar.] ^^mr [Tanjorf,] 

1905, e<c. 8°. 14172.6.43. 

In progrcn f 

• (f Q^ireoairLJi9iuu) OuiT(i^err^9injuD uy. 

QiFiuit^mrliueo iB-r^^^aQsjfliUQ^enjr.) [i^eyyaj- 
iyal. The chapter on the art of versification in 
the Porul-adhikaram of the Tol-kiippiyam. Willi 
Nachinarkk'-iniyar's commentary.] [1904, etc.] 
See AcADEMiBS, etc. — Madura. ["Sen-damif " sup- 
plement.] no. 21. 1902, etc. 8°. 

14172. i. l.*(no. 21.) 
Apparently discontinued after verse 104. 

TONI)AR-Api-POpiY-ARVAR. [For editions of the 
Tiru-malai and Tiru-piijliy-eruchi of this saint, 
included in the editions of the whole or parts 
of the Nal-ayira-prabandham :] See Arvargal. — 

TOTTAYA. See Doddaya. 

TOTTAYYANGAR. See Dodp'-atyangab. 

T5TTIRA-GiTAM. Qsrr^^ir S^th. [Tottira- 
gitam. A Roman Catholic collection of hymns to 
St. Michael and other saints.] pp. 10. ujiiij:.u- 
uiremm [Jnfna,] 1890. 12°. 14170. a. 35.(3.) 

TRIKtJTA-RAJ'-APPAR, Melagaratiagar. ^^ 
^0 a. (g;D(V)p 6v^^ eu L/ ir /?• 63sra;<F68r(£i. [Tiru-kutSala- 
tala-purana-vachanam. A poem by Trikuta-raj'- 
appar on the legends and cult of the Saiva sanc- 
tuary of Kuttalam (Courtallum), from a Siinskrit 
mdliatniyam based on the Sanatkumara-samhita 
in the Sankara-samhitii of the Skanda-puranam, 
rendered in prose by M. R. Aruniichala Kavi- 
rayar.] pp. 6, 339, i. 2. in^snir [Madura^ 190t). 
12°. 14170. dd. 13. 

TRIMMER (George J.). " Stewards of the Myste- 
ries of God." Translation of an ordination charge 
delivered at the ordination of the Rev. D. V. Tha- 
motheram, at Christ Church, Point Pedro, January 
27th 1892. pp. 29. Batticaloa, 1892. 16°. 

14170. a. 57.(1.) 

TRINCAL (Jean-Baptiste), S. J. See Biblk. — 
Neio Testament. The New Testament . . . Trans- 
lated . . . from the Latin Vulgate with annota- 
tions by ... J. B. Trincal, etc. 1906. 8". 

14170. CO. 10. 

TBIITCOMALI. — Hindu - mata -hhnndana- sahhai. 





(* airae\)Qsirs^Q^iTs^LCi.) [Hindu-mata-khanda- 
nam. A series of tracts against popular Hinduism, 
\>Y a society of Theistic reformers.] 2 pts. Jaffna, 
1891. 8°. 14170. c. 29.(1.) 

Saiva-pralMsa-samdjam, o o o etn a' eu u iSl jr - 

<s/r<y<yLO/r<yff Gfiu^sarii. [Saiva-prakasa-samaja- 
vedanam. Report of the Society at Trincomali 
for the first year, 1890-91.] pp. 16. Jaffna, 
eQQirSl [1891.] 8°. 14170. e. 41.(1.) 

TRTTNA-DHUMAGNI. See Tol-kappiyanar. 

TTTLASINGA MTIDALIYAR, Fuvlrundavalli S. emm- 
(Lpemp uiriQiELLeuiSl^^iuih. [Kai-niurai pocket- 
vaidyara. A compilation on medical practice.] 
pp. 32, 352. ui^j/rsn) [JWarfras,] 1905. 16°. 

14171. f. 6. 

QMSS)<xirfJ^S^ ^ &i IB (B IT IT in ^ [Torugai-raujita- 
alaiikaram, or Shari'atin tulakkam bid'atin vilak- 
kam. Devotional lyrics for Moslems. Edited by 
Muliammad Mir Jawad.] 2 pts. ^aarQisiex) 
[Dhuligal,] 1897. 12°. 14173. a. 7. 

TUEAI-SAMI. See Durai-sami. 

TYAGA-RAJA DESIKAR, son of Vaidija-ndtha. 
uu iLi^tuey). [Patt'-iyal. A chapter on Ars Poetica, 
ascribed to Tyaga-raja, and forming the 5th sec- 
tion of Vaidya-natha's Ilakkana-vilakkam.] See 
Vaidta-natha Desikar, Tiruvurur. °°° ^evimesur- 
eQens,iBLD i^ [Ilakkana-vilakkam.] pp. 784-851. 
[1889.] 8°. 14172. e. 24. 

TYAGA-RAJA DIKSHITAR, Mahd-mahopddhydyar, 
of Mannargudi. eQy,^a^^^jrirdn^.^irjre!S3j ,-8^- 
uesuTLa. [Vibhuti-rudraksha-dharai.ia-nirupanam. 
A treatise on the Saiva practice of smearing the 
body with burnt cow-dung and wearing rosaries 
of elceocarpus berries. Translated from Tyaga- 
raja's Sanskrit work called Durjanokti-nirasa into 
Tamil by Ettayapuram Veiikatachala Dikshitar, 
with the quotations in the original Sanskrit. 
With notes by Virudai Siva-nana Yogi.] pp. vi. 
130, iii. Q^a^&sT^ \_M:adrasi\ 1901. 12°. 

14170. d. 85.(1.) 

■ See Siva-nana Yogi. l^^q^^^Q- 

jrirai'S,^s^6S3T aes3i L-/Bih. [Bhuti-rudrakka- 
dushana-khandanam. A defence of Tyaga- 
raja's work.] 1901. 12°. 14170. d. 85.(2.) 

TYAGA-RAJA MUDALIYAR, P., discqde of Sinna- 
svdmi nilai. See Vidyananda Svami. •r,nssva:&}ir 
L/^s^essTLD. [Sakala-kala-bhiishanam. Edited by 
Tyiiga-raja.] 1899. 8°. 14171. a. 37. 

TYAGA-RAJA PILLAI, Nallur. See Arul-appa 
Navalar. ^(if)'3=(ol^e\)6urraiTeQ\uLa. [Tiru-chclvar- 
kavyam. Edited with explanations etc. by Tyaga- 
raja.] 1896. 8°. 14170. bb. 6. 

TYAGA-RAJA PILLAI, Trisirapuram. o o o Q-s^&sst- 
u<!EeiJSve30iUosr,^La U6ilsn,i,Q.xiT la^mn i—<BLt:> [Pa- 
valakodi-natakam. A drama on the legend of 
Arjuna's marriage with Pavalakodi. Edited by 
Vira-sami Nayudu.] pp. 180. O^ysirSssr eS^iu 
[Madras, 1893.] 8°. 14170. 1. 40. 

Q u IT esT ssr u rr s^ihiajrir kitl^sld. [Ponnarar- 

sankarar-natakam. A drama.] pp. 134. ^iBSir- 
L^ IT LD i9sveu [TrichinopoU, 1902.] 8°. 14170.1.28. 

TYAGA- RAJA- SVAMI, Tiruvalydru Rdma-hrah- 
mam. \_Lifc.~\ See Nara-simma Bhagavata-svami. 
ew^(^f£, ^[uir^rrir^isni'aUfrLS iffifiQuin. [Tyao-a- 
rfija-svaini-charitram.] 1906. 12°. 14171. a. 48.(3.) 

jODi MuNiVAR. ^Qf)e9?&TUjirL^ib Ljj-rrassrLD. [Tiru- 
vilaiy-adar-puranam. Edited on the basis of the 
editions of Sara-vana Peru-mal and Tyaga-raya.] 
[1850.] 8°. 14170. ee. 1. 

TYAGA-RAYA SVAMI, Tiruvdlur. [For works 
edited by Tyjiga-raya Svami, see under the fol- 
lowing headings :] 

Arunachai.a Kavi-rayar. 


Rama-chandra Kavi-rayar. 

UDAL. a_i_sv_a5?ffl9e»r««ti, [Udal-ari-vilakkam. 
Saiva verses on physiology.] See Siddhargal. 
ooo Qu/fliLi (ST)iTesriQaiT stmsu. [Periya-iiana-kovai.] 
pt. ii. 1906. 12°. 14170. dd. 12. 

UDDHAVA CHID-GHANA. See Mah.vbhakta- 
VIJAYAM. ° oou^LD^rru^i^sQ^jiuiJa, [Mahd-bhakta- 
vijayam. Compiled and translated from Uddbava's 
Bhakta-mala, etc.] 1870, 4°. 14170. f. 5. 

1893. 4°. 

14170. f. 22. 
14170. f. 6. 







rana-ohurukkam. Edited by Ulaga-uatha.] [1906.] 
8°. 14170. eee. 10. 

TJLAQA-NATHA-SVAMI, Timvidai-marudur (Bhik- 
shuSastri). 6'e<! Sankakachakyab. [,Doubtful atid 
Supposititious Works.'l ^evoh^i^eQir^^ ^ [A 
collection, comprising Dasakam, Viveka-shatkam, 
Sorupanusandhfiua-dudi, Manlsha-paiichakam, and 
Sopaua-panchakatii, metrically rendered by Ulaga- 
uatha, etc.] [1888.] 16°. 14170. d. 28. 

See Sayanachaeyar. °°° '^euesrnpm^ lo 

[Jivan-mukti-prakaranam. Translated by Ulaga- 
natha.] [1887.] 12°. 14170. d. 24. 

See Siva-rahasyam. /Al/S'ss)^ i^ [Ribhu- 

gltai-tirattu. 874 stanzas from Ulaga-natha's 
metrical version of the Ribhu-gita.] 1906. 16°. 

14170. dd. 15. 

ULLAM-TTDAIYAN. See Para-hitam. Q.3=it^- 
■3=n-^^n in. The Oriental Astronomer [purporting 
to be a translation into Tamil by Ullani-udaiyan 
of the Para-hitam], efc. 1848. 8°. 14170.1.8. 

UMA-PATI SIVACHARYAR, KoUavangudi, disciple 

of Marai-ndna-sambandliar. ooo Q eii u i9 ir s it ■a^ lb 

^/(VjSiiQ^il.uiusa' eQi^Qeusmuir ^ [Siddhantash- 

takam. Eight ■works on the Saiva-siddhantam, 

comprising (1) the Siva-prakJisam, (2) the Tiruv- 

arut-payan, (3) the Vina-ven-ba, (4) the Potji- 

pa'rodai, (5) the Kodi-kavi, (6) the Neiiju-vidu- 

diidu, (7) the Uiimai-neri-vilakkam, and (8) the 

Sankarpa-nirakaranam. Edited by K. Shanmukba- 

sundara Mudaliyar, with commentaries founded 

upon those of Chidambara-nathar upon (1), of 

Nirambav-aragiyar upon (2), of Namas-sivaya 

Tambiran upon (3), and others. Second edition.] 

pp. xxvii. 550, viii. 93, xi. iii. 9, iii. 24, ii. 10, 

iv. 61, ii. 8, 24, 139. ©.s^sir^ guj {^Madras, 

1895.] 12°. 14170. d. 37. 

These 8 works are said to have been lorilten, in their 
present order, in Saka 1228-1235. 

Sl&iLJtQjmirs'Ui. (^^(i^eii(jF)LLuiu<ssr^ aS(g)- 

QeussoTuir, etc.) [Siddhantashtakam, with com- 
mentaries, viz. (i) Siva-prakasam, with commen- 
tary of Chidambara-nathar, (ii) Tiruv-arut-payan, 
with commentai-y of . Nirambav-aragiyar, (iii) 
Vina-vei.i-ba, with commentary of Nama.s-sivaya 
Tambiran, (iv) i'otti-pa'rodai, (v) Kodi-kavi, (vi) 
Neiiju-vidu-diidu, with commentary of Kalyaiia- 
sundara Mudaliyar, (vii) Unmai-neri-vilakkam, 

(viii) Sankarpa-nirakaraijam.] See Met-kanda* 
SATTiRAM. Quitijaei/ii^^ir^^inii 1^ [Mey-kanda- 
9attiram.] pp. 615-856, 1897. 8°. 14170. ft 3. 

o o ^^^/r/B^/ro^/_«(i ^ [Siddhanta- 
shtakam. Comprising the same 8 works as in 
the two preceding edition.s, witboat commen- 
taries.] 7 pta. See Mey-kanda-sattikam. ooo«8}.y. 
euQ^^iri^o'ir/i^QjLo i^ [^aiva-siddhanta-satti- 
ram.] [1899.] 12°. 14170. d. 63. 

■ ^(/^^Q^irsssri^iTL^ irn essr eujmir^ (^nh- 

Qpes>jpaeisan^L^rriT633TLD, ^Q^^Q^irftmi^n^ugiresur 
3-irjrtii.) [Tiru-tondar-purana-varalaru, or §ekki- 
rar-nayanar-puranam, a poem on the legends of 
the religious poet Sekkiyar ; Tiru-murai-ganda- 
puranam, or Nambiy-aniiar-nambi-puraiiam, an 
account of the codifier of the Tim-majai ; and 
Tiru-tondar-puraiia-saram, an abstract of the 
Periya-puranam.] See Sekkirae. o o o Quifliu 
Ljjnrsssiui t^ [Periya-puranam.] [1880.] 8°. 

14170. f. 4. 

[The same works.] See Sekkirar. Qa's- 

Sipirir . . . Q u fl tu Lj a IT essr Lo ^ [Periya-puranam.] 
vol. i. [1885]-1898. 8°. 14170. f. 1. 

Qanu9p LjatressTLB. [Koyir-puranam. A 

Saiva poem on the cult and legends of the temple 
at Chidambaram. With commentary by Aru- 
muga Navalar.] pp. iv. v. 275. Qa-asTosruiLi—- 
smih i9jru&j [Madras, 1868.] 12°. 14170. d. 13. 

&&ii9iT^iT'S'LCi. Siva-pirak&sam, Light of 

Sivan. A metaphysical and theological treatise, 
translated from the Tami}, with notes. By Rev. 
Henry R. Hoisington. (Journal of the American 
Oriental Society. Vol. iv., pp. 125-244.) Boston, 
1854. 8°. Ac. 8824.(vol. 4.) 

Light of Grace, or Thiruvarutpayan, of 

Umapathi Siva Charya. Translated with notes 
and introduction. By J. M. Nallaswami Pillai. 
[With the Tamil text appended.] pp. iv. i. 32, 
ix. Trichinopoli/, Madras [printed], 1896. 8°. 

14170. ee. 12.(1.) 

The Mystic Formula of the Five Letters, 

etc. (tThe Form of Grace, The Nature of Grace, 
etc.). [Chapters ix., ▼., iv., vi.-viii., x., of the 
Tiruv-arut-payan, translated into English, with 





notes.] See Tieu-murai. — Tiru-vdchalmm. The 
Tiruva9again, etc. pp. xxxix.-lx. 1900. 8°. 

14170. ff. 7. 

'UMAR, Poet. See Muhammad Sultan ibn Ahmad 
'Umak. &Qrf'3-'3'fiaLc>. [Sira-satakam. Verses 
founded on the Sira.] 1900. 8°. 14173. b. 25.(2.) 

&(mQeiibsrQ&srpL-j!rires3!LCi. [Siru-puranam 

(i.e. Arab. Sirah). A poem on the legends relating 
to Muhammad. Edited, from a copy corrected by 
Shaikh 'Abd al-Kadir of Kayalpatnam, by Allah- 
bichai Pulavar.] pp. viii. 536. ^^ [Madras, 
1885.] 8°. 14173. b. 20. 

— 9 QT^ u i_i irir em LD [Slra-puranam. Withprose 

paraphrase by Shaikh Tambi Pavalar.] Q^sisrSssr 

[Madras,] 1902, etc. 8°. 14173. b. 18. 

In progress. 

IJPANISHADS. ooo ^^pQpi^Q e-UfSsi^^^'Xerr. 
[Niitt'-ettu tJpanishattngal. The Sanskrit text 
in Telugu characters. Edited with a Tamil trans- 
lation and extracts from the commentaries of 
Sankara, Narayana, Raiiga-ramanu ja, and Ananda- 
tirtha, also translated into Tamil, and Tamil 
notes, by P. V. Srinivasa liaghavacharyar.] pt. 1. 
pp. 32. QiF&sr&iruLLi—essrLD [Madras,] 1887. 8°. 

14010. dd. 2. 

6 o o ^Q^irui£ls^^,^ijjirisQu-uiT:^ajLD. 

[Dasopanishad-dravida-bhashyam. Ten Upani- 
shads in Sanskrit, — viz. the Isavasya, Keua, 
Katha, Prasna, Muiulaka, Mandukya, Aitareya, 
Bruhad-aranyaka, Chhilndogya, and Taittiriya — 
and a Tamil commentary comprising word-for- 
word interpretations of the text and translations 
of the commentaries of Sankara and Ramanuja, 
together with the Kivrikas of Gavida-pada in 
Sanskrit and Sankara's commentary thereupon in 
Tamil. Compiled and edited by A. Srinivasa 
I'iitacharya Svanii.] 6 pts. OcS-sJrSsjjr ■x.jijaher 
[3y<(r7ra.'!, 1897]-1898. 8°. 14010. dd. 14. 

The text of eacJi verse is printed in both Grantham and 
Telugu character, 

euojsus^Qi/orreu !&£i^2^% ... ui^-g" ^Qa^ir- 

uiSe^^ ^, [Panchadasdpanishadah. Fifteen Upa- 
ni shads, seil. the Kaivalya, Narayana, Amruta- 
bindu (Brahma-bindu), Maitrayani, Maitreyi, 
Sarva-sara, Niralamba, Atma-bodha, Narada-pari- 
vrajaka, Skanda, Paingala, Sarlraka, Varaha, 

Kali-santarana, and Muktika. Edited with Tamil 
inti'oduction, notes, and translation by Villa- 
varambal Kuppu-sami Aiyar.] pp. ii. x. iv. ii. 
449, ix. Q^FskssruiLL-estfTth Q&joeQenLoiS [Madras, 
1898.] 8°. 14010. cc. 12. 

nishad-vidya. A collection of Upanishads in 
Sanskrit with Tamil translations, commentaries, 
etc. Compiled and edited by K. R. Srinivasa 
DIkshitar.] vol.i.,pt. 1 — vol. iii., pt. 8. rB®da;a- 
Qeiiifl [Nadukhaveri,] lS98-a= trneuifl [1901.] 8°. 

No more published. 

^i^ etr>ut9sv (st^^lc J)/jiBulIit s'^^iu 

(osu^LD ^ (The Hindu Holy Bible, containing 
the Old Testament : or [selections from the] 
Upanishaths [printed in Tamil characters, with 
English translation and Tamil introductions, trans- 
lation, commentary, etc.]. Compiled by S. P. 
Narasimmalu Nayudu.) vol. i. pp. viii. vi. 24, ii. 
272. Coimhatore, 1898. 8°, 14170. ee. 15. 

Second edition, pp.ii. 22,ii. xxxviii. xxi. 302, 

109; I I'late. Madras, 1906. 8°. 14007. b. 31. 

/=f<rireiiir0tv(Sujfrui8<s^^i^arr cd, (Isava- 

syopanishad [in Telugu and Tamil characters]. 
With [Tamil glosses and] commentaries [by] 
Sreemat Paramahnmsa Bala Subrahraania Brahma 
Swamy.) pp. i. 106. Q'fekSsur [Madras, 1899.] 

8°. 14010. b. 21. 

Forms no. 1 of the Bala Brahmam Series. 

o o o ^trurrQeoiruiSt—^^Qeisr Qufr iSluu- 

emfftLjihsSQ^s' u.eijs!n aiLjLci [Jabalopanishad. The 
Sanskrit text, with the Tamil commentary of 
Srinivasa Dikshitar. Edited by Sivananda-siigara 
Yoglsvarar. Second edition.] pp. 88, vii. m®i- 
anQeni [Nadukhaveri,] 1900. 8°. 14007. b. 12.(2.) 

Gnseueoiuurrsi^ujiD. [Kaivalya-bhashyam. 

Comprising the Sanskrit text of the Kaivalya- 
upanishad with the commentary of K. Srinivasa 
Dikshitar, translated from the Sanskrit by T. 
Sivananda-sagai'a Yogisvarar.] pp.52. S^LDu/rto 
[Chidambaram,] 1898. 8°, 14170. ee. 31. 

QaQmiTUi8e^^^i9sisiai ^ [Kenopanishad. 

Sanskrit text, with the commentary Kenopani- 
shad-dipikai of Bala-subrahmanya Brahma-sviimi, 





iu Tamil.] pp. 207. Q^^rSssr iMadras,] 1900. 
12^ 14007. b. 13.(1.) 

The Sanshrit verses are printed in the Grantham cha- 
racter, mith transliteration into Tamil letters. 

'UTHMAN ibn MUHAMMAD, Maulavl Saiyid. See 
Ahmad ibn Ahmad, al-SIiarjl al-Zabidl. t-j'oi Ij.* 
Jl jjyij iU\j JJl^l [Al-Fawa'id fi al-salat wa'l- 

'awa'id. Translated by 'Uthman.] [1880.] 8°. 

14173. c. 3. 

TITTARA-GITA. ^^^uSsr,^. [Uttara-gita. A 
Sanskrit philosophical poem, forming a supplement 
to the Bhagavad-glta. With a Tamil paraphrase 
and notes, based upon the commentary of Gauda- 
pada, by V. Kuppu-svanii Raju.] pp. ii. 61. ^^- 
6sj^ Qo^ituBq^^ [Tanjore, 1902.] 12°. 

14048. a. 29.(3.) 
Forms no. 1 of the series Gitai-kottu. 


^^, Cj^ei^ K '^iv ir QTfLn ^QF/i.sisiPiTi^LJUi^ujn'Q^LC:. [Ti- 
ruv-undiyar, a poem in 45 stanzas on the 9'*iva 
Siddhantam, by Tiruviyalur Uyya-vandar. Fol- 
lowed by tlie Tiru-ka]ittu-padiyar of Tirukadavur 
Uyya-vandar, a like work in 100 stanzas. With 
commentary on the former b\'Sittambala-tambiran 
Svami and on the latter by Siva-prakasa-tambiran 
8viimi. Edited by K. Shanmukha-sundara Muda- 
liyar. Second edition.] [1896.] 12°. SfleUYYA- 
VAXDA Deva-nayanar, Tiruviyalur. 14170. d. 65. 

^Q^'i<xerfl/bj3/uutf-u.i/r/r. [Tiru-kalittu- 

padiyar. With commentary by Siva-prakasa-tam- 
biriin Svami.] See Mey-kanda-sattiram. Qiniu- 
a, SS3T i_ -3= IT ^ ^ J Ln ^ [Mey-kanda-sattiram.] pp. 
23-68. 1897. 8°. 14170. ff. 3. 

Said to have been written in Salca 1100. 

^nrjis&flp.g)iLJUi^iuiriT. [Tiru-kalittu-pa- 

diyar.] pp. 16. See Mey-kanda-sattiram. °°o 
0Si3'eiiSl^f,iri^'3=iT^^irLn t^ [Saiva-siddhiinta- 
sattiram.] [1899.] 12°. 14170. d. 53. 


^Sl(i^ei\ih^ajii(iT)Ln ^(if)aia'si?ipjpJUuif-ajiT(jr)LD. [Ti- 
rnv-undiyar, a poem in 45 stanzas on the Saiva 
Siddhantam, by Tiruviyaliir Uyya-vandar. Followed 
by the Tiru-kalittu-padiyar of Tirukadaviir Uyya- 
vandar, a like work in 100 stanzas. With com- 
mentary on the former by Siltambala-tambiran 
Svami and on the latter by Siva-prakasa-tambiran 

Svami. Edited by K. Shanmukha-sundara Mu- 
daliyar. Second edition.] pp. viii. 39, xxiv. 
95. &i^ir^QfiuQuL-es)L. ^iTQpQ [ChitUmlripel , 
1896.] 12°. 14170. d. 66. 

The Tiruv-undiyar is said to have been written about 
Saka 1070. 

The editor ascribes both the commentaries to Siva-pra- 
ki'isar, whom he identifies with SiUambala-tambxran ; see 
however the Mey-kanda-suttirarn (1^7), preface, p. v. 

P(5ffl/«^;«j/r/f. [Tiruv-undiyar. With 

commentary by Sittambala-tambiran Svami.] See 
Mey-kanda-sattiram. QLLajmessri^o'iT^i'^i lh ^ 
[Mey-kaiuja-sattiram.] pp. 3-22. 1897. 8°. 

14170. ff. 3. 

,Q0a/«p(u/r/f ^^, [Tiruv-undiyar.] pp.4. 

See Mey-kanda-sattiram. 00° en^rsuS^^iri^- 

s'lr^^MUi t^ [Saiva-siddhanta-sattiram.] [1899.] 
12°. 14170. d. 53. 

NAS. — Mnfsya-2'urdnam. °°ouiS=a'LfinressrLD. [Mat- 
sya-puranam. A poetical version by Vada-raalaiy- 
appa.] 1900. 8°. 14170. ee. 43. 

See SiBiYA Ratna Kavi-bayar. 00° l/sd- 

eiiinrpj)iuuiss)i^. [Pulavar-attu-padai. A pane- 
gyric upon Vada-malaiy-appa Pillai.] 1903. 8°. 
\" Sen-damir" supplement.] 14172. i. 1.* (no. 3.) 

VADARJSAR. m^!ra-ir Saum^^ ^uiL®. [Va- 
darisar-prabaiidha-tirattu. Hymns for the cult of 
Vinayakar and Sablia-nayakar at the Saiva sanc- 
tuary of Vadarinagar or Ilandainagar.] pp. 17. 
0* eir^ [jJ/aJra«,] 1902. 12°. 14170. d. 32.(5.) 

VADE MECUM. See Anglo-Tamil Reader. 

VADI-VELU CHETTI, Q. See Appa-svami Pillai. 
iBiSiJi§jS<firjru>. [Nava-nita-saram. Edited by Vadi- 
velu.] 1903. 12°. 14170. d. 87. 

See [Addenda] Dharma-raja DIkshitab. 

000 Qen^iris^uBuirems^, [Vedanta-paribhashai. 
Revised by Vadi-velu.] 1907. 16°. 14170. dd. 18. 

See Sankabacharyar. 000 ^,i^T/B^i5«^. 

[Dasa-sloki. With Madhu-sudana's Siddhanta- 
bindu translated into Tamil by Riimn-chandra 
Sastri and re-written and edited by Vadi-velu.] 
1906. 12°. 14049. aa. 1. 

See Siva-bahastam. /fltyff«B>/S ^, [Ribhu- 

gitai-tirattu. Edited with notes by Vadi-velu and 
Shanmukha.] 1906. 10°. 14170. dd. 16. 





VADI-VELU CHETTI, G. (continued). See TiEn- 
VALLUVAE. o oo ^iQi^Qeii^th i^ [Kural. With 
commentary of Parimel-aragar, and with para- 
phrases, etc., by Vadi-velu. Edited by Vadi-velu.] 
1904. 8°. 14172. c. 46. 

VADI-VELU MUDALIYAR, MdHgddu, disciple of 
AppanCheffl. See [Addenda] Aruna-giei-natha 
SvAMi. ^ . . . ^(TTjuLj^sLp ^^, [Tiru-pugar. 
Edited with paraphrase by Vadi-velu.] 1906, etc. 
12°. 14172. a. 61. 

See [Addenda] Auvaiyar. — Supposititious 

Worlcs. e^enemeiiiuirir . . . (^pen ^, [Kural. E- 
dited with glosses, paraphrases, etc., by Vadi-velu.] 
1906. 12°. 14172. a. 57. 

See [Addenda] Gana-fati-dasae. Qih<^- 

3=rSl<sQenisw i^ [Nefij'-ari-vilakkam. Edited with 
interpretation etc. by Vadi-velu.] 1906. 8°. 

14170. eee. 28. 

See [Addenda] Mastan Sahib. 

o o ° tDsrD- 

^ IT &ST 3- IT Q Lj . . . ufTi—sv [Padal. With paraphrase 
etc. by Vadi-velu.] 1908. 8". 14172. bb. 27. 

8ee'NATk-RAJAii,Ktranur. Jathakalankaram, 

etc. [With paraphrase by Vadi-velu.] 1902. 8°. 

14171. g. 4. 

See Pattanattu Pillai. uiLi—emsi^^u- 

i9fffr?eiriLiirir uiru-eo i^ [Padal, etc. With bio- 
graphies and paraphrase by Vadi-velu.] 1899. 
12°. 14170. d. 64. 

See Puli-pani. \j^ . . . um^Qj/tLQ ^irevLb 

^i(D, [Puli-pani-pala-tiruttu-jalam. Edited with 
commentary by Vadi-velu.] 1906. 8'. 14171. g. 8. 

See Rama-linga Pillai, K. o°o ^Qf^eu- 

(iT)L-Liir ^ [Tiruv-arut-pa-tiru-murai-tirattu. 
Edited with commentary by Vadi-velu.] 1901. 
S". 14172. c. 44. 


o o 6iin ^iQairtsmeu to, 
[Vata-kovai. Compiled with paraphrase by Vadi- 
velu.] 1901. 8°. 14170. ee. 60. 

■ See SivA-VAKYAR. Si ei] eii IT i Q U.1 n u iTL- ev . 

[Padal. Edited by Vadi-velu.] 1900. 12°. 
iPeriya-ndna-ltdvai.^ 14170. ee. 33. 

1906. 12°. 

14170. dd. 12. 

VADI-VELU MUDALIYAR, Mdngadu, disciple of 
AppanChetti [continued.) SeeSiVA-VAKYAR. Qufiiu 
Seu&jaiSliu/Tuirt^eo ^, [Periya-siva-vakyar- 
padal. With commentary by Vadi-velu.] 1904. 
12°. 14170. dd. 3. 

^p^iTffO euuS^^iiuQuiT^eS. [Vaidya- 

bodhini. A modern guide to medicine.] pp. 79. 
0.ysi7&ar [Madras,] 1901. 8°. 14170.1.53. 

VADI-VELU MUDALIYAR, Tiruharuhvnram Amha- 
In-vdna. (^ju^lh /E/ri_«/i. [Siira-padma-nata- 
kam. A mythological drama.] pp. i. 204, ii. 
Qa^skSssr [Madras,'] 1905. 8°. 14171, k. 2. 

VADI-VELU MUDALIYAR, Tirumarisai Kanda- 
sdmi, disciple of Rama-livga Tamhirdn. See Patta- 
nattu Pillai. [Life."] ^(f^OenessresmLt—i^serr- 
LjairesmLd i^ [Pattanattu-pillaiyar-puranam. E- 
dited with paraphrase and commentary by Vadi- 
velu.] 1901. 8°. 14170. k. 34. 

[For other works edited by Vadi-velu Mu- 

daliyar, see under the following headings :] 

Rama-linga Pillai, K. 

Subba-raya Achaeyar, Tandnra.i. 

VAG-BHATA, son of Simha-gupta. ^si^L-triEJa- 
SLa)(i^^iLiLB <3- iriFj! e/v^rresru::. [Ashtanga-hrudayam. 
The Sarira-sthanam, i.e. bk. ii., an analysis of the 
human body, translated from the Sanskrit by 
Pandesuram Venkata-sami Gangadhara Devar.] 
pp. xii. 70. Os^sirSssr [Madras,] 1898. 8°. 

14170. i. 56. 

VAIDI-LINGA DESIKAR, Tirumayilai. See TiRU- 
VALluvab. o o o (^ it S3T Q 611 iL t^ 1^ [Nana-vetti. 
Edited by Vaidi-liugar.] 1884. 8°. 14172. b. 19. 

VAIDI-LINGA JODISHAR, Uttaramalliir. [For 
works edited by Vaidi-lingar, see under the fol- 
lowing headings :] 

Jaimini. Paeasara. 

VAIDYA-LINGA PATTAR, Tirumalairayan-hatta- 
nam Ranga-sami. See Vaeaha-Mihira. i^qT)^'^- 
^iT^s,Lci 1^ [Mangajesvaryam. Being a Tamil 
version by Vaidya-linga of the Brubaj-jatakam 
and its Telugu prose paraphrase by Tiru-venkata- 
chari.] 1905. 8°. 14171. g. 6. 

kavi-raja Nambi. ooo ^j^uOuirQ^ensQenia ^ 





[Aga-porul-vilakkam. With commentary by 
Vaidya-linga.] 1878. 8°. 14172. e. 34. 

• See PuRANAS. — Skanda-pui'dnam. oooff/^. 

flLjiTiremTLCt i^^ [Teyvayiinaiy-ammai-tiru-mana- 
patalam. With commentary by Vaidya-linga.] 
[1889.] 8". 14170. e. 30. 

See Pur AN AS. — Shanda-purdnam. ■osii^- 

LjniressTLCi i^ [Va]liy-ammai-tiru-mana-patalam. 
With commentary by Vaidya-linga.] [1886.] 
8°. 14170. e. 25. 

See Stnna-tambi Pulavar. o o o a6V6u?srr- 

lUfB^ir^ 1^^ [Kal-valaiy-antadi. With commen- 
tary by Vaidya-linga.] [1887.] 16°. 14172. a. 3. 

SeeVARADA-RAJA PaNDITAR, K. R. o o o ^gu- 

jrT^^iPiLjinresiirLD. [Siva-ratri-puranam. Edited 
by Vaidya-linga.] [1881.] 8°. 14170. e. 7. 

See VTea-mandalavar. (^L^rrLoessBSs^cisTQ. 

[Chudamani-nighantu. Edited by Vaidya-linga.] 
[1875.] 8°. 14172. e. 30. 

oooQ^^sdaQCSesranriT ssai^.s'ev. [Siddhi- 

vighnesvara-uiijal. Hymns for the ceremony of 
swinging the image of Ganesa.] pp. 14. luiri^u- 
uiiemih eQ^iu [Jaffna, 1893.] 16°. 14170. d. 36.(3.) 

VAIDYA-LINGA PILLAI, Vcmnainagar K. remSso- 
eji^QeusviT ^QiBiueQrWj^^Ln,. [Nallai-vadi-velar- 
asiriya-vruttam. Devotional verses to Skanda.] 
pp.24. ujiTLpuuirsssTLa iBifiS!iT[Jaffna,\892,.] 16°. 

14170. d. 35.(3.) 

VAILYA-NATHA CHETTI, Uraiyur. Qeu^^Qjrirs 
assnTL^esr iSlrrirsireJssiLn. [Siva-droha-khandana- 
nirakaranam. A Saiva controversial tract.] pp. 6. 
Qs^m^ssr [Madras,] \89Q. 8°. 14170. e. 47.(7.) 

VAIDYA-NATHA DESIKAR, Tiruvdriir. ooo ^evi- 
^essreQerrdsLci QpevQpLB s-eauriLjih. [Ilakkana- 
vilakkam. A treatise on grammar and Ars Poetica, 
with commentary by the author. To which is 
appended as ch. 5 of its Porul-adhikaram, or bk, 3, 
a Patt'-iyal ascribed to Vaidya-natha's son Tyaga- 
raja Desikar. Edited with introduction, indices, etc., 
byS. V. Damodaram Pillai.] pp.xx. 851,ii. xiv. iii. 
Q<3-sstssruuiLi—6S!irLC: eSQirir^ [Afarfra*, 1 889.] 8°. 

14172. e. 24. 

^ e\} d •xesyr eB en i ^ uu ^ LJt-i emir • 

ijijruuLj. [Ilakkana-vilakka-padipp'-urai- 

maruppu. A criticism of ^. V. Damodaram 
Pijlai's introductory commentary on the 
Ilakkana-vilakkam, by a disciple of Sabha- 
pati Niivnlar.] pp.16. ^,s,llu a ll [Chidam- 
baram,'] 1894. 8°. 14172. t 22. 

The official " Catalogue of Book» printed in Madrat 
Pretidencij," 1894, ii., p. 80, give» the name of the author a$ 
M. Karttikeya Mudali. 

o o ^suiasasraflerraaii. Q^iuii^eiBiuev. 

[Seyyul-iyal. Being ch. 4 of the Porul-adhikaram 
of the Ilakkana-vilakkam, and treating of poetic 
composition. Edited with introduction etc. by 
S. V. Damodaram Pillai.] pp. xii. 72. Q^anSoir 
[Madras,] 1900. 8°. 14172. e. 36. 


See Sandhya-vandanam. uj^-nirQeu^ •swi^iuireuiB- 
^iBiJD i^ [Sandhya-vandanam, etc. With extracts, 
in Tamil, from the commentaries of Vaidya-natha, 
etc.] 1901. 8°. 14033. aa. 27. 

Hjs-iSiircm: He. (3fl^uj: ^^IcaBtffbtrem:, js^^uj: 

S!onjo:, euo_3jst j^'iSljSem-iuj,9iircm:) [Smruti- 
mukta-phala. A Sanskrit digest of ceremonial 
law and tradition. With the commentary Prabha 
of Srinivasa Dikshitar. Vol. i., or Vaniasrama- 
dharma-kandam, on the forms of caste-life, with 
Tamil translation by Rama-sami Sastri. Vol. ii., 
or Ahnika-kaiidam, on the encyclic rituals, with 
Tamil translation by Eama-krushna Bhattacharyar. 
Vol. iii., or Asaucha-kandam, on formal unclean- 
ness, and vol. iv., or part i. of the Sraddha- 
kandam, on srdddha rites, with Tamil translation 
by S. Subrahmanya Sastri. Vol. v., or Tithi- 
nirnaya-kandam, on determination of the calendar, 
with Tamil translation by M. Rama-chandra 
Sastri.] ^^o60i»f{» 8>u^c3inCe\jif [Chidambaram, 
NadtiMavm-i,] 1898, etc. 4°. 14039. o. 15. 

In progress f 

VAIDYAUATH'-AIYAR, Vaiyai Pajiehanad'-aiyar. 
[Life.] See Rama-sami AiYAR, F. P. Lc^ireneu^- 
^tuiBir^ eQ^iuerviiSjrsih. [Maha-vaidyamitha- 
vijaya-sangraham.] [1893.] 16°. 14171. aa. 9. 

glass for the Mind ; or, Intellectual Mirror ; being 
an elegant collection of . .. stories . . . chiefly trans- 
lated from . . . L'Aim [sic] des Enfans. With 

D D 





analysis and close translation in Tamil, serving 
to show the nature and construction of sentences, 
by T. Vytheanatha Moodeliar. pp. i. 157. Ma- 
dras, 1838. 8°. 14170. k. 36. 

Ardnachala Kavi-ratak. ^iriruMSitL-'SLCi. [Rama- 
natakam. Edited by Vaiyapuri Mudaliyar.] 
[1867.] 8°. 14170. 1. 3. 

VAIYAPURI PILLAI, T. Aiya-gannu. /ssvev^iEi- 
3, [Ten lb IT IS in [Nalla-dangal-natakam. A drama 
on the story of Nalla-dangal and her ill-treatment 
in her brother's house. A musical adaptation by 
T. Subba-raya Mudaliyar, edited by K. Aruna- 
chala Mudaliyar.] pp. 132. ilj-su \_Madras, 1875.] 
8°. 14172. c. 13. 

VAKYA-GXTRTI. o o o ^rgAoSS^J^oSJ^ K n [Vakya- 
guru-paramparai. Notes upon the tenets and 
teachers of the Rilmanujiya Vaishnava church.] 
pp. 24. [Madras,'] 1884. 12°. 14170. d. 8.(2.) 

VALAI-BAVA sahib, Amur. Q^iT(Ly<ss)s .j)/Sai^- 
^eQeira.sLD. [Torugai-Kakilcat-vilakkam. An 
adaptation of the Hakikat al-salat of Maulavl 
'Abd Allah, a Hindustani manual of Islam.] pp. 
44. .^ IB ^iQ [Madras, 18Q2.] 8°. 14173. b. 33. 

VALAMBAL, V. S., of Egmore, Madras. Qeu^irih- 
^Ljuiii_®serr, [Vedanta-pjittugal. 7 poems, 
conveying principles of monistic Vaishnava theo- 
logy in the form of hymns on spiritual ceremonies 
of worship, etc. Compiled and edited by Valambal 
Ammnl.] pp. ii. 28. Madras, 1907. 8°. 

14170. eee. 29.(1.) 

■ ^isy/E/Tt_<5Bii Qp^cQtu ^^etsisu^LJ uiriL- 

QiS(isr^La. Ui^^airssisr u:i^irsiiiraSijj(TpiJa. [Jiva- 
natakam. A short lyrical play allegorically de- 
scribing the souFs enlightenment according to 
monistic theology. With Panchikaraua-maha- 
vakyam, a tract on the monistic theory of the 
cosmogony, and four hymns of the same theo- 
logical school. Compiled and edited by Valambal 
Ammal] pp. 40, 22; 1 plate. Madras, 1908. 
8°. 14170. eee. 29.(2.) 

VALAR. euirmiraiosS^Lc. [Valar-ganitam. An 
elementary arithmetic] pp. 196. L/^/stnsu 
^jtliiT®u)!K-{rondichcrrij,lShZ.'] 12°. 14172. h. 13. 


VALENTINE. smQ-rireisr uireviisn)^ setn^. [Uson- 
balandai-kathai. The story of Valentine and 
Orson.] pp. 95. luir^uuiresmLc [Jaffna^ 1891. 
S". 14170. k. 50. 

VALLABHA-DEVAR. See AtivIra-ramaPandiyan. 

VALLIY AMMAN, ^oo np^ em ^ in meQeoir 3= Qld^t- 
emiLn eu srr etfl iu LoLdehr eQ ffo ir ^ ih . [Valliy-amman- 
vilasam, or Mutt'-aiyan-vilasam. A drama on the 
loves of the god Mutt'-aiyan or Subrahmanya 
andVa]li. Edited by K. Arunachala Mudaliyar.] 
pp.87. Q^skSssr [Madras,'] 1895. 8°. 14170.1.38. 

VALMIKI. [For editions of Bhima Kavi-rayar's 
prose version of the Ramar-asva-medham :] See 
Bhima Kavi-r.\yar. 

[For editions of Kamban'a Ramayanam 

imitated and adapted from the Sanskrit of Val- 
miki :] See Kamban. 

[For anonymous poems and prose narra- 

tives on the subject of the Ramayanam :] See 

See Venkata-ram'-aiyar, K. K. ^jrirLnir- 

iuss!!ri(ff)LLiB 1^ [Ramayana-kummi. A poem on 
the Ramayanam.] 1901. 16°. 14172. a. 32.(5.) 

See Venkata-rama AiYANGAR, r. &iirs^iSQ 

jjirLniruj6B3T ^ (Episodes from the Valmiki-rama- 
yana in ... prose, eic.) 1906, eic. 12°. 14171. d. 7. 

U^ . . . u^a iTLDinuesyi LD- em irs[)srr6iisri_th 

i&v-n IB ^jr.s IT msTL- Lb ctc). [Ramayanam. Edited 

with introductions, glosses, and paraphrases in 

Tamil by P. A. M. Srinivasa Raghavacharyar.] 

Q^eisrSssr [Madras,] 1897-1901. 4°. 14068. c. 14. 

The volume containing the Sundara-krindani is in the 
second edition, and differs from the other volumes by being 
of smaller size and containing no transcription of the text 
in Telugu characters. Only the Bala-h.°, Sundara-k.°, and 
Yuddha-k.° (no. 1-5) have been inMiahed. 

Sri Valmiki Ramayaua, slokas in Grautha 

characters, with Tamil translation and Sanskrit 
notes by Pandit S. G. Ananthacharya . . . Part ii. 
Ayodhyakanda. [eiojoeiis^ircSsSleU/anlfC^ i/^rrirsir- 
ujQew . . .•syQujiT&y^n'Siirem: . . . u^euireoubSiirir- 




wiTUjesatCa ^.) pp. xvi. 296, 296. Mwhas, 1907. 

8°. 14065. bbb. 16. 

In progrets .' 

euneotSQiriniiiTajessrsiiiFicmLC:. [Rarnayanam. 

Translated into Tamil prose by S. M. Nate?a 

Sastri. Edited by V. M. Satliakopa-ramanuja- 

cliaryar (bks. i.-ii.), U. V. Samimith'-aiyar (bk. i.), 

etc.] Qs'&i^ [Madras,] l^Ol, etc. 8°. 

14172. c. 42. 
In progress. 

\j^Ln^ &i IT e\3 iS Q IT ir Lnir \u asm en 'T esriD jy- 

QiLiir^iSlujir{'^ii-l^/B,e-/B^M)'Xir6mi_Lc>. [Viilmiki 
latnayana-vachanain. The Ayddhya-kaiidatn, Yud- 
dha-k°., and Uttara-k°., translated into Tamil 
prose by M. Tata-desika Tatacharyar and K. K. 
Sriuivasa Raghavacliaryar.] 3 vols. Madras, 
1902-1903. 8°. 14172. d. 26. 

The Ayodhyd-h'indam is of the second edition (1903). 

Ramayana Niti Ratnavali : Moral Gems 

from the Ramayana . . . Containing excellent moral 
stanzas from Valmeeki Ramayana, with Telugu, 
Tamil, and English translations and explanations. 
. . . Edited by R. Sivasankara Pandiah. [Trans- 
lated into Tamil by T. Riima-natha Aiyar.] pp. 24, 
120. Madras, \BQQ. 12°. 14003. c. (no. 6.) 

Forms no. 6 of the "Hindu Excelsior Series." 

^uuju jrfi IT lb en) irir sn)p/S^ LD IT lasr flsS 

uvQeonsLa. [Tani-slokam. Select Sanskrit stanzas 
from the Ramayanam, with Tamil glosses and inani- 
jiravdlam commentary by Periyav-achan Pillai 
expounding Visishtadvaita doctrine. With notes 
by M. T. Ramanujacharyar. Edited by the latter 
and S. Muttu-krushna Nayudii.] pp. iv. 2, 410. 
QfmssTuuL-L^esjiiM iB3i>oa> [ITatZj'tts, 1901.] 8°. 

14065. bbb. 6. 

[Another edition of the preceding, in 

Telugu characters, with the glosses and notes in 
Telugu. Edited by M. T. Ramanujacharyar, T. 
Srirangacharyulu, and S. Muttu-krushna Nayudu.] 
pp. iv. ii. 408. ^(S\ Siocasio r>^ar> [Madras, 1901.] 
8°. 14065. bbb. 7. 

jifuujusr^irmsivirinjci. [Abhaya-pradana- 

siiram. Being VI. (Yuddha-kandam) xvi.-xix. 1-9 
and 23, in Sanskrit, with an exposition in Tamil 
by Periyav-achan Pijlai according to the Tengalai 

Vaishnava school. Edited by V. M, Srioivasa 

Appangar Svami.] pp. 78, Q^mSesruutLL.. 

sfsru, ajr [Madras, 1891.] 8". 14060.0.32.(1.) 

The text is given in Telugu and Tamil charactm. 

fJ^euireviSQ airunnuessiui. a m jb ir <ht em - 

L-.LD. [Sundara-kandam. Sanskrit text, with Tamil 
paraphrase by Tenmadam Yenkata-Darasitnha- 
charyar. Edited by Madabhushi Tarka-tirtha Ra- 
manujacharyar.] pp. xiv. 770; B idalvs. O^&siZssr 
[Madras^] 1901. 12°. 14060. b. 18. 

[J^<suiT&)iSQjiTUitnu683t eiv-ai^iraireikiTL^iJci. 
[Sundara-kandam. Sanskrit text, edited with 
Tamil translation by Musurpakkam Kadambi Ran- 
gacharyar.] pp. ix. 182, 233. Qs^sirSssr ue\3eu 
[Madras, 1902.] 8°. 14065. bbb. 9. 

o o o iTiTixiiriLieim^ ^^^jraiiT6!S3Ti_aaisr)^ 

[Uttara-kanda-kathai. A Tamil prose version of 
the last book of the Sanskrit Ramayanam, by 
Tiru-chittambala Desikan.] pp. ii. 132. Qs^estssr- 
ui—issii^:b^ i^^nrvd® [Madras, 1815.] 8°. 

14172. b. 4. 

VALOOPPILLAI. See Velu Pillai. 


Mkcga-bhattaeaka B. 


VARADA Muni). ^^|■5r•JS■sX^•sSbeJ -a'sSr»jS)a ^oefiS" (^£- 
5iMe)ar>9 5Sb5$^;fo8oa?S'oas' «S^pcBbf3o -2io(>JS"3^o [Devo- 
tional verses in Sanskrit addressed to various 
heads of the Ramanujiya church ; Tiru-nakshatra- 
taniyanlu and Vari-tiru-namamulu, Sanskrit 
verses on the nativities and Tamil hymns in 
praise of Manavala Ma-mnni, of Vana-ma-malai 
Ramanuja-jiyar, a teacher of the Ma-rauni's 
doctn'nes, and of the abbots of the Vana-ma-niala- 
matham ; and Vanachala-yogi-vijaya-dandaka and 
Vanachala-svami-suprabhatam, Sanskrit religious 
poems.] pp. iv. 68. "S^^^^ [Madras,] 1906. 12°. 

14048. b. 45.(3.) 

Q^a-- ^^sa" snQiu j>j^uit ^a^n KstL^siti. ['Ali- 
padsha-na^akam. A drama on the adventures of 
'All Padshah, a legendary Muhanimadan king, 
and his son. Edited by M. Subrahmanya Svami.] 
pp. 160. ea&sif^nuQuL^mn^ [WashermanpH^ 
1887. 8°. 14173. b. 21. 





tinued). [Another edition.] pp.160. 6uassT<em)iru- 
Qui-m>L^ {WashermanpeQ 1 889. 8°. 14170. 1. 25. 

VANNIYAE. 6U63rs!(fluj(g6V) ^ &) tu rr emir Qair^^. 
[Vanniya-kula-kalyana-kottu. Wedding- ballads 
of the Vanniyar tribe.] pp. 8. Co,yeuti O^iu 
\_Salem, 1894.] 16°. 14172. a. 27. 

VARADACHARYAE, Igai. See Varaha-mihiea. 
LjQ^s^ <s(CiTQp^^BaLn. [Purusha-samudrikam and 
Stri-s". With Tamil version by Vai-adacharyar.] 
1892. 8°. \_Sdmudrika-lakshana-sdstram.'\ 

14170. i. 26. 

VARADACHARYAE, Saruhlcai. Q^ir^uair?eo g)^ 

iBirtf-etn^x 1^ (Jyotimalai. A Tamil drama.) pp.8, 

98, i. Madras, 1902. 12°. 14170. 1. 24.(2.) 

Forms " Gem 17 " in the series " TJie Anklet of Sdrada " 
(Na-inaga4-8ilambu) . 

VARADACHARYAR, Vcltsya Deva-rdja (Nadaduk 

Ammal). o o o u ir u eir esr u rr fi ^ it ^-lo ^ [Pra- 

panna-parijatam. A Sanskrit poem on the I'eli- 

gious system of Visishtadvaita Vaishnavas, in 10 

•paddliatis. Followed by Paratvadi-panchaka-stuti 

and Paramartha-stuti, short poems of like nature, 

also by Varadacharyar ; Parasara Bhattar's Ashta- 

sldki; Yamunacharyar's Chatuh-sloki; and a life 

of Varadacharyar, in Tamil prose. Edited with 

Tamilinterpretations and commentary, efc, by Aho- 

bilacharyar.] pp. ii. 160, v. Qs^sirSssr ldibu^^ 

{Madras, 1895.] 8°. 14028. d. 55. 

The Sanskrit stanzas are printed in both Grantham and 
Telugu character. 

VARADA-RAJA DIKSHITAR. The History of India 
from the earliest ages. 6u6/'B^(o^s'<3=ifl^^inh. 
^^Qsrr6\)mQ^iru.iEiS. {J^inpjDfru/rjr^ih. Sri 
Maha Bharata. [A treatise in Tamil prose.] From 
a comparative study of all current records on the 
subject, pts.i.-xii. pp.viii.88. Q<r<ssrSs«r [Madras,] 
1890. 8°. 14172. d. 9. 

VARADA-RAJA PAlfDITAR, Kdsi Ranga-ndtha. 
^<sir^QLj!r,Teis3nh. [Ekadasi-puranam. A treatise 
on the legends and ritual of the Ekadasi festival. 
Followed by 108 names of Narayana. Edited and 
annotated by N. Kadirai-ver Pillai.] pp. 71. 
Q.s'eisrSssr [Madras,] 1898, 12°. 14170. ee. 21. 

o o o Ssiiffir^^iflL^jrrresurLD. [Siva-ratri- 
puranam. A metrical treatise upon the Siva-ratri 

festival. Edited by V. S. Vaidya-linga Pillai.] 
pp. 100, ii. Qa^ssrssTUiLL^&smLn eQ» [Madras, 
1881.] 8°. 14170. e. 7. 

o o o Qeujr.T^^iB uir rr soar- QpevyjLD 

eQQF/b^ s-ssyjriLjLD. [Siva-ratri-puranam. Edited 
with a commentary by N. Kadirai-ver Pillai.] pts. 
i.-ii. pp. 120. Qs-^dosr [Madrasi] 1902. 8°. 

14170. ee. 59. 
Discontinued after pf. 3. 

CHALAM Nayddu. o o o ^i_u jtQ^ iTurriSiu iresTLD 
^ [Jada-bharatopakhyauam. Translated by 
Varada-rajulu.] 1898. 12°. 14170. ee. 26. 

See Seshachalam Nay0dd. 


^Q^^ujih ^ [Shat-chakravarttigalin indra-jala- 
kathaigal. Translated by Varada-rajulu.] 1898. 
8°. 14171. a. 36. 

SeeSESHACHALAMNAYCpU. ooo ^^^,-@ jr ireVLD- 

uLniriridBLD. [Suddha-niralamba-margam. Trans- 
lated by Varada-rajulu.] 1898. 12°. 14170. d. 63. 

VARADA - VEDANTACHARYAR, Kavl - ku?ijaram 
Satdvadhdnam. See Arvaegal. — Nal-ayiram. — 
Tiru-vdy-mori. e^joGii3Sl(^iul^ II [Bhagavad-vi- 
shayam. Edited by Varada- vedantachai'yar.] 
[1883-1904.] 4°. 14170. fff. 3. 

Lj^ uvoCsiiTeuirs^fr^inu-i u^euutBt^ew-^'uir- 

GimiTSpjSn e^,3ei^Qmo^(3bi{n [Sathakopady-acharya- 
svl-sukti-sudhasvadini. A collection of works in 
Sanskrit and sanskritised Tamil on the prin- 
ciples of Visishtadvaita philosophy and religion.] 

cgi-o os^QswirQem. Cimire^tghiSiisCnr [Kuinbalconam, 

<s/ em 

1903, etc.] 8°. 14049. bb. 6. 

In progress. 

VARAD'-AYYA, C. See Siva-sankaea PandyajI, R., 
and Varad'-ayya, G. ^aeQu- uire» i§^ . , . 
Dravida Bala Niti Bodhini, etc. 1889. 12°. 

14003. c. (do. 11.) 

VARAHA-MIHIRA. i9Q^^^^ir^dB0La^,^Lc, 
iniEiaQefremeuifiiuLD QpeHQpLn-s-SmiriLjLD. [Manga- 
lesvaryam, or Brubaj-jatakara. Being a Tamil 
version by Vaidya-linga Pattar of the Sanskrit 
Bruhaj-jatakam of Varaha-mihira and its Telugu 
prose paraphrase by Sarasvati Tiru-venkatilchari.] 





pp. iv. 443; 1 plate. Q<f«srSsiir [Madrat,] 1905. 
8°. 14171. g. 6. 

L/Q^s^ (^siv^iF^ etoiTQp^^iBmiJa, [Parusha- 

satnudrikam and Strl-samudrikam. Being ch. 68- 
70 of the Bruhat-samhita, on the art of reading 
characters and fortunes from bodily features. San- 
skrit text in Telugu and Tamil characters, with 
Tamil version by Igai Varadacharyar and English 
rendering by P. A. Lakshmana Pijlai.] pp. 178. 
See GuRO-SAMi Mudaliyae. s'ir(Lp^^fl&i ^ [Sa- 
mudrika-lakshana-sastram.] pt. 1. 1892. 8°. 

14170. i. 26. 

VAR AIY - ARTJTT A-B ATT' - lYAL. en sm inujpj^^- 
urrL-L^iuev. [Varaiy-arutta-batt'-iyal. A tract 
on metrical composition, with prose commentary.] 
See GuNA-viRA Panditab. eu-y^saar/B^Lo/r^ i^ 
[Ven-ba-patt'-iyal, e<c.] pp. 46-5L 1900. 12°. 

14172. ee. 7. 

VARATUNGA-RAMA PAirpiYAN. See Puranas.— 

Skanda-purdnam , i9jQLnir^^n'iBiTesBn^eU'3FssrLCi. 
[Brahmottara-kancla-vachanam. A prose para- 
phrase of Varatunga-rama's Brahmottara-kandam, 
a metrical adaptation of the section bearing that 
name in the Skanda-puraiiam.] 1878. 16°. 

14170. d. 20. 

VARA-VARA-MUNI, or VARA- YOGI. See Akagiya- 
manavai.a Perij-mal. 


VASUDEVA MUDAIIYAR, of Chettipalayam, Coim- 
batore. j-^ . . . .ji^eQiBirSi <S(^(S33jLbt9sa)<3E •a^^sLn. 
[Avinasi-karunambikai-satakam. 100 stanzas to 
the goddess Karunambikai (Parvati) as wor- 
shipped in Avinasi or Ten-kasi. Edited by K. 
R. Sabha-pati Pillai.] pp. 8, 43. Q<siriU(ip^- 
^ir [Coimhatore]] 1891. 8°. 14170. e. 47.(1.) 

VASUDEVA MUDALIYAR, Paltcilam. See Acadk- 
JiiES, etc. — Madras. — University of Madras. The 
University of Madras. The First in Arts Examina- 
tion — 1892. The Tamil text . . . with . . . notes 
by . . . Rajagopaul Pillai . . . and . . . Vasudeva 
Mudelliar. 1891. 8°. 14172. bb. 4. 

See TiRU-MURAi. — Tiru-vdehaham. 000^(5- 

euir^aia i^ [Tiru-vachakam. With commentary, 
etc. Edited by Vasudeva.] 1897. 8°. 14172. b. 57. 

VASUDEVA MUDALIYAR, Faffillam {continued). 
See ViDYA-viNODiNi. eO^^iuireQQiBir^id. (Vidhya 
Vinodhini Series.) [Edited by Vasudeva.] [1889]- 
1892. 8°. 14172.0.39. 

VASUDEVA NAYUpU, Tanjai Oovinda-sdmi. The 
Practitioner's Materia Medica and Therapeutics, 
in English and Tamil. Being an account of the 
drugs comprised in the new British pharmacopoeia 
and the pharmacopoeia of India. (*^(iy/fC?6U^- 
uirjrrretJinnh.) pp. ii. ii. 949, lii. Madras, 1901. 
8°. 14170. i. 74. 

VASUDEVA YATI. euiraQ^&iinesresrLD ^ [Vasu- 
deva-mananam. An Advaita-Vedantic treatise, 
translated from the Sanskrit into Tamil by V. 
Kuppu-sami Aiyar.] pp. ii. 82, i. Q^&frSsgrLjifi 
ewn-eu^^ [Madras, 1887.] 8°. 14170. e. 32. 


f^iriis-iems/^^: , . . euiraQ^&iinesr&srQiaasrQp 
QffihfBLD t^ [Vasudeva-mananam. Sanskrit text, 
with a Tamil version by V. Kuppu-sami Aiyar.] 
pp. i. i. 195, i. Q^sirSssr ^tu [Madras, 1895.] 
8°. 14048. dd. 19. 

VATSYAYANA (Malla-naga). euir^&viuiriuiBi^^' 
^iLB. [Vatsyayana-sutram. 37 Sanskrit aphorisms 
on wifely duty, consisting chiefly of the Kama- 
sutrMpa IV. i. With Tamil glosses and commen- 
tary.] See SnNDAEA-EAJA Saema. euiuiren) euir^- 
ewiuirium . . . uiririuir^Q^Lou). (Vyasa and Vatsya- 
yana's Bharyadharmam, etc.) pp. 1-95. 1901. 
12°. 14085. b. 44. 

VAYITTIYA-LINGA. See Vaidya-linga. 

VAYITTIYA-NATHA. See Vaidya-natha. 

Vedachalam Pillai). See Peeiodical Publica- 
tions. — Madras. 00° ^tresr-manui, [Nana- 
sagaram. Edited by Vedachalam.] 1902, etc. 8°. 

14172. 1. 10. 

See Periodical Pcblications. — Madras. 

e-esareiniD eQenamia 1^ [Siddhanta-dipikai. Edited 
by Vedachalam.] 1897. 4°. 14170. £Ef. 1. 



knral-vada-nirakaranam. A reply to the pamphlet 
entitled Mudaf-kural-vadam.] pp. 50. Madras, 
1898. 8°, 14170. ee. 32.(2.) 





VEDACHALAM PILLAI, Ndgapattinam (R. S. Ve- 
DACHALAM PiLLAi) (continued). UL-if-esruuirdoO 
^!rinu.f&. (A critical commentary on [Rudra- 
kannanar's poem] Pattinappalai.) pp. 8, 80. Ma- 
dras, 1906. 12°. 14171. d. 2.(2.) 

S^^irm^tS^rrenrQun^Lo. [Siddhanta-nana- 

bodham. A collection of poems on the esoteric 
Saiva creed. Edited with commentary and notes 
by VedachalamPillai.] pt. i. Jl/ac^ras, 1898. 8°. 

14170. ee. 39. 

The worhs contained in part i., which apparently is all that 
has heen published, are to he found under the headings : — 

NSna-sagaram. Sata-mani. 

FaucUaksharam. Sittnmbala-nadiga]. 

^ Q^Q 6ii IT p jS QpQ^alr QpLULaesSiQairisaai. 

[Tiruvotti-mrugar-mum-mani-kovai.] (A String- 
of-Three Gems, an oblation to Muruga, the War- 
God. A panegyric Tamil poem.) pp. 49. Madras, 
1900. 8°. 14172. bb. 3.(2.) 

VEDACHALAM PILLAI, R. 8. See VSdachalam 


VEDA-GIRI MUDALIYAR, Kalattur. See Amieta- 
SAGARAN. ooo a!rii]<sn(B ^ [Karikai. Edited by 
Veda-giri.] [1851.] 8°. 14172. e. 36. 

/See Ativira-eama Panditan. ss5/b/_^u5 ^ 

[Naidadam. Edited with interpretation and para- 
phrase by Veda-giri.] [1859.] 8°. 14l7fc.3. 

[1875.] 8°. 

14172. b. 59. 

See Maha-bhaeatam. usaipSem^ ^, 

[Bhagavad-gitai. Edited by Veda-giri.] [1852.] 
8". 14170. e. 19. 

See Naladiyar. o o o i§^_^n-&) ^ [Nal- 

adiyar. Edited by Veda-giri.] [1855.] 8°. 

14172. c. 1. 

See TiKn-VALLUVAE. o o o ^(Vji(^pss3T ^, 

[Kural. With commentary compiled by Veda- 
giri.] [1849.] 8°. 14172. c. 2. 

SeeViEA-MANDALAVAR. Nogandu : part xi., 

etc. [With supplements by Veda-giri.] 1843. 
8°. 14172. f. 23. 

VEDA-NAYAKAM, Vlravagu. {.Life.'] See Peter 
(A.). Life of . . . Vethanayagam, e<c. 1899. 12°. 

14171. a, 30. 

VEDA-NAYAKAM PILLAI (Samuel), of Mayaveram. 
See DuEAi-SAMi Modaliyar, T. S. Qs>jsbL^iFlujiB- 
^T^. [Veda-puriy-antadi. Edited by Veda- 
niiyakam.] [1868.] 8°. 14170. c. 32. 

Suguna Sunthari, a Tamil novel, by S. 

Vedanayagura Pillay (t to illustrate diiFerent prin- 
ciples of morality) . . . »(g63a7-«/5^/fl<9=rf?^^jii. 
pp. ii. v. 76,49. Madras, 1887. 16°. 14170. k. 49. 

VEDA-NAYAK&. SASTRI, Tirunelveli Deva-sahd- 
yam, of Tanjore. Jepamalei, or Rosary of Songs 
and Pi'ayers (*Q<FULDtrSeo) to be sung in the morn- 
ing and evening, e<c. pp. xii. 244. Tanjore, 1907. 
12°. 14170. bbb. 4. 

Qfl6uiTey)iu^^^La (^Qihu^'^^Ld uir- 

u-^^ia ^ IT 6ST S fr ^ fb'SssT a en . [Nana-kirttanai- 
gal. Christian hymns.] pp.216. Qa=&iresruL-L^- 
estnth ^j>i.rr@iK. [Madras, 1853.] 8°. 14170. c. 12. 

i^iresr^^'S'3'm ihiTi_s>Lh. [Nana-tachan- 

natakam. A Christian dramatic poem on the 
Creation and cognate scriptural topics.] pp. ii. 68. 
uuiTyiUuiressTLn [Jaffna;\ 1897. 8°. 14170. 1. 32.(5.) 

GnanathatchaNatagam. Or A Drama of the 

spiritual Carpenter, etc. ['^iTesr^^&JF(m)LSLn.) 
pp. 108. Tanjore, 1908. 12°. 14170. 1. 21.(2.) 

a=iTisn}^gi(V)U^iB. Sastherukkoomme, a 

satirical poem on the superstitions of the Hindoos, 
pp. iv. 125. Madras, 1850. 12°. 14170. a. 48. 

[Another copy.] 

14170. a. 47. 

[Another edition.] pp. vi. 135. Madras, 

1861. 16°. 14170. a. 42. 

VEDA-NAYAKA SASTRI, T. Deva-sahdyam, and 
WINSLOW (Mieon) . Blind Way. Part, i.-iv. [A 
Christian controversial tract in which the futility of 
the four Saiva modes of worship is illustrated by 
verses from Tamil poets. To which are added] 
Incantations and True Way. ^^ev (^(i^iLQeuifi 
^. pp. 142. Jaffna, 1852. 32°. 14170. a. 3. 

TheBlindWay...(3(5/_®su/^ _^,. pp.128. 

Madras, 1861. 16°. 14170. a. 37. 

VEDANTA-DESIKAR. See Venkata-natha Vedan- 





of Itaiiga-niitha. Seo Arvaroal. — Niil-ayiram. — 
Tivu-vay-viori. SiDMieu^<Sist.iu<p \\ [Bliagiivad- 
vishayain. Being the Tiru-vay-moyi with com- 
mentaries — viz.Vedanta-ramanuja'sIru-batti-nal- 
ayira-padi, ete.l [1883-1904.] 4°. 14170. fff. 3. 

jB^iTeui)QS\Sr^!TS^eu-iem^n [Nyasa - vidya- 

darpaiiam. A ti-eatise in Sanskritised Tamil upon 
the Vaishnava doctrines of Ramanuja's school.] 
pp. 60. [1905.] See Varada-vedantachaeyar, 
K.^. u^. . . i^ew^'^Qm^'uiri^iTSpjS etc. [Sa^ha- 
kopady-achaiya-srl-siikti-sudhasvadini.] no. 5. 
[190.3, etc.] 8°. 14049. bb. 6.(5.) 

iniu a Q ^ Lj !T IT earn LB . [MayQra-giri-puranam. A 
poem upon the cult of the sanctuary of Subrah- 
manya at Mayiira-giri or Kunra-kucli, near Tiru- 
puttur. With a prose paraphrase by N. S. Ponn'- 
ambala Pillai.] pp. ii. ii. 103. lu ir tp u u ir em ld 
[Jaffna,] 1885. 8°. 14170. e. 66. 

VEDAS. [For the Vedic texts comprised in the 
Sandhya-vandanam :] See SANDHri-VANDANAM. 

Cevs^irK3-i£.e>-Slc3iir ^ [Vedartha-dlpika. 

Being the Sanskrit text of the Taittirlya-samhita 
with Tamil commentaiy and paraphrase by Kafi- 
chlpuram Rama-chandra Sastri.] pt. 1. pp. 60. 
©<ys3r&sri_//f? eQQiTfr^ {Mailrasi, 1889.] 8°. 

14010. c. 46. 

Ly0s^isn)-@<5^tD('j"u^srt;-@i^to). [Purusha- 

suktam (Rig-veda s. 90) and Sri-suktam (a hhila 
to Rig-veda v. 87). With Tamil interpretation 
and extracts, in a Tamil translation, from the 
commentaries of Sayana, Ananda-tirtha, and the 
Visishtadvaita school.] See Sandhya-vandanam. 
iw^-airQen^ etv.i^ujrreuifimijb ld^ [Sandhya-van- 
danam.] 1901. 8°. 14033. aa. 27. 

°°°Lfri^L—r^.i^uir'si^ujth. [Purusha-suktam. 

With a commentary by K. Srinivasa Dikshitar 
giving a Saiva interpretation of the text, trans- 
lated into Tamil by T. Sivananda-sagara Yogls- 
varar.] pp. iii. 46, iii. S^thujnJb [Ckiclamharam,] 
1894. 8°. 14170. ee. 30. 


VELAI DESIKAR, Kavitidam 0. See TiBUVAiOAvnB. 

^(y^smeusn-^iruL^ffireminii. [Tiruvaigaviir-pura- 
nam. Transkted by Velai De^ikar.] [1894.] 8°. 

14170. e. 66. 

UNGA PiLiiAi, jff. ooo ^Qf^euQ^iLuir 1^ [Tirnv- 
arut-pa-tirattu. Edited by Vel-ayudha.] 1903. 
12°. 14170. d. 79. 


NATTU-PILLAI. oo" ^(7^ . . . Uiri—p/Sq^QfiSnp ^ 

[Padat-tiru-murai. With a biography. Reprinted 
from the edition of Vel-ayudha.] 1906. 8°. 

14170. ff. 16. 

See Sayanachaeyar. Life of Sankaracharyar 

. . . Translated . . . into Tamil ... by Tholuvoor 
Valayudha Moodeliar. 1879. 8°. 14170. k. 19. 

VEL-AYUDHA PANDITAR, Karuppa,of Vimarayar- 

agrahdram. ^(nrnLjir ^eouLjiriressTLa. [Dharapura- 
tala-purai.iam. The legends of the Saiva sanctuary 
at Dharapuram, Coimbatore, in verse. Edited by 
T. A. S. Rama-lingam PiHai.] pp.x.95. O^ejr&jr 
[Madras^ 1906. 8°. 14170. eee. 18. 

VELU DESIKAR, Palur. See Kamban, ^^puDir^ 
S(o!rsi^L--LDrr Qiu ., . aiJauirirLctiTujesnT ^ [Kamba- 
ramayana-vachanam. Revised by Velu Desikar.] 
1903. 8°. 14172. d. 2. 

VELUPILLAI,D.Zi:.,o/2'eHt>aK. SeeEucuD. Qs^- 
^ IT 3S estsfl ^ Ld . (The Elements of Euclid in Tamil 
...ByD.C. Valoopillai.) 1888. 8°. 14170.1.20. 

VELU PILLAI, Kofpihj V. See Jaffna. — Saiva- 
prakdsa-salihai. uirevuirL-ih. [Bala-pa^ham. Pts. 
iii. and v., readers by Velu Pijjai.] [1893-1894.] 
12° & 8°. 14172. h. 92.{pt. 3, 5.) 

VELU PILLAI, Trihonamalai M. ^(^areiveuireu 
u^^^i(^LaiQ. [Transvaal-yuddha-kummi. A 
popular poem on the Boer War.] pp.19. Q^ir(ipwLf 
[Golombo,] 1902. 12°. 14172. a. 62. 

VELU PILLAI, Vadagovni Vindyaha-tamhi. ^q^^. 
^6v2m SQa iri—i—a luuis jfis^ir^, [Tiru-tillai- 
nirottaga-yamaka-antadi. 100 quatrains in honoar 
of §iva as worshipped in Chidambaram, composed 
without labial sounds.] pp. 15. lu t yj u u r esanh 
«J7- [/a/na, 1891.] 12°. 14170. d. 32.(1.) 





VELTJ PILLAI, Vayavildn K, of Jaffna. Sikema 
QpQ^Qss^iT Quifl&) u^^LD. [Sirigai-mrugesar- 
padigam. Hymns in praise of Mrugan, or Skanda, 
as worshipped in Singapore.] pp. ii. 12. Qsii- 
aui^if l8ingapore,'\ 1893. 12°. 14170. d. 36.(2.) 

VEMANA. Q^iueS'a^^esTeinwQun'ri^m^uj Qeu- 
LDesr6Br(oiuirSm)e>jinT . . . ^Q^enn-iLiLCisdirmjSQ^eifluj 
0^^!k!(^U/S^uJiEisefr - rrr, [Padyangal. 100 Te- 
lugu stanzas of Vemana on religious, moral, and 
philosophic themes. Edited in Tamil characters, 
with Tamil paraphrase, by Sita-ram-prasad.] pp. 
8, 40. {Madras,'] 1892. 8°. 14174. k. 48.(1.) 

^luia ^MuS^LDUfTL-ec y^ [Vemanna-padyam. The 
religious and philosophical verses of Vemana. The 
Telugu text in Tamil letters, edited on the basis 
of C. P. Brown's edition, with Tamil translation by 
Puduvai Narayana-dasar.] pp. 276. O-rssrSsiT 
iMadras,] 1903. 8°. 14175. a. 12. 

VEMBU AMMAL, daughter uf Chalira-fdni Ahjafi gar . 
6ijs^<9'e\}ir dsevujfressrui. [Vachala-(Vatsala-)kalya- 
nam. A series of songs on the legendary wedding 
of Abhimanyu and Vatsala, daughteroE Bala-rama. 
Edited by Vaikuntham Tirumalacharyar.] pp. 48. 
[Kumbahonam,'] 1906. 8°. 14172. bb. 10. 

VENATT'-ADIGAL. [For the hymns of this author 
contained in the Tiruv-isai-pa :] See Tieu-murai. 



VENCAT EOW. See Venkata-eau. 

ranavi Soma-ydji Veldviur. ^flin.s'^LJird'QibiT^- 
^ jT s earn u. ear ill. 0^/rssrs3rs!nz_^^s\)<i<5Etb. [Trim- 
sat-prasnottara-khandanam and Ton-nadai-tulak- 
kam. Two controversial tracts, in sanskritised 
Tamil, supporting the theological doctrines of 
Vehkata-natha Vediintacharyar. Preceded by an 
epitome of the 30 points attacked in the former, 
by Kandadai Annav-aiyangar.] pp. iv. 70, 52. 
60 emli9 [Chidambaram, 1899.] 8°. 14170. ee. 16. 

VENGITTA RAYAR, Etiayapuram. See Gana-pati 
Nayudu. eri—u.ujLjjrth . . . uSlaerr3=&/h^ [Ven- 
gitta-rayar-avargal-padugala-chindu. A series of 

elegies upon a riot which caused the death of 
Vengitta Kayar.] 1895. 8°. 14172. b. 52. 

Tyaga-raja Dikshitae. eBi^^'-jfj^^iTiTiih^^irirem 
S^uemsTih. [Vibhuti-rudraksha-dharana-nirii- 
panam. Translated by Venkatachala.] 1901. 12°. 

14170. d. 85.(1.) 

[For works edited by Venkatachala Mudaliyar, 
see under the following headings :] 


Venkat-eama Upadhyatae, and others. 

Vira Kavi-eayae. 

VENKATACHARYA-DASAN, Tuppul. See Venkata- 
nathaVedantacharyar. (^i • • • Sf^sSbUif aS. [Para- 
mata-bhangam. Edited by Veakatacharya-dasan.] 
[1890.] 8°. 14170. e. 43. 

VENKATACHARYAR, Anbil. See Shakspere (W.). 
(aQujTLD eQpjDTetvisi, (Vibhrama Vihasam. Shake- 
speare's Comedy of Errors.) [Translated by Veii- 
katacharyar.] 1905-1906. {ydtn-vildsim.] 

14172. m. l.(vol. 1-2.) 

VENKATACHARYAR, son of Govinda chary ar, son of 

Naindchdryar. °°o ^•g^eS^^.^.g-Sags^fiyrnjES. 
[Chattada - sri - vaishnava - dvija- shodasa-karmani. 
The liturgies for the 16 chief domestic rites of 
Chattada-Srivaishnava Brahmans, in Sanskrit, 
Tamil, and Telugu. Edited by lyyunni Satha- 
kopacharyar.] pp. xiv. 192. -^^^^^ df-q^ 
[Madras, 1902.] 8°. 14170. ee. 47. 

VENKATACHARYAR, T. E., of Hindu High School, 
Triplicane. See Academies, etc. — Madras. — Univer- 
sity of Madras. Copious annotations on the 
Matriculation Tamil text for 1900 . . . With . . . 
English translation byT.E.Venkatachariar. 1900. 
8°. 14172. bb. 6.(3.) 

VENKATA-DASAR, Sittur Arul-vdMu, disciple of 
Mdri-muttu. See Maha-bhakta-vijayam. o « ° {jf- 
insirui^^^iuia. [Maha-bhakta-vijayam. Vol.i., 
compiled and translated by Venkata-dasar.] 1870. 
40, 14170. f. 5. 

1893. 4°. 
1898-1905. 4°. 

14170. f. 22. 
14170. f. 6. 





VENKATA-DESIKAR, Chamlra-gm. nrirsirjB^Si- 
e.iij/r*;i_//7^Qj)(r62^ffjE>^. [Raman ujrt-dayii-patra- 
vyakhyauam. A dissertation, in Tamil, upon a 
Sanskrit stanza of salutation to Vei'ikati-natha 
Vedantacharyar.] pp. 28. cffSirse^ auir^n [Cnn- 
jcvaram, 1883.] 8''. 14028. d. 69.(1.) 

VENKATALRI SVAMI, Alluru, Paramahamsa. 

j^. . . u^^iB/Btrins-iniSiT^d^SodTst.srr. [Hari-nama- 
sniikirttanaigal. 166 Vaishnava hymns. Trans- 
lated by Puduvai Narayana-dasar from tlie Telugu 
of Vonkatadri.] pp.87; I plate. Q'TeisrSsur [Ma- 
dras,] \907. 12°. 14170. dd. 17. 

VENK AT A- N All ASIMH ACHAR YAR, Tenmn dam . 
See Valmiki. \j^ . , . a i^n an simi_LD. [Sundara- 
kandam. With Tamil paraphrase by Venkata- 
narasimhacharyar.] 1901. 12°. 14060. b. 18. 


desikar,Kavi-tarkika-simha). See AnantaBharati. 
\^Lc^ Qeuflirth^Qfi&a. . . . Sir^^Sssr. [Vedanta- 
desika-vaibhava-prakasikai-kirttanai. Songs in 
honour of Vehkata-natha.] [1890.] 8°. 

14172. c. 37. 

See Vengida Vira-raghavacharyar, V. 

^ /B ih 3" ^ u ir <s' Q m IT ^^jr assarts em LD i^^ [Trimsat- 
prasnottara-khandanam and Ton-nadai-tulakkam. 
Tracts supporting the doctrines of Veiikata-natha.] 
[1899.] 8°. 14170. ec. 16. 

oo o fj^Q^Qaujrui^ih. [Desika-praban- 

dham. A religious poem of the Raraanuja school. 
With commentaries by T. K. I. Ramanujacharyar 
and M. Kastiiri Rangacharyar. Edited by Tata- 
desika Tatacharyar.] pts. 1-7. Q-Sr&steisTuiLi^esnTLb 
[i/acZras,] 1889-«^«.o [1890.] 8°. 14170. f. 13. 

^SlQuireUJ^Q9.^TSLutnr:Sfreu^: [&^§)- 

Ci^nexmS)e^.^nm-:) [Draraidopanishat-tatparya- 
rntnavali and Dramidopanishat-sara. A paraphrase 
and a compendium, in Sanskrit, of theDramidopani- 
shad or Tiru-vay-mori. With the Tamil commen- 
taries respectively of Venkatesacharyar and Sri- 
nivasa Desikar.] See Arvaeoal. — Nal-ayiram. — 
Tiru-vdy-mori. SiDJoeu^eist^uu^ [Bhagavad-visha- 
yam.] [1883-1904.] 4=. 14170. fff. 3. 

uwiSawiT ib^LBWDtQ^SliBesr smetJU&isrvirj- 

ewisiSasLD , . . ^(i^(ipii^iuss)i_6^. [Nigamanta- 

maha-de?ikan-vaibhava- sfira- nangrahani. Ad ac- 
count, in mani-praviilam stylo, of Venkata-natha. 
Followed by K. L. Tirtha Pijjai'rt Tiru-mudiy- 
adaivu, a list of eminent Vaishnava devotees and 
their works, etc. Edited by Tirukudandai TaUai 
Krushnam-acharyar and others.] pp.36. Q/reu^ssr 
dfrc® [Jl/a'/ras, 1894.] 12°. 14170. d. 46.(2.) 

Siuir0iv^,f^Q<sijeiitTuir, [Nyasa - dn.saka - 

ven-ba. A version in vev-hd metre, by T. R. i^ri- 
nivasa Aiyangar, of Vehkata - natha's Nyasa- 
dasaka, 10 Sanskrit stanzas on the Vaishnava 
doctrine of vydsa, or devotion by surrender of the 
soul. With a table of the divisions of Vaishnava 
theology, by the former.] pp. 7; 1 plate. <S'Sf)einf 
[Tanjore,] 1907. 16°. 14170. d. 33.(4.) 

(^, . . . S^&U^aS. [Para-mata-bhfingam. 

A polemical treatise in defence of the Vadagalai 
Vaishnava theology. Edited by Tiippul Veuka- 
tacharya-dasan.] pp. 188. "Sa"^rtao n^r'o [Ban- 
galore, 1890.] 8°. 14170. e. 43. 

Q/ueiH^osjemso^ uS)8iSiO9if^S€0irCs,.u6l- 

/K-'X-eiJ^irsisr " eunr8^eyoojy)o " i^ [Para-mata- 
bhangam. Edited by Timmagudi Allundu Rama- 
nujacharyar.] pp.168; I plate. tab-'OsoQewirtmn 
[Kumbakonam,] 1893. 8°. 14170. e. 54. 

L^. . . ufa^^oeuv^^iueuotTir: [Rahasya- 

traya-sara. A Sanskrit work on the three funda- 
mental formulae of the VisishtadvaitaVaishnavas. 
With Tamil verse-rendering and commentary. 
Edited by T. Gopala Tatacharyar and T. Srlni- 
vasa Tatacharyar.] pp. 320. <siir^ [Conje- 
varam,] 1889. 8°. 14048. c. 68. 

ooo Qevevesyir jrpjDeivujejsen-aer. [SiUa- 

rai-rahasyangal. Tracts, in manj-/)rai?a/aOT8tyle,on 
topics of Visishtadvaita doctrine — soil. Sampra- 
daya-parisuddhi, Tattva-padavi, T°.-nava-nftani, 
T^.-matruka, T°.-sandesam, T°.-ratnavali, T°.-rat- 
navali-pratipadya-sangraha, T**.-traya-chulakam, 
Rahasya-padavl, R°.-nava-nitam, R°.-matruka, 
R°.-8ande§am, R°.-8andesa-vivarnnam, R°.-ratna- 
vali, R°.-ratnavali-hrudayam, and R'^.-traya-chuja- 
kam. With notes by E. Sundarfiryar. Edited 
by Bhashyam Krnsbnam-acharyar.] pp. i. 186, ix. 
OiFsir^ a^ IT lieu if) [Madroji, 1900.] 8". 14170. ««. 36. 

E E 





u n ^Q LD IT ^ erven fi^mSi9ssia. [Brahmotsava- 
tattva-dipikai. A Tamil treatise on the cult of 
Vishnu, with quotations from Sanskrit authorities. 
Part i., or Kshetra-kandain, on the sacred 
places.] (Part ii. Utsavakanda, containing illus- 
trations of the various vahanas in vogue in temple 
festivities.) 2 pts. ^iB&in^irLD [TrichinopoK,] 
1903-1904. 8°. 14170. ee. 66. 

Badarayana. ^•■•ci)5S^^^^S|^B'^^- [Brahma- 
siitram. With Srimad-bhashyartha-sangraham, 
rendered into Tamil by Venkata-raghavacharyar.] 
[1890.] 8°. 14048. c. 69. 

Yasodhaean. Yasodhara-kavyam . . . Witli argu- 
ment in prose, &c., by T. Venkatarama Iyengar, 
etc. 1908. 12°. 14172. a. 66. 

kindha-k°., and Sundara-k°. of the Ramayanam.] 
pp.ii. 62. ^(^Qm6vQ0u£ [Tinnevelli,] 190 \. 16°. 

14172. a. 32.(5.) 

India. — Legislative Council. M^Ssurr^Lcdr^a^ii] 
m^ [Niti-vivada-manjari. "Various acts, edited 
with commentaries etc. by Venkata-ramana.] 
1901, etc. 8°. 14170. g. 23. 

VENKATA-RAMA SASTRI, Karandaiyaraladi. See 
TiKUVADi. p^ . . . ^Q (IT) em su iu II IP jjjuLjrnrsssnh , 
[Tiruv-aiy-attu-puranam. Done into prose by 
Venkata-rama.] 1907. 8°. 14170. eee. 22. 

VENKATA-RAMA SASTRI, V. B., of Native High 
School, Ghingleput. See Periodical Pdblications. — 
Trichinopoli. aQuir^ uiriBs^ir^LD ^ [Subodha- 
parijatam. Edited by Veiikata-rama.] 1907, etc. 
8°. 14172. i. 12. 

See SoMA-DEVA. s^iT'SFiflai s'lrsiTLn (Katha- 

sarithsagaram ... in Tamil. [Translated] by V. 

euiretiiSQ trirwirajssnTs Q?eiri ssm^oien. g. Venkatarama Sastry.) 1905, eic. 8°. 14171.6.5, 

(Episodes from the Valmiki-ramayana in Tamil 
prose, by ... T. Vencatarama Iyengar . . . With 
an English introduction by Arthur Davies.) 
Madras, 1906, etc. 12°. 14171. d. 7. 

In progress. 

(Biographical Sketch of Villiputturer & Pillai 

Perumal . . . with an English introduction by 

T. Ramakrishna Pillai.) pp. 4, 67, iii. Madras, 

1904. 12°. 14171. a. 48.(2.) 

Forms part of the series " Tamil Men of Letters" (Tamir- 
kalai vanargal-vagai) . 

VENKATA-RAMA AIYAR, Kalluri. A manual of 
translation from Tamil into English, based on 
the analysis of sentences, with numerous exercises. 
Compiled by K. Venkatarama Aiyar. pp. ii. 112. 
Kumhakonam, 1900. 12°. 14172. h. 97.(4.) 

VENKATA-RAM'-AIYA, S. N. The First Book of 
Tamil, pp.i.i.92. Madras, 1903. 8°. 14172. hh. 18. 

VENKATA-RAM'-AIYAR, Kurungal/ivanam Krush- 
n'-aiyar. ^rrn LBinuesmai(^ihiB i^ [Ramayana- 
kummi. A ballad on the Aranya-kandam, Kish- 

<3=(^9edSiB, j^eve\)^ Qa^i^S (Sanjivi- 
A historical prose work [i.e. romance] in 
Madras, 1903, etc. 12°. 14171. a. 51. 



In progress ? Forms no. 6 of the Vidvan Mano Eanjani 

VENKATA-RAMA-SVAMI, KSvali. Moolika Sanka- 
litura ; or Mingling of Herbs : a work on medicine 
traslated [si'c] from Teloogoo into English, having 
the names of the various medicines in Taraul, by 
CavellyVenkata Ramasawmy Brahbin [sic']. [Pro- 
fessedly founded on a Sanskrit work of Dhan- 
vantari.] pp.ii. 90. Madras, I83b. 8°. 14170.1.31. 

See Pillai Lokacharyar. ^s,S(5'^2iF^(^,;3S'Tr'fr 
^^h^^iS^-^■^K^S' . . . «J^§(£,a6S s II [Tattva 
trayam. With commentary of Aragiya-maiiavala 
Peru-miil. Together with a Telugu translation by 
Venkata ranga-natha.] [1904.] 8°. 14170. ff. 11. 

hedu Kd\inga-rdya Pillai. iJ^LDiBLcessr&iirsrrLCiir- 
QpiSaffir^QFiSuih^iT^. [Manavala-ma-munignl- 
tiruv-antadi. A poem on the Tengalai teacher 
Aragiya-manavalar.] pp. 17. Q-s^esrSsn-LDiriBsini) 
3id&i [Madras, 1869. ] 8°. 14172. b. 23.(2.) 





VENKATA-RAU, Ruhigunrf at, Raya. SeeKoviLADi. 
History of tlie Kovilady Charities . . . Founded 
... by ... R. Vencat Rr>vr, Dewan of Travancore 
and the Native Assistant to the Commissioner of 
Mysore. 1899. 12°. 14171. a. 36. 

jj^ . . . irir LCi IT uj 6ssr ih i^ [Kamba-ramayanam, 
Aranya-kanclam. With commentary by Kanda- 
samiandVenkata-rayalu.] 1900. 8°. 14172. d. 25. 

Tummal (Svanubhava Yooindear). Qiuirsi^iT- 
^^ueu^iSlsmm, [Yoga-fianiiuubhava-dipikai. 
A treatise on Yoga doctrine and practice. Edited 
by T. Vadi-velu Mudaliyar.] pp. xi. 246, ii, vi. ; 
3 plates. Q<Fssr&ir ^lu {^Mad)-as, 1895.] 12°. 

14170. d. 38. 

VENKATARYA Y AJY A, ArasiTnipillai Raghu-natha. 

6if?<FJFii. [Teyva-guiia-velicham, or Ulaga-guna- 
kannadi. A free prose rendering, by B. A. Aiya- 
sami Mudaliyar, of Venkatarya's Visva-gunadarsa- 
champii, a Sanskrit dialogue describing various 
places and characters of India.] pp. 184. Qa-ekSser 
[Madras,] 190G. 8°. 14171. e. 13. 

VENKATA-SAMI AIYAR, Mosur. A Novel Exer- 
cise Book on Tamil Grammar, pp. 36. Madras, 
1892. 8°. 14172. hh. 1. 

A Manual of Tamil Grammar, specially 

adapted for the first three Forms, with many clear 
examples and exercises making the subject easy 
and interesting. ^Ssir(S^ir uu9e\) ^eoisessria. 
pp. vii. iv. 208. Madras, 1894. 12°. 14172. e. 20. 

Five hundred instructive Tamil Proverbs 

with their English equivalents , , . ^ititujibQ^- 
®/ii/B ^ih,sTJ^ uipQiniTLp ^. pp. 49. Madras, 
1907. 12°. 14170. k. 58.(3.) 

VENKATA-SAMI NAYUDTI, G. See Antoni Pii.lai. 
The English, Tamil, Telugu and' Hindustani Son- 
malai . . . revised by C. Venkataswamy Naidoo, 
etc. 1880. 8°. 14172. e. 10. 

VENKATA-SAMI NAYUDtr, T. R. See Nabatana- 
SAMi PiLLAi, T. Q. Installation of . . . Sri Krishna- 
rajeudra Wodayar Bahadur, Maharaja of Mysore, 

and the Dasara Festivitios . . . with . . , trnnRln- 
tion [by Venkata-sami]. 1903. 12°. 14172. bb. 8. 

VENKATA-SRINIVASAN, V. See Academies, etc.— 
Madras. — University of Madras. University of .Ma- 
dras. Matriculation Examination, 1900. Copious 
notes on the Tamil text-book, etc. [With English 
translations by Venkata-^riuivaaan.] 1900. 8°. 

14172. bb. 6.(2.) 


emif^wTiu , . . a^B^^iTLo t^ (Sri Krishna Chai- 
tanya , . . [Translated] by . , . Venkata Sriniva- 
san, etc.) 1902. 8°. 14170. ee. 61. 

VENKATA-SUBBA RAU, Renti'da. ^ssri^ ^(5- 
6S)s. [Ananda-dipikai. Instructive and enter- 
taining miscellanies, translated from the Telugu.] 
pp. i. 160. Mylapore, 1901. 8°. 14171, a. 25. 

s^irir^^^eiisi^, [Katha-ratnavali. A 

collection of stones from the Arabian Nights and 
other works. Translated from the Telugu of Veii- 
kata-subba Rau by T. S. Muttu-sami Sastri.] 
pp. 8, 464. Madras, 1893. 8°. 14171. b. 1. 

innins'iT&o^inJi . . . Marma Sastra, orThe 

Secrets of Life. [A study of physical and moral 
conditions of life, with a view to reform. From 
the Telugu original] by R. Venkata Subba Rau. 
pp. 200. Madras, 1894. 8°. 14170. i. 32. 

VENKATA-SUBBir PILLAI, A., of St. Joseph's 
College, Bangalore. The Thumboo Sindhamani. 
Being a poetical sketch of the life of Raja Oharma 
Pravina, T. R. A. Thumboo Chettiar, CLE. [in 
verse, with prose paraphrase] . . . with an intro- 
duction in English by S. Krishnaswaini Aiyangar. 
(*^LJbLiSi/BirLD6si!fl.) pp. viii. xx. 276, ii. ; 3 
plates. Madras, 1905. 8°. 14171. b. 4. 

See Saptarshi. The Suptharishivakkiam 5.500. 
Thoroughly examined by . . . Nagasawmy Aiyar 
... and by ... Venkatasubraraaniya Aiyar. [1899.] 
8°. 14170. i. 63. 

VENKATA-SVAMI AIYAR, of Mysore. Ste Samkara- 
CHAKYAR. [Doubtful and Supposititious Works.] 
ujf . . , tf^eunmi^&ssiif etc. [§ivananda-lahari. 
With interpretations in TamiL Edited by Veii- 
kata-svami.] 1904. 12°. 14048. b. 48. 





VENKATESACHARYAB, (Venkatacharyar) . See 
Venkata-natha Vkdantachaeyar. S^SlQz:^ITeUJ&- 
Qs.^trsujtiu-^iTGV^: [Dramidopanishat-tatparya- 
ratnavali and Dramidopanishat-sara. With the 
Tamil commentaries respectively of Venkatesa- 
charyarandSrinivasaDesikar.] [1883-1904.] 4°. 
[Bliagavad-vishayam.] 14170. fff. 3. 

VENKATESA PANDITAE, Mddai. See Tird-ven- 

VENKATESA PILLAI, Paval. [jf . . . ueum-Qsuim- 
a,(ai—<9=LJt9errSsfr LBHiSesriT ^{up/otiu uj^suiidr 
en) ^ IT a eifl esr (^mairtuLD. [Yaduvamsasthargalin 
kula-kayam. Rules framed by the members of 
the family of Venkatesa Pillai for guidance in their 
social and religious relations.] pp.43. Qd'skesru- 
ULLt^emm [Madras,] 1889. 8°. 14170. k. 43. 

VENKAT-RAMAUPADHYAYAR, and others. iDiriri- 
aesmQi^ujir eQ m ir '3' th . [Markandeyar-vilasam. A 
drama upon a Saiva legend. Edited by T. Ven- 
katachala Mudaliyar.] pp. viii. 136. «aisv [Ma- 
dras, 1869.] 8°. 14170. 1. 12. 

VENKAT-RAYA SASTRI, Sadar Adalat Court Pan- 
dit See Kanda-sami Pdlavae, M. ^(i^u:,^eti ^ 
[Vyavahara-sara-sangraham. Edited by Veiikat- 
raya.] 1826. Fol. 14170. g. 15. 

VENNI- MALAX PILLAI, Sivngefigni Sundaravi, 
Jaulc-vyaparam. esiibL^/bQuissi ^jih ibcit-3'<3= iaa- 
euir^^ ^ihLDirSssr. [Nala-chakravartti-amraanai, 
or Naidadam. A poem on the legend of Nala and 
Damayantl. Edited by Teyva-sikhamani Ayyar 
and others.] pp. 10, 3, 2, ii. 186. in^iemjr [Ma- 
dura,] 1904. 8°. 14172. CO. 2. 


^iTcruLjiTiTesmLD, [Tiruchendur-puranam. A poem 
in 18 cantos on the legends of tbe Saiva sanctuary 
at Tiruchendur, Tinnevelli District. Edited with 
a commentary by Nirveli S. Siva-prakasa Pan- 
ditar.] pp. 280, ii. lu it ^uuiremLo [Jaffna^ "[^Ql . 
8°. 14172. bb. 26. 

^Q^sFQffiB^lT^^eOLfinTefiT&isresTLn. (*_©- 

QFi3'Q'TiE^!riTut9&rdsfr^^ijSip.) [Tiruchendiir- 
tala-purana-vachanam. A prose version of Venri- 
malai Kavi-rajar's poem on the legends of the 
Saiva sanctuary of Kumara at Tiruchendur, with a 
biography of the author, byM.R. ArunachalaKavi- 

rayar. Followed by Pagari-kuttar's Tiruchendur- 
pillai-tamir, a devotional poem on the god's cliild- 
hood, edited by the same.] pp. 142, 41. G-rsJsT?esr 
eQa-iT^ [Madras, 1899-1900.] 12^ 14170. d. 59. 

VENU-GOPALA CHETTI, V. See Madras, Presi- 
dency of. A collection of the inscriptions ... in 
the Nellore district. Made by A. Butterworth . . . 
and V. Venugopaul Chetty. 19U5. 8°. 

14058, c. 11, 

VER PILLAI, Matluvil K. [For works edited by 
Ver Pillai, see under the headings :] 

Aghora DivAR. Kadavun Ma- muni. 

VER PILLAI, Tumbalai P. See Ephemerides. °°o 
<STeS6Tnht96iiiTs^ ... udT)S=n main . . . Tamil Calen- 
dar for 1897-98. [CalculatedbyVerPillai.] [1897.] 
8°. 14172. i. 16,(1.) 

being the Tamul version of a coUectioa of ancient 
tales in the Sanscrit language ; popularly known 
throughout India, and entitled the Vetala Pancha- 
vinsati. Translated by B. G. Babington. pp. 90. 
(See Academies, pfc. — London. — Oriental Translation 
Fund of Great Britain and Ireland. Miscellaneous 
translations, e<c. vol. i. 1831. 8°. 14003. d. 5. 

VETHANAYAGAM. See Veda-natakam. 

VETTI-VEg PILLAI See Jaffna. — Saivn-pari- 
■pdlana-sahliai . Qeu^^Q a iTa sessTL-esT ^iairir 
^smi_esi in. [Siva-droha-khandana-dhikkara-dan- 
danam. An answerto the tract entitled Siva-droha- 
khandanam by Vetti-ver Pillai.] [1896.] 16°. 

14170. d. 57. 

VICTORIA, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland. See 
Jeremiah (S. S.). Jubilee Songs . . . for the . . . 
celebration of . . . the Queen Empress Victoria's 
accession, etc. 1887. 8°. 14172. c. 28.(2.) 

See Peexya-subba Reddiyae. 


inrtxi^ ^iihiniTdssT. (The Maharani Ammaiiei[, an 
account of the reign of Queen Victoria in animdnai 
metre], etc.) 1901. 8°. 14172. b. 7. 

See Rama-sami Pulavae, B. S. English 

translation of a . . . poem regarding tbe assumption 
of the title of "Empress of India" by . . . Queen 
Victoria, etc. 1877. 8°. 14172. c. 28.(1.) 





VICTORIA, Queen of Great Britatn and Ireland (con- 
tinued). Sec Sami Chettiyar, P. Af. eQiQi^iriBiuir 
. ..(S^n U'Xd=QesTeisrLo, [Victoria-maharaiiiyavftrgal- 
Siipaka-chinnam. Observations and elegies on the 
reign of Queen Victoria.] 1901. 8°. 14171. a. 47. 

See Shanmukham Pillai, K. P. The Life 

of Em press Victoria, e<c. 1902. 12°. 14171. a.44. 

VIDYANANDA SVAMI, Ndnilnanda-svarupar, of 
Benares. ^<ieu«s\)/r j^s^sshtld. [Sakala-kala- 
bbiishanam. A series of stories chiefly on religious 
legends. Edited by P. Tyaga-raja Mudab'yar.] 
pp. 7, 394. Madras, 1899. 8°. 14171. a. 37. 

VIDYA-VINODINI. sS^^ajinsQQiBiT^iSl. (Vidhya 

Vinodbini Series.) [A collection of religious 

poems, with prose commentaries, edited by K. 

Rama-sami Nayudu, T. Shanmukham Pillai, and 

P. Vasudeva Mudaliyar.] no. 1-42. OiFsw&ir 

«^^.5i. [Jlfafim«, 18891-1892. 8°. 14172. c. 39. 

WorT(» published in this series are catalogued separately 
under the headings : — 

Aruna-giii-natha Svami. Tani-pfuial. 

Nakkirii-ilevar. Tfiyumunavar. 

Pattaviattu Pillai. 

dddai. See Aragiya-manavala Peuu-mal. oooiu^- 
jTir^eQiht/v^. [Yati-raja-vimsati. Edited by 
Vijaya-raghavacharyar.] [1884.] 12°. 

14028. b. 63.(1.) 


RASU-RAMA PaNTULU. 00° \J^€^ ^IT IT IT miT /^■fQ IbtU 

sfOLB'SiiiTfi t^ [Slta-ramanjaneya-samvada-sara- 
sangraham. With Tamil translation and com- 
mentary etc. by Vijaya-raghavalu.] [1898.] 8^. 

14170. ee. 27. 

dras, Presidency of. Q.s'eJsrBssr esureQmiuirs'S'- 
unem'^tuiuuiirmrr^ <^ ir s" m iei .x err i^ [The Standing 
Orders of the Madras Board of Revenue. Trans- 
lated by Vijaya-raghavulu.] [1868.] 8°. 

14170. g. 6. 


uiriuk .^ 6ii i s (sihLB uirt^iu u^imsea, [Padangal. 
Erotic poems by Kavi-kufijara Bharati, Madhura- 
kavi Bharati, and Rama Kavi-rayar. Edited by 
P. Vijaya-ranga Mudaliyar.] pp. ii. iv. 96. Qs'm- 
e!!rui:.u.sis3rm [Madras,] 1886. 8°. 14172. c. 33. 

VIKRAMA-CHORAN. The Vikrama-cholan-ula. 
[Text and translition by V. Kanaka «nbhai PijUi 
of a poem panegyrising apparently Viknuna- 
choyan, who reigned 1112-27.] 1893. See Pkrio- 
DiCAL PoBLiCATioNs. — Bomhay, The Indian Anti- 
quary, e<c. vol. xxii., pp. 141-150. 1872, <■/<;. 4°. 

14096. e. (vol. 22.) 

^&ni£><B&n^. [Muppatt'-irandu padumai-kathni. 
The Tales of the Thirty-two Images. Edited by 
G. Arunachala Mudaliyar.] pp. 207. [Madras^ 
1882. 8°. 14170. k. 14. 

VILAMBIYA-KAGANAR. See Viiambita-Naoanar. 

VILAMBIYA-NAGANAR. iBireiruiesiifidst^sniB t^ 
[Nan-mani-ghatikai. A series of ethical stanzas. 
With commentary.] pp.31. 1904. See Acade- 
mies, etc. — Mndura. [' Sen-damif " supplement.] 
no. 14. 1902, etc. 8°. 14172. i. l.*(no. 14.) 

Forms no. 2 of the 18 Kir-kanakkn j)oem«. (tNanmanikkadigai.) 

[Verses 50-108, with commentary and English 
translation.] See Pugarendi. The Nalavonba, etc. 
1879. 12°. 14172. a. 22. 

VILAN- JOLAI PILLAI, disciple of Pillai Lokdehdr- 
yar. ooo ewu^mrrwr)^ ^ [Sapta-gathai. A 
Vaishnava religious tract, in 7 verses, with inter- 
pretation. Together with a copious commentary 
by Pijlai Lokam-jiyar. Edited by A. K. Krush- 
nam - acharyar.] pp. 78. ^Q^eueosaAQa^isifl 
sjtf^'a- [TripUeane, 1882.] 16°. 14172. a. 9. 

eieu^sirssi^. [Sapta-gathai.] See Ar- 

VARGAL. — Nal-ayiram. — Seleetious. ooo iS^iuir^- 
(srvi^TiBLc ^ [Nityanusandhanam.] pp. 120-121. 
1886. 8°. 14170. ee. 14. 

^S,-7r"$. [Sapta-gathai. With Telugu in- 

terpretation, paraphrase, etc.] See AbvaROAL. — 
Nal-ayiram.— Seiec</on«. ooo p^§&rfoi?'^sSM S i) 
[Nityanusandhanam.] pp. 648-654. 1900. 8°. 

14170. eee. 21. 

VILLIPUTTURAB (Sarva-bhalma Aitanoar). 
[Life.] See VEiJKATA-RAMA Aiyasgab, r. eQwe9- 
u<i^iraiT ... s^S\^'^as aQ^isti^. (Biographical 
Sketch of Villiputturer & Pillai Perumal, tic.) 
1904. 12°. 14171.8.48.(2.) 





VILLIPUTTURAB, (Sarva-bhauma Aitanqae) {con- 
tinued) . e96de9i-j^,^!r!r Lpeuirir ... mfsiTUtr rr^Ld, 
[Malia-bliaratam. A poetical adaptation of bks. 
i. — X. of the Sanskrit epic. Edited with notes, 
glossary, and index by Settur Subrahnianya Kavi- 
rayar.] pp. vii. 503, 117, ix. i. iv. xxxii. Madura, 
1907. 8°. 14172. bbb. 2. 

A metrical preface (sirappu-payiram) hy Villiputiurar's 
son Varandaruvdr is prefixed to this and the other editions 
of the poem. 

ooo Li:>siruiT!r^Qps\iQpLii . . . lj ^ ^ es> jr ilj ld . 

[Maha-bharatam, Adi-parvam. With interpreta- 
tion and notes by N. S. Ponn'-ambala Pillai.] pt.ii. 
pp. 41-80. iu IT ip u u IT essr Lb isjsQivuiiS [Jaffna, 
1897.] 8°. 14172. d. 18. 

o°o ics^irumr^Ld ^^unK&jLD QpeoQpLci ... 

Lj^^esisriLjiJa. [Maha-bharatam, Adi-parvam. 
With interpretation and notes by Nallur S. 
Ponn'-ambala Pillai.] pp. 400, viii. Ln^jrirem 
eQismhtS [Madras, 1898.] 8°. 14172. d. 19. 

Lnanrumr^ih. [Maha-bharatam, Salya- 

parvam. With commentary.] See Academies, 
etc. — Madras. — University of Madras. The Uni- 
versity of Madras. The First in Arts Examina- 
tion, etc. 1891. 8". 14172. bb. 4. 

LCixirun-jr^iJb. [Maha-bharatam, Drona- 

parvam xi.-xiii. With notes.] pp. 43, 208. 
See Nal-aditar. University of Madras. F. A. 
Examination 1900 . . . Naladyar and Bharatam, 
etc. 1899. 8°. 14172. b. 37. 

LmEfTuiT ir^LB. {^^QirirssnTunh SULCI, ai^sar- 

UQ^euLD.) [Maha-bharatam, Drona-parvam xiv.- 
XV. and Karna-parvam xi. With commentary.] 
pp. 212, -52. See Academies, etc. — Madras. — 
University of Madras. University of Madras. 
F.A.Examination,e«c. 1900. 8°. 14172. bb. 6.(5.) 

^^aiir<9-LCiir8iu ^LD^rruirjr^eU'rmLh. [Ma- 

ha-bharata-vachanam. A prose paraphrase by 
Tarangapuram Shanmukha Kavi-rajar of Nalla 
Pillai's amplified adaptation of Villiputtiirar's 
Bharatam. Published by A. Uma-pati Mudaliyar 
and A. Sittambala Mudaliyar. Pts. i.-vii., from 
Adi-parvam to Drona-parvam.] 7 pts. Q^^esrSstsr 
aeT,s^.j>f-^ereTSir [Madras, 1847-1854.] 4°. 

14172. dd. 2. 

^^^T'TinirSiu [J^LL^^jreQL-inpjDTuirjr^- 

&j<resrLD. [Dravida-maha-bharata-vachanam. The 

prose paraphrase by Shanmukha Kavi-rajar of 
Nalla Pillai's adaptation of Villiputturar's Bha- 
ratam. With occasional verses (vruttam) and 
other additions by T. Vira-bhadra Aiyar. A new 
and revised edition.] 4 vols. [Madras,] 1880. 
4°. 14172. dd. 4. 

miB^iriJbQey^ucifrSuj \-mu^aiTuiTjr^itbej3=ejr- 

arreQiuLn. [Maha-bharatam. The prose para- 
phrase by Shanmukha Kavi-rajar of Nalla Pillai's 
adaptation of Villiputtiirar's Bharatam. Edited 
byT. V. Muttu-sami Mudaliyar. Second edition.] 
4 vols. Madras, 1900. 4°. 14172. dd. 3. 

VIMALA-CHANDEA SURI. The Aryan Catechism 
[i.e. the Prasnottara-ratna-malika or Arya-prasnot- 
tara-ratnavali, here ascribed to Sankaracharyar] : 
in Sanskrit . . . English, Telugu, and Tamil. Edited 
by R. Sivasankara Pandiah. pp. 11, 72. Madras, 
1887. 12°. 14003. c. (no. 7.) 

Forms no. 7 of the Hindu Excelsior Series. 

VIMA-NATHA PANDITAR, Ilamburi. aL-thu- 

euesTLjirir&mTLa , . . ^is0'6\}ir-FiEiSlira6ij^^ujfnuLh. 
[Kadamba-vana-puranam. A poem on the legends 
of the Saiva sanctuary of Madura, adapted from 
a Sanskrit Kadamba-vana-puranam or Niparanya- 
mahatmyam. Canto x., or Lila-sangrahav-adhya- 
yam.] See Perum-batta-pdliy-ur-nambi. ^(5- 
. . . eQSffirujiri_pLjjrrr6issrLD. [Tiru-vilaiy-adar-purii- 
nam.] pp. 259-269. 1906. 8°. 14170. eee. 17. 

VmAYAKA-M&RTTI CHETTI, Nallur G. a^&nir- 
lutr^^esijreQerrisBLD. [Kadirai -yatrai -vilakkam. 
Songs for the pilgrimage to Kadirai-tirtham. 
With introductory poem by N. K. Paramananda 
Pulavar.] pp. 49. uirir^^u [Jaffna, 1886.] 16°. 

14172. a. 11.(2.) 

VINCENT [de Paul], Saint. Rules of the Society 

of St. Vincent de Paul. Q-r&sr eQ&srQs'eisri^ 

Quireo .yswu.? <yLL/_E;«STr. pp.47. Jaffna, ]907. 

12°. 14170. bbb. 15. 

VINODAM. eQQ^^eQi^metnp, [Vinoda-vidi- 
kathai. Riddles and facetious stories in verse.] 
pt. i. pp.8. [Madras;] \8Q2. 8°. 14170. k. 55.(2.) 

VINSON (Elie Honore Julien). See Academies, 
etc. — Paris. — Bihliotheque Nationale. Manuscrits 
tamonls. [Catalogue compiled by J. Vinson.] 
[1880 ?] Fol. 14172. k. 1. 





VINSON (^LiE HoNOR^ Julien) {cont!nue('l) . See 
AcA\n:uiKS,ete. — Paris.— i/coZa Spociale des Langues 
Onentalcs Vivantea. Ananda-ramga Pillai. Les 
Fran9ais dans Tlnde . . . Extraits da journal d'A- 
nandarangappoulle . . . Traduits . . . par J. Vinson. 
1894. 8°. 14003. i. 32. 

See Ananda-ranga Pillai. Les Fran9ais 

dans I'Inde. Le Journal d'AnandarangappouU^, 
1736-1761. (Par J. Vinson.) 1889. 8°. [Eeole 
Speciale des Langues Orientales Vivantes : Becufil 
de Textes et de Tradtictions.] 14003. i. 23. 

See Ela-patto. Y^lapp^ttu, etc. [Trans- 
lated by J. Vinson.] 1902. 8°. 

P.P. 4964. d. (vol. 35.) 

See Seshadri Sivanar. Loi de la Fin des 

differents Etres, etc. [Translated by J. Vinson.] 
1902. 8°. P.P. 4964. d. (vol. 35.) 

See TiRU-TAKKA Devar. Un episode du 

poeme epique Sindainani. [Edited and translated 
by J. Vinson.] 1883. 8°. [Ecole Speciale des 
Langues Orientales Vivantes : Melanges Orientaiix.^ 

14003. i. 16. 

See Tiru-valluvar. Le Livre de I'Amour, 

etc. [With an introduction by J. Vinson.] 1889. 
12°. 14172. a. 38. 

Litt^rature Taraoule Ancienne. Poesie 

Epique. Le Ramayana de Kamban'. sinu jTmnir- 
luesnTLD, Kamba Ram^yanam, etc. [An essay on the 
poem of Kamban, with a translation of three 
short extracts from the text.] pp. 23. Pondi- 
cherij, 1861. 8°. 14172. b. 26. 

Specimen de Paleographie Tamoule. See 

Academies, etc. — Paris. — Ecole Speciale des Langues 
Orientales Vivantes. Nouveaux Melanges Orien- 
taux, e^c. pp. 431-469. 1886. 8°. 14003.1.18. 

Legendes Bouddhistes et Djainas. Traduites 

du tamoul par Julien Vinson. [Comprising sum- 
maries of the Chintamani, Silapp'-adhikaram, 
Mani-inekhalai, essays, and tales.] (Conteurs et 
Poetes de tons Pays, tome v*, vi*.) 2 vols. 
Paris, Vannes [printed], 1900. 12°. 14171. aa. 4. 

Manuel de la Langue Tamoule. Gram- 

maire, textes, vocabulaire. (Bibliotht-quo de I'Ecole 

des Langues Orientales Vivantes.) pp. xlvi. 240. 
Paris, 1903. 8°. 14172. e. 40. 

ViRA-BHADEA AIYAE, Tiruvaiindmalai. See 

ViLLlPUTTORAR. ^^STO-UiirSlU . . , Ut^lTUBg^ 

Wc [Dravida-mahii-bharata-vachanam. With occa- 
sional verses and other additions by Vlra-bhadra.] 
1880. 4". 14172. dd. 4. 

Q^&iBi(^irn^sir ibin_<BLa. [Desingu-rajan- 
natakam. A romantic comedy on the story of 
Desingu Raja, of the Fort of Ginji or SeSji. 
Edited by M. Subrahmanya Svami.] pp. 104. 
eSs^-^ [Madras, 1881.] 8°. 14170. 1. 4. 

ndrdyana Virdt. Arputha Kalakgiyana Manchari 
Vachanakaviam . . . .jtjpLj^ sireomSiuirssr in^a^fl 
eu.s'esraireSiuiJD. [A series of prophetical utter- 
ances anent the present era, chiefly in prose, and 
including Ganesa-puja or ritual of Gauesa, Niina- 
kandam, and Sannyasa-yoga-kandam. Edited by 
S. Ekambara Mudaliyar.] pt. i. pp. 56. Madras, 
1897. 8°. 14170. i. 73. 

The author is believed to be the 11th avatar of Vithnu. 

VIRA ZAVI-RAYAR, NeUvr. j^/fl.TS'iB^jLjinT- 
«33ru) i2^6U(7/;ii) - 2-sa)/r(ty tb. [Harischandra-puranara. 
The legend of the truthful king Harischandra, 
in verse. With interpretation. Edited by T. 
Venkatachala Mudaliyar.] pp. 128, 134, 18, 94. 
a^iSleo [il/arfras, 1869.] 8\ 14170. e. 6. 

^S.F.a'i^irLjiraesurih ^ [Harischandra- 

puranam. With commentary. Edited by G. 
Arunachala Mudaliyar.] pp. 314. tt/eu [Madron, 
1875.] 8°. 14172. c, 16. 

Harichaijdra Purana Vachanam. [A prose 

abstract.] See Mbuoesa Mudalitab, J. 0. Mathnr 
Neethy, efc. pp. 127-198. 1894. 8°. 14171. a. 1. 

VIRA-KODANDA RAMA- SVAMI, Tillai-valagam. 
See Narayana-sami Aitar, P. A. P«uSwa/6ir/r«u> 
u#. effaQsiT^isisTL-jiTLCi&osairLS s-evir, [Ula, or 
elegies upon the cult of Vira-kodanda-Raina- 
svami.] 1902. 12". 14172. a. 53. 

VIRA MA-MUNIVAR. See Beschi (C. G. E.). 





VIRA-MANDALAVAR (Mandala-pueddar). 0°° @- 
U-iTLC^ssfl fSsesarQ, QpeOQpLci s-emsriqih. [Chuda- 
mani-nigliantu. Bks. i. — x. of twelve metrical 
vocabularies. With an anonymous commentary. 
Edited from the recension of Tandava-raya Muda- 
liyar and others, with additions on poetical meta- 
phors by Philippus de Melho.] pp.191. Jaffna, 
1856. 12°. 14172. e. 9. 

Vira-mandalavar was a disciple of Ouna-hhadra, pro- 
bably the famous Jain writer of that name whose Sanskrit 
Utta/ra-purdnam was finished in A.D. 897. 

(^L^iTLBsssflS^esiiTQ ^ [ Chudamaiii -ni- 

ghantu. Another edition, edited by N. Aru-muga 
Navalar.] pp.l96,xx. Q3-&srssrutLL-.6S!srLn iBjusn 
iUadras, 1867.] 8°. 14172. f. 11. 

[Third edition.] pp. i. 196, 20. 

Q^^esruL-i—sssTLD eSldQiTiD [Madras, 1880.] 8°. 

14172. e. 29. 

Q^i_au}633fliSses3TSl 1^ [Chiidamani -ni- 

phantu. Another issue, edited by Aru-muga 
Navalar. Second edition.] pp.196. Q^rrd(^eQeo 
^lu [Koklmvil, 1894.] 8°. 14172. e. 17. 

(^L^irua^i8<3iesm(Bl i^ [Chiiclamani -ni- 

ghantu. Bks. i.-x., text only. Edited by Valval 
S. Vaidya-linga Pillai.] pp. 101. Q'TekSssr ^su 
[Madras, 1875.] 8°. 14172. e. 30. 

{\ u ^O fso) n IT en ^ .) [Chiidamani-nighantu. 

Ch. xi., on homonyms.] pp. 84. Manepy, 1835. 

16°. 14172. h. 1.(4.) 

No title-page. 

Negandu : part xi. iSs,sm(Sl. 6i (ihQ 3= it p 

uevQua(fF)il-OL-rr(^^, (^eoQpLn ^i^enn iljlb. [Ee- 
arranged, with supplements, by Veda-giri Muda- 
liyar, and glosses.] pp. i. 171. /o/na, 1843. 8°. 

14172. f. 23. 

^ a &(!sr L^ IT &i ^ ^ssTQrfSii^ r^L^iTLoessii 

iSaessT®. [Clmd;iraani-nighantu. Pta. ii., iii.] 
pp. 37. Q^siiSssr [Madras,] 1897. 12°. 

14172. ee, 4, 

ViRA-MUTTANNA NATTAR, nf Naduhhweri. ° o o 
Q^ir^^iTLJUiTLDirSM [T6ttira-pa-malai, or Hari- 
brahmesvara-t°. Eeligious lyrics upon the local 
Saiva cult.] pp. ii. 42. mQ,ieBnQei]ifl (^sQeirihiQ 
[Naduhhaveri, 1898.] 8°. 14170. e. 47.(9.) 

VIRA-MUTTU MTTDALIYAR, Chaturangapaffanayn. 

See SiSHACHALAM NaYUDU. 00° ^. . . U SST sS IT 6S!St (Bl 

^irir^iTJBeir asst^. [Pann'-irandu-rajargal-kathai. 
Translated by Vira-muttu.] 1897. 8°. 14171. a. 13. 

VIRANA PULAVAR, Kdfichi. ^(^jCTj^^euSfr^- 
^Sssr. [Arunachala-kirttanai. Hymns 'on the 
cult of Siva at Arunachalam. With a life of the 
poet. Edited by E. Vira-sami TJpadhyayar.] 
pp. ii. 260. IB srr [Madras, \8b6.] 8°. 14172. b. 12. 

VIRA PILLAI, Saiva K. ooogusweaflajff LjfTiTsssriJb 
pLpfniQpm-s-einiTu^LD [Vanniyar-puranam. A poem, 
with commentary by the author, on the legends 
of the Vanniyar tribe. Edited by Ponn'-ambala 
Guru.] pp. 3, 326. [Madras,] 1905. 8°. 

14172, bb. 17. 

VIRA-RAGHAVACHARYAR, M'. a.inmQireiv e8^- 
sQsmL^ tDj [Gongress-vina-vidai. A catechetical 
history of the National Congresses in India.] 
Fourth edition. pp. 44. Q3=ssr8ssr [Madras,] 
1890. 8°. 14170. k. 45.(2.) 

The Mysore Eepresentative Assembly and 

the Indian National Congress. emirir^inSiT^ 
iS Q3=6S)uiLjLCi aiTimSlQji en) ■a^ ss) u ilj ld . eQ les) eSl es) l^ , 
pp.23. Q^reinSssr [Madras,] 1891. 8°. 14170.g.27. 

VIRA-RAGHAVACHARYAR, Tiruvahindrapuram. 
See Kueatt'-aevan. (J^ . . . a^.Q/r^feQ^tuui i^ 
[Kliresa-vijayam. Edited by Vira-raghaviichar- 
yar.] [1892.] 8°. 14170. e. 44. 

Qd'iu'TQpQhsesT iSsfrSsrr^^LStfi [Seyur-mrugan- 
pillai-tamir. A poem on the cult of Skanda at 
Cheyur. Edited with preface and biography of 
the poet by Kalkulam Kuppu-sami Mudaliyar.] 
pp. 12, i. xxviii. 88. Madias, 1902. 12°. 

14172. a. 54.(1.) 
Forms no. 1 of the Nava-mani-malai Series, 

^(m6iiir^Q^e\}ir. [Tiruvarur-ula. Sniva 

verses. Edited with glossary by U. V. Saini- 
nath'-aiyar.] pp. 53, ii. 1905. See Academiks, 
etc. — Madura. ["Sen-damir" supplement.] no. 16. 
1902, etc. 8°. 14172. i. l.*(no. 16.) 

[19 occasional verses, with interpretation.] 

See Tani-padal. {^ fSssftluuiTL-pplrriL®) [Tani- 
padat-tirattu.] pp. 179-188. [1892, etc.] 8°. 

14172. 0. 39.(5.) 





VIRA-SVAMI, Madurai. See Ekambara Muda- 
LiYAB. LD^etmTeffir^sviEiaiiTffLD. [Mfidurai-vlra- 
alankaram.] 1892. 8°. 14172. b. 44.(2.) 

ooo Lc^smjsff'iraeiiirLSsiein^, [Madurai- 

vira-svatni-kathai. A poetical legend, purporting 
to Le derived from the Kasi-khandam, of a general 
of a king of Madura who killed himself before the 
slirino of Sokka-nathar at Madura, and is wor- 
shipped by annual sacrifices. Edited by T. Aru- 
mugaSvami.] pp.95, s^^/e [ilfa'/ras, 1881.] 
1G°. 14170. d. 18.(2.) 

VIRA-SAMI CHETTIYAR, Ashtdvadhanam, of 
Madras Presidency College. Vinodarasamanjarl, 
[a series of miscellaneous literary articles] edited 
[or rather reprinted] by A. Veerasawmy Chettiar 
. . . and originally published by the Rev. P. 
Percival . . . Second edition. To this are added 
the life of Auviyar and the Story of the Little 
Hunch Back. [*eQ(oiBir^ir3'UJi^<3r tf].) pp.ii.428. 
Madras, 1891. 8°. 14170. k. 56. 

e9(oiBrr^rrg-LD(S^^iB. [Vinoda-rasa-maSjari. 

A new and enlarged edition, with preface by K. 

Kuppu-sarai Mudaliyar.] pp. i. ii. 536. Q.^'ekBssr 

[Madras,] 1906. 8°. 14171. e. 14. 

Forms no. 1 of the Katha-rasa-mafijari Series. 

VIRA-SAMI MUDALIYAR, P. Sadaiy-appa. 9pu- 
QiB^rrLD^sssfl. [Sirpa-chintaraani. An astrological 
work on planetary influences upon the building 
of houses, etc.] pp. vii. 90. Qd' eiu ear ljl^ Lessor ld 
[Madras,] 1887. 8°. 14170. k. 42. 

VIRA-SAMI NAYirpU, nf Chintadrtpet. See 
Ar[;nachala Kavi-rayak. 0°° ^rririn ibiri_aLCi i^ 
[Rama-natakam. Edited by Vira-aami.] 1893. 
8°. 14170. 1. 36. 

VIRA-SAMI PILLAI, M. See Tiru-valluvab. 

o " o ^QF)<i(^psa ^ [Kural. Edited by Vira- 
f-fimi.] [1875.] 8°. 14172. c. 10. 

VIRA-SAMI PILLAI, S. See Strange (T. L.). 
&j)' /h^flirLDs^rreiv^n LD. [Hindu-dharma-sastram. 
A translation by Vira-sami.] 1857. 8°. 14170. g. 11. 

Pin.AVAR. .^(i?)i^'^evSiT^^3sar. [Arunachala- 
khttanai. Edited by Vira-sami.] [1856.] 8°. 

14172. b. 12. 

VIRA-SAMI UPADHYAYAR, Erumur (eonlinwd). 
o o o Qeu^riaair » ^aio. [^iva-fankani-^atakatn. 
A century of Saiva verses.] pp. 16, 1906, Ste 
Rama-sami Nayddu, K. a^^s^^aiLQ. [^ataka- 
tirattn.] pt. 7. 1905-1906, 12^ 14170. dd. 10. 


[Madigetta-natakam. A romantic play.] pp. 140. 
Q^mSoST [Madras,] 1902. 8°, 14170. 1. 60. 

VIRA-SINGA UDAIYAR, Nlrveli ?. See Sami- 

NATHA MdDALITAR, M. A. ^(l})UiLj^^ IT IBa L^iiLD, 

[Dharma-putra-natakam. Edited by Vira-singa.] 
1890. 8°. 14170. 1. 16. 

VIRAVANAM. eff'jreucsruLjffireianxi. [Vlravana- 
puranam. A poem on the sacred legends of Vira- 
vanam, or Viraiyiir, near Pernndurai, translated 
into verse by Minakshi-sundaram Pillai from the 
Sanskrit. Edited with notes by U. V. Samiuath*- 
aiyar.] pp. i, 2, ii. 107. Qs^&srssrutLi^esstLa 
[Madras,] 190^. 8°. 14170. ee. 63, 

VIRA-VANMAN'. effireussTLCtssr Qenp/S. (Veera- 
vanman Vetri [a romance] . , , Translated [from 
English] into Tamil by P. V. Sabapathy Mooda- 
liar.) 2 vols. Madras, 1902. 8*. 14171. a. 54, 
Forms no. 2-3 of the " Kaihamanchari Seriet." 

epim Q^m^)Q^uu^Li!rirsssrLD ^ [Ten-tirupadi- 
puranam, or Tiru-kamula-pnranam, The legends 
of the Vaishnava sanctuary at South Tirupati, in 
verse. Followed by Ananta-natha-svamigalpadi- 
gam, a hymn by the same author. Edited by 
G, Raja-gopala Pijlai and T. Shanmukham Pijlai,] 
pp. 213,4 ; 28 plates. Q'fssrSssr e6i(i^^Q [Madras, 
1890.] 8°. 14170. e. 49, 

VISAKHA-DATTA. See Natksa §a8Tbi, $. M. 
Mudrarakshasam : a tale , . , founded on the . . . 
drama by Visakhadatta, etc. 1885, 12°, 

14170. k. 40. 

VISAKHA PERU-MAL &IYAR,Ttrutanigai. SeeMi- 
NiKKA-VACHAKAB. o o a ^Qf^iQmtT sneuttjiT IT. [Tiru- 
kovaiyar. With interpretation by Visakha Pern- 
mal.] [1897.] 12°. 14172. a. 46. 

F F 





VISAKHA PEETJ-MAL AIYAB,, Tiruianlgai {con- 
tinueii). See Pavanakdi. meisr^nreo ^ [Nan-nul. 
With commentary by Visakha Peru-mal.] [1875.] 
8'. 14172. f. 9. 

[1882.] 8". 

14172. e. 11. 

^esSiSlsosaesmLn. [Aniy-ilakkanam. A 

manual of rhetoric. Edited by S. Anavarata- 
vinayakam Pillai.] pp. 8, 68. Qs^m^ssr \_Madrasi\ 
1906. 12". 14172. g. 3.(3.) 

utre^iQurr ^eQeoaasssTLD. [Bala - bodhav- 

ilakkanam. An elementary Tamil grammar.] 
pp. ii. 288. Q3=m&iTuL.L^es3iLD uf^iriB [Madras, 
1852.] 16=. 14172. g. 10. 

ujiruL9eO'i'X6ssrLD. [Yapp'-ilakkanam. A 

manual of prosody. Edited by S. Anavarata- 
vinayakam Pillai.] pp. vii. 46. Q-f&sr'Sesr \_Ma- 
drasil 1906. 12°. 14172. g. 3.(2.) 

VISALAKSHI AMMAL. Oaerr/P. (Gowri .. .Highly 
interesting Tamil novel.) pp. i. 95. Madras, 
1906. 8°. 14171. e. 1.(3.) 

VISHNU-CHITTAN. See Pekiy-akvar. 

VISTARIXI (J.), Mongiijnor, Missionary Apostolic. 
See Tamb'-aiya Upadhyayar. ooo iQirevirussQ- 
esi^. [Pralapa-kavitai. Verses on the death of 
Mgr. Vistarini.] 1896. 8°. 14170. c. 24.(11.) 

VISVA-BRAHMA-PURANAM. i£uveut9n uji^jir- 
exfTLD. [Visva-brahma-puranam. A treatise on 
origins, religious duties, etc. Metrically trans- 
lated from the Sanskrit by Tii-uvaiyaru A. Muttu- 
sami Bharatiyar. With prose paraphrase by Ma- 
yiladupuram Krushn'-aiyar.] pt. i. pp. viii. xxiv. 
383. Qd^eisrBssr [Madras,] 1894. 8°. 14170. f. 16. 

^<SV6V^ ^iressrQd^Qsir^jriT-serr. (Chandrava- 
dana, or The Two Brothers.) [A romantic drama.] 
pp.87. JlfcM^ras, 1898. 8=. 14170.1.32.(7.) 

VISVA-NATHA PILLAI, D. G. See Caeeoll (D.). 

VISVA-XATHA PILLAI, F. See Defoe (D.). The 
Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Trans- 
lated ... by v. Visvanatha Pillai. 1906. 12°. 

14171. d. 8. 
VISVA-NATHA SASTRI, Arali Ndrdyan'-aiyar. 
iB(v,e\)L£)Bsoi(^piaj^ [Nakula-malai- 

kuravanji-natakam. A lyrical drama on the reli- 
gious legend of the Nakula-malai or Mongoose 
Mountain. Edited by S. A. Kumara-sami Pillai.] 
pp. iv. 56. Qairaiv^eSleo m&sTLb^ [B'o/ffcn«(7, 1895.] 
8°. 14170. 1. 6. 

uirQ^Ln. [Para-hitam. A metrical tract 

on astrology, with prose paraphrase, etc. Edited 
by N. Ch. Raghu-nath'-aiyar.] pp. 24. QaiTS(V)- 
eSev fBih^esr [Kokkuvil, 1892.] 8°. 14170. i. 25. 

VISVA-NATHA SUEI, Kalamur. ooo msssfl- 
uaeu/rerr sQ it it i_uiTetJLCi, [Mani-pravala-virata- 
parvam. A metrical adaptation of the Virata- 
parvam of the Maha-bharatam, in mixed Tamil 
and Sanskiit. Edited with notes by N. A. Gopala 
Desikacharyar.] pp.96. Q^a^rndssr [Madras,] 1905. 
8°. 14172. bb. 16. 

VIVEKA-CHINTAMANL ooo eS'Qeu^Sis^rru::es£ 
[Viveka-chintamaiii, called also Niti-chiutamani 
and Vellai-chintaraani. A collection of moral 
verses, according to the recension of Hari-hara- 
putra Upadhyayar.] pp.32. t9ir(omn-_^^ [Ma- 
dras, 1871.] 16°. 14172. a. 13.(2.) 

VIVEKANANDA, Svdmi [i.e. Narendea natha Dat- 
TA.] o o o t3ir<y/Ei«ti. [Prasangam. A lecture on 
theosophy delivered in Ceylon. Translated by A. 
Muttu-tambi Pillai.] pp.16. Qairir^eBs^ [Kok- 
kuvil, 1897.] 8°. 14170. ee. 28.(2.) 

VIVEKA-SAGARAM. eQQsuss^trminh. [Viveka- 
sagaram. A story illustrating the principles of 
ethics. Translated from the Persian by Riza Hu- 
sain Khan, and stylistically revised by Muhyi al- 
Dln Husain. Edited by T. Shanmukha Kavi-rsijar.] 
pp. i. iv. 178. i9ikis,eiT [iiat^ms, 1858.] 8°. 

14172. 0. 11. 

VIVEKA-SARAM. 6^iT3iQ^6iiinesTesTLCi erek^i eii- 
LpiEi(^Sp eSlQeus^irjTth. [Viveka-saram,or Va- 
sudeva-mananam. A catechism of Advaita-Ve- 
danta philosophy. An edition based on that of 
Paripakkam Muniy-appa Mudaliyar.] pp. ii, 170. 
Qff^^ [Madras,] 1896. 8°. 14170. e. 68. 

VIVIDHA-PADARTHAM. eQeQ^u^irir^^^3^(^d=iT- 

ujLd [Vividha-padartha-saiijayam. Conversations 

on familiar social topics.] pp. 40. [Madras, n.d.] 

8°. 14172. h. 90. 

Without title-page and end. 





VOCABULARIES. See Dictionaries. 

VRUTTACHALAM. a^9lajirss!ir&!r,yif).i^jrih. [^a^i- 
varnan-charitram. A religious- philosophical story, 
purporting to be from the Vruttachala-puranam.] 
See Rama-sami Svami. mir^9eii6utr^^aL.L-?etr 
^, [Niiua-jiva-vada-kattalai, etc.] pp. 40-43. 
[1887.] 12°. 14170. d. 26. 



WALKER (J.). iS^OwfTLfi^^srilQ. Nidimo- 
zhittirattu. A selection from the writings of 
Tamil moralists, [viz. from the Miid'-urai, Nan- 
neri, Nal-vari, Niti-neri-vilakkam, Nal-adiyar, and 
Ara-neri-charam,] for the use of schools, pp. ii. i. 
112. Madras, I8il. 8°. 14170. k. 35. 

WALKER (Thomas). See [Addenda] Bible.— New 
Testament. — Epistles, o o o i9eQut9ujQ^i(^ . , . 
i^QPfU ^ [Philippians. With commentary e<c. by 
T. Walker. Translated by the latter and J. David 
from the English.] 1908. 12°. 14170. bbb. 16. 

WALTHER (Christoph Theodosius). Historia Ec- 
clesiastica. Cui adduntur Synchronism! Historias 
Exoticse, praesertim Indicae. Editio secunda. 
{*^(ihS',Feis)Uu96sr^iB^^iru Qu/rsrv^atn.) pp. 
316,xxxiv. Trangamharice,l799. 8°. 14170. b.60. 

WARD (Ferdinand D. W.) . Practical Expositions 
of the Parables of Christ, and of the briefer 
Similes, employed by the Divine Teacher . . . 
E_a;s!nLD<!B(ewii muu&jraQajti ^. pp. vi. 332, 54. 
Madras Tract and Booh Society : Madras, 1844. 
12°. 14170. b. 47. 

WARD (William). The Salvation of the Soul . . . 
a translation of the Parent Society's tract Krishna 
Pal. ^^^Lo ^iriLQuLf. Second edition, pp. 
16. /^na, 1844. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(37.) 

WARING (Edward John) . Remarks on the Uses 
of some Bazaar Medicines, and on a few of the 
common indigenous Plants of India, according to 
European Practice. [In English and Tamil.] 
(*w«Uia5S3>(_rosrra^^/E/«(ST5S55i_(ueiiy/xi ... weu^aw- 
OdB^waaJi—iuQ/tii ueoiEiadsfTU/bjoldBirLLt^uj (V/jSu- 
Ljadrr.) pp. xvii. 213. Travancore, 1860. 8°. 

14170. i. 6. 

[Anotter copy.] 

14170. i. 30. 

WASHBURN (Geoboe Thomas). See Htmkaui. 
Tamil Christian Lyrics . . . from the lyrical com- 
pilations of . . . G. T. Waahburn, etc. 1902. 12°. 

14170. b. 30. 

WAY. The Temperate Way ... a revision ... of 
no. 38, of the Madras Tract Society's Miscellan- 
eous publications . . . Q/B^iflQiB/iS, Second edition. 
pp.12. /a/n«, 1844. 12°. 14170. b. L(38.) 

True Way. QunLieu^. [A Christian 

tract.] See Veda-nataka §a8TEI, T. D., and 
Winslow (M.). Blind Way, etc. pp. 123-142. 
1852. 32°. 14170. a. 3. 

WAYLAND (Francis), the Elder. Wayland's Moral 
Science. e^:igi>mj5ir60. [Ornkka-nul. Trans- 
lated by A. Barnes.] pp. 230. Palameotlah, 
1859. 12°. 14172. h. 11. 

WEBB (Edward). See Hymnals. Tamil Christian 
Lyrics . . . from the lyrical compilations of . . . 
E. Webb, etc. 1902. 12°. 14170. b. 30. 

WERDIN (JoHANN Philipp). See Paulinos, a Saneto 


WESLEY (Charles) and WESLEY (John). Qeuem- 

eSiueJsr QuiQ^iruf-etv^rr etssr qh^ a'sinuujiriflssr 
M^ut9!ru:>iT6ssrfBmerr. [The original Rules for 
Wesleyans.] pp. 8. [Batticaloa, 1893.] 12°. 

14170. a. 49.(5.) 

WESLEY (John). [For the Service-book of the 
Wesleyan Methodists, adapted from the Book of 
Common Prayer of the Church of England by 
J.Wesley:] See Lituegibs. — Wesleyan Methodists. 

A collection of Hymns, for the use of 

the people called Methodists . . . With a new 
supplement. Translated into Tamil [by J. Kilner, 
D. P. Niles, and others. Edited by E. Rigg and 
others]. {*QuiQ^iri^0iv^ir . . . (S^irsaS^iisea.) 936. Batticaloa.imX. 12°. 14170. bbb. 10. 

^iresruiri—QaeiT, Hymns translated from 

the collection by the Rev. J. Wesley, pp. 69, iii. 
Madras, 1825. 8°. 3437. g. 33. 

WESLEYAN METHODISTS. The Catechisms of the 
Wesleyan Methodists : compiled and published 
by order of the Conference . . . No. ii. — For 
children of seven years of age and upwards. 





With an appendix, containing a short Catechism 
of Scripture History, and examples of prayer. 
Translated into Tamul. {*^ifemL-ireu^ (Sj/zG^- 
uQ^<Fih.) pp. 114. Madras, 1827. 12°. 

3504. bh. 16. 

Second edition. [Without the appendix.] 

pp. 66. Madras, 1835. 12°. 3505. bbb. 36. 

■ The Catechism of the Wesleyan Methodists 

. . . No. i. (ii.), for children of tender years . . . 
■with an appendix, containing a short catechism 
of scripture names, and prayers, etc. {*(Seu^- 

o'lrjiedi^eQstni ) 2 pts. Madras, 1850. 12°. 

14170. b. 7-8. 

■ QeusrveSiuek Q ldQ ^ ir i^ siiv ^ ifl wsr (osu^3=mT 

eQ^'iQeini [Veda-sara-vina-vidai. The Wes- 
leyan Methodist Scripture Catechism. Second 
edition.] 2 pts. Batticaloa, 1891-1892. 16°&12°. 

14170. a. 52. 

Grammar Self-taught. In Tamil and Roman 
Characters. (Marlborough's Self-taught Series — 
no. 19.) pp. 120. London, 1906. 12°. 

012902. eee. 

WINFREL (S.). See Pancha-tanteam. Pancha 
Tantra. Translated ... by ... S. Winfred. 1873. 
12°. 14170. k. 61. 

See Tamil Minor Poets. Tamil Minor 

Poets . . . translated ... by ... S. Wiufred, etc. 
1872. 12°. 14172. c. 6. 

WINKEL (E.). A brief Commentary in Tamil on 
St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians [chiefly based 
on the work of Philippi] . . . ^60ir^SlujQ^i(^ 
ST(w^sm S(^u^^ek eQiuiriSiufrearLD. pp. 92. 
Madras, 1891. 8=. 14170. c. 36. 

WINSLOW (Mieon). See Bible. — Complete Bibles. 
The Holy Bible . . . [With the headings and 
chronology of the English version translated by 
M. Winslow.] 1844. 8°. 3070. 1. 1. 

See Bible. — Complete Bibles. The Holy 

Bible . . . revised [by M. Winslow and others], etc. 
1850. 4°. 3070. d. 26. 

WINSLOW (Miron) [continued). See Knjght (W.) 
and Winslow (M.). Spiritual Lamp. 1854. 16°. 

14170. a. 33.(2.) 

■ ■ See Veda-nayaka Sastei, r.D., and Winslow 

(M.). Blind Way, etc. 1852. 32°. 14170. a. 3. 

1861. 16°. 14170. a. 37. 

Conversion of the Taheitans ... ^sina^- 

^lui ^eum^^irir 3= ifl ^ ^ a ia . Secoud edition, 
pp. 12. Jaffna, 1843. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(8.) 

Good Counsel . . . isevev^si] . Third edition. 

pp. 16. Jaffna, 1844. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(15.) 

Heavenly Way. Containing the history 

of a brahmin of Calcutta who became a convert 
to Christianity. . . (Lp^^mirirasLa. Fifth edition. 
pp. 8. Jaffna, 1843. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(1.*) 

The Means of Bliss . . . QLnrriLs'ami sssujy. 

Fifth edition, pp. 12. Jaffna, 1844. 12°. 

14170. b. 1.(2.) 

WINSLOW (Mieon) and ROBERTS (Joseph). True 
Doctrine . . . Qhj^iuiljuQ^s-u^^ulei. Third edi- 
tion, pp. 8, 16. /a/wo, 1843. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(4.) 

WINSLOW (Mieon) and SCUDDER (John). Attri- 
butes of the Hindu Triad . . . (ipLD(ipir^^^6»iL- 
ffeanTLb. Fifth edition, pp.12. Jaffna, I8ii. 12°. 

14170. b. 1.(22.) 

WOODWARD (Henry). uI&jQTjeJsm^ [Parav-aru- 
niti. An allegory on divine justice and mercy.] 
pp. 36. Ndlore, 1833. 12°. 14170. b. 14.(1.) 

Divine Justice and Mercy . . . ujr&iQ^a 

Second edition, pp.34. Jaffna, 184:2. 12°. 

14170. b. 1.(28.*) 

Good Opportunity . . . mp^miuLD. [A Chris- 
tian tract.] Fourth edition, pp. 16. Jaffna, 1842. 
12°. 14170. b. 1.(25.) 

Mercy and Justice . . . sq^i^iS^. Second 

edition, pp. 27. Jaffna, 1845. 12°. 

14170. b. 1.(59.) 

YADAVA-GIRI. o o o a^^ij-Qeu^ s^fl^^rr s^ii- 
Slr^fi^ssr, [Chatur-vedi-charitra-sankirttauai. An 
episode from the Yadava-giri-mahatmyam, ou the 
legends of the Vaishnava sanctuary near Melkote. 




Translated into verse from the Sanskrit, with 
occasional proao paraphrases, on the basis of 
Gopfilacliiirya Svaini's rendering, by Tirupattiir 
R. K. Tiru-narayaiia-dasar, and edited by P. Appa- 
sami Mudaliyar.] pp. 8, 32. ^(j^uu^^/rir [Tiru- 
jmttur,] 1900. 8°. 14170. ee. 35.(4.) 

YAJNAVALKYA. ^ ^ it <£rn4. prir e^r^ eTSl^irOjs,. 

[Yfifnavalkya - smruti. Sanskrit text, with Vi- 
jfiiinesvara's commentary Mitakshara, and Tamil 
interpretation.] 1901, etc. See Periodical 
PoBLiCATiONS. — CliuJambaram. c^j^e^eiP^/r etc. 
[Brahma-vidya.] vol. xv., no. 1, etc. 1886, etc. 
4°. 14096, dd. 3.(vol. 15, etc.) 

YAMUNACHAEYAR (Alavandae). o°o ^swau/s- 
^irireivQfiiT^jiUJ. [Alavandur-stdtram, or Stotra- 
ratnam. A Sanskrit Vaishnava hymn. With 
a Tamil commentary by Periyav-achan Pillai. 
Edited by Maha-bhashyam Rangacharyar and 
Ichambadi Raghavacharyar.] pp. 78. Madras, 
1878. 8°. 14028. c. 46. 

The Sanskrit text is given in Tamil characters. 

^^ essTsg'r ^(^|S. [Alavandar-stotram. 

Another edition, in Telugu character.] pp. 129. 
Madras, 1879. 12°. 14028. b. 52. 

jsj^-Q^iTt^ [Chatuh-slokl. Four Sanskrit 

stanzas on the goddess Lakshml. With Tamil 
version, analysis, and commentary.] See Vaeada- 
CHARYAR, Vdtsya D. ° ° ° LJiruskesrurriB^ir^Lc, 
. ^, [Prapanna-parijatam.] pp. 148-154. [1895.] 
8^ 14028. d. 55. 

u^LB^Q^iT ir ^^ mfuikiiiT&iioLD [Gitartha- 

sangraha. A Sanskrit epitome of the Bhagavad- 
glta. Sanskrit text, with Tamil translation.] See 
Maha-bhaeatam. \j<^uiB&i^Se!S)^. [Bhagavad- 
gita.] pp. 692-710. [1899.] 16°. 14065. b. 19. 

[Prameya-ratnam. A Vaishnava theological tract. 
Followed by Periyav-achan Pillai's Manikka-malai. 
Edited by V. M. Srinivasa Appangar Svami.] 
pp. 61, "3^^ oF-ob" iMadras, 1904.] 8°. 

14170. ee. 6.(3.) 

«JeJg$(r'Sxc3S. [Tattva-bhiishanam. A trea- 

tise on the doctrines of Ramanuja's school. 

Edited by Aragiya - manavnia Uamanuja - jrynr 
Svami.] pp.40. ^T'ot) [Oon/eoaram,] 1902. 8». 

14170. ee. 6.(2.) 
YAPP'-ARUNGALAM. The Elements of Prosody, 
iuiTuu(ir,iEiaeoLc,. See Popb (G. U,). A larger 
Grammar of the Tamil Language, etc. pp. 335- 
358. 1858-1859. 8°. 14172. h. 81. 

YASODHAEAN. Yasodhara-kavyam (luQ^fir^r 
aijsQiuLb). [A narrative poem in 5 cantos, by 
an anonymous author, conveying Jain doctrine.] 
The first of the five Tamil minor epics. With 
argument in prose, &c., by T. Venkatarama Iyen- 
gar . . . With an English introduction by Arthur 
Davies. pp. 4, xxiv. i. xvii. Ixvi, 79. Madran, 
1908. 12°. 14172. a. 66. 

YATINDEA-PEAVANAE. See Aragita-manavala 

Stlectious ... to which are added a spelling and 
phraseology ... by T. Eterajooloo Naidoo, Moon- 
shee. 1848. 8°. 14172. h. 20. 

YO(jA. ^Lli_/r/Hs (?uj»«<!B(5/DSTr, eu(5^,«- 
i£ip 6if lu iLj ih euifi, [Attanga-yoga-kural. A poem 
in 59 kurcd distichs on the mystic exercises of 
the asktdhga-yoga. Followed by Varutta-mafav- 
uyyum vari, 25 Saiva stanzas. Edited by §. 
Subrahmanya Kavi-rayar.] pp. 11. 1905. See 
Academies, etc. — Madura. [" Sen-damir " supple- 
ment.] no. 10, 1902, ete, 8°. 14172. i. 1.* (no. 10.) 


DAR. o o o (^iresTiAinSi—i— ^ [Nana-yii^i{\&'v- 
amala-ramayanam. A poem adapted and abridged 
from the Sanskrit Yoga-vasishtha-ramayanam.] 
[1851.] 4°. 14170. fEf. 2. 

1890. 8". 

14172. b. 41. 


See Alavandar. o oo ^irenrsuirait^L- i^ 

[Nana-vasittav-amala-ramayanam. A prose sum- 
mary.] 1902, 8°, 14170. ee. 63. 

Q^ireQ^iueu^iBih, [Sita-vijaya-vachanam. 

An episode of the Vasishtbottara-ramayanam. 
Translated from the Sanskrit by T. Sundara- 
chiiryar. Edited by §. K, Subba-raya Mudaliyar.] 
pp.43, ajydftjb [Madras, \S69.] 16°. 

14170, d, 18.(1.) 





kdyar, Nagapattinam. &i6sstlaS'%esS^Ln. [Vaniga- 
ganitam. A mercantile ready-reckoner.] pp. i. 
99, 4. Madras, 1891. 8°. 14170. 1. 28. 

kollai. Ready Reckoner. [In Tamil, English, 
Burmese, and Gujarati.] Containing reduction of 
weights by visses, lbs or by baskets. Edited by 
Broker M. Essoof Rawuther, etc. [* ^ sir 6^ i8 e(n p .) 
pp. 98. ^aiEiQsirsk [Rangoon,] 1901. 16°. 

14172. i. 21. 
ZABfDI. See Ahmad ibn Ahmad. 

ZAHN (Franz Ludwig). See Bible. — Abridgments 
and Selections. Qeu^ •rifl^^inr:. [Veda-charitram. 
A translation of Zahu's Biblische Geschichten.] 
1871-1873. 12°. 14170. b. 26, 27. 

ZAIDAN (JuKji). See [Addenda] Jueji Zaidan. 

ZAMIN NANIYAR, Kamudaiyil, Saiyid. See Subb'- 
aiya Desikar, p. ^oo^ . . . <stn<FUJ^^irLSs!!r . . . 
QuiBffc . . . ^luppuutL® ^ [Panegyrical verses 
upon Saiyid Zamin.] 1900. 16°. 14172. a. 63. 

plete Bibles. Biblia Damulica . . . libri . . . opera 
B. Ziegenbalgii . . . versi, e<c. [1714]-1728. 4°. 

3068. g. 6. 

Sen Bible — Old Testament. Librorum 

Sacrorum Veteris Testamenti . . . editio secunda, 

etc. [From the version of Ziegenbalg and Schultze.] 
1777-1796. 4°. 3068. g. 10. 

See Bible. — New Testament. Novum... 

Testamentum ... in linguam damulicam versum 
opera . . . B. Ziegenbalgii, etc. 1722. 12°. 

1410. g. 1. 

See Bible. — New Testament. — Gospels and 

Acts. Quatuor Evangelia et Acta ... in linguam 
damulicam versa . . . opera . . . B. Ziegenbalg, & 
J. E. Grundler. 1714. 4°. 2. a. 4. 

See Bible. — New Testament. — Gospels. 

[Matthew.'] Bvangelium Matthaei . . . [In Ziegen- 
balg's version], e<c. 1739. 12°. Qrenville 20,059. 

[For editions of the translation of the 

Bible as revised by Fabricius and subsequent 
translators on the basis of Ziegenbalg's version :] 
See Bible. 

See Freylinghausen (J. A.). Theologia 

Thetica ... in lingua tamulica scripta a . . . B. 
Ziegenbalg et J. E. Griindler. 1856. 8°. 

3559. c. 13. 

See Luther (M.). iriirir^^eJsr ^^^ir 

(Sj/rGiOTjuCo^dF ^ [Martin Luther enbavarin 
nanopadesa - kuripp^- idattai vistarikkum vina- 
vidaigal. Translated into Tamil by B. Ziegen- 
balg.] 1872. 12°. 14170. b. 20. 


*ABD al-KADIR LEBBAI (Kamil Wali Daikka), 
S/mi'M. u air esfi IT ss3r®LD IT dso. [Pann'-irandu-malai. 
12 poems on themes of Muhammadan religion and 
ethics, from 'Abd al-Kadir's Shari'at-malai. Pre- 
ceded by a metrical Munajat by the editor, Vira- 
soram A. Shaikh Muhammad.] pp. 40. ^jtibi- 
Qmrrek {Eangoon^ 1907. 8°. 14173. b. 44. 

M.K.A. Sfr^^miD^^. [Klrttana-majid. Mu- 
hammadan lyrics.] pt. ii. pp. 16. QaiTQ^LnL] 
iColomhoi\ 1907. 8°. 14173. b. 28,(8.) 

'ABD al-MASm. Abdool Messee, or The Jewel 
of Mercy ... a translation [by Punari Mudaliyar] 
of the life of Abdool Messee, [formerly called 
Shaikh Salih, a convert from Muhammadanism 
and an agent of the Church Missionary Society, 
1776-1827,] as published in one of the quarterly 
papers of the Church Missionary Society [viz. no. 
Ixii., Midsummer, 1831]. a^/ga) iS^. Third 
edition, pp.20. Jaffna, ISU. 12°. 14170. b. 1.(36.) 

'ABD al-RAHMAN, Nelliguppam. See Mohammad 
'Inatat Ahmad, i^i}/^^ J^ ['Ilm al-fara'id. 
Translated into Tamil by 'Abd al-Rahman.] 
[1906.] 8°. 14173. b. 42. 

ABEAHAM PANDITAR, M., of Karundni^hi Medi- 
cal Hall, Tanjore. ■x(/^^S)LSir^ e= ir m ir ^ ^ ir 1I.Q 
[Karunamirta-sagara-tirattu. A manual of music 
for Christian schools, containing the notation and 
scoring of various hymns, e<c.] Q'S'esTBssr \_Ma- 
dras,'] 1907, etc. 8°. 14171. h. 2. 

In progress. 

ACADEMIES, etc, — Madras. — University of Madras. 
See [Addenda] Gopalacharyab, K.^., and Maha- 
deva Mudaliyar, V. Quit(iF)Ibji irpjpiuussiL. ^ 

(University of Madras. 
1907. A critical Study of 
1907. 12°. 

B.A. Examination of 


14171. d. 2.(3.) 

ACADEMIES, etc. — Madras. — University of Madras. 
See Selva-kksava-raya Mudaliyar, T. University 
of Madras. F.A., 1908. Notes. Tamil Essays. 
1907. 12°. 14172. g. 11. 

ACADEMIES, etc. — Trichinopoli. The Tamilian 

Antiquary. [In English and Tamil. Edited by 

D. Savari-rayan.] (The Tamilian Archaeological 

Society Series.) Trichinopoly, 1907, etc. 8°. 

14172. m. 3. 
In progress. 

ADI-VARAHA KAVI. See [Addenda] Bana. Ka- 
dambari in Tamil by Adivarahakavi (f a Vaish- 
nava Brahmin of the Chola kingdom who floarishod 
490 years ago), etc. 1907. 8°. 14171. e. 2. 

AGASTYAR. ^asw^oj/f u 6^(65. [Agastyar- 
pallu. A metrical treatise on medicine in 226 
paragraphs, ascribed to Agastyar. Edited with 
prose paraphrase, etc., by B. MuKammad 'Abd 
Allah Sahib.] pp. 17, 237. 0.3= sir Sear [Madras,] 
1907. 12°. 14171. g. 14. 

AGASTTAR. ^6V«« Qs^sniSiiJs^irsirLD i^ [Ilak- 
ka-saumya-sagaram. A metrical handbook of 
medicine in 8 parts, ascribed to the legendary 
Agastyar, with prose commentary. Edited by B. 
Muhammad 'Abd Allah Sahib.] 4 vols. 0*^«r&ir 
[i/arfra»,] 1907. 12°. 14171. g. 15. 

AGASTYAR. u^^uiLS ^ir&v^^ih . . . ^irea- 
^irsui&i [sic] -r IT eiv ^ jrih ^ [Pancha-pakshi-ja- 
strara. A metrical work, ascribed to Agastyar, on 
divination from the flight, etc., of the vulture, owl, 
crow, cock, and peacock ; with paraphrase, ete.^ 





by Santa-linga Svami. Followed by 4 tracts, — 
viz. Nana-sara-nul, Uyar-Siina-sara-nul, and Tiru- 
men-uana-sava-nul, on divination, and Dina-kra- 
malatkara-churukkam, on medical regimen.] pp. 
82, 62. Q^mds6T [Ifdrfras,] 1907. 8°. 14170. i. 3. 

AHMAD ibn 'ABD ALLAH. h^J ^J J^V\ c-j'j^c 

'j,i^l!l > >'jj [Lubab al-akhbar. A collection of 

four hundred Traditions, or sayings of Muliam- 
niad, in Arabic. With a Tamil translation, en- 
tilled 'Ubab al-akhyar, by Muhammad 'Abd al- 
RaHman.] pp. iv. 132, lith. ^~lyJ^ n-rr [Ma- 
dras, 1904]. 8°. 14521. b. 31. 

[Addenda] Jurji Zaidan. ' a en) ew it sisr aekesflstn'a; 
^1 [Ghassan-kannigai-charitram. Translated from 
Zaidan's " Fatat Ghassan " by Ahmad Ghani.] 
1908. 8°. 14170. k. 3. 

AKSHAEAMTJDALIYAR, r.P. u)g/_6w^oS. (Ma- 
gudavalli. A highly interesting Tamil novel.) 
pp. i. 79. Madras, 1906. 8°. 14171. e. 18. 

ALEXIS, Sftt)i<. ^frdF. ^evsFLDLafrSssr, sS(ifi^fiLa. 
[Archya-sishta-alas'-ammanai and °vruttam. The 
legend of St. Alexis, in both ammdnai and vrnttam 
metres, the latter by Santa-Cruz Pulavar.] pp. 72. 
tuiTLpuurresunh [Jaffna,] 1893. 12°. 14170. b. 59. 

ANANTACHARYAR, Gunalcaramhhdgam Snthaliopa. 
See Valmiki. Sri Valiiiiki Ramayana . . . with 
Tamil translation and Sanskrit notes by . . . 
Ananthacharya. 1907. 8°. 14065. bbb. 15. 


Kann'-udaiya Vallal. o o o e^L^eQQeorrSH'SLD. 
[Orivil odukkam. With commentary. Edited by 
Anavarata-vinayakam.] 1906. 16°. 14170. dd. 14. 

ANB'-AMMAL PAUL [Mrs. Paul Solomon). Ala- 
gammal. A story of three families . . . ^ip-ati- 
mrrerr ^. pp. i. 214. Salem, 1907. 8°. 

14171. e. 23.(2.) 

ANTONY, Sai7it. St. Anthony of Padua. [Trans- 
lated from the French] by F. J. Subhavakyam- 
pillay, . . . Revised by Revd. S. Gnanaprakasa 
Swamy. (u^smsu ^it<3=. .jtj kQ ^ it ei£i iu it rr ■a^ifl^- 
^iTLb.) pp. X. i. 275 ; 4 i^lates. Jaffna, 1907. 
12°. 14170. bbb. 14. 

APPA-SAMI CHETTI, Vaisya-hulam. suireQQmirtL- 
.3= iBirL-a>LD. [Vali-moksha-natakara. A lyrical 
play on the epic legend of the destruction of the 
monkey-prince Vali by Rama. Edited by Siilai 
Muni-sami Mudaliyar.] pp. 8^. Q d- eisi Ssst 
[Madras,] 1908. 8°. 14170. 1. 30.(3.) 

vala Ma-muni, Periya-jIyar, and Ranga-kathan. 
[Life.] /See PiLLAi Lokacharyar. o°° lu^i^j tii u- 
&j eadT Lj IT u ir 6u LD . [Yatindra-pravana-prabhavani.] 
1907. 8°. 14170. ff. 23. 

vala Ma-muni, Periya-jiyau, and Ranqa-nathan. 
See Maha-bharatam. uaieu^Ssm^ i^^ (Bhagavad 
Gita Venba.) [A poetical rendering by Aragiya- 
manavalar.] 1906-1907. 16°. 14172. a. 59. 

vala Ma-muni, Periya-jIyar, and Ranga-nathan. 
ooo j)i 3= n IT lu&njnh^ujLD. ^^P(^ ... euiuniiuitibLn. 
[Acharya-hrudayam. A digest of the Tiru-vay- 
mori. With commentary ascribed to another 
Manavaja Ma-muni. Edited by T. Srinivasa 
Raghavacharyar.] p<p.iii. 416. Gl<!rssids8r [Madras,] 
1906. 8°. 14170. ff. 24. 

vala Ml-MUNJt, Periya-jitak, and Ranga-nathan. 
o o o u^LoessTSiiirerrLDrrnpiSaeir Q&irrQair^^'^&i- 

IBiriT^^LBIT'X^ ^QKeun UJLCl6\)li m^Q^sifliLi e-uQ^3'- 

ir^^oSTLCiirdso [Upadesa-ratna-malai. With a 
commentary by Pillai Lokam-jiyar (" Lokarya- 
jlyar ") . Edited, with glossaries to the verses, 
by T. N. Ch. Krushnara-acharya Svami and S. 
Muttu-krushna Nayudu.] pp. 173. Qs^stsrSstsr 
[Madras,] 1907. 8°. 14170. eee. 34. 

vala Ma-muni, Periya-jIyar, and Ranga-nathan. 
s^uQ^<a=jr^pl&sTLCiirSei). [Upadesa-ratna-malai. 
With interpretation, etc.] pp. 40. See [Addenda] 
Arvargal. — Nal-ayiram. — Selections. ° ° ° £^ujn- 
^<riB^iri6LD. [Nityanusandhanam.] 1907. 8°. 

14170. eee. 31. 

ARNOLD (J. R.), also called Arunachalam Sada- 
sivAM Pillai. ^Qiusubiriusir _©(5<»^^^atb. [lyesu- 
nayakar-tiru-satakam.] . . . A poem of one hundred 
stanzas on the character of Christ, etc. pp. 114. 
Manepy, 1850. 32°. 14170. a. 2. 





ARU-MTTGA NAYAKAR, Kdiichtpuram. a/fjeirar- 
^Q^uuessTLb. [Varna-darpaimm. An account of 
the Hindu caste-system, with especial reference to 
the identification of Vanniyars with Kshatriyas. 
With preface by P. Muni-sami Nayakar.] pp. ii. 
iii. 24, ii. ix. ii. 6, 5, 394, 6, 4; 2 plates. Q.s'eisT^ssr 
[Madras,] 1907. 8°. 14170. g. 13. 

ARITirA-QIIlI-NATHA SVAMI, Tiruvannamalai. 

u^ . . . ^Qq^ul^^lP QfimtJD - s-emjriLiuD. [Tiru- 

pugar. Edited with paraphrase by M. Vadi-velu 

Mudaliyar.] Q^'&siSssr [Madras,] 1906, etc. 12°. 

14172. a. 61. 
In progress, 

ARVARGAL. — Nal-ayiram. — Selections. °°° Sji- 
ujir^s'm^iriBLD. [Nityanusandhanam. Followed 
by the Upadesa-ratna-malai. With interpretation 
and paraphrase by Madabhushi Ramanujacharyar.] 
pp. 48, 14, 30, 72, 68, 40. ©.yssr&sr [Madras^ 
1907. 8°. 14170. eee. 31. 

ARVARGAL. — Nal-ayiram. — Mudal-dyiram. Tiru- 
malai. [A religious poem ascribed to Tondar-adi- 
podi, rendered into English blank verse,with notes.] 
pp.32. 1906. See Pkriopical Publications. — Sri- 
rangam. The Visishtadvaitin, etc. vol. i., no. 10. 
1905, etc. 8^ 14170. eee. ll.(vol. 1.) 

ATSARA. See Akshaea. 

AUVAIYAR. — ScpposiTiTious Works, e^stremeuiuirir 
. . . (VfpefT QpevnpLa - s-smiriqih. [Kural. Edited 
with glosses, paraphrases, and notes by M. Vadi- 
velu Mudaliyar.] pp.112. [Madras,] \90Q. 12°. 

14172. a. 57. 

AUVAIYAR. — Supposititious Works. e-iu/fQ/rsar 
'Fir.^ev. [Uyar-fiana-sara-niil, A tract on divi- 
nation from the breath.] See [Addenda] Aoastyak. 
u^'3'utLSl ■s-rr&o^nLn i^ [Pancha-pakshi-sa- 
stram.] pp. 37-46. 1907. 8°. 14170. i. 3. 

BADARAYANA. ^j^iSev.^&kin^Q&jrr.s'irSiuir JifQ^- 
eifliu t9inti'-^^f£lJT Seun-^^eQ^ sjns^&iuiri^ujLD. 
[Brahma-sixtrara. Sanskrit text, with a Tamil 
version of Sri-kantha (Nila-kantha) §ivacharyar's 
Sivadvita-bhashyam or monistic Saiva exposition 
of the Sutram, translated with prolegomena by 
Kasi-vasi Scndiuath'-aiyar.] ^(f^L£,iEiaeotJD S3i,oeT 
[Tirumangalam, I'dOl , etc^i 8°. 14049. bb. 22. 
In progress. 

hamsa, of Mmlura. airduQQjr&v S£tn^ ifi^ (Con- 
gress Gita. 23rd Session, Snrat.) [A parody of 
the Bhagavad-gita, ch. i.-ii., etc., describing the 
political aims and methods of the 23rd Indian 
National Congress, in Sanskrit with Tamil com- 
mentary.] pp.46. Qa^arBssr [Madras, WnS.] ohl. 
32°. 14060. a. 16. 

nangudi, son of Periyavan Kavi-rdyar. uifjiS^ 
^ s\) Lf IT IT Gssr eU'S^esTtn. [Parani-tala-purana-vncha- 
nam. A prose paraphrase by P. M. Kanda-sami 
Pillai of the Parani-tala-puranam or sacred legend 
of Palni.] pp. xvi. 285, ii. 0^ssr2esr [Madras^ 
1905. 12°. 14170. dd. 2. 

BANA. Kadambari in Tamil [being part of a 
translation, in 1314 vndtam stanzas, of Buna's 
Sanskrit romance " Kadambari "] by Adivaraha- 
kavi (t a Vaishnava Brahmin of the Chola kingdom 
who flourished 490 years ago). Edited by . . . 
P. R. Krishnamachariar. pp. i. i. 23. Madura, 

1907. 8°. 14171. e. 2. 

LOi_tb. [Ananda-matham. An historical novel. 
Translated from the Bengali by Mahesa-kumara 
Sarma. With a preface by G. Subrahmanya 
Aiyar.] pp. xvi. 251, vii. Qa^ssrdssr [Mwlriis^ 

1908. 12°. 14171. d. 11. 

Ljirms^iuLa ^ (Secrets of Zenana, or Anthappura 
Rahasyam. [A novel] by M. Ramalinga Mudal- 
yar[, pt. i., or ch. 1-21, being adapted from Bankim- 
chandra's Bengali novel Kapala-kundala, and pt. 
ii., or ch. 22-50, from Damodara Mukhopadhyaya's 
Mrii.imayi, a sequel to the latter].) pp. i. 180. 
Qa:m?6«t [Madras^] 1906. 8°. 14171.6.20. 

iC'Snir. (Parimala. A highly interesting detective 
novel of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee. Translated 
[from Bengali into Tamil] by T. V. Krishna.sawmy 
Sastri.) pp. X. 128. Madras, i907. 8°. 14171. e. 3. 
Forms no. 2 of the Neethi Bothini Series. 

BIBLE. — OldTestamknt. — Psalms. Book of Psalms. 
^iresr^iaS/siiaeSasi Lfmv^sih. [In Fabricius' 
version.] pp. 138, 9. Tranquebar, 1907. 8°. 

14170. b. 56. 
G o 





BIBLE. — New Testament. — Epistles. ° ° ° i9c9u- 
i9iuaF,i(^ <oTQ£,^ssT S(7^u^d^emQuiflev . . . uir- 
ii9,!T(Lf^LCi eQ lu ir <i Si U.I IT ssr i (^/SuLjai^iM, [Philip- 
pians. With commentary and introduction by T. 
Walker. Translated by the latter and J. David 
from the English.] pp. iii. 256; 1 /'Zaie. S.F.G.K. 
Press: Vepery, Madras, 1908. 12°. 14170. bbb, 16. 

BRAHMA SAMAJ. See [Addenda] Naea-simmalu 
Nayudu. a brief History & Principles of the 
Southm [sic] Indian Brama Samajams. 1908. 8°. 

14170. eee. 33. 

CEYLON. History of Ceylon. ^s\3ikstnm^<3=ifl^- 
^jTih ... By a Brother of St. Joseph's, Colombo- 
gam. Second edition, pp.204. Jaffna,l907. 12°. 

14172. g. 13. 



iTaQiuLD, ^ (Secrets of Zenana ... [A novel] by 
M. Ramalinga Mudalyar[, pt. i. being adapted 
from Bankim-chandra's Kapala-kundala, and pt. 
ii. from Damodara's Mrinmayi, a sequel to the 
latter].) 1906. 8°. 14171. e. 20. 

DAVID (Joseph), of Mengnanapuram. See [Ad- 
denda] Bible. — New Testament.- — Epistles. ° ° ° 
i9s8ui3iUQF)'i(^ . . . i@(rf)U i^^ [Philippians. With 
commentary, etc., by T. Walker. Translated by the 
latter and J. David from the English.] 1908. 12°. 

14170. bbb. 16. 

DAVID {JoBEvn), of Mengnanajniram. See Indian 
Christians. Sketches of South Indian Christians 
. . . [Translated by J. David from the English.] 

1896. 12°. 14171. a. 14. 

DAVID (Joseph), nf Mevgnanapuram. See Indian 
Christians. Sketches of Indian Christians, etc. 

1897. 12°. 14171. a. 22. 

DHARMA-RAJA DIKSHITAR. o ° o G's»^/r«,3- 
urfiunesis^. [Vedanta-paribhashai. An account 
of the principles of Vedantic monism. Translated 
from the Sanskrit of Dharma-raja by Vishnupuram 
S. Rania-chandra Sastri, and revised by G. Vadi- 
velu Chetti and M. Shanmukha Mudaliyar.] pp. 
i. iv. iv. 168. Q<3F<^SoBr [Madras,'] 1907. 16°. 

14170. dd. 18. 

EKAMBARA MUDALIYAR, Sey'ji. 9^^ir iremen)- 
luGLDssr^iis .^(WjL- .j>j ed til a ir a Ld ^ [Ariidha- 
alankaram, or Siddhar-rahasyam. A compil-ition 
of verses on divination from the position of 
planets, flight of birds, etc., ascribed to the 
legendary Siddhars, with prose iuterpret'ition.] 
pp. ii. 180. Q.feiiSs!>r [Madras,] 1907. 8°. 

14171. g. 13. 

EKAMBARA MUDALIYAR, Sevji. mena^irij- 
eurr^^ ^LdLDirPesr ers3r.@2;iii ^iduj/s^ld/tSoO. [Da- 
mayanti-malai, or Nala-chakravartti-ammanai. 
A poem in ammdnai metre on the epic legend of 
the loves of Nala and Damayanti. Edited by S. 
Sinna-sami Pillai.] pp. 144. Madras, 1906. 8°. 

14172. 0. 26. 

EPHEMERIDES. A Tamil-English Cycle Calendar 
of 200 years, 1800 to 2000. By L. Rangasamy 
Raju . . . ^lSi^- ^lEiSei^ S)fi em^Qev s ir s\} sssi u. it . 
pp. ii. 32. Madura, 1907. 8°. 14172. 1. 16.(3.) 

FABRICIUS (JoHANN Phiupp). See [Addenda] 
Bible. — Old Testament. — Psalms. Book of Psalms, 
. . . [In Fabricius' version.] 1907. 8°. 

14170. b. 56. 

GANA-PATI-DASAR. Qis;s^<F/6leQerri3.m. [Nenj'- 
ari-vilakkam. A poem on Saiva theosophy, ascribed 
to a legendary Gana-pati-dasar.] pp. 12. See 
SiDDHAEGAL. ooo Ou/fluj (Sj /r63r<i(o «/r cwbu [Pcriya- 
nana-kovai.] 1899. 12°. 14170. ee. 33. 

pt. ii. 1906. 12°. 14170. dd. 12. 

GANA-PATI-DASAR. Qrnt^.a^plsQenisLa Qpev- 
QpLD-s-6s)iriLiLci. [NeSj'-ari-vilakkam. Edited with 
interpretation and commentary by M. Vadi-velu 
Mudaliyar.] pp. 46. m^Q^erv [Madras,] 1906. 
8°. 14170. eee. 28. 

GANA-PATIYA PILLAI, Sivagengai P. See Rama- 
LiNGAM PiLLAi, M. N. (-^ . . . ^J^iriTLDir eussTenT- 
■fLD. [Sri-ramar-vana-vasam. Edited by Ganii- 
patiya Pillai.] 1907. 8°. 14172. bb. 24. 

GANGA-PRASAD, Muha-rdj. son of Siva-das Ti- 
vcirl. See [Addenda] Koka. Koga Sastiram . . . 
Translated and compiled from the Sanscrit by 
... Gangaprasad Pandit. 1907. 12°. 14171. f. 7, 



See Nana-pkakasa 





GOPALACHARYAR, K. ^rinivdsa, and MAHA- 
DEVA MUDALIYAR, V. QuTQ^miiirp^uu- 
emi^uQuirQ^eneQerrsdBLD. {University of Ma- 
dras. B.A. Examination of 1907. A critical 
Study of " Porunarattuppadai.") pp, i. i. 66. 
Madras, 1907. 12°. 14171. d. 2.(3.) 

HIPPOLYTE (J.), O.M.I. The Apostleof the Sacred 
Heart. ^(f^sQ(i^^uj ^uQuireto^masr . . . Edited 
by Revd. S. Gnana Prakasar. pp. v. 140. Jaffna, 

1906. 12°. 14170. bbb. 13. 

ILAIYA-TAMBI, K. A Code Mensuration for 
Training and Boarding Schools. First Stage. 
jy6t7-6a)6u,^sD . . . By K. lliatamby. pp. i. 37. 
Batticaloa, 1907. 8°. 14172. hh. 21. 

JTJRJI ZAIDAKT. 'asruoru/rssr .sssrssflss)*, -a^ifj^- 
^jTLb. [Ghassan-kannigai-charitram. Translated 
from Zaidan's " Fatat Ghassan " by K. Ahmad 
Ghani Maraikkayar, and recast into literary style 
by Talavay M. Sinnavappu Maraikkayar.] pp. i. 
183. SliEisuy,ir [Singapore,] 1908. 8". 14170. k. 3. 

KAMBAN. See Rama-linoam Pillai, M. N. (£^ . . . 
u^jiriMiT eusisreuT'3'th. [Sri-ramar-vana-vasam. A 
poem based upon the Ayddhya-kandamof Kamban's 
RSmayanam.] 1907. 8". 14172. bb. 24. 

KAMBAN. u^LC:^: aihuirn-LoinueissTLD Ssi^Sis^ir- 

srremL-Lci ^, [Kamba-ramayanam, Kishkindha- 

kandam. Edited with a commentary by S. N. 

Ponn'-ambala Pillai.] . . . "With a prefatory note 

in English by V. Coomaraswamy. Jaffna, 1907, 

etc. 8". 14172. bb. 25. 

In progress. 

KAMBAN. [J^LO^ sihujrmriirujesur eu-ysarii ^ 
[Kamba-raraayana-vachanam. A prose paraphrase 
of Kamban's Ramayanam.] Q^^&isr [Madras,] 

1907, etc. 8\ 14172. b. 65. 

In progress. 

KANAKA- SABHAI KAVI-RAYAR, nf Udaiijarpala- 
yam. P^ULyssraL/futy/r/rsOTii. [Tirupunkiir- 
puranam. The legends of the Saiva sanctuary of 
Tirupunkur, metrically adapted, with prose sum- 
maries, from Sanskrit and Tamil sources. Pre- 
ceded by the local Devaram, etc.] pp. ii. vi. ix. 
142, i. S^LDuirih [GItidambaraiii,] 1907. 8°. 

14170. eee. 27. 

KANDAR. ooo am^jir^i—Ui [Kandnr-arurjham. 
A metrical treatise on astrological divination, 
purporting to have been conveyed by the god 
Subrahmanya to Agastyar. Ft. i., with an appendix 
called Kupa-^astrara, on auspicious conditions for 
digging wells.] pt. i. pp. 42, 6. ^(r^&^W)u- [TricUnopoU,] 1907. S". 14171. g. 17. 


lidma-sdmi, of Sdtur. j^ifiinip^fieOLiirneianJC), 
QpeOQpih (^jSuLiemriLjUi. [Ariraaja-tala-pnra- 
nam. The legends of the §aiva sanctuary of 
Arimalam in verse, with glossary. Edited by §. 
R. Subrahmanya Kavi-raynr.] pp. iv. i. i. 133, 
24,2. u^^eiDjr [Madura,] 1907. 8". 14170. eee. 32. 

KANNA-DASAN. ^J^in^iruirjr^ ^^uir&j ^t-ixi. 
[Adi-parva-odam. A poetical epitome of the 
Adi-parvam of the Maha-bharatam in the form of 
an odnm or boat-song.] pp. 42. 0*63/^ 
[jl/acZrns,] 1907. 12°. 14172. a. 52.(3.) 

KANN'-AIYA NAYTTDir, VeiUr. sirStairQineroeuii 
m^eSissm^. [Kasi-ramesvara-majili-kathai. A 
series of moral and religious stories interwoven 
into an account of Benares, Ramnad, and other 
holy places, for the instruction of pilgrims.] pp. 4, 
224. Madras, 1908. 8°. 14171. e. 21. 

KANN'-AIYA NAYUDU, Velur. QuSiu Ouiru- 
iSeQjrir^sisTiBssj^ [Periya Bobbili-rajan-kathai. A 
poetical history of the Rajas of the zamindari of 
Bobbili. A Tamil version by Kann'-aiya from the 
Telugu.] pp. 100. Madras, 1907. 8°. 14171. a. 28. 

(Sti>.iBQ&jenSsira(^ QuimiresruSsirjrih. [Meha- 
vellaikku mel-ana pariharam. A tract on the 
cure of syphilitic diseases.] pp. 21. Madras, 
1869. 16°. 14170. i. 2.(2.) 

KASTURI-RANQ'-AYYAR, A. Sitd-rdma. [^ 
i^^irurrff^'sS '^'^smi^. [Maha- bharata-vina- 
vidai. A catechism of the Maha-bharatam.] 
Madras, 1908, etc. 8°. 14171. e. 22. 

In progress, 

K5KA. Koga Sastiram. Or Treatment for barren- 
ness in the womb. [In 8 chapters.] . . . Trans- 
lated and compiled from the Sanscrit by Maharaj 





Gangaprasad Pandit. {Qa.frmos'iTefti^rrui.) pp.3, 

4, 6, ii. xviii. 334 ; 1 plate. Colombo, 1907. 12°. 

14171. f. 7. 

Ch. 2-8 have each a separate roman pagination, beside the 
running Tamil numeration, 

e-u(o^<3''^n-<smL^LD. [Upadesa-kandam. Anappen- 
dix in prose to Kachiy-appar's Kanda-puranam.] 
1891. See Itihasa-manjaei. Ithihasa Manjari 
Series. [1888]-1894. 8°. 14172. d. 11. 

KRITSHNA AIYAR, T. S., of St. Joseph's College, 
Trichinopoli. The " District Geography " Series. 
In four parts. {*_y^QiBiTerr ^ireiv^jrLD.) Trichivo- 
poly, 1908, etc. 8°. 14172. g. 14. 

In progress. 

Bana. Kadambari ... by Adivarahakavi. Edited 
by . . . Krishnainachariar. 1907. 8°. 14171. e. 2. 

Chahravartti. See [Addenda] Aeaoiya-manavala 
Peru-mal. o o o ij# . . . e_u(o^ir j'^^esTLcirSso 
[Upadesa-ratna-malai. Edited by Krushnam- 
acharyar.] 1907. 8°. 14170. eee. 34. 

Bankim -CHANDRA Chattopadhyaya. u iB Lneffir . 

(Parimala . . . Translated by T. V. Krishnasawmy 
Sastri.) 1907. 8°. 14171. e. 3. 

KUMAR A- SVAMI (/StVMnTTu). See Mottu-komaea- 
SVAMI, Knight. 

nanda Sabhd, Tirupaftnr. See Tird-takka Devae. 
ooo ^su6E Sih^iTLnessfl 1^ (Jeevaga Chinthamani, 
etc.) [A prose paraphrase by Kumara-evami.] 
1907. 8°. 14171. e. 23.(1.) 

KTJMARESAN {Mrs. G.) , of Govt. Hm<1u Girls' 
School, Salem. Sundaravalli, a Tamil novel . . . 
^/B^^jaiffoeS ^. pp. 216. Madras, 1907. 12°. 

14171. d. 12. 

KUPAM, a^ua'iTm^riLn. [Kiipa-sastram. A tract 
on auspicious conditions for digging wells.] pp. 6. 
See [Addenda] Kanpak. o o o aih^irtT^L^LCi [Kan- 
dur-arudham.] pt. i. 1907. 8°. 14171. g. 17. 

LADD (T. C). See Sell'-aiya Pillai, M. T. 

IITTJRGIES. — Rome, Church of. i^ir^LSir^ih i^ 
[Nanamirtam. A manual of Roman Catholic devo- 
tions, with Catechism.] pp. 201 ; 6/ik/es. i^^msu 
^j>j®J>j [Fondicherry, 1858.] 16°. 14170. a. 22. 

LITURGIES. — Rome, Church of. (^iri^iSir^^- 

L^irsLD. [Nanamirta-tadagam. A book of Roman 

Catholic devotions, comprising lists of festivals, 

prayers for various occasions, Shorter Catechism, 

etc.] pp. xlix. 779 ; 4 pZa<e«. t-i^etneu ^.j>jirr@^ 

[Pondicherry, 1858.] 16°. 14170. a. 30. 

Apparently translated or edited by P. Louis, a native 
priest; see Histoire des Missions Rtrangeres, vol. '\v.,p. 580. 
It includes most of the contents of the Ndndmirtam. 

LITURGIES. — Rome, Church of. Responses and 
Chants [in Latin]. For High Mass, Vespers, and 
Benediction. Transliterated into Tamil, uirt^p 
LLSSia", LDirSsoujainr^Sssr, .s/,& it eu rr ^ ld ^smeuiBerfl- 
Qe\) eo^^sSi) unSlSssrp i9ir@iLj^^'S;rias(srf^LD 
uiTL^evaim^Ln. [With an appendix of devotions 
in Tamil.] pp. 128, iii. Jaffna, 1907. 16°. 

14170. a. 50. 

LITURGIES. — Rome, Church of. Q^Fuir^^etsTUQ. 
[Seba-ratnam. Prayers and devotional readings. 
Edited by V. M. Lopp'-aiya. Second edition.] pp. 
136. Jaffna, 1907. 32°. 14170. a. 63. 

LITURGIES. — Wesleyan Methodists. s-Osusru- 

Sssru i-i^^siM, Prayer and Service Book. pp. 
i. 103. Batticaloa, 1907. 8°. 14170. b. 58. 

LITURGIES. — Wesleyan Methodists. e-Osusru- 
eQiussr QinQfliTL^eivfl ■3F<ss)UiuiT Bsisi Q^eufnrir^- 
Sssru Lf^^sin. [The Order for Morning Prayer 
and Lord's Supper.] pp. 29. Batticaloa, 1907. 8°. 

14170. bb. 16. 

liOPP'-AIYA, V. M. See [Addenda] Liturgies. — 
Rome, Church of. Q^rajr^^esTLo. [Seba-ratnam. 
Edited by Lopp'-aiya.] 1907. 32°. 14170. a. 63. 

MAHA-BHARATAM. See [Addenda] Bala-subrah- 


(Congress Gita, etc.) [A parody of the Bhagavad- 
gita, describing the 23rd Indian National Con- 
gress.] [1908.] oil. 32°. 14060. a. 16. 

MAHA-BHARATAM. See [Addenda] Kanna-dasan. 
{-^ . . . ^^uireu e^L-LD. [Adi-parva-odam. A 
poetical epitome of the Adi-parvam.] 1907. 12°, 

14172. a. 52.(3.) 





MAHA - BHARATAM. See [Addenda] Kastdri- 
eanq'-ayyak, a. S. \j^ La^iruirjr^ i^^ [Maha- 
bharata-vina-vidai. A catechism of the Maha- 
bharatam.] 1908, etc. 8°. 14171. e. 22. 

MAHA-BHAEATAM. See [Addenda] Raghava- 
MiJRTTi.P. eQe\}iru.LJir&j ^ [Madu-bidi-sandai, or 
Vilada-parva-natakam.] 1907. 8°. 14171. k. 6. 

MAHA- BHARATAM. {J^Slq^^Gssrususuireisr ^(5- 
e>jn\ULtt&)iT m^Qfjisifliu ^^Ssem^. [Anuglta. A 
supplement to the Bhagavad-gita, forming ch. 16- 
51 of the Asva-medha-parva. Translated from the 
Sanskrit by Bala-sarasvati Narayana Sudar§ana.] 
pp. viii. iv. 216. Q ■a^ekBssr [Madras,] 1907. 16°. 

14049. aa. 8.(1.) 

MAHA-BHARATAM. The Bhagavad Gita. A me- 
trical translation into Tamil by S. Muthu Iyer 
. . . \J^ u 3; 0u ^ Se ss) ^ Q tnj &5!ir u IT . pp. 12, iii. 256. 
Madras, 1907. 12°. 14172. a. 67. 

GoPALACHAEYAE, K. S., and Maha-deva Mddaliyae, 
F. Q u IT a^ fb II IT p jru u uissi L. ^ (University of 
Madras ... A critical Study of " Porunarattup- 
padai.") 1907. 12°. 14171. d. 2.(3.) 

Bankim-chandea Chattopadhyaya. ^mm^LDi^LD. 
[Ananda-matham. Translated by Mahesa-ku- 
mara.] 1908. 12°. 14171. d. 11. 

bhata-kumara Mukhopauhyaya. iSiTinevrr ^, [Nir- 
mala. Translated by Mahesa-kumara.] 1907. 12°. 

14171. d. 1.(4.) 

MAR AI - NANA - SAMBANDHAR, Tiruvdvadudurai. 
eisi3=(sii<3=LCiiu QiB/61. [Saiva-samaya-neri. An ex- 
position of the Saiva system of theology. With 
a commentary by Aru-muga Navalar. Second 
edition.] pp. 322, viii. Q^^ssrssruLLu-esunxi ueu 
[Madras, 1875.] 12°. . 14172. a. 14. 

MASTAN SAHIB ('Abd al-KADiE), KunanguiL 
000 Loero^irms'trSlLj j>i&iiraetr uiri—6v [Padal. 
With a paraphrase and commentary by M. Vadi- 
velu Mudaliyar.] pp. ii. 14, 451. in^(njeQ} [Ma- 
dras,] 1908. 8°. 14172. bb. 27. 

MOSES. Moses, the pious Negro . . . ^9 mm 9' 
u^^. [Translated from an American tract, re- 
printed by the London Tract Society as no. 267.] 
Second edition, pp.8. Jaffna, \%\^. 12°. 

14170. b. 1.(21.) 

MRITGESA UPADHYAYAR, ?andiruppdy K. See 
Sami-natha Mudaliyar, M.A. ^irirut Knt-aun. 
[Rama-natakam. Edited by Mragesa.] 1896. 
8°. 14170. 1. 37.a.) 

MUDATTAMA-KANNIYAR. See [Addenda] 06- 
PALicHABYAR, K.^., and Maha-deva Mddalitab, F. 
QutTQ^mirirp^LJUsDu. ^ (University of Madras 
... A critical Study of " Porunarattuppadai.") 
1907. 12°. 14171. d. 2.(3.) 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ALLAH, son of BdburSjairuram 
Bawd SdJiib. See [Addenda] Agastyar. jy««n>- 
^Qiuir Uffir(er^. [Agastyar-pallu. Edited with 
paraphrase by Muh. 'Abd Allah.] 1907. 12°. 

14171. g. 14. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ALLAH, son of Bdlmrdjapuram 

Bawd Sahib. See [Addenda] Agastyar. ^su^« 
0&=<snLBuj3=irsirLCi ^ [Uakka-saumya-sagaram. 
Edited by MuH. 'Abd Allah.] 1907. 12°. 

14171. g. 15. 


of Nagur. ^eSQpeounerS^S&sr ^n ^^eo icx^ir- 
u9iSm ^ ['Alim al-fasikin jahil al-musha'ikhin. 
Verses deriding certain worthless pretenders to 
learning.] pp. 8. QaiT(i£LC:L^ Q<fssr8ssr [Colombo, 
Madras printed,] 1906. 8°. 14173. b. 28.(7.) 


See Viveka-Saoaram. eSQeuma^iraiTLo. [Viveka- 
sagaram. Stylistically revised by Mufiyi al-Din.J 
[1858.] 8°. 14172. c. 11 

MUNI-SAMI MUDALIYAR, Sirumanavur. The 

Pariraala Sastram . . . ■»aii^uifiinsira'ir&v^jru> ^ 

[Sugandha-parimala-sastram. A treatise on the 

preparation of perfumes and essences for food, 

toilette, and medicine.] Q^eaSssr [Madras,] 1907, 

etc. 8°. , 14171. g. 16. 


MUNI-SAMI MUDALIYAR, ^ulai. See [Addenda] 
Appa-sami Chbtti. euircQCounTL-^ ^ [Vali-ino- 
ksha-natakam. Edited by Muni-sami.] 1908. 8°. 

14170. 1. 30.(3.) 





MTINI-SAMI MUDALIYAR, Sulai. See [Addenda] 
E.AGHAVA-MUETTI, P. eQ eoiT L-Uireu ^ [Madu- 
bidi-sandai. Edited by Muui-sarai.] 1907. 8°. 

14171. k. 6. 

MUTTU AIYAR, Tirunayam S. See [Addenda] 
Maha-bhaeatam. The Bhagavad Gita. A metrical 
translation ... by S. Muthu Iyer, etc. 1907. 12°. 

14172. a. 67. 

MUTTU-KRUSHNA NAYUpU, S.,ofTriplicane. See 
[Addenda] Aeagita-manavala Peeu-mal. oooj^ 
. . . s-uQ^trjT^^esrt-DirSso [Upadesa-ratna-malai. 
Edited by Muttu-krushna.] 1907. 8°. 

14170. eee. 34. 

MUTTU-KRUSHNA NAYUDU, S.,ofTriplieane. See 
Valmiki. ^uiuujr^irmetvirjr ^ [Tani-slokam. 
Edited by Muttu krushna.] [1901.] 8°. 

14065. bbb. 6. 

[1901.] 8° 

14065. bbb. 7. 

NACHINARKK'-INIYAR, Bhdradvdji, of Madura. 

See TiEU-TAKKA DeVAE. ooo 9 eU ■! S IB ^ tT ld sssfl ^ 

[Jivaka-chintamani. With Nachinarkk^-iniyar's 
commentary.] 1907. 8°. 14172. bb. 28. 

denda] Antont, St. St. Anthony of Padua . . . 
Revised by . . . Gnanaprakasa Swamy. 1907. 
12°. 14170. bbb. 14. 

denda] Hippo LYTE (J.). The Apostle of the Sacred 
Heart ... Edited by .. . Gnana Prakasar. 1906. 
12°. 14170. bbb. 13. 

NANA-PRAKASA SVAMI, S., O.M.I. Idolatry & 
Image - worship. eSl 3> Q ir a ir it it ^dssr ilj in 3fm^u 
euemis^Qpih. By Revd. S. Gnaua Prakasiir. 
(Catholic Tract no. 7.) pp. 14. Jaffna, [1906.] 
8°. 14170. bb. 17. 

brief History and Principles of the Southrn [«ic] 
Indian Braina Samajains (*^t!B^633r ^is^iuireS- 
^enerr i9ir^Ln,5-UiirsiEiaffifl sir <Fifl^^ir o'lrir 
<riksQiT&a)Ln). pp. viii. 4, viii. x. 112. Coimba- 
tore, 1908. 8°. 14170. eee. 33. 

NARAYANA-DASAR, Puduvai, disciple of Tiruko- 
valur Srlnivdsachdryar. See Venkatadei Svami, 

A. U^ . . . \-f^ p!D I?! IB IT La ^ [Hari-nama-sanklrt- 
tanaigal. Translated by Narayana-dasiir] 1907. 
12°. 14170. dd. 17. 

NARAYAN'-AIYANGAR, T., of the Setu-pati's Aca- 
demy. ^^Lo/resr eQenisLa. [Anumana-vilakkam. 
A tract on logical inference.] pp. 47. 1905. See 
Academies, etc. — Madura. ["Sen-damir" supple- 
ment.] no. 9. 1902, e^c. 8°. 14172. i. l.*(no. 9.) 

vildsa Seii-damir Sangham, Ooimbatore. Quirih- 
luirQiDir^u Lje\>6iirr '3'fi^LCi. [Poyya-mori-pulavar- 
charitam. A biographical and critical essay on 
Poyya-mori Pulavar.] {^(^a-sfneuuQuiriSis^LD 
^6\iri,fLD. cF.) pp. 18. Qs^sisrSssr [Madras,^ 
1908. 8°. 14171. a. 53.(4.) 

NARAYANA SUDARSANA, Kumbhaghonam (Bala- 
sAEASVATi). See [Addenda] Maha-bharatam. ^ 
. . . .j^.ffiSss)^. [Anugita. Edited by Nfirayana 
Sudarsana.] 1907. 16°. 14049. aa. 8.(1.) 

PERCIVAL (Petee). Prayers for the use of 
Christian Families, with an essay on family re- 
ligion, and a table of lessons for family worship. 
{*(^QLDUUt9jrinT^^Sosru:iirSso.) pp. vii. 191, xiv. 
Jaffna Religious Tract Society: Jaffna, 1846. 8"^. 

14170. c. 19. 

PILLAI LOKAM-JIYAR. See [Addenda] Aragiya- 
manavala Peeu-mal. o°o fJ^ . . . s^uQ^if ir^- 
^ssrinirSso [Upadesa-ratna-malai. With commen- 
tary by Pillai Lokam-jiyar (" Lokarya-jiyar ").] 

1907. 8°. 14170. eee. 34. 

PONN'-AMBALA PILLAI, Sdvagacheri N. See 
[Addenda] Kamban. \j^lb^: aLDUjrjTwmuesmuj (^^ 
[Kamba-ramayaiiam, Kishkindha-kaiidam. Edited 
with commentary by Ponn'-ambalar,] etc. 1907, 
etc. 8°. 14172. bb, 25. 

POYYA-MORI PULAVAR. [Life.} See [Addenda] 
Naeatana-sami Mudaliyae, O.K'. QunajiuirQinn - 
L^u tyeua/zf ^ [Poyya-mojri-pulavar-charitain.] 

1908. 8°. 14171. a. 53.(4.) 

Lnevir ^ffosv^ ^(5 u ^ ^ jr it S ifl tu ifl ihr eQSlQpemp, 
[Nirmala. A story of modern life. Translated 
into Tamil by Mahesa-kumara Sarma from the 
Bengali.] pp.21. Q 3^ mSssT [3Iadr as,} 1907. 12°. 

14171. d. 1.(4.) 





KAGHAVA-MURTTI, Pdndmbatti. eOeoiri^uireii- 
mn i—aQinm g^LCi ixin(Bi9if. ■g^essremi^, [Mfuiu-bidi- 
sandiii, or Vilada-parva-natakam. A drama on 
the episode of the cattle-raid in the Virata-parvam 
of the Maha-bharatam, cantos xxv. foil. Edited 
liySuliii Muni-satni Mudaliyar.] pp.120, ©.ysjr&ir 
[Madras,'] 1907. 8°. 14171. k. 6. 

RAJA-RATNAM PILLAI, T.A., of Madras Ghridian 

College. Panmanikkottu ... A new Tamil poetical 

anthology . . . uesTLCsesSiQ^iT^^ . . . Compiled 

Ly T. A. Rajaruthnam Pillai. Madras, 1908, etc. 

12°. 14172. a. 65. 

In progress. 

[Addenda] Dhaema-raja Dikshitar. oooQeu^iri- 
^uifluirems^. [Vedanta-paribhashai. Translated 
by Rama-chandra.] 1907. 16°. 14170. dd. 18. 

RAMANUJACHARYAR, Mddabhushi Tarha-tlrtha. 
See [Addenda] Akvargal. — Nal-ayiram. — Selec- 
tions, ooo iQ^iurr^is' ik^irihLd. [Nityanusandha- 
nam. With interpretation etc. by Ramanuja- 
cl.aryar.] 1907. 8°. 14170. eee. 31, 

RAMANUJACHARYAR, MadahhusU TarJca-tirtha. 
iSVe ValmIki. .j^/uiuujr^iribervn-jr ^^ [Tani-slokam. 
With notes by Ramanujacharyar. Edited by the 
latter.] [1901.] 8°. 14065. bbb. 6. 

[1901.] 8°. 

14065. bbb. 7. 

RAMA-SAMI NAYTJpiT, Kdnchipuram. See TiRU- 
mukai. — Devdram. o o o Q^&iirir i^ [Devara- 
tirattu. Edited by Rama-sami.] 1906. 8°. 

14170. eee. 30. 

RABTGA-SAMI RAJTJ, L. See [Addenda] Ephe- 
MEKiDES. A Tamil- English Cycle Calendar of 200 
years ... By L. Rangasamy Raju, etc. 1907. 8°. 

14172. i. 16.(3.) 

ROBERTS (Joseph). True Doctrine, etc. 1843. 
12^ See WiNSLOW (M.) and Roberts (J.). 

14170. b. 1.(4.) 

VAiJ. ^ffi^LD/rsar . . . uiri—<sv. [Tiru-padat-tirattu. 
With commentary e/c. by Sambandha Mndaliyar.] 
1891. 8°. 14172. c. 39.(vol. 1.) 

SAMHrATH'-AIYAB, Uttamnddnaimrnm V., o/ 
Madras Preiideney College. See Tiku-takka DivAK. 
ooo &euaSi^irui6iK^ i^ [Jivaka-chintamani. 
Edited by Saminath'-aiyar.] 1907.8°. 14172. bb.28. 

SAMINATH'-AIYAR, Utlamaddnapuram V., of 
Madras Presidency College. See Tol-kappita Dkvab. 
ooo ^(iFfUuir^iduLieQ^iTaamuiuaLD. [Tiru- 
padiri-puliyiir-kalambakam. Edited by Sami- 
nath'-aiyar.] 1908. 8°. 14170. ee. 5.(3.) 

Kandapp'-aiyar. [For editions of the Kuraj 
followed by the Tiru-valluva-malai with Sara-vana 
Peru-mal's commentary :] See Tibu-vallutar. 

SENDINATH'-AIYAR, Kdsi-vdsi. emeu^a «^- 

eQes)i_. [Saiva-siddhanta-tattva-pa^a-vina-vidai. 
A catechism of the Suddhadvita system of §aiva 
theology as synoptically represented in the 
author's Table of the latter.] pp. 87. ^(if)icii- 
disvLD [Tirumaryjalam,] 1908. 8". 14170. eee. 35. 

SENDIKTATH'-AIYAR, Kdsi-vdsi. \J^9iBnifiu Qu- 
Qh'oiJiripisQeir ^su<sE/r(5«Hrw(3f?ujtD/ril^. [§igan- 
peruvayvin jiva-karunya-matsi. A defence of the 
Saiva apostle Nana-sambandhar, who according to 
legend impaled 7000 Jains, against the charge of 
cruelty raised by a writer in the journal " Afivu- 
vilakkam" of Trivandram.] pp.28, ^qr^u^ii- 
a&nh &ai>o<ar [Tirumangalam, 1907.] 8°. 

14170. c. 29.(3.) 

SHAESFERE (William). Shakespeare's Rotneo 
and Su\\ei{*JTLniu^ixt O^ireSem^iLfLCt). An adap- 
tation in Tamil by S. V. Srinivasiar. pp. xiv. i. 
116. Madras, \^QB. 12°. 14171.12.(3.) 

SOLOMON [Mrs. Paol). 
AMHAL Paul. 

See [Addenda] Anb'- 

SRINIVAS'-AYYAR, 8. V., of Mailapur. See 
[Addenda] Shakspere (W.). Shakespeare's Romeo 
and Juliet. An adaptation ... by S. V. Srini- 
vasiar. 1908. 12°. 14171.1.2.(3.) 

SUBRAHMANYA AIYAR, Gana-pali, Editor of 
" Svadesa-mitran." Speeches & Essays of cele- 
brated Indians on Swadesism and Swaraj, pp. 164. 
Mailras, 1907. 12°. 14170. g. 29. 


Col. Line 
7 6 from top. After " R. Raghav'-aiyan- 

gar" add "and M. Raghav'-aiyangar." 
10 8 from bottom. For " Vaidya-ratna-su- 

rukkam " read " Vaidya-ratna-chu- 

14 10 from bottom. For Akava-mud'-achak- 

YAR read Aeav'-amud'-acharyar. 
19 5 from bottom. Add after "king" the 

words "Krushna Raya (died 1529)." 
28 23 from top. Read AROGYAM PILLAI. 
30 13 from top. For " Nana-sambandhae " 

read " [Addenda] Marai-nana-samban- 


42 27 from top. Add the following footnote : 

Contains only the first 340 stanzas. 
59 7 from top. Add: [by J. Evarts]. 
77 12 from bottom. Read "pp. 4, 4, ii. 6, 
883, iv. Q^rekSssr [Madras,] 1907. 
8°." Delete footnote. 
77 21-29 from top. Delete these two entries, 
and see col. 331 (SITTAMBALA-TAM- 
96 11-12 from top. Read "Theologia." 
96 17 from top. Add: [Edited by H. Cordes 

and K. Graul.] 
103 19 from top. Add to the list of headings 

109 4 from bottom. Add the foUowingr foot- 
note: This edition of 1723 was the 
third. The first, containing 48 hymns, 
appeared in 1713, the second in 1721. 
The fourth edition, 1733, was edited 
by Pressier and Walther ; the sixth 
appeared in 1779. The new hymnal 
of Fabricius (336 hymns) was first 
printed at Madras in 1774 (second edi- 

Coi/. Line 

tion 1797, third 1820, fourth 1825) ; 

an appendix (58 hymns) was printed 

at Tranquebar in 1786, another in 1787. 
120 22 from top. This " poem of one hundred 

stanzas on the character of Christ" is 

by J. R. Arnold, and should therefore 

have been catalogued in col. 27. See 

Addenda (col. 448). 
126 12 from top. Read Tieuverkadu. 
131 4 and 8 from bottom. Kann'-aiya-dasar 

is identical with Kann'-aiya Nayudu. 
162 8 from top. Read "pp. 680, ii. Madras, 

1907. 8°." Delete the following foot- 
175 23 from top. Read " J. M. N. Schwarz." 
179 15 from bottom. For MTJDATTAMA read 

189 22-25. This article should be under the 


PILLAI, col. 170. 
192 2 from top. For "no. 18" read "no. 14." 
197 14 from top. For " 1906, etc." read 

216 4-7 from bottom. This article should be 

under the heading RICHMOND (Legh). 
225 17 and 18 from bottom. For "no. 10" 

read " no. 8." 
229 6 8 from top. Delete this entry. 

235 24 from top. Add "vol. i. 1— vol. xv. 7." 

In line 25 alter "1886, etc." to 
" 1886-1901." Delete the footnote on 
line 26. No more of this publication 
has been issued. 

236 5 from top. Add: Edited by W. T. Satya- 

241 11 from top. For [1899, e<<-.] read [1901.] 
333 15 from top. For 14172 read 14170. 


The references in this Index are to the names of authors or other headings under which the workt are 
catalogued. Anonymous works catalogued under their titles are designated by the phrase in loco. 


[The titles enclosed loitkin square hrackets are tliose in which the names of the works mentioned are trans- 
literated literally, the consonants and sibilants being given in the hard and simple forms in which 
they are actually written in Tamil, without regard to the modifications that may occur in pro- 

'Abd al-Eahman 'Arabi satakam. Pavani Pula- 


Abdool Messee. [Addenda] 'Abd al-MASiH. 
Abharana-petti. Bogatzky (C. H. von). 
Abhasa-fiana-niiodham. Soma-sundaka Nayakak. 
Abbaya-pradana-saram. ValmIki. 
Abhidbiina-kosam. Muttu-tambi Pillai, M.A. 
AbbijSaiia-sakuntalam. Kalidasa. 
Abbinava-patrikai. Periodical Publications. — 

Abimannan-siindari-malai. PuGARKNDI. 
Abridgment of Tamil Grammar. Grammar. 
Srinivasa Mu- 

daliyar, R. 
Abridgment of tbe Book of Concord. Evangelical 

Lutheran Church. 
Account of Pbilip P. of Birmingham. P. (Philip). 
Accounts of Tirumali-Naicker. Tirumalai Naya- 


Achara-kovai. Peru-vayin Mulliy'AR. 
Acharya-brudayam. [Addenda] Aragiya-manavala 

Acbarya-hrudaya-sara-saiigraham. Gopala- 

krushna Pillai, T. 
Acharya-prabbavam. SoMA-suNDAEA Nayakar. 
Acts. Bible. — New Testament. 

Madras, Presidency of. 

Address to Roman Catholics. Scudder (J.). 
Adbika-katba-sangrabam. Skinivasa Kaghav- 

acharyar, T.E. 
Adi-chuvadi [in loco\ 


Adi-mula-pustakam. Tamil. 
Adi-parva-odam. [Addenda] Kanna-daSAN, 

S'ana-prakasa Mo- 

Adipura-tala-puranam. Puranas. — BraJimaiida- 

Adi-sankaracharya-charitra-cburukkam. Manikka 


Adiy-agamam. Bible. — Old Testament. — Penta- 


Adiyur-avadhani-charitam. Sesh'-aiyang.vk, D. V. 

ha-vina-vidai. Nara-simmalu Nayudu. 

Advaita-pattugal. Valambal. 

Advitanubbavara. Kama Kavi. 

Advita-rasa-mafijari. Sada-siva Brahmkndra. 

Advita-ven-ba. Siva-prakasa Svami, Turahjur. 

Aesop's Fables. Aesop. 

Agam-bura-araycbi-vilakkam. Subba-raya A- 


Agananam. Kkushna Josyab. 

Aga-porul. Iraiyanar. 

Aga-porul-vijakkam. Nar-kavi-raja Nambi. 

Agastyar-paUu. [Addenda] Agastyar. 

Agattisvarar-padigam. Samba-siva Kavi-rayak. 

Agenda. Liturgies. — Lutheran Churches. 

Age of Manicka Vachakar. Tirumalai-korundu 

AgnSs-kanni-ammanai. Agnes, St. 

Agneya-purana-saram. Bala-SUBRAHMANYA PlL^Al. 

Agyanam [in loco]. 

Alikam al-siyam. Ahk.\M. 

Aid to Translation. Tamil Idioms, 

Aindam battu. Paranar. 

Aindam buttagam. Tamil. 

Ain-dinaiy-aim-badu. Poraiyanar. 

Aih-guru-nuru. Kudalur-kiuar. 

Ain-nuru para-mofi. Venkata-sami Aiyar. 

Aiioppa-abirikka-bhugSja-sastram. Geograpuy. 

u u 




Airoppavin desangal. Europe. 
Aitareya Upanishad. Ui'ANISHADS. 
Aiy-ayira-varsha-atisaya-rahasyam. Sami-natha 

PiLLAI, Ch.A. 
Akhilandesvariy-amman-padigam. Samba-siva 

Alagammal. [Addenda] Anb'-ammal Paul. 
Alakesa-kathai. Nalu-mantei-kathai. 
Alavai-niil. [Addenda] Ilaiya-tambi. 
Alavandar-stotram. Yamunachaeyar. 
Alav'-iyal. Soma-sundara Pillai. 
Alavu-nirai. YusuF Eauttar. 
'Alim al-fasikin jahil al-musha'ikhin. [Addenda] 

MuuYi al-DiN ibn Hamid Muhyi al-DiN. 
'Ali-padsha-natakam. Vanna-kalanjiya Pulavar. 
Alliy-arasani-malai. Pugarendi. 
AUiy-arasani-natakam. Kanda-sami Pillai, M.A. 
Alphabetical Index of Manuscripts. Madras, City 

of. — Government Oriental MSS. Librari/. 
Alphabetuni Grandonico-malabaricum. Amaduzzi 

(G. C). 
Amalan-adi-biran [§ 8 of Mudal-ayiram in Nal-ayi- 

ram]. Arvargal. 
Amalorbliava-pokkisham. Louis [Gonzaga], St. 
Araara-kosam. Amaea-simha. 
Amarar-puranam. Cornelius Nadar. 
Ambika-pati-kovai. Ambika-patl 
Ammanai. Manikka-vachakar. 
Amruta-bindu Upanishad. Upanishads. 
Analysis of the New Testament. Bible. — Appendix. 
Anald asiriyar avargalin jiviya-charitram. Arnold 

Analysis of Ecclesiastical History. Pinnock (W. H.). 
Ananda-dipikai. Venkata-subba Eau. 
Ananda-kaliijpu. Sinna-vieappa Chetti. 
Ananda-kirttanai. Muhammad Sultan. 
Ananda-matham. [Addenda] Bankim-chandba 

Ananda-tiruv-arut-pa. Eama-linga Pillai, K. 
Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene. Cutter (C). 
Ancestors of Savariraya Pillai. Savari-raya 

Pillai (J. D.). 
Anda-pinda-vyakhyanam \in loco\. 
Anglo-Indian Vydyachintamani. Eaja-gopala 

Pillai, A. 
Anglo-Tamil Manual. Appa-sami Pillai, C. 
Anglo-Tamil Primer. Eaja-gopala Mudaliyar, 

Anglo-Tamil Second Eeader. Longmans, Green 

and Co. 
Anglo-Tamil Self-Eeader. Muttu-krushn'-aiya 

Ani-muttu. Adley (W.). 

Aniy-ilakkanam. Visakha Peru-m.\l Aiyar. 

Aiij'-erutt'-unmai. Nanananda Svami. 

Augadi-pada-svakarana-vada-urpalana-niil. Cutter 

Anka-ganitam. Mari-muttu Upadhyayar. 

Anma-vicharam. Tarka-kuthaea Taludari. 

Annai-aruugal oppari. Andres Pillal 

Ani.iamalai-satakaui. Tiru-chittambala Navalar. 

Annamalai-ven-ba. Namas-sivaya Svami, Chidam- 

[Anpilalanturaiy ennum piremapuristalamaumiyam. 
PuRANAS. — Siva-puranam.'\ 

[Ausu-veta-poshttakam. Bible. — New Testa- 

ment. — Gospels aiul Acts.^ 

Anta-pura-rahasyam. [Addenda] Bankim-cuandra 

Anubhoga-kaivalya-vaidya-sangraham. 'Abd Allah 
ibn 'Abd al-KARiM. 

Anubhoga-vaidya-nava-nitam. Muhammad 'Abd 

Allah, son of B. Bdwa SdKih. 

Anuboga Vythia Bramah Eahasiam [i.e. Anubhoga- 
vaidya-brahma-rahasyam]. Muni-sami Muda- 
liyar, S. 

Anugita. [Addenda] Maha-bharatam. 

Auumana-vilakkam. [Addenda] Narayan'-aiyan- 
GAR, T. 

[Aparanappetti. Bogatzky (C. H. von).] 

Aparokshanubhuti. Sankaeacharyar. 

Apattukk' idam ana apavadam. Eajam Aiyar. 

[Apayapratanasaram . V.Ilmiki.] 

[Apimannansuntarimalai. Pugarendi.] 

[Apinavapattirikai. Periodical Publications. — 

[Apitanakosam. Muttu-tambi Pillai, M.A.] 

Apostle of the Sacred Heart. [Addenda] Hippo- 

LYTE (J.). 

Appostalan agiya Pavul Ebesiyarukku erudiua niru- 
bam. Bible. — New Testament. — Epistles. 

Appostalar-nada-badigal. Bible. — New Testa- 

ment. — Acts. 

Appudiy-adigal-nayauar charitra-kirttanai. SuN- 


[Apturakumanarapissatakam. Pavani Pulavar ] 

Arabian Niglits \in loco\ 

Arabic-Tamil Dictionary. Muhammad 'Abd All.vii 

Arabi-kathai. Arabian Nights. 

Aiag'-ammal. [Addenda] Anb'-ammal Paul. 

Aragar-antadi. Pillai Peru-m.Il Aiyangar. 

Aram battu. Nachellaiyae. 

Aram buttagam. Aru-muga Upadhyayar, M. 

Ara-neri-charam. Munai-padiyar. 

Aranya-kandam. Kamban. 

Arapalisura-satakam. Ambala-vana Kavi-rayar. 




Aras'-iyal [of Chu|amani]. Damodauam Piij.,ai, S. V. 
Ar'-ayira-piuji [coiiiinentary]. I'lLhAi TlUUMALAl 

Archaeological Survey of India. Ikdia. 
Arcliir-adi. Pillai Lokaciiaryau. 
Archya-barbaramma}-ainnianai. Deva-8AHAYAM, 

Archya-sishta-alas'-ammanai. Santa-Cruz. 
Archya-sishta-alasu-vruttam. [Addenda] Alexis, 

St.' ' 
Archya-sishta-deva-matavin riruv-irudaya-sabhaiy- 

anusaram. Mauy. 
Archya-sishta-isidor-chiiritram. Isidore, St. 
Archya-sislita-loyola-inSasiyar-cliaritram. Ignatius 

[Lopes de IIecalde, dc Loyola], St. 
Archya-sishta-uana-prakasiyar-sabliaiyarin amalor- 

bhava-pokkisham. Louis [Gonzaga], St. 
Archya-sishta-paduvai-antoniyar kotiy-arpudarum 

variyavargalin anna-datavum. Hippolyte (J.). 
Arichandra. Harischandua. 
Arimara-tala-puranani. [Addenda] Kanda-sami 

Kavi-rayar, U.M.R. 
[Arisamayatipam. Satiiakopa-dasar.] 
[Arissantirapuranam. VIra Kavi-rayar.] 
[Arissantiiopakyana natakalankaram. Nara-simm'- 

Arithmetic. Cuylenburg (A. van). 
Arithmetical Exercises. Tamba Pillai. 
Arivittal. PoOR (D.). 
Ariya-kudiyalar-men-maiigai-pillai-tamir. Krush- 

Arpuda-gola-manjari. Ammani Ammal. 
Arpuda-kala-gyana-manjari. Vira-brahmendeiya 

Arpuda-valli-kathai. Sinnavappu Maraikkayae. 
Arrangement of the Palace of Tirumali-Naicker. 

Tihumalai Nayakar. 
Artha-panchakam. Pillai Lokacharyar. 
Artti-prabandham. Aragiya-manavala Peru-mal. 
Aru-badu-varuda-phalan. Idai-kadar. 
Arudha-alaukaram. [Addenda] Ekambara Muda- 


Arudha-sastram [in loc6\. 

Arul-agamamum adi-sinnangalum. Bible. — Appen- 

Arul-avataram. Percival (P.). 

Arum-borul-agaradi. Tambiy-appan. 

Arunachala-kirttanai. ViRANA Pulavar. 

Arunachala-puranani. Ell'-APPa Navalar. 

Arunachala-satakam. Sabha-pati Mudaliyar, K. 

Aruna-giri-puranam. Marai-nana-sambandhar. 

Aruna-giriy-antadi. Namas-sivaya Devar. 

Arvar- acharyargal - tiru - nakshatra - mudaliyavaigalin 
vivarara. Arvargal. [Livcs^ 

Afvargal - oharitram, ^ATHAKOPA - kAmAnoja - 

chauyar, V.M. 
Arya-jana-aikyam. Aiyar, G. 
Arya-mata-siddhanta-saugrahaiu. KupPU-a.lMI 

Aiyar, V. 
Aryan Catecliism. Vimala-cha^jdra SfRi. 
Arya Niti Mata Bodhini. Siva-sankara Paniiya-u. 
Arya - pra?uottara - ratimvall. Vimala - ciiandua 


Aryar-divya-desa-yatrai-charitram. Nara-8I.m.vialu 

Aryar-sandhya-vandanam. Sanduya-vandanam. 
Aryar-satya-vedam. Upanishads. 
Aryar-udaiya saiigita-sastrattin oharitram. Naka- 

SIM.VIALU Nayudu. 
[Asarakkovai. Peru-vayin Mulliyar.] 
[Asaryahrutayam. [Addenda] Aragiya-manavala 

Ashtadasa rahasyangal. Pillai Lokacharyar. 
Ashtanga-hrudayam. Vag-bhata. 
Ashta-prabandham. Pillai Peru-mal Aiyangar. 
Ashta-sloki. Parasara Bhattar. 
'Ashura-karana-kunimi-chindu. Muhammad Kannu. 
Asiya-bhumi-sastram. Geography. 
Asrar al-'alam. Muhammad Kasim ibn SiDDlK. 
Asrar al-salawat 'ala khair al-bariyat. 'Abd al- 

Waiihab ibn Muhammad Hadl 
Asva-medha-parvam. Maha-buaratam. 
Athiyuravadhani. Sesh'-aiyangak, D. V. 
[Atikalassarittirassankirakam. Nana-prakasa 

[Atiparvaotam. [Addenda] Kanna-dasan.] 
[Atipuratalapuranain. PURANAS. — Brahniaiula- 

[Atissuvati [in loco].^ 

[Atiyakamam. Bible. — Old Testament. — Penta- 

Atma-bodliam. Sankaracharyar. 
Atma-boJha-prakasika [commentary]. Erushna 

Sastri, p. V. ' 
Atma-bodha Upanishad. Upanisuads. 
Atma-iratsippu. Ward (W.). 
Atma-nirnayam. Nobili (R. DE'). 
Atma-rakshamirtam. Siddhargal. 
Atma-udyanam. Muttu-sami Pillai, A. 
Atma-vasa-vivaranam. Atma-vasam. 
Atma-vivaham. NAfJ-JiVAB. 
Attauga-yoga-kural. Yoga. 
Atti-sudi. AUVAIYAK. 
Attributes of the Hindu Triad. WiNSLOW (M.) 

and Scudper (J.). 
[Attuvitanupavam. Kama Kavi.] 
[Attuvitarasamausari. Sada-siva BrahmEndra] 
[Attuvitavenpa. Siva-piiakasa Svami, Tutaiyur.] 





PuEANAS. — Bhdgavata-pu- 

Vasudeva Mc- 

fAtvaitappattukal. Valambal.] 

Authesoody [i.e. Atti-sudi]. Auvaiyar. 

Auvai-charitram. Gangadhaea Mudaliyar. 

Auvai-kural. Auvaiyae. — Supposititious Works. 

[Addenda] Auvaiyak. — Supposi- 
titious Works. 



Avastha-trayam. Nan-jiyar. 



Avirota-vundiyar. Santa-linga Svami, T. 
Avudaiyar-vilakkara. Manikka-vaghakar. 
Ayodhya-kandam. Valmiki. 


Ayur-veda-pai-avaram. Vasudeva Nayudu. 
Ayut-bhavakam. Sankaracharyae. [DouUful 

and Supposititious Wo7'ks.] 
Bagavadam. Puranas. — Bhdgavata-puranam. 
Bala-bodham \in loco]. 

Bala-bodhav-ilakkanam. Visakha Peeu-mal Aiyae. 
Bala-loJhiiii. Appaya DIkshitak, P. 
Bala-ganitam. Arithmetic. 
Bala-kandam. ValmIki. 
Bala-patham. Jaffna. — Saiva-prakasa-saihai. 


Balar-siivadi. Balar. 

Bala- sad -guru-bodhika [interpretation]. Eama- 


Bala-subrahmanyar-peril pa-malai-vruttam. Sinna- 

virappa Chetti. 
Eala-vabatam. Dhanvantari. 
Bala-vaidyam. Subrahmanya Pillai, G.V.A. 
Balijavaru-puranam. Naea-simmalu Nayudu. 

Balya-kummi. Tambi-muttu Pillai. 
Baradha Sungeeta Swayabodini. Sindhu-rayalu, 

T., and Jonas, T.C.R. 
Bazaar Book. Scuddee (H. M.). 
Bhagavad-gita. Maiia-bh.\eatam. 

[Addenda] Maha-bharatam. 

Bhagavad-gitai-sara-saugrabam. Tiru - venkata - 

SAMi Mudaliyar. 
Bhagavad-gitai-ven-ba. Maha-bharatam. 

[Addenda] Maha-bh.vratam. 

Bhagavad-vishayam. Arv.Irgal. — Tiru-rdy-mori. 
Bhagavata-ammanai. Mariy-appa Kavi-eayai{, 

3f., and Sankara-muetti Konar, A. 
Bhagavata-puranam. Puranas. 
Bhaishaja-kalpani. Jaga-natha Nayudu. 
Bhakta-lilamrita-vachanam. Eaja-ram Govinda- 


Bhakta-mala-vaehanam. MahI-pati. 
Bharatam (Bharata Venba). Peeun-devanak. 


I^baratam. Nalla Pillai. 

T., and Jonas, T.C.B. 
Bhargava-puranam. Puranas. — Vindyaka-purd- 

Bbarya-dharmam. Sundara-raja Saema. 
Bhashiya vocabulary, Sendu-lala. 
Bhashyartba-sangraham [commentary]. Eam.Inuja. 
Bbasma-mabatmyam. Eatna-velu Mudaliyar. 
Bhavisbyottara-puranam. Puranas. 
Bhedaka-maruttal. Besciii (C. G. E.). 
Bheda-vada-tiraskaram. Ariyan, Pseud. 
Bhqja-charitram. Narayana Sastri, T.S. 
Bhoja Eaja Charitram. Otta-kuttar. 
Bhugola-sattiram. Kanaka-sabha Pillai, U.A. 
Bhu^ola-sastram. [Addenda] Krushna Aiyar, T.S. 
Bbu'oka-vinoda-katbaigal. Eajendram Pillai. 
Bhumi-sastra-cburukkam. Geography. 
Bliumi-sastra-nul-adharam. Geography. 
Bhiimi-sastra-sanksbepain. Geography. 
Bhumiyin mirasu-pattiyam evarukku ? Nila- 

meghachaeyar, V. 
Bbiiti-rudrakka-dusbana-kbandanam. Siva-nana 

Bible [in loco]. 

Bible and Ancient Monnments. Bible. — Appendix. 
Bible History. Balavendram, B. 
Biblical and Theological Dictionary. Bowee (H.). 
Bibliotheca Tamnlica. Geaul (K. F. L.). 
Biographical Sketch of Villiputturer & Pillai Perumal. 


Blind Ambition. Sambandha Mudaliyar. 

Blind Way. Veda-nayaka Sastri, T.Z)., and 
WiNSLOW (M.). 

Bobbili-rajan-kathai. [Addenda] Kann'-aiya 


Bodhakabbisheka-prasangam. Sticknky (D.). 

Bodbakar-ilakkanam. Mault (C.). 

Bodbaka-vittiyasam. Graul (K. F. L). 

Brabma-bindu Upanishad. Upanishads. 

Brahma-kaivartta-puranam. Puranas. 

Brabmanda-puranam. PuRANAS. 

Brabma-puranam. Pueanas. 

Brahma-samaya-vina-vidai. Nara-simmalu Na- 

Brahma Sutra Artha Deepika. Badarayana. 

Brahma-sutra-dravida-bhashyam. Badarayana. 

Brahma-sutram. Badar.Iyana. 

. [Addetida] Badar.Iyana. 

Brahma-sutra - sivadvita-sai va - bliashyam [commen - 
tary]. SeI-kantha Sivacharyae. 

Brahma-tarka-stavam. Appaya Dikshitar. 

Brahma-vidya. Periodical Pubucations. — Chi- 


Brahma -vidyamruta-sagaram. 






Brahmotsava-tattva-dipikai. Vknkata-prapanna 


Brahmottani-kanda-vachanam. Pukanas. — Skan- 

Brief and familiar Sketches of the different Countries 

of the World. Sketches. 
Brief Biographies of Twelve Standard Tamil Poets. 

K rushnam-achaeyar, Vemhakkam. 
Brief Commentary on Galatians. Winkel (E.). 

Brief Commentary on Luke. Ihlefeld (K. A. A.). 
Brief Commentary on Mark. Ihlefeld (K. A. A.). 
Brief Commentary on Matthew. Ihlkfeld (K. A. A.). 
Brief History and Principles of the Southern Indian 
Brama Samajams. [Addenda] Nara-simmalu 
Bruhaj-jatakam. Varaiia-mihira. 
Bruhad-aranyaka Upanishad. Upanishads. 
Bruhat-sainhita. Varaiia-mihira. 
Biiddlia-charitram. S.Iminath'-aiyar, U. V. 
Buddharadu divya-charitram. Gautama. 
Bushra al-karim. HauIb Muhammad, al-Bakri 

Cabilar-agaval. Kapilar. 
(jlakuntala. Pi.\ma-chandra Kavi-rayab, E. 
Canterbury Tales. Chaucer (G.). 
Caste. Bower (H.). 

Catalogue ... of Oriental Manuscripts in the library 
of the late College, Fort St. George. Taylor 
Catechism \in loco]. 

Butler (J.). 

Catechism of the Shaiva Eeligion. Sabha-PATI 

Mudaliyar, K. 
Catechism of Printing. Muni-s.\mi N.Iyudu. 
Catechisms. Wesleyan Methodists. 
Catechismus. Heidelberg Catechism. 
Catechist's Manual. Mault (C). 
Centum Adagia Malabarica. Paulinus. 
Ceylon Catholic Almanac. Ephemekidks. 
Ceylon Government Hallways. Ceylon. 
Ceylon Governors. M.\ri-muttu Upadhyayar. 
Chandra-hasa-kattiyam. Jen.\rttanam Pillai. 



Visva-natha Mudaliyar. 
Krushna JoSY.iR. 
Bhuja-r.Ija Panditar. 
Anga Pillai. 
Kkushna Pillai, A. 
Sad.I-siva Mudaliy.\b, K.M. 
adutta Sana-upadesa-churukkattin 
Fleurt (C). 

Charu - bandham - Ska - padartliGvama - nirakaranarn. 
Muhammad Sulaiman.|a»a-karniani. VftA- 
katacharyar, son of Odvirulaehdri/ar. 

Chatuh-slokl. YamunAch.xryar. 

Chatur-agaratli. Be.schi (C. G. E.). 

Chatur-vedi-charitra-sankirttanai. Yadava-giri. 

Chhandogya Upanishad. Upasi.shad.s. 

Chidambara-kummi. GOpala-krushna Aiyar 


Chidambara-mahatmyam. Chidambaram. 

Chidambaram sri-sabha-nathar-peril . . . kirttanam. 

Chidambara-pujai. Puli-paxi. 
Chidambarattil veda-parayanam. Chidambaram. 
Chin-maya-dipikai. Mutt'-aiya Svami. 
Chintakula-tirattu. Mary. 
Chitra-kavigaj. Sad.v-siva Panditar. 
Chitra-kavi-mudaliya pala-padat-jirattu. 'Abd al- 

Kadir Nayin.Ir. 
Chitra-kavi-puSjam. Kapala-murtti Pillai. 
Chitrangatti-satyam niruttiya kathai. Narayana- 

sami Pillai, T.G. 
Chitraiigi-vLlasam. Appavu Pillai, T.T. 
Christopher Bonjean . . . deha-viyogattin peril iyaf- 

tiya pralapa-kavitai. Bonjean (C). 
Chudamani-nighantu. Vira-mandalavah. 
Chulamani. Tola-mori Devar. 
Church Catechism. England, Church of. 
City of Vidyaranya. Srixivasa Aiyangar, X.H. 
Civil Procedure Code. India. — Legislative Council. 
Class Book of Natural Theology. Gallaudet (T. H.). 
Classical Reader. Tamil Authors. 
Classified Catalogue of Tamil printed Books. Mur- 
doch (J.). 
Classified Catalogue of the Public Reference Library. 

Madras, City of. 
Classified Collection of Tamil Proverbs. Jknsen(H.). 
Clavis Humaniorum Litterarum. Beschi (C. G. E.). 
Code for Aided Schools. Ceylon. 
Code Mensuration. [Addenda] Ilaiya-tambi, A'. 
Code of Criminal Procedure. Indlv. 
Collection of the inscriptions ... in the Nellore 

district. Madras, Prcsidcnci/ of. 
Collection of the papers relating to Sri iianganatha- 

swami Temple. Tiru-venkatachari, Af.S. 
Collection of Proverbs. Pebcival (P.). 
Companion to the Orient Readers. Orient Readers!. 
Compend of Astronomy. Arnold (J. R.). 
Compend of Theology. HuTTKR (L.). r 

Compend of Universal History. Arnold (J. R.). 
Concordance to the Tamil New Testament. Birlk. 

— Concordances. 
Concordia. Evangelical Lutheran Church. 

I I 



47 G 

Conday-venthan [i.e. Konrai-veiidan]. Auvaiyae. 
Confessio Augustana. Augsburg Confession. 
Congress Gita. [Addenda] Bala-subrahmanya 

Congress-vina-vidai. Vira-raghatacharyar, AI. 
Connevendam [i.e. Konrai-vendan]. Auvaiyar. 
Conversation. Daniel (E.). 


Conversion of the Taheitans. Winslow (M.). 
Cosmic Psychological Spiritual Philosophy. Sabha- 


Crisild the Chaste. Chaucer (G.). 
Critical Study of " Porunarattuppadai." [Addenda] 
Gopalacharyar, KS., and Maha-deva Muda- 


Cummi Poem on Coffee Planting. Joseph (A.). 


Dajjal namah. Dajjal. 

Dakshina-indiyavil uUa brahma-samajangalin chari- 

tra-sara-sangraham. [Addenda] Nara-bimmalu 

Dakshina-indiyavin charitra-sara-sangraham. Nara- 

siMMALU Nayudu. 
Dakshina-murtti-ashtakam. Sankaraciiaryar. 

[Doubtful and Supposititious WorJis.^ 
Damayanti. Pranatartihara Sivanak. 
Damayanti-malai. [Addenda] Ekambara Muda- 


Damayauti-natakam. Krushna-sami Pillai, T. 
Dambhachari-vilasam. Kasi-visvanatha Muda- 


Dandaka-kalai-fianam. Dhanvantari. 
Dasakam. Sankakacharyar. [Douhl/ul and 

Supposititimos Worl-sJ] 
Dasa-sloki. Sankaracharyar. 
Dasopanishad-dravida-bhasliyam. Upanishads. 
Date Palm in India. Bonavia (E.). 
Davidin sangitangal. Bible. — Old Testament. — 

Dawn of Wisdom. Mallikam Mudaliyar. 
De Iiiiitatione Cliristi. Jesus Christ. 
Desabhimaui. Periodical Publications. — Madras. 
Desa-varamai. Jaffna. 
Description of Madura. Cotton (J.). 
Desika-prabandham. Venkata-natiia Vedanta- 


Desiiigu-Dijau-natakam. Vira-bhadha Aiyar. 
Desopakari. Periodical Publications. — Madras. 
Devadassi. Jacolliot (L.). 
Deva-maia-ammanai. Maky. 
Devauga-puranam. Devangar. 
Deva-prajaiyin tiru-kathai. Pacheco (G.). 
Devaradhanai-puttagam. [Addenda] Liturgies. — 
Wcsleyan Methodists. 

Devaram (Devara-padigangal, D.°-tirattu). TiRU- 


Devar-kula-vilakkam. Cornelius Nadar. 
Deva-sahayam-pillai-charitram. Deva-sahayam 

Deva-sahayam-pillai-vachaka-pa. Mutt'-aiya 


Deva-sahaya-sikhamani-malai. DiiVA-SAiiAYAM 

Deva-sastra-porippu. Hutter (L.). 
De Vero Christianismo. Arndt (J.). 
Devi Chandra-prabha. Nata-raja Aiyar, M. V. 
Devout Inquiries. Inquiries. 
Dharapura-tala-puranam. Vel-ayudha Panditar. 
Dharma-palli-bodham. Periodical Publications. — 

Dharma-putra-natakam. Sami-natiia Mudaliyar. 
Dhruva-charitra-kirttanai. Sesh'-ammal. 
Dialogue between a Protestant Christian and a Casi 

Pandaram. Dialogue. 
Dictionary. Percival (P.). 

Dina-bodham. Bible. — Ahndyments and Selections. 
Dina-dayalu. Natesa Sastri, S.M. 
Dina-kramalankara-churukkam . Eama-ling A 

Din-neri-vilakkam. Makhdum Muhammad ibn 

Maioidum Pillal 
Distinctive Doctrines. Graul (K. E. L.). 
District Geography. [Addenda] Kkushna Aiyar, 

Divakaram. Divakarar. 
Divine Justice and Mercy. \\'^oodward (H.). 
Divine Wisdom of the Dravida Saints. Arvar- 

gal. — Nal-ayiram. — Tiru-vdy-mori. 
Divodaya-shadaksharopadesam. Kumara-guru- 


Divya-prabaudham [i.q. Nal-ayiram]. Arvargal. 
Divya-prabandha-vyakhyana-ratnavaji. Arvak- 

GAL.^ — Nal-ayiram. — Entire Canon. 
Diyognetu enbavarukku erudina nirubam. DiOG- 

Domestic's Manual. Eatnam Pillai (T. J.). 
Dramidopanishad-bhashyam [commentary] Eanga- 

ramanuja Maha-desikar. 
Dramidopanishat-sara, Dramidopanishat-tatparya- 

ratnavali. Venkatanatha Vedantacuaryar. 
Draupadi-satyabhama-samvadam. Maiia-bhara- 


Dravida-bala-niti-bodhini. Siva-sankara Pandya- 

ji, B., and Varad'-ayya, C. 
Dravida-ilakkiya-siddhanta-dipikai. Munsiii (A. J.). 
Dravida-raadhya-kala-kathaigal. Natesa Sastri. 
Dravida-maha-badiyam [commentary]. Siva-n.\na 





I )ravida-maha-bharata-vnchauain . VilliputtOrar. 
Dravida-prakasikai. Sabha-pati Navalar. 
1 travida-purva-kala-kathaigal. Natksa S.lsTRl. 

I )ravida-sabda-tattvam. Sksiia-oiei Sastri, M. 
Dravidian Comparative Pliilology. MuNSUl (A. J.). 
Dravidian Nights Entertainments. Madana-kama- 


Druttanta-saugraham. Peucival (P.). 

al-Durar al-liisan. Muhammad Yusuf ibn Kadik 

al-Durar fi hikayat al-ghurar. NuH ibn 'Abd al- 

Dureisani-tamil-puttagam. Liturgies. — England, 

Church of. 
Durjanokti-nirasa. Tyaga-r.\ja Dikshitar. 
Durrat al-mafakhir. Ahmad ibn Muii. Hasan. 
Dviidasa-nania-sankirttanam. Tattva-raya Svami. 
Dvadasanuprekshai. Devendra. 
Eastern liomances and Stories. Clouston (W. A.). 
Ebesiyarukku erudina nirubam. Bible. — New 

Testament. — Eiyistles. 
Eclectic Vedantism. Santa-linga Svami, T. 
Edugai-yamaka-ven-ba. Ter AlYAR. 
Ed ward-chakravartti-chari tra-sangraham. Krush- 

NAM-.A.CH.IRYAR, Vcmhakkam. 
Eight Criminal Cases. Shaikh Tambi Pavalab. 
Ekadasi-puranam. Varada-raja Panditar. 
Eka-vrutta-bliagavatam, Eka-vrutta-bharatam, Eka- 

vrutta-ramayanam. Kumaea-sami Pillai, S.A . 
Ela-pattu [in loco]. 

Elemens de Geographie. Geography. 
Elements of the Saiva Philosophy. Siva. 
Elements of the Vedantic Philosophy. Seshadri 

Em-biran-satakam. Gopala-krushna-dasar. 
English and Tamil grammatical vocabulary. 

English and Tamil Pocket Dictionary. Sami- 


English and Tamil Standard Vocabulary. Sami- 


English Grammar for Tamil youth. ASHTON (J. P.). 

English-Tamil Eirst Book. English. 

En-suvadi [in loco]. 

Ephesians. Bible. — New Testament. — Epistles, 

Epigraphia Carnataca. Mysore. 

Epigraphia Indica. India. 

Episodes from the Valmiki-ramayana. Venkata- 


Epistles. Bible. — New Testament. 

[Addenda] Bible. — New Testament. 

Epistle to Diognetus. DiOGNETUS. 

Eram battu. Kapilar. 

Essay on Tamil Literature. §esha-GIRI SasTRI, M. 

Estdkkiyar-najakam. Tambi-mutto Ph,(,AI. 
Esu-kirlshttu . . . jmdubaf^&r enru . . . kathai. 

Schultze (B.). 
Ettam battu. Arisil-kiijar. 
Ettu-togai [in loco]. 
Evidence from Hindustani itself. Mallikam 


Evidences of Cliristianity. Rhenius (C. T. E.). 
Evils of Comedies. Evils. 
Evils of Drunkenness. Evils. 
Examination and Analysis of the Mackenzie Manu- 
scripts. Taylor (W.). 
Exercises on the English Irregular Verbs. 

Irregular Verbs. 
Explicajao dos Evangelhos Dominicaes e Festivaes. 

Bible. — New Testament. — Gospels. 
Exposition of the Second Commandment. Scuddek 

Facts in Fiction. Facts. 
Faithful Promiser. Macduff (J. E.). 
Fatat Ghassan. [Addenda] JuRJi Zaidan. 
Fath al-daiyan. Muhammad ibn Ahmad. 
Fath al-samad fi asma ahl al-Badr wa'1-Uhud. NC'H 

ibn 'Abd al-KADiR. 
Fath al-samad fi masa'il al-Tawaddud. 'Abd al- 

Kadir ibn Muhammad Muhyi al-DiN. 
Fawa'id al-kur'an. Sh.Ih al-HAMiD ibn 'AidarCs. 
al-Fawa'id ii al-salat wa'l-'awa'id (Fa'idat al-Kur'an). 

Ahmad ibn Aiimad. 
First Book of Lessons. Cathouc Schools. 
First Book of Tamil. Venkata-ram'-aiya. 
First Catechism of Tamil Grammar. Pope (G. U.). 
First Lessons in English and Tamil. English. 

First Reader. Garthwaite (L.). 
First Standard Reader. Tamil. 
First Tamil and English Eeading Book. Seymer 

(J. G.). 
Five hundred instructive Tamil Proverbs. Ven- 

kata-s.\mi Aitar. 
Five Sermons. Edmondson (J.). 
Fleurs de I'lnde. India. 

Folklore in Southern India. Natesa Sastri, S.M. 
Folk-songs of Southern India. Go^'ER (C. E.). 
Footsteps of St. Paul. Macduff (J. R.). 
Fourth Reader. Marsden (E.). 
Fresh Lotus. Bala-rama An'AR. 
Friendly Epistle. Scudder (J.). 
Futuh al-Misr wa'1-Bahnasa. Muhammad ibn 

Muhammad, al-Mu'ixz. 
al-Futuhat al-rahmaniyat [translation of Kur'an witlj 

commentary]. Habib Muhammad, al-Rikrl. 
Futiihat al-salam. 'Abd al-KADlR ibn Madar. 
Gadya-trayam. Ramaxuja. 
Gajeudra-moksham. MUTTD-UNGA DfesiKAR. 




Galaxy of Tamil Poets. Arnold (J. E.). 

Gaiiga-yatra-prabhavam. Durai-sami Muppanar. 

Ganita-abliyasaiigal. Tamba Pillai. 

Ganitam. CuYLENBURG (A. van). 

Gauda-pada-karikah. Gauda-paua Acharyar. 

Gauna-mani. Tiru-valluvar. 

Gauri. Visalakshi Ammal. 

General Tamii. Seyy'-appa Mudaliyar. 

Genesis. Bible. — Old Testament. — Penta- 


Geography of Asia. Geography. 

Geography of Ceylon. Tamba Pillai. 

Geography of Europe and Africa. Geography. 

Ghassan-kannigai-charitram. [Addenda] JuRJi 


Gita-bodhakam. Santiago, P.S. 

Gitartha-sangraha. Yamunach.Iryar. 

Gita-sara-talattu-prabandham. Tiru-venkata- 


Glossary of select Forms and English Words. Tam- 

Gnana Bhooshani. Nata-raja Aiyar, M. V. 

Gnana-darisani. Nata-r."vja Aiyar, M. V. 

Gnanathatcha Natagam. Veda-nayaka Sastri. 

Golden Treasury. Bogatzky (C. H. von). 

Good Counsel. "Winslow (M.). 

Good Instruction. Instruction. 

Good Opportunity. Woodward (H.) 

Gospels. Bible. — New Testament. 

G6vinda-.satakam. Narayana Bharati. 

Gowri. Vis.'vL.lKSHi Ammal. 

Graduated Translation Exercises. Stapley (L. A.) 

Grahana-gananam. Krushna Josyar. 

Gramadhikari. Periodical Publications. — Mana- 

Gramadhikari Gazette. Periodical Publica- 

tions. — Madras. 

Greek Grammar. MEADOWS (E. E.). 

Guide to . . . Mattel's Electro-homoeopathic Medicines. 


Guna-sila-mahatmyam. PuRANAS. — Bhavishyot- 

Guna-silan. Gopala-krushna Aiyar, V.A. 
Guru-paramparai. Satiiakopa-dasar. 
Guru-parampara-prabhavam. Brahma-tantra- 

svatantra Svami. 
Pinb'-aragiy'A Peru- 


Guru-sishya-sambhava-varalaru kuritta vyasam. 

Kumara-guru-dasa Svami. 
Gnru-sukra-nadi [in loco]. 

Guruv-arut-peru. Narayana-sami Nayakar, L. 
Hakikat al-islam. 'Abd al-KAoiR. 
Handbook of Sanitary Science. Natesa Sastri. 

Hand Book of Tamil Text and Grammar. Nall'- 


Handbook of the Ordinary Dialect of the Tamil 

Language. PoPE (G. U.). 
Hari-brahmesvara-tottira-pa-malai. Vira-mut- 

tanna Nattar. 

Hari-chuvadi. Hari. 

Harinama-sankirttanaigal. Venkatadri Svami. 

Hari-nama-sankirttanam. Parankuba-da.sar. 

Hari-nama-sankirttanam. 1 „ 

y Hari. 

Hari-samaya- dipam. 
Harischandra-vil asam. 

muttan achari. 
ViRA Kavi-rayar. 
Appavu Pillai, T.1\ 

Hariscliandropakhyana-natakalankaram (°kirttanai). 
Nara-simm'-aiyar, 3L3f. 

Harmony of the Gospels. Bible. — New Testa- 
ment. — Gospels. [Harmonies.] 

Hasti - giri - mahatmyam. PuRANAS. — JBrahma- 


Hasya-maiijari. Kadir S.\iiib. 

Hatha-yoga-pradipika. Svatmarama Yogi. 

Havya-kavya-vidhigal. Saura Brahmans. 

Hazrat Miran Sahib Andavar-avargal karana-chari- 
tram. Muhammad Imam Ghazz.Ili. 

Heavenly Way. Winslow (M.). 

Hermit. Parnell (T.). 

Hevilambi-varsha . . . paiichangam. Ephemerides. 

al-Hidayat al-kasimiyat. Muhammad Kasim. 

Hidayat al-salikiu. Muhammad Isma'Il. 

Hikayat i latif [in loco]. 

Hindu-desa-charitram. Marsden (E.). 

Morris (H.). 


Hindu-desattu kala-nirnaya-sattam. India. 

Hindu - de valaya -rakshana - sabhaiyin vidhanangal. 

Hindu-dharma-sastram. Sjeange (T. L.). 

Hindu Holy Bible. Upanishads. 

Hinduism. Nara-simmalu Nayudu. 

Hindu-mata-khandanam. Trincomali. 

Hindu-matame unmai. Hindu-matam. 

Hindu-mata-pappu-mata-sambandha-dipam. Phi- 
lip (J.). 

Hindu Nasen [i.e. Hindu-nesan]. Periodical 

Publications. — Fenang. 

Hindu Pharmacopoeia. Jaga-natha Nayudu. 

Hindustani-bhasha-manjari. Gopala - krushna 

Aiyar, N.S. 

Hindustani-charitra-sangraham. STana-peakasa 


Hiranya-natakam. Soma-sundaea Mudaliyar. 
Hiranya-vilasam. Kumaea-sami Upadhyayak. 




His Most Excellent Majesty King Edward VII. 

Krushnam-acharyar, Vembdkkam. 
Historia Ecclesiastica. Walthkr (C. T.). 
llistoria Passionis Jesu Christi. Schultzk (B.). 
History and Philosophy of the Female Sex. Naua- 

simmalu Nayudu. 
History of Ceylon. [Addenda] Ceylon. 

Fellowks (R.). 

History of Christianity in India. Bower (H.). 
History of India. Maksden (E.). 

Morris (H.). 

History of Nala. Nalan. 

History of South India. Nara-simmalu Nayudu. 
History of Tamil Literature. Asbury (R. 0. D.). 
History of the Church of Christ. Barth (C. G.). 
History of the Kovilady Charities. Koviladi. 
History of the Nella-rajah. Nalan. 
History of the Sourashtras. Saurashtras. 
History of the Tamil Language. Surya-narayana 

History of the Tamil Prose Literature. Sengalva- 

RAYA Pillal 
History of the Tranquebar Mission. Samuel Aiyar. 
Holy Lives of tlie Azhvars. Govindacharyar, J". 
Homiletics. Duthie (.1.). 
Homceopathic Guide. Muller (A.). 
Hortulus Paradisiacus. Arndt (J.). ■ 
Hurmuz-kathai.. Hurmuz. 
Hymnarium Tamulicum. Hymnals. 
Hymnologia Damulica (T".). Hymnals. 
Hymnologia Germano-tamulica. Hymnals. 
Hymns for Schools. Hymnals. 
Idai-kattu-siddhar-padal. Idai-kadar. 

Identity of Popery and Heathenism. Nana- 


Idolatry & Image worship. [Addenda] Nana- 


Iha-para-sukha-sadhani. Periodical Publications. 
— Madras. 

Ilainar-payil-ilakkanam. Venkata-sami Aiyar. 

Ilakkana-churukkam. Aru-muga Navalar. 


Maha-ling'-aitar, M. 

Saveri-muttu Pillai. 

Ilakkana-nul. Pope (G. U.). 

Ilakkana-nul-adharam. Grammar. 

Ilakkana-nur-surukkam. Grammar. 

Ilakkana-vilakkam. Vaidya-natha Desikar. 

Ilakkana - vilakka - padipp' - urai - marnppu [anony- 
mous]. Vaidya-natha Desikar. 

Ilakkana-\^na-vidai. Aru-muga Navalar. 

Tandava-raya Mudaliyar. 

Ilakka-saumya-sagaram. [Addenda] Agastyar. 

Ilakkiya-sangrahara. Tamil Authors. 

[Ilakshanavirtti. ^amkarAcharvar.] 
[Ilankai arasatsiyarin jeyilve. Cevlon.] 
[Ilahkaippilmi^sattirani. Tamba I'il^.ai.J 
[Ilahkaippumisastiram. Cbylon.) 
[Iiankai?snrittiram. [Addenda] Ckyi/)N.] 
[IlankaissattiyavetapafLsaukam. ECHEMKKIDRS.] 
[[laiikaittesatipatikaj. Mari-muttu Upadhvayar.J 
ilattin-ilakkana-nflr-surukkam. fioMMAMD (C). 
Ill'-ara-nondi. Arnold (J. R.). 
Ill'-arav-udyanam. DuPUis (L.-S.). 
Illustrated conversation and reading lessons. Sri- 


'Ilm al-fara'id. Muhammad 'Inayat Ahmad. 

Iman-unmai islam-nanmai. 'Abd al-Kadir. 

Incantations [in loco]. 

Incarnate Grace. Percival (P.). 

Indian Antiquary. Periodical Publications. — 

Indian Antiquities. Corneuus Nadar. 
Indian Contract Act. India. 
Indian Evidence Act. India. 
Indian Limitation Act. India. 
Indian Penal Code. India. 
Indian Registration Act. India. 
Indian Seasons. Subrahmanya Aiyar, T.S. 
Indische Sinnpflanzen und Blumen. Graul 

(K. F. L.). 
Indiya-ilaukai-barma-desaiigalil ulla periya alayauga). 

Peter (J. S.). 
Indiya-kiristavargalin jiviya-charitra-churukkam. 

Indian Christians. 
Indiyavile icha-maram payiradal. Bonavia (E.). 

Indra-jala-kathaigal. Seshachalam Nayudu, /'. 
" Inge Va ! " Ferguson (A. M.). 
Ingilish-ilakkanam. Ashton (J. P.). 
Ingilishum tamirum agiya okkabuleriyum daiyalag- 

sum. Dictionaries. 
Ingilishu-suya-vidyartham. Muttu-krushn'-aiya 

Ingilis-muraiyil kriya-malai. English Irregular 

Ingita-malai. R.\ma-linga Svami. 
Inimaiy-ana kathaigal. Talks. 
Iniyadu nar-padu. Pudan-sendan.Ir. 
Installation of . . . Sri Krishnarajendra Wodayar 

Bahadur, Maharaja of Mysore. Narayana- 

SAMi Pillai, T.G. 
Intellectual Offering. Harischandra, Bdbu. 
Introduction to the study of Tamil Grammar. 

Introductory Tamil Grammar. Pope (G. U.). 
[Intumatakantanam. Trincomali.] 
[Intumatapappumatasampantatipam. Philip (J.).] 
[Intunesan. Periodical Publications.— /'ejuin^.J 

K K 




[Intupaipil. Upanishads.] 
[Intustaiiissarittirassankirakam. Nana- peakasa 


[Intutesasarittiram. Maesden (E.). 

• Morris (H.).] 

Iraiyanar-aga-porul. Iraiyanar. 
[Irajarajesvari. Mutt'-aiya Mudaliyae.] 
[Irajavaittiyamakutam. Tee Aiyae.] 
[Irakavipotiai. Sami-natha Aiyae, P.] 
[Irakuvammisam. Kalidasa.] 
[Iramanatakam. Aeunachala Kavi-eayar, S. 

Sami-natha Mudaliyae.] 

[IramaQusantittantati. Arvaegal.] 
[Iramasetumaumiyam. Kumaea - GUEU - dasa 


[Iramayanakkommi. Eamayanam.] 

[Iramayanakkummi. Venkata-eam'-aiyae.] 

[Iramayanam. Eamayanam.] 

Irandam battu. Kannanae. 

Irandam buttagam. Tamil. 

Irandam patha-pustakam. Joyes (W.). 

Irandam standard -pustakam teli porul-vilakkam. 
Raja-gopala Aiyangar, M. 

Irandan-karpanai-vilakkam. Scudder (J.). 

Irandu nanbargal. Sambandha Mudaliyae. 

Irandu sahodararga}. Visva-natha Mudaliyar. 

Irandu sahddarigal. Sambandha Mudaliyae. 

Irani-nayakiyar aras' iyattiya aimbadam varuda- 
mahorsava-varttu. Jeeemiah (S. S.). 

[Iraniyanatakam. Soma-sundaea Mudaliyae.] 

[Iraniyavilasam. Kumaea-sami Upadhyayar.] 

[Iratnamalikai. Muttu-kumara-svami Muda- 

liyar, v.] 

[Iratnamukammatukaranasarittiram. 'Abd al- 

Kadie, a. v.] 

[Irekaisastiram. Kamala Muni.] 

Irsliad al-'ibad [in loco]. 

Iru-batti-nal-ayira-padi [commentary]. Ved.Inta- 


Iru-bav-iru-badu. Arunandi Deva-nayanak. 
Iru - samaya - sambandham. Nana - sikhamani 


Isaac Abraham Aiyar avargalin jiviya-vruttautam. 
Pandiyan (T. B.). 

Isavasya Upanishad. Upanishads. 

Isavasyopanishat-tika [commentary]. Bala-su- 

beahmanya Brahma- SVAMI. 

Istakkiyar-natakam. Nana-prakasam Tillai. 

Ithihasa Manjari. Itihasa-manjaei. 

lyal-sattu [§ 12 of lyar-pa in Nal-ayiram.] Ar- 

lyal-sattu-vyakhyanam [commentary]. Pillai 


lyar-pa [pt. 3 or 4 of Nal-ayiram]. Aevargal. 

lyesu-natliar malaiyin mer sonna prasangattin vista- 
rippu. Bible. — New Testament. — Gospels. 


lyesu-nayakar-tiru-satakam. [Addenda] Aenold 
■ (J. E.). 

Jabalopanishad. Upanishads. 

Jada-bharatopakhyanam. Seshachalam Nayudu. 

Jagad-guru-paramparai. Manikka Svami. 

Jala-tirattu. Muttu-vira Eama. 

Jaiiaki-parinayam. Muttu-subb'-aiya, F. V. 

Janaki-parinayam. Eama-bhadea Dikshitae. 

Jana-mauoUasini. Adi-narayan'-aiya. 

Jananendriyangal \in loco\ 

Jana-priyan. Periodical Publications. — Madras. 

Jantri. Ephemerides. 

Jatakalankaram. Nata-RAJAR, Kiranur. 

Jati-samayachara-vilakkam. Sinn'-aiya Muda- 


Jati-vittiyasa-vilakkam. Bower (H.). 

Jatiyai kurittu . . . patrikaigal. Madras, City of. 

Jaya-muni-vakyam (Jaya-muni-sutra-mori-peyarpu). 

Jepamalei. Veda-nayaka Sastri. 

Jesu-nathar-udaiya tir u-hrudaya-kirttana-sangitam . 
Liturgies. — Eome, Church of. 

Jeyangouda-saundaravalli - katliai. Narayana - 


Jivaka-cliiutamani. TiRU-TAKKA Devar. 

Jiva-karunya-vilakkam. Sach-chid-ananda Svami. 

Jiva-natakam [anonymous drama]. Valambal. 

Jivanma-bhedam. Guha-d.\sar. 

Jivanmavin parimanam. Tattva-VADI, Pseud. 

Jivau-mukti-prakaranam. Sayanacharyar. 

Jiva-rakshamirtam. SkI-kantha Panditar. 

Jiva-ratnam. Eama-LINGA Mudauyar, Tirumayilai. 

Jiva-sambodhanai. Devendra. 

Jnana Bodhini. Periodical Publications. — 


Jodida-brahmanda-sekharam. Muni-sami Muda- 
liyae, Siramanavur. 

Jodida-got-cliara-chiutamani. Ekambaiu. Muda- 

Jodida-kadal-agaradi. !_ 

Jodida-kadal-bodhini. / 

Jodida-mun-nuru. PuLl-PANl. 

JoJida-sankaracharyam. Sankaracharyae. [Doubt- 
ful and Supposititious Works.] 

Jo'lida-sikhamani. Eama-sami Pillai, Ph.K. 

Jodi-malai (Jyotimalai). Vabadachaeyae, S. 

Jodi-sastram. AsTEONOMY. 

Jodi-sattiram (Para-hitam). Para-hitam. 

Jodisha-ganita-sastram. Krushna Jos yak. 

Joseph Selva-nayakam Pillai deha-viyogam-auadiu 
perir solliya kadal. Selva-nayakam Pillai (J.) . 

Eanga-sami Pillai, T.N: 




Journal and Letters of Savariraya Pillai. §avari- 

itAYA riu,Ai, M. 
Jubilee Songs. Jkrkmiah (S. S.). 
Jubilee Tract. Jubilee. 
Judson bodhakarin charitra - churukkam. JuD- 

SON (A.). 

Kadambari. [Addenda] Bana. 
Kadaniba-vana-puranam. ViMA-NATHA Panditau. 
Kadavujai kuritta vyasam. Kumara-guku-dasa 


Kadidam. . Jaffna. — Kiristu - niata - kliandana - 

Kadirai-yatrai-vilakkam. Vinayaka-muetti Chetti. 
Kai-murai pocket-vaidyam. Tulasinga Mudalivar. 
Kaisika-puranam (Kaisikopakhyanam). Pukanas. — 

Kaivalya-bhashyam [commentary]. SrInivasa 


Kai valya - nava-nitam. Tanuava-raya - murtti 

Kaivalya Upanishad. Upanishads. 
[Kajentraraoksham. MUTTU-LINGA Desikar.] 
Kakala-gliosha-dosham. Teincomali. 
Kajaiyar-kovil-manniiya-vachanam. PuRANAS. — 

Kalaiyar-kovil-manmiya-vachanam. Pdranas. — 

Kajaiyar-kovir-puranam. Subrahmanya AiYAR, T.S. 
Kalaiyar-kovir-pumna-vachanam. Subrahmanya 

AlYAR, T.S. 
Kala-megha-pulavar . . . padiyavai. Kala-megham. 
Kajavali. Poygaiyar. 
Kalavati. Surya-narayana Sastri. 
Kali-kadiresar-adaikkala-pattu. Siva-chidambara 


Kalingattu parani. Jayan-gondan. 
Kali-santarana Upanishad. UPANISHADS. 
Kali-togai. Nallanduvanar. 
Kali-turai-tiruv-antadi. Nambiy-andar Nambi. 
Kali-vidambana[-satakam]. Nila-kantha Di- 

Kalki-puranam. Puranas. 
Kal-valaiy-antadi. Sinna-tambi Pulavar. 
Kalwiorhuckam \i.e. Kalviy-orukkam.] Auvaiyab. — 

Single Works. 
Kalyana-gitam. Eangacharyar, Kunrattur. 
Kalyana-natakam \in loco]. 
Kamakshi-Iila-prabhavam. Kamaksiu. 
Kamala. Krupai Satya-nathan. 
Kamalakshi-charitram. Ponnu-sami Pillai, T.M. 
Kamalambal-charitram. Eajam Aiyar. 
Kambai - vari - nadai - kummi. Kapala - MUETTI 

Kambar. Selva-kesava-raya Mudauyab. 

Kamba-ramayana-kani-porn]. KaMBAK. 

Kamba-ramayanam. Kamban. 

[Addenda] Kamban. 

Kamba-raraayana-vachanam. Kamban. 

[Addenda] Kamban. 

Kamikagamam. Aoamas. 

[Kamsinaparilamalai. Muhammad Kanno.] 

Ktimus arvi. Muhammad 'Add Allah. 

Kanaka-valli. Senna-vIrappa Chettiyar. 

Kanakk'-adhikaram. Kariva Nayanar. 

Kauan-desa-vilasara. Schaffter (P. P.). 

Kana-nul. Ponnavan. 

Kanaper-purana-vachanam. Subrahmanya Aiyak, 

Kana-visha-kadikku marundu. Bbisaed (B.). 

Kanchi-kshetra-maSjari. Alala-sundaeam Pillai. 

Kancbi-puranam. SiVA-NANA SVAMi. 

Kanchi-purattin mahattvam. Nara-simmal 

Nayudu, S.P. 

Kanda-devi-puranam. MiNAKSHl-SUNDARAM Pillai. 

Kanda-purana-cburukkam. Puranas. — Skanda- 




Kanda-puranam. Puranas — Skanda-jmrdnam. 

Kanda-purana-vachanam. Puranas. — Skanda- 


Kandar-alankaram. Aruna-giri-natha Svami. 

Kandar-anubhuti. Aruna-giri-natha Svami. 

Kandar-arudham. [Addenda] Kandar. 

Kandar-kali-ven-ba. Kumara-guru-faba Tam- 


Kandi-raja-natakam. Siva-shanmukham Pillai. 

Kanduri-alankara-chindu. Shah al-HAMiD ibn 

MlRAN Sahib. 

Kangires-gitai. [Addenda] Bala-subrahmanya 


[Kanita appiyasangnl. Tamba Pillai.] 

[Kankayatraprapavam. DURM-SAMi MuPPANAR.] 

Kanni-nun-siru-tainbu [§ 9 of Mudal-ayiram in Nal- 
ayiram]. Arvargal. 

Kanniyar-anusaram. Charbonnaux (^^.-L.). " 

Kantimati. Subb'-aiya Aiyar, K V. 

Kanres-jana-sabhai. Subrahmanya Aiyar, 6. 

Kanres-vina-vidai. VIra-raghavacharyar, Af. 

Kantimatiy-ambal-tiru-vira-alaukaram. Gana- 

PATi Nayudu, K.M.S. 

Kanur-selliy-amman-badigam. Kanaka-sabhai 

Pillai, V. 

Kapala-kundala. [Addenda] Bankim-chandra 


Kapilar-agaval. Kapilar. 

Karanagaraam. Agamas. 

Ilarikai. Amxrta-SAGARAN. 




Karna-maha-rajan-natakam. Ekambaea Mudaliyae. 
Karpira siyanda Kirisildin kathai. Chaucee (G.). 
Karttarin jenana-kirttanai. Subha-vakyam Pillai. 
Karttar-udaiya sebam. Lituegies. — England, 

Church of. 
Karum-bambin visha-kadikku marunda, Karum- 

bambin visha-kadikku tailam. BuiSAED (B.). 
Karunakara-kadal. Saint-Cve (L.). 
Karunamirta-sagara-tirattu. [Addenda] Abeaham 

Karuna-nidhi. [Addenda] 'Abd al-MAsm. 
Karuna-niti. Woodwaed (H.). 
Karuppanna-svaini-satakam. Eama-sami Kavi- 

Karutta-muttu-pillai-charitram. Siva-nana Yogi, 


Karuvurar-puja-vidhi. Kaeuvueae. 

Kasa'id i bandah. Bandah ('Abd al-WAHHAB). 

Kasi-khandam (°kandam). Pueanas. — Skancla- 

Kasi-ramesvara-majiU-kathai. [Addenda] Kann'- 


[Kassankannikaisarittiram. [Addenda] JuRJi 

Katlia-chiiitamani \in loco]. 
Katlia-manjari. Tandava-raya Mudaliyae. 
Katha-ratnavali. Venkata-subba Eau. 
Katha-sarit-sagaram. Soma-deva. 
Katha Upanishad. Upanishads. 
Kattu-kathaigal. Aesop. 
[Kauri. Visalakshi Ammal.] 
Kausika-chintamani. Kausikae. 
Kavalappan-kathai. More (H.). 
Kavi-kunjara-padangal. Kavi-kunjaea Bharati. 
Kayilai-badi-kalatti-badi-tiruv-antadi. NakkIra 

Keertana Sangraha. Arnold (J. E.). 
Kenopanishad. Upanishads. 
Kenopanishad-dipikai [commentary]. Bala-su- 

brahmanya Brahma-svami. 
Kettira-ganitam. Euclid. 
Kevuna-mani. Tiru-valluvar. 
Key to Morris' History of India. Morris (H.). 
I£hamsina-faridah-malai. Muhammad Kannu. 
Kidiaka-vilasam. Kann'-ayya Nayudu. 
Kili-kathai. Muhammad Kadiri. 
Kimiya i sa'adat. Muhammad ibn Muhammad, 

King and his Pour Ministers. Nalu-mantei- 

[Kiramatikari. Peeiodical Publications. — 

[Kiramatikari kejat. Periodical Pubucations. — 


Kirana-malikai. Scudder (H. M.). 
[Kirekku-ilakkanam. Meadows (E. E.).] 

Kiristavargalin achararaum 


Mutt'-aiya Pillai, E. 

Kiristtam-ana devaradhanaiyin upadesam. Heidel- 

Kiristtavargal-udaiya veda-padippinaiyin surukkani- 
ana togai. Bronsveld (S. A.). 

Kiristu-margam hindu-desattil vruddhiy-ana chari- 
tram. Bower (H.). 

Kiristu-margattin bodha-saram. Theology. 

Kiristu-mata-khandanam. Madeas, City of. 

Kiristu-mata-tula-vatulam. Jaffna. — Mlechchha- 

Kiristu-nathar-anusaram. Jesus Cheist. 

Kiristu-nathar-namangal. Caemmeeee (A. F.). 

Kiristu-sabhaiyin charitra-churukkam. Baeth 

(C. G.). 

Kiristu-samaya-bhedam. Aeu-muga Pillai, U.C. 

Earistu-samaya-kirttanam. AntOni-kutti Anna- 


Kirttanaigal. Subha-vakyam Pillai. 
Kirttanam. Mari-mutta Pillai. 


Kirttana-majid. [Addenda] 'Abd al-MAJiD. 
Kirttana-sangraham. Arnold (J. E.). 
Kirttana-tirattu. Muhammad 'Abd al-KAoiE. 
Kiitti-singa-maha-rajan-charitram. SiVA-SHAN - 

mukham Pillai. 
Kirustu ponra orukka-murai-nul. Jesus Cheist. 

Kisas al-auUya. NuH ibn 'Abd al-KlDiR. 
Kishkindha-kandam. [Addenda] Kamban. 
Kissat al-Bahnasa. Muhammad ibn Muhammad, 

Kitab al-hisab. Muhammad Kasim. 
[Kitapotakam. Santiago, P.S.] 
[Kitarttasankraham. Yamunacharyar.] 
[Kitasarattalattuppirapantam. Tieu-venkata- 


Kodaiigi-malai [m loco], 

Kodi-kavi. Uma-pati Sivacharyar. 

Koga Sastiram (Koha-sastram). [Addenda] Koka. 

Kola-puttagam. Srieanga-nachiyar Ammal. 

KoUai-noy-kalangalir . . . pirachittattin prarthanai. 

Liturgies. — Eome, Church of. 
Komalam kumariy-anadu. Natesa Sastri, S.M. 

Kommi-pattu. Kasi-visvanatha Mudaliyar. 
Konesar-kal-vettu. Sinna-tambi Pillai. 
Konesar-padigam. Kadira-ver Pillai. 
Kongu-desa-rajakal. Kongu-desam. 
Konrai-vendan. Auvaiyar. 
Koppi-krushi-kummi. Joseph (A.). 
Kort Begryp der Christelyke Eeligie. Bronsveld 

(S. A.). 




Kottfir-puranam. Subrahmanya. Aiyak, T.S. 
[Koviutiisiitakam. Nahayana 15iiai{ati.] 
Kowseegiisindamony. Kausikak. 
Koyil-antadi. Pillai Pkru-mal Aiyangar. 
Koyil-devara-padigaugaj. Tiku-murai. — Deod- 

Koyin-nialai. Pillai Pkru-mal Aiyangar. 
Koyin-uaii-mani-malai. Pattanattu Pillai. 
Koyir-kalambakain. Pillai Peru-mal Aiyangar. 
Koyir-puranam. Uma-pati Sivacharyar. 
Krushika-sastram. Green (H. W.). 
Krushna-chaitanya-svamigal-charitrain. SisiRA- 

Kruslina-iirnga-malia-raja-samvadam. Sesha- 


Kslietra-kovai-pillai-tamir. Chidambara Munivar. 
Kuchela-munivar-charitram. Krushna-sami Mu- 

daliyar, S. 
Kudirai-pandaya-lavani. Eanga-sami-dasan. 
Kulikku mar-adikkum kuttadicliigal-nadippu. Ka- 

si-visvanatha Mudaliyar. 
Kumara-sami-mudaliyar-kavi-tirattu. KumAra- 

SAMi Mudaliyar, U. 
Kumaresa-satakam. Guru-pada-dasar. 
[Kunasilamahatmiyam. Puranas. — Bhavish- 

[Kunasilan. Gopala-krushna Aiyar, V.A.] 

Kupa-sastram. [Addenda] KuPAM. 
Kural. AuvAiY.lR. — Supposititious Works. 

[Addenda] Auvaiyar. — Supposititious Works. 


Kur'an [in loco]. 

Kurat-saugraliain. Tibu-valluvak. Soma-sundara Nayakab. 
Kuresa-vijayam (Kuratt'-arvanadu prabhavani). 


Kurifiji, Kuriuji-pattu. Kapilar. 

Kurma-puranam. Pur.Inas. 

[Kuruparamparaprapiivam. Bbahma-tantra-sva- 
tantra Svami. 

Pinb'-aragiya Peru- 
mal JlYAR.] 

Kuruttu-vari. Veda-nayaka Sastri, T.D., and 

Winslow (M.). 

[Kuruvarutperu. Narayana-sami Nayakab.] 

Kusa-lavakhyam. Kamayanam. 

Kusa-lava-natakam. Abunachala Kavi-rayar, (S*. 

Kutta-vicharanai-sattam. India. 

Kutumba-prarthanai-malai. [Addenda] Perci- 

' VAL (P.). 

Kutuniba-samrakshani. Muhammad Nizam Muhyi 

Kuvalayanandam. Appaya Dikshitar. 

Lakshana-kavyam. Agastyar. 

Laksliana-vrutti. Sankarachakyab. [Doubt/iU 

and Supposititious War hi.] 
Lalitahgi. Nata-raja Aiyar, M. V. 
Lankai-arasatsiyurin fcyilvfi. Ckylon. 
Laiikai-bhumi-sastrani. Ceylon. 
Laiikai-bliumi-sattiram. Tamba Pillai. 
Lankai-charitram. [Adilenda] CJkylox. 
Lankai-desadhipatigal. Mabi-muttu Up.vdiiyayar. 
Laukai-satya-veda-panchangam. Ephemebides. 
Larger Grammar of the Tamil Language. PoPE 

(G. U.). 
Last Judgment. Bible. — Appendix. 
Laws of Tamil Composition. A^iv'-anandam Pii;^- 

lAI (J.). 

Lcgeudes Bouddhistes et Djainas. Vinson (E. H. J.). 
Lesser Catechism. Catechism. 
Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Defoe (D.) . 
Life of . . . C. W. Thamotharam Pillai. Kaja-ratnam 

Life of Dr. Judson. JuDSON (A.). 
Life of Empress Victoria. Shanmukham Pillai, K.P. 
Life of Eamanujacliarya. Govindachabyab, A. 
Life of Rev. R. Sathianaden. Jaenicke (D.). 
Life of Rev. V. Vethanayagam. Peter (A.). 
Life of Savariraya Pillai. Savari-baya Pillai (J. D.). 
Life of Shanmuganadha Kavirayar. Shanmukha- 


Life of Sreemath Sridhara Swami. Tibu-venkata- 

sami Mudaliyab. 
Life of Sri Ramanuja. Srirangacharyar, T.K. 
Light of Grace. I'ma-pati Sivacharyar. 
Light of Truth. Mana-vachakam Kadandar. 

Periodical Publications. — Madras. 

Light on the Path. Collins, afterwards Cook (M.). 
Lilavati-sulochaiiai. Sambandha Mudaliyar. 
Lilavati-sulochanaiy-urai. Rama-sami Aiyang.Ib, S. 
Linguist's Self-instructor. Eanga-svami Rau. 
Litterature Tamoule Ancienne. Vinson (E. H. J.). 
Looking-glass for the Mind. Vaidya-natha 

Mudaliyar, T. 
Loyola-ifiua.siyar-charitram. Ignatius [Lopes uk 

Recalde, de Loyola], St. 
Lubab al-akhbar. [Addenda] Ahmad ibn 'Abu 

Lutterin att'-iyalpu. Bkschi (C. G. E.). 
Lyrics. Riemkr (W. E. de). 
Machcha-pui-anam. Pubanas. — Matsija-puru)_iain. 
Madana-kama-rajan-katliai. Mad.ana-kama-rajan. 
Madana-lilavati. Kum.\ba-sami Mudaliyar, M. 
Madar-mitri. Pebiodical Publications. — Madras. 
Madar-niti. Mbugesa Mudaliyar, A.C. 
Madhura-kavi-padangal. Madhuba-kavi Bh.vbati. 
Madhu ra - vakya - kirttan a - raSj i tarn. Ma khdi'M 

Muhammad ibn PIb Muhammad. 

L L 




Madi getta manaivi. Natesa Sastei, S.M. 
Madigetta-natakam. VIra-sami Upadhyayar, K. 
Madras Christian College Magazine. Periodical 

Publications. — Madras. 
Madras Civil Courts' Act. India. 
Madras Engineering College Papers. Madras, 

City of. 
Madn-bidi-sandai. [Addenda] E.A.GnAVA-MURTTi. 
Madurai - arubattu - nangu- tiru - vilaiy - adar -sar-guru- 

Dialai. Kesava Mudaliyar. 
Madurai-kaiaji. Marudan.Ir. 
Madurai-minakshiy-ammai-natakam. Sundiram 


Madurai-minaksliiy-ammai-pillai-tamir. Kumara- 


Madurai-simai-vruttantam. Colton (J.). 
Madurai-ven-ba-malai. Anna-malai Mudaliyar. 
Madurai-vira-alankaram. Ekambara Mudaliyar. 
Madurai -vira-svami-kathai. Vira-svami. 
Magba-mahatmya-saram. PuRANAS. — Padma- 

Magha-puranam. Ativira-rama Pandiyan. 
Maha-bhakta-vijayam \in loco\. 
Maba-bharata-adi-parva-odam. [Addenda] Kanna- 


Maba-bharata-ammanai. Ann.\viyar. 

Maha-bharatam \in loco\. 

— Eanga-natha Kavi-rayar. 



Maha-bbarata-natakam (°kirttanai). Subba-raya 

Mudaliyar, V., Mutti-rama Kavi-rayar, G., 
and Kadir-vel Kavi-raja Panditae. 
Mahabbarata Niti Eatnavali. Maha-bharatam. 
Maha-bliarata-vacbanam. ViLLiPUTTURAR. 
Maha-bharata-vilasam. Eama-chandra Kavi- 

rayar, R. 
Maha-bbarata-viua-vidai. [Addenda] Kasturi- 

kang'-ayyar, A.S. 
Maba-jala-rabasya-vilakkam. Muhammad Nizam 

MuHYi al-DiN. 
Maba-jana-mandali. Sami-natha Aiyar, T.A. 
Maba-raiii-ammaaai. Periya-subba Eeddiyar. 
Maba-vaidyaDa'.ha-vijaya-sanyrabam. Eama-sami 

Aiyar, V.P. 
Maba-vikata-vinoda-kalaSjiyam. Muhammad Nizam 

MuHYi al-DiN ibn Muhammad. 
Maba-vindam. Govinda Pillai, V. 
Mahommedan Law. Subrahmanya Aiyar, E. 
Maisur-arasu. Srinivasachakyar, K. V. 
Maisur-prabhu-malai. Narayana-sami Pillai, 

Mai.sur - pratinidhi- sabhaiyum Congress - sabhaiyum. 


Maisur- samstbanam -maha-raja-srikrusbna-raja-vu- 
daiyar-bahaduravargal-pattabbishekam. Naea- 
YA^A-SAMi Pillai, T.G. 

Maitrayani Upanishad. XJpanishads. 

Maitreyi Upanishad. Upanishads. 

Majili-kathai. [Addenda] Kann'-aiya Nayudu, V. 

Makuta-valli (Magudavalli). [Addenda] Akshaea 


Malai-badu-gadam. Pbeun-kausikanae. 
Malai-mattu-malai. Shanmukham Pillai, S.A. 
Mamsa-bliojana-vilakku. Jaffna. — Kiristu-mata- 

Manai-kuri-sastram. Ekambara Mudaliyae. 
Manai-nul. Mayan. 
Manaiy-adi-sastram. Mayan. 
Manakkar-attu-padai. Narayana-sami Aiyar, P. A. 
Manaii gurambiya Madhavatton. Paenell (T.). 
Manasopayana. Harischandra, Biibu. 
Manavala-ma-munigal-tiruv-antadi. Venkata- 


Manavala-nai ayana-satakam (Tiru-venkata-s°.). Na- 


Mana Vijayam. Surya-naeayana S.Istei, 

Manav-ullasa-kathai. Naeayana Aiyar. 

Mandukya LTpanishad. Upanishads. 

Mangala-valli-vilasam. Naeayana-sami Pillai, 


Mangalesvari-pillai-tamir. Mangalesvaei. 

Maugalesvaryam. Var.Iha-mihira. 

Manida-rahasyam. Muni-sami Mudaliyar, S. 

Manikka-nialai. Periyav-achan Pillai. 

Manikka-vachaka-puranam. Kadavun Ma-muni. 

Manikka-vachakar. Tiru-chittambalam Pillai. 

Mani-niekhalai. Sattan. 

Mani-pravala-virata-parvam. Visva-natha Suri. 

Mauisba-pancbakam. Sankaeachaeyar. [Doubtful 
and SiqjjMsititious Works.^ 

Manners and Customs of Native Christians. Mutt'- 
AiYA Pillai, K 

Mannipadikarai-puranam. Minakshi-sundaram 

' Pillai, T. 

Manoumaniyam. Sundaram Pillai, J'.P. 

Mano-ramya-sihgara-padain. Govinda-raju Mu- 
daliyar, v., and ANNA-S.A.MI Pillai, A. 

Mano-ranjita-tirattu. Hikayat i latif. 

Mantram. Incantations. 

Mantras. Scudder (J.). 

Mantriya-kavyani. Agastyar. 

Manual Dictionary of the Tamil Language. Dic- 

Manual of Practical Cattle Chintamani. Kanda- 
-SAMi Pillai. 

Manual of Tamil Grammar. Venkata-sami Aiyai;. 

Manual of the Law of Torts. Collett (C). 




Manual of translation from Tamil into English. 

Manu-dliarma-sastram. Manu. 
Manuel de la Conversation. Manuel. 
Manuel de la Langue Tamoule. Vin.son (E. H. J.). 
Manuel Franfais-Auglais-Tainoul de Conversation a 

rUsage du Medecin. Gouzikn (P.). 
Manuscrits tamouls. Academies, etc. — Paris. — 

Bibliotheque Nationale. 
Marai-saiy-antadi. Sinna-tambi Pulavak. 
Marana-gandi [in loco]. 

Marana-siisanam. Mariya-nayakam Pillai. 
Marapala-puranam. Kanda-sami Pillai, V.S. 
Marga-vijakkam. Collins, afterwards Cook (M.). 
Maris-ldndu-desa-charitrattukku . . . urai. Mokris 

Mariyadai-rainan-kathai. Mariyadai-raman. 
Mariy-ammau-perir tottira-kirttanam. Mary. 
Mariy-amman-talattu. Mariy- AMMAN. 
Markandeyar-vilasam. Venkata-rama Upadhyayar, 

and others. 
Marma-sastram. Venkata-subba Eau. 
Martin Luther enbavarin naiiopadesa-kuripp'-idattai 

vistarikkuni vina-vidaigal. LuTiiER (M.). 
Marud'-adi-antadi. Appa-turai Pillai, M. 
Marudam. Oram-bogiyar. 
Marut-pa-maruppu. Bala-sundara Nayakar. 
Maruttu-bharatam. Ter Aiyar. 
MaskoUai - archya - sishta - anal - ispari - peril padigam. 

Philip (C. P.).' 
[Matanakamarajankatai. Madana-kama-rajan.] 
[Matarmittiri. Periodical Publications. — Madras.] 
Mata-vruksham. Nara-simmalu N.A.Yupu. 
Mathana Leelavathy. Kum.\ea-sami Mudaliyar, i¥. 
Mathar Neethy. Mrugesa Mudalivar, A.C. 
[Mati ketta manaivi. Natksa Sastri.] 
[Matikettaiiatakam. VIra-sami Upadhyayar, .ST.] 
Mati-mosha-vilakkam. Eaja-gopala Bhupati. 
Mati-vanan. Sury'A-narayana Sastri. 
Matsya-puraiiam. Puranas. 
Mattin anubhoga-vaidya-chintamani. Kanda- 

sami Pillai. 
[Maturaivirasuvamikatai. Vira-svami.] 
Maximes Populaires de I'lnde Meridionale. Haeghen 

(P. VAN DEK). 

Maya-pralapam. Kann'-udaiya Vallal. 
Maya-vada-saiva-chanda-marutam. Hindu, Pseud. 
Mayil-iravanan-natakam. Ekambara Mudaliyar. 
Mayil-vruttam. Aruna-giri-natha Svaml 
Mayura-giri-puranam. Vedanta-subrahmanya 

Mazhar al-ahkam. S.\M Shihab al-DiN. 
Means of Bliss. Winslow (M.). 
Measure for Measure. NatEsa Sastri. 

MediiEval Tale.9 of Southern India. NatP^a ^\mm. 
Meha-vellaikku inel-ana pariliaram. [Addenda] 

Kasi-visvanatha Mudalivab. 
M(''langes Orientaux. Academies, etc. — Paris. 
Meu-nanam. Mey-Sanam. 
Merchant of Venice. Shakspere (W.). 
Mercy and Justice. Woodward (H.). 
Mey-bodliaka-saram. Evangelical Lutheran 

Mey-kanda-deva Mudaliyar . . . kirtti-malai. Nara- 

YANA-s.\Mi Pillai, T.G. 
Mey-kanda-sattiram [in loco]. 

Mey-kanda-tira-pugar. Araou-MUTTU Pulavar. 
Mey-kanda-velayudha-satakam. AgAGU-MUrri' 

Mey-Sana-pulambal. Bhadra-giriyar. 
Mey-iQana-tiiu-padat-nrattu. Muhyi al-DiN Maluk 

Mudaliyar, Koltaru, the Elder. 
Mey-nana-veda-oli. Eay'-appa Upadesiyar. 
Mey-iiana-vilakkam. Mui'iYi al-Dix Maluk Mu- 
daliyar, Kottaru, the Younger. 

Krushna Misra. 

Mey-ilanodaya-vruddhi. Doddridge (P.). 
Mey-vari. Way. 


Roberts (J.). 
Midsummer Night's Dream. Shakspere (W.). 
Midwifery. Subrahmanya Pillai, G. V.A. 
Miftah al-rahman. Muhammad Sahib. 
Miftah al-stilah izah al-nikah. Shah al-HAMiD ilm 


Minakshi-natakam. Subrahmanya S.vstri, N. 

Minakshiy-ammai-natakam. SuNDiRAM Pillai. 

Miuakshiy-ammai-'pillai-tamir. Kumara-guru-para 

Miuhat al-jawad. NffH ibn 'Abd al-KADiR. 

Min-sara-sagunaka-manindin kai-tunai. MULLEK 

Minute of the Madras Missionary Conference ... on 
. . . Caste. Madras, City of. 

Miran Sahib Andavar-avargal karana-charitram. 
Muhammad Imam GiiAZZALi ibn Muh. 'AlI. 

Missing Daughter. SCrya-narayana Sastri. 

Mission School Magazine. Periodical Publica- 

tions. — Madras. 

Mlechchha - mata-khandana - sabha - kakala - gliosliam. 
Jaffna. — Mlechchha-mata-khandana-sabhai. 

Mohanangi. Sara-vana-muttu Pillai. 

Mohanan^i-vilasam. Subrahmanya Pa>!pitab, T.O, 

Moksha-karanam. Winslow (M.). 

Moksha-sadhana-vijakkam. Kamananda Svami. 


Winslow (M.) and 




Moksha-sukslimam. Eaghavalu Ramanuja-dasae. 
Mokshattukku por-variyai velipaduttugira fiana- 

upadesam. Moksham. 
Mooligai Marmam. Muni-sami Mudaliyar, S. 
Moolika Sankalitum. Venkata-eama-svami. 
Moral Science. Wayland (F.). 
Morning Star. Peeiodical Publications. — Jaffna. 
Moses, the pious Negro. [Addenda] Moses. 
Mother-in-law in Council. Natesa Sastei. 
Mr. Cankergold. Cankeegold. 
Mrinmayi. [Addenda] Damodaea Mukhopa- 


Mruchchhakati-natakam (Mrichhakati). Sudraka. 
Mrug'-appa-nava-rasa-siledai. Anga Pillai. 
Mrngar-antadi. Shanmukha Naniyar. 
Mrugar-vichitra-javaligal. Eatna-sabha-pati. 
Mudalam buttagam. Tamil. 
Mudalam vedopadesa-vina-vidai. Catechism. 
Mudal-ayiram [pt. i. of Nal-ayiram]. Arvargal. 
Mudal-ilakkanam. Grammae. 
Mudar-kural-unmai (Mudar-kural-vada-nirakarana- 

sata-dushani), Mudar-kural-vadam. Dvita- 

Mudar-kural-vada-nirakaranam. Vedachalam 

Mudar-patha-buttagam. Mariya-das Pillai, Z'.T. 
Mudina muttu. Facts. 
Mudra-rakshasam. Natesa Sastri. 
Mudu-mori [i.e. Atti-sudi]. Auvaiyar. 
Mud'-urai \i.q. Vakk'-undam]. AuVAlYAR. 
Muhyi-al-din-andavargal-kanduri - alankara - rayil- 

vari-nadai-chindu. Shah al-HAMiD ibu Miean 

Muliyi-al-din-puranam. Bade al-DiN. 
Mukta-bhogavali. Achan Pillai. 
Muktika Upanishad. Upanishads. 
Mulikai-marmam. Muni-sami Mudalivae, S. 
Mullai. Peyanae. 
MuUai-pattu. Nappudanar. 
Mum-murtti-lakshanam. Winslow (M.) and 

Mumukshu-krutyam. Nan-jIyae. 
Mumukshu-padi. Piliai Lokacharyae. 
Mundaka Upanishad. Upanishads. 
Munisurar-nava-mani-malai. Siva-chidambaea 


Munram battu. Gautamanar. 
Munram buttagam. Tamil. 
Munram patha-pustakam. LESSONS. 
Muppatt'-irandu padumai-kathai. Vikeamaeka- 


Mup-porut-bodham. Scott (T. M.). 
Mutt'-aiyan-vilasam. Valliy-amman. 
Mutti-margam. Winslow (M.). 

Mut-toll'-ayiram \in loco\. 
Muttu-mariy-amman-nava-ratnam. Sell'-aiya 

Pillai, S. 
Mysore Arasu. SrInivasachaeyae, K. V. 
Mysore Representative Assembly and the Indian 

National Congress. VIea-eaghayachaeyar, M. 
Mysteries of the World. Eajendeam Pillai. 
Nabi-allah-perir padigam. MuHYi al-DiN Karpu- 


Nada-badigal. Bible. — New Testament. — Acts. 
Nadu-venir-kanavu. Shakspere (W.). 
Nafahat al-'anbar. Nuh ibn 'Abd al-KlDiE. 
al-Nafahat al-'itriyah [translation and commentary]. 

Sadak'at Allah. 
Nagai-paittiyam. Rama-sami Aiyae, S. 
Naganandam. Haesha-deva. 
Naidadam. Ativira-rama Pandiyan. 
Nakula-malai-kuravaSji-natakam. VisVA-NATHA 

Nala-chakraTartti-ammanai. [Addenda] Ekam- 


Venni-malai Pillai. 

Nala-chakravarttiyin charitram. Nalan. 

Nal-adiyar \j,n loco]. 

Nala-natakam. Keusiina-sami Pillai, Tanjai. 

Nala-ven-ba. Pugarendi. 

Nal-ayiram [°divya-prabandham]. Arvargal. 

Nal-ayira-prabandha-vicharam. Kumaea-gueu- 

DASA Svami. 
Nalla-dangal-kathai. Pugaeendi. 
Nalla-dangal-natakam. Vaiyapuei Pillai. 
Nallai-vadi-velar-asiriya-vruttam. Vaidya-linga 

Pillai, V.K. 
Nall'-arivu. WiNSLOW (M.). 
Nalu-kanda-vaidya-kavyam. Agastyae. 
Nalu-mantri-kathai \in loco]. 
Nal-vari. Auvaiyae. 
Nalvar-nan-mani-malai. Siva-peakasa Desikae. 

Siva-sambhu Pulavae. 

Namm'-arvar-talattu. Namm'-aevae. 
Nanabharana-petti. Bogatzky (C. H. von). 
Nana-bhqjana-vilakkam. Rhenius (C. T. E.). 
Nana-bhushani. Nata-e.Ija Aiyae, M. V. 
Nana-bodhini. Periodical Publications. — Madras. 
Nana-darsani. Nata-eaja Aiyar, M. V. 
Nana-desa-yatrai-charitram. Krushnam-aciiaryar, 

if ana-dipam. Periodical Publications. — Kandy. 
JJana-dipa-samharam. Habib Muhammad ibn Naina 

iSTana-dipikai. Knight (W.) and Winslow (M.). 
Nana-gitangal. Hymnals. 

Wesley (J.). 

Jfana-gita-sangraham. Hymnals. 




Naiia-jiva-viitla-kattalai. SfiSHADUi Sivanar. 
^aiia-kiinnfidi. AlJNDT (J.). 
Nana-kavyam. AoASTYAR. 
Jfana-klrttanaigal. Veda-nayaka Sastki. 
I^ana-kummi [in loco]. 

Sanam. Pattanattu Pillai. 


N^ana-mantra-selva-puiigavanam. Aundt (J.). 

Jfanamirtam. [Addenda] Liturgies. — Eoine, 

Church of. 

S^anamirta-tadagam. [Addenda] Liturgies. — Rome, 
Church of. 

Rana-muyarsi. Bertoldi (C. M.). 

S'ana-pattugal. Hymnals. 

Wesley (J.). 

ifana-pattugalin raga-pustakani. Hymnals. 

N^ana-pattu-malai. Hymnals. 

!Nana-pattu-puttagam. Hymnals. 

S'ana-pen-kummi. Hamid. 

N^ana-pradipikai. Arudha-s.Istram. 

K^ana-ramayana-kappal. IiAMAYANAM, 

Jfana-ratnakaram. Muhammad MIkan Mastan 
ibn J^ukman. 

l^^ana-siigaram. Periodical Publications. — Madras. 

K^ana-sagara-ven-ba. S^ana-sagaram. 

ffana-sangltangal. Bible. — Old Testament. — 


[Addenda] Bible. — Old Testa- 
ment. — Psalms. 

5rana-saram. Arul-ala Peru-mal Em-berumanak. 

2^ana-sara-niil [in loco]. 

S'ana-sara-slokaiigal. Aragiya-manavala Peru- 

iS^ana-saundari-ammJinai [in loco]. 

IMayilu Pillai. 

Iv'ana-sauadariy-ammal-uatakam. Fernando Ka- 

Jfana-tachan-uatakani. Veda-nayaka Sastri. 

S^ana-upadesa-cliurukkam. Catechism. 

]Sfana-upadesam. Butler (J.). 


STaua-upadesa-vistarippu. Dietrich (J. K.). 

lN[ana-vasittav-amala-ramayanam. ALAVv\JyDAR, V. 

K'ana-vetti. Tiru-valluvar. 

K^anav-unarttudal [in loco]. 

Nanda-niandala-satakam . Naxdan. 

Nandauar- charitra - kirttanai. Gopala - krushna 
AiYAR, A.Bh. 

Nandana-varsha . . . pauchangam. Ephemerides. 

Naiigam battu. Kappiyan.\r. 

Nangam buttagam. Tamil. 

Nangam vachaka-pustakattiu tiravu-gol. 
DEN (E.). 

Mars - 

Nangtin dara-G;aiiitam. CUYLENBUKO (A. VAN). 
Niini-kan-pudaittal. A.mikta Kavi-uavar. 
Nan-mani-gliatikaL Vilambiva-Naganak. 
Nan-ncfi. Siva-phakasa Dkhikar. 
Nau-neri-katlia-.sangrahani. Arnold (J. R.). 
Nan-neii-3atya-bhasha-liariscliandra-vilu.sam. Ap- 

PAVU Pillai, T.T. 
Nan-nfil. Pavanandi. 
Nanuur-kandikaiy-urai [anonymous commentary]. 

^anoJayara. Mallikam Mudaliyar. 
i^anopadesa-kuripp'-idani. Catechism. 
S'anSpadesain. Nobili (R. de'). 

Wesleyan Methodists. 

ifandpadesa-vina-vidai. England, Church of. 
Nanriy-ariya magan. SrinivIsa Aiyangar, K.R. 
Nardda-parivrajaka UpanLshad. Upanisuads. 
Nai-ayana Upauishad. Upanishads. 
Nar-buddhi. Instruction. 
Nari-vruttam. Tiru-takka Devar. 
Nar-samayam. Woodward (H.). 
Nasibat al-anam fi hidayat al-islam. Muhammad 

Ibrahim ibn 'Abd al-GiiANi. 
Nagr al-javvabir. Muhammad Ghau.^. 
Natakav-iyal. Surya-narayaxa S.astri. 
Nata-uaJi-valya-raSjanam. Gangai-muttu PiLLAI. 
Natana-nattam. Evils. 
National Songs. Subrahmany'a Bharati, C. 
Nava-nita-saranu Appa-svami Pillai. 
Nava-ratna-malai. Pillai LuK.\cn.\RYAU. 
N'ava-ratna-vaidya-chintamani. Tiru-valluvar. 
Nava-vidha-sambandham. Pillai Lok.\charyar. 
Nayad ugaru-saiasthana-cliaritram. Naiu-simmalu 

Nedu-nal-vadai. Nakkira Devar. 
Nedu-nat-pancliangam. Ephemerides. 
Nedun ganakku. En-suvadi. 
Negandu. Vira-mandalavar. 
Negro Servant. Negro. 
Nemi-natham. GuNA-viRA Paxditar. 
NenJ'-ari vijakkam. [Addenda] Gana-pati-dasar. 
Neuju-vidu-dudu. Uma-pati Sivacharyar. " 
Ner-koru-vairavar-padigam. Aru-muga 1*iixai, 

' U~C. 
Nevy Children's Series. Children. 
Neydal. Am.muvanar. 
Nigainana-padi. Periyav-acilIn Pillai. 

Venkata-natha Vkdantacharyar. 
Nijananda-vilamiu. Sundara Svami. 
Nikara-nikaranam. Mlechchha-mat.xndhakara- 

BH.\SKARAN, Pscud. 

Nikara-nikarana-nigraham. Trincomali. 
Nirakarana-timira-bhanu. Muttu-kum.\ra Pillai. 

M M 




Niralamba Upanishad. TJpanishads. 
Nirmala. Nata-raja Aiyar, M. V. 

[Addenda] Peabhata-kumaea Mukho- 

Nisbthanubhuti. Aru-jiuga Svami, Tirulcovalur. 
Nistara-ratnakaram. Eama-rama Vasu. 
Niti-chintamani. Viveka-chintamani. 
Niti-cboL AuYAiYAE. — Two or Mare Wm^ks. 
Niti-manjari-darpanam. Mrugesa Mudaliyae, T. 
Niti-mori-tirattu (Nidimozbittirattu). Walker (J.) . 
Niti-neri-vilakkam. Kumaea-gueu-paea Tam- 


Niti-Duru. Mrugesa Pillai, S.P. 
Niti-nut-tirattu. Tamil Minoe Poets. 
Niti-sara-maujari. Muhammad Niz.Im Muhyi al- 

Niti-sara-vakyam. Eama-sami Pillai, Kottaman- 

Niti-sastram \in loco\ 
Niti-vinoda-katbai. Muhammad Nizam Muhyi al- 

Niti-vivada-maSjari. India. 
Nitya-jivanam. Lituegies. — Eome, Church of. 
Nityanusandhauam. Arvaegal. — Ndl-dyiram. 
[Addenda] Aevargal. — Nal- 

Non- Controversialists' Dance. Santa-linga Svami, 

Notice sur la Poesie Tamoule. DuPUis (L.-S.). 
Notification. Poor (D.). 
Novel Exercise Book on Tamil Grammar. Ven- 

kata-sami Aiyae. 
Nubzat al-fawa'id. Muhammad 'Abd al-KAoiR 

ibn Adam. 
Nul-adbaram. Gaethwaite (L.). 
Nungambakkam Vara - siddbi - vinayakar - pancba- 

ratnam, etc. S.Imba-siva Kavi-rayak. 
Nutaua-archya-sisbta-istakkiyar-natakam. Nana- 

Nutana Manai-kuri-sastram. Ekambara Muda- 

Nutana-pavareadiri-sabba. Appavu Pillai, T.T. 
Nutt'-ettu-tiru-padi-prabbavam. Tiru-padi. 
Nfitt'-ettu-tiru-padi-tiru-pugar. Eamanuja-dasar, 


Niitt'-ettu-tiru-padiy-antadi. Pillai Peeu-mal 

Niitt'-ettu Upanisbattugal. TJpanishads. 
Nyasa-dasaka-ven-ba. Venkata-natha Ved.\nta- 

Nyasa - vidya - darpanam. Vedanta - eamanuja 

Nyaya-prakasam. Chid-ghanananda Giri. 
Nyaya-tirppu. Bible. — Appendix. 

Nyaya-vadabbasa-nirakaranam. Eaghavacharyar, 

Ode to a King. Mudi-naka-eayar. 

Officium Parvum Sacri Cordis Jesu. Liturgies. — 

Eome, Church of. 
Olaga Naisan. PeeiodIcal Publications. — Penang. 
Old Deccan Days. Feere (M.). 
Old Sarah. Saeah. 

Oli-chitra-nayanam. Jaggaiya Pillai (C. P.). 
Onbadilm battu. Pekun-gunrur Kir.Ir. 
Onbadam Patti-natba-papp'-arasar-charitram. Brito 

On-badin-ayira-padi [commentary]. Eanga-rama- 

NUJA Maha-desikar. 
One thousand conversational sentences, etc. Eaja- 

gopala Mudaliyar, P.S. 
On the Marriage of Priests. Scudder (J.). 
On witbholding the Cup from the Laity. Scuddek 

Oositba Soodamani Nigandu. Chidambara Kayi- 


Ordo Salutis. Catechism. 

Oriental Astronomer. Paea-hitam. 

Oriental Historical M